Busty teen Lily Adams takes hot cum inside her tight pussy

Busty teen Lily Adams takes hot cum inside her tight pussy
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Hollie's lips stuck together as they usually did when her mouth is this dry. It usually is when she talked to me. " It's a simple problem, really," She said. Her deep chocolate eyes burned into mine. " I can't make decent money without an education, and I can't get an education without money." She leans forward, though I can't tell whether she did it to emphasize her point or show me cleavage.

The latter she had. Creamy smooth skin, pale, and draped over small but perfectly shaped breasts. Her top is thin enough that I saw her nipples making little buds. I forced myself to look back at her face and asked " So how can I be of help?" " I need a Sugar Daddy. I really do. It's the only good answer." I thought about the concept for a moment. She had some logic. She lived ok with her physical therapy job. In our conversations, she had shown herself to possess the vocabulary, intense motivation and exceptional looks.

She had just celebrated her twenty-eigth birthday last week. She had some logic. When I say looks, I mean more than the auburn hair that surrounded her face like the velvet in a jewelry box.

She had those enormous dark eyes, a small mouth with smooth sensual lips. Her nose had a tiny crook at the end, almost unnoticeable. She smiled easily, showing straight white teeth and her laugh is genuine. Minimalist eyebrows.

The dark eyeliner she favors enhanced the Hersey of her eyes. Sweet Brown, like translucent dark sugar. " Have you given this enough thought?" I asked, more to gain time for my own thoughts than to gain information. My hardening lap demanded a few seconds at least. She twisted in her chair, tugging at the tiny skirt that displayed her very nice long legs. " I've started Community College twice, and both times I couldn't stay because I don't quite qualify for any scholarships and I can't make enough while I'm in school to stay there.

I need a Sugar Daddy." " Why not marry some guy your age?" I asked. " I've lived with two, both looked fine for a few weeks, but as soon as my school cost more than their beer or sports stuff they started in on me to quit." She huffed emphatically. " No guy my age seems to have the maturity I need.

Or the cash." " Well, what I would want is access. Access to your body, for whatever stuff I wanted to do. You OK with that?" Anger clouded her face briefly. " I'm pretty desperate. I don't want to wind up a physical therapy tech., but what else do you think you could want?" " I think you'd have to discuss it in detail.

Do I want to cum every night? Do I want you to tell me I have a big cock? Would you need to swallow? How much money, and how would you get paid?" I pushed the issue a little, to judge her response.


" I can go to school for $12,000 a year. My current job gets me around $24,000, but it takes all my time to earn it.

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If I could earn that or a little more fucking you it would free up my time. I figure you would have to give me some support on a regular basis, but nobody would give me all of it up front." " Let's say I'm in agreement. Are you willing to swear off other guys? Most men in that position would want an absolute guarantee that no one would know. Would you be available anytime I wanted? What about the occasional vacation jaunt?" " I've got no problem with any of those things as long as I can manage to go to school." This time the eye contact is intense, and she blushed a little.

Moving from abstract discussion to concrete is hard. Very hard. And so was I. " Like me?" I said. " Sure, I've known you for what, sixteen weeks? You're decent, always clean and neat." She sat there quietly, staring into my eyes.

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" Well, uh, I do need." " I'm sorry, I couldn't hear you," Yes she could; that was just punitive. " I find myself in a position that I need some services like that." I whispered.

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" Spit it out. Are you asking me?" Her eyes became the size of the moon, at least. A full moon. In a very serious face. " I need a Sugar Baby. But it would have to be very confidential. No one could know." Her smile stopped the hammering of my heart. " Oh, we can have a deal, for sure." " I want you to sign an agreement that says you solicited this, that you are 28 and that you know it's illegal.


That way if it blows up, I can at least prove I didn't coerce you." " Sure." She stood and crushed her body against me. " When do we start?" " I will have you moved to a new apartment closer and provide you a car." The first time I went physical therapy and she stepped into the waiting room I got an immediate erection, Hollie is very attractive, a petite woman with an almost perpetual teenage figure and youthful quality about her face, but she is neither just a pretty face nor just a luscious body.

There is something else about her. She has an angelic quality about her clear smooth complexion that seems to radiate purity and glow with youth and vitality. Her long length auburn hair is like shiny silk and glistens as light caught it. Her dark eyes are large and entrancing and her perfectly proportioned face with red cupids bow lips and tiny ears and nose is the stuff of mythological descriptions of fairies and goddesses rather than a earthly woman.

Her body is exquisitely proportioned, rounded with enticing curves and seductive tautness. Full, round, pert breasts spilling from her tops, slender waist, long shapely legs and the kind of cock-achingly deliciously, proportioned pert ass that turns heads and had all eyes glued to her whenever she went. The first time I saw her I was horny and had to fuck her. I have fucked her twice and she is extremely tight, both times penetration was very difficult.

" Relax Hollie, you don't have to be nervous of around me." I said kindly in my most fatherly tone. She uncrossed her legs and squeezed her knees together and with a relieved expression sinking back in the chair.

" Thank you John it's just when you look at me. I'm kind of well addicted to having sex with you." She sighed as if relieved to have let her thought out in one long breathless confession. I smiled at her and paused in thought for a moment to reconcile the situation and the feelings I'm immersed in. A beautiful young babe who was addicted to fucking me and now will be available to me anytime.

I hadn't had sex with her in two weeks, I put my hand on her waist. She murmured " Yes," as I pulled her towards me and turned her so I'm pressing against her from behind. Hollie is as horny as hell and she likes what I'm doing to her. I begin kissing her naked shoulders as she leans back as she feels the tingling sensation of desire. She feels me press against her and feeling the warm hardness of my cock against her ass.

I moved my hand to her breasts and begin fondling them through the soft thin bra and top she wore teasing one of the nipples until it stiffened and pushed against the silk enclosure.

My kisses, fondling and hard cock reducing her to breathless panting. My other hand hoisted her skirt revealing the pink string bikini panties that are gathering dampness as I continue to squeeze her nipple and press against her. " God you're pretty Hollie. God I'm so hot for you." I groaned in her ear. My hand slides to her panty front feeling the wetness gathering there and caressed her until she begins to shiver.

" Do you want me?" I panted. All she can do is moan as I begin to touch her clit through the flimsy panties. She came in immedately shivering and panting as I continue to fondle and caress her. One orgasm became another then another I knew just how she liked to be touched and where. " You're as tight as a virgin I can't wait to fuck you." I said. With that, I slide her panties aside from behind and release my cock to fuck her. We couldn't have waited if we'd wanted to, she is so horny as I pull my aching cock from my pants guiding it into her hot wet pussy.

Hollie spread her legs and leaned against the wall as I entered her urgently and fucked her hard as she leaned forward against the wall.

My cock thrusting into her hard and deep from behind, her hair tossing about like a rag doll as I slammed into her harder and deeper. Hollie is in heaven, she is being fucked immediately and so urgently like the first time I fucked. Her experience with men had only been with boys fondling her in cars and clandestine liaisons on single beds.

Mostly they were in a hurry to get inside her a few thrusts and then an explosion. I'm her first older man. After I brought her to a series of orgasms that seemed to blur one into the next I pulled out and turned her around fucking her facing me like a pile driver. When I finally came in her, she feels my thickness erupt in her like a volcano her pussy aching for me to explode deep inside her and when I did she held me deep until my erotic moans and shivers subsided.

I collapsed on top of her panting and moaning like I'd won a marathon. For her I had. Hollie is laying there gasping for breath, knowing I will do it again soon. Hollie likes the way I made her feel, the passion the urgency and the tenderness. Hollie is fondling herself as she orgasms again. This time I stood, drank my glass of scotch, and walked round the table to behind her, cupping her neck in my hands, roughly but not with the intent of pain.

I lowered my lips to her ear and she feels my hot breath sharp and full against her ear. " Do you want children? If not, then I suggest Essure.

Birth control pills are dangerous for long term use." I run my thumb along her neck, pressing sharply into her hollow until she gasped. " You see," I said, kissing her earlobe, softly. " If I am going to be your long term sugar daddy. I am going to have my fill." I moved my hands down suddenly, cupping her breasts feeling the exposed skin with my rough hands. Suddenly, I pulled her pants down around her knees and threw her to the floor, leaving her lying there, her panties exposed in the yellow light.

I laughed coldly, enjoying her humiliation. I sneered, crouching down and holding her shoulders to the floor, a knee against her right thigh.

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I pull down her panties with force she cried out. Hollie is bare from the waist down, as I reach with my hands grabbing her breasts squeezing them. Reaching under her to grab her buttocks, taking hold and pulling her body up to me. I pushed deep into her, laughing softly as I cradled her neck and her lower back, forcing myself into her with hard deep strokes.

" Still so tight my dear?" I murmured, mockingly. Hollie looked at me fiercely, as she tried to push me off but I grabbed her wrists and slammed them down above her head. I leaned closer, laughing gently. " You like to be taken roughly." She tried to look away, but I pushed her wrists together and encircled them with one hand, grabbing her chin to look at me.

" Yes." Her legs are weak from the weight of my thighs, and she feels as if her womb will break from the pain of me inside of her. I smiled, kissing her on the lips firmly. I pushed her shoulders against the floor, moving harder and faster until she is forced to close her eyes and I pulled out suddenly, covering her bare legs with my cum.

I looked at her, delighted at having defiled her, and staggered back to pull up my pants. I pulled off my drenched shirt and sat there, watching her cleaning her trembling legs. Suddenly I said " Stop, turn around and take position two." Hollie immediately spun around put her face on the floor and her arms behind her back.

Her pussy is now pointed directly at me exposed for me to do whatever I want. First she feels a delicate stroke on her outer labia then nothing for another couple of seconds. Then a finger slowly inserting itself inside her. She is very wet and my cock is growing hard again.

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I then pull out my finger and she feels another light touch, this time on her clit. Making her jump and break position. Immediately afterwards she feels my rough finger poke directly into her asshole.

She gasps loudly yet again and screws up her face as my finger pushes it's way inside her tight virgin ass with a burning roughness. Her eyes scrunch up and her fists clench. Hollie resists the urge to squirm and pull away.

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" You are incredibly tight back here, You will have to learn to relax or you are not going to enjoy my attentions. I enjoy anal sex very much and you won't have a choice in the matter, so you better loosen up." I twist my finger and pull it out with a faint pop.

" You have 30 seconds to get yourself ready before I start fucking you again." I got down behind her and slapped her hand out of the way. Her heart rate spikes, she feels my hand briefly grab her mound and squeeze as I pull her ass back further. Then the head of my cock is at her pussy and I push hard.

Hollie feels shots of pain as her body struggles to accommodate my enormous width again. There is a sudden pop and my head slips in. She lets out a low groan and clenches her fists again as her chest heaves. Trying to keep her breathing slow is very difficult as I slowly push myself into her. Much too soon I bottom out.

I stop and say " Still two inches left. that's a shame, that means I will be using your ass more frequently." Hollie feels the urge to cry out again as she starts imagining what having this monstrous thing in her ass would feel like.

She tries to keep her sobs silent but I notice immediately. " Cry all you want it won't do you any good" With that I pull out almost all the way hesitating and then thrusts back in hard. The air is forced out of her and she lets out a squeal as my cock slams into her. She is driven forward from the thrust which seem to displease me. " No running away now" I grab her ponytail and pull back on it hard lifting her chest up off the floor and pulling her back into my cock.

I begin thrusting slower and shorter than the first thrust but not gentle. Her pussy aches and stretches around me, she is sobbing as I thrust again and again into her. Every once in a while I almost pull out then push all the way back in violently.

She feels me tense up and my tempo and force increases as I slam into her harder than she has been fucked before. Just before she is sure I'm about to explode inside of her, I stop suddenly.

Pulling out and letting her go leaving her in a quivering heap sobbing and gasping on the floor. " Not done yet" Hollie raises up off the floor, She pressed her hands to the wall in front of her, lifted her bottom, opening her legs opening her aching hot cunt urging me to fuck her from behind again, to put my cock inside her. Instead, she feels the flat of my fingertips push against her pussy.

I loved seeing her small ass pushed up, her hot aching wet bald cunt; she is all woman, and I'm going to savor every moment with her. I use the flat of my fingers to rub in circles over her dripping wet pussy, her soft warm creamy wet pussy. I touch her lightly, and then push into her, rubbing, sliding my hand over her shiny hot wet pink pussy until she is grinding into my hand, gushing again, and again in my hand.

" I see you shaved," I growled into her ear. " Good girl." Hollie's knees went weak, slumping into the wall, my fingers pushing into her tight warm quivering hot pussy. My fingers inside her, rubbing her swollen pussy, both desperate to have the other as I moved both my hands hot onto her upper thighs, pulling her into me roughly, then on her inner hips, pulling her up to me.

Hollie moaning as she feels the hot, thick bloated head of my thick cock slide through her folds, a sensation she loves feeling, becoming slick with her juices, my knuckles touching the soft insides of her tender thighs as I guided myself into her.

" Good girl, that's my good girl. Let me inside you again, Mmm, so hot, so tight, Hollie, my cock is in you, baby, fucking you, Hollie. I know you've wanted this again.


Haven't you, Hollie? Tell me. Tell me how much you've wanted my cock in your hot little cunt. Ohhh Hollie, so wet, so hot, yes baby take me, take all of my cock again." The pain of my girth spreading her open again, her pussy stretching, the pleasure as I went deeper and deeper, her pussy becoming accustomed, relaxing, opening to my relentlessly inching my way inside her, her juices slippery wet, the velvety hot smooth hardness of me inside her, fucking up inside her, giving way to the most indescribable sensation of being filled again, of fucking, of having sex with me, of being fucked by me.

Her insides hot, vibrating, squeezing and sucking me, hearing my voice, I'm breathily growling over and over " That's my good girl.

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Let me inside you, baby, that's my good girl, yesss, ohh, baby, yess. That's my good girl take it baby, take my cock, my good girl, so hot and tight and wet. I love your soft hot tight pussy.

Hollie wants my cock, don't you, baby?" Hollie feels her pussy flooding on my cock. She is cumming so hard, in quick successions she can't speak. She pushes herself out from the wall, her legs straight, her back arched, her cunt open for me as I slide inside her, fucking me back, my cock, fucking her as I rub her mound, rub her clit.

" Ohhhh fuck John, yessss," she groaned " in me, so deep, so big, nnnn John, oh god John" her voice rising as I slide my other hand up over her belly, sliding my hand over her breast. " Such a good girl, yes baby, let me fuck you," groping her aching hot tits, as she gushed again.

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" Touch me John, my breasts, feel them John, pull on them" loving hearing me call her my good girl, my hot little girl, my hands cupping the swell of her breasts, groping her breasts. Hollie came, and came all over my cock.

" Nnnngghh, yesssss, cum on my big cock. Suck my cock with your tight pussy. That's my good girl," I whispered fucking her, my raging hard cock deep inside Hollie. " That's my good girl. Let me fuck you. Your cunt feels so good wrapped around my cock, so tight, and wet and warm for me. That's my good girl" I growled as I pushed Hollie into the wall, thrusting my cock up into her, her small body covered with sweat, her breasts smashing into my hands against the wall, my fingers pulling on her nipples, squeezing her breasts.

Hollie came again, my words making her crazy. " Yesss, fuck me John. I've been such a bad girl, need you John," wanted more than anything to feel me cum inside her " my cock, to fuck me, to make me a good girl, for you, John" she hissed. " Fuck your little girl John, fuck me with your big cock, punish me John, make me yours John," finally saying it out loud, in a burst of hot frantic breath " cum in me, John." Slamming my hard thick cock up inside her, faster, harder, deeper, stretching her open, Hollie mewled and groaned into my ear.

" Cum in me," she pleaded " cum in me John, deep in me. Cum in your little girl, cum for me, cum for me John, your good girl, let me make you cum with my hot tight pussy, your good girl, cum in my pussy, John. I'll be good for you, John. I promise. Please, John " She pleaded as she feels me bury myself inside her, I grip her hips so so tight it hurts, my fingers digging into her, certain to leave red, bruised marks. I'm fucking her hard, so deep, all Hollie can do is utter " Use me John, use my pussy" cumming yet again as a slow long groan starts low in my chest and rising, slamming my cock up inside her, lifting her from the floor with each thrust.

" Use me John" her breasts shaking to my thrusts, my groan caught in my chest, my cock expanding, so painfully hard, and then exploding inside her, my groan pushing past my tightened muscles, my groin slamming into her ass, panting, rutting together like wild beasts. " Ohhh god, John, yesss, use me, cum in me, cumming on you John, cumming" fucking her sugar daddy, I'm lifting her, hitting her cervix.

" Mmm, such a good, hot, naughty little girl, such a good little fuck for me, such a good girl, my little Hollie.

Oh baby, I love your hot tight cunt. Mmmm baby, I love fucking my girl, cumming in my girl. Oh Hollie, baby. I love you, baby." " Ooooh John, yesss, fuck me, cum in me, use me, John," wanting to feel my cum shooting inside her " use me" she gushed again and again as she absorbed my groan, moaning with me, her voice high and urgent.

Hollie reaches back and gripped my waist, holding me into her by my waist, pulling me into her, pulling on me with her pussy, my cum blasting inside her. Panting, smiling hot breaths on the sides of each others faces, savoring, kissing over her shoulder, my tongue hot in her mouth, milking my cock, loving my cock throbbing and jerking so deep inside her, my hands gripping her bare hips, my little girl's beautiful bare ass, so warm and soft against my groin.

My cock buried all the way in her, my chest sweaty hot pressing against her. Hollie's sweaty heat, against my chest, kissing her cheek, her hair, whispering to her " Ohhh, baby, nnnggghh, so good. My good girl, my good girl, my beautiful girl fucks me so good," as they stayed like that, as Hollie squeezed my cock inside her, feeling that twinge again in her belly, in her pussy, pressing back against me as I hardened again in her pussy so hot and tingling and swollen slippery wet, swiveling her hips to excite me, to incite the beast in me, to take her again.

Hollie squeezed my cock, my cock rock hard again deep inside her, moaning as I gripped the back of her thigh and lifted her leg spreading her open, pressing my fingers into the hot skin of her belly arching her into me. " Good girl" I groaned, my cock gliding inside her, her hot wet pussy clamping down on my cock. " I want you again, baby," I whispered, Hollie melted into me.

" Ooooh god, John, yesss, fuck me" pushing her ass into my long slow gliding thrusts spreading her open, feeling me so hot and throbbing, so big, stretched around my girth, her soft pink pussy wrapped so tight hot and wet around my hard cock inside her. " I'll do with you as I please, baby," I growled hotly into her ear.