Thu dam bi me ke phat hien xstoryw

Thu dam bi me ke phat hien xstoryw
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Adventures of a Railfan Part 4- Nicole Hello everyone!

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This is the 4th and final part of my Adventures of a Railfan series! This part is about Nicole, the girl I am currently with. As always, I changed everyone's name to protect the innocent.

I don't need any trouble from my past girlfriends! Ann left me in the worst way possible, for her best friends ex! That was the worst feeling in the world, What could he possible have that I didn't!

I made sure Ann was really happy. Oh well, her loss. Someone else will now have the chance to be with me and enjoy the attention I give them. Shortly after Ann left me, I once again went back to the internet dating scene.

This time I broadened my choices by also signing up for OKCupid. It was on OK cupid that I met a nice, petite little girl named Jennifer. She lived an hour away from me and we had talked for hours on end, and even had phone sex a few times. I really though it would work out well and that I would Finally be happy. However, I was premature in thinking that, and 3 weeks later, she told me her parents didn't approve of me because of my job and she dumped me, and I never heard from her again.

What Bullshit! Oh well, it is what it is, you know? For the first time in 10 years, I celebrated my Birthday without a girlfriend. It was depressing, I had spent 8 birthdays with Danielle, bless her departed soul, and 1 birthday each with Michelle and Ann, the two girls who I dated that had disastrous results. By this time, I didn't know if I could handle anymore rejection. It may seem odd for a guy to say that, but loosing one girlfriend to the grim reaper, one to extreme jealousy and one to her best friends ex, it was beginning to look like that I would never be married, as I was only 4 years away from being 30 years old.

A few days after my birthday, I logged into Plenty of Fish again. I had a couple of messages from some girls who decided I was actually worth their time to messaging me. That was a surprise as this had never happened before. After talking to both of them for a while, I determined that we are so different that I didn't think it would work. I was being more and more selective about who I wanted to date.

I then noticed a profile from a girl I had not seen before. I clicked the photo to bring up her profile. It stated that she lived in Belleville, IL, was 24, and had just completed training to be a Certified Nursing Assistant.

Finally, here is a girl who actually knew what she wanted to do in life! I sent her a message, not knowing if she would reply or not. An hour later, I checked my messages again, and there was a reply from her. In the message, she said that she would be online and I could send her an IM. I shot off a quick IM and she quickly replied. I introduced myself as William and she said her name was Nicole.

We talked for a few minutes before she had to go. She gave me her phone number before I could even ask and she told me I could call her if I wanted to keep talking. After I signed off of PoF, I called the number she gave me. After about the 4th ring, she picked up. "Hello?" She said. She had a lovely voice, the voice of an angel. "Hi, is this Nicole?" I asked "Yes, is this William?" She replied "Yeah, it is, how did you guess?" I chuckled "I kinda figured because I just gave my number to someone in Missouri" She said "I guess you are not a mind reader after all!" She laughed at the comment.

We spent the next 20 minutes talking before she had to go. Before she hung up, we agreed to meet, again, at my favorite hangout, the Amtrak Station in Kirkwood, Missouri I went through Friday looking forward to meeting Nicole. I stayed in the St. Louis area all day, and did a grand total of 6 loads during the entire day. I picked up my paycheck and saw that I had made about $3,500 the previous week.

Then again, I only did two runs that week, one to Detroit, MI and then from Ft. Wayne, IN back to St. Louis. That was the only time my mind drifted away from Nicole. During the day, she texted me a picture of herself, and I made it my phones background. Unlike Ann, I was not going to rush into this relationship, and I wanted to meet her before I made a decision. The only reason why I made it my phones background was because of how Beautiful she was.

Needles to say, my previous girlfriends were cute, but Nicole was actually Beautiful, and I couldn't stop looking at her pretty face. The next day, Saturday, was the day I was supposed to meet Nicole, We agreed that we would meet at the Amtrak station and that we would then go to my place where I would cook her dinner. Me being the railroad buff I am, I took my camera with me and left about 7 AM. I wanted to catch some trains before we actually met. The day was going to be a nice one, Sunny and Clear with a high of around 76.

Perfect fall weather. I got to the station 45 minutes later, turned on my scanner to listen for any approaching trains an lit a cigarette. About 30 minutes later, I heard my first train and got my camera ready. At this time, I had upgraded from a Canon T1i to a Nikon D3100, and I really enjoyed it.

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I was looking forward to what was approaching from the east, and I grew excited when the train came into view, rounding the sweeping curve leading up to the station.

Right there on the point of the train was one of Union Pacific's Heritage Units, the UP 1983, painted up in a retro Western Pacific color scheme. The unit was painted this way to honer the Western Pacific railroad, that was merged into the Union Pacific in 1982. I snapped about a dozen photos of the train, and all of them turned out very nice.

The New Nikon was a great choice and was definitely an improvement over the old Canon I had. About 1 clock rolled around and I got a call for Nicole, stating that she was on her way, but was caught up in construction traffic on the Illinois side on I-64/US 40. I told her that was fine and that I was enjoying taking photos of trains.

She laughed and said that she felt bad for running late. I told her not to worry and that I will be here when she arrives. I ended up photographing a Westbound double stack container train between the time we talked on the phone and the time she got to the station. As she pulled up, I noticed she was driving a beat up old Dodge Dakota pick up truck. She got out and walked up to me. "You must be William" she stated "The one the only, I guess you recognized me from my wanted poster" I said with a smile "You are wanted?" She asked a bit worried "Yeah, I am only wanted by you!" I said with a chuckle She rolled her eyes and laughed.

She had a wonderful laugh as that is the first time I had heard her laugh.

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"Come on, lets go sit in my truck" I said. By this time, I had traded in my Aveo for a 2008 Silverado. It was a nice truck, but it used a-lot of gas, considering how much I drive hunting down trains to photograph.

She followed me to my truck and I opened the door for her. "So, How was the drive here" I asked, knowing the response she would give "It was bad, a car hit a semi on the Poplar Street bridge, that's why I was late" she explained "Its fine, at least you were not the one that hit that truck" I told her, and she looked over to smile at me.

I lifted the center console to let her slide closer to me. She accepted the invitation and scooted over and I put my arm around her. I looked at her and that's when I notice how truly beautiful she was. I had a gut feeling of mine that she was the one that I was destined to be with for the rest of my life, barring any best friends ex's or her unexpected death. "So, now that you are here, what do you think of me so far' I asked "Well, you are a gentleman and I like that, and I can sense that you are sweet, much sweeter than when we first talked on the phone" She explained "Well, I think you are very beautiful, do you mind if I give you a kiss?" i asked her Without much of an answer, she moved her head closer to mind and I gave her a kiss, not one of lovers, and not one that I would give my mom, sort of in between.

"Can you see yourself being my girlfriend? I would really like to get to know you better" I told her, hoping for a positive answer.


"I wouldn't mind at all being your girlfriend" She replied. I moved in to give her another kiss. She returned the kiss, and blushed at the same time, she was really something else. "Come on, I want you to meet some people" I told her, and we got out of the truck We walked around to where the other other railfans usually hung out during a Saturday Afternoon. My buddy Kieth was there, along with a few others. The wondered aloud when I rounded the corner with Nicole's arm wrapped around mine.

"Well, who is this young lady" asked Dan, who was a regular. "This is my new Girlfriend, her name is Nicole, Nicole, this is Dan, Kieth, Allan and Joe" I said Nicole said hello and Dan shook her hand. She felt welcome and at the same time, a little embarrassed.

We stuck around for one more train, a westbound mixed freight with common Union Pacific power. I was not interested as I had photographed the lead locomotive many times before.

We walked back towards my truck and that's when Nicole said she would rather ride with me and I take her back to her truck that night. I later learned this was so she could spend more time with me.

The entire ride home, we held hands and we learned more about each other. I learned that she had worked a Pottery store for the past 5 years and was about to enter her 6th year there. She had two previous boyfriends, both of which lasted under a year. The last one only used her for sex, without her knowing that he was actually married. The one before her had threatened her if she did not bring him any money, and she left him on the spot. I told her about my previous relationships, how Michelle was a cunning control freak and how Ann left me for her best friends ex.

We learned a-lot about ourselves during the trip home, and before I knew it, we were pulling up to the house.


After I put the truck in park, we got out and walked inside. Mom was in the kitchen doing some cleaning. "Hi mom, I am home" I announced "Hi William, oh, who is this?" She asked. I think she forgot that I was bringing Nicole over so she could meet her "Mom, this is Nicole, remember, I was bringing her over so she could meet you" I told "Hi, I am Mary, nice to meet you" she said, greeting her "Hi, thanks, I love your house" "Thanks, but it would look better if William helped out more, he still needs to cut the grass" "But the grass is wet from yesterdays rain mom, I will do it tomorrow for sure" I said, rolling my eyes Nicole chuckled a little bit, and then noticed my two dogs outside jumping up and down with excitement when they heard us walk in "I didn't know you had any dogs!" she beamed.

"I absolutely adore animals!" I walked over to the back door and let May and Darth in, and the first thing they did was run over to Nicole, greeting her. Nicole picked up May and she started giving Nicole kisses. "Awww, thanks for the kisses" Nicole said in a baby like voice. At this point, Darth started his yapping, like he was yelling at May because she was getting all the attention.

Nicole put May down and tried to pick up Darth, but he backed away, and she resorted to just bending down and scratch his head. When she bent over, I noticed how sexy of an ass she had, and how it accented her body.

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"Hey Nicole, you want a tour of the house?" "That would be great, I just love this place, you and your mom have done a great job keeping it up, its just the two of you, right?" "Yeah, my father left in 1999 and he passed away in 2005" "I am sorry to hear that, but yes, I would love to see your home" I showed her around, showing her obviously the Family room where the TV was, the living room and the small memorial to the important people in our lives who have since passed away.

After I was done showing her around the downstairs, I took her upstairs, and we went into my bedroom. Now I am not the kind of guy who is wanting to get a girl into bed the day or night I meet her, but sometimes, things just happen.

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We got into the bedroom and one of the first things she noticed was my 55 gallon fish tank. Its a simple tank holding about 55 tropical fish, mainly Danio's, Guppies and Tetra's. She went over and looked at the tank, amazed by the amazing assortment of colorful fish that I had. I walked behind her as she was looking into the tank and put my arms around her. She put her hands over mine and leaned her head back onto my shoulder.

I could smell her perfume, and it was intoxicating. I started to kiss on her neck, and this got her attention. She turned around she started to kiss me, not a friendly kiss, but the kiss of a lover.

I was breathing a bit heard, my heart was racing as we continued to get hot and heavy with our kissing, and it was turning me on. She could tell and she wrapped her arms around me, knowing that I was nervous. I put my hands on her round ass and started rubbing it. "Is this okay?" I asked "Yes, it is" she replied, and continued to kiss me more and more.

I moved my hands up to her shirt, and started to undo the buttons. I got the buttons undone and opened up her shirt and I started to kiss down her cleavage. She had amazing breast, she had to be a 32D. She put her hands on the back of my head as I reached around and undid her bra. I looked up at, and she looked back with an approving look on her face. I guess she wanted this as well. I got her bra off and I felt her tits for the first time, not to firm and not to saggy, but to me, just right.

I took a nipple into her mouth and this caused her to moan. She pulled my head off of her nipple and grabbed at my shirt, lifting it up over my head. She let out a gasp when she saw me topless, and then gave me an approving look. I went back to kissing her again, both our tongues playing with each other. I reached down and started to undo her pants. In no time, I had the button undone and the zipper down.

She backed away from me as she pulled her pants down, leaving her in just her panties. She pushed down the shorts I was wearing, leaving me in just my boxers.

We fell onto the bed, kissing even more than we had. I was on top her, enjoying the feeling of her body as I continued to make out with this goddess. She could feel my hard cock through her panties and she bucked her hips up to try to feel it more.

I got up, and removed my boxers, and as I did this, she removed her panties. I really had no idea that this was going to happen today! I stared at her, and she looked even more beautiful.

She really was something to behold. I got back between her legs and went back to sucking on her hardened nipples. She enjoyed this alot, and after a minute, she pulled me to kiss me full on the lips. During the kiss, I started to grind my cock against her pussy.

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She was soaking wet, and even though I was focused on her face, I could smell her arousal. "Are you sure this is okay?" I asked "Yeah, go ahead" She replied I moved the head of my cock to the opening of Nicole's wet pussy. I started to slide into her and as soon as the head of my cock was in her, she let out a satisfied sigh. I slid the rest of the way into her and before I was all the way in, I bumped into her cervix.

This caused her to moan. "Go ahead, fuck me" She said, looking into my eyes" I started thrusting into her wet pussy, and she was very tight. It was a wonderful feeling, her wetness, how tight she was, and also the heat that radiated from her pussy as I pumped into her at a steady pace. We continued to make out as I pumped into her, and before long, she was moaning.

"Harder, faster!" She moaned I replied and I started going harder, grinding against her clit each time I pumped into. At the same time I started going faster. At this pace, my bed started to rock, but thankfully it did not squeak. A minute later, she shut her eyes really tight and let out a silent scream. I felt her cum as she wetted my balls. She had a massive orgasm. I continued to fuck her while she came.

"Don't stop, please, keep going!" She begged. Not wanting to disappoint her, I maintained my pace, giving her hard, fast strokes of my cock into her tight pussy. It was not long after she came that I could feel my own orgasm approaching "Where do you want me to cum?" I asked "I don't care, just come for me, baby" she said.

With one final thrust, I shoved my cock as far as I could into her pussy and let out 3 months worth of cum deep into her pussy. She felt my cum splash inside of her and this made her go into another earth shattering orgasm, squirting both her own juice and my cum at the same time.

I rolled off of her and I let her place her head onto my chest. Our post orgasmic bliss was very satisfying. As we calmed ourselves down, I looked at her. She had her eyes closed and she looked very content. I knew from the bottom of my heart that she was going to be the one that I would marry. Before too long, I suggested that we get up so I could make her dinner. She reluctantly agreed.

We both got up from the bed, and I noticed the mess she had made. When she squirts, she squirts a-lot as there was a huge wet spot on my sheets. I pointed it out to her as well and this made her laugh. "The other guys I have been has never been able to make me do that before." She said, as she pulled me into another kiss. We both got dressed and headed downstairs.

When we walked into the kitchen, I noticed mom looking at us funny. I think she knew what was going on, but she did not say anything. Nicole and mom stayed in the house to talk as I went outside to fire up the grill. I was going to do all the cooking that night since I promised to make dinner. I ended up putting 3 rib eyes onto the grill, and also made some Au Gratin Potato's and corn on the cob as well.

We all sat down to dinner, and they seemed to enjoy the dinner. Nicole told me that this was also the very first time anyone other than her family had made dinner for her.

I was pleased when she told me this, and when she told me how delicious it was, it made me smile even more. Mom and Nicole chatted all through out dinner and they became fast friends. They talked for about an hour when mom got a phone call from my sister. Her dead-beat drunk of a husband had been arrested again and she needed help with her twin 2 year old daughters. After mom left, Nicole and I went back upstairs.

I had opened the windows earlier to get the smell of sex out, and it had mostly dissipated by the time we walked back in. Before I could say anything, Nicole attacked me, kissing me with even more passion, if that was possible, then before.

I was more relaxed this time, and I kissed her back. I went for her shirt first, and had it open in no time at all. In only a few minutes, we were both completely nude. However, instead of wanting my cock in her right away, she pushed me down onto the bed. "This time, I want to make sure you feel as good as you made me earlier" She said.

She got between my legs and started to stroke my cock. Her soft hands and her firm grip, not to hard, but not to light, felt great. "I wonder how I will make you feel good?" She said sarcastically "I think I know a way" I said with a smile After I said that, she wrapped her lips around my cock and to my amazement, she took me all the way into her mouth, her nose right up against my stomach. She played with my balls as she continued to deep throat me.

I had never received a blow job like this. Up until now, this was the best I ever got. The way she was sucking my cock, it felt like she was going to suck it right off my body. "Oh god, Nicole, that feel so fucking good" I told her as I placed my hands on her head. She looked up at me and saw the look of pure pleasure on my face. She knew what she was doing and she was enjoying it as much as I was. Pretty soon, I could feel the cum shooting up the shaft of my cock. Before I could warn her, I blasted my cum into her mouth.

She was a little bit surprised when I came, but she managed to swallow most of it, letting only a tiny bit dribble out of her mouth. "Did you like that baby?" She asked, as she crawled up back onto the bed "Like you would never believe" I said.

It was the best blow job I ever had in my life, and it made me very happy. "I think someone should return the favor" she said, looking over at me "I can't wait to taste you" I responded as I slide down and got between her legs. She opened her legs for me and I got my first really good look at her pussy.

She was still soaked with excitement and her pussy lips had opened up a little from her arousal. I started kissing the inside of of her thighs, teasing her just a little bit. Even though I had yet to touch her pussy with my lips or tongue, this still caused her to give a little moan. I could smell how sweet her pussy was being this close to her. I couldn't resist anymore and I started to give her pussy little kisses. This caused her to give a little moan with a laugh.

Something I had never heard before, but I knew she was enjoying it. I could see her clit poking out from under its hood, and I gave it a little kiss followed by a lick. This caused her to moan even more. I started to lick up and down her pussy, and she tasted like a Pina Collada. I couldn't get over how sweet she tasted as I continued to lick her.

I could have licked her for ever. Before long, She was cumming hard. She grabbed the back of my head and arched her back as she let loose. I had my mouth open and she squirted into my mouth. I could taste both her and I has she came. I crawled up on top of her and kissed her, so she could taste the two of us "Thank you baby, I really enjoyed that" she told me " I am glad you did" I said, kissing her some more. As I was kissing her, my cock had come back to life and I was again grinding against her still soaked pussy.

Without even asking her, I slid my cock back into her. Upon feeling me enter her again, she moaned, and grabbed my head and gave me a hard kiss. "I love it when your cock is in me" She told me "I love being in your pussy" I replied "Let me be on top" She said I rolled off of her and laid on my back as she crawled on top of me.

She sat down, guiding my cock back into her pussy. I went deeper into her than I was before, and we both let out a satisfied moan. As she bounced up and down on my cock, I felt her squeezing hey pussy on my cock, making her feel tighter then before.

She was rocking back and forth, grinding her clit against me. She started going faster and I knew I was not going to last much longer, even though I had already came twice that day.

She launched her self into a massive orgasm, squirting onto me as she came. That set me off and for the second time that day, I shot another massive load of my cum deep into her.

She felt me cum again and this caused her to launch into another orgasm. After she was done cumming, she laid on top of me, out of breath. We both were, that second time was even more satisfying than the first time.

I guess it was because I was more relaxed as was able to enjoy it more. It was getting late, so we both dressed and got ready to go. The evening air had cooled and it felt good as we walked out to the car.

We got in and we started the drive back to the Kirkwood Amtrak station. The trip did not seem to long, mainly because I had this beautiful woman sitting next to me. We talked the entire way there and we both felt the same for each other. I knew I was in love, but from my last relationship, I did not tell her. We got back to her car and we got out. I walked her to her truck and held her for a minute or two before kissing her good night. She got in, started up her truck and she left.

As I drove back home, little did I realize that Nicole had the best impact on my life since Danielle. I drove home the entire way with a huge smile on my face. Nicole and I are still together. We have been together for three years now. In March of 2013, I proposed to her. She of course said yes. I bought her a beautiful white gold ring with a 4 carrot peach sapphire. I got the ring from Shane Co. and the price of $900 was well worth it as she means the world to me. As I am typing this, we are both getting very excited and nervous about the upcoming wedding.

We both know that we are going to be spending the rest of our lives together. How she could put up with a train loving geek like me is beyond me, all I know is that we are both very happy. That's it people! I hope you enjoyed my little series, and I plan to write more stories. If I get enough positive comments, I will write about the one night stands I have had.