Busty Sunny and Holly toying Action

Busty Sunny and Holly toying Action
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After the group fuck with Jan, we had a couple of nights with her and told her we get into kinkier things than just group fucks for us both, Jan asked what we meant, but we said, the only way to find out is to join us at one of our kinky group fucks, by now she was used to our ways and said Ok.

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We set a meet up for a Saturday night in 10 days time, telling Jan to tell Dave her and Joy were going clubbing and would stay at a friend's house instead of driving home, so all was in place, Steve was keen to have another lady join us and would let the guys know, Joy told him it would be an all night thing with a breakfast the next day arranged too. The day arrived and Jan was scared shit less, she came over early to get cleaned out and sort her clothes out, again a very nice low cut top with no bra and mini dress, both woman looked stunning, my car was hidden in the garage, so that Jan's husband though I was out for the night too, so I sneaked into the back seat, as we set of to Steve's place.


As Joy drove I played with Jan's tits from behind, she was asking about tonight, what we had planed, we just kept saying you will see, and if you don't want to join in, that's up to you, pulling up in the drive way, Jan freaked a bit, seeing cars everywhere, but didn't resist when we walked her to the door, Steve gave Joy a big kiss and looked Jan over, saying the guys would be happy tonight. Within seconds hands were all over Joy, Jan held my arm, then when two guys lifted her up and removed her clothes, she seemed to relax a bit, their cocks found her mouth waiting, a third guy slipped his cock right up her pussy, and that was it, Jan was well into it.

As more and more guys fucked us, it was time to open Jan's ass, seeing her riding a guys cock, was my cue, going behind her and with some cum and spit for lube, my cock started in her ass, she pushed back taking me right in, as her orgasm grew by the second, then bang, she screamed a nice scream and squirted juice everywhere, the guys looked on, waiting their turn now to try her ass, but I wanted to be the first tonight to fill it with cum, so I gave her a good ass fucking, then shot my cum deep up her ass, sending her into another good orgasm.

No sooner had I pulled out, then Jan was lifted up and two more cocks took her, her mouth also filled with a large cock, she was getting right into the swing of things, now maybe it was time to show her our special kink. I told Steve to bring one of the dogs around, whilst I lay on the frame, within minutes I heard a dog growl behind me and his cock slapping on my back, just as quick his cock began to find my hole, open and wet, and start its way in, I groaned with a nice orgasm as he pounded deeper and harder into my ass, this is just what I wanted, as I sniffed my amyl, my anus relaxed more and I took him balls deep.

He had been fucking me for awhile now, and I heard a OH WOW, Jan was standing by me watching my ass being fucked by a dog, I told her to drop down so I could eat her pussy out, but she went around and watched him up close, so then just to be rotten I told her to lay under me and suck my cock, she did.

The dogs knot slipped in, I knew now he was close to coming, Jan more than happy to suck my cock as a guy fucked her ass for her, then as his cock jerked and his knot filled, I told Jan he was coming in me, her sucking increased, as my ass filled with dog cum.


It took awhile but as his knot started to soften, I told Jan to look at his cock as it slides out and see how big it is, I knew this was a rotten thing to do, but why not I said to myself.

Then I gave a gently push, and the knot slipped out, his cum shot out ever where,Jan called me all sorts of names, I laughed and said welcome to our doggy orgies. I then sat up a bit, pushing out the rest of his cum, Jan was covered, her face hair and tits white, moving down I began to lick it off her, at first she seemed surprised but then also began to eat some of his cum, kissing her, I said how Hot she looked right now. Joy had joined us and was eating cum from Jan's boobs, then she lay on the frame and another dog was brought up, his cock quickly found her ass and they began to fuck, Jan got right up to Joys side, watching every movement as the guys used her ass to empty their balls, when the knot went in Jan let out a gasp, then played with Joys clit brought her to a higher orgasm as the dog began to fill her with his seed, this time I got under Joy and waited for his knot to pull out and to eat his cum, My face was soaked in cum as Jan helped lick it off, we both kissed and enjoyed sharing doggy cum, as more guys used our holes for fun, it was good to see Jan getting into K9 sex, as the guys fucking her cum, I nodded to them, they knew what to do.

The guys held her and moved her to the frame, Jan panicked and asked what was going to happen, I told her nothing would happen unless she wanted it too, with that several guys started to fuck her ass or pussy, this with the fact she couldn't move seemed to turn on her on more, as her squirting got more intense. I let them fuck her for 10 minutes or so, then got Steve to bring up another dog, as one guy fucked her ass hard, I walked him around by her head, his cock showing under him ready for use, Jan looked up, a very nervous look on her face, Joy told her once you have had a dogs cock you will want more.

With that Joy took the dog and walked him behind Jan, he jumped up his legs now next to her head, his huge cock now trying to find a hole to fuck, Joy said "your ass will be the best hole" and aimed him towards it, Jan jumped as the tip went in, with all the cum inside her, his cock went in easy, some 7 inches disappeared in seconds, Jan now squirming with the feelings racing thought her body, then as he built up speed, her juices flowed and boy did they flow, his cock was soaked, as Jan let out a almighty scream as her orgasm rocked her body.

This must have opened her ass up more, as the knot went right in, again Jan screamed her first dog knot and another orgasm hit home, that was it, the dog must have shot gallons of cum into her ass, as Jan kept shaking and shaking whilst groaning out how good it felt inside her. As they both came down Jan's eyes were wide open, her mouth filled with cock as she sucked it dry, then all to soon the knot fell free, Joy and I went down eating his cum from her ass, sending her over the top again, as my fingers went in, with one evil look at Joy, I pushed my fist in, Jan jumped as high as she could but the frame held her tight, as my fist went in past the wrist, she screamed at me, but I held firm.

Her anus relaxed, my fingers found her g spot, and her body shook with another orgasm, Jan was taking her first fist and her body told me she wanted more, Joy feed her some amyl to relax her anus, now with her help my arm went in a bit further, as more orgasm shot though her, she was hooked. We let her off the frame and Joy jumped back on, this time she told Steve to bring up Blacky Jan was happy to have my fist in her ass still, but when she saw Blacky being walked up she stopped dead, " NO WAY" as Steve let the horse jump up next to Joy, his large cock swinging under him getting harder with each swing, Steve then aimed it at Joy's ass, with that Jan pulled me forward, watching as some 12 inches of horse cock filled her ass.

Joy was going wild her orgasm one long stream, as Blacky found his pace, the only thing with him is he doesn't last long, his last inch or two went in as Joy relaxed her ass more, I wanted more fun, so Told Jan to move over as close as we can to see him fill her with cum, I got her to lay under Joy but kept my fist in her ass, Jan licked Joys clit as the horse started to snort, his orgasm growing in his balls now. Then with one loud snort he let fly, his cock pushing in as far as it would go, gallons of cum flooding Joy's ass, then as normal the pressure seems to push the cock out, and white sticky horse cum dropped in bucket loads onto Jan's face, and flew over us all, I felt her ass grip my fist tight as she went into another huge orgasm, a mix of anal pleasure and pure sexual lust.

As the horse was walked away we all cuddled one another, sharing the horse cum between us, then seeing the guys standing around with cocks in hand, I said, time for a wash, Joy and I looked up, as warm piss began to flow, with some 25 or more guys here tonight it was quite some time before the piss stopped flowing too.

The warm water of the shower felt good, Jan telling us, how kinky we were, as guys helped us all wash the horse cum and piss from our bodies, I told her there was still more to come yet, and slid my cock up her ass once more, then without warning filled her ass with my piss, she looked back at me and smiled saying it felt like I was coming inside her already, I told her to look down and see did, then she punched me saying dirty fucker.

Jan had been fucked by just about every guy here, I had taken one of the horse's too, while Jan was fucked near me so she could watch, her ass now stayed open when the guys pulled out, she was ready, so once more we tied her in the frame, this time she said nothing, so Steve led up one of the horse, Joy told her to relax and sniff some more amyl. The horse snorted, and Jan then looked worried, she must have thought she was going to be fucked by another dog, but before she could say anything, her mouth was filled by a cock, just as her ass took the first inch or two of the horse cock.

With one good push Jan took just about all his cock, her ass so open and lubed it went in easy and looked good to, her huge tits swaying around as her body was pounded by the horse, she was lost in lust now, her ass taking it all, as both got into sync, a few guys filled her mouth with cum as she sucked them off, then as always the horse gave one loud snorthis cock shook her body, as he began to flood her bowels with his cum.

No sooner had the horse moved away than guys lined up to fuck her ass or pussy, she never got time to rest, as cock after cock used and filled her holes, then Steve led another horse over, his cock already hard began to take aim, with little effort he pushed half in first go, Jan was in her own world as he fucked her forcing every inch of his 16 inch cock in her ass, a look of pure lust shone from her eyes.

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This horse was a new one to us, and from his actions he must have fucked a woman before, for he sure did pound her ass hard, then with the all too familiar sound, his cock jerked and Jan took all his cum inside her ass, surprisingly not much came out, then when he moved back, the huge flared head of his knob, let the pent up cum flow out. Every one near her got soaked in cum, Jan was covered from her head to toes, her ass leaking so much cum, as I went over to lick her dry, another cock pushed in and quickly gave her his load, I licked that out of her too, as she rested.

Joy took another dog then a horse, as Jan and I took care of the guys, Jan was laying on her back now her huge tits swaying as her body was pounded relentlessly, my cock in her mouth while my ass was being fucked kept me busy. I told Jan, it would be good to see her tit fuck a horse, so the guys could see first hand how much cum they shot, and she gave me a funny look then said 'OK' As Steve walked one of the horses to her, Jan lay back; his cock slipped between her tits as we held them tight together, Jan held the horse's cock just behind the large flared head, trying to get some into her mouth.

With his cock now snug between her tits the horse started to pump her body, the flare now forcing its way into Jan's stretched mouth, with all her might she held him from going in to far.

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I knew this would be a great time to get next to Jan and have his cum cover us both, another guy took over holding her tits on his cock, as I went up, and held his cock with Jan, I grabbed the flare nice and tight, to give him the feel of being inside a pussy, it worked as he quickly changed his pace, his cock now seemed to grow more as the flow of cum started its way out. Although I was holding the flared head of his cock, my hands were still over Jan's face, his flare right in front of her mouth, I let go just as the first reams of cum splashed fourth, Jan took most of it in her mouth, the second ream shot over her head and hit me fair and square, before the rest flowed out all over us both, Jan was now laughing out loud as she held his cock while the last of his hot cum flowed out, she looked lovely, so as the horse moved back, I went down kissing her face and tonguing her to take the cum from her lips, a round of applause rang out from the guys watching.

Now as always I stood up, my cock right above her face, and began to pee, horse cum and piss joined to make a sticky mess as others joined in, even Joy stood over her and let her piss flow, hands helped rub it in her bobs and skin. When the guys had finished, I took them into the shower, with the guys help we cleaned up pretty quick, then Jan held my arm, pushed me down and stood over my face, I knew what she was going to do, as my mouth went closer to her pee hole she let loose, I drank what I could, as she shook her body spraying me all over with her pee.

Another quick shower and I joined in with the guys fucking the girls, by now some had left, it must be after 2 am or so, the dozen or so guys left taking their time now to fuck us all, it was good to see the girls put on a show for the guys, and use the toys on one another. I was then surprised when 5 or 6 new guys turned up, they soon had their cocks in any hole that was empty, mine included, then both girls had all three holes filled at the same time, as the guys must have been told about them liking anal sex, these guys must have been out night clubbing, as within minutes they all shot their cum deep inside the girls, one of the guys in Jan's mouth took his load to her ass, filling her as soon as his mate pulled out.

As they rested one of them said, when do we get to see the animal show, both girls told them they had been fucked several times earlier in the night, this seemed to upset them, so Joy stood and walked over to the frame, Blacky was walked up, his cock ready once more, as the guys all cheered her on, he mounted his bitch.

Steve aimed his cock in her ass, within a couple of thrusts the whole cock had gone, his flared head bulging Joy's belly out now, the guys now cheering, calling Joy a cock slut, Steve went over and spoke to them and they changed their tone somewhat, then as they crowded around Joy, the horse began to cum, his cock jerking wildly inside Joy's ass, filing her once more with his cum, then as he pulled back, his cum shot over the new guys who jumped back in shock, as he moved away, Jan went down and ate his cum from her ass, the guys loved this and edged her on.

Jan then lay on the frame, and one of the dogs brought up, her ass quickly became his bitch as he rammed the full length in first go, his knot close to going in too, the guys once more cheered her on, this seemed to stir Jan up who now squirted her love juice out to show her appreciation of the fun.

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As the dog picked up pace, Jan made all sorts of noises, her orgasm taking her to new heights once more, some of the guys used her mouth to empty more cum from their balls, while others lay under her playing with her huge swing tits, then the knot went in, Jan made one last loud moan as he shot his load deep inside her ass, by now her ass was so loose his cum leaked out from around his cock. Some 5 minutes or so later he pulled back his knot plopped out, and cum ran freely from her ass, I went down and ate it all then kissed her sharing his juices with her, a couple of guys had already shot their next load in her ass as I did.

For the next couple of hours, the new guys and those left kept us busy, but the pace slowed some, I took one of the dogs and a few of the new guys, while the girls had their share of cocks to play with, then as the sun began to rise, we called it a night, weary bodies laid around, we lay on the bed together and fell of to sleep for a few hours, I awoke with mouth on my cock and Jan being fucked from behind, Joy was off being fucked by several other guys.

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We played for an hour or so,before taking time out to freshen up, most of us also used the girls to empty our bladders over, then we had a nice warm shower to rinse off, then Steve gave us alight breakfast to keep us going.

There was only 6 or so guys left from the nights fun, but they were all keen to see the girls take on a dog or horse, so after opening them up, we put Jan in the frame first, her ass taking one of the dogs, as we watched, Then Joy took on the horse, her ass seemed to just devour his cock, before he filled her with his cum, I was next and took on another horse, my ass needed some help this morning to get him in, but felt great once it was fully home, he too flooded my ass with cum too.

the girls ate what they could, when I sat over them and emptied it onto them.

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it was then time for us to make a move, our bodies satisfied with the fun we had taken, so we showered ready to drive home, a couple of the guys joined us helping to clean the girl's body of cum, whilst they did, they also coped a hand full of boob or gave their ass or pussy a quick fuck, by now the girls were so loose they didn't seem to care.

Joy went off to see Steve as I walked Jan to the car, her legs weak from all the fun, I sat her on the bonnet and slid my cock into her pussy and told her how good she had looked being fucked by the dogs and horse, and covered in all that cum, Jan then kissed me hard and thanked us for opening her eyes to more fun than she has ever had, and hoped she would be invited along again.

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We drove home naked, the girls catching a few winks in the back seat, Joy had given me the envelope from Steve, as I looked inside, we had done well, over a $1000 and all for fun too, this was one secret we wouldn't be telling Jan about though, I had to slip in doors when we got home so Dave wouldn't see me, Jan took her time, cleaning up and putting her clothes on before heading home, hoping Dave wouldn't ask to many questions about her night out clubbing with the girls.

We told Jan next time we would make it an all weekend fuck, Friday to Sunday evening, so she would need to tell Dave she was going camping away with the girls for the weekend to cover. her smile said it all, she laughed and said can we make it all week, flashing her tits at us as she walked home.