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Rica Se ntilde_ora En Falda
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Since I had hooked up with Alec, I'd begun to realize just how strong my attraction to men was. My nymphomaniac-like craving for a hard cock in my mouth and ass was overpowering.

Unfortunately, Alec was hoping for our sex to be a one-time thing. I can't say it shocked me because it was, in fact, a drunken expierence. I had tried everything to fulfill my need to feel a pulsating cock inside me. Dildos, my fingers… nothing worked. I had to have a real cock… I thought of all the hot boys I could pursue. Kyle, Ryan, Jeremy… All of them were straight though. It wasn't until my 5th period class on Friday that I found someone.

His name was Tucker Ashmore. He had short, brown hair, a cute boyish face, big, dark green eyes, full pink lips, and small dimples when he flashed his perfect teeth. He had a nice lean body with a hint of an emerging six pack coming from his flat stomach. He also had a nice round, tight ass that was hard to look away from.

He was a bit shorter than me but I liked it if I was the taller one in a relationship. Tucker was one of the popular kids, unfortunately, I wasn't. Tucker and I were somewhat friends and we talked a little… I hoped that would come to my advantage.

He became my world for the next week. I began to study him. I memorized his movement, the way he walked, his semi-deep voice… It made me smile just to hear it. Finally I got the guts to go up to him.

"Hey," I said, flashing a smile. "Hi," he replied, returning the smile. "I know we're not that good of friends," I started, "but I was wondering if you wanna hang out some time?" His eyes lit up with excitement. "Sure, I'd love to, and I thought I wasn't going to have anything to do this weekend," he said.

"So how about a movie later?" I asked. "Sounds good to me. Meet you there at 8." Tucker replied. When I got there he had already paid for me and insisted I didn't owe him a thing. From the start of the movie I caught Tucker staring at my. When I stole a glance his way he looked away, however.

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About halfway through the movie I decided to test him. I would find out if he was interested in me. I shifted in my seat and leaned my head on his shoulder. He looked over at me then rested his hand on my thigh.


I settled to my original position and he quickly pulled his hand back. "Sorry," he said, "I just got caught up in the moment." He giggled.

My curiosity got the best of me. "So, you're…" "Bi," he finished. "You?" Tucker asked. "Nope," I said with a quick smile. I leaned close to him. "Gay," I whispered. His eyes went wide. He looked at me and grinned ear to ear. His hand returned to my thigh, only this time it went higher, to my crotch. He pulled his back. "Sorry if I'm moving too fast, I just really like you," he said. I moved his hand back to my now hard cock.

"That's fine. I like you too," I said with a smile. His eyes widened once again as he felt my hard cock under my jeans. He began to trace the bulge it made with the tip of his finger. He continued to tease me for the rest of the movie, which neither of us watched.

When we were back in school, we couldn't keep our eyes off of each other. We just kept giggling, stealing glances at each other, and writing each other notes all through our classes. He started coming to my house too. When we were alone upstairs we'd lay on my bed, in our boxers, just kissing. The best feeling in the world was breaking a kiss and looking into his gleaming green eyes. It made me feel like he'd never go away. The following Friday I had a plan for Tucker and me.

In our history class, one of the three classes we had together, I sent him a note that said, "Wait up for me when the lunch bell rings." He nodded at me. When Miss Nell was finished with a boring lecture on Alexander Hamilton, the heavenly sound of the dismissal bell filled the school.

The crowd in the classroom headed for the door and down the hall to go to the cafeteria. Tucker acted like he was having trouble getting his bag zipped. When the room was empty except for Tucker and I, I went to the door and closed it, which automatically locked.

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I turned out the light and Tucker realized what my intentions were. Smiling, he took off his shirt, exposing his hairless chest and his erect pink nipples, his light tan accenting his abs. He came over to me and pulled me into a deep embrace, holding the kiss for a solid minute. I broke the kiss and put my mouth around one of his nipples. I flicked my tongue over it, sucking it gently. I felt his growing cock touch my leg. He pushed me back and took my shirt off. He then proceeded to unbutton my pants and pull down my boxers until my hard cock popped out.

Tucker got on his knees and wrapped his lips around my red cock head. I leaned against one of the desks. I felt his warm tongue spreading saliva all over the shaft of it as he swallowed half of my pulsing cock. He slowly bobbed his head back and fourth and put his left hand on my ball sac, massaging each one slowly to increase pleasure.

His right hand went to the base of my shaft, slowly jacking me off as his mouth worked the top half. I leaned my head back and let him take control of my cock. He picked up speed and sucked harder. He removed his hand from my shaft and tried to deepthroat me. He got about halfway before he had to stop. He tried again and he was able to fit my entire cock into his throat. He started swallowing so his throat muscles massaged the head of my cock, causing me to moan in ecstasy.

Taking this as a signal, Tucker took his mouth off of my cock and started jacking me off with both hands. When I was sure I was about to burst, he let off and started gently licking the head, putting my oncoming orgasm on hold. He then let my cock slide in between his lips and started deepthroating me again. I felt new saliva dripped down onto my balls. My cock jerked and my body convulsed telling Tucker that I was going to cum soon. He took his lips off of my shaft and started to jack me off again, while kissing the head of my cock.

I felt a familiar tingling in my balls and moaned as my body jerked. A stream of cum went through Tucker's lips. Tucker moved my cock upwards so my next stream covered my chest. He jacked me off slowly as I blew my load all over me, him, and the floor. Tucker swallowed what went in his mouth, then stood and licked my chest clean. With the cum still in his mouth, he sucked my nipple getting it covered in my own semen. Tucker lifted off and swallowed. I pulled him into another kiss. This time, he broke it and he bent over a desk, exposing his tight hole.

I smiled with delight as I got the idea. My cock began to regain its hardness. I got on my knees and put my tongue right on his hole and gave it a quick lick. I rimmed him, getting his ass nice and wet.

I penetrated him with my tongue and he gave a short jerk. He was definitely a virgin. When he was wet enough I put my hard cock in front of his face. He instantly sucked it into his mouth, using his tongue to get it wet enough to slip inside him. I pulled out and went back to his ass, putting my hands on his waist as Alec had done to me, then I put the head of my cock in him.

I pushed gently and it went in with surprising ease. I pushed a little harder as I watched my cock being engulfed by Tucker's warm, tight ass. Tucker's breathing got heavier, as did mine, and I pushed in faster. When I saw the last of my cock disappear inside him I heard a low moan.


I pulled out and pushed in and Tucker opened his legs a little wider. I started a steady rhythm of fucking. I felt every inch of my cock being pleasured as it went inside. "Faster," Tucker said. Doing as I was told, I increased speed and strength. I pushed in with a thrust and I heard another moan. My cock slid in and out of Tucker more quickly and I started to thrust even harder in an upward motion, feeling the walls of his ass touch the head of my cock.

Tucker's knuckles went white as he gripped the edge of the desk in pleasure. I started going faster and harder and I moaned along with Tucker. "Harder please!" Tucker yelled. I thrusted harder, my body jerking forwards with each push.

I pulled Tucker towards me as I went inside him to go even deeper. I thrusted harder until I felt his balls touch mine. When I was at a fast enough speed, I reached around and started rubbing the head of his hard cock. As I continued fucking him I felt another orgasm build up deep inside me.

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A light tingling returning to my ball sac, I asked Tucker where he wanted me to cum. "Deep inside me," he said, in between breaths.

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I pushed in harder and pulled out faster, trying to bring my orgasm closer. When I felt my cock ready to explode I pushed in deep inside Tucker with unbelievable speed and I felt my cock jump 5 times as cum shot out of me and into Tucker. When I pulled out I saw my warm cum ooze out of him and onto the back of his ball sac.

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Tucker turned around. "That was my first time," he said. "Me too," I quickly lied. I didn't want him to feel bad. "Now, I want to know what you taste like," I said with a big grin. I got on my knees as he had done. I put his cock halfway in my mouth and swiveled my tongue around the cut head. I sucked as hard as I could until Tucker made me stop. I tried to take him deeper and succeeded. When his cock was wet enough to jack I took my mouth from his cock and put it on his balls, sucking one of them gently as I jacked him off with quick swiftness.

Tucker leaned back further and let me do what I was best at.

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I started to suck his other ball. When Tucker moaned from me jacking him, I put my mouth on his cock again and started bobbing up and down, keeping my tongue on the underside of his cock. Tucker's hands, which found the back of my head, forced me to go faster. With my right hand, I put my middle finger against his hole and, using my cum as lube, started to finger him.

Tucker let a moan of ecstasy escape his lips and removed his hands. I put my left hand on the shaft of his cock and started to rub it as I sucked. I felt precum flow onto my tongue and began to push deeper inside him with my finger and suck harder and bob faster.

I was doing everything in my power to make his balls empty into my mouth. I wanted his cum so bad.

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I took my finger out of him and my mouth off of his cock and wrapped both hands around his cock and I started jacking him off faster than he ever did me. I put the head of his cock in my mouth and sucked as hard as I could while milking him. When his orgasm did finally hit, I felt 7 streams of cum hit the back of my throat. Of course, I swallowed every bit. However, Tucker found some on my lip and quickly kissed me so he could have it. I found out later that he often drank his own cum.

We quickly put our clothes back on and headed out of the classroom as the bell for 6th period sounded.