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Sporty Japanese Miriya Hazuki slides toys up her cunt
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To be between jobs always sucked, not because you have no income, but it means you have to update your CV and do some odds and ends to survive. In a small town these odds and ends are practically non-existent and you can be lucky if you make enough money during a week to eat.

But having friends in the local newspaper helps you to find out about jobs or temporary work before they get published. This was my case, getting laid off at my old job as a computer technician and the only way to actually have a roof over my head was to move into a spare room at my parents' house.

With my father being a foreman on a farm and my mother working at the bank as senior consultant, cash wasn't really an issue, but they did decide that I will have to look after myself, so I went around doing anything from picking up garbage to cleaning pools.

Friday afternoon my one friend phoned me up, he told me that the local wine cellars would be recruiting help the next week for the harvesting season. I spent the weekend updating my CV and Monday morning the moment the offices for the cellars opened; I was there to hand in my documents. About two weeks later I got a call to come in for an interview, first off I was told that I was over-qualified for anything they had, then they started asking questions about my home, the hours I'm willing to work, if I have handed in my CV for any other work.

After the interview the cellar manager shook my hand and thanked me for my time, I saw this as a bad sign and went home. Imagine my surprise when my cellphone rang a week later and it turned out to be a call from the cellar, the person introduced herself as Martha Burnes, the vice-winemaker. She asked if I had any other job and when I said no, she said that I started on Monday.

The next Monday I reported for duty, got pulled aside to sign a contract, get a security briefing, more papers to read through about the safety and security of the site, which had to be signed as well. It was no surprise when I got placed behind a computer, my supervisor a lady who had been working on the system for years, with her help I quickly got the hang of the program and the rest of the day was spent exploring the outside of the cellars, as there was nothing else to do.

I was checking out the tipping platforms with the receiving holes when I noticed a small figure in a lab coat struggling to carry two buckets with two ledgers under each arm. I hurried over and when I drew close I saw that it was a woman, now at 5'9" I'm not the tallest person around, but she was much shorter than me, around 4'7" or 4'8".

Her brown hair caught back in a ponytail and when she looked up at me, her brown eyes stood out clearly against her fair skin, she had a slight tan, but it was the type one gets during a vacation. The only part of her body I could really make out under the lab coat was her breasts, even though the coat was clearly too big for her, her breasts pushed the front buttons slightly open, under the hem of the coat I could make out her calves and the hiking boots on her feet. "Hi, can I help you?" She immediately placed down the two sealed buckets and straightened up, gathering the two ledgers, "Yes please, if you could carry those?" I had a few seconds to look at her face, while not model pretty, she had high cheekbones, full lips and a slender neck, her face had a slight bit of roundness to it, but I guess that was due to the fact that she was so short.

I picked up the buckets, they were surprisingly light, but one would think that a person of her stature and on a wild guess, build, would struggle with the weight. "Well lead on then." She led the way into the cellars and up a set of steel stairs to the second floor walkway, she pushed open a door and motioned me inside, it was some sort of storage room wedged in between four cement tanks over which there flowed water, "Just place it down there next to the boxes." I placed the two buckets down and turned, giving her a smile, "Thank you, I'm Martha." I shook the offered hand, "It's a pleasure, I'm Ryan." She snapped her fingers, "The computer guy, they stuck you down at the weigh bridge." I nodded, actually surprised that she remembered, "You almost came to work with me in the laboratory, but we got somebody with a bit more experience in that direction." I shrugged, "Well the science part I only did back in school because it was either science or typing and I really didn't want to become a secretary." She laughed, "Well I have to go and get everything ready for tomorrow; I'll see you around." She pulled the door closed and headed off for what had to be the laboratory; I retraced my steps back outside and continued my inspection of the cellars.

The day passed without further incident, I saw Martha when she walked past the office every now and then, I also got time to get to know Ann, my supervisor, better.


The next day my new knowledge of the system came to the test when the first loads of grapes came in, though it was not very busy, it was quite a steep learning curve when the work had to be done. During lunch I met the winemaker, also called Ryan and his fiancée Lucy, I realized that I should know these people since they lived in the same town as my parents, but I couldn't recall ever seeing any of them before.

Once I got the hang of the system and the work, the days actually became boring since we only started with around ten loads a day, that meant ten loads in eight hours, they usually came in three or four at a time, so I had a lot of free time, which I spent tinkering around on the system, getting to learn more about it. By Friday I had set up the program to give a spreadsheet diagram of the grapes that came in, how much tons it was and at which times it came in, I of course didn't want to get into trouble so I kept quiet about it, I had no idea if it was allowed or not, since I did re-write some of the program.

The following week we went from ten to fifteen loads a day, yet there were still hours of sitting around, it seemed that now that everything was busy, Martha had more time. She came around to the office, chatting with us as we worked, one day she came around without the lab coat and I was stunned, she wore a light brown shirt, with the cellars' name on it and khaki shorts.

She had a lithe build; a body most athletes would kill for, the only part of her that did not fit her body was her breasts. They jutted out against the shirt, the buttons straining to keep her shirt closed, yet one got a few glimpses of her white bra. It took me quite an effort to look at her face when she spoke to me and not her very impressive chest.

Two days later I met her husband, Vern, he also worked for the cellars, but he was some sort of consultant and was on the road most of the time. The funny thing was that he was only an inch taller than Martha; I could see why most people poked fun at the two of them behind their backs. I started to see more of Martha as things started to get busier, I heard after the second week that she actually had to work on some of her own wine for the yearly competition between cellars and if the wine won there, it would compete internationally.

The times became quite hectic at peak time, we started at seven in the morning and usually I stopped working between one and two the next morning. Of course people started to get grumpy with the lack of sleep, but it was in this time that Martha seemed to seek out my company more and more. She spent her lunch times with me, when she had a free moment she came to the office to talk to me, even I it was just about some small thing like which sample looked bluer than the other.

Ann always sat at her desk and watched us, a cryptic smile on her lips, she once wiggled her eyebrows at me and of course I had no idea what to make of it. During the second week of peak time, Martha started to complain, mostly about her husband being away, but her hours and the winemaker's demands on her time came in a close second. I always listened, yet never offered any advice as I had no idea what would help or how the whole system worked. What did make me feel sorry for her was the fact that she didn't even get to see her husband during weekends as she still had to work, while I luckily had the Saturday and Sunday off.

Things quickly came to a head the next week, she plopped down in the chair next to Ann's desk, Ann was out to get some papers faxed and I was busy with a load that was on the bridge, "You know Ryan, this is bullshit." I paused momentarily and looked over at her, she had dark circles under her eyes, no make-up at all and a few strands of hair hung in her face, the golf t-shirt she wore was one of the cellar's as was the black shorts, her lab coat hung open and for a second my gaze lingered on her breasts which strained against the t-shirt, "What is?" I went on with my work and gave the load ticket to the runner to take up to the grader, the truck pulled off of the bridge and the next one came on, "My husband finally makes it home this weekend, but I have to be here the whole Saturday." I took the ticket from the runner and started to enter the information, "Why must you be here the whole Saturday?

Don't you usually come in a few hours for your tests and stuff?" She sighed, "The tankers start to run on Saturday and I have to handle it." I glanced at her as I waited for the ticket to get processed, "Well can't somebody else do it?" She first shook her head, then chewed on her lower lip, her eyes narrowing a bit, "Yes somebody can…would you do it?" I filled in the ticket and gave it to the runner, "Yeah sure, it can't be that hard." She got up, "Great!

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Let me see if I can organize it with Mr Heyman, I'll get back to you." I nodded and took the next ticket, at that moment thinking more about the extra money than anything else. She left and I went on with my work, lunch time Martha came into the office, a sunny smile on her pretty face, "It's sorted; the hours will be seen as overtime, but once the last tanker leaves you can go home." I nodded at the news, "Well then, that means you can just pop in to show me how it works and then have a nice weekend." She came over and hugged me tightly, her breasts pressing against me as I returned the hug, as she pulled away she kissed my cheek, "You are the best, you have no idea what this means to me." I smiled at her, "I'm sure I don't." The week practically flew, Friday came and went in a flurry and as I packed up my stuff, Martha came by the office, "Don't forget about tomorrow Ryan." I nodded, "I'm pretty sure my alarm will wake me up, same time right?" She nodded, "The first tanker will be here just past seven, so I will make sure that I'm here as well to show you the ropes." I smiled at her and slung my bag over my shoulder, "Well then, see you tomorrow." The next morning I clocked in at seven, it was eerie to be there while there was almost no other of the crews about, the only door which was open, the one for the taste and sales office.

I switched everything on and leaned back into my chair, I knew I would rather be home in bed, but the extra money would be welcome. The door opened a few minutes later and Martha came in, looking a little upset about something, but smiled when she saw me sitting there, "Hey, glad you made it." She came over to me and I moved aside when she leaned over my desk to use my computer, she showed me how to weigh in the tankers, add what they would be loading, take the seal numbers that they will use, weigh them out and print the triplicate which they would have to take one of and the rest was for the cellar's records.

She had a light peach smell to her and her hair seemed still damp, the first tanker came in a few minutes later and she let me go through the steps, after the week's work, this was a breeze and she left me on my own after that. It was about lunch time when Martha came back into the office, she held up a lunch box, "I didn't see your bag, so I guessed you forgot?" It dawned on me that she was right, "Yes I have forgotten." She grinned, "Well that means we can share then, this is way too much for me." Something was different about her attire, it was a black shirt and beige cargo pants, but she has worn it before.

She pulled a chair up to my desk and placed the box down, pulling open the lid in the same motion, inside was two sandwiches and a few slices of meat. From the bottom pockets of her pants she drew out two cans of cooldrink, "I noticed you drink diet Coke, so I got two, one for you and one for me." I chuckled, "You really thought of everything." I glanced at my watch, "Shouldn't you be home though?" She sighed and placed the two cans down next to the lunch box, "Vern phoned me last night, their flight got delayed, so he decided to stay." That explained the upset look earlier on, "I'm sorry and now I'm here, costing you guys more money." She shrugged, "At least I have company and you're freeing up a lot of my time, so I get to finish up some of my admin work as well." The shrug made me see what was different about her attire, the top two buttons were undone, I've been forcing myself to not stare at her breasts, yet there they were, or at least a sizeable amount of them were on display.

I quickly looked away and ran a hand through my hair, then I looked back at her and smiled, "Glad to be of assistance, as long as I help I'm happy." I was not sure if she was aware of the buttons being undone, but I wasn't going to point it out to her, it would make me look like some freak that checks up married women. Lunch went quite well and yes I did sneak a few more peaks at her very lovely cleavage, she left and came back when the last tanker left, the buttons were buttoned up again, "You're done?" I nodded as I waited for the computer to shut down, "Let me buy you a drink, you know Rosie's?" Rosie's was a pub where you got the best meals for cheap and the drinks wasn't that expensive either.

I nodded at the question, "Yeah I know Rosie's." She smiled, "Great, then I'll see you there." With that she turned away and left before I could voice any objection, not that there was any to begin with.


So I followed of course, leaving the locking up to the security guard, I was using my father's old bike, it was no modern day superbike, but was quite a hit with the more "old school" crowd with the styling and old engine it had. The drink turned into a few and it became quite late before we left the pub, she sure wasn't very steady on her feet and made very certain to have an arm around my waist and holding on tightly. I knew there was various ways that this could go down, I mean with one of the shirt's buttons undone on our way out of the pub and by the time she leaned against the SUV another button had become undone, there was very little keeping me from offering to drive her home…the only little detail was that ring on her finger.

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The next week I didn't get to see much of Martha, but it was one of the most hectic weeks I have ever had in my life, work wise. According to Ann it was the last peak week, after that we should have a nice four weeks of winding down and basically just picking up the scraps. Only it seemed that she was wrong, the following week was crazy as well and amidst this Martha came around again, especially lunch times. Turned out she had a huge fight with her husband the previous week and was just trying to sort it out, one of the speciality filtering machines broke down and she had to sort that out.

It seemed like things was back to normal, the only extra that happened was the Saturday shifts, but it reflected well on my pay check so I had no problem with it.

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Things finally started to slow down, actually it dropped from over two hundred loads a day to about fifty, it was a great thing, started to get more sleep and had more time at work. Martha made sure to be around as much as her wines and tests allowed her to be and I found that I have made a new friend. OK a very hot friend who seemed to lose her clothing the drunker she got, we went to the pub a few more times and I have to admit that by the end of the last week of the seasonal work, I knew that she had quite good taste in bras.

The following year I got into a small company, who did computer repairs, I kept contact with Martha and Ann. Martha seemed to get more and more frustrated, she had won at the cellars' competition, won the national competition for a white semi-sweet and went to international where she came in third and judging from her texts, hubby couldn't be at a single one of the award evenings as he was still running around between farms, giving advice and getting ground samples.

Unfortunately for me the company folded, not from not getting their work done, which was my area, but because their overheads caught up with them. So one month before the next grape harvesting season and I was jobless again. This time I didn't need a heads-up, my phone rang and Martha just asked if I had a job, then offered me a temp job at the cellars again. Remembering the very good pay and the occasional perks, I eagerly accepted. Two weeks after the call I showed up, went through the same briefing and while I thought it would be back to the weigh bridge I was surprised when I was turned over to the small, but capable hands of Martha.

She seemed very glad to have me and from day one she took it upon herself to teach me as much of the chemistry that I needed to know. This meant that for those first two weeks we spent almost eight hours a day in a room in just each other's company. As we worked I finally figured out that the spontaneity I had experienced the first year was not spontaneity at all, she was actively flirting with me. Very subtle of course, since the cellars was known to crack down hard on any kind of sexual harassment, not that I would have called myself harassed at all.

I just continued as usual and when peak time hit, I was very well schooled in the laboratory's work and functions. Again days of little sleep and long hours hit us, but this time it was worse, now I had to wait for the last of the grapes to get processed and then I could go to work on the juices.

I saw my room at the most three hours a day, luckily Martha was a very resourceful boss and I found that she had smuggled a camping bed into the storage room. We both worked long hours, but we also got in a few more hours' worth of sleep a day on that camping bed. Saturdays I got to work with the tankers again, which led nine times out of ten to drinks at Rosie's, of course I made sure that Martha never got too drunk, in fact I checked her drinking habits and I found that her staggering drunk every time was a ruse, she could never be that drunk.

I was being played, it was part of a plan she obviously had, not that I was complaining, I loved looking at the various bras she wore on such evenings. This obvious teasing had to come to a point though and boy what a point it came to, peak time was something in the past, Martha's wines was coming along nicely and she came to work dressed with almost just enough, deep v-line tops, shorts which would fit on Lara Croft instead of an assistant-winemaker.

She of course had the lab coat to cover up with, but in the lab it was a different story, she always moved around without the coat, or when she really had to wear it, she wore it. All of this and her continuous flirting really was taking a real toll on my inhibitions about her being married.

The second to last Saturday found me finishing the last tanker a bit earlier than usual, and like usual Martha came into the office just as the tanker drove out of the security gates.

Only this time she didn't banter, she just locked the door behind her and walked passed me to pull close the blinds, she turned towards me with a little mysterious smile on her lips, "You are quite a hard guy to break, you know that?" I was stunned, "Break? What? What do you mean?" She walked closer, shedding her lab coat, under it she wore one of the tops I like the most, it clung to her body and breasts, her nipples on proud display, along with it white shorts, she had only wore them once, but they had left a lasting impression as they clung to her hips and sexy ass.

She came to stand in front of me, her one hand reached up to trace over my chest, "Yes, you have been acting all gentleman like ever since we met, yet you have this strange way of making me want you more and more every time I don't get through your defences." She smirked, "So I took the liberty to see which outfits works for you and I know you love these.

Even though you said nothing, your eyes told me all I needed to know." I could feel heat creeping up from under my collar and she smiled at me, "Don't worry Ryan, it is not bad at all." She grabbed hold of my shirt's collar and pulled me down to her, her full lips meeting mine, opening slightly as she sighed into the kiss.

I can proudly say that I did not kiss back for the first few seconds, but as she snaked a hand behind my head and her tongue teased my lips, I could not refuse her any longer. I slid my arms around her, pulling her against me as I kissed her back, her lips parting more and my tongue met her own. The one thing I wasn't ready for, was her other hand, it grasped my cock through my shorts, it sent a jolt through me, but she held my head in place as her hand unzipped my shorts and slid inside.

Her breathing grew hotter as we kissed, her hand stroking my cock through my briefs, making it grow quickly. I slid my hands down her back to cup her ass in my hands, pulling her against me, trapping her hand between our bodies. Still her fingers didn't stop their fondling, pretty soon my cock was aching to be released, my hands kneading the firm flesh of her ass.

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Finally she broke the kiss and stepped back, my hands sliding from her ass to her hips, she wasted little time in unbuttoning my shorts and pushing them down, her hands hooked my briefs, releasing my nine inch cock, "Oh my…" That reaction told me that her husband was built proportionately, question was, did she do this often? Her lips locked around the head of my cock and I looked down to find her bending over to suck my cock into her mouth. She was no slouch in this area that was for sure, she sucked, licked, slurped, nibbled and jerked on my cock like it was the last thing she would ever do.

I undid my shirt's top button and slipped it off, throwing it onto the chair as Martha kept sucking on my cock. After a few moments of pleasure, I pulled my cock from her very talented mouth, pulling her to her feet; I started to undo her own shorts.

I pushed it down her toned legs, a red thong revealed itself under the shorts, so I hooked my thumbs into the waist band and pulled it down as well, revealing her shaved pussy, her lips already glistening in the light of the fluorescent lights, a small landing strip leading straight towards her otherwise smooth pussy.

I went on my knees and leaned in, her smell filling my nose as I ran my tongue over her lips, tasting her juices.

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I felt clothing slide over my back and glanced up to see her naked breasts dangling above me, she held them in her hands, pinching her own nipples.

I leaned back into her crotch, licking on her sweet pussy, eliciting soft moans from her with each sweep of my tongue. I used my hands to grab hold of her naked ass and kneading it as I kept licking her pussy, that along with her own actions on her nipples brought on an early orgasm, I knew this as she was moaning loudly, pressing my head against her groin and thrusting a suddenly sodden pussy into my face.

When her body finally stopped convulsing and the pressure on my head lessened, I got to my feet. There was no question what was to follow, the question was more how it was going to happen, I answered that question quickly. My hands was still on her tight ass, using that as leverage, I lifted her onto the desk, I slid my hands over her hips, down her legs and pushed them open, revealing her pussy to the light.

She grabbed hold of my cock and as I stepped closer she guided it straight into her pussy. She leaned back, resting on her arms, her breasts pushed out proudly, her face contorted into a mask of pleasure as I shoved my cock deep into her soaking wet pussy. I was amazed at how tight she was, if it wasn't for the orgasm or the amount of juices I would have had a difficult time getting this deep into her.

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Grabbing hold of her hips, I pulled back and pushed back into her again, her muscles contracting around my cock and a loud groan issued from her lips. I leaned down and sucked one of her dark pink nipples into my mouth, rubbing my tongue over it as I nibbled gently on it, this brought more moans from her.

I slid back and again stuck my cock deeper into her, feeling her cervix open up for me and the rest of my cock slid into her, making her cry out, whether it was pleasure, pain or maybe both I did not know. I pulled back and slid back into her, keeping the pace slow and easy, giving her time to adjust to my cock inside of her and giving me more time to lick and suck on her marvelous breasts.

She had little to no sag to them, they easily filled a 32D cup if not more, it was freakishly huge on her petite frame and I fucking loved it.

Many women had to get implants to get tits this great, but these was clearly all natural and she loved the attention I gave them as I continued to work my cock in and out of her tight, wet pussy.

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As the moments passed, my excitement grew and I started to thrust harder and faster inside of her, she only reached out to hold onto my shoulder as I nibbled, sucked and licked on her nipples, her tits bouncing with the rhythm of my groin slapping against her own. I slid my hands to her lower back, pulling her closer to the edge of the desk as my thrusts grew in power and speed, her moans for more fueling on the pleasure we both derived from our coupling.

She had her head thrown back, I'm pretty sure if anybody walked past the office, they would know that she was getting a shafting, her moans was filling the office and there was no mistaking them for what they were. She dug her nails into my shoulder as the convulsions in her pussy started to become more erratic, I could feel the pressure building up in the base of my cock and scant moments later her teeth sunk into my shoulder muscle, her arms wrapping around me as she screamed.

The sudden tightness of her pussy as I pumped in and out of her did the trick and before I had a chance to react my cock convulsed and rope after rope of my cum erupted into her.

It took some time for us to come down from our orgasmic high, it took us a bit longer to disengage and get dressed, she didn't say a word until she had her lab coat wrapped around herself again, she smiled broadly at me, pulled me down for a kiss and headed for the door, "Thank you Ryan, that was just what I needed." She paused at the door and looked back at me as she unlocked it, "You better get ready for more stress relief next week." With a cheeky smile she slipped out, leaving me behind, trying to figure out just how I have just ended up fucking a married woman.