Sexy latna and her tight puss acid rain

Sexy latna and her tight puss acid rain
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(My first attempt at something darker than I'm used to writing so please be gentle however I'll accept whatever criticism you offer however. Hope you enjoy.) Chapter One. Leaning against the wall, grey eyes would survey the crowded night life that was New York, she wasn't just watching for the occasional drama that erupted among it's citizens.

No she had an ultimate goal, find Leon Church and kill him. Even with the rain the streets were crowded yet she knew he was out there, she could sense him. As lightening lit the sky she would feel a shiver run down her spine, the atmosphere was as charged as she and it was making her jumpy.

This would be her third attempt at bringing this monster in, her first two times had ended in utter failure and a broken arm, Leon was anything but gentle. Normally another person would have been on his case but this was personal, she had been seduced by him once before and than he lied to her.

Who was she kidding he had lied to her since day one, nothing that had come from his mouth had been the truth. Okay, okay so maybe her pride was hurt, perhaps it was the fact she had given her heart to him and had a mind to give him her innocence.

She had not expected Leon to be pulling for the other side, finding out he was a double agent had a hard thing to find out. With a gentle sigh she would blow a tendril of auburn hair from her face and detach herself from the graffiti lined wall, melting into the crowd she would search for him.

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A cocky smile laced his lips as watched her from the safety of a rooftop, he knew it was her, her scent was as obvious as always. He would breathe deep enjoying the scent of lavender and vanilla, however it wasn't just her perfume, no it was her natural musk that attracted him. If he had not been rooting for the other side to win in this supernatural war he would have taken her a long time ago, yet she was human and a hunter at that. His smile vanished as he thought about the group she represented, the Helsing group.

A group of vampire hunters that had charged themselves with destroying all things vampire related in fact they had been the cause of his wife's death. It was what she stood for, she was a legacy, an ancestor to his greatest enemy and his families murder.

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True he had hurt her and true he hated her but his desire for the grey eyed beauty was what he hated most, his body always betrayed him when she was near just like it was tonight. Despite the cold weather his loins burned for her body, to be buried deep within the folds of her femininity. The very thought of being swallowed by her tight body made him growl lightly, swallowing he would jump to another rooftop as he followed her.

Okay this was becoming ridiculous, either he was playing with her or she was being paranoid. It felt like he was close to her yet once she thought she had a lock on him his aura vanished. "Where is he?" she wondered as she rested her hand on the pistol at her hip. If he was following her she knew he wouldn't be able to resist her going into a secluded alley away from the prying eyes of the public. Walking calmly she take a right down an alley, it was quite a ways across before it opened to the other side.

Suddenly her pulse quickened as she heart light but obvious footsteps behind her, she would go still not needing to turn to know he was there, "Hello Sage." his deep voice reverberated through her body as she slowly turned and faced him. His sea green eyes were lit with amusement as stared her down in his dark way, arms crossed over his muscled chest he would wait for her reaction. "How long have you been following me?" He gave a scoff and replied with, "What makes you think I ever stopped?" Secretly his declaration pleased her but she would push that aside as she remembered his betrayal and her anger surged, "Enough with the games Leon, I'm not playing." "Oh but you're love, I mean come on you were looking for me.

Little did you know I've been watching you and toying with you." So he had been screwing with her, she bit the inside of her jaw to in an attempt to control her rage. "Stop calling me love, that ship sailed long ago." his smile vanished and he uncrossed his arms, "Has it?" He knew what effect he had upon Sage, he could tell by watching her posture, could see her pulse beating rapidly at her throat.

Her throat he thought, the thought of her blood filling his mouth caused his eyes to glow in the dim light of the alley. He almost laughed out loud as he saw her back up, so she was still scared of him. Well that was good, he wanted her terrified of him, so scared she was paralyzed. Than again he had always had an effect on her and she him from the first time they had met. However he never did get that night out of his head, in fact his body reacted in response to the memory of that night a year ago.

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[b]One year ago. "Boring night huh?" he said from behind her, she jumped and whirled around with obvious fear in her eyes. The fear settled as he realized it was him, "Of course." they were on detail work, or better yet look out duty.

She shook her head and rolled her eyes as she snapped the device shut and said, "It's silent tonight, I don't think anything is going to happen." giving a nod he had to agree with her statement. "So you want to call it a night?" she would bend over reaching for her bag and his breath caught in his throat as the leather shaped her buttocks perfectly, "Fuck." he thought as he swallowed hard, she was deliberately tempting him.

Now upright she would sling the bag over her shoulder and say, "Yeah let's call it, I doubt the captain will give a damn.

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We can let Williams and Dawson take over the next shift." another nod as he agreed and allowed her to pass. "So what now?" he had some idea's however he figured she'd be reluctant to oblige them, licking his lips he shrugged, "You?" "Yeah, how about a drink at Manny's?" putting his arm around her shoulder he gave a laugh, "Sounds like the highlight of my night." she didn't seem to mind his arm over her shoulder, than again she probably figured it was harmless.

If only she knew what his body ached to do to hers, she would cower and keep her distance. He would tense at the thought and she would stop, "Something wrong?" shaking his head he urged her own. "Nah I'm just ready to unwind." After a few drinks with friends and an hour later she would stumble out beside him as they waved their group of friends on and walked the now dead streets, he hadn't known she was such a light weight and the experience had him laughing harder than he had ever.

She staggered a bit and used him as a lean to as they walked. Her scent assailing his senses he had found it difficult to not ravage her there in the streets without a care who watched. She would remove her key and struggle to get it to line up with the lock, laughing he took the key and opened the door for her.

"Oh home sweet home." she said with a giggle to her tone and would kick off her boots not seeming to care he had followed her in, come to think of it he had never been in her apartment before. She had simple tastes and he liked that about her, he watched her as she fell onto her couch. "You okay?" he asked setting her bag down, she would glance at him a smile on her face.

"I didn't realize how hot you really are." she said surprising him, "Your drunk." he replied trying to ignore his impulse to say something back to her, he undercover and it was dangerous to give into her although his lower half was screaming for her.

She would stand up and move towards him, as she got close she pushed her body into his and it took every last ounce of control in his body to not take her. "Don't you find me attractive?" she asked staring at him through heavily lidded eyelashes, "Holy fuck." he felt her body heat melt into his warming him from his waist up and even lower.

"Who wouldn't?" he said his voice husky. "Than why aren't you kissing me?" he stiffened as her hands caressed the rough stubble of his cheek and sent electricity cascading through his body from her touch.


Grabbing her wrist he stared into her eyes that were filled with confusion and lust, dear god it was the lust mingling in her grey eyes that was his undoing. "Fuck it." he thought as he pulled her against his body crushing her small frame to his own.


He heard her air leave her lungs as she crashed into his hard body and his lips captured her own in a bruising kiss. As his tongue forced its way into her mouth he captured her moan and fought to keep his own groan from scaring her. He knew she was untouched, it was an ongoing topic of conversation around the base seeing as how every asshole wanted to be the one who took that from her.

Her tongue touched his tentatively and he found himself shoving her against the wall and ripping at her shirt, he had to remember his strength with her or he would give himself away, this was a dangerous game he was playing. As his hand slipped beneath her shirt and found the soft skin pliant beneath his hands he would groan and rub his thumb over the already hardened peaks that were aching to be touched.

She would cry out and almost collapse to the ground, scooping her up in his arms he carried her into her bedroom and fell onto the bed with her his lips never leaving her own. His name on her lips was enough to make him want to bury himself deep within her body and find his release however he was careful to keep his control.

Stepping away long enough to remove her pants he knelt between legs and kissed his way up her leg. Her hands were clenching the bedsheet as she bit her bottom lip and fought to keep still, pulling the lace down her legs that covered the delta between her legs he was pleased to find her wet and ready. Not yet he thought as he pulled her legs over his shoulder and forced her mound to his mouth, the sound she made as his tongue found her center made him so hard he hurt and urged his tender caressing to become much more forceful as he slipped a finger into her moist cleft.

Her inner walls convulsed around his finger and he would slip yet another finger inside her, she was so tight perhaps the rumors had been truth. Her back arched off the bed as her moans became increased and he felt her shudder around his two fingers that were probing inside and drawing an orgasm from her.

He knew the moment her release ripped through her because he felt it around his fingers as her fluids coated them.

As her breathing returned to normal she would pull him up to her offering her body to him freely and he was going to take her offer, however the pulse beating at her throat stopped him in his tracks. His eyes would glow showing his bloodlust and he was unable to turn away from her in time, she would suddenly shove him away and yank the sheet up around her semi nude body, "What the fuck?" she said and would stare at him in shock as she reached her pistol.

However as she turned back he was gone, once outside he would curse himself and disappear into the night. The memory would fade bringing him back into the present, "Come on Sage what's it to be?" she kept the pistol trained on his chest and he knew it was loaded with wooden bullets that were laced in holy water.

Her hands tightened around the length of the pistol and he gave a light growl, "So that is how this will go?" he would charge her shoving her into the brick wall behind them with a tremendous amount of strength and he knew he had hurt her, the pistol fell from her hands and clattered in the alley at their feet. "Ugh, get the hell off of me." she said out of breath.

He laughed, "You weren't saying that a year ago." he watched her face pale and would take the opportunity to push is middle against her own, "Come on love this night could go much differently than our other encounters, we could finish what we started than." "Like hell you blood sucker." her tone was venomous as she tried to knee him, however his reflexes were much more quicker than her own.


He would shove her wrists above her head in a rough manner, "Try that again and I'll show you what real pain is." "Do you think I give a damn Leon?" her violent behavior was exciting him and much to his surprise he felt himself harden, she did too and she would shove him in an attempt to get free, "You know what." he would say quietly, "I think I'll hurt you in a different way." pushing his middle against her own he would allow her to catch his drift.

"No, no, no." she said in fear and his urge to continue became stronger as he kept her wrists pinned above her head and began to nuzzle her neck, "Oh come on Sage just give in to me." he said his voice low. "Never." she said struggling to get free, "I'd never give myself to you." her words pissed him off and he would yank her against him roughly, looking around he would seize the opportunity to kick a door open next to them.

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The building was abandoned save from some broken down furniture left behind by the previous tenants, shoving her over the top of the busted couch he would struggle to get his hold on her again. She would fight him with all her worth, she wasn't going to let him have his way with her no matter how hard he tried. She would die first, turning to face him she would swing her fist and it would connect with his jaw drawing blood from his lip. She would go to swing again and he would seize her wrist in his hands and fight with her.

As her foot slipped out from underneath her they would topple to the ground him on top of her, "Damn Sage if you wanted me that badly that was all you had to say." "Like hell, get the fuck off of me." she said fighting him which only made her bump his erection, he would almost hiss as he kept her wrists above her head, "On second thought, fight me all you want." with his free hand he groped her right breast rather hard bringing a pained cry from her.

"Damn it I can't have my fun." he said. Looking around he found a strip of fabric, securing her wrists with it he would survey his work. "There that is much better." he would once again slip his hand underneath her shirt and brush his thumb over her nipple bringing it to a stiff ridged peak, "Are you ready to give in?" "No." she said eyeing him, with a growl he would rip her shirt open sending buttons flying everywhere.

She was naked beneath the shirt and he was able to look his feel as he gazed upon her breasts. Leaning down he took a hardened bud into his mouth and would bite down drawing blood, she would gasp in pain and attempt to buck him off. With a laugh he once again drew her bleeding peak into mouth and sucked the blood from it, she tasted like heaven and he found himself having a hard time stopping.

However he found the will to stop, ridding her of the pants she wore he would slip his finger past her panties and force his finger inside her as his thumb passed over her clit. She would moan and shift however she was still being stubborn. His anger would take over him in that moment, if she wanted to play this way he would break her.

Holding her down he would free his erection that was throbbing painfully, she stared at it with fear. She found herself wondering how that would fit inside her body, than she would realize that was what he had planned for her.

She would start to fight him, kicking and thrashing wildly in an attempt to keep him from pushing his impressive member inside her. Her energy was draining quickly and she knew it, he would take his manhood in his hand and try to line it with her opening.

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She could feel the tip brushing against her folds, "No." she screamed and would try to fight even harder, he gave a growl and released her long enough to spread her legs. She attacked his chest with her nails drawing blood and he would let out a pained grunt and shove her backwards as his penis found it's mark and shoved deep inside her wound, past the shield of virginity. Immediately she would still and fall backwards upon the hardwood in both shock and pain, she could feel his length filling her tender body to the brim.

He had not begun to move yet instead his emotions seemed to be conflicted. As his cock pushed past her slicked folds and hit her womb he would almost spill himself deep within her body. "Holy shit." it shouldn't feel this good he thought. He had felt her maidenhood tear from his abrupt entrance and her inner vaginal walls tighten deeply around him as he was seated to the hilt.

He found it hard to move inside her afraid this would end to quickly, using his elbows to keep himself up he looked down at her face that was twisted in both pain and confusion. What was he doing, oh right he was making her feel pain however all he succeeded in was bringing himself pain, screw it he thought and would withdrawal long enough to thrust again.

She would moan and gasp as he pulled from her and reentered her body roughly, was it his imagination or was she enjoying this? She had stopped fighting him and in fact her back arched off the ground and met his thrust and each that followed. Each thrust he had to force himself to not empty his load inside her, part of him didn't want her to enjoy this yet another part wanted to give her the release his own body ached for.

His pace would quicken and her walls would squeeze him once again as a mewling sound left her throat and she rolled her head to the side. He watched her breasts move up and down in tune to his thrusts and he found himself squeezing one of them and caressing the top of the peak. He would thrust harder and deeper again in an attempt to remind her this was non consensual however he wasn't so sure anymore.

"Oh my god." she thought as she stretched to accommodate his length as it pushed deep inside her hitting her womb with each stroke, the pain had subsided and instead she was left with a burning that was increasing each time he hit her deep.

She found herself unwillingly meeting each of his thrusts, she was angry at her bodies reaction. She found herself reaching for him and in that instant he would let out a growl and pull out of her long enough to force her to her stomach, grabbing her hips he forced her rear to lift towards his hips as he entered her once again rougher this time.

She cried out and her nails bit into the wood floor, it was painful at first but the position caused him to push past her womb almost entering it. She would moan loudly and attempt to remain on her knees as he pounded her from behind, she could hear his groans as he gripped her thighs in his hands and held her to receive each of his powerful thrusts inside her.

If he continued like this she would meet her end soon, the burning had increased and she was teetering on the edge. He would yank her hips up higher sending him even deeper if that were possible and she would bite her bottom lip so hard it would begin to bleed, how long would this last?

Taking her from behind had backfired on him, he had done it so he didn't have to see her eyes and he could keep her from touching him. It seemed she was giving into his assault and she was enjoying it, she hadn't wanted her to enjoy this but if he were being truthful he was enjoying it too, more than he should.

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Her cries brought him closer and closer as he rammed her from behind, she was so fucking tight and with each squeeze of her inner muscles he knew she was getting close. "Shit, shit, shit." he repeated in his head as the only sounds that could be heard in the room were their moans and the slapping of skin against skin, suddenly he felt her squeeze him so hard it was almost painful and tiny little waves of were felt across his length.

He slammed her into her harder and faster as her orgasm ripped one from him, he would groan loud as his seed filled her womb deeply. Pushing deep and holding he let his orgasm fade before slumping over her backside and breathing hard. Her breathing was equal with his own and he knew she too had enjoyed that. What had started as a game of domination over her didn't seem quite that way.

In fact he had to ask who had dominated who?

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(Okay guys I hoped you enjoyed this, if you did leave a comment and I'll add more to the chapters.)