Twitch Streamer Gets Suprise Tentacle Fucking On Webcam

Twitch Streamer Gets Suprise Tentacle Fucking On Webcam
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PT1 With sensuous hot kisses to my soft sexy lips.while gently teasing my neck, shoulders and breast with an ice cube, teasing across the delectable curves of my breasts finding the tasty soft nipples. The ice cube slowly circling the nipples teasing them to attention, gently rubbing across the top eliciting feelings of pleasure pulsing across my breast, causing my breathing to increase.

After a slow gentle teasing of my nipples, you slowly move the ice cube down over my stomach, slowly circling across from one side to the other, making sure the cold dribbles down over the sides of my waist, before moving across and circling my belly button again letting the chilled cube tease and tickle me, sending sexy chills up through my body, you watch intently as I gasp an moan from the sensation.

Meanwhile your tongue moves down to a breast and slowly starts to circle it. Licking slowly in ever decreasing circles. Building up the tension as it gets ever nearer my erect sexy nipple. By the time your tongue reaches my nipple, it is stood out like a bullet. You slowly take it in between your lips, letting your teeth gently graze the sides while your tongue flicks across the top.

You slowly turn me over on to my front, dragging the ice cube all around my waist as I turn, while your kisses slowly work back up over my shoulder and around my neck. slowly licking and kissing across the back of the neck and shoulders, then I feel your teeth gently grazing the skin, nibbling my ear lobe, gently biting the bottom of my neck, it feels so erotic an sensual. While you slowly drag the ice in small circles across the small of my back, letting the cool melting water dribble all across my back sending a cold electric thrill up my spine.

Slowly you start to kiss and lick down my back as you drag the ice cube down over my bum slowly circling each cheek, cold water dribbling across my ass and down between my legs sending goose bumps up over each cheek.

your tongue tracing figures of 8 all up and down the spine of my back then slowly moving across, licking and kissing my waist before moving back to the small of my back, sometimes letting the teeth gently graze the skin so I can feel the effect of possibly being nipped. My sexy sighing an moaning on my breath is intensifying as you tease.

The ice cube is now moving down from my bum, cold dribbles of water rolling over my cheeks and down between my thighs, causing my hips to move about so deliciously, as I moan softly on my breath.


The cold ice slowly teasing the back of the thighs, starting at the top and slowly sliding down the outside of the knee, then slowly across and back up the inside of the thigh. I can feel the coldness slowly inching its way up the back of my hot sexy thigh, while droplets of cold water dribble down between my legs tickling all the way, giving me goose bumps of delightful anticipation. I feel your lips slowly move down to my bum where you start to gently nip with your teeth as well as licking, kissing and nipping all over each delightfully soft and curvaceous cheek.

As the last of the ice melts away, your hand slowly strokes the back of my legs with the lightest of finger tip touches, slowly teasing up and down. Each tantalizing caress tracing further down in between my slowly opening hot sexy thighs. ****** PT2 Finally your fingers slowly caress up to the top of my thigh and for the first time find my hot wet pussy. But wanting to continue the tease you refuse to part those hot wanton lips instead just lightly trace a finger round and round the edges teasing a quiver and the flow of some sexy hot juices.

Increasing the tension all the more by slowly kissing and licking down over those thighs letting your tongue and teeth trace and tease my soft inner thigh.

Slowly your fingers inch closer to the center of my now very wet pussy. Then pushing forward 2 fingers slowly part those hot lips, sensuously moving to the front of my pussy, finding that hot clit standing proud and waiting to be played with.

Your fingers gently circling my clit, rubbing across it, teasing it, sending more trembling pleasure up through my body. All the while your tongue is licking up and down my inner thigh, sometimes i feel your teeth grazing and nipping there, your tongue reaching the top, tickling the back of my pussy and then slowly teasing back down the thigh again.

Your fingers and kisses getting slowly more forceful as your drown in the smell of my hot wanton sex juices and the feel of my amazingly hot sexy body, the feel of my rising pleasure making you want me more and more. Your cock getting hard at the anticipation of feeling my touch on your body and the thought of burying itself deep inside me is beyond words. You slowly roll me on to my back, your hand slowly stroking up my thigh again teasing across those juicy lips before sliding down the other thigh.

Your tongue moving to the top of my wet pussy, licking all over the top of those hot lips, lapping up the delicious taste of my juices. Your tongue slowly parts my delicate delicious lips, pushing, probing and searching for my sensitive hot clit. Slowly your tongue circles my clit, pushing it this way and flicking it and lapping across it, sending increased pleasure in slow waves up through my body.

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All the while 2 fingers part my lips and probe deep up into my very wet pussy, dragging up and down the front wall slowly teasing that tiny little g spot sending further waves of electric heated passion and pleasure coursing down through my thighs and up through my stomach, slowly making my spine arch for more. Your mouth sucks at my clit pulling it deep between your lips, your teeth slowly start to nip and graze the sides while your tongue flicks across the top lapping up my very hot and glorious wanton desire and hopefully eliciting more moans of pure pleasure.

I reach across and can feel your cock hard and throbbing in my hands. I feel that little bit of pre cum as my fingers gently stroke across your sensitive head making your cock twitch with delight.

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But you're refusing to give in and let my pussy have its desires and be filled with your hard rampant cock. ****** PT 3 You now tie both my hands to the headboard with some silk scarves, once tied, I pull to try and break free but find I'm securely fastened and slowly begin to realize I'm at your mercy.

You slowly move so you are knelt down by my head and slowly lean over and stroke your pulsating cock right in front of my face, letting the tip slowly and lightly touch my lips, allowing me for a fleeting second to poke out my tongue and taste the salty drop of pre-cum that has beaded on the tip, before you whip it away again, leaving me to suffer and beg for my desires. Your hands slowly caress back down over my sexy hot curves, coming to rest on those bullet nipples. You take one in each hand and slowly squeeze and roll them between thumb and finger.

Straddling me and rubbing your hard cock all over my hot tits before squeezing them slowly together and rubbing your cock up and down between them. Letting me continue to smell your hot lust as more of a tease being just out of reach.

You slowly slide your hot cock down over my tummy and slowly down to my pussy. Unfortunately as you're still straddling me it means you're holding my legs together so all i can feel is your hard shaft slowly rubbing up and down the front of my pussy, teasing you and sending thoughts of what it would feel like to be inside me, but never making penetration.

Your lips meanwhile are teasing my sexy lips, your tongue sliding between them to find my tongue, teasing and tasting all my passion and lust, before slowly moving down over my neck to again find a nipple to tease, biting and sucking them hard to send pulses of pleasure arcing across those heaving breast, giving me an unbelievable heady feeling of lust and eliciting some gentle moans of pleasure from my throat.

you slowly move further down my body, your hand slowly stroking up my thigh agaain teasing across my juicy lips before sliding down the other thigh. you lips kiss all the way down to my wet pussy and again start to suck on my delicious hot clit, your teeth grazing the sides while your tongue starts to flick and lick the top of my clit with a little bit more speed and forcefullness, circling it, pushing it and teasing it to perfection.

your fingers are starting to fuck me with a little more ferocity, slidding in and out of my hot cunt pushing in deep before dragging back out across that sweet little g-spot, illiciting more waves of pleasure riplling up across my stomach and causing my back to arch with the electric thrill racing up it.

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Faster you finger fuck me as your tongue gets ever more fast and forceful around my clit, building me up and up until i can feel myself on the verge of that almighty climax. ***** PT4 as you still have me tied up you can now force your legs wide apart, wrapping them round your waist, sliding your body up between my legs and slowly begin to rub the full length of your hot throbbing shaft up and down my clit.

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the head always getting close to my wanton hole but never entering, teasing me, making me beg&hellip. oh god please fuck me you smile wickedly as I wriggle nicely, you tease my lips slowly kissing me.

your tongue slowly forcing my lips apart probing the depths of my mouth. i kiss you back passionately, as your fingers tease each nipple with the lightest of touches circling each nipple, enticing those gorgeous nipples to stand higher and higher and higher. Making me moan into your mouth, begging for more but you wanna tease an make me wait for my pleasure. I feel you draw away and slowly turn me over forcing me to kneel in a doggy position your fingers gently teasing around and around my wet pussy, and you're getting all the more aroused by the smell of my juicy wet cum dribbling all down my thighs.

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I hear a little buzzing and start to feel a long vibrating shaft slowly parting those lips and being dragged across my aching clit, forwards and backwards sending electric pulses of ecstasy up through my body, each time causing a moan of pure pleasure to escape from my throat.

oh my god thats good! i wriggle my hips backwards trying to push further onto the vibe, you slowly push the vibrating head all around my clit teasing and sending virations all the way up through my body. i start to feel my juices trickling down my thighs as i feel 2 fingers slowly teasing around my ass, gently rubbing and pushing at my other hot tight hole, causing me to gasp with excitement.


slowly you guide your fingers into my ass hole, feeling all the tightness of the lovely little hole, oh god thats tight, you gasp. i scream in a delicious mix of pleasure an a little pain i then feel my hard cock slowly sliding up and down the crack of my ass, slowly stroking up and down, I feel the head slowly dragging up and down teasing me more. I jump an gasp as I feel a cold feeling as something slippery is smeared over my ass hole, followed by the tip of your hard cock, slowly forcing its way into my tight hot ass hole.

i moan an pull against the scarves holding me tight to the bed, oh god! you're stretching me! I squeal Meanwhile the vibrator also slips back and suddenly thrusts into my gaping wet pussy, the vibrations going deep almost feeling like it is going to push all the way up to my teeth.

slowly you start to fuck my ass, gently at first as it is very tight and i can feel the slight twinge of pain as the early strokes go in, but this is more than drowned out by the thrill and electric pleasure of that thick vibrator fucking my hot juicy wet pussy Both your cock and the vibrator are now starting to bury themselves deep and fill me right up, taking my breath away as they both thrust in and causing moans of delight as they both pull back out.

i start to moan louder, begging for you to push deeper, grinding my hips backwards in your lap bracing myself against my bonds an trying to thrust myself on an off your stiff meat deeper an faster. you start to move faster with ever more forceful thrusts deep an long, in an out, your cock enjoying the tight feel of my sexy ass hole.

The vibrator moving faster and faster sending lots of vibrations quickly deep up my hot wet pussy, causing pure ecstasy all the way up through my stomach and causing my back to arch with utter pleasure, faster and faster you thrust, the electricity building until i feel that sudden rush of orgasmic pleasure flooding out through my body ooohhh gggooddddd yesssssssssss I scream, as you feel that glorious orgasm flood, my pussy quivering on your shaft, you pull out and slowly start to lick all that gloriously sexy hot cum dribbling down my thighs, licking all the way up to that still quivering pussy making me wriggle with excitment an cum again as you lap my juices.

licking all the globules off those wet lips and lapping up all my hot sexy goodness, my whole body still shaking, feeling your tongue flicking across my sticky wet clit as the vibe still buzzes inside me. you now untie my hands to let me free, to feel your still hard rampant cock.

i lean forward an kiss you sexily an soft an run my fingers down your still solid shaft.

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Feeling your dick twitch, the head aching to be played with my fingers. While you tease those sexy hot nipples to keep the electricity flowing across my chest. slowly gliding your cock through my fingers, feeling my juices covering your length, you feel my hot probing kisses on your sexy lips my tongue again probing between your lips to meet your tongue as your hand teases my inner thigh.

you lie back and enjoy the feel of my hands delightful dreamy grip on your hard shaft teasing the beginings of a little ecstasy to ache up through your body. a little bit of pre cum beading out at the top of the head.

i smile an move forward blowing gently on the tip of your shaft, eliciting a moan of sexual pleasure oooohhhhhh god yes, the electric feeling is just unbelievable. i'd look at you then open my mouth an run my tongue round the tip tasting your precum an my own cum coating your meat, mmmm. you grip the pillows in lust as you enjoy my wet tongue rasping across your tender sensative head, lapping you clean, my fingers gently wanking you, playing with your swollen balls urging you to explode…