Teens shows her ass and tits

Teens shows her ass and tits
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Matthew Evans, "Matt" to his friends, was a virgin. It wasn't something he was proud of, but it was true. At 18, he was full of hormones, which he unfortunately only got to deal with by masturbation, his penis having never felt the touch of a girl.

Fortunately his two best friends, Max and Sam were also virgins, so the three of them bonded over their lack of sex lives. Now, the three boys were like any others. When not fantasising about getting laid, they played video games, did a little bit of sport, and complained about school. Matt had a 19-year-old sister, Becky, who'd been with her current boyfriend, Jamie, for over 2 years, so he figured the chances of her also being a virgin were pretty much zero.

Our story begins on a Saturday evening, when the 3 boys were over at Matt's house for a sleepover, and were currently playing games on the Playstation. "Hey, stop camping!" Max shouted. "There's no rule against it!" Sam shouted back. "Hey you guys, keep it down!" Becky shouted, knocking on the door.

"Sorry sis!" Matt shouted out at her. He thought he could hear a murmur of "morons" coming from her. "Hey Matt, your sister's kinda hot!" Max said. "Hey, that's my sister you're talking about!" Matt protested. "Yeah, so?" Max replied. "I bet if I had a sister, you'd be crushing on her too." "I don't mind you crushing on my sister, but you don't have to keep reminding me!" Matt shouted.

"Fine, but just for the record, she's hot, right Sam?" Max asked the third boy. "Yep," Sam replied, much to Matt's annoyance. The rest of the night went on as expected. The boys eventually went to bed, with Matt sleeping in his bed, and his two friends in sleeping bags.

Matt woke up the next morning early, unable to sleep. He looked over at his clock, and saw that it was just approaching 7am. He could feel his morning wood straining against his boxers. On any normal morning, he'd have sorted that out, but he wasn't about to start masturbating with his friends in the room.

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And besides, he was thirsty. Slowly, so as to not wake up his friends, both out of courtesy for them, and a desire for them to not see his boner, Matt got out of bed, and left the room. In just his boxers, Matt walked downstairs, his boner having just about gone away by the time he reached the kitchen.

Matt poured himself a glass of apple juice, and sat drinking it on the sofa, when suddenly there was a knock at the front door. He wasn't sure who would be calling at 7am on a Sunday, but he got up to answer it.

"Yeah, I've got a delivery for you," said the man on the doorstep when he answered it. He was holding a small, cardboard box, and a PDA, which he handed to Matt. "Sign here." "Uh…what it is?" Matt asked him. "A PDA, idiot," The delivery man replied. "Now sign it." "No, I mean what's in the package?" "How should I know? Just sign it please." Matt signed his name on the line, before taking the package into the living room.

He looked at it with intrigue. The package was simply addressed to "The lucky recipient of this present", with no other markings on it. Figuring he was allowed to, Matt started opening the package.

Inside was a lot of bubble wrap, and inside that was something very interesting indeed. There was an old, Arabian-style lamp, very much like the one from Aladdin. Next to it was a short, handwritten note, in a language that Matt didn't recognise. There was some dirt on the lamp, so he started to try and rub it off… As he did, he felt the coldness of the lamp begin to grow warm, as though coming alive.

Pink smoke began to flow out of the tip, and Matt threw the lamp onto the floor in a panic. "Fuck!" He shouted.

More and more smoke emerged, before it began to take a humanoid shape. When the smoke cleared, Matt saw a beautiful, nude girl stood there. She looked about his age, with tanned skin, and long, curly, brown hair. She had large boobs, at least D-cups, and absolutely no pubic hair at all. Matt didn't get much time to admire her however, as she immediately got on her knees, and bowed her head before him.

"Uhh…" Matt stuttered, and the girl spoke some words. He didn't understand the language, but her voice sounded as beautiful as her body. She said something else, before saying a few more things in what sounded like different languages.

She then looked up at him, apparently realising that he didn't understand any of the languages she knew. She gestured for him to stay put, and she ran upstairs. "Hey, wait!" Matt shouted after her, watching her ass as she ran. Half a minute or so later, she returned, and resumed bowing. "Do you understand me now, Master?" The girl asked. "Uh…yes…" Matt replied. "What's going on?" "I could not speak any language you understood, so I used my powers to obtain this language knowledge from the two adolescent boys sleeping upstairs," she explained.

"I would have taken the knowledge directly from your own mind, but we are strictly forbidden from using our powers on our Masters without their consent." "What are you talking about?" Matt asked her.

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"And who the fuck are you?" "I am Lumiosa, your loyal servant, Master," the girl replied. "Servant?" "Yes Master. Are you not familiar with genies?" Matt's jaw dropped. "Genies? Uh…yeah&hellip.So what, I get 3 wishes?" "No Master, I am here to fulfil your every wish, within the rules of course." Matt's mind was a mix of confusion, and excitement at the prospect of a Genie who would grant his every wish.

"Why aren't you looking at me?" He asked her. "I am bowing my head as a sign of respect," Lumiosa replied. "I am sorry, Master, do you find this disrespectful? I regret that I am not knowledgeable of your culture. Would you like me to raise my head?" "Yeah, it's sort of weird talking to you like that." Lumiosa immediately raised her head to face Matt, and smiled as she sat there on her knees. "So…what's this about rules?" "Well Master, to clear up what I said earlier, there are no limits on how many wishes you can make.

I belong to you from now until the day you die, unless you choose to pass me on to someone else. Please be aware that you cannot cheat this rule by using my powers to extend your lifespan beyond that of a normal human. I am allowed to heal you of injuries, and even keep you physically young, but you must die at your appointed time.

Next, you are not allowed to prevent genies from completing their work. By this, I mean that you could not, for example, wipe out your species, as this would prevent my fellow genies from having masters to serve." "Wait a second," Matt interrupted her. "There are more of you?" "Thousands of us, but do not worry Master, the other genies will not bother you, as you, and all other Masters, are forbidden from interfering with another person's wishes, or making a wish that would interfere with another Master's physical or mental state.

In other words, you are quite safe from your fellow Masters, assuming you ever encounter one at all. Thirdly, you are forbidden from making the existence of genies public knowledge. You may tell people about me, but the general public must not become aware of me." "Well that should be okay," Matt said. "Is that it?" "Those are all the rules, master," Lumiosa replied.

"Aside from that, you are free to wish for whatever you like." "Anything I like?" "Whatever you desire, I will grant it for you. What do you desire, Master?" Matt sat in silence for a bit. He looked at this beautiful, naked girl, who was sat on her knees, smiling, and waiting patiently, and he realised his cock had gotten hard again, and was tenting in his boxers.

"I, uh…" Matt stammered. "Yes Master? What is it you desire?" "I desire&hellip.you," Matt eventually managed. "Me, Master?" Lumiosa said, confused. She then looked down at his bulge. "Oh, I think I understand, Master. You wish for me to pleasure you?" "Yes…if you want to," Matt replied, nervous about ordering this girl to have sex with him. "I want nothing more than to please you, Master," Lumiosa smiled, and then grabbed Matt's boxers. She pulled them off of him, dropping them onto the floor.

She looked at his erect penis gleefully, and was about to touch it. "Wait!" Matt said, and she stopped her advances to look at him. "What is wrong, Master?" She asked.

"Do you no longer wish for me to pleasure you?" "I've read stories about genies. How do I know you're not gonna twist my wishes into something I'm gonna regret?" "As a genie, I am permitted to use my own judgement in granting your wish how I believe you desire it to be granted, but if you are displeased with how I have granted a wish, you may wish punishment unto me." "Punishment?" "For example, I once had a Master who commanded me to feel as though my entire body was on fire." "Holy fuck!" Matt exclaimed.

"Are you alright, Master?" "How could he do that to you!?" "He wished it, and I granted his wish." "But that's evil!" "It was my punishment for displeasing him." "What, you mean you liked being punished?" "It was agonising, but it was my punishment," Lumiosa smiled.

"How can you be so cheery talking about this?" "I'm sorry Master, do you wish for me to be sad?" "I don't know…no…I don't want you to have sex with me just because I tell you to…and why can you be so accepting that I could just command you to feel unbelievable agony at a whim? I mean, you seem so happy." "I am happy, Master," Lumiosa said, continuing with her beautiful smile. "I love being a genie, because I love making my Masters happy.

If you wish for me to pleasure you, then I would gladly do so. If you are happy, then I am happy." "You really wanna pleasure me?" "If that is what you wish, then yes." "Alright then…Lumiosa, I wish for you to give me a blowjob." "Your wish is my command, Master." Lumiosa then moved forward on her knees, and positioned her head by Matt's cock, before giving it a few licks, which caused Matt to shudder.

She gave him a few more licks on his balls and the length of his cock. "Please…" He moaned. "Please what, Master?" "Please suck on it…" "As you wish, Master." Lumiosa then licked the tip of his cock a few times, before she slid her mouth over his entire length, causing him to gasp.

Matt spread his legs wide, as he slouched on the sofa from the pleasure Lumiosa was giving him. She bobbed her head up and down on his cock, her luxurious tongue wrapping itself around his manhood, massaging it sensually. "Oh God…I can't hold out…" Matt moaned, before he let out a loud groan as he came hard, blasting his cum into the genie's mouth. Matt didn't know if Lumiosa had used her powers to intensify his orgasm, or if it was just down to this being his first one that hadn't been caused by his hands, but it was without a doubt the greatest orgasm he'd ever had.

When it was over, Matt felt Lumiosa lick his length to get his remaining cum, before she swallowed it all. She then pulled off of him, and looked at him eagerly. "Did you enjoy that, Master?" "Uh…yeah…" Matt replied. "Woah…" Matt looked to his left, and saw his two friends stood there, dressed for the day, staring at them. A look at their groins showed that they seemed to have boners. Matt gasped, and tried to cover his groin, including his softening cock. "Master, do you wish me to clothe you?" Lumiosa asked him.

"Yes please!" Matt replied. Lumiosa snapped her fingers, and Matt was instantly wearing the boxers which she had pulled off of him. "Holy fuck…" Max said in amazement as the boxers appeared on his friend's body. "No Lumiosa, I mean fully dressed!" Matt snapped.

"I'm sorry Master, I'm afraid I do not understand." Lumiosa's face was one of utter sadness at not knowing how to properly grant her Master's wish. "Well…upstairs in my drawers are some clothes. Put jeans and a T-shirt on me," Matt commanded. "Your wish is my command, Master," Lumiosa said. She snapped her fingers, and Matt was dressed in jeans and a T-shirt from his drawers. "Do these clothes please you, Master?" "Uh…yeah, I guess," Matt replied, before turning back to his friends.

"That was so cool!" Sam exclaimed. "How'd she do that?" "It's obvious, she's a succubus," Max said. "Wait, doesn't that mean she's gonna suck Matt's soul out?" Sam asked. "You're right…" Max realised. "Hang on Matt, I'll save you!" Max was about to run at Lumiosa, before Sam grabbed him.

"Idiot!" He shouted. "If you get too close to her, she'll get you too! Besides, I don't think she's a succubus. Look at that." Sam pointed to Lumiosa's lamp, which was laying on the floor.

"Is that…a lamp?" Max asked. "I think she's a genie," Sam said. "A genie? Wow!" Max then ran over to the lamp. He grabbed it to pick it up, but he immediately cried out in pain.

"What the fuck!? It's boiling hot!" He shouted out. "Lumiosa, what did you do!?" Matt shouted at the genie. "It is an automatic security feature to stop anyone from stealing my lamp from you, Master," Lumiosa explained. "Would you like me to disable it?" "Yes!" Matt shouted, and Lumiosa snapped her fingers. "I guess she really is a genie then?" Sam asked.

"Yeah, she is," Matt replied. "Hey genie…" Max groaned. "Heal my hands." Max held them up, and Matt could see the burns. Lumiosa looked over at Matt. "Master, do you wish for me to grant this boy's wish?" She asked him. "Yeah, do it," Matt replied. "Your wish is my command, Master." Lumiosa bowed, and took Max's hands in hers. The boy felt his hands tingle, and the pain dissipate.

When he let go of his hands, the burns had completely gone. Lumiosa then returned to Matt's side, to await his next wish. "It worked!" Max exclaimed. "My hands are healed!" "So you can grant any wish, huh?" Sam asked her. She stayed quiet. "Uh, hello? Answer me!" "Master, do I have permission to speak to these boys?" Lumiosa asked Matt. "Uh yeah, of course," Matt replied.

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"Thank you Master," Lumiosa answered, before turning to Sam. "To answer your question mortal, I am able to grant any wish that my Master makes, within the very limited, but very strict rules of genies." "Well how about you get her to suck us off too?" Max asked. "Spread the love?" Matt didn't get a chance to answer, because at that moment, they all heard the sound of Becky's bedroom door opening, meaning that she'd be down any second.

"Fuck!" Matt cried out. "Lumiosa, hide!" "Yes Master," she said, before immediately vanishing in a puff of smoke. Becky walked downstairs in her pyjamas. "Hey dorks," she yawned, before walking into the kitchen.

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"Let's go upstairs," Matt said to his friends, who nodded. They went upstairs to Matt's room, and shut the door. "So how do we get her back?" Max asked. "I assume I just rub it…" Matt said. He rubbed the lamp, and sure enough, the pink smoke once again began to pour out of it, forming Lumiosa, who was sat on her knees, facing him.

"Greetings Master, what is it you desire?" She smiled. "Blowjobs!" Max shouted out. "Suck our dicks!" "Master, do you wish for me to fellate them?" Lumiosa asked. "No, I don't," Matt replied.

"Hey, what gives!?" Max complained. "Come on genie, suck us off!" "She has a name, you know," Matt said. "It's Lumiosa. And I'm not about to go telling her to suck off every guy I meet." "Oh come on, help your friends out!" Sam begged. "Guys, don't worry, I'm gonna get you laid, but you're not doing it with Lumiosa.

She's mine." "Fine, but get us laid fast, because I'm so jealous of that blowjob you got!" Max said. "Lumiosa, I'd like to make my next wish please," Matt said to her. "Of course Master, what is it you wish for?" Lumiosa asked.

"I wish for Lucy and Laura Simmons to fall madly in love with Max and Sam. I wish for them to want nothing more than to have sex with them, as much as the boys want.

I wish that no matter how much they have sex, they won't get the girls pregnant." "Oh my God Matt, thanks!" Sam exclaimed. "And finally, I wish for them to be instantly teleported into their bedrooms, right now." "Your wish is my command, Master," Lumiosa smiled.

She snapped her fingers, and Max and Sam were instantly gone. "Did it work?" Matt asked. "Of course Master. Exactly as you commanded." "Good," Matt said, before laying on his bed. "Come and lay on the bed with me." Lumiosa did as she was instructed, and laid on the bed next to him, awaiting further instructions. "I wish to be naked." Instantly, it was so, his boner being freed from his jeans.

He then hesitated before he said the next bit. "Lumiosa, are you absolutely certain you don't mind pleasuring me?" "Master, there is nothing I want more than to serve you, and to make you happy.

If you wish for me to pleasure you, then it would be my absolute pleasure to obey." "Alright then, I will. Lumiosa, I wish for you to have sex with me." "Your wish is my command, Master." Lumiosa smiled cheekily, before giving him a passionate kiss.

Matt moaned as this gorgeous genie gave him his first kiss, before he started kissing her back. She wrapped her arms around him, and stroked his back, causing him to shudder with pleasure. Matt could feel Lumiosa licking his lips, asking for entry, and he obliged, their tongues exploring each-other's enthusiastically.

Matt and Lumiosa held each-other close, Matt's fully-erect dick rubbing against Lumiosa's stomach. Feeling adventurous, Matt grabbed his genie's ass, and she giggled.

Lumiosa then gently pushed Matt onto his back, and climbed on top of him. Matt gulped. It was time.


Time for him to lose his virginity. Lumiosa grabbed hold of his penis, and positioned it by her entrance, before she slid her vagina over it. Matt groaned, and closed his eyes from the sensations he felt; warmth, wetness, and tightness. And it all felt incredible! Once he'd come to terms with what he was feeling, Matt opened his eyes, and saw Lumiosa looking at him lovingly.

He looked down at their groins, where he saw his own pubic hair, and the very base of his penis, the rest of it being engulfed by Lumiosa's vagina. "Do you wish for me to continue, Master?" "Yeah-wait, you can't get pregnant, can you?" "Do you wish for me to get pregnant?" "Hell no." "Then no, I will not get pregnant." "Alright, just checking. Do your stuff." Lumiosa smiled once more, and then began to wiggle her hips. Matt moaned, and Lumiosa started thrusting her hips up and down. When he found the strength, Matt sat up, and grabbed her ass, before giving her a kiss.

As they made out, Matt started moving his own hips, to join the efforts she was putting in. Despite his previous blowjob, Matt's virgin stamina quickly began to show itself, and he felt himself approaching the edge. "Fuck…I'm gonna cum…" Matt moaned. "Do you wish to cum, Master?" "Yes…" "Your wish is my command." Lumiosa snapped her fingers, and Matt cried out in pleasure, as he felt his cock instantly explode with the most intense orgasm of his entire life, far surpassing the one she'd given him with her mouth earlier.

Matt fell forwards, and Lumiosa held him on top of her, stroking his back and butt, and planting kisses on him, as he fired cum deep into her. "Yes…Yes…Oh God Yes…" Matt moaned as he came. It lasted for more than a minute, until every single drop of Matt's cum had been shot into Lumiosa's vagina. Matt laid on top of her, panting, as his cock began to soften.

He gave Lumiosa a soft kiss, before his exhaustion forced him into unconsciousness. ------------------------ Matt woke up a few hours later with the feeling of his duvet on his back, warm flesh on his front, and his soft cock rubbing against something soft.

He opened his eyes, and he saw Lumiosa staring at him, still laid underneath his nude form. "Greetings Master, did you sleep well?" She asked him in her cheery voice. "Uh yeah, I did…" Matt replied, coming to terms with the fact that he hadn't dreamed it all. "I took the liberty of moving your duvet on top of you, to make you more comfortable. I hope this pleases you." "Yeah…it does. Thanks." "You are quite welcome, Master. Would you like to make another wish now?" "Not right now," Matt replied, rolling off her, and onto his back.

He looked at the clock, which said it was nearly 11am.

"Wow, we slept for a long time, eh?" "I did not sleep, Master." "What? Why?" "You did not dismiss me. I could not sleep without your permission." "Aren't you tired?" "Genies do not get tired, unless you would like me to." "So you never sleep?" "I would sleep if you commanded me to, and in my lamp I often pass into an unconscious state, particularly between Masters, but I myself do not need to sleep as humans do." "Do you not have free will though?

I mean, do you have desires?" "My only desire is to serve my Master, who at the moment is you." Matt sighed. This was one of the nicest girls he'd ever met, but he wondered if she was naturally like this, or some sort of mind control that all genies went through. He wondered if she'd always been a genie, or she'd been forced into it, and this cheeriness was her way of coping with it.

He didn't want to ask her. "Lumiosa, I don't have any more wishes for now, so you can go into your lamp and rest if you want to." "Do you want me to?" Matt sighed again. This girl really did seem incapable of thinking for herself. That would have to be worked on. "Yes, I want you to go into your lamp and rest," he told her. "At once, Master," she nodded, before becoming a cloud of smoke, which was sucked into the lamp.

"I'd better hide this thing I guess," Matt said, picking up the lamp. He didn't think anyone else could rub it and take Lumiosa for themselves, but he didn't want to risk it. And besides, he didn't want his parents asking where he'd gotten an old lamp from. He put it under his bed, and then looked around for his clothes.

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He checked his floor, and then his drawers, and there was no sign of them. Matt eventually came to the conclusion that when he'd wished himself naked, Lumiosa had made his clothes vanish into thin air, rather than putting them away.

Oh well, he could always wish them back. Matt put some clothes on, and headed downstairs for some breakfast.

His stomach was rumbling, a little bit of which was probably from what he'd burned off during sex, he assumed. Matt then thought about the sex. A few hours ago, he'd been a normal teenage boy, but since then he'd lost his virginity to the most beautiful girl he'd ever met, who'd do whatever he said, and grant his every wish.

This presented Matt wish an ethical question; was it right? He could do almost anything he wanted, and make people do whatever he wanted.

He didn't know who had sent him Lumiosa, or why.

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Maybe he was being tested, to see how he'd handle limitless power? "About time you're up, we were about to call an undertaker," Matt's dad said as he walked into the living room. "Where's Max and Sam?" "Fuck," Matt thought. He'd forgotten about them. "They're, uh…still sleeping. They're really tired." "Alright, but make sure to check they're still breathing every now and then," Matt's dad laughed, before going back to watching whatever it was that was on TV.

Matt poured himself a bowl of cereal, and ate it as quickly as possible, before running back upstairs to his bedroom. He pulled out the lamp, and rubbed it. "Yes Master?" Said Lumiosa when she emerged from the cloud of smoke, sat on her knees "What is it you desire?" "Aren't you uncomfortable sitting like that all the time?" He asked her.

"Not at all, Master," she smiled. "It feels perfectly natural for me, and it is done as a sign of respect to you.

I would feel extremely rude standing in your presence." "I don't mind if you want to stand or sit differently," Matt said, sitting down on his bed. "In fact, come and sit on the bed with me." "Yes Master," she said cheerfully, coming to sit with him.

"What about being naked all the time? You don't mind that?" "Of course not, Master. This is how I was created, and it is how my Masters normally like me.

Would you like me to wear some clothes?" "I want you to be comfortable. Do you want to wear clothes?" "Do you want me to wear clothes?" Matt sighed again. "Anyway…I'd like to make a wish. I wish for Max and Sam to come back here right now." "Your wish is my command, Master." Lumiosa snapped her fingers, and Max and Sam were instantly laid on the floor of the bedroom, naked, with fully-erect penises.


"Hey what gives!?" Sam shouted in protest at Matt interrupting them. Max however, simply moaned, as cum began to shoot out of his cock, though only a small amount, his reserves apparently depleted from his activities that morning.


"Lumiosa, I wish for you to clean up Max's cum, and dress them both how they were when you sent them away earlier," Matt ordered.

"Yes Master," Lumiosa said. She snapped her fingers, and it was done. "Hey Matt, how would you like it if we interrupted your sex?" Max asked him, clearly annoyed. "Sorry, but I didn't want to have to explain to my family where you'd gone," Matt told him. "Matt, you've got a genie!" Sam shouted. "You don't have to explain anything!

You can control anyone you want!" "Yeah!" Max added. "Though I'd love for you to send us back to the girls!" "Fine," Matt relented. "Lumiosa, I wish for you to send them back, but at 3pm they need to go home like they're supposed to." "Yes Master," Lumiosa said, and they were immediately gone again. "Lumiosa, I wish for you to return to your lamp." "As you wish, Master." Lumiosa returned to her lamp, and Matt turned his Playstation on.

He wanted to let her rest properly, and he wanted some time to contemplate what he really wanted to do with the power he'd been given. Matt didn't summon Lumiosa for the rest of the day, and in the evening, he stripped naked, and got in bed.

He held Lumiosa's lamp in his hands, feeling the warmth it was emitting. He was tempted to summon Lumiosa and ask her to sleep with him, but he decided to let her rest in the comfort of her own lamp. At least, he assumed it was comfort. He wondered what it was like in there, if she liked it. Matt put the lamp next to him under his duvet, and went to sleep. Now, Matt was a bit of a wriggler in his sleep, and he naturally ended up rubbing against the lamp.

A cloud of pink smoke shot out of it, and Lumiosa materialised in the room. "Greeting Mast-" she said, before realising he was sleeping. She couldn't return to her lamp without his permission, and she didn't want to wake him up, so she resigned herself to waiting with him until he woke up naturally.

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Lumiosa went over to Matt's bedroom window, and used her powers to see past the blinds at the street, which was illuminated by the street lights. This place, she thought, seemed very different to the one where her last Master lived. She saw many different buildings outside, all looking reasonably similar, and she wondered if her Master owned them all.

A large, metal box moved down the road, emitting lights from its front. It fascinated Lumiosa, and she wondered if her Master would eventually permit her to leave his home, in order to explore this new place she had found herself in. Lumiosa didn't know how long it had been since her last Master had died.

She had been unconscious for most of the time she had been in her lamp, but she believe it may have been centuries. Her current Master seemed a kind one, including being genuinely concerned for her. She looked forward to making life a happy one.

Figuring he probably wouldn't mind if she did so, Lumiosa left her Master's bedroom, and went to explore his home. With her powers, she looked through the various doors, and found 3 other people. In one room was a girl who looked a little bit older than her Master. A servant perhaps? Or a concubine? Or a wife? She'd served many noblemen over the years, and most of them had large harems, in which she was generally high-ranking, if not a wife. The other two people, a man and a woman, seemed older, and Lumiosa decided that, if they weren't servants, they were probably her Master's parents.

Given how they were cuddling in their sleep, Lumiosa figured they were certainly at least a couple. Lumiosa had assumed that her current Master was nobility, as his home seemed far more luxurious than the houses of the commoners she'd served in the past.

Truth be told, Lumiosa knew very little about her new Master. The other boys had called him Matt, which she assumed was his name, as the language knowledge she had extracted from their heads did not seem to indicate it was a title.

She walked downstairs, into the room where she'd first emerged from her lamp. There was what she knew was a sofa, and a large, flat screen, which she didn't know what it was. She then walked into what looked like a kitchen, though it was much smaller than she would have expected from a noble's kitchen.

She assumed one of the other buildings would have a larger one, where her Master's large feasts were prepared. This one was probably for if he desired anything in the night.

Lumiosa walked back up to her Master's bedroom, and shut the door behind her. She looked at her sleeping Master, and wondered if she should climb in bed with him. Would that please him, or would he prefer to be left alone while he slept? She eventually opted to sit on the chair next to the bed, and watch over her young Master while he slept.

She hoped that he would live a long life. It made her incredibly sad that her last Master had died under her watch. The library where he worked had been attacked by an army of invaders. He was taken by surprise, and his throat was cut.

She so desperately wanted to save him, but genies were forbidden from using their powers on their Masters without permission, which he could not give, due to an inability to speak from his injuries. She couldn't even take the pain away from him, so she'd resorted to stroking his skin softly, in a desperate attempt to try and ease his suffering as he died. After he died, she'd watched the soldiers march in, before she'd felt the pull of her lamp, and she'd been locked away inside until her new Master, this "Matt", had released her.

Lumiosa smiled at having been blessed with such a kind Master, and sat there watching over him as he slept.