MARTHA KAMIGISHA KAGIMBA le comedien ugandaise dans une maison prive

MARTHA KAMIGISHA KAGIMBA le comedien ugandaise dans une maison prive
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Chapter 7 The panel broke free of the ceiling and struck a student, the corner cutting him from his temple to the middle of his forehead and sending blood pouring onto the floor. Everyone in the hallway was either left petrified or frantic, hearing the crash and the cry of pain. Thane was there, still taking pictures of the school and now finding something to photograph.

This was no coincidence. In the crowd, Daphne licked her lips in sadistic ecstasy. She had dreamed of having power like this since she was a little girl, the power to cause havoc and inflict harm. She could feel it bubbling within her, the Antichrist's energy, like a fetus developing in her womb. Down the hall, Thane raised his camera above his head and snapped a picture, and once it was developed, he would see a dark figure amongst the students, unidentifiable but unmistakable.

This was the second accident today, but the only that the school would pay attention to. It was time to move on, and she knew exactly who to victimize. Screaming and clutching her hand, Helena fell off her stool with the whole class watching.

She was in Chemistry, doing a group experiment with the other students at the table, when the glass beaker atop the hotplate had suddenly shattered and sprayed her hand with boiling water. With her skin molting into stinging blisters, Helena tried to look through her tears as the teacher rushed to her aid.

While all the students in class were whispering amongst themselves, Daphne sat in the back of the room, trying to hold in her laugh as black sparks crackled around her fingertips. Nearly delirious from the pain of her burns and trying not to cry, Helena staggered into the infirmary with the help of the teacher.

Seeing the state of the student, the school nurse bolted up from her desk. "Sister Ellie, Ms. O'Connor has been badly burned!" the teacher exclaimed. The nurse hurriedly began applying burn ointment to Helena's hand, making her gasp in relief. Just the feel of the cool cream sent shivers up her spine from the decimation of her agony, but the pain was still intense. As the nun began wrapping her in bandages, she looked around at the row of beds in the student ward next door.

There was only one other student there, currently asleep on a cot, but her sleeping face hit Helena like a punch to the gut. "Sophie!" Pulling herself away from the nun, she ran through the small auditorium to her unconscious roommate, leaving beyond a trail of ointment-soaked bandages. She grasped Sophie's hand with both of hers, wincing from the agitation of her burns. "Sophie!

Sophie! Are you ok? Wake up!" Sophie stirred slightly but didn't open her eyes. Sister Ellie strode over and gently pulled her away. "She just fainted, she'll be fine. We're going to have her sleep here tonight so we can keep an eye on her. Come on, we need to finish bandaging your hand." Helena reluctantly let go of Sophie and returned to the office so that her hand could be wrapped up. As the end of the cotton line was taped, the entrance to the infirmary opened and Xavier limped in.

Seeing him, Helena's hair nearly stood on end from her rage. Had he done this? Had he done this to her and Sophie?! "Excuse me, nurse? I slipped down the stairs and I think I sprained my ankle." "Oh Lord, I got students dropping like flies.

Both of you pick a bed and get some rest. Lad, I'll bring you an icepack and something to dull the pain until you can move." Shooting him a dirty look, Helena strode past Xavier and lied down on the bed next to Sophie's, cradling her burned hand.

Xavier picked a cot on the other side of the room, and the nurse brought him an icepack and some pills. As soon as she returned to her office, Xavier snapped his fingers. A metaphysical black curtain sealed off the room, separating the nurse's office from the auditorium, then vanished.

Xavier had just soundproofed the room, and to anyone looking in, nothing would look out of the ordinary. His movements hidden from the nurse, he climbed out of bed and walked over to Helena, discarding the limp he had used earlier.

"Let me see your injuries." "Fuck off, I don't want you admiring your handiwork." Since she had already cursed Sister Olivia, she saw no point in keeping a civil tongue around Xavier.

Besides, God would forgive her.


Sighing in annoyance, he sat on the edge of Sophie's bed. "You idiot, why do you think I'm here? I sensed you had been hurt and wanted to make sure you were ok." This was the last thing Helena had expected Xavier to say. This concern, this kindness… Before, he always seemed to be in control of every situation, but now he seemed like he had been completely blindsided.

The look on his face and his gentle tone made her blush, regardless of her feelings. "Well… what about Sophie? Did you do that as well?" "Yeah, but relax.

It's just slight case of anemia. She'll be right as rain tomorrow. Now let me see your hand." Normally, Xavier's confession would leave her struggling to contain her rage, but it was the fact he had been so bluntly honest that left her fury unable to ignite. Plus, if it was really nothing more than anemia, there wasn't much of a point of getting mad. There were plenty of other ways he could have knocked her out. It seemed he just needed her out of the way, rather than hurt. She slowly sat up and held out her hand, letting him gently unravel the bandages that the nurse had just put on her.

"So what exactly happened? Judging by the way it's wrapped and the ointment applied, I'm guessing that you were burned somehow." "I was in Chemistry and hot beaker broke. Considering all the things you put me through, I'm surprised you'd care about something like this." Having removed the bandages, he gently wiped away the ointment, holding her delicate hand like an icy rose.

He brought it to his lips and blew on her blistered fingers as if to warm them with his breath on a cold day.

Helena gave a small moan of relief as she felt the burns disappear, as if the molted tissue was being blown off like dust and revealing untouched skin underneath.

"Helena, I am a twisted man. Your mind, body, and soul belong to me and I enjoy making you suffer in my little games. I love that look on your face when you're bound in ropes, I love the sound you make when I violate you, and I love the heartache of guilt and revulsion you feel when I make you do things that you consider sinful." He then kissed her hand and looked into her eyes, wearing the same kind smile as when she had jumped off the diving board.

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"But of all the terrible things I've done to you and will continue to do until you finally give in to me, I will never, ever hurt you, aside from maybe the seal I left on you, but that's the exception. After all, I still intend to make you my queen and my bride, and when I do, I will protect you and make you smile for the rest of your life." Helena pulled her hand away from Xavier's and stood up. The fluttering of her heart scared her more than his words.

She looked at her hand, completely undamaged, with her skin still as soft as silk. Should she… thank him? No, not after everything he had been through. She looked back at him, using her anger and impatience to quell the strange feelings now burning within her. "What is my task for today? The card told me just to wait. What am I supposed to do?" Xavier smiled and turned back to Sophie. "Well since Sophie will spend the night here, I want you to sleep in her bed tonight." "So you're Lily?

It's nice to meet you." Lily didn't immediately respond, unable to look up into Daphne's eyes. She had watched her boyfriend fuck this girl and now she was just talking to her like it was nothing? Not only that, but this woman had stood over her and smiled as Lily licked Xavier's cum out of her pussy.

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"Yeah… it's… it's nice to meet you." "Xavier talks about you all the time. He says you're the prettiest girl in the world and the perfect girlfriend. You're the most important person in the world to him." The knot in Lily's stomach loosened. Strange as it was, finding someone who knew about her relationship with Xavier was comforting, and it helped to have someone else tell her that Xavier loved her. "Really? He does?" "Of course, and I just think your relationship is the sweetest thing ever.

Xavier told me that you were a little tense after our first meeting and asked me to come and clear the air. How about you and I find somewhere private where we can talk?" Taking Lily by the hand so that she couldn't resist, she pulled her across campus to an isolated spot behind one of the elementary school buildings.

Daphne gently pushed her against the ball, tossing her and Lily's book bags aside. "Xavier and I have been fucking for years. You know, just to play around. What you to have is serious, so I'm a little curious about you." She started fondling Lily's underdeveloped body, making her whine in embarrassment.

"Stop! What are you doing?!" "Come on, haven't you ever wanted to try it with a girl? Besides, you've already licked Xavier's sperm out of my cunt." Keeping Lily pressed against the wall, Daphne hiked up her skirt and jammed her hand into her panties. She cried out as the stranger molested her, inserting her fingers into the place only Xavier was allowed to touch. She tried to push Daphne away, but the upperclassman had a firm hold on her, plus Lily could not work up much strength while she was being fingered.

"No! Please!" "Come on, you know you like it. Take it like a good girl. You are a good girl, aren't you?" Lily stopped resisting, though she looked no less miserable. The phrase "good girl" had triggered her submissive obedience to Xavier. 'Wow, Xavier wasn't kidding when he said he had broken her spirit.

He's got her trained like Pavlov's dog.' Daphne grabbed Lily's face and began kissing her, her fingers pumping back and forth in her pussy while her tongue slithered in her mouth. Even after going down on Daphne back in Xavier's room, Lily wanted to scream in revulsion from kissing a girl. Her body was reacting to the molestation, but she held no attraction for women. Daphne didn't care. Like Xavier, she loved violating girls, and the more unwilling they were, the better.

Getting more aggressive, Daphne pulled her fingers out of Lily and jammed them into her mouth, forcing them so far into her throat she almost gagged. "Yeah, take it, you little slut." She then stepped back and ripped off her shirt and her bra.

Grabbing Lily, she forced her face into her chest, smothering her with her tits. Once again, Lily tried to push Daphne off her, overwhelmed with the sensation of the fleshy water balloons against her face and desperate for air.

"Come on, suck on them." Tears streaming down her face, Lily wrapped her lips around Daphne's nipples and began pulling on them, all while Daphne slapped and spat on her. Once her breasts were thoroughly painted with Lily's saliva, Daphne forced her to the ground and fully undressed. With Lily on her back, Daphne settled on top of her, sitting on her face.


Openly crying, Lily began licking Daphne's pussy just like before, while struggling to find room to breathe. She hated herself for what she was doing, how this woman was degrading her. She tried to remain brave as Daphne ripped off her skirt and panties, revealing her tight little slit, wet and glistening from being fingered.

Daphne began smacking her pussy, making Lily tense up and cross her legs from the stinging pain. She was aiming straight for her clitoris, striking it like she was trying to kill a fly.

Loving her control over the pathetic whelp, Daphne changed her position, getting into a crab walk and rubbing her ass against Lily's face. "Come on, lick my asshole! Lick it!" Not having the will to fight back, Lily began swirling her tongue around Daphne's anus, working it inside her while Daphne played with herself. She could barely breathe, but at this point, she wouldn't mind dying. After a minute, Daphne got up off Lily. Without her victim watching, she used the powers Xavier had given her to materialize a large strap-on dildo.

Securing herself in the harness, she flipped Lily onto her stomach and got on top of her. "Let's see how well you can take a cock." Lily murmured a small plea for mercy and then screamed as Daphne forced the dildo into her asshole without any kind of lubrication. Daphne rammed it in all the way and then lifted herself up. Pushing Lily's face into the ground, she began heaving her body and dropping it, fucking Lily's asshole with obvious cruelty.

Lily whined with each brutal thrust, her tears blurring her vision and her mouth filled with the taste of dirt and grass. Over and over again, her small body shook with each insertion of the toy, making her feel like her asshole was going to tear open. But beyond the pain, it was humiliating, getting brutally sodomized while face down in the dirt. She didn't know how long Daphne raped her, it felt like hours listening to her laugh in her ear while she herself cried in pain, but she eventually got up, removed the strap-on, and forced it into Lily's mouth like a pacifier.

"Wow, you really are a good girl. I wish you and Xavier a long and happy life together." Giggling, Daphne got dressed and left Lily there, curled up in the fetal position with the dildo still in her mouth and her anus bleeding.

Crossing the campus, Daphne was spun around as Xavier grabbed her wrist and pulled her aside, just as she had done to Lily. "What is it?


What did I do? If this is about that girl, you said I could play with her!" Xavier glared at her, a look of anger on his face that she never wanted to see again. "You and Helena have Chemistry together. Did you cause that burn on her hand?" The question made Daphne give a double take.

"O'Connor? What does that bitch have to do with this?" "Answer the question!" "Yes! I made the beaker shatter! You told me to cause trouble, so I thought I'd give her what she had coming!" "Don't you dare hurt her again!

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Ever!" Daphne's face became red with anger. "Why?! Why would you care about that stuck-up psycho?" "Because I have chosen her to be my queen when I take over this world! She is the one I will make my wife and you will bow to her when that day comes!" Forgetting who she was talking to, Daphne exploded. "Never! I'll never bow to her and I'll never accept her!

This is bullshit! You can't just—" Xavier swung his arm and sent four chains bursting from the ground, made of the same ethereal light as her collar.

Securing themselves to that shackle, they pulled her to her knees. "I think you and I need to clarify our relationship. You are not my partner or my equal. You are my servant and I am your master. You don't get a say in what I do and you don't get to question me.

Whether you like it or not, Helena will be my queen and you will obey her just as you obey me. If I tell you to you to kiss her feet, you will do it like it's your favorite thing in the world. Understood?" Daphne simply glared at him. "Understood?" he asked again, his face inches from hers with his eyes literally burning. "Yes, Master." Helena stared at Sophie's empty bed like it was a dead animal on the side of the road.

The sheets and blankets had all been changed since the last time Xavier had been there, but still… a lot of things had happened in this bed, none of them good. But this was the easiest trial Xavier had given her. She didn't have to do anything but lie down and sleep. Sighing in resignation, she removed her skirt and blouse and climbed into bed.

The dorm rooms at this school were perfectly symmetrical, so it felt a little strange to be sleeping on the other side of the room with the wall to her right. The bed smelled like Sophie, but Helena didn't mind. The lights turned off and her alarm clock set, Helena lay on her back and waited for sleep to come. Easier said than done. Her mind refused to settle and her body would not relax. She stared at the ceiling, telling herself again and again that this was the same view Sophie had whenever Xavier raped her.

Her friend would look up and cry, seeing that exact same section of plaster tiles while the Antichrist had his way with her. What had she thought about? What were the thoughts and feelings rushing through her mind during those horrific nights?

She knew exactly why Xavier was making her do this: he wanted to make her curious as to what Sophie had gone through, but she couldn't help but follow with his plan.

Just like when she had watched that porno, she wondered what it had felt like to have sex, even if Xavier's way with Sophie had been violent and horrific.

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Taking away all the bad stuff, all the fear and pain from being violated, what did it feel like when Sophie had intercourse with Xavier? If Sophie had been willing or even eager let Xavier use her body, what would it feel like?

'Oh God, please don't let Xavier come here tonight. That's what he's going to do, isn't it? He's going to show me what Sophie experienced by doing the exact same thing to me!' She could already picture it, him holding himself over her, that sadistic smirk of conquest on his face. She swung her arm at the empty space he would have occupied, dispelling the figment of her imagination like it was a puff of smoke.

She suddenly stopped, her body so still it was as if she had been flash-frozen. She was staring at her hand, outstretched before her and wrapped up. Since everyone knew she had been burned and she couldn't simply say that the Antichrist had healed her, she would have to keep it bandaged it for a while, simply for appearances.

What he had told her in the infirmary was ringing in her mind like church bells. 'He's done a lot of bad things to me, but it's true that he's never actually hurt me, aside from maybe that brand collar. Sophie always screamed in agony when Xavier used his flames on her, but they weren't painful at all to me. Did he do that on purpose to protect me?

He said that he would never, ever hurt me. That's right, he won't just rape me like he did to Sophie. He wants to win my heart and have me give him my virginity willingly. I will never love a twisted monster like him, no matter what… but at least I can say that he could be worse.' Yawning, she tightened the blankets around herself and rolled onto her side, her hands to her lips as if in prayer, at last falling asleep to the smell of the bandages.

Sister Olivia kneeled at her bed, praying for God to protect her from the horrible nightmare she had suffered the night before. Dream or not, she didn't know if she could survive being raped like that again.

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Hopefully, after a good night's sleep, she would regain her nerve and put her students back in their place. Certain she had secured her soul against evil, she climbed into bed and went to sleep. Xavier soon retrieved her for another night of fun. Helena zoomed through the water of the school pool, passing by her fellow students like they were dogs swimming for the first time. Her task for the day was to watch another porno and masturbate to it.

She wasn't looking forward to it, but she had to remind herself that it could always be worse. Besides, unlike the ropes, that DVD player stashed in her book bag wasn't hindering her movements in the pool. She had managed to convince the coach that swimming wouldn't agitate her "wounded" hand, and her burns or ointment wouldn't contaminate the water.

Having slept well through the night and now enjoying one of her favorite hobbies, she at last felt like things were right in the world. Two rows down, Daphne was watching her with truly indescribable rage. Of all people, why did Xavier have to pick Helena to be his queen?! 'She doesn't deserve it, that uptight bitch! He already fucked me and gave me his power! I should be the one he marries! Me! ME! I should be his queen!

That zealot cunt should just drop dead!' The class soon ended, with all of the girls heading back to the locker room to shower off and get dressed. Daphne was the last to go in, her eyes lit with bloodlust. All of the other students had already left, but with only a study hall after this, Helena was allowing herself to enjoy the shower and thoroughly wash off the chlorine.

"Hey!" Helena turned around and Daphne slammed her against the wall, squeezing her breast brutally hard. She cried out in pain and tried to push Daphne off her, both girls naked. "Ah! What the hell are you doing?!" "Stay away from Xavier, you bitch! He's mine!" Helena's eyes widened. "What did you just say?" "I'm going to be his queen, not you! I'll show you what happens when you get in my way! If Xavier hasn't popped your cherry, I'll break you in for him!" Daphne began working her fingers into Helena, and at that moment, every cell in her body seemed to line up, making her feel like she was made of Kevlar.

"Don't you dare touch me! Don't you ever touch me!" Pulling back her arm, she punched Daphne in the face as hard as she could, sending her sprawling back with a broken nose. Pushing off against the wall, Helena hurled herself at her long-time nemesis and began beating her wildly with her fists.

Hitting the opposing wall of the shower room, Daphne ducked to the side to dodge Helena's punch. Helena stood over her, cracking her knuckles. "Of all the girls in this school to pick a fight with, you picked the wrong one." Daphne's eyes became black with unholy energy.

"Right back at you." She tackled Helena, knocking her to the slippery ground and sitting on top of her. Helena shifted her head to the side, barely dodging a downward punch. Daphne's fist smashed the concrete floor like it was Styrofoam. 'Oh my god, she's not human! What did Xavier do to make her like this?!' Grabbing her arm, Helena pushed against Daphne's elbow to force her to roll off to the side.

Helena got to her feet and spun around on the slick floor to deliver a kick to Daphne's jaw, sending her staggering out of the shower and crashing one of the benches.

She stood up, her body rippling as the dark power began to destabilize from her rage. Her face contorted, her teeth becoming like needles and her cheeks disappearing.

She sent her arm rocketing towards Helena, the limb stretching like rubber with claws at the tips of her fingers. Helena ducked out of the way, gaining a large cut across the shoulder but otherwise avoiding damage. With blood running down her chest, she bolted up and charged towards Daphne. Any normal human would run or be utterly petrified, but Helena was too pissed off to feel anything but the ravenous desire to beat her opponent.

She had known since the night Xavier enslaved her that she would have to fight a battle like this someday, so there was no point in feeling fear. Her mind had become as focused as a laser, blocking out the pain in her shoulder and the absence of her clothes. She saw only openings in Daphne's transforming body and variables in the locker room: slippery floors, hard lockers, and benches occupying space.

"You're not Xavier, but you'll do! I'll purge this school of your unholy existence!" She sent her fist rocketing towards Daphne and struck her in the eye. The mutating girl shook off the injury. "I'LL KILL YOU, YOU STUPID CUNT!" Grabbing Helena by the arm, she picked her up and tossed her at the nearby row of sinks.

Helena nearly blacked out from the impact and could feel the mirrors shattering against her back. Daphne charged and delivered a wall-crunching punch, but avoiding the strike, Helena lashed out and slammed a handful of mirror shards into Daphne's face, blinding her in one eye.

Staggering back, Daphne gave an inhuman cry of pain, and taking advantage of the opening, Helena unleashed another barrage of punches, striking Daphne over and over again with her bleeding fists. After the sixth punch, Daphne swung her arm and delivered five cuts across Helena's stomach, almost deep enough to rip open her torso cavity. This was an injury that Helena could not ignore, and distracted by the pain, she could not stop Daphne from again grabbing her and hurling her across the room, this time into a row of lockers.

The metal crumpled easily against her body, but Helena was spitting up blood when she hit the ground. One of the lockers opened up and something fell out, landing on her back and making her wince in pain.

Wait, it was a floor hockey club! Feeling her second wind coming on, Helena got to her feet with the club in her hand. Daphne lunged with a monstrous scream, but Helena knocked aside her mutating arm and struck her upside the head with the club, hitting her so hard that the hooked end broke off.

Undeterred, Helena spun the broken end around in her hand and stabbed Daphne in the side of the neck with the broken end. A kick to the stomach sent the she-beast back, but the wounds inflicted were meaning less and less with each passing second as the darkness within her continued to twist her body into an abomination. Screaming like a banshee, Daphne leaped across the room towards Helena, but before she could deliver her strike, an invisible power slammed her against the wall with enough force to crush half her skeleton.

Xavier was standing in the doorway of the locker room, his coat now a curtain of black flames surging around him. "DAPHNE!" he snarled. He strode over to her, the pathetic wretch raising a hand and begging him to mercy. His eyes dark with cruelty, he kicked her arm aside and began stomping on her. "How dare you lay so much as a finger on her?! I warned you! I told you what she meant to me! A rabid bitch like you isn't worthy to be my servant!" The black flames around him then vanished as Helena tackled him, clutching his arm for support while in her injured state.

"No! Don't kill her!" He looked down at her, confused. "After what she did to you? I can't allow anyone who would hurt you to live." Tears were streaming down her bloodied face.

"She was always mean, but you're the one who made her into a monster!" Xavier sighed. "As you wish." He snapped his fingers and Daphne's body began to return to normal, the dark powers he had given her stabilizing while he healed her body. He then turned to Helena. "I swear to you, I never wanted this to happen. I never wanted you to be harmed." She glared at him with indescribable fury. "Yeah, well, even you can't always get what you want, especially when you pull shit like this!" Swallowing her pride, Helena reluctantly allowed Xavier to heal her, at which point, she got dressed and left the locker room without so much as a glance or word to him.

Having told Helena he wouldn't kill Daphne, he gave her one last chance and allowed her to resume being his servant. For the next few days, things continued on like this. Daphne continued on causing trouble around the school and around Thane, and Helena performed every trial Xavier assigned her, though he did give her the gift of space.

Standing at his desk in his dorm room, Thane looked through the hundreds of pictures he had taken, collecting all of the shots with the dark figure. Ever since he had started photographing the school, a lot of accidents had been occurring, and there was plenty of variance among the victims and the locations.

One morning, an elementary school student could accidentally lose a finger to the paper cutter, and in that same afternoon, a college student could fall off a ladder in the university library. The largest percentage of victims was the high school students, and those accidents often occurred when he was nearby. 'I can't accept this as coincidence. This being must be aware that I am looking for it and is trying to make me chase it. But if I wonder if they know how close they've allowed me to get.' He again looked through the photographs of the entity.

Since every picture only displayed a black figure, Thane had begun trying to take mental photographs of every scene before taking the actual photograph. With all the pictures he took and the problem of crowds, it was next to impossible to remember individual faces, but one thing he had at least accomplished was memorizing the uniforms.

He remembered there being a female student standing in the position of the dark figure every time he took a picture, and even with the large margin for error considering the holes in his memory, he was certain the figure was a girl. But there was a problem with that. Half of the accidents occurred between classes, when the hallways of every building were flooded with students.

The other half occurred randomly throughout the day, during classes. He was certain that this entity was masquerading as a female student, but what if it wasn't a student actually enrolled? He had originally assumed it to be some kind of human that was causing it because of how well the evil was contained and hidden, but it could also be some kind of demonic entity, new to him or at the very least more powerful than the kinds he regularly dealt with, and could disguise itself as a student however it wanted like a chameleon.

If this was true, then it meant trouble. If the perpetrator weren't a real student, but merely a wolf in sheep's clothing hiding amongst the herd, then it would be all the more difficult to hunt it down. It wouldn't have an identity that could be discovered and lead to its finding.

But there was another possibility. Just because classes were in progress didn't mean students were chained to their desks. In just the high school buildings alone, there could be a hundred students in the halls for bathroom breaks or trips to the infirmary, not to mention truants who skipped class all together.

He turned to a manila envelope beside him, given to him by Father Hauser. It contained the attendance records for the last several days. Looking through it, he saw a name that caught his eye. She had been absent or late quite often lately, many times when an accident took place, and had even been the victim at one point, though for all he knew, she could have done it to exclude herself from suspicion.

"Hmmm, Helena O'Connor. I think it's time for you to have a talk with a few teachers." "Helena, are you ok? You look really sick." The question was asked by one of her friends in the cafeteria during breakfast the next morning. Helena was blushing, her breathing was quick, and her movements were slower than usual. "Yeah, I'm fine." The reason for her condition was the trial of the day that Xavier had set up for her.

Her panties had some kind of curse on them that would make them vibrate with extreme intensity against her pussy, making her feel like she had a silenced phone hidden in her underwear and it was being called every minute. This continuous tickle was driving her crazy, making her wish she could touch herself and break that orgasmic threshold. Every time she tried, her cotton panties would become like steel, keeping her fingers out as if she were wearing a chastity belt. The stimulation was torturous, too strong for her to simply ignore, but too weak to trigger the orgasm she so desperately wanted.

'I'd give my right hand to be able to masturbate right now. Oh God, what the hell is wrong with me?!' She looked around and spotted Daphne a few tables away. The two women made eye contact and Helena could sense the bloodlust, as well as the fear.

If she did anything to Helena, anything at all, Xavier would kill her very slowly. Helena also liked to think that she had shown Daphne that even without some unholy powers, she was not someone who could be killed easily.

"Helena O'Connor, please come to the Disciplinary Committee office. Helena O'Connor, please come to the Disciplinary Committee office." The announcement of the intercom shook her from her dazed attempt to focus. She was sitting in math class, not even bothering to pay attention to the teacher, but working to just keep from losing her mind to the haunting stimulation of her vagina. She didn't know if it was really her panties vibrating or something else, but if it continued on any longer, she was going to pass out.

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'Goddammit, what now?' Grumbling in annoyance, she got up from her seat and walked to the door, and as she passed him, she made eye contact with Xavier. It was one of the classes they shared. She could see a clear reaction in him, just from looking in his eyes. He didn't appear alarmed or even worried, but he was intrigued. He knew something was going on and he was eager to see what would happen.

She could hear him talking to her, as if he was inside her skull. It was the collar, connecting them. 'Don't stray too far.' Hearing him speak to her in this manner did not surprise her. After the things she had seen and experienced, she just considered it another aspect of this rivalry.

The walk to the disciplinary office was long and difficult. Helena's legs felt like jelly, and she had to stop at the bathroom to clean herself from the… "runoff"… of her unwanted arousal. She wondered what it was that the Disciplinary Committee wanted with her.

She hadn't caused any trouble in the past few days, not since her fight with Daphne. Xavier had fixed up everything in the locker room, so she was sure it wasn't about that. Was it because she still hadn't settled things with Sister Olivia? Was she going to be suspended or even expelled?

But then… why wasn't Xavier called in with her? She soon arrived and in the waiting area sat Thane. He was staring at her intently, having known that there was something about her from the moment she entered the room.

The receptionist directed her to the meeting room. Before stepping inside, she took a deep breath and put all of her effort into ignoring the vibrating sensation between her legs and maintaining her composure. Inside, she found Father Brian, Father Hauser, and a priest she didn't recognize.

The furniture had all been removed but a single chair, set out for her. "Uh, what's going on here?" "Helena, thank you for coming. Please, take a seat." She shot Hauser a wary glance. "I think I'll stand." Father Brian stepped forward.

"Helena, we know things have been hard for you lately. First there was the terrible incident with those boys, then your failing health, that incident with Sister Olivia, and now that burn.

We wanted to tell you that you aren't in trouble and that you can ask us for help whenever you need it." The unknown priest extended his hand with a smile. He wore a stole of the clergy. "Ms. O'Connor, I'm Bishop Nelson from the Vatican, and Father Brian asked me to come. He thought that a group prayer would help you raise your spirits and remind you that you have God's protection." 'Do they know?

Have they figured it out?' "Ok, if you want to." The three priests stood around her and Bishop Nelson began to speak with Hauser and Brian repeating him. "Lord God, from the abundance of your mercy, enrich your servants and safeguard them. Strengthened by your blessing, may they always be thankful to you and bless you with unending joy. We ask this through Christ our Lord." Helena stood between them, unsure of what she was supposed to do. For the first time, she wished her collar would activate.

She needed something, anything, anything that they would notice. If they could invoke some kind of reaction from her collar, then they would know she needed real help. "Lord, let the effect of your blessing remain with your faithful people to give them new life and strength of spirit so that the power of your love will enable them to accomplish what is right and good.

We ask this through Christ our Lord." They continued to pray, their voices growing in volume. Helena couldn't feel anything as she listened to them. There was no uplifting sensation or spiritual release. She felt no different from before entering the room. "Lord, may the blessing they long for be the strength of your faithful people, so that they will never be in conflict with your will.

May your blessing always prompt them to give thanks for your favors. We ask this through Christ our Lord." 'God, please rescue me from this evil. Protect me from the son of the fallen one and give me the strength to eradicate his evil from this world,' She thought this to herself desperately, putting all her effort into reinforcing her faith. It was the only thing she could do to fight back against the doubt slowly seeping into her mind.

"Bless your people, Lord, who wait for the gift of your compassion. Grant that what they desire by your inspiration they may receive through your goodness. We ask this through Christ our Lord." This wasn't working. Why wasn't this working? Was it because she was not in a church? No, Xavier had proven that his powers worked even in the house of God.

Did she need someone higher in the church? The pope himself? Or was it possible that no human could help her?

"Lord, we, your people, pray for the gift of your holy blessing to ward off every harm and to bring to fulfillment every right desire." Wait, she could feel something. Her collar was beginning to warm around her throat. Was it visible? Would they see it? She wanted to speak out and warn them, but she was left mute. "May God, who is blessed above all, bless us in all things through Christ, so that whatever happens in our lives will work together for our good.

We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen." In the waiting area, Thane struggled to stand up, feeling like he had just been stabbed through the heart with an icicle. Something was there, darker than anything he had ever encountered. Helena too realized that something was in that room with them. Time seemed to have stopped, the three priests frozen in position.

She could feel him behind her, Xavier, but he was different from before. The air in the room pulsed from the stretching of two great wings. He lowered his face and sniffed her head the way an animal would, lifting up half of her hair from the powerful inhale. She was standing in his shadow, eclipsed, her heart beating wildly in her chest. A hand closed around her arm, massive and scaly, but also gentle with its movements.

His other hand gently wrapped around her throat with claws being dragged across her skin, sharper than razors but not leaving even the smallest scratch. He wasn't holding her neck to strangle her; it was more like he had just given her a necklace and was admiring the way it looked on her. She felt his breath on her ear as he bent down to whisper something.

"My queen…" He disappeared and time continued, the three priests ending their prayer. They looked at her, startled by the look of terror on her face.

She was practically shivering. "Sorry, but I have to go." Turning around, she rushed out of the meeting room. Passing through the waiting area, she glanced at Thane. The look on his face told her everything. He could see it now without the camera, the massive shadow burning behind her, the two red eyes gleaming within the darkness, and the powerful hand resting on her shoulder.

The moment she was gone, he staggered into the meeting room. "So? What did you sense? Is she the one?" Father Brian asked. Thane swallowed the lump in his throat. "We're out of our league." Helena lay in bed, waiting for sleep to come but knowing it wouldn't.

It was almost midnight and the vibrations between her legs had not stopped. Was Xavier punishing her?

Gay jocks With his sensitized ballsack tugged and his beef whistle

Was she going to have to go the whole night with her pussy basting itself? She just wished she could touch herself, insert her fingers and break through the final barrier holding her back from cumming.

She was clawing at her panties, but she might as well have been trying to scratch through steel. Finally, when 12:00 flashed across her clock, it stopped. She took a deep, shuddering breath, almost crying in relief.

Finally she could— A hand closed around her wrist, as in the blink of an eye, Xavier appeared in her bed. He was beneath the covers with her, naked with his body against hers. She could feel his erect manhood pressed to her rear and she wanted to scream in revulsion. "I couldn't help but want to see you. It's been too long since we spent any time together." "Get away from me! Don't touch me!" For several minutes, she pushed against him, trying to break free of his grip, but his hold on her was like a squid's.

She screamed and fought against him, hoping that someone would hear and come help, but Sophie never even woke up. As usual, Xavier was using his powers to control the movement of sound.

Against all her fear and her rage, her body was weak from the tiring day and her strength, at last, left her. Panting and drenched in sweat, she tried to hold her tears while Xavier kissed her shoulder and neck, holding her in the spoon position. "I'm serious, I wanted to come see you.

After the day you had, I knew you were desperate to have an orgasm, so I thought I would come and take responsibility as your master." He slid his hands into her panties and began massaging her oiled labia, now sensitive beyond measure. Helena again tried to break free, screaming at the top of her lungs, but in seconds, she was again still. She could only cry silently as he ran his fingers through her.

She was so miserable that she couldn't even describe it, physically ill with frustration, humiliation, anger, and helplessness. But what infuriated her more than anything was how good it felt, every stroke of his fingers feeling like the rays of the spring sun after a brutal winter.

Her exhausted body was submitting to him, her mind unable to deny the pleasure he was invoking. In the dark, she blushed from his touch, her tearful sniffs becoming pants of arousal. In the arms of the man she loathed more than anyone on Earth, her back pressed against his chest, she found herself feeling joy, not just physical, but dare she say… emotional.

After a minute, Xavier stopped, and Helena had to bite her tongue to stop herself from begging him to keep going. "Can you feel it? The bliss permeating your flesh?

Your body is learning to take pleasure from the touch of its master." "You're not my master, you'll never be my master!" "Why do you continue to fight against me? I am the only true force in this world. Let me be the anchor for your soul. Admit your feelings and this nightmare will end.

The pain you feel is brought on by your refusal to accept the pleasure you feel." "What happened in the Disciplinary Committee office? They were trying to bless me, why didn't it work?" "Oh please, you really thought three foolish men could break our bond? Your bible is nothing more than ancient stories rewritten over and over, your crosses are reminders of Christ's torture and death at the hands of mankind, your "holy water" is mortal men claiming to be blessed with the power of God, your prayers of sacrament are less effective than the notes in fortune cookies, and your churches are shacks of wasted money where people congregate like hypocrites.

God isn't here. There is no holy power in this city or this world. The men you look up to, the men you idolize, they are nothing more than fools deluded into believing they have been blessed with the power of the Almighty. Haven't you realized by now that your faith is just a parody of itself?

Even your Sacred Relics are self-defeating. The Lance of Longinus, the Shroud of Turin, the Nails of Helena, the True Cross, the Crown of Thorns, and the Holy Grail are all just souvenirs of your savior's wretched fate. No one in the world can help you and God isn't listening to your prayers." "Even if you say that, I still have my faith." Xavier resumed fingering her, and it only took half a minute for her orgasm.

She was silent as the euphoria flooded her, hating herself for cumming by his hand. He was the Antichrist, her enemy, and he had just taken advantage of her womanhood and used her own body against her. "I'll never let you break me." "Oh, my darling ice queen, I don't have to break you…" He pulled his fingers free and then jammed them in her mouth, forcing her to taste her own feminine essence. "You're already melting." Please comment!