Japanese slut pees thru panties

Japanese slut pees thru panties
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Before I was married, I got an offer to buy my friend's uncle's farm after he passed away. It was a small farm, and had a nice little lake/marsh on it. The uncle knew I liked the place, and told his wife that he would offer to sell it to me for a good price. His widow made me the offer at the funeral, and I couldn't pass it up. I didn't do anything with the lake, other than build a small cabin on it, and the widow lived in the main farm house until she passed on.

The lake was my retreat from the city, and continued to be so even after I got married. My daughter spent a lot of time at the lake growing up, swam there, fished there, and as a teen, learned to sunbathe there. Occasionally we would bring out some of her friends, or family friends. It was a great wholesome family retreat. We were having our last family retreat there.

Kelly, my daughter was off to a full on university in a few weeks. She had lived at home for two years and did some community college classes to bring up her grades before applying to universities. She's done well and had been accepted to a good university out east. So, for old times sake, we decided to go for a last 4 day trip out to the lake. Like normal, she brought out Shayla and Kim, her best friends, to keep her company.

They we home from college for the summer, and for them too, it was a last trip before going back to school, though Kim went to a local university. It was a fun trip. My wife and I stayed in the cabin, and fucked like usual. My wife was always horny at the cabin. The girls slept in a trailer I had picked up at auction for a good price, hoping to restore and flip it for a profit. The flipping never happened. I was sitting on my little porch reading early one morning when my wife informed me that we were out of beer, and that she intended on driving into town to stock up on a few supplies.

Kelly and Shayla decided to join her, and apparently Kim threw a pillow at them, and wanted to sleep off a hangover. the most likely reason we were out of beer. Any way, about 20 minutes after they left, Kim stumbled past me to use the shower.

She returned 20 minutes later and plopped down in the chair beside me, barely wrapped in her towel. It's hard to wrap a girl like her up. She's a tall one, a volley-ball player who is the off-side hitter and a decent blocker.

She was fun to watch. I remember watching her play when the girls were in high school. She a pretty brunette, and damn competitive. I can admit that more than once I'd fantasized about those long legs wrapped around my waste. I'm no pedo, but she was a beautiful girl, and is a beautiful young lady too. She passed me a beer. "I thought we were out," I said. She replied, "I stashed two in the back of the fridge to keep them out of Shayla's hands.

That girl drinks like a sailor." We laughed, and there was a bit of silence.


"I'm gonna miss this place," she announced unexpectedly. "You're always welcome." "Ya, but Kim will be gone, so will Shayla," she said. "We had a lot of firsts here." "Okay." I said wondering where this was going. "I caught my first fish here," she said.

I visibly relaxed, so she continued.

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"I ate my first pussy here." "What?" I ws shocked, yet intrigued. "Oh ya, Kelly snuck Peter into the trailer and we were playing truth or dare." Peter had been my daughter's long time boyfriend. I liked him enough to let him fuck my daughter, because he was reasonably responsible. "We'd been drinking, and Pete dared Shayla and I to kiss. Then later, after more booze, Kelly dared Shayla to suck my tits. Eventually, it got out of hand and I was in a 69 with Shalya, while Kelly blew Peter." She looked at me, "Oops, too much info." "A little, but sounds like you had fun." I thought the conversation would stop.

"Later that year, I lost my virginity to Peter's friend Luc." "Didn't like that boy," I added. "Oh, he was a pig, but he had a thick 8 inch cock." "Christ. this is an odd conversation Kim." "I'm just reminiscing," she replied. "I had my first threesome with Kelly and Peter here. And, my first gangbang." "What?" "Ya, Kelly and I took on the men's Volleyball team from the college. Don't worry, it was after Kelly's 18th, so we were legal." she laughed.

"We lost a bet. It was fucking unreal. 10 guys fucked and then drenched both of us in cum. My pussy and ass hurt so much, and it took us hours the next day scrubbing the cabin floor." I couldn't believe it, this beautiful girl, was confessing all her sexual sins at my cabin. I wasn't too happy about my daughter being involved, but Kim's confessions had me rock hard.

Then Kim let out a moan, I didn't realize she had a hand discretely between her legs. "I have one first I want to do, and you are going to help me out," she said.

"I've always fantasized about you catching me out here, and fucking me like you do Mrs. B. I hear her ever so often, you guys can be loud.

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So, I want you to be my first maturer man. I don't think you will let me down." She stood up, and dropped the towel, and grabbed my hand. Who was I to resist, so I let her lead me inside the cabin. I wasn't worried about the girls and my wife coming back for another couple of hours. Inside the kitchen, we started kissing and she peeled my clothes off.

Standing there naked, she dropped down and started to suck my cock. She was a good cock-sucker. First she played with the tip of my cock, and licked up and down my shaft. Then she sucked me in a bit at a time until she was deep-throating me with each bob. She was a sloppy blow to. I could see her drooling over my cock, and it dripping down on her perky b-cup tits. It was sexy. She stood up and wrapped a leg around me as we kissed. With one hand, she slid my cock into her eager pussy. It slid in easy, and I started to fuck her passionately.

Then, she surprised me, and brought up her other leg, and pulled me in. Damn near broke my back, thank god she was skinny, cause she could have killed me. I kept thrusting, and moved to pin her to the wall. It saved my back, and gave me more purchase for my thrusting.

We fucked that way, for what felt (to my back) like an hour, but must have only been a couple of minutes, but she let me off, and put a leg down, and pushed me off. She leaned over the kitchen island, her firm heart-shaped ass in the air, her swollen pussy begging to be fucked.

Instead of sticking my cock in her, I dropped to my knees and licked her ass.

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It was beautiful, and I couldn't help but tongue that beautiful little rosebud. She let out a groan, and pulled me by the hair into her ass. I tongued her ass, and began to finger and lick her pussy too. Then I began inching a ginger into her ass. My tongue lubing it as it slid gently in and out. She already said she got ass-fucked during her gang-bang, and I wanted a piece of that ass.

I had a finger in her ass, and a finger in her cunt, and I was pumping them in a good rhythm.

She was enjoying it, at least by the sounds she was making, and that she pushed back into each thrust of my hand. I looked into her eyes, as she looked back at me.

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Her eyes pleaded with me to fuck her, give her what she wanted and needed, but I wanted to keep toying with her.

Then she shuddered, and came. It wasn't a huge one, but she stopped breathing for a moment, and collapsed against the counter. When she recovered, I played with her a bit more.

I could do her like this all day. One problem was, that I didn't have all day. The other problem was that my cock was throbbing and aching to be in her. So, I put her out of her misery. I stood up and withdrew my fingers from her. I slid my cock deep in her pussy, and pushed my thumb in her ass. I love the feeling of something pushing on my cock in a woman's pussy.

I learned a long time ago that if I needed to cum fast, just shove a thumb in, and it would only be minutes before I was cumming. I also learned that I can recover quick from that. My wife and I did a threesome with a black friend of mine, and while we were DPing her, I came twice. I just couldn't get over the sensation of being squeezed in there. Anyway, I was working myself up, and I hadn't even fucked her ass yet.

"I want your ass," I told her.


"Do you have lube?" Not the sexy answer I had hoped for, but a good question. I looked around for the old roman sex remedy. I grabbed the olive oil, and poured a dollop on her as my cock pushed against her butt-hole. She clenched, and released, and I slid a bit in. She repeated that until I was all the way in her ass, gently rocking in and out.

She felt so fucking amazingly tight. I started out gentle, and got a bit more forceful. She was trying to play with her clit, but the counter was too high, so I pulled at her elbows, making her arch up. Fuck, I could never dot this with my wife because she's short, but Kim was the perfect height.

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I was getting close to cumming, so I pulled out again. escorted her to the kitchen table, and laid her down on it. I knew it was the right height to slide into her ass or pussy, as I had fucked my own wife there many times, including the night before. I slid back into her ass, and watched her as she played with her clit. I got a good rhythm, and her eyes were closed, enjoying it as well.

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She took my cock in her ass well. Gotta love a girl who enjoys anal. I reached down and squeezed one of her nipples, causing her eyes to pop open in shock.

I smiled, and kept fucking her ass a little harder. I closed my eyes as well. It was her turn to get me to pop open my eyes. She slid her fingers inside her pussy, and was pressing hard on the top of my cock. That put me over the edge. I pumped her a few more times hard, and unloaded a huge load of cum in her ass. I stayed inside until I was soft. She sat up, and we made out as my cum dripped out of her ass onto the table and onto the floor. "I've never let anyone cum inside me before." she told me.

I was a bit shocked that she hadn't told me before. I'd have unloaded in her pussy if she hadn't let me take her ass. It wouldn't really matter, as I was fixed years ago, but still. We cleaned up the table and floor and went to the shower together. In the shower, I cleaned her, then she cleaned me, and then I fucked her pussy standing up.

It was absolutely amazing. I have to admit, I had affection for her when she was a girl, because she was sweet. I never thought for a minute that I would ever have had sex with her. But that day in the cabin, I think I fell in love with this young woman. It was erotic, but because of who we were, it was kinda loving as well. Sure, we knew it would probably be a one time thing, fuck, she has her whole life ahead of her. But it was amazing. I filled her pussy with cum, so she got another first.

We were cleaned up, and out of the shower in time for the other girls to get back. Kim was cooking onions and making us and omelet, perhaps to disguise the smell of sex in the kitchen, but damn I was hungry again. When I fucked my wife that night, I couldn't help but imagine Kim's ass. I didn't tell her about Kim, though normally I do when I have a bit of extramarital fun. I didn't know how she'd react to me fucking our daughter's friend. I barely talked to Kim the last day and a half.

When I walked down to the lake one last time before going home, she followed me.


When I asked her if she was Ok with what we did, she said she was. She rubbed my cock through my jeans and jokingly asked if we could have a quicky before heading back to the cabin. My cock stirred, but everything was pretty much packed, and we were ready to go. I have to admit, I hope that the girls would want to go to the cabin again the next summer.

I hope. I also wondered if there is a chance of a threesome with Kim and Shayla. I'd never really paid attention to her either, but she had a great huge rack.