Rilie Gewässer ist schwanger heiß und geil

Rilie Gewässer ist schwanger heiß und geil
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Monica was 8 months pregnant. Her husband Greg was an over-the-road truck driver and was usually gone 6 days a week.

Monica's hormones were in overdrive. She was so horny, and she really needed to get laid. So, the day she watched her son Jeff as he climbed out of the shower didn't help her much. It was an accident. She had been doing the laundry and was taking a load of clean towels to the bathroom. As she entered the bathroom, her son Jeff had just climbed out of the shower.

She tried not to look, but her eyes caught a glimpse of his large semi erect cock as he was drying his hair.

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Her swollen pregnant pussy tingled as she watched her son's large cock bounce as he dried his hair with a towel. Monica couldn't take her eyes off of his magnificent cock. Jeff noticed his mother looking at his young naked body. It made him uncomfortable at first, but the look of wild lust in his pregnant mother's eyes, soon turned him on. His cock began to grow as he looked at his horny pregnant mother. She gasped as she watched his large cock become even larger.

"My God, he is huge!" she thought to herself. Her pregnant pussy was now dripping as she stared at his erect 9 inch cock. Monica knew she should leave the bathroom and forget all about the lustful thoughts in her head, but her horny pussy now controlled her mind.

Jeff walked towards his mother, he was stroking his large cock. "Do you like what you see, Mommie?" he asked her.

"Oh, yes Jeff you are quite a man now, aren't you?" she stated. Jeff grabbed his mother's hand and placed it on his throbbing cock. Monica could feel her pussy quiver as she gripped his huge erection. Jeff slid his hand inside of his mother's loose fitting maternity top and began to stroke her swollen tits. Monica moaned. She was furiously stroking her son's hard cock with her soft hand.

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Jeff moaned, and Monica slowly knelt to the floor. She took the head of her son's cock into her warm, wet mouth. "Oh, Mom, that feels incredible" he said. He held her by her pretty blonde hair as she sucked him. "Oh God, mom, you suck so good" he moaned. "Jeff, let's go to the bedroom, it would be much more comfortable for me" she told her son. "Sure mom, whatever you want" he said.

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She led him by his large hardon towards her bedroom. Jeff began unbuttoning his mother's maternity top. He slid her shirt from her. Her breasts were large and swollen. He unbuttoned her bra, and tossed it to the floor. "God, you have excellent titties" he told her.

Jeff cupped each of the huge swollen white globes into his hands. He stared at the large puffy dark colored nipples. Jeff began to suck on his mother's swollen nipples. He tasted her sweet mother's milk as it leaked from her erect brown nips. Monica moaned and held her son as he suckled her breasts. His hand slid down over her huge pregnant belly.

His young cock throbbed with excitement as his hand slid beneath the waist of her shorts. He slid his hand lower, until he felt her hairy mound. His finger quickly found his mother's swollen clit. She was so wet, that he easily slipped a finger inside of her. "Oh, God, you are making me feel so good, baby" she told her son. Jeff's cock was pulsating wildly as her fingerfucked her pregnant pussy. "Mmm, yes baaaby!!!" she grunted. She began to jerk her son's large cock with both of her hands, as he fingered her.

He watched as her pregnant belly jiggled as she thrust against his hand. He pulled her shorts and panties off. He began kissing below her large breasts, and she felt his tongue as it slowly licked across her swollen belly. "Oh, God" she moaned. He licked her pregnant belly softly kissing every inch as he worked his way between her spread legs.

Monica almost fainted when her son's tongue touched her wet clit. "Oh, yes baby" she moaned. Jeff thrust his tongue deep inside of her hot, wet pussy.

Monica held her son's head firmly, grinding her pussy against his face. "Mmmm, yes oh yes" she yelled. Monica's orgasm hit her like a ton of bricks. She thrashed wildly as her sweet pussy juices gushed into her son's mouth.


"Oh, eat me baby, you're making Mommie cum" she yelled. Jeff hungrily lapped up his mom's sweet pussy juices, fingering her deeply as he licked her swollen clit. Monica pushed her son away from her aching pussy. "You have to put your big cock in me, fuck me baby" she grunted.

She got on her hands and knees, and raised her ass high in the air. "Put it in me, fuck Mommie good" she screamed. Jeff pressed his large cock head against his mom's swollen pregnant pussy lips. Monica quivered as she felt him slowly slide inside of her. "Oh, yes deeper, give Mommie all of it" she yelled. Jeff thrust and deeply penetrated his mom's hot pussy. She screamed and climaxed as his large cock embedded all the way inside of her.

Swingers "God, it feels so tight, mom" Jeff moaned as he fucked his mom's hot cunt. He began slamming his cock with great force inside of her hot tight cunt.

Suddenly the bedroom door opened and there stood his sister Sherrie.

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"What the fuck?" Sherrie asked in a startled voice. "Mom, Jeff, what are you doing?" she continued. As Sherrie watched her brother's long thick cock slide in and out of her mother's pussy, she felt her own young pussy become quite wet. "Come here, Sherrie, come to Mommie" Monica moaned. Sherrie was still wearing her cheerleading outfit from after school practice. Sherrie climbed onto the bed.

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Monica raised the blue cheerleading skirt above her daughter's hips and began rubbing her pussy through her cotton panties. "Oh, are you that wet from watching your brother fuck your mom's hot pregnant pussy?" she asked. "Uh, yes" Sherrie softly moaned. Monica slid her daughter's white cotton panties to her knees. Sherrie moaned as her mother pressed her face between her thighs and began to kiss her wet pussy.

"Oh, mom, that feels good!!" she grunted. Jeff was furiously pounding away at his mom's hot pussy from behind. He watched as his mom spread his sister's hot young pussylips apart with her fingers. His sister had a beautiful pussy. He had always wondered what it looked like. Monica slid her tongue between her daughter's wet pink pussy lips and began to lick her lovingly.

Sherrie moaned and held her mom's long blonde hair. "God, lick me Mom" she moaned. Jeff's excitement was intensified as he watched his mom eat his sister's pussy.

As his sister moaned and wiggled her little hips, he lost it. "God, I'm gonna cum" he yelled. "Yes, shoot it for me baby" she moaned. Jeff's cum erupted inside of her like a cannon. She could feel his hot lava like cum as it splashed against her tight pussy.

"Oh, yes baby" she yelled as she came. Jeff continued squirting his hot cum deep into his mom's tight pussy. She hungrily sucked her daughter's young, swollen clit as she came. "God yes, mom I'm cumming" Sherrie moaned. Monica tasted her daughter's sweet pussy cum as it gushed into her mouth.

All 3 were climaxing together. Jeff withdrew his still rock hard cock from his mom's pregnant pussy. He wanted to fuck his sister really bad. Monica could see the look in his young eyes as he stared at his sister's hot pussy. "Why don't you show your sister how good your big cock feels" she said. Jeff wasted no time.

He mounted his sister and slammed his cock deeply inside of her tight pussy with one thrust. "Mmm, yes" Sherrie screamed as she felt her brother's large cock buried all the way inside of her. "I want to taste you mom" Sherrie said. Monica straddled her daughter's pretty face and lowered her wet pussy against her open mouth.


Sherrie began licking her brother's hot cum from her mom's pussy. "Mmm, you taste pretty good big brother" she seductively stated. Sherrie licked her mom's swollen clit as she rubbed a finger up and down her very wet slit.

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Her mom's pussy quivered as she hungrily nibbled at the clit. Jeff was fucking the hell out of his sister. His large cock was embedded in the tightest pussy he had ever felt. Swingers Personals He moved his large cock in and out of his sister's hot pussy, while he watched her eat his mom's pussy.

Jeff leaned forward and took one of his mom's large nipples into his mouth. She ground her pussy against her daughter's face.

"Yes, suck my clit baby" she moaned. Sherrie's pussy gripped her brother's large cock tightly. "Fuck, I'm cumming" Sherrie moaned.

Jeff felt her pussy tighten around his large cock. It firmly squeezed him as if begging him to shoot his load. "Shit, sis, you are so tight, I'm gonna cummm, he grunted. His cum exploded into his sister's young pussy.

"Oh, yes" she moaned. Jeff's cum began squirting inside of her hot pussy. She climaxed, and began to eat her mom faster. Monica grunted and climaxed. Her pussy juices were flowing across her daughter's pretty young face. Sherrie noisily slurped up her mom's hot pussy juices. All 3 once again came together. Jeff continued pumping his sister until the last of his cum erupted into her sweet pussy. Monica continued riding her daughter's face, and exploded with another intense climax. Sherrie's young face was glistening with her mother's pussy juices.

Jeff withdrew his cock from his sister, and rolled away from her. Monica slowly climbed from her daughter's face, and lay beside her. Sherrie took her mother's large nipple into her mouth and eagerly sucked on it. She tasted the sweet milk as the small stream squirted into her mouth. "Oh, mom" Sherrie moaned. Jeff sucked the other nipple and was also rewarded with a stream of mother's milk.

Monica moaned as her son and daughter sucked her breasts. Her pussy tingled as she felt them suckle from her large breasts. She slid her hand between her legs and stroked her swollen clit. "Yes, suck them good for me" she told them. Her fingers quickly worked her pussy to another incredible orgasm.

Jeff and Sherrie both sucked her large pregnant breasts for quite a long time.

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Then they both ate her together to one more incredible orgasm. On the nights that their father is gone, all 3 sleep in the same bed. Well, they don't sleep much, but they certainly are busy.