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Butt hole movie gay porn guys and movie of a black guy shaving his
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MY TWO WIVES PART II I am not the author of this story. Chapter 1 After my divorce from Carol I took a break from women for a while, and concentrated on my job. I kept the job that Carol had earned for me, and returned back home to the company's depot in Scotland.

That's where i met Jill, while out on a blind date that was arranged by one of the data clerks working in my office. I had fancied her straight away. By this time I was 27 and Jill was just 21.

She was a real stunner, small petite even very shy and just over 5 feet tall with long dark brown hair and a fabulous figure, just right for her height.

She was a schoolteacher at a local elementary school and I had always wanted to fuck a schoolteacher ever since I caught a glimpse of my form teacher. Miss Temples blue lace panties when I was 14 years old. Maybe this was my chance. We met regularly after that first meeting, going to theaters, parties together, meeting friends and socializing generally.

The nearest I got to any form of a fuck though was the occasional feel of her breasts through her clothes - in the darkness of a theater or in her house doorway when I took her home. She still lived with her parents and they were very old fashioned when it came to boyfriends, even though Jill was 21. She had always to be home by midnight and we were never left alone together her parents always managed to ensure that one of them was in the room with us at all times!

My chance came when a friend of mine, David, and his wife Karen, asked if I would baby-sit for them on Saturday night while they attended his brother's birthday party. Of course I agreed so long as they didn't mind if Jill kept me company. No problem at all, in fact David gave me a wry smile, I think he guessed what I had in mind.

On Saturday we told Jill's parents that we were going to the theater with some friends, if they had known where we were really going, and that we would be on our own, one of them might have insisted on coming with us. Yes, they really were that bad! We arrived at David and Karen's house at 7:30 armed with a couple of harmless movies on video, which I hoped we wouldn't have time to watch. I had other plans.

After explaining where the food and alcohol were kept David and Karen departed for the party they expected to be back at around 1:00 am. The first part of my plan was for us to have a drink, not too much though I didn't want to fuck a drunk girl, but just enough to remove most, if not all, of Jill's inhibitions.

We had 3 small scotch and Canada Dry over the next hour or so, our favorite tipple or at least that is what Jill thought we had. In fact I had 1 small one and 2 straight Canada Dry while Jill had 2 small ones and 1 larger one. Time to fuck the schoolteacher! I had Jill's clothes off in no time and had her laid across the couch. What a body she had, I had forgotten Miss Temples blue lace panties, now I was about to fuck my very own schoolteacher.

A good fingering first to get her nicely warmed up and lubricated and I was between her raised knees with my cock nudging her beautifully thatched cunt. I pushed in gently at first but within minutes I was pumping away up to the balls.

She was moaning and groaning like somebody crazy, and as we both came she let out a yell that I thought would wake the baby we were supposed to be sitting.

We fucked twice more before David and Karen returned, once with Jill on top, and once doggy style with Jill bent over the arm of the couch. Jill told me after we left David and Karen's house that she didn't actually drink the scotch I offered her, she took a couple of sips of each and poured the rest away into a pot containing a house plant beside the couch.

She had had the same plan for that babysitting session as I'd had. Sneaky bitch! We had gotten married 2 months later and moved to a small house on the edge of town. Chapter 2 Married life was great. We were close friends, we had many things in common, and the sex with my favorite schoolteacher was fantastic. The social life in Scotland was great too. We spent a lot of our spare time at parties, either at friend's homes or in our own modest house.

One of these was an afternoon barbecue at a friend's house about 40 miles away on the far side of town. On these occasions, when I knew we would have plenty to drink, I paid one of the office drivers Melvyn a lad of 19, who didn't drink, to drive us there and back. Now this party was something special, it was to celebrate the birthday of the host's wife and the wedding anniversary of another couple attending.

The drink did flow and we all had a bit too much - but Jill outdid us all. By the time we left she was pretty drunk and quite unable to walk properly. Melvin and I helped her to the car and settled her on the back seat with her feet up; I sat in the front with Melvin.

After we had gone about 10 miles I heard a sound I had been dreading, Jill was vomiting all over the floor of Melvin's car!

I couldn't apologize enough, I promised Melvin an extra £50 and offered to help him clear up the next day. But he was relaxed about the whole thing and refused any extra cash or the offered help. He explained that his mother had done the same thing on a couple of occasions and he was beginning to get used to it.

Still I intended to make it up to him in some other way, and was beginning to plan a way of doing just that. By the time we arrived home Jill had actually passed out and couldn't walk at all unaided she would have to be carried up the stairs to our bedroom. Now normally I could have managed this myself, Jill is lightweight, but I asked Melvin to help me.

I took her under the shoulders first so that Melvin had to take her legs, one under each arm. I also maneuvered the situation so that Melvin took the stairs first with Jill's legs higher than her head.

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Of course what I expected to happen did happen. Her silk skirt rode up her legs giving Melvin a perfect view of her thighs and stockings tops - and of course her see through panties stretched across her luscious pussy. This was part payment, and her punishment, for making such a mess of Melvin's car.

As we placed her on the bed Melvin made to leave but I told him to stand just inside the door of our en-suite bathroom and to keep quiet.

I then started to strip her. First the blouse, opening the buttons and removing it nice and slowly. Next the skirt, which wasn't easy as Jill was now a dead weight, but it came off eventually. There she lay in just white bra and black see through panties and her tan stockings. I left her like that for a moment while I went to the kitchen to fetch a drink of water. I didn't want a drink but thought I would let Melvin have an uninterrupted view of Jill in her underwear for a few minutes.

Now for the bra, this was also difficult, as I had to keep turning her over to unhook the back and to get it off her. The panties were easy, I just eased her backside off the bed and slid them from under her. Naked now, apart from the stockings, I decided to give Melvin a better view.

I slid Jill round on the bed so that her legs were facing the bathroom, lifted both legs so that her knees were up, and slipped the stockings off her thighs, down her legs and off. She was lying on her back now with her knees up, open and her hairy little cunt on display pointing straight into Melvin's hiding place. I considered fucking her there and then, with Melvin looking on - and even inviting him to take part, but decided against it.

I didn't want to risk the possibility her waking part way through and ruining the chance of other plans I had for her. I desperately wanted to see somebody else fucking my lovely wife but this was not the right time or place and Melvin probably wasn't the right man for the job anyway. Instead I left the room again for a few minutes to allow Melvin a private viewing as an extra reward. When I returned I gave Melvin the £50 anyway, wished him goodnight and let him out of the front door.

After putting Jill to bed, and before getting in beside her, I went to the bathroom. There I spotted a few splashes of a very familiar, slimy substance on the bathroom floor. Melvin had obviously enjoyed his private view and it was now my turn to do a little cleaning up. The ideal man I wanted to fuck Jill was a man experienced at seduction.

One who would literally be able to charm the pants off her. Chapter 3 I did know one man who might be a suitable candidate.

Michael, an Irishman full of Irish charm, was the full-time professional at the local golf club. He was single, about 40, a rugged open-air type, and a man who clearly enjoyed the company of women. Just about all the women visiting the club, single and married seemed to be friends of his.

I decided I needed to get more acquainted with Michael. I started by spending a little more time at the club, and having the odd drink with Michael. Often, while in his company, one (or more) of the women members would come over chatting and joking with Michael. After they left, he would confide that she was the wife or daughter of a local lawyer or banker and was a 'great screw!' After a couple of weeks I got the impression that most of the women attending of the golf club were his conquests.

I needed to introduce him to Jill. He had met her once, on one of her rare visits to the club and, although he hadn't spent much time in our company, he had danced with her a couple of times. When I suggested to Jill that we should attend the club more often she wasn't keen. She had no friends there, and didn't particularly like the type of women who frequented the place. I mentioned my new friend Michael.

Oh, yes she remembered him as most charming and a very good dancer. If we were could spend some time in his company then she would give the club a chance. We visited the following evening, had dinner and a few drinks with Michael before he and Jill spent the remainder of the evening chatting on a subject of mutual interest golf.

The game bores me stiff, knocking little balls into holes with a bent stick never appealed to me, but Jill likes to watch on TV and expressed an interest in learning to play.

As we left Michael gave Jill a peck on the cheek and they arranged to meet the following afternoon so long as I didn't mind to try a couple of short holes at the club. Of course I didn't mind it was the opening to the relationship I had been hoping for. She had her training session with Michael and thoroughly enjoyed it. So long as I didn't mind they would like to do the same again the following week; she was starting to get the hang of the game.

Of course I didn't mind. The following week they had another practice session and then a light meal at the club before Michael drove her home. As she entered the house she was very angry, livid in fact. As he dropped her off, Michael had tried to kiss her and she had slapped him. God, I thought, he's ruined everything! She was just saying that she didn't want to see Michael, or go to the club, again when the telephone rang. It was Michael wanting to speak to Jill. She was reluctant, but eventually agreed to speak to him.

She started by being angry with him but gradually calmed down, and ended up laughing with him. Apparently he was very sorry if he had upset her, the kiss had been meant as a friendly gesture, nothing else. He was forgiven and their golf practice continued. I was relieved. I met with Michael several times over the next couple of weeks in the club bar for a few drinks. As part of my plan I invited Michael back to our house for the following Monday night to watch a Rugby game on TV, have a few beers, and perhaps watch a movie on video.

Jill was going to be out until late, attending a birthday party for one of her school colleagues. When Monday came I hired an erotic, but not pornographic movie, retrieved a few 'special' videos of Jill from their hiding place and bought in a few beers. Michael arrived dead on time at 7:00 pm, just as Jill was leaving for her party. Michael complimented her on her outfit, a white knee length dress with stockings and high heel shoes, gave her a peck on the cheek and hoped she would enjoy the party.

We watched and criticized the game, which was pretty dire, had a few of the beers and started to watch the movie. That was also pretty bad so we switched it off and had a few more beers. The conversation then got round to Jill. Michael was telling me how her game had improved over the past few weeks and how much he appreciated having her company on the golf course.

I told him that Jill also enjoyed the golf practice and was gaining in confidence so much that she was even considering entering next year's ladies tournament. The conversation then turned to the party she was attending that night and how beautiful she had looked as she left.

He was envious, and wished he had married someone like Jill. I made no comment but slipped one of the less intimate 'special' videos in the machine and switched it on. As it started, Jill was pirouetting around in our bedroom wearing, by coincidence, the same white dress and stockings that Michael had seen her wearing as she left for the party.

After a couple of passes round the room she reached behind her, unzipped the dress and let it slip to the floor. She was now seen in white bra, white garter belt, tan stockings and white bikini panties.

A couple more passes round the room and she unclipped the bra at the front and slipped it off. After a few seconds of showing off her beautifully shaped and firm breasts, that session came to a close.

Micheal's eyes were glued to the TV! A few seconds of blank tape then gave way to a brief shot of Jill totally naked laying face down on the bed. After another brief pause we were again back to Jill in the bedroom dancing round in garter belt, stockings and panties. She sat on the edge of the bed and proceeded to remove the stockings and garter belt. Again that session ended. Michael asked for a drink of water I think this was beginning to get to him!


As I returned the video gave a very brief flash of Jill, again totally naked laying on her back with her legs in the air, wide open. After that brief flash and another brief pause the video went back to Jill in the bedroom wearing just the white bikini panties.

As the camera panned in on her she turned her back, bent at the waist and slid the panties to her ankles. There was a brief glimpse of her slit and wisps of pubic hair through the top of her legs as the session again came to an end. I allowed this tape to run on. It showed Jill in various stages of dress and undress moving around the bedroom.

I then ran the next two tapes that recorded Jill naked and performing various contortions, showing off just about all there was to see, in the bedroom, bathroom and kitchen. By this time Michael was drooling and had a definite bulge in the crotch of his slacks.

Over another beer, we both needed it, Michael said that I was an ugly English bastard, not good enough to have a lovely lady like Jill to fuck. In reply I asked if he thought he was good enough? Once he got over the shock of my question he told me of course he was good enough, he had never had any complaints!

Why, was I offering? Of course it all came out about my fantasy. I would give him all practical encouragement if he did want to fuck Jill, but there would be two conditions. One, Jill must never know that I had suggested it, and two, I must be able to witness at least the first occasion he made love to her.

It was up him to persuade Jill to allow it to happen. He would have to seduce her. Chapter 4 It started the following day. After their golf practice Michael did as usual and drove Jill home. I noticed that just as she was about to get out of the car, Michael reached over and gave Jill a quick kiss on the lips.

She didn't appear to encourage him, but didn't slap him either. That evening over dinner Jill asked if I would mind if she had more afternoon golf practices with Michael so she could improve her game for the tournament? Of course I wouldn't mind, so long as it didn't inconvenience Michael too much.

(It seemed Michael had already started work on his seduction). They had two more practice games that week and after the second one I happened to be looking out of the bedroom window when I saw Michael again reach over and kiss Jill. It was quite a prolonged kiss this time and she certainly wasn't discouraging his advances. Over the weekend Jill took a telephone call from Michael.

Instead of having to dash home for dinner after their practice game would she like to have dinner with him at the club on those days? Of course Jill asked what I thought.

Certainly, it sounded a very sensible idea to me, why not. So she agreed. She would bring some clothes over to the club so she could change from her golf clothes into something more suitable for dinner.

Over the next week Jill stayed and had dinner with Michael after each practice game. On each occasion as he dropped her off outside our house I made sure I would be able to watch them arrive. The first two times there was just the prolonged kiss as she left the car. The third time was different. Again the kiss, but this time the kiss could only be described as passionate. I also saw that Michael had his hand on Jills thigh over her dress and was gently massaging it up and down.

She was not stopping him either - in fact she was certainly taking a very active part in Michaels farewell kiss. Michaels seduction was going well, but perhaps a little too quickly.

If I was going to witness their first sex session I needed to make some plans fast! I met Michael at the club on the following Saturday and he invited me to his office. It was the first time I had been in there it was very smart (paid for out of club subscriptions I suppose).

There was a modern looking wooden desk in the far corner, a large coffee table in the centre of the room, a leather Chesterfield against one wall and a series of wooden half-slatted doors (probably a closet) against the opposite wall.

The rest of the room was taken up by a couple of office type chairs, two leather armchairs, a small safe and a drinks cabinet. Michael poured us a couple of scotches and directed me to one of the armchairs. I just didn't know how to start this conversation and spluttered a little. Michael was more forward and came right out with it 'Do you still want him to fuck your wife, and do you still want to watch?' I spluttered, 'Yes'. So the arrangements were made.

He planned for the 'big occasion' to happen the following week after one of their practice games and dinner. Obviously he couldn't forecast which day it would be, that would depend on Jill and his powers of seduction. It would be Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday he was certain of that, and he was planning for the event to take place in this office.

He suggested that I come to the club on each of those nights at about 9:00 pm, enter by the rear goods entrance (where the beer was delivered) and make my way to his office it would not be locked. I should then wait inside the closet, behind the slatted doors and should be able to see the whole office from in there. If they didn't appear within half an hour I was to drive home and in by the time he drove Jill home at 10:00.

He asked me to try the closet now. It was perfect. The closet was more than big enough to be comfortable and the door was only slatted in the top half, meaning I could see the whole room without anyone being able to see me.

I left home on Tuesday full of excitement and was in his office - and the closet by 9:00 on the dot.

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Disappointment though, nobody appeared. Just over half an hour later I was on my way home. In fact I arrived just in time to move into a darkened spare bedroom, which overlooks the drive leading to our house to see Michael dropping Jill off.

This time a very long and very passionate kiss was accompanied by Michael gently moving Jills dress above her knee and over her thigh so he could massage her stocking clad leg. At no time did Jill discourage him. This was starting to turn me on and that night Jill and I had one of our, now quite rare, lovemaking sessions. I enjoyed it but I think Jills mind was elsewhere. Chapter 5 On Wednesday I had again been in the closet for almost half an hour, and was just about to leave, when the office door opened.

As I had hoped it was Michael, leading Jill by the hand. Hardly had Michael closed the door when they were in each others arms. His hands stared then started to roam, down her back, over her breasts and down to her backside. As they continued their enthusiastic embrace Michael started to very slowly and gently to pull Jill's tight black dress over her thighs. As the dress reached the top of her stockings Michael whispered something in her ear.

She immediately broke away from his embrace, moved to the desk and lay forward across it. Michael then moved up behind her and raised the dress up to her waist showing off her stockings and black silk panties above an expanse of white flesh.

He then ran his hand from her knees, up the inside of her thighs to the crotch of her panties and down again. Jill was starting to purr like a cat. The next time he reached the top of her thighs he began to rub his thumb along her slit. After a few minutes of this Jill continued to purr but then I heard her say, 'Michael, I'm soaking wet, make love to me now, I must have your cock inside me!' Michael immediately slipped Jills panties down her legs lifted her feet out of them and moved her legs further apart.

When he had taken his fully erect and visibly pulsating cock from his pants he just rammed it up inside her. She groaned. As he started to pump himself into her the groans turned to heavy breathing and squeals of delight as she orgasmed over and over again. Michael kept going for over 20 minutes pumping faster and deeper until they both orgasmed at the same time. As he released his softening cock from Jill she immediately turned round, slipped to her knees and took the whole of his cock into her mouth!

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She had NEVER done that to me. She had sucked my cock but only before sex, while it was still clean and dry, never afterwards she said it was dirty. I was certainly not 'dirty' now she was sucking away at his cum soaked cock like crazy! When he was clean, but far from dry, he returned his cock to his pants and zipped himself up. They were now a little pushed for time. Jill grabbed a handful of tissues from a pack on the desk, gave her cunt a good wipe, and after a passionate embrace left the office with Michael leaving her discarded, damp panties on the office floor.

I had to hurry. I arrived back home only minutes before Jill entered the front door. Unfortunately I was too late to see how they took their farewell of each other in the car this time.

She told me all about the golf practice, and the meal she had shared with Michael afterwards but, of course, never mentioned visiting Michaels office! That night Jill undressed in the bathroom, put her dress in the laundry bag, took a long shower and went to bed.

I guess she was tired! I took a quick look at the dress. It had a damp patch at the back where her naked and wet pussy had been sitting on it in the car coming home. I took a long sniff lovely and returned it to the laundry bag. Right, I had now seen my wife being fucked by somebody else, but still wasn't satisfied. Because of the position they were in with her across the desk, I hadn't actually seen him enter her.

Next time maybe. They were due another golf practice and dinner on Friday, with another love making session to follow I guessed.

So yet again on Friday I was in the closet ready for them just before 8:00. It was lucky I was so eager and earlier than before because they had either had a very rushed dinner or none at all.

They entered the office at 8:15. This time Jill was wearing a calf length, light and summery yellow dress with lots of buttons down the front.

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I had never seen this dress before. As on Wednesday, as soon as they got into the office they got into a close and intimate embrace with Michael feeling Jill up through the dress.


Within a very short time though he started, very slowly, to unbutton the dress from the top. He did this very slowly and as he unfastened the bottom button he just pushed the dress back off her shoulders and down to the carpet. She was totally naked underneath!

Michael pushed her toward the Chesterfield so that she sat down on it and then after levering her knees apart he proceeded to lick her inner thighs up to her pussy. He nuzzled her pussy with his nose and then continued to lick and bite her clit until she was groaning and throwing her head from side to side in ecstasy. Still tonguing her clit he pulled her forward so that she slid off the Chesterfield and was left sitting on the carpet with her back to the Chesterfield.

After angling her round so that he could get her to lay flat, he stripped himself. Whether it had been Michaels intention I don't know, but Jill's pussy was now pointing directly at my vantage point. He lay with his face in her crotch for a few more minutes, tonguing her wet slit and then climbed on top of her. As she raised her legs to grip Michael round his waist I could see her wide-open vagina waiting for Michael to insert his cock. As he did so I saw it - another man's cock working its way into my wife!

I could not resist it I just had to take my own aching cock out and slowly (and very quietly) stroke my hand up and down it in time to Michaels slow strokes into Jills pussy. As Jill had her second or maybe third, orgasm I had mine. I caught most of my excess flow in a tissue brought along for the purpose but much of it found its way to the floor of Michaels closet!

Michael and Jill must have been really horny that night. After Michael had eventually cum and Jill had again sucked his cum soaked cock clean, they fucked again but with Jill on top this time. Now I could enjoy the sight of Jill lowering her very wet vagina onto Michaels re-erected cock and bouncing up and down on it.

As she finished and lifted herself off I saw a mass of their combined juices leaking back onto Michaels pubic hair and belly. Again they cleaned themselves up (Jill cleaned up all the mess she had made on Michael with her tongue), they got dressed and left for home.

I hurried but needn't have been concerned.

They didn't pull up to the house until nearly 11:00 - Jill was full of apologies. They had taken a wrong turning and had got lost for a while.

Another quick one in the back of the car is more like the truth I think! But this time I did see how they said good night in the car. Him with his hand up her raised dress, inside her wide open thighs massaging her pussy while she massaging his naked cock as they kissed a passionate farewell. Again, apart from the apology for being late, Jills only conversation was on the subject of the golf practice she was really improving her game and the dinner. What she didn't know, and I didn't tell her, was that I had seen the massive wet stain on the back of her dress before she took it off in the bathroom and dumped it in the laundry bag!

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I had now seen Michael with his cock inside Jill three times, and I was sure it had been there at least once more on their way home. Now what? Michael rang me the following day (Saturday) and asked me to meet him in his office later that day. I arrived at just after 7:00 and after he had fixed me a drink, and I had made myself comfortable on the Chesterfield (still thinking of Jill sitting there naked the night before), he offered me a proposition.

Jill had asked him to arrange for them to be able to spend a few days together. She had also said that it was a pity that I was not planning a business trip in the near future because she would like to spend those few days with Michael at our house and in our bed!

Michaels suggestion to me was that I should take a few days away in London, he was sure I could think of some excuse for having to take it and he would pay all my expenses. I was not sure I should go along with this but when said that he would arrange for any activity on their part to be recorded for me on video, without Jills knowledge, I agreed.

So it was all set. I told Jill that an executive in our London office had been taken ill and that I had been asked to take over the running of his department for a few days. She was sorry that I had to be away, as she would miss me but she understood the reason for it and would phone me every night for a chat.

So I went and had a most enjoyable time. Jill did phone me every night and we had a long talk each time. When I returned Jill was not home with Michael at the club I assumed. As I glanced round the bedroom I saw there were 4 VHS videocassettes on the bed with a note in Jills handwriting saying 'Play these tonight you won't be disturbed'.


Chapter 6 I played the first one on the machine. This, obviously recorded from my camcorder on the bookcase, showed Michael stripping Jill of all her clothes and then of them touching, sucking and fucking each other for 3 hours almost non-stop.

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The second one showed Jill sitting on the bed talking on the telephone. From snatches of her side of the conversation I recognized it as the first time she spoke to me in London. After just a couple of minutes Michael came into the bedroom and got on his knees in front of her. As she talked to me Michael stripped Jills panties off and then started to lick her pussy until she had a very quiet orgasm! This activity was repeated during every call she made to me, but with variations. One time she was standing naked talking to me on the phone while Michael fingered her.

Another time she was naked on hands and knees on the bedroom floor while Michael fucked her doggy style, very slowly and very quietly.

They were all very similar. She was talking to me on the telephone while Michael was satisfying her sexual appetite. No wonder she sounded so happy when we spoke! This tape continued with more fucking, pussy licking and a heck of a lot of cock sucking.

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I realised though that a good deal of this recording had been done from a different angle. Either Michael had moved the camcorder from the bookcase part way through their session or there was more than one machine doing the recording.

The next tape proved the case. The fucking, sucking and fingering were definitely being recorded from several different angles! On this tape they played a few games. She would dress up in various erotic outfits, including full nurses uniform with stockings and garter belt, tight slinky evening wear, sports wear and even tarts pick-up clothing with micro mini skirts and fishnets.

He would then pretend she was a stranger, strip off her clothing very slowly and fuck her. When she was a tart he even paid her. During one game he lay in wait as she entered the bedroom dressed as a uniformed policewoman. He attacked her, tore off her underclothing, smothered her cries and violently raped her! All of this had been recorded from at least 3 angles with the cameras at different levels.

One, during the rape scene must have been set up at ground level. Jill couldn't fail to realize that everything was being recorded.

Immediately the rape scene ended the tape went blank for a minute. When the picture re-appeared it showed Jill and Michael sitting on the bed with their arms round each other. Jill spoke. "She was sorry but she had never been happy with me as a husband, I was not adventurous enough and had never satisfied her sexually.

She had now moved in with Michael for a while until they could arrange to move to Ireland he was going home. She had known from the start about me setting Michael up to fuck her, Michael had told her all about it. She hoped I had enjoyed my time in the closet watching them, but I would never see her being fucked by anybody ever again.

She would leave me the tapes of their recent few days together I could watch them and wank myself stupid for as long as I liked. She was filing for divorce on Monday and I should expect to hear from her lawyer within a few days." So I lost a second wife because I had allowed another man to fuck her while I watched.

Pity, but I must admit I don't regret any of it. Believe me watching your wife being fucked is a great turn on I've done it with two wives now and would recommend it to anybody!