Petite masseuse beauty buffing the knob

Petite masseuse beauty buffing the knob
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Swallowing Justin Chapter 2 The next morning when I woke, I rolled onto my side and my head felt a little heavy from the wine I shared the night before with my friend, Heather. I had an unusual pungent taste in my mouth reminded me of the taboo pleasures I had with my brother late in the evening. I lied lazily staring at my clock for a moment, listening to the clanging of dishes downstairs, wondering why Mom and Dad were up at five thirty in the morning on a Saturday.

As I rolled onto my back, the thin cotton sheet fell between my legs and gave me a brief shudder of pleasure when it brushed against my naked pussy.

My mind replayed the sight of Justin jerking himself off for me to watch, and then cumming so wildly all over his stomach and chest. His warm cock felt so wonderful between my lips and against my hungry tongue. The tightness of the skin around the swollen veins of his hard shaft and the spongy feeling of his engorged penis head against the back of my throat had made me so wet with desire.

The satisfaction I felt when he came in my mouth knowing I had made him feel so good stuck with me too. But the most exciting part of it all was the sound he made when he came. The sound of his quiet grunts and moans of pleasure kept ringing in my ears and every time I replayed the events of the night before that memory had me so horny, those sounds would play back in my mind and create a heat inside of me that seemed insatiable.

As wrong as I knew it was, I couldn't help but want to do more. My clock had just changed to six when the door to my room opened a little and Mom quietly peaked through. "Okay Kar, Dad and I are off to the lake with Susan and Tom." She said, stepping through the door and sitting on the edge of my bed. "We won't be home until tomorrow morning, so you know the rules." She said in her familiar warning tone and taking a brief, serious pause. "You were a few minutes late last night, but lucky for you your Dad was asleep before you were supposed to be home.

Don't think you can stay out late tonight Kar." She cautioned. "Mr. Harris next door knows we are out of town and he has a key and our number." She said patting me gently on the shoulder. I pretended to be half asleep and didn't move much, not wanting her to know I slept naked and having to explain myself to her. I was nervous that she said Dad was asleep when I came home because that meant she was awake when I came in.

I quickly reassured myself that Justin and I had been very quiet and dismissed the notion that she could have any knowledge of the taboo's that had gone on in Justin's room. She definitely wouldn't have left us home alone together and headed for the lake had she known what kind of forbidden fun we shared. "Okay, Mom. Have fun." I mumbled, pulling the sheet higher around my neck as if I was cold.

As soon as I heard the garage door closing, I jumped out of bed and darted over to my window to watch Mom and Dad back out of the driveway and drive down the street.

I felt hot with nervous excitement and my mind was spinning with concern about how Justin would feel when he woke up and remembered what I had done when I snuck into his room. I tiptoed quietly into our shared bathroom and over to his door to have a look if he had gone back to sleep. Carefully peering through the small opening, I could see he was still in bed, but couldn't see his face.

I fluffed my hair a little in the mirror and decided it would be better to just take a shower. Usually I locked the door to Justin's room when I showered, but I intentionally left it unfastened to give him the opportunity to walk in on me. The hot water felt wonderful running over my body and I shaved everywhere extra close just in case someone may notice the smoothness of my shave for a change. I couldn't believe where my mind was wandering. I had never looked at my brother so sexually before and now I was trying hard to look good for him so he would look at me sexually.

By the time I dried off I could hear the TV in Justin's room and knew he was awake. I slipped on a big T-shirt, and walked over to his room and knocked on the door. Justin answered with his familiar, "Enter." When I stepped in, he was sitting on the bed still under his covers watching TV.

I noticed him looking at my breasts right away, something I had never noticed him doing before. I could feel my nipples harden against the thin cotton and knew it must have been a sight to see the shirt hanging loosely from my round tits and hardened nipples.

"Hey Sis." Justin said smiling. "I see you learned how to knock." He chuckled. "Finally." I joked back. "You okay?" I asked, looking into his deep blue eyes, trying to break the ice a little and work through the awkwardness. Justin looked back at me, "Were you drunk?" He asked.

"No." I answered quickly. "Did you like it?" He asked, studying me for a reaction. I leaned against the edge of his desk. "I can't stop thinking about it." I told him, trying to hide my smile. "So you did like it?" He pushed deeper. "I loved it Jason." I blurted out without really thinking. "Did you?" I asked him, suddenly nervous about what he would say. Jason looked at the TV and pulled his sheet back revealing his perfectly hard cock without looking back at me.

"It has been this way all night." He said. "I am so fucking horny thinking about how good you did that. Are you sure you haven't before?" He pried. "No way!" I said, biting my lower lip as my eyes rested on his beautiful tool. "I want to again though." I added mischievously. Jason surprised me by pulling the sheet back over and covering himself. "Are you sure Karie?" He asked. "I feel kinda bad about it." He confessed shyly. "I mean, it felt wonderful, but what if somebody knew, what about your reputation Kar?" He asked.

"I know Jason." I reassured him.


"I've thought about it all morning. Are you going to ever tell a soul about it?" I asked. "No way." He answered. "I'm not either." I told him. "And if I do what we did with someone, anyone else, they couldn't make me believe they would never tell." Jason relaxed a little and looked back over at me. He pushed himself up onto his elbows, and the sheet slid down around his waist making his muscular torso visible to me again. I could see him contemplating everything and could tell it was all weighing pretty heavy on his mind.

"It felt so good, what you did, Karie." He told me with a sincere look in his eyes. "Would you let me do stuff to you too?" He asked nervously.

I couldn't believe my big brother was more nervous than me about everything.

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He had always seemed to be so calm and cool whenever things got a little crazy. My insides quivered when he asked that question of me. I hadn't really considered getting pleased by him the same way he let me please him.

I remember thinking when I left his room with the strong taste of his cum still fresh in my mouth and the gentle thirst that taste gave me that I had found a new hobby. It was so fun to have him in my mouth and so rewarding for him to climax because of what I was doing.

I had no idea it would be so much fun and I was so eager to do it a lot more that I didn't really consider that he may like doing things to me just as much. "Sure, I guess." I answered. "I mean, you don't have too unless you want." I added nervously, hoping he wouldn't recant on what he had just offered. Jason's smile always had a way of relaxing me, so when he smiled at me, I could actually feel myself settle down. His eyes seemed confident and reassured now and the awkwardness wasn't as strong.

"Want to get in bed with me for a while?" He asked, pulling the covers back to reveal the enormous hard-on he whipped out earlier was still very much present.

I stood up from the desk where I had been leaning and stepped hesitantly toward his bed. Even through the awkwardness of that conversation he had stayed totally hard and my body was responding the same way. My pussy was so hot and wet that I feared my juices would be dripping out of me as soon as I started walking.

Stopping at the edge of the bed for a moment, I peeled my thin white T-shirt over my head, dropped it to the floor beside me, and slid under the covers with him. It felt so wonderful to feel his warm, naked skin against mine. He rolled toward me and kissed me. The kiss started softly against my wanting lips. He situated himself a little more above me and sucked my bottom lip into his mouth, grazing it lightly with his tongue and sending an erotic shiver racing down my spine. I moaned through our kiss when his tongue slid seductively over mine, and his gentle hand found my waist and pulled my trembling body so tightly against him that my full, round breasts were pressed flat against his chest.

His seductive kisses moved across my cheek and down to my neck, then to my shoulder and stopped on my breasts leaving a cool trail of his saliva behind on the path his passion had taken. His hands gripped each of my breasts tightly and his mouth slid from one nipple to the other.

He sucked each one into his mouth, flicking it firmly with his tongue, alternating from one of my tits to the other as if he was trying to make one nipple bigger and harder and then going back. I was so incredibly aroused. I could feel my pussy throbbing and I had never felt so wet in my life.

I could feel the moisture coating my thighs and running between the cheeks of my ass. My legs opened a little and his body rested between them. I could feel his firm stomach muscles against my pelvis and I instinctively began rocking my hips up against him wanting to feel him more. Justin looked up at me from between my tits. I didn't stop rocking against him. I was so far beyond being able to stop doing that.

I was horny for him beyond the state of wanting him. I needed him now. He had me aroused the night before and I attempted to sleep it off, but now I was hungry for something and I didn't even know for what that hunger could even be.

I wanted to tell him that I didn't know what the fuck he needed to do to please me, but if it didn't start soon I was going to go insane. His hands replaced where his mouth had been and his fingers teased my nipples while he watched the desperation on my face.

Without speaking a word, he slid down and shoved his face into the steamy, hot wetness of my smoothly shaven pussy. I gasped the moment his lips touched my incredibly sensitive love box, but the pleasure I felt when his tongue slid into me made me squeal like an excited schoolgirl. I looked down my body at him and tried not to squirm so he could do whatever it was he wanted to do, but my body was already dancing to the passion his mouth sent rifling through me.

He seemed to know right where to lick to make me feel good. I never imagined any pleasure could feel so intense. Every time his tongue slid over my clitoris, it was like an electric shock traveling through a different part of me. The shocks didn't get stronger, but they came more often. The longer his talented tongue fumbled around my pussy the more it seemed like my body was in a constant state of shock and the waves of pleasure had nowhere to go but out.


I was shaking uncontrollably and moaning like I had never imagined I would. At one point I sensed my moans were loud enough to make Jason uncomfortable, but I didn't care. I just kept bucking against him, riding his face and letting the passion take me for the ride of my life.

Something was happening inside of me that had never happened before and I felt cloudy and almost disconnected from my body. Jason's tongue had me shuddering, shrieking and confused by my own pleasure.

Suddenly, there was a release. My body stopped shaking, my mind gradually seemed to return to normal, and the most intense relaxation I have ever felt fell over me. I even felt a little dizzy. I raised my head and looked down with wide eyes at my big brother who was comfortable resting between my legs giving me gentle kisses. "Oh wow." I said. "Wow, that was incredible." His face was covered with the juices from my pussy and his hair was all messed up. "That was wonderful." I said, unable to stop telling him how great it felt for some reason.

Jason rose to his knees and I could see his massive cock was so hard that it didn't look like it could even be moved. "I wish I had a condom so I could fuck you Sis." He said, staring hungrily down at my slippery wet pussy and holding his thick shaft tightly in his fist. "I think it's okay." I told him hopefully. "We won't get any diseases or anything." "What if you get pregnant?" He asked, dumbfounded by my response.

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"Jason, I've been on the pill for a year and a half now because my cycle was so messed up from playing so many sports." I told him. "I thought you knew that." Jason just reacted by shoving his huge hard-on down against my pussy. It looked freaky big against me. I was a little scared by all the stories I had heard of that first time hurting, but I had been masturbated with a few different objects over the past couple years.

"You sure it's okay?" Jason asked, watching intently as he rubbed the soft helmet shaped head of his cock up and down the length of my pussy and coated it good with my juices. I looked up at the anxiousness he wore on his face. "Be gentle with me." I spoke softly. "Let me get used to you. You're really big." I told him.

Jason smiled. "Here Sis." He said, holding his cock steady for the moment. "You work onto me at your pace." He suggested. I could feel the hardness of his cock the moment I rocked my hips back and like everything else that boy had, it just really did something for me. I could see he was excited by the sight of his cock going into me, so I started rolling my hips in small circles and accepting just a little more of him each time my hips swung around.

I closed my eyes and moaned a little when the thickness of his shaft first defined itself inside of me, but I was too into how wonderful it felt to stop dancing my hips around his perfect penis. I kept scooting down and moaning and scooting down and moaning until my entire abdomen felt full of him.

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As my hips swung around I could feel the softness of his balls against my ass and the firmness of his pelvis against mine. Finally, he was inside of me. I had taken him all the way inside of me. I opened my eyes and looked up at him. His face was twisted a little and looked funny and his eyes were closed.

"Oh FUCK YES!" He exclaimed loudly. "Ugh." I recognized that sound. It was the sound I had heard both times he came the previous night. First when he jerked himself off, and then again when I sucked him all the way down. "Jason!" I called out. "Not in me!" I pleaded. "Ugh! YES! Oh FUCK Karie!" He continued. I could feel it.

The warmth of his hot cream filling my insides was so intense that my own eyes fell shut and my legs pulled him farther into me. He moaned, grunted, and stayed tensed up in the same position for at least thirty seconds and I could feel his amazing cock pumping and pulsing inside me, followed by a warm wetness with each grunt that he mustered.

Finally his eyes opened and he looked down at me with a devilish grin. His hips rocked back and I could feel the hollowness that the absence of his wonderful love tool sliding out of me had left behind.

His eyes were determined and his face was stiff as he hovered above me for a moment and then forcefully thrust his creamy cock right back into me. He paused and held himself there for a moment, grabbing each of my wrists that had been innocently above my head and holding them tightly against the bed. I gasped a little and let my legs fall open a little wider to accept his forceful penetration. I looked back up at him, uncertain for the first time of his intention, but loving that he was finally taking charge.

I could smell the strong smell of our sex in the room now. The sweet, clean scent of his abundant manly cream and the seductive scent of my sloppy, wet pussy created an aroma that was extremely seductive and wildly erotic.

My eyes looked into his determined gaze and I tried to move my arms just to see what he would do. Jason's hands tightened around my wrists, holding me motionless and helpless beneath him.

His hips thrust forcefully into me again with a deep grunt. "You wanna get fucked little Sister?" He asked as his cock slid slowly back out of me and slammed even harder back into me. "Yes!" I shrieked in a pathetic whimper, scared that it may start hurting, but extremely turned on and surprised that it hadn't so far. "Fuck me." I told him, wanting to make him happy and turn him on as much as he was doing to me.

His hips rocked back and his cock plowed into me so deeply that his balls slapped loudly against my ass cheeks. He didn't pause that time though.

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As soon as he was in he was out and right back in again. The rhythm was smooth, hard, and steady. I closed my eyes and relished in the pleasure he was giving me. I could feel the slickness of his skin as he started to sweat against me and his eyes remained determined and focused.

It added something to my pleasure being pinned down and helpless, but I also wanted to grab his head and pull him down and kiss him deeply. My hips were rocking with his and my breasts were bouncing around in circles on my chest from the shaking of his bed beneath us. Every part of me was feeling good and I knew I had found something I loved. Fucking felt good to me. "Oh, yes." I said. "Yes! Mmmmm. Fuck!" I shrieked, wanting him to know just how great I was feeling.

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Justin had been quiet for a while, only grunts and occasional moans, but when I started talking so did he. "You like that dick Karie?" He said, thrusting harder. "I didn't know you could be so dirty little Sister." He said between slaps of our sweaty skin meeting in passion. "You suck good, you fuck good, and you like it all don't you?" He said, increasing his rhythm and tightening his grip on my wrists to the point I was feeling a little sting.

"Ugh." He grunted loudly. I recognized that grunt and I was scared even though I was on birth control. I reacted different this time, knowing he was in no way going to listen to any orders I gave. "Oh yes." I shrieked. "I want your cum all over me! Please! Cum on me!" I begged excitedly. Jason quickly slid out of me and climbed out from between my legs.

"Suck it!" He said, jerking his cock in the direction of my face. I pushed myself up onto my elbow and grabbed his shaft tight in my hand and shoved it into my mouth just in time to get a mouthful of the most wonderful tasting thing ever. I absolutely loved the taste of his cum. It filled my mouth even though he had already came a tremendous load in my pussy. I slurped and swallowed until his cock finally started to go limp in my mouth.

"Mmmm, wow!" I said, collapsing lazily back onto the bed. "Holy shit, Jason. You got a little wild there." I said, smiling a little and absolutely glowing with pleasure.

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Jason collapsed beside me and stared up at the ceiling. "You make me wild Karie." He said shaking his head. I didn't say anything for a minute. I just lied there, completely spent. "Jason." I finally said. "Yeah?" He replied without moving a muscle. "I think I'm a slut." I giggled. Jason smiled and turned to look at me. "It's okay sis, nobody else will ever know, so you can be all that you can be with me." He laughed a little and took my hand gently into his as we drifted off to sleep together.