Hot twink Chase flashes Christopher a great time in his first gonzo

Hot twink Chase flashes Christopher a great time in his first gonzo
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I can feel her wetness as she slowly mounts my rigid manhood. Her back is to me and I see the redness of her auburn hair as her hips begin to gyrate luridly upon my staff. Her hands are gripping my thighs as mine are hers, and we breath in unison to the rise and fall of each of her rhythmic pumping motions.

Her steamy snatch gasps and gurgles as her first orgasmic release signals her satisfaction. I can feel her shake almost uncontrollably from her sexual excitement. Her slender feet are on either side of me, her toes clinched like a clinched fist as she withdraws my rod from her slickened hole. With her fingers, she retrieves some of her joy juices from her twat and applies it to the rim of her puckering asshole and my cock, then slowly but adeptly guides my pulsating peter into her cum oiled ass hole.

Her tight ass squeezes the tip of my cock and almost denies entry until she takes a deep breath, loosening her sphincter muscle enough to allow my prod to gain entrance into her steamy, dark brown hole. Her groans of pain and ecstasy fill the room as she encourages the total length of her anal invader to penetrate to its destination. Finally, my balls are brushed by the wispiness of her red pussy hair.

The tightness of her ass that now clinches my manhood is quickly causing my balls to overfill with cum. With one hand she is stroking my balls and with the other she fingers her pussy and clit.The odor of sexual ardour lingers in the air as she again releases a small spurt of slickened cum from her excited pussy.

Repositioning herself, slightly, she increases the speed of steady pumping upon my stifness. Her anal walls are now loose and there is a soft sucking sound with her every push upon my rod.

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Suddenly, I reach the pinnacle of this sordid sex union. My hot cum splatters deep inside her ass and washes her lower internal anatomy.

She slightly gasps in delight, then she too releases her third torrent of twat waters as she quivers and quakes excitedly upon my rapidly shriinking staff.

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There are several moments of enjoined silence as we complete our tempestuous tryst. Suddenly, she is gone and I awake to find myself alone and feel the stickiness of my ejaculation all over my belly and pubic region. The dream is so real. It comes to me several nights a month. There are no names or faces to this story, because I never see who it is that I am dreaming of.

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I know several redheaded or auburn haired ladies, but none that match the physique of my enchanted lover. I never see her face, but it seems she speaks a language other than English. It's a language I am not familiar with. For over twenty years, I have had this same dream.

Today, as I went about my daily routine, I found myself in the cologne area of the department store.


I smeel a scent that seems to match scent of the cologne my dream lover is wearing. It is a scent that has been imported from Russia. The young sales girl tries to pronounce the maker and the make up of this scent.

Her words send shivers down my spine, for that is the language that I have been hearing my secret lover speak in. How, who, and why, is the questions I start asking myself.


I know absolutely no one in Russia. The only thing I know of Russia is that down through the years, and especially in my very young days, Russia was tumultuous country. Most of what I had ever heard of Russia was not good. It seemed to be a cold, angry country.

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Many times I have scored with members of the opposite sex, not bragging, just a fact. With the onset of the dangers of HIV and AIDS, my escapades have been drastically curtailed.

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However, of all of my romantic sexcapades, I cannot recall so vivid a memory as this reoccurring dream. Everything about it seems so graphic and real.

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This is why I have entered it into the "real" story category. After all the story itself is very real. The dream, however, is just very, very, puzzeling. Today, I met a young woman in the grocery line. As we were waithing, I noticed she was buying a magazine that had a front page headline about dreams. We were discussing the possibility that maybe some dreams were events that were yet to happen in our lives. It seems she was working on her bachelor's degree in clinical psychology and she was doing research.

When I told her that I was experiencing a certain reoccurring dream, though not elaborating, she seemed interested to delve more into the matter. We exchanged e-mail addresses and went on about our ways. The next evening I discovered an e-mail from her and she was inviting me to her place the next evening.

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I e-mailed her back and told her I was not comfortable with discussing this particular dream to a great degree, but I would be available to come. Her response was pretty straight forward and to the point. Go ahead and some, because I highly suspect your dream is sexually graphic in nature and she was not the least bit concerned with that aspect, she was just interested in the dream itself. The evening started with her and her room mate. I figured both of them together were not as old as I was.

We had ordered in chinese for dinner, then went right on into our discussion. Both of them were really intent on hearing about my dream, so I gave it to them straight. By the end of my account, I could see them looking at each other and as if they had rehearsed their remarks, they both said in unison, "That is really so cool." Laura, the student, got up and came over to me and said point blank, ", here, feel my panties, you have made me so horny,' as she guided my hand up between her legs, under her skirt, and up against the dampness of her panties.

The other girl, Robin, blushed a little, but said, "I have just cum all over myself," She reached under her skirt and withdrew her wet panties from off of her body and tossed them to me. The sweet smell of her joy juices and their stickiness was prevalent on them. Laura, began stroking my excited organ and sat on my lap as Robin went to the ladies room to clean up a bit. With my hand still on Laura's damp panties, I slid my finger under the elastic on the legs and began fingering her damp slit with my forefinger.

My cock was now in full erection mode as she unzipped my wranglersand freed my erection. She slowly stroked my balls with one hand and with the other began to easily jack on my love pole. I managed to slip her panties off of her ass and tossed them into a pile with Robin's.

The slickness of her inner twat increased as I began to manipulate her clit. Lying back on the couch, I pulled Laura's ass up to my face and began a lollipop licking of her asshole and snatch. She returned the favor by moving around to get her mouth onto the tip of my raging rod.

Robin had now rejoined the party and was taking turns with Laura in swabbing my cock with their hot tongues. Robin mounted my shaft first, barely getting my stiffness inside her tightwet, hole.

Her ash blonde pubic hair, now damp with more sexual excitement, meshed with mine as we completed our sexual union. Laura was now sucking on Robin's tits as I gave her clit some extra attention. When my tongue found Laura's asshole, she moaned in anticpation as I reamed her asshole rim with my forefinger before easily sliding my forefinger into her tight butthole, up to the first knuckle.

Robin was experiencing a silent, but shuddering style climax as she wrapped her arms around Laura and collapsed in spent desire on her shoulder. Her engaged gash seeped its sexual excitement onto my ass cheeks and balls before she removed the rigidness from her snatch. Laura easily guided my rigidness into her sloppy wet womb, encapsulating it deep into her slurry pit.Her first orgasm came almost instantaneously,as she gently squirted her slickness form around her holes' blockage.

She bucked and moaned as my wank sought out the deepest part of her love cavity. Robin, now satisfied with her fucking was giving Laura's asshole a good reaming with her tongue. The slickness of the joy juices lubricated just about all necessary items needed for satisfying the lust of anyone.

Taking her finger, Robin dipped her finger into the Laura's cock filledslickened hole, then with the wantoness of a love starved nymph, inserted her finger up Laura's ass. I could almost feel her finger with my hardness, as Laura moaned, "OH, MY GAWD, I'M CUMMING, I'M GONNA EXPLODE, SHIT, FUCK MY SLIPPERY SNATCH!!!" Just as she blew her eggs, my jet stream of hot cum met hers deep inside her pounded pussy.

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It was almost as the orgasm from my dream, so real, so sure, and so enjoyable. Two years have gone by since that particular episode. Although we never determined too much about my dream, in particular, we did give ourselves several opportunities to enjoy several encounters with each other, realizing that it was a matter of enjoying our fucking, with no strings attached. Robin and Laura are now both engaged to be married, but we continue to see each other for those very secret moments of sexual unions.

I have not had that dream in these last two years. Although I don't miss the dream, I still wonder about the partner that has given me so much pleasure over the years. I do await the day when I meet her face to face.