Zu Hause Sex Teil 5

Zu Hause Sex Teil 5
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Chapter 8 Mandy, Tawny and her brothers This is an offshoot from Chapter 7 As Tawny and I left the mall I asked how old she was, she told me 20. We then talked about her brothers. Her brother Joe is the oldest and he is 19, then there is Joe who just turned 18, both of them are shy and do not have a lot of friends or go out much.

Tawny says it is not that they are ugly, they lack confidence. I told her my brother was the same way, until Jane teased him and fucked him.

Now he has multiple girlfriends and is always going out. He told Jane after she had fucked him that she changed his life and gave him more confidence. He really appreciated what she had done.

Then I told her how our family has changed, that we all get along and can talked about anything, there is no more auguring. We have spent more time together the past three weeks than we had in the past 3 years. Tawny looked at me and said now that you have told me that I hope that I can do the same for my brothers and my family.


Tawny then said I should thank you or really Jane and Cathy for getting my dad to fuck me and for my first girl experience. I really like having sex with girls as that was a first for me also. I can't wait to have sex with you, you are beautiful.

Also it never really occurred to me that my father would want to have sex with me. I know he liked to look at me, but I thought it was to have other people see me, it did not click that he really wanted me. I guess I should of realized it, he always says I look just like my mother. Do you know why your parents got divorced. She said no. Is you mother still single, and she said yes. I joked with her, if you mother looks like you can you give me her address, I would like to have sex with her also.

We both started to laugh. Then Tawny said I might have to think of a way to have sex with her myself, she has large breasts just like me. If I could play with her I would not have to play with myself. Tawny asked how are we going to get them to fuck me or us. Since we do not have a whole lot of time for you to slowly tease them, I think it would be best for me to get them in bed and ask them about you and then you join us.

It is about two o'clock now and we have till six tonight when your father comes home, so we have four hours to get them naked and fuck you. Tawny is already getting excited just thinking about fucking them. I believe we are going to have to make it up as we go. Tawny said we are here as we pulled in to the driveway. I said lets be quite, maybe we can catch them in a comprising position. As we walk in the door, they are both sitting and watching tv. I whispered to Tawny to introduce them to me.

We walked over to them and Tawny said this is my friend Mandy. I had unbuttoned my dress so I was showing a good bit of cleavage and lots if leg in the short dress. I looked at them and told Tawny why did you not tell me you had brothers at home, this could be more fun. They both caught my hint and asked what kind of fun.

I went over to Tawny and wrapped my arms around her and kissed her on the neck. This got there attention. I then slid my hand down over her breast to her stomach. I said I really like your sister, she is beautiful isn't she. They both shook their head up and down. I said I am really jealous of both of you, getting to see her all of the time. I asked them if it is hard just watching her and not being able to touch her, because she is you sister.

She must drive you crazy seeing her in her underwear walking around here. Joe said we do not get to see her in underwear very often.

I looked at Tawny and said with a body like you have, you should show it off more.

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I looked at her brothers and said don't you think she should show it off. They both said yes. I opened a button at the top of her dress and pulled it to the side a little to expose more of her breasts.

I asked the boys how they liked that and both smiled. I then kissed her neck again and opened another button, then pulled her dress open more at the top. I could see both of them were hard already. I asked then if they every saw her breasts. They both shook their heads no.

The boys were almost in a trance like state now. Do you want to see more of them. Both said yes. I opened another button and pulled her dress open a little at her stomach and they could see the huge gap of cleavage.

I asked them is they have ever seen breasts before and they both said no. I asked them if they would like to see mine. I got a yes from them, so I stood back and opened up my top and gave them a clear view.

Their mouths fell open. Do you want to touch them as I walked forward to them. They both sat up to the edge of the couch and I knelt down. I took a hand from each of them and put it to my breasts. They started to rub and squeeze them.

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As they did I ran my hands over their legs and up to and over their cocks. After a few minutes I said mine are nowhere near the size of your sister's, would you like to see hers. They both shook their heads yes.

I got up and walked behind Tawny and reach around and opened up her dress. Both her breasts just fell out. I reach for them and squeezed her nipples, which caused her to moan. I sad she likes to have her nipples squeezed. Would you would to squeeze them.

They both got up and walked over to her and reach for her breasts and squeezed them. As they were doing that I went behind the boys and started to run my hand over their crotches.

I asked them if I could pull down their shorts as I want to see their cocks. They were pretty much hypnotized and did not stop me. I asked if they have ever seen a girls pussy before and both said no. I asked them if they wanted to see mine and both turned around and took their hands off their sister. I opened up my dress completely and then took Joe's hand and ran it over my pussy and then did the same with Mike. They both said I am wet.

I told them girls get that way when we are excited, so we can have sex. I said a girls pussy tastes very good and then reach down and rubber my hand over my pussy and then put my finger in my mouth. I asked them if they want a taste, both smiled and shook their head yes.

I took Mike's hand and rubbed it over my pussy and then brought his hand up to his mouth and he sucked on his fingers. I then did the same with Joe.

I asked them how they liked it and but before they could answer, I asked them if they ever ate a pussy before, knowing the answer was no. Would you like to try it and both said yes, so I laid back on the couch and asked Mike to come here and kneel down.

I pulled his head between my legs. He asked what do I do. I told him to just kiss all over it for now and waited for a minute and told him to now stick out his tongue and see this is my clit, when you rub your tongue over it, it makes a girl feel very good, but you also want to touch other places. What you can do is pretend you are writing the letters of the alphabet with you tongue on my pussy. He started slowly at first and then picked up speed.

I was getting very excited and very wet. I pulled his head away and said let Joe have a turn. Joe did the same thing as I taught Mike. Then I pulled his head away and asked them how they liked it, but before they could answer I said your sister's pussy tastes really good. They both turned and looked at her. I could see her legs were wet from her dripping pussy. I got up and walked over to her. I asked the boys if they would like to see her pussy and both said yes, not that I had any doubt.

I went behind her as I previously had done and then asked the boys if they would like to take off her dress. They looked at each other and then to Tawny, I whispered to her to tell them it is OK.

She squeaked out it is OK for you to take off my dress. They both smiled and reached to open the buttons. When the buttons were undone I told them her take it off of her and they did. They stood back and admired her body.

I rubbed my hands over her and asked if they liked her body. I said to tasted her pussy. Tawny said for them to go ahead. Each of them reached out and rubbed their hand over her pussy and brought it to their mouth. I pulled Tawny over to the couch and had her sit down and opened up her legs and then licked her pussy a few times.

I looked at the boys and said try that. Joe took a step and knelt down and started to lick her clit. Tawny just started to moan, and said oh that feels so good. Mike said let me try and pulled Joe out of the way and started to eat Tawny.

I pulled Joe to me and knelt down in front of him and rubbed my hand over his cock a few times and then inched down his underwear till he was fully exposed and dropped them to his feet. I grabbed his cock and started to lick and suck it. I knew he might shoot at any minute so I held on to his cock and pulled him to the couch while I sat down and then pulled his cock to my pussy and pulled it in to me. I told him to hump me which he did with out my help.

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I had him pull out and then asked Mike to come here. As Mike was getting up and Joe was looking at Tawny, I motioned for Tawny to suck him a little and then fuck him. Mike was looking at me and I rubbed his cock and then pulled off his underwear and just started to suck his cock.

Again I just sucked him for a minute and then pulled him to my pussy and he started to fuck me. I was so hot and horny now I need him to fuck me. I looked over and Joe was fucking Tawny and Mike was matching Joe's tempo. Both Tawny and I were moaning loudly now and and Mike came in me and leaned over and I kissed him.

Joe did not last much longer and came in Tawny and soon slowed down. I told Mike and Joe to switch places and I pulled Joe to me and sucked his cock till he was hard again. Tawny followed my lead and did the same with Mike.

I then had him fuck me and Tawny was being fuck by Mike. It was not long until Joe had cum in me and the I kissed him and asked him to eat me. He started slowly at first and then sped up.

I was having multiple orgasm. Tawny saw what I did and had Mike do the same with her. We end our little session and we kissed and hugged each other. Tawny finally started to talk with them, as she was very quiet up until now.

She told them that she enjoyed that very much and would like to do it more often if it was OK with them. Both readily agreed. I asked them if they had any questions. They both said no but I could tell they were just to embarrassed to ask. I began a lesson on parts of the female anatomy. I went over to Tawny and used her while I explained and showed them some more things that they could do. I showed them how to finger fuck, nibble on her clit and then started to talk about anal, eating ass and fucking in the ass.

Tawny was getting excited again. So I had her get on the floor and showed them some sexual positions and then said my favorite is 69 and Tawny was sucking me so hard I thought I would turn inside out and came before she slowed down. I looked at the clock and we still had an hour and a half to go till Dave came home. I smiled at Tawny and asked if I can get something to drink. We all got up and went in the kitchen. Occasionally either Tawny or I would suck a cock for a little bit or have them suck on our breasts.

They were having to much fun to look at the clock. I was able to whisper to Tawny to either hide the clock in her room or turn back the time.

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She excused herself for a minute and gave me a wink when she got back. After we all had something to drink and played some more, Joe said he had to go to the bathroom. I smiled and said there is something else I like to do and everyone looked at me. I said I like to be peed on. Both Joe and Mike said they would pee on me. I said lets go out in the yard. They both looked at me and said we can't, the neighbors will see us. I looked out the back door and saw their neighbors were out and they did not have a privacy fence.

I asked if they had a bath tub in one of the bathrooms and they took me there. Tawny had a wicked smile on her face and said she had to pee also. I told her to pee first and laid down and had her put her pussy over my mouth and she started to pee after I licked her pussy several times.

I drank it in and licked her while she peed. Once she finished I licked her some more and she had an orgasm. Tawny said "WOW", I never thought I would like that so much. I asked her if she want to try and she said yes. We switched places and she licked my pussy, I let her go for a minute and then peed on her.


She was wildly licking me and once I finished she kept licking me. I got up off her and then said for the boys to pee on us as we both got on our knees. Mike said he also want to try which surprises both Tawny and myself. I had him get in the tube with us and Joe started to pee and aimed all over us. When Joe finished Mike leaned in and sucked his cock.

Tawny and I looked at him and he said I have suck a cock or two before, it not that I am gay it is just part of sex and feels good. Tawny gave him a kiss. I then asked Mike if he had to pee he said yes and Joe said he wanted to try it. We are all in the tub now and Mike started peeing on us and when he finished Joe sucked Mike's cock.

We looked at Joe and he said who else do you think sucked his cock. Tawny said why didn't you tell me. We all laughed and Tawny said oh I guess that is an obvious answer. Tawny then asked if there is anything else that you want to tell me now that we do not need to keep secrets from each other. They both said promise you will not get made at us.

Tawny said I promise. The boys tell us that they would sneak in to her room at night and would lift up her top to see her tits. We would dare each other to suck on your nipples when we had a chance. She smiled at them and said well from now on you don't have to sneak in anymore or wait till I am sleeping. Then they told us that they have butt fucked each other.

I said lets get cleaned up and then you can butt fuck us, how about that. I turned on the shower and we all washed each other and dried off. When we were finished I looked around the door into her fathers bedroom and saw a clock, we have twenty minutes.

I told them to lets go in Tawny bedroom and you can eat our asses and then fuck them. I leaned in and kissed Tawny and whispered to her twenty minutes. We got the boys to eat our asses and I told them how to insert their finger and get us loosened up.

I did it to Tawny so they knew what to do, then let Joe and Mike work on me. Tawny and I started to suck the boys cocks to get them hard, we were both on our knees and positioned them beside each other so we could suck either one.

Just as we were sucking them from around the corner in came their father. He said what is going on here. Both Mike and Joe just about had a heart attack. Tawny crawled over on her knees and opened up his pants and started to suck his cock.

He was already semi-hard and got completely hard real quick. After sucking it for a while. She pull him by his cock over to the bed where she laid on the edge and guided his cock in to her pussy. He took over and started to pound her pussy hard. Tawny was grunting and moaning a lot and I could see her pussy dripping.

The boys lightened up and I pulled them over to me and started to suck both of them while they watched their dad fuck their sister. I was able to get both of them in my mouth at the same time, which I never tried before. I them told Joe to go over and feed his cock to his sister.

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He went over and she started to suck him while being fucked. I asked Mike what he wanted to do, he said I want to eat you ass then fuck it. I pulled Mike over to the bed and I laid beside Tawny and I got Joe to get closer so Tawny and I could both suck his cock as Mike was eating my ass. I then felt Mike move up and straddle me and he pushed his cock in my ass. Mike and his father started to sync up their pounding of Tawny and myself.

It was not too long until both of them were cumming. Joe pulled away from us and went behind Tawny as soon as her father pulled out. Joe started to suck the cum out her pussy. Dave come over to me and started eating out my ass full of his sons cum. Mike then got on his knees and suck his father cock dry.

I leaned over and kissed Tawny and whispered in her ear, mission accomplished. We both smiled and and then started to make out. I reached over and started to play with her breasts and got my mouth on one and bit hard on her nipple and she had an orgasm. Everyone pulled away from each other and sat on the bed. We all talked to each other and told the boys what happened at the mall and how we planned to get them to fuck us.

They both had big smiles on their face and leaned in and kissed Tawny and then me. They both said how much they liked it and how good of a sister they had, then that they loved her. She then said since we are all fucking each other now no more secrets and I love all of you and hope we can spend more time together. Her father finally told us how he was so infatuated with Tawny that he hoped someday he would at least see her naked. That getting her to wear tiny swim suits in public was a thrill for him.

But today when he saw her naked, he realized how much he loved her and that she reminded him of her mother. Tawny asked why they got the divorce and she said no secrets remember. Dave said that he worked too much and your mother want more attention than he could give her. Once she left he realized how much he missed her and that is when he started to paying more attention to Tawny. Tawny leaned in and kissed him. Tawny then asked her dad if mom every said anything about being with another women.

He said no that I can remember and asked why.

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Tawny said I was telling Mandy that she looked like me and Mandy said she want to have sex with her. I was think that since we are all fucking each other, if we can get mom together with us, between the four of us I think we can give her some attention.

Tawny looked at her brothers and ask them if they would like to fuck mom, they both smiled. Tawny said we are going to have to come up with a plan OK boys, both agreed. We then told them about tomorrow and the lake, they were both excited at being able to fuck other girls. The boys said they were getting hungry, lets order some pizza, I just started to laugh.

They all looked at me and I told them what we would do with the delivery person. We all looked at each other and said dare. Joe said if Tawny opens the door naked the guy will probably cum in his pants, I almost came in my shorts today when we opened up her dress, you are beautiful. Tawny kissed him and said to him that is the nicest thing you ever said to me.

Mike said I think you are beautiful too. Too bad you are my sister or I would marry you. Tawny pulled Mike over and kissed him. Tawny said to me, you told me how happy your family was and now I see you are right. This is the most we have talked together ever. Dave finally said lets order some food.

We all stayed naked and went to the kitchen and while Dave ordered the food, we cleaned up our clothes in the living room and took them to the bedrooms. When we got back to the kitchen it was decided that if a girl came the boys would open the door and if a guy came Tawny would open the door and I would come over to her and get the pizza.

Of course it was a boy and Tawny opened up the door naked and when the guy handed her the pizza I came over and gave her a kiss and then sucked on her nipple and ran my hand over her pussy, then left. She was fumbling with the money and she handed it to him and then closed the door.

When she got out to the kitchen she hit me lightly and said why did you do that, while laughing, the boys and Dave were laughing also. I said I forgot to tell you we like to make it a little more interesting by doing something to the person opening up the door, like lick their pussy, or suck their cock. Just something to take it up a notch. We had the pizza and just talked the rest of the night, till it was time for bed.

I got to sleep with Tawny in her bed for that night. She is going to have raw nipples in the morning for as much as I chewed on them. In the morning I heard some noise and Dave was getting up to go to work, I got up and talked with him while he was getting ready and then he left. I was in the kitchen and heard a noise at the front door and watched as it opened and a woman walked in. The woman looked like Tawny so I knew it had to be her mother.

I kept an eye on her but stayed hidden. She walked to the bedrooms and looked in Joe's room and I heard a slight gasp, but she just stood still and looked in the room. Then I saw her rub her crotch. She then moved to Mike's room and again she started to rub her crotch and her other hand went up to her breasts. Joe and Mike were naked and I saw them earlier and they were not covered up.

She then went in Tawny's room so I made my way to Joe's room and held my hand over his mouth as I got him awake and then had him follow me. When we looked in Tawny's room her mother was looking at her breasts and reaching out to touch them while touching her own. I snuck down to Mike's room and got him awake and then came back to Tawny's room. We all watched as Tawny's mother ran her hands over her body. Tawny started to move and her mother pulled back and then once Tawny stopped her mother came closer again.

Tawny's pussy was now visible and her mother licked as much as of it as she could. Their mother reached under her dress and started to rub her pussy. I pulled both boys with me as we walked in the the room.

Their mother only saw us as we were very close to her. I told the boys to grab her arms. With all of the commotion Tawny woke up and asked what is going on.

I told her your mother here was feel you up and licking your pussy while you were sleeping. I went over to their mother and opened up her blouse and pulled down her bra and said see her nipples are hard. Then I opened her dress and let it fall to the floor and then pulled down her panties and ran my hand over her pussy, see how wet her pussy is.

I said I think I know what is going on here. Everyone looked at me, I said I think she left your father because she did think she could control herself around the three of you. She just looked down and did not say anything. I ask Tawny where she lives now. Tawny said she lives at home with her dad. As soon as Tawny said dad, she and the boys realized that she was sleeping with her dad. I ask her name and she said it was Patricia. I said Patricia you are sleeping with you father aren't you.

She blushed but did not say anything. Tawny said oh mom we love you, we all want to have sex with you and got up and kissed her and the boys gave her a hug.

Tawny pulled away and said let me get this clothes off of you and stripped her mother and then started to make out with her mother and lick and squeeze her breasts. I was amazed at her breasts, they were bigger than Tawny's. Joe reached under her and rubbed her pussy and she opened her legs.

Tawny laid back on her bed and told he mother to get on top of her and they started to eat each other. Joe then got up and straddled Tawny's head, he was already hard and put his cock near his mother pussy and Tawny guided this cock in to her pussy and he started to fuck her. He came in her fairly quickly. Joe moved away and Mike took his place and fucked her till he came and Tawny then eat her some more. Patricia then got up and sucked both the boys cocks.

When she finished she said she missed them so much and hugged and kissed them. We cleaned up and when down and got some breakfast. Patricia then told us that she need more attention from your father.

Also she was started to have sexual thoughts about you kids and then she left because she did not trust herself anymore. Patricia said every once in a while she would sneak in after their father left for work because she knew you kids slept in late. But today when she saw you were all sleeping naked so could not resist. She also told us that she started sleeping with her father when she was in high school.

Tawny looked at her and said I just started yesterday. In fact we all started having sex together yesterday. Then she said mom please come back home, everyone misses you and last night dad told us how much he misses you. You can have sex with me anytime and the boys said us too. They all hugged and kissed each other. Patricia then said how do we tell your father. Tawny said I know how, and then explained what we were going to do today.

Come with us. She said OK. Tawny asked if granddad would want to come along. I told her my granddad we be there. Patricia said maybe next time, I just want to be with your father and you kids this time. We all hung out and waited till their Dave got home. Patricia hid and Tawny stripped him and told him I have a surprise for you. The boys put their hands over his eyes and Patricia came in naked an d started to suck his cock till he was hard, he thought it was Tawny and then Patricia stood up and put Dave's hand on her breast and the boys removed their hands.

When their father saw who it was he kissed and hugged her. While they were getting reacquainted, Tawny and I put on a dress and did one button, the boys put on shorts and a t-shirt and we loaded up the car.

Once everything was loaded we came in and got their parents dressed and we left to go to the mall. We put the parents in the back seat and Tawny drove. We got to the mall and told the men to go in to the food court. Tawny, her mother and I would be in shortly. We told Patricia what we do and thought is would be so exciting. We got out of the car, got naked and went in the mall.

I kept looking from Tawny to her mother and back as it was amazing to watch their breast bounce as we walked. We walk in the food court and all eyes were looking at the three of us as we made our way to the bikini store. Cathy saw us coming and came out of the store to us and her eyes almost popped out when she saw Patricia and her breasts. Cathy came over and gave Tawny and I a hug and a kiss. Tawny introduced Cathy to her mother.

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Cathy asked if she can touch her breasts and Patricia said go ahead you can do what you want. Cathy started to squeeze and kiss and lick her breast and nipples.

The guys in the food court were going crazy. Cathy said she was just ready to close up. As Cathy went to close up the store Tawny went over to her mother and started to play with her breasts and suck on her nipples.

Tawny pulled away and gave me a sly smile, then grabbed her mothers hand and pulled her to the center of the food court, where they stopped. Tawny kissed her mother and were making out. Tawny then kissed down her mothers neck to her breasts where she fondled them while she sucked on her nipples. Tawny then lowered her hand and rubbed her mother pussy and inserted a finger and started to fuck her with it.

Tawny then got on her knees and started to eat out her mother in front of everyone. The crowd was really going wild. Tawny got up and pushed her mother over to a table and had her bend over and spread her legs. Tawny got behind her and started to eat her pussy and them moved up to her ass as she was finger fucking her.

Cathy had finished closing the store and we walked over to Tawny and her mother and we each sucked on a nipple and kissed Patricia and then we got Tawny and sucked on her nipples and kissed her and we all held hands as we walked out of the food court. We met Cathy's father at the mall exit.

Cathy introduced her father to Patricia and her family and we went to the cars. I told Cathy to follow us and you have my number if we get separated. When we got in the car Patricia told Tawny you got me so hot in the food court, I had an orgasm in front of everyone there. Tawny said that was the hottest thing I have ever done and her mother agreed.