Minha Vizinha Gritando De Dor AUDIO

Minha Vizinha Gritando De Dor AUDIO
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Ugh" john groaned "fuck" his mom had her lips wrapped around his cock and he was about to cum. She had her fingers going in and out of her pussy moaned into his cock and he lost it. "Ahh fuck yes" he said as he came and his beautiful mother swallowed it all.

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"Such a good little bitch aren't you" "yes sir" she answered. Then there was a knock at the door. "Come on mom let's go" he grabbed her head shoved it against his balls and made her crawl the couple steps to the door.


It was Olivia and she had already started to undo her belt and jeans "sir!" She yelled and practically ran through the door. She was about to climb onto his cock when he came up with a plan.

"Wait." They both stopped "jack?" His mom Cindy said.


'What' he thought. That was his dads name but he died before john got to know him 'she must have been thinking about him' he decided. "Shhh mom its okay" he said to her "go upstairs and put a vibrator in your pussy but no cumming" she ran upstairs and he turned to olivia. "Let me get you wet then you can go up and join her" he sat on the couch and thought her over 'lapdance' he thought and she did. She twirled her ass and pussy and got him nice and hard.

He grabbed her tit and began to suck and she slid her self right onto his cock. "Bad girl" he said and smacked her ass "so now that you're ready, go upstairs and join my mom." They could hear her moaning down there saying john and his fathers name and oohhs and ahhhs.

He watched Olivia run up waited a minute and then followed. When he got into his mothers room he saw the two of them Olivia on top, each with half the vibrator in them moaning into each others mouths. "Shit" john groaned "sir?" Olivia moaned "please sir please can you fuck my ass" she groaned "ahhhh" she yelled as he slipped his cock in stretching her out "sir can I cum please sir" Olivia asked "yes bitch cum.

mom you too" "ahhh yes ugh" they yelled together their body's shaking on top of each other "fuck" he groaned her ass gripped him and he pounded her as hard as he could "aghhhh" he groaned as he came in her tight little ass.

They laid on the bed for a while Olivia still on top of Cindy. The vibrator still buzzing and every so often one of the girls would shake in a mini orgasm. "Olivia go home and rest up were gonna have some fun tomorrow in school." She got up and left and he told his mom to get dressed and make dinner. 'I've been forgetting things lately' thought johns mom 'just like when his father was alive.

But they said it was just stress so I just need to relax'. after dinner she took a long bath and john planned what to do for school the next day. He has one class where you can't see through the door and there's more girls than guys Olivia is in it and the teacher is very sexy. 'Time to test my power' he thought to himself, and with that he went to bed to rest up for tomorrow. "John time to wake up" when he opened his eyes he saw Cindy heading in to the bathroom.

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His dick hard as a rock he heard the shower running so he closed his eyes and waited. Then the water shut off and she walked out in her robe just like every morning.

"Mom get in here" he yelled and Cindy walked in. "Can you take care of this please" she nodded yes and climbed onto the bed. She bent down slipping off the robe and wrapped her lips around his cock. She bobbed her head up and down. She was amazing and as he thought he realized he had made a mistake. He asked her to take care of it but didn't specify how. She was his mom and he had promised that it would only go as far as a blow job but then he felt it.

Her tight shaved pussy slid down on his cock. "Mmf" he grunted as his hips rose to meet her.

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"Shit" he groaned and she started riding his dick. Cindy had her hands on johns chest and was bouncing up and down moaning. "Shit mom" john growled. He began to thrust his hips to meet her "that's it john make mommy cum. Yes ugh fuck me baby yes" they continued to smash into each other "I'm cumming john!" Cindy yelled "cum with me cum into your mommys pussy yes!" "Ugh mom" john grunted.

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He held he and pumped furiously into her "ugh!!!" Cindy yelled and she leaned over and shook. She fell on top of him. She landed with her tit in johns face.

He sucked on it she continued to shake and he started to cum. "That's it john cum in your mommy" "fuck" john growled as he emptied his load into her. "go shower mom I'm going to school." John got in his car and drove to school he was very excited about what he was going to do at school that day.

He waited the whole day to get to this class it felt like forever. When he walked in everyone was in there but the hottest teacher in the school. He walked around and asked all the annoying popular guys and the nasty ones to leave, well he ordered them.

They all walked out right when Miss Owen walked in.

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What is going on here "Lock the door" miss Owen did but when she turned around she looked extremely confused. Everyone looked at john confused about what to do.

"Everyone strip" he said and they all stood up and got naked.

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"Bitch come here you two miss owen" Olivia and miss Owen walked over to john in the front of the room. "I want you two to scissor in the front of the room put on a show and get everyone hard and wet" Miss Owen grabbed Olivia and forced her down. She climbed on top and rode Olivia's pussy right in front of everyone. John walked over and stuck his cock in miss Owens mouth "Suck it bitch"

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