Tamed Teens presents Ana and Ellie in rough teen spanking scene

Tamed Teens presents Ana and Ellie in rough teen spanking scene
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If you are against father/daughter sex involving a fictional 12 year old girl, do not read this story. Otherwise, enjoy. - Skeletons in the Closet ---- - -- Jack sighed heavily in laziness as he finished settling down onto the carpeted floor of the small nine by seven foot empty walk-in closet. He stared up to the lightly cracked, but otherwise textureless ceiling, waving his eyes around the bare light bulb in an effort to avoid blinding himself on the magnetic spectacle.

The walls were starch white and speckled with the holes of the last organizational design. It was his job and time now to invent a new one. Fifteen days into the new house and his wife wanted a bit more attention paid to the master bedroom and a bit less to the entertainment one. Jack's naked shoulder blades squirmed over the soft, plush carpet as he scooted his khaki shorts around into a more comfortable position.

No shirt, no shoes, no worries. There was nothing but the cloth of his shorts and boxers weighing him down. He released another relaxing sigh and thought to himself what he could possibly due to this so small of a windowless room. He already knew he had to change that damned door. "Slacking on the job, daddy?" a young girl's voice broke the silence.

Jack looked up to his daughter's face smiling at him from peaking into the propped open door. Her hair was damp and matted. The youthful twelve year old then gently pushed her way into the small room, guiding the miniature plastic trashcan deeper in and out of the doorway.

Walking in, her delicately thin arms triangled down to the hem of the oversized shirt she wore, stretching it just a bit further over her crotch. Jack's tense gaze struggled hard not to look down to where his daughter was making such an effort to block him from seeing. "What're you up to?" he asked trying to keep his curious mind occupied. "Nothing, just finished my shower," she said stepping closer. The door creaked behind her as it slowly fell closed and then clicked with a shut.

Jack's eyes popped open wide. "Uh oh," he voiced concernedly. "What?" Jessie questioned with a bit of anxiety seeing her father's expression. Jack pulled himself up quickly and crawled to the door. Jessie moved out of his way. Twisting the knob, Jack swore under his breath. "It's locked?!" Jessie panicked. "That's why I had the trash can there." "Why is there a lock on a closet door? Why is it on the outside?" Jessie was becoming very nervous. "I don't know. I didn't put it there.

Calm down honey." "Mom's not coming back until tomorrow night though and I saw your phone on your mattress when I took your shirt." "Calm down sweetie. I'll figure something out." He was already standing up and pulling his little girl into a secure embrace. Jack's body motioned hers in a semi circle so he could look at the door and think. He had messed with that door before. It was solid slab wood and build to last.

He looked to the doorknob. No screws on this side. It fit snuggly to the frame. That part of the door was just as firm as the solid wood. The hinges. Those things looked like they would give him trouble even if he did have the proper tools.

If he could pull out one of them though, he was sure he could use that one to push out the others. But to get that one out in the first place. He would lose all his fingernails if he even tried. The trashcan was a rubbery plastic. Jack's heart rate began to increase.

He couldn't believe it. They were actually trapped. There was absolutely nothing he could do. He thought harder. The light bulb wouldn't help. Looking for anything useful beyond that source of light would probably lead to electrocution.

It was the afternoon. They would be stuck in there for almost day and a half. Maybe if he punched holes in the walls, this was a house being remodeled. Look for something inside there. He knew enough about construction to know that was unlikely. But to punch a hole to the other side of the door and open it from the outside. The door though was way too close to the corner. The studs and drywall were the strongest there.

Kick a large hole with his bare heel to the other side and have Jessie squeeze out. "Did you figure it out yet daddy?" Jessie mewed into his chest. Just then taking notice to how she so calmly breathed in his abs through her nose wiped Jack's mind. He could feel wetness where her eyes pressed. How she trusted him. How she derived so much safety from him.

If there was ever a problem, leave it up to daddy to find all the possible solutions. Jack was lost. Trying to regather what he was just thinking, he only came up with everything that he came to conclude was an ultimate failure. "I'm sorry honey.

It looks like we're camping." "With no food or water. Or bathroom." Her voice was trembling. "A day and a half is nothing for food and water, especially if we don't get too active. For the bathroom, we have a trashcan and some trash bags." "Daddy…" Jack squatted down to his little girl and looked her squarely in the face.

"Sweetie, do I look scared?" "N-no." "Then you definitely shouldn't be scared. Think of this as an adventure. Just you and me for a whole day. You can't ask for more daddy time than this." Jessie's face broke into a coy smile.

"I guess. It's a day and a half though." "Just think of it as we were captured by evil minions because we were doing good stuff, or something like that; and now we have to survive in the dungeon until the great Queen finishes her journey to set us free.


Are you going to give the bad guys what they want or are you going to be tough and not let them get to you." "I'm going to be tough," she muffled.

"What's that?" "I'm going to be tough," she said with almost fake enthusiasm, but with a definite smile. "There we go," he congratulated her.

"Now we have a day and a half together, you want to start it off by lying down together, maybe talk some." Jessie clammed back up, looking away from her father's eyes. "What's wrong now, sweetie?" "U-um," she quivered very quietly. I-I'm not wearing an-any underwear." Her voice was almost inaudible. Jack gulped to himself. "Um," he said nervously back to her, "I'm not wearing a shirt." "Daddy…, it's not the same and you know it." "Well, if we're both lying down, I won't be able to see anything, now will I." "Fine," Jessie agreed to change the subject, "don't look though." "I won't," he said.

"I'll look the other way right now as I go down." Jack let go of his daughter and turned away from her. As he got himself situated onto the floor, Jessie followed cautiously while she made sure to keep the shirt pulled extra long over herself.

After hearing his child finish shifting around, Jack looked back over to her face. "All comfortable?" he asked. He found it harder than he imagined to keep his eyes on her face.

Were she wearing pants, gazing down there occasionally would mean nothing, now though… "Yes. Stop trying to look. I see your eyes waving up and down." "Sorry, I'm just not use to being forced to only look at your face." "You're not forced," Jessie tried reasoning. "It's, it's just, embarrassing." "Well then, why are you not wearing underwear?" "I just came from my shower. I walked into your room with just a towel on and saw your shirt on the bed.

So I put it on. Sometimes I don't wear underwear under your shirts; it wasn't a big deal or anything. But I didn't know I would be stuck with you." "You know, I used to see you down there all the time," Jack said to her.

"Yeah, and then I turned seven and we stopped bathing together. I still don't see why we had to." "That was your mother's doing, not mine. She's lightened up a lot after that. She said if she could do it again, she'd give us another year, maybe two. But by the time she realized how self-conscious you got, it was too late to start back up again." "I'm not self-conscious," Jessie defended. "You're not so bad anymore. But you were there for quite some time.

Almost snobbish. Stopped appreciating the simple things in life." "Well, you can't get much more simple than this," Jessie waved her hands around. "Do you appreciate it?" "Ha," she laughed. Then looked to her father. "A little. At least I'm with you." "Three years ago, you wouldn't have stopped yelling and crying until you got out of here and got to play with all your toys and friends.

Three years before that, you would have thought this was the greatest adventure in the world." "It's called growing up, daddy." "Well, I'm grown up and I'm just fine without all the stuff you seem to need." "Yeah, but you're daddy, so you're different." The conversation progressed, slowly changing into two more topics in the course of an hour and a half before the two fell silent, staring up at the ceiling.

They laid together for another half hour in the quiet before Jack tried taking his daughter's small hand into his large one. Jessie pulled away before even thinking. "Am I not even allowed to touch you because you're not wearing underwear?" "I'm sorry, daddy. I didn't mean to pull away." Jessie's hand crawled back to her father's and took a hold of it. "I was kind of hoping you would forget about me not having underwear on too, but I guess that's just going to keep haunting me." "Sorry, sweetie.

I wasn't thinking about it," he lied, "it just popped into my head right then without notice." The two rotated their heads back down toward each other. "What time is it do you think?" Jessie asked.

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"Maybe two o'clock." "I think that will be the hardest part. Not knowing the time." "Well, we can see the sunlight from under the door, so we'll know when it gets dark." They fell into silence for a few more moments. "So," Jack sparked back up, "see any good looking boys in the neighborhood yet?" "Noo. Daddy…" "Just asking. We have a lot of time, might as well talk about it." "I don't think right now is the best time for one of those talks," Jessie complained.

"How about you give me a talk then? Talk to me about stuff you might think I would talk to you about." "Like, one of those talks?" "Yeah. Why don't you give me a talk? And I'll listen to everything you say." "I don't know," Jessie questioned. After a short pause, she started back up. "Um, is there any girls you have your eyes on?" she asked nervously. "Just your mom." "Good. You should keep it that way." She waded quietly in thought.

"Um, do you have any questions?" "Uh, where do babies come from?" Jack asked amusedly. "Daddy…" "Don't ask me a question if you're not prepared to hear the answer. That's a very important thing to learn." "Fine… Um, well, when a man and a woman do it, um, when he puts his sperm in her, it goes into her womb where she sometimes has an egg.

Uhh, daddy…" "You're doing great." "Aaah. Well, then, then the sperm fertilizes the egg and a baby starts to grow. It grows for nine months and then it comes out of the girl's you-know-what. When we get out of here, I'll give you the book on pollination that you gave me a long time ago, if you want more details." "Interesting," Jack responded. "What's a you-know-what?" "Aahh, it's a, a vagina." "Coool." "Jeez," Jessie exhaled.

They went back to silence. "Are we going to have to lay down for the entire day and a half," Jack complained. "Mmmmmmm," Jessie moaned and then gulped. "We can sit up I guess. Just let me go first." Jessie cautiously pulled her body up and scooted back against the wall. She made extra sure the whole time to keep the shirt between her legs. Jack then sat up and pushed himself to the other wall facing his daughter not even thinking. "Daddy, that's the worst spot to sit," she complained.

Jack inhaled deeply. He knew he unconsciously did pick a bad spot for the situation, but still he wasn't going to take this mood of hers for a whole another day. He stood up abruptly, startling Jessie, and reached to the button on his khaki shorts. In three seconds, they were falling to his ankles. Then his thumbs dipped into his boxers.

Jessie was too stunned to speak. She saw him pushing his underwear down and instinctively closed her eyes and looked away. Seconds later, she felt them fall onto her legs.

"Honey, they may not fit, but you can wear those. It seems you need them more than me. I have nothing to hide from you, but for your sake, I'll turn out the light just in case." Jessie peeked up momentarily to see what her father was doing and caught his completely naked body reaching up with his shorts in his hand to unscrew the light bulb partway.

The light flickered out and with it, so did all of Jessie's pride. Did she really push her father that far? Was he really that mad at her? He gave her his own underwear to shut her up.

Because she was too proud to be seen by her own daddy. Jessie immediately jumped up and leaped to the barely there shadow that was her father. She almost knocked him off balance as he attempted to put his shorts back on but he ditched those to save himself. Jessie pulled him into a sobbing hug. "I'm so sorry daddy. Please forgive me.

I don't need you're boxers.


I don't care anymore. You're just daddy. I love you." Jack was pushed back to the wall where his legs gave way slowly and he skidded down to the floor. His bare butt bumped hard into the shag rug and so inappropriately, his daughter's naked crotch bounced over his own thankfully flaccid one. "I'm sorry daddy," Jessie cried into him. "It's alright," he tried consoling her. He had to get her off of him. He was growing, and fast. "I didn't mean anything I said. I wasn't thinking.

I don't know why I was being so immature. Mmm," she finished in a surprised moan. Jack's full erection was warmly squeezing itself between his twelve year old daughter's butt cheeks. The two remained completely silent and motionless for nearly a minute, only feeling each other's increasing heartbeats. "I'm sorry daddy," Jessie said again with a little fear in her voice. Jack could tell she was apologizing for something different now. "For what?" he asked soothingly.

"For this. For what's happening now." "Why are you sorry? This isn't your fault." "It's not your fault daddy. I pushed you down here." "Shhh," he tried calming her down. "We're not supposed to be like this." "Honey," Jacked breathed into her hair. "There is nothing wrong. Calm down. What's different from now and when we bathed together, or when you normally sit on my lap." "Daddy, how is this not different?" "Honey, the most important thing your mother and I want you to learn is that you control your own life.

Just like being locked in this closet, it's all how you perceive it. If you make a big deal out of it, it will be a big deal. If you don't, then it's just an experience, or something to learn from." "But," "But what?" Jack asked. "What right now is making you think this is wrong? And what is making you think that? Talk it out." He was making quite a few gulps between his dialogues in this situation. His hot, thick cock running up the length between his child's butt cheeks.

"Um, because our privates are so close together. They're touching and they're both naked." "Okay. Do you never want our privates to touch?

Is that something you want never to happen, or is it something that you don't mind? What do you want, not what do your friends want, or what somebody else told you, how do you want to live your life?" Jack was walking himself through this just as much as he was his daughter. His argument was so blatantly biased to the lack of blood in his brain. "Um," Jessie stuttered, "um, just me, um, I don't really care too much.

It makes me nervous, but not in a bad way." "Now how do you feel about doing this to other people, other boys?" "No," Jessie jeered. "I don't want that. I love just you daddy. I don't trust them or like them that much." "What about telling other people about how you feel?" "Stuff like this is none of their business.

I won't tell on you daddy," she looked up to his face. "I didn't mean it like that," he lied down to her nervously. Jessie smiled in the dark as she continued hugging her naked father. They sat in embrace silently. Within the next ten minutes, Jack noticed a considerable increase in heat coming from the crotch of his child. He also swore he could feel wetness down there. After a slight repositioning that confirmed the feeling of a small amount of liquid down there to both of them, Jessie's whole body heated up and then very slowly cooled down with her pubic region.

The hug lasted another hour, then another. Both of them bobbed in and out of light sleep. Jack's erection died and was reborn about five different times. Jessie always smiled into his chest at the sensations it gave her. It was dark in the bottom crack of the door before the two were forced awake by Jessie sneezing. She shuffled around and before thinking about what she was doing, she pulled off of her father.

"I have to go pee," she mewed quietly. "Use the trashcan. I'll go after you and then tie up the bag." "Um, can you turn the light back on? I really don't like being in the dark. There could be spiders or something." "You want to put on my boxers beforehand?" Jack asked. "No. I'm fine. I kinda want to be forced to accept you looking at me.

I don't want to feel embarrassed around you anymore." "Should I put them back on myself then?" "I, I think it will be easier if I'm not the only one without underwear, maybe." "As you wish." Jack stood up and reached around the ceiling gently for the light bulb. He found it and screwed it back in. The light burst back on, blinding both of them. It took close to two minutes before Jack and his daughter had the full capabilities to acknowledge the nudity of his body. It was indeed uncomfortable, but his daughter not making a big deal of it did seem to relax a lot of the pressure.

In fact, his daughter's suspicious attention relieved quite a bit of his own self-consciousness. Jessie turned away coyly and looked down to the trashcan. There were a few trash bags in the corner. "Um, can I go, then we tie it up, then you go in another? This room isn't too airy. It'll probably smell up quick." Jack looked over to the extra bags. "Looks like we only have three extra bags and another day in here. I don't think that's a good idea. Maybe if we both went at the same time," he kidded.

He personally didn't think the smell would be a problem. "How would we do that?" Jessie didn't catch the joke. "Uh, well, I guess while you go, I go down the gap between your legs," he gave a half reasonable answer, still half kidding. "Umm," Jessie bit her lower lip. "I guess so." She seemed to think he was being completely serious and wasn't really giving her the choice.

"Really?" he asked a bit in shock. Jessie's demeanor suddenly changed as he challenged her judgment. Her eyes squinted and her face twisted in embarrassment.

Jack caught on immediately. "Come on then," he directed, walking over to the trashcan. Eager to go with the flow, Jessie followed. "Okay, you squat right here." The very nervous twelve year old obeyed. As she squatted, she reluctantly lifted up her father's shirt that she wore, displaying her childhood to that man's starving eyes. It took all of Jack's willpower to keep his manhood half limp so he could actually pee. "Okay," he stuttered looking to her barest, fleshy, little pre-teenaged vaginal slit.

He gulped. "Uh, where do you think the stream is going to go? Lean forward or pull up the can to where you think it will go into it." Jessie leaned forward onto her father's shoulder blocking both of their views of her private part. She peered back down to see if she was lined up correctly.

She definitely didn't want to miss. "Is that good?" her father asked as he looked around her to line himself up the best he could with the limited mobility of his half erect state. "Yeah," she muttered. "Okay then, go when you can." Both of them pushed for it. It took nearly thirty seconds before either of them had the power to actually start urinating. Jessie got it first, then seconds later her father. And unfortunately, she was blocking his view from where he was going.

Her eyes squinted closed as she moaned onto his shoulder. His solid stream of hot liquid urine was being hosed onto her vagina, splashing down over her tucked in clitoral hood and running down her slit to pour into the trashcan. And all while her body had lost control and was funneling out her own excess fluids.

It seemed to last forever. The hot gush of water spraying onto her virgin organ. That same water that was being forced out the head of her daddy's penis. Jack finished just before his daughter did. He had a considerably stronger stream than her. Having heard both of them stop, he wondered why his little girl was still leaning onto him. Without asking, he gently guided her back up onto her own support.

The child's face was flushed and filled with a mixture of shame, embarrassment, and fear. Jack looked down to her private part. It was soaked; it was dripping wet. "What happened?" "You peed on me," she choked. "Why didn't you tell me?" he asked embarrassed for himself. Her face looked like it wanted to cry in shame; as if it was all her fault, first for blocking his view, then being too nervous to tell him what he was doing.

What was more was that she couldn't tell if she was bad nervous or good nervous, the latter making her feel even worse. "Sweetie, it's okay," Jack consoled her. "I'm sorry, it was my fault. I thought I didn't hear my stream hit the bag but I wasn't sure. It's not your fault." He backed away as she stood up and locked her knees for more support. He grabbed his boxers and turned back around to hand them to her but found her already wiping herself dry with the shirt she wore. Catching himself about to make her more self-conscious of what she was doing, he instead pulled the trashcan from under her and tied up the bag.

"I'm sorry daddy," she sniffled. "It's okay honey. Let's just forget about this starting now. We're both embarrassed about it." Jack finished putting a new trash bag in over the old one. "Okay," she sniffed.

"C-can we lay down again." "Absolutely." He pushed the can back into the corner and went to go lay down. "Can you look away just for a few seconds please, daddy?" Jack obeyed, turning his head away.

He kept facing there until he heard his daughter lying down beside him on the ground. Turning back, his eyes met his child's face where he found it impossibly hard not to look down at the sea of bare skin his peripheral vision was picking up on.

"Um, you can look, I guess. I don't want to force you to look at just my face." Jack gulped hard. "I'll keep that in mind. But I'll try not to look just to look." At that, he broke already and was peering down her buck naked body. Her breasts were so illegally undeveloped. They were barely there, but they were definitely there.

And her littlest budding nipples. His eyes quickly shot back up to her face. "Can you draw on my tummy?" she asked nervously. "Are you sure?" "It's just my tummy," she swallowed. "Okay." Jack rolled onto his side, pulling his left arm out from under him and using it as a pillow, then reaching out his right over his child's belly. His index finger pointed down and he gently began running up, down, and around her sporadically tensing stomach. He counted two times for sure that he caught himself looking back down to his twelve year old's chest.

It was becoming increasingly hard to look at her face. "Daddy?" "Yes sweetie?" "Can I ask you some more questions like having one of those talks?" "I'm not sure this is the best time." Jessie looked to her father sporting a very disapproving face. It was most purely an accusation of his hypocrisy. "Alright honey," Jack gave in. "Um, remember when we sometimes talk about touching yourself and that stuff?" Jack was amazed at how fast his mouth was producing saliva. It was still plenty wet after almost constant gulps.

"Yes sweetie." "You said that even you touch yourself for relief. When mommy's not around or stuff like that.


Um, I heard kids talk about finding their parent's 'porn.' I heard them describe what it was like. I even saw a little bit in a magazine, but I never saw it again, I swear." "Okay," Jack was becoming increasingly anxious. "Um, so I kinda looked for yours. Since I heard all guys have it. I was just curious, that's all." "Did you find any?" Jack asked. His stomach felt nothing like the soothing lines he drew onto his daughter's.

"I found some. It was like I heard described, and some of the pictures I saw. But I also found other stuff. You have cartoons too.

And they have girls my age. A lot of them younger. But they looked like what porn is. Is that porn too?" Jack thought to himself that he really had to lower the time limit for that password protected screen saver to kick in. "Yes sweetie," he reluctantly answered truthfully. "So, um, then you touch yourself to those cartoons?" "Yes, sometimes." "A lot of those girls in them look really pretty." Jack couldn't tell if there was a hint of defeat in her voice or not.

His ring finger forced into her belly button and he set his hand down on her tummy. "Much prettier than me," Jessie mewed. Jack definitely could distinguish the defeat then. "Sweetie, how could you ever think that a cartoon is more beautiful than you? A cartoon is a cartoon. You're a real person. They don't even compare. If you turned nine tenths of those characters into real people, they'd look horribly disfigured." He could see his words weren't doing too much. He popped his finger from her naval and began moving his hand up her body.

He stopped just short of her breasts. Were she wearing a shirt, it would have been nothing more than a warm fatherly touch to the heart. Without the shirt though… "You are beautiful honey. If I had to choose between you and them for the most amazing daughter, they'd have no chance against you." "Duh. You don't want them to be your daughter.

You think other things about them. I'm just the little girl who sits in the background." "Sweetie," Jack said in confusion. "Would you rather not be my daughter?" "Noo!" Jessie cried in frustration. "It's just that you have a thousand pictures of little girls on your computer, and you don't even think twice about me, the real one.

It's because they're prettier than me. They all got really pretty hair, perfect skin, really cute eyes. My hair is messy, my eyes aren't cute at all, my skin isn't perfect." "Honey, your hair is amazing, your eyes are phenomenal, and your skin is so perfect, it's not fair to all the other real girls. I'm your father though, and that means I can't be your boyfriend. Otherwise, I would be in a heartbeat." Jessie's stomach grumbling broke the silence between talking.

Both of them ignored it. "Really?" "In a single heartbeat." Jessie rolled over and scooted to hug her father. Using her weight, she pushed him onto his back. "So, am I really that pretty?" she asked wanting to hear the answer again. "You're amazingly pretty." "You know, a lot of my clothes I get are based on what I see in those pictures." "Uh, when did you find them?" "Like a year and a half ago, maybe two.

I was ten at the time. I put a lot of them on my computer later on." Jessie pushed her body back to set her face onto her father's chest. In the act, she reamed one of her vaginal lips onto the top of his penis.

The bulbous lip squeezed and slid to the side, guiding the head of the organ into the slit. Thankfully it stopped just below the canal. Both of them inhaled sharply at the event. "Sorry," Jessie squinted as she pulled back up a bit. "Gotta be careful," Jack swallowed. "Don't want to lose your virginity to me." Jessie was willfully trying to shut her mind down already, hoping that if she fell asleep where she was, she might wake up there as well. "It's not that big of a deal if it's you," she quietly half yawned.

Another pool of saliva was funneled down Jack's throat. To have a twelve year old girl tell him that while she lay naked on top of him… In about twenty minutes, Jessie's imagination turned off and she fell asleep.

By the end of the hour, Jack's finally was forced down and he went too. Jessie woke up on her stomach, on the floor. Her shoulder blade was being gently massaged by her father's hand.

She turned her head to look at him. Jack was on his side facing his daughter. His expression was almost of a half-conscious drunk as he pathetically clung to the sleep he was barely in.

Waking up meant to acknowledge how hungry and thirsty he really was. Jessie looked down his body to his half flaccid penis. She smiled at the sliver of sunlight she saw under the door.

She then tediously turned her body over as to not disturb her father, lifting his massaging hand up and then delicately setting it back down on her chest.

She closed her eyes and began breathing through her mouth at the feeling of her daddy caressing her tiniest naked breast. In the quietest voice she could whisper, she muttered what she thought. "Let's see you do this to a stupid cartoon." They laid there like that for over another hour. Jessie fell back asleep for brief moments but was usually woken back up when her daddy spontaneously began spinning one of her nipples. She checked every time, but he was definitely asleep, or at least not awake.

Jack awoke to himself pulling his daughter into a warm, adult embrace. He stopped abruptly before they made too much contact. The rumble of his daughter's stomach just then brought back the dreaming memories of the buffet he was gorging himself on. He was surprised at how little his daughter was complaining about everything now. "Today's the day we get saved," he mumbled. "I'm soo thirsty," Jessie grumbled. "I reckon we got about eight, maybe ten hours left." "Ahh man." Jack pushed himself up.

Jessie followed. The two sat cross legged opposite of one another. Jack couldn't help but flexing in his restraint to not stare at the slit of his daughter. It was as exposed as it would ever be with her legs spread open so wide. "Urine is ninety-five percent water, you know," he said. "What's the other five percent?" Jessie asked with a not so amused face. "Nutrients from your blood that your body didn't immediately need. It's all completely sterile. It's the other end that's got the dirty job." "I'm not that thirsty," Jessie emphasized.

"It's not all that unpopular in eastern Asia." "How about we wait until tomorrow and discuss it then, daddy?" "Alright. Do you have to use the bathroom?" "Not really. I can wait. Unless you have to go?" "No." They silently looked to each other. On occasion, Jack noticed his little girl taking a peak down to his crotch. On more than occasion, Jack found himself trying to take his eyes off hers.

Five minutes, ten minutes, fifteen grueling minutes. Just when Jack thought the awkward staring game would never end, Jessie stood up onto her knees and waddled over to him. She reached him and climbed onto his lap, wrapping her long naked legs around his waist, but keeping their private parts a good eight inches from each other. Jack was beyond hard. He looked down to his little girl very nervously. He didn't know what she was doing but there was no way he was going to stop her if it was something inappropriate.

"Daddy, are you having any fun in here?" Jessie asked too innocently. "Or do you have a bad feeling in your belly because you're trying to avoid stuff?" "I'm having a great time," he lied.

"I'm with the greatest person ever." "My tummy feels bad," Jessie complained. "You're just hungry," Jack consoled. "Not that, I mean, it's more than that. We're here together which is great and all, but it's like since we're naked, we're not allowed to do a lot of stuff.

Like we have to stay away from each other. It's no fun." "We can do anything you want, sweetie. You name it, and we'll do it." "I want to stop being embarrassed. I just want everything that can be done, done.

That way it's no big deal. Like you said earlier, I want to stop making things such a big deal." "What's on your mind? What's the big deal that you want to make small." Jack knew this probably wasn't going to end legally, hell, he wasn't even sure if what they were doing then was legal. But not even he could deny the tension in the small room. Eight to ten more hours like that and they would probably end up resenting each other for the agony they went through. "Well, our private parts.

They're not really private anymore. So I just wanted to not keep pretending they are." "How do we do that?" Jack gulped.

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"Can, um, I think we should touch, touch each other. That way it's not a big deal anymore. Because it's just done and nothing special. I mean we're not boyfriend and girlfriend so it doesn't mean anything, right?" "Sweetie," Jack swallowed again, "it only means what you make it to mean." "So can I touch you then? Just to make it not a big deal anymore." "Sure," he whispered hard. "W-will you touch me?" "Are you sure?" he asked.

"Y-yeah. So that way we both did it and it's no big d-deal." Jack lifted his hand and touched his daughter's leg. He gently ran up the top of it with his fingers and stopped just before reaching her belly. "Where do you want me to touch?" "Um, you know. Down there." Her eyes were so big and innocent and she pointed with her chin. Again, Jack was in awe at how hydrated his mouth seemed to be while the rest of his body ached for water.

His fingers traced delicately down the inside of her leg and so cautiously moved to press onto the lips of his twelve year old daughter. A tiny coo escaped the child's closed mouth. Jack just wanted to hold still after he made that initial contact, but feeling the bare lips of his girl, her shortest and softest peach fuzz, his hand couldn't help but travel further down almost into cupping her.

Several more soft moans escaped her throat. Jessie reluctantly accepted that it was now her turn and as casually as she couldn't do, she took her father's incredibly hard penis into her tiny fingers. "It's so warm and soft. And really smooth," she added as her hand made a half pump under her weak grip. "You're just the same," Jack breathed heavily.

Both of them quieted down and proceeded in feeling the other's genitals. Jack couldn't believe that his daughter's preteen vagina was in his hand, that he was caressing it in a way he knew would stimulate her, and that in return, she seemed almost to be jacking him off as well. "Am I doing it right?" Jessie asked through her hard breaths. Her hand was slowly running up and down the length of her father's organ.

"What are you trying to do?" he so reluctantly asked, already guessing. "Make you feel good." "You don't need to do that," Jack choked out. How he got himself to be so modest in his choice of deterrents, he'd never know. "I want to. I want to make you feel good.

Like you're doing to me." "I'm sorry honey, I didn't mean to," he said in so much pain as he forced himself to pull away from her. Jessie instantly reached with her free hand and stopped his motion.

"No. Please don't stop daddy. Please." She looked up into his quivering eyes. "I love you daddy." "Sweetie, you have no idea what's going on in my head. I can't do what you want me to do without hurting you." "Can you turn off the light then? Please." "I'm sorry honey," he swallowed. What she said almost sounded hurt, but she looked perfectly neutral. "Can you just turn out the light?

We can just hug then. If we can't see each other, maybe it will be easier for you to just hug me." Jessie backed up off her father's lap and dropped her bare butt to the carpet. Jack looked down to her and obeyed. Standing up, he made his way to his shorts and picked them up. He reached to the light bulb and twisted it until it flickered off. As he sat back down, he felt his daughter reaching around his chest and arms, and then she climbed onto him.

It would be some time before their eyes adjusted to the small sliver a light breaking through under the door. Within that entire sixty seconds since Jessie backed off her father and he turned out the light, she had just finished situating herself back on him exactly as before. She took his member back into her grip. Jack gave no opposition, but neither did he return the favor. For ten, maybe fifteen minutes, he felt as his daughter tugged and massaged his organ. It took all of his strength to keep from spraying her naked body with his sperm.

Thankfully, eventually she gave up. "See daddy," she said happily. "Now it's no big deal for me to touch you." At that, she reached around her father and pulled herself into him, nestling her little girl crack around her father's molten pipe. Her feet behind him, curled in and were almost suctioned to his butt she pulled so tightly. At the sensation running through her netherlands, she shivered and ground her crotch into his momentarily.

A few seconds after that, she almost mimicked it again, but this time in a much slower, more structured way. Jack's eyes rolled to the top of his head at feelings of his twelve year old grind her naked, moist vagina into his boiling, exposed cock. "Sweetie," he pleaded tremblingly. "Daddy? I'll never tell anyone. So you won't get in trouble. That means the rest is what you make it to be. Why can't this just be normal or small?

It feels so good to make it a big bad thing." This girl was determined when she had something on her mind. And like her mother, she knew just when to bring up past things that he had said and use them against him. Jack's eyes quivered and waved about in the dark as the crease between two underdeveloped vaginal lips spread around his member and did a slow, wet pole dance. The humidity locked between the two was making his dick uncomfortably stick to his belly so he took a hold of his daughter and shifted her a bit.

Jessie squirmed at first but then smiled as she realized that he was just making it feel better for himself. In time, she began getting more bold after that. After maybe three minutes, she was actually lifting her body off his lap about an inch to rub longer strokes.

Jack found himself involuntarily reacting to her. Moving opposite of her to make each swipe longer and smoother. He couldn't believe what he was doing.

And then it dawned on him what he was really doing. Right after a particularly deep pull back, he realized that he wasn't just trying for longer strokes, he was trying to 'accidently' pop under her.

As he debated and scolded himself for his thoughts, his actions still played out. He couldn't control them if he tried. "Uuugn," Jessie groaned. It finally happened. Jack's manhood slipped out from between them and popped under his daughter's virginity.

As she dropped her weight back down, the head of his defilement broke her lips wide open and ran up the length of her slit. He had been forced at least an inch inside his child.

A hot thick liquid seemed to be coating him from just inside her lips. Both of them took very deep breaths and their muscles locked.

Unfortunately for Jessie, hers weren't that strong, and they were the only things holding her up. Jack could do nothing as he felt his twelve year old slowly sink deeper and deeper onto the organ that conceived her in the first place. There was no way he could battle the ever increasing feeling of being inside her body.

So slowly, Jessie's canal stretched wider and longer to her entire weight falling on her father's penis. Pain, only dulled by the massive pressure of her father's sex organ penetrating her and a day without food and water, stung into her body as if someone was teasing a freshly open wound inside her.

Jack couldn't believe that he was actually penetrating something so small, so incredibly tiny. She was beyond tight. Was it not for all her weight dropping down and a new source of hot lubricant, they would have never been able to interlock so effortlessly. Jack felt the tip of himself bump into the cap of his daughter. And then in a quarter of the speed, he still sunk deeper.

It seemed like three minutes passed before she finally came to rest at the base of his shaft. Both their breathing was hard and fast, Jessie's though definitely won out in the contest. He was so freaking huge in her.

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Neither of them knew what to say for what seemed like the longest time. "Does it hurt?" Jack finally spoke. "No, yes, a little. It did sting a lot but it's going away. Now there's just a lot of pressure everywhere.

Is this sex?" "No sweetie. This is an accident. Sex is doing more than just this." "But I'm not a virgin anymore." "No," Jack said sadly to her. It then just dawned on him for the source of that extra hot lubricant she came up with so quickly.

He had just ripped his daughter's hymen apart. She was bleeding. "I'm sorry daddy," Jessie almost cried. "It's not your fault sweetie." "But I wanted it to happen. I didn't think it would, but deep down, I wished it would." "Shh, stay calm.

Remember, it's not a big deal unless you make it one." "I wanted my first time to be a big deal, daddy," she teared up with a raised voice. Crap, what did he do? Jack was really regretting his pathetic perversion now. "I'm so sorry honey." He kissed her scalp and breathed in the remnants of shampoo she had used the day before.

"C-can we still make it special maybe?" Jessie cooed. "What?" "It-it's okay if it's with you. I love you." "Sweetie," Jack almost choked. "You want to have sex, with me?" "I lost my virginity.

I want to make it special. And I love you so it's okay if it's with you." "Sweetie," her father pleaded. "Fine!" Jessie snapped. "This is the worst day of my life then. You masturbate to cartoons but you can't stand me.

Always looking for a way out. I lose my virginity to you and you want to pretend it's nothing. Like I'm supposed to not care. Even though I do. I love you and you said to wait for someone I love. But apparently you don't love me back." Jessie tried pulling away but couldn't break free of her father's grip. Jack responded in unwrapping his legs and lifting his daughter in the air with him.

He made sure he never slipped more than an inch out of her. Dropping her gently backwards onto the floor, he hovered above her, still deeply nestled inside. "Honey, how many times do I have to tell you that you're way more beautiful than a cartoon?" "Why don't you show me?" Jessie pouted. "You promise not to tell anybody what we're doing?" "Never in my life daddy.

I'll never tell anyone at all even a hint." Her voice was regaining enthusiasm fast. "I promise." "Tell me if I start hurting you, okay?" He began pulling slowly out of her. Before he could push deeply back into her, she replied.

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"Okay." She breathed hard after that. Feeling his massive penis squashing all her insides out of the way. She could feel him running all the way up her body, stabbing with a blunt, soft, heating pad at the end of her capacity. But those first few inches just inside her though, the sensations of him gliding through that ring with his daddy penis… "Uuugh," she moaned. "Does it feel good sweetie?" he asked.

"Y-y-yesss," she trembled. "I'm so sorry for all the bad things I did in my life. I love you so much." "Don't get too worked up now. Remember that I'm still your father." "That's why I love you daddy," she exhaled firmly. His little girl was so damned tight. There was no way Jack would be able to last very long at all.

He had been teased relentlessly for the past twenty hours or more and now his cock was in a bubbling hot sauna tucked between the legs of a twelve year old girl. He lowered his hands down below his daughter's belly and put one on top of the other. Not too gently, he pressed the heel of his lower palm down into her pelvis. Still pistoning in and out of the little girl, he pushed, held, then moved a bit over.

After several times of repeating the process, Jessie spoke up with what little air she could spare. "Daddy," she giggled so childlike yet so erotically, "what are you doing?" And then her head bugged up and she released a string of vowels. Seemingly finding what he was looking for, Jack thrust his invading organ harder into the point where he felt the pressure of his hand. He could actually feel the movement of himself inside his daughter.

"Daaaddyy!!" Jessie groaned in desperation. If only her father could see her toes squeezing closed with so much force and her fingers tensing outwards in little curled-in balls.

Her breath was short sputters. Jack's organ was being bathed in hot, thick liquid dripping from the pours of his child's vaginal canal. It was too much. There was only so many times he could feel the head of his manhood push at the cervix of his twelve year old before he had to glaze it in his sperm. And no later, was he doing just that. Molten cum erupted from Jack's body and splashed about at the end of Jessie's girlhood. It sloshed and melted with her own tearing lubricant.

There was so much going on inside her. It was unbelievable. Jessie's body flared in a single spike of heat and muscle tension. The sight her father was missing. Sex was the greatest thing the little girl had never even dreamed of experiencing in life. The heat and tension under Jack's hands was so amazing.

He had never literally had his hands so close to that action. Probably just two inches away, he was pressing down into his very own cock that was lodged inside his very own preteen daughter. As he inseminated her too. Filling her with the exact same juice that created her. Seconds after the blinding sting of orgasm, Jack pulled up his palms while he was still oozing his child making juice into his child and set his elbows to either side of her.

He rested his weight on them and exhaustedly looked down to Jessie. She struggled to regain a halfway normal breathing pattern. "If you want any more special than that," Jack panted downwards, "you'll have to give me fifteen minutes." "That was Really special! Thank you so much daddy. I'll never ever forget it." Jack slurped out of the little girl and gently dropped to her side. He put his hand tenderly on her belly and played with it in a soothing manner.

"You don't have to just touch my belly anymore. You can touch my chest too if you want. If you don't want to though, I understand." Jack smiled to her lure and complied, lifting his touch up to her chest. "They're really starting to come in nicely," he complimented. "Really?" After a short pause, "Do you like breasts?" "Yes sweetie." "Oh.

Cause in the cartoons, most of those girls don't have breasts. But you still liked them." "What's with you and those cartoons?" "I like cartoons, sometimes. Maybe we can look at them together sometime." Jack sighed. "I'm glad you like breasts though. Because I'm growing some and I don't won't to have a flat chest anyways.

I don't want big ones though either. I want what you like most. Like mommy's size. Has it been fifteen minutes yet?" - The door to the closet slowly opened.

Light from the room outside flooded into the dark space the father and daughter occupied. The two were lying naked side by side, the twelve year old soaked in dried sweat and cum still slowly leaking from her reddened, swollen vagina. Jack's cock was wearing almost a condom of his cum and the virgin blood of his daughter.

The two of them looked up to the uniformed officer staring down at them. She turned on the flashlight she was pointing into Jack's face. Jack had definitely not planned this far ahead. "How many years in prison do you reckon this will get you," the officer said down to Jack.

Jessie instantly burst from her spot and leaped onto her father, wrapping her arms around his neck. "It's not what it looks like," she pleaded, "it's not, mommy." The mother laughed at the most pathetic attempt to cover up the fact that that same girl just dragged a line of semen from where she laid to the side of her father, all coming out of her bloodstained vagina.

"I always wondered when this day would come," she scoffed as the flashlight beam made its way to the crime scene between the child's legs. "What with you prancing around like those lolicons on your father's computer and your father constantly pretending that he can't see your nipples through that nightgown of yours. If it wasn't going to end this way, then you were both bound to end up living out very resentful lives." "I don't know what you're talking about.

Nothing happened mommy. I swear." Jack would've laughed with his wife at that were he not so damned scared of her right then. He knew she had changed a lot since she took her regretted stand against them bathing, but he wasn't sure even with her current display of approval that this was over yet. "I thought this might've happened," the mother said after propping the door open and leaning down to peal her daughter off.

"I called last night and didn't get an answer. When you didn't call back by this morning, I got a bad feeling in my gut so I came home early. Thankfully I didn't call a friend to check up on you. How long have you been locked in here?" "What time is it?" Jack asked nervously. "About three o'clock." "Mmm, maybe twenty-seven hours." "Twenty-seven hours!!

You need food, you need water!" "I need to use the bathroom," Jessie complained. "I think we both need a shower as well," Jack added. "Together?" Jessie asked hopefully. "No," her mother responded firmly. "I mean, not today. That's all. Come on now, get up. I've got to get you two hydrated. And I want this door off the hinges until you fix the knob." Jack moaned as he struggled to lift himself and his clinging daughter up off the floor.

"I swear to you mom, nothing did happen," Jessie mumbled again into her father's chest. "There was just an accident but that's all." "Suure," the woman replied while looking down to the pool of semen drying into the carpet.

"An accident, and it happened accidently two, maybe three times it looks like." - e.l.

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