Viejo gay maduro mostrandose por skype

Viejo gay maduro mostrandose por skype
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Constance was a happy maid. She smiled a lot these days. Away from the stifling village, I watched as she flourished.

It has been nearly a month since we started our own porn site, 'Puritan Whores.' Traffic was good, but not as much as we needed to keep the village. Constance seems to enjoy her role as a maid. Abby helped her pick out a few different sets of slutty maid costumes online. Now that's what she mostly wore around the house. Happy to do her chores. She was also getting good with typing on the keyboard. She was on our site's chat room frequently throughout the day.

Often uploading pics of herself or turning on the web cam so her fans could see her. Typing away as she talks in the chat room. Occasionally posing or stripping for the camera. She was also sexually insatiable. Always up for a quick tumble. She had gotten in the habit of giving me a blowjob every morning to wake me up. A nice start to the day. As she did her chores, I would often come up behind her and bend her over. I'd squeeze her breasts or finger her soft peach, much to her delight.

Usually only for a few minutes before moving on. Usually. Sometimes, like today, it would transition into something more. I had the sweet girl on her knees. Her cheek to the rug and ass in the air behind the couch. She had a white crop top with a black bow at the neck. And a short black skirt with white ruffles. She gasps as I ram my dick deep inside her. Reaching around to find her small perky tits and squeeze them roughly.

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She likes things rough. Much like her mother I have found. My wife and daughter were quite submissive and liked humiliating, rough sex. But Constance and Clara got off on pain well as the sex.

She begins to whine as I twist her nipples. A whine that turns into a loud moan as she cums. When she comes down from her high she pushes me off her. Then quickly scrambles around to suck my slimy dick. I don't last long. Groaning as I watch her swallow my cum. Swallowing happily with each burst from my cock. Finished, she smiles at me. Stands and wipes her chin. Then continues her chores. "So, this is better then?" Josias asks. We were looking at financial papers spread across his office table "Better, yes." I try not to sound too grim.

"Due to project." He asks a bit awkwardly. I nod. "Not good enough though. Right. We have only bought some time?" Obidiah asks. "Unfortunately." I answer. "This secret project of yours has helped, but not enough?" I shake my head. "I take it we wouldn't approve if we knew?" I can't help my eyes flutter to to the preacher then quickly back down to the papers. "I take it I'm the only one here who doesn't know what the project is?" The old Alderman asks gently. I nod and Josiah clears his throat.

So I explain about porn and the website. How it brings in money. When I'm done Obidiah looks a little shell shocked. "Ah.I see. I think I see." He says leaning back. Away from me. "What if you had more women?" Josiah asks. "Would that raise more funds." "Josiah! Surely." the older man starts, but the preacher raises his hand. "No one who wasn't willing, of course.

But we don't have any other ideas here. It's obvious that anything we make can be made more cheaply." Josiah says. I think for a moment. "Yes. More women would probably help." "How many would you need?" "Another dozen? I think that would probably get us over and be sustainable." I answer. "So a total of sixteen?" He asks. I nod.

"Right around there." I tell him. "That would mean four.oh. Of course your wife and daughter. And.and Constance?" Obidiah asks. "Who else?" "My wife." Josias calmly answers. "I think another dozen is doable.

There are always members of the flock who yearn for something a bit different. If we channel those urges for the good of the village." he trails off. "Give me a few days." He finally says. Then the three of us sip our bitter tea in silence.

We were in my car.

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Josephine next to me up front in a thin flower print dress. Low cut showing off her massive décolletage. Abby, Constance and Clara squeezed into the back. Abigail wore tight shorts and a crop-top. Connie had a short skirt and a blouse. Unbuttoned far enough to show off the edges of her bra. Clara wore her dark grey dress. Though she had on lingerie underneath.

We were headed into town. Specifically to a sex shoppe. The girls were astounded by the walls and shelves covered in erotica. Clara was obviously scandalized by the various products. Scandalized and aroused. She had that tell-tale flush on her cheeks. I step up next to her and put my arm around her. "See anything you like?" She jumps a little. The mature woman is eying the leather crops and whips. "I.I." She stammers. I give her ass a squeeze and wander off. Abigail was looking at nipple clamps.

She had picked up a pair that were brass with a chain between them and a little bell hung from the middle of the chain. She smiles up at me. "I bet the bell would ring every time you spanked me, daddy." I grin back at her. "We should definitely get those, Muffin." Josephine was curious about the fake pussies.

So I had to explain to her about the different ways guys masturbate. "There is so much. It's all so sinful." Constance comes up to me with her little smile. She was holding a set of ben-wa balls. "I would like these." She says. Ultimately I have the girls pick out two items each. Items to use in their shoots as well as for fun. After we return home we head out to the barn for a naughty photo shoot.

Incest, while hot, would be a bit illegal for the site. If the mothers swapped daughters though. Soon Clara is naked, bent over an old wagon wheel. The mature woman moans. Her floppy tits dangling down as Abby buries her face in the woman's twat from behind. I take a lot of photos of the teen pleasuring her friend's mother. Making sure I get some closeups of my Muffin happily licking pussy juice from her lips.

Then she sits on a barrel. Her legs spread wide while Clara returns the favor. The mature woman's hand rubbing between her own thighs in her lust as she licks my daughter's cunt. Josephine and Constance slowly and playfully strip each other in a pile of loose hay. The teen seems overjoyed when she pulls off my wife's bra. Grabbing her big tits and burying her face in the massive cleavage. Then they are in the hay. Wrestling the rest of their clothes off and burying their faces in each other's pussies.

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Doing their best to sixty-nine on their sides. I watch Constance squeezing my wife's round ass for a moment. Forgetting to even take pictures. The teens tongue lapping at Josie's wet cunt. Coming back to myself, dick hard as iron in my pants, I kneel next to the living women. Getting some great close shots of the pussy licking.

Both women soon writhing in ecstasy, hay sticking to their sweaty bodies, as they cum. "Do you think Josias will actually deliver more women?" I ask my wife. Her body trembles as I run an ice cube up and down her sensitive pussylips. I had her legs spread eagle on the bed. Her tits were covered with dozens of drops of wax where I had tipped burning candles over them earlier.

"Mmm. Yes. He wouldn't have offered if he didn't think he could do it." She moans. Her thighs tense as I push the cube past her clit. Just barely brushing the little nub. I glide the cube up her belly and on her breasts. Circling her hardened nipples. I have to peel a bit of wax from each before I can tease them with the freezing ice. Josie strains at her bonds in her lust. "Now for something new." I tell her. I pull out some lube and a string of anal beads I had gotten from the sex shoppe.

Five rubber beads. The first just the size of a pea, but getting increasingly larger. The last was the side of a golf ball. My wife looks at me nervously as I make sure the balls are well lubed. "Here we go." I say with a grin. Reaching beneath her. Spreading her cute ass and rubbing the first bead against her anal flower.

"Mmm!" She whines as the first bead goes into her easily. Then she groans at the second, and even louder at the third. "Ok?" I ask. She just nods with her eyes closed. "Try to relax or this will hurt." I offer. She hisses as the fourth bead goes in slowly. I rub her pussy for a few minutes. Heightening her pleasure and helping prepare for the last bead. "Oh! Oh! Oh! It's so big!" She gasps as I push it slowly in her ass. "I don't know! I don't.aaah!" Her body vibrates as she has a small orgasm when the last bead settles inside her.

Wasting no time, I line my dick up with her pussy and thrust. She is noticeably tighter with the beads inside. My dick pushes her into a second, stronger orgasm. I grin down at my wife as I thrust. She seems lost in her own world of pleasure. When I feel myself get close I pull out and cum all over her beautiful breasts. Then I rub my slimy tip on her lips. Obediently She sucks and licks my limp dick. Her eyes still closed. Still floating in her own world of bliss. Verity was beautiful.

With soulful eyes, soft kissable lips, a cute button nose. She had long golden hair that nearly touched her delightfully round ass. A thin but curvy body with pale, smooth skin. And, as I now knew. Perky D-cup tits and a cute pussy. With a small patch of wispy pubic hair. She was the fourth woman the preacher had sent. He was sending two a day. One in the morning and one in the afternoon. Over the course of six days that would total twelve. Then nothing on the sabbath. The women had some idea of what to expect when they got here, but the first three had been quite reluctant once we actually got started.

Verity was the first that actively seemed excited. "I am happy to share what god gave me with others. If it will help the village." She had told me. The idea was to start the new girls slow. Just one nude pictorial the first few weeks. Then start ramping up the lewdness. For Verity, though, I was going to have her do three shoots today. She seemed eager and so far was the most attractive of the women. Not that the others were ugly. But Verity was up there on a level with my girls.

"Good. Now arch your back." I tell her. She is completely nude, posing against the outside of the barn. "No, the other way. Here." I step forward and put my hand on her flat tummy and the small of her back. She gives me an excited smile as I guide her how I want her to pose.

"Like this?" She practically purrs in my hands. "Yes. Just like that." I tell her. Not yet taking my hands from her body. "You're here because you have certain.sinful, desires. Aren't you?" I let my hand on her back slide down to her lovely ass.

"Mmm, yes. I want things that it would be inappropriate to ask of my husband." She answers her rear pushing back against my hand. "I'm not your husband." I tell her. My other hand inching ever closer to her full breasts. She shakes her head. "No, and I was told to do whatever you say. That all our sins here would be forgiven." She reaches down and grabs my hand on her tummy.

Pulling it up to her tits. I move in close. Pressing my body fully against hers and squeezing one of her big tits. "Do you want me to treat you like a whore?" I whisper in her ear. The blonde's body trembling against me. "Mmm, please." She purrs. I pull her over to where her dress had been discarded. Pushing her down to her belly. Then I grab her hips and lift her ass. Pulling out my stiff cock. The blonde girl moans loudly as I drive deep in her wet cunt from behind.

Lying on top of her she feels warm and soft beneath me. I grab her golden hair and force her face to the side. "You are a sinful whore." I whisper in her ear as I pull out then roughly shove back in.

She groans as I fuck her. "Tell me you love it." I demand. "Uunh! I love it." She groans. "What do you love? Taking another man's dick?" "Yes! Oh yes!" Her body trembles beneath me as she cums. I fuck her on the ground for a while. Reaching beneath her to squeeze her tits. Eventually spilling my seed in her twat. Afterward she happily does two more photo shoots.

As I watch her leave I can't help being excited about how things will go with the other eight women. My wife and daughter were both nude in our bedroom. I sit on the edge of the big bed watching them play. My hard cock making a tent in my black silk boxers. Abigail leads her mother around the room on a dog leash. Josephine was on all fours. Her ass was slowly turning red as her daughter whipped it with the riding crop we had bought.

"Who owns you, mother?" My sweet muffin demands. SNAP! the crop on her ass. "Uunh! You do. You own me mistress!" My wife answers submissively. "That's a good whore." Abby grins at me as she leads my wife over at the end of her chain.

"Suck daddy's cock you worthless cum rag." Josephine obediently pulls my boxers down far enough for my dick to spring out. She looks up at me with a lusty smile. Her lovely red hair framing her beautiful face. Then she leans in and I gasp as she sucks my cock deep. Her lips travel down my shaft until they are around the base. Taking the whole thing. I close my eyes and enjoy the pleasure.

Soon though, Abby snaps her mother's ass again. "Enough!" She pulls my wife off and orders her, "Prepare me to fuck your husband." My wife moans as she turns to our daughter. Plunging her face between the teen's creamy thighs. I grin as I watch the pleasure on Abigail's face. She grabs her mother's red hair in her hands. Groaning and grinding her pussy on the older woman's face. Trembling to a small orgasm at the end of Josephine's tongue. I can see my wife still licking her daughter's juices as Abby pulls away.

Shivering with excitement, the teen eagerly straddles my lap. "Fuck me, daddy? Fuck your good girl?" "You are a very good girl, Muffin." I assure her.

She moans as I lift her up and impale her with my dick. She drops the leash, and wraps her arms around my neck. All thoughts of dominating her mother gone in her pleasure.

She bounces up and down in my lap, her big tits rubbing pleasantly against my chest. I can hear Josephine kissing her daughter's ass as I fuck the nubile teen. I grin, knowing the older redhead would be next. Constance was, if anything, even more amazed than my wife and daughter to see a movie on the big screen.

Though she couldn't keep her delicate hands out of my pants as we watched starships shoot at each other. Soon our lust is more than we can handle.

The theater was mostly empty, so I push the brunette to the floor. It's uncomfortable between the seats, but that doesn't stop me from yanking down her shorts and shoving my dick in her tight hole. I cover her mouth to help keep her quiet as I pound her on the dirty carpet. As I thrust I reach around and finger her clit.

She moans into my hand as she cums. Not quite loud enough to be heard over explosions and lasers. As her pussy throbs my dick shoots it's load. Her cunt milking me for every last drop. After the movie we have a nice dinner at an outside restaurant. It has been more than a month since adding the new girls to our site. Traffic has definitely gone up. I am quite encouraged.

Now we were going to start stepping things up with the new girls. I had invited four of the prettiest ones over, including verity. We were standing in front of the computer.

Constance was cycling through some carefully chosen porn. First just nudes of women in various poses including the village women. I smiled as each one blushed when their photos came up. Then the pictures change to various lesbian scenes. Women pleasuring each other in numerous positions. "That's what we are going to be doing today ladies." I inform them.

They look at me with variously shocked expressions.

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Though Verity looks more excited than shocked. I lead them outside. We had set up the old tub very near the water pump. As well as one of the guest beds out in the field.

I pair the four girls off and start with Verity and her partner. My girls help behind the scenes to make everything go smooth. Constance with a video camera to record with.

She has become quite good at editing both video and stills. Verity and her brunette partner spend some time pumping water. They nervously kiss when I direct them to, their hands resting together on the pump handle. Then they take turns stripping each other.

Though we replace their normal wool underclothes with thin white gowns. Stepping into the tub together and pouring water on each other, the gowns quickly become see-through. "Caress each other's bodies. Especially your breasts and rears." I order.

Verity is only too happy to oblige. Eager and willing to explore her partner.

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The brunette is much more timid. Nervous. I think the dichotomy will carry through in the pictures. Eventually both girls kneel in the tub. The brunette bent over the edge, moaning. Verity's face in her rear licking deep in her twat. The other two girls do a nice loving scene in the bed. The outdoor nature and field making a lovely backdrop to their lesbian tryst. With more surface it's easier for the girls to try more positions.

They both seem to quite enjoy the sinful act by the end. The teens and I were playing a game. Abigail was dressed as a sexy bunny. She wore a white one-piece and stockings.

Along with white bunny ears and fluffy tail. Constance was nude except for a strap-on with a big black dildo and a pair of dog ears. Together, the brunette and I were hunting the bunny through the woods near our house. There were five items she had to recover. They were hidden, but she had some clues. If she got all five and made it to the back porch she would win. If we caught her, then.punishment.

"Come out little bunny." I call as we stalk my daughter. Connie stroking her fake dick with a wicked grin. We stomp around the woods. Then Connie was off in a flash.

Howling like a dog. She had seen a flash of white. When I catch up the two teens were wrestling on the ground. The smaller brunette easily overpowering my daughter as I approach. I walk up to the sound of repeated strikes to Abbie's rear, and her pained yips. "Aww, poor bunny." I grin down at the girls. Both now looking up at me. Constance with an excited look on her face, Abby flush and sheepish.

"Time for us to eat you up." I grin at the girls. "Show me the bunny cunny." I order. Constance pulls the redhead on her back and forces the girl's legs wide. Unsnapping her crotch leaving her bald pussy bare. I rub the leather crop on my daughters inner thigh. Not all the fear in her eyes is acting, I think.

She had picked out a safe word and warned that if she got caught she would really play up her part. Abigail squeals as I start to whip her cunt. The tears of pain in her eyes look real, but she doesn't use her safe word. Constance grins as she painfully pinches and twists the redhead's nipples. Adding to my daughter's delicious punishment. Once her pussy is nice and red and sore we force her to her hands and knees. Then Constance squares up behind her with the strap-on.

Ruthlessly driving it into Abby's wet cunt. I watch for a bit as the brunette fucks her friend. Pulling Abigail's red hair and slapping her round ass. Then I pull out my cock and kneel behind Connie. Shoving it deep in her own wet twat. I reach around and pinch and pull the brunette's tender nipples. Both girls moaning their pleasures. I cum first. Too excited with the whole game. Then I sit back and watch as Connie pounds my daughter for a long time. Both teens seem insatiable.

"I especially like punishing my mother." Constance looks up at me with her small smile on her face.

One hand holding a leash the other the leather crop. At the end of the leash was Clara. The mature woman was on her hands and knees, dog collar around her neck. She looked exhausted, but sated. Her body had red marks, wax droplets, and clothes pins all over.

The two of us had spent most of the morning working her over. Her old body had responded magnificently. We had a lot of great videos and pics. Now she would have small trembling orgasms whenever we did almost anything to her. She hasn't even taken my cock yet. "How are you doing Clara?" I ask lightly grabbing her chin and tipping her face up to look at me.

"Whatever my master and mistress wishes." She says with a sigh. I give her handsome face a few light slaps and watch as her ass quivers with excitement. I could see the end of the anal beads shaking. Shoving those in had caused a lot of gasping and moaning. "I want to make her do something especially naughty." Connie says. The teen pulls out an old leather bible. I had seen it around the house.

"Make her fuck this." The brunette orders. "What do you say, you dirty sinful whore?" I slap her again. "Get to your knees." The old woman leans up, resting on her knees. I slide the bible between her thighs, spine up. "Rub it on you pussy. We want to see you cum all over it." Without a second thought Clara rubs the old book against her wet twat. Groaning loudly through her blasphemy. I slap her old dangling tits back and forth as her daughter takes pictures. The old woman cums quickly.

Her slick juices running down the leather cover. I grab her neck and force her to her back. Careful not to squeeze tight. Then I shove my dick up her abused fuck hole. She moans loudly as she orgasms. My iron hard dick driving into her. Constance quickly comes over and squats on her mother's face. Sighing as the old woman commits incest and eats her daughter out. Mature tongue driving deep inside the teen's pussy. We take our time fucking the old preacher's wife. Taking what pleasures we want from her.

My hard dick pounding derp in her old cunt. Her daughter rocking her wet crotch back and forth on the grey haired woman's face.

Later Connie kneels next to me as we draw her mother a hot bubble bath. The mature woman would need a good relaxing rest before she could go back to the village. We would start with the bath. Then a nice massage for the old woman. "You will do that to me some day soon?" Constance asks, liking up at me. "Uh, if you like." I answer. She gives me her sweet little smile.

The beautiful Verity was on her hands and knees. Moaning her lust and pleasure. Though she is soon muffled as a big black dick is shoved in her mouth.

Greedily, the golden blonde sucks the black hose. As if she was trying to get all the slimy jizz she could. Behind her another black man had a grip on her hips and was pounding away. Occasionally slapping her sweet ass. We were filming in the barn.

I had hired the two men from an online add. They were going to show up for a few hours each day this week and fuck as much as they could. I had already enjoyed proudly watching my wife and daughter take their black dicks yesterday. Their beautiful pale bodies a splendid contrast to their dark skinned lovers.

Constance spent her time bound and punished by the two men. An abused cowgirl in the barn. We have been getting a lot of great pics and video for the site. Our fans would love these naughty sets. Verity has been excited to let the dark skinned men have their way with her.

The next girl was not so excited. I had to remind her that her marriage vows meant nothing here. Here she was to be a sinful whore. The brunette nodded timidly and lay there passively as the men fondled and stripped her. Her video would be a stark contrast to Verity's. This girl seemed to have no agency, no interest.

Where the golden blonde was an excited, willing partner. We still had three days left with them and a bunch of girls to be fucked. Abby was straddling my lap. My dick was deep inside her as she slowly rode it up and down. Warm water sloshed around us. We were outside in the old tub. We had filled it with hot water then bathed each other.

Teasing each other's bodies till we couldn't take it anymore. "I love you, Daddy." She moans softly in my ear. "I love you too Muffin." I tell her caressing her back. "You wouldn't let anyone marry me off, would you?" She gently grabs the side of my face and looks down into my eyes. I grin at her. "No, Muffin. You will grow old as a spinster.

And daddy's little whore." She smiles and kisses me passionately. "Oh, daddy." She leans back a little and rubs her belly. "I think you put me with child, daddy." She says, smiling. "Really?" I ask, excited. She nods. "Mommy too. And I think Constance." She kisses my forehead. "It's a little early to be sure though." She bounces on my cock for a bit as we grin at each other.

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"I bet a few of the women get with child after this." She giggles. "Word has gotten around about what we are doing." Verity tells me. She lay under me on a blanket in the woods. I had taken some photos of her then we started making love.

"Oh yeah?" I gasp thrusting in her slowly. "Mmm!" She rubs her hands through her long golden hair. "It may cause a little trouble, but I have a feeling a few more women will be interested in getting their pictures taken." She kisses my lips.

"To help the village of course." "I'd hate for there to be trouble." I pick up my pace. "The preacher will handle it. We know it's this or lose the village. He has made that clear." She reaches behind me to grab my ass pulling me deeper into her with my thrusts.


I grunt as I cum in the beautiful woman. Trying to shoot my seed deep. Hoping that I put a child in her womb. ———— I sigh, with a smile. Sitting on a blanket in the field. Josephine next to me. We have finished eating.

Abby is skipping nearby collecting flowers. "Nervous about this weekend?" I ask my beautiful wife. She grins and gives me a little nod. "Yes. Though I'm sure it will be great." She says. We had a. If event planned for the site. All the girls would be included. When our daughter comes back to kneel between us she fashions her flowers into a little crown. Giggling as she places it on her mother's head. Then she kisses Josie on the cheek. Her mother gently grabs her neck and turns the little peck into full on tongue in mouth action.

Abby's hands move to my wife's chest. Tugging down her sundress and reaching around to unclasp the bustier woman's bra. Josephine gasps as her daughter buries her young face in her mother's vast cleavage. Kissing and sucking on those amazing breasts. With a squeal, Abby falls back. Her mother having pushed her. The teen's head now in my lap. The older woman growls her lust as she pulls off our daughter's shorts and panties. I caress Abigail's forehead as her mother kisses the teen's bald pussy.

Sucking the girl's netherlips and nibbling her thighs. The teasing pushing the girl to a state of sexual madness. When her mother's tongue finally pierces her soft juicy peach the teen screams out her orgasm. Her hand grabbing mine and squeezing painfully. I pull off my shirt and bunch it up under my daughter's head. Then I move around behind my wife. Pulling out my rock hard dick. I lift up the redhead's dress and push aside her thong.

She moans into her daughter's sloppy twat as I slowly bury my dick into her fertile cunt. Slapping her round ass I begin thrusting.

Grinning down at my red handprint on her pale freckles rear. I love family outings. We are on a chartered bus. All seventeen of us. Complete with recording gear and luggage. We have rented out a small motel for the weekend. The plan is to throw a small convention of a sort. A bunch of our fans were going to show up and we would spend two days doing photo shoots and fucking. Since what we were doing was very nearly prostitution I had spent some time looking for a small, single owner place that would be ok with the planned activities.

It was intended to be a fan appreciation event. And if it went well, something we would do every year. It had already brought in plenty of money with the signups. It hadn't been easy to convince husbands to let their wives go for a few days. I'm sure most of them suspected what was happening.

When Josias saw how much we had already made though, he assured me everyone would fall in line. You will sacrifice a lot to protect your way of life, I guess.

I pull young woman onto my lap. Ruth was the newest addition to our site and would actually be making her debut at the convention.

We had a sit down a few days before to explain what to expect. With the photo shoots and what we expected at the convention. A lot of sex. "Still willing to go through with this?" I ask her. She gives me a nervous smile. "Yes, sir. Just have a lot of butterflies in my stomach. The thought of being nude before men.

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And.and letting them touch me. Then." She shyly looks away, then back. "Then to have sex?" That nervous, excited smile. She was a short blonde with a cute face. I hadn't seen her naked yet, but looked to have a slim body and large breasts. I'm guessing double-D's. Soon we would be at the motel, and everyone would find out.

We arrive at the motel just before eleven, Friday morning. A couple dozen men already waiting for us. We were expecting another eight or nine. For a total of thirty four. The women happily greet their fans as I go talk to the motel's owner. A greasy man named Ted. The guy happily shakes my hand after I introduce myself. "Thanks for accommodating us." I tell him. "Oh, the pleasure is all mine." He says with a friendly smile.

"We don't get a lot of conventions here anymore. So this is a huge win for me." "A win for all of us." I assure him. We watch as the girls, all currently dressed in their grey village dresses, hug and shake hands with the men.

The ramifications of the site now all too real for everyone. Ted had hooked us up with a local diner. They would be catering breakfast lunch and dinner for us.

They had also been warned that there could be a lot of nudity as the weekend carried on. We had also donated a small sum to the town council. Ostensibly for a plaque in a local park.

Terrisville was tiny. And far enough off the interstate to be down on its luck. The motel was centered around a large pool. Plus it had a decent sized meeting room.

A small business center and laundry room as well. So it should serve our needs well. We had scheduled everything to start at one. So after a light lunch, I get up in front of everyone and make some introductions.

Thanking everyone for coming and describing some of the activities we had planned. "Everyone will get an opportunity to direct a photo shoot with a girl, and there will be plenty of opportunities to take pictures with your favorites." I smile at the small crowd. Not used to public speaking. "Now let me introduce our newest Puritan, Ruth." Everyone claps as the young woman gets up to stand next to me.

Smiling nervously. "Today will be Ruth's first shoot with us. And in fact her first time stripping in front of strangers." That draws some excited conversation from the men. "In fact her first shoot will be our first activity. Something special to start off the weekend. And everyone will get to have their picture taken with her at the end. A little memento as a way of saying thank you to our fans.

Without you none of this is possible." I start clapping, encouraging the crowd to join me. Then, with Abigail and Constance taking photos and video, Ruth begins to strip for the crowd. Nervously at first, but then with more confidence every time the men clap for her. Soon she was in her wool bloomers and shift. Then down to a bra and panties. Over the last month all the girls had been taken out to buy some sexy clothes.

Josephine had taken Ruth. That way this would even be my first time seeing her strip. And she was a lovely young woman. Soft firm breasts, smooth skin, and a splendidly round ass.

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I could see the lust on the faces of the men. We had her do a few more poses. Then it was time for shots with the men. Mostly of them hugging the naked girl. Everyone was still a little nervous. A little worried about where the boundaries were. Ruth seemed to enjoy getting close to the men. Getting bolder with each one. Really enjoying the attention.

After Ruth's photo shoot it was time for the other girls to get naked, and changed. One by one they do a strip tease before the crowd. My dick gets hard watching my wife and daughter get naked for a crowd of horny men.

Then the ladies pair off to do photo shoots with the men directing. Mostly in trios. These would be for the men's private collection's.

Tomorrow we will do a bunch for the site. Afterward we encourage the men to take solo trips into town with the girls. The main street was well within walking distance. They were encouraged to buy the girls gifts at the local shops. As a way of saying thank you for letting us hold our convention. After a late dinner the girls got paired off again. There were thirty four men to seventeen women. Half would get a girl to sleep with tonight.

The other half on Saturday night. Sadly, that means I will sleep alone for two days. In the morning I sit with my wife at a table eating breakfast. She wore a white button up shirt with no bra. Her big tits were nearly bursting out, plus it was thin enough I could see the dark of her areola. The only other thing she wore was a white silk thong. Scattered around the room, eating with our guests, most of the girls were dressed sexy. More than one was topless. Happily chatting with the men. "How did last night go?" I ask Josephine.

She gives me a loving smile. "Robert was so kind. It was exciting fucking a man that wasn't my husband." She tells me. Rubbing her foot up and down my leg. "Good. I want our guests to have fun. But I especially want the girls to enjoy themselves. Ask around and see if anyone is unhappy." I ask her. We had a big pool party at lunch.


The girls weren't strong swimmers. They basically never learned in the village. But they looked sexy in their swimsuits. In and out of them. The girls were definitely getting used to the sexual attention and to being nude around the men. "How's it going, daddy?" Abigail asks from behind me. She slips her arms around my neck. "Good, Muffin. How are you?" I smile up at her from my chair.

"I need daddy's dick in me." She whispers playfully in my ear. I grin back. "I think that can be arranged." I lead her to my room. She pulls off her pink bikini top even before I have the door closed.

Then she is on her knees pulling my dick out. I moan as she takes me deep in her mouth. Sucking and licking my hard rod. After a moment I grab her curly red hair and face fuck the teen. Making her take all of her daddy's cock. My balls bouncing off her chin as my cock thrusts into her throat. I pull out and push her onto the bed. Forcing her face and tits to the mattress.

Her big round ass in the air. I give her bottom a few spanks as she squeals in excitement. Then I yank her bikini bottoms down and plunge my dick deep in her twat. As I fuck my daughter in the hotel room I can hear the sound of merriment around the pool outside.

Sunday morning we bid our fans goodbye before getting back on the bus. We would have lots of photos and video to upload when we got home. Constance was already hard at work on the new laptop I had bought her. The rest of the girls chatted excitedly with each other. Everyone seemed pleased at how the weekend had gone. I step off the stairs into the front room of our old farmhouse. Pretty sure I can hear soft moaning from nearby. Stopping in the kitchen I fill up two glasses of sweet tea.

My wife much prefers that over the caustic bubbling of soda. In the short hallway to the back porch I find the teens. Abigail is backed against the wall. Only wearing a halfway buttoned shirt. Her tits spilling out of her flipped up bra. Bared to the world The only clothes she has below her shirt are a pair of thigh high stockings and a garter.

Her skirt and panties discarded on the floor nearby. On her knees, before my daughter, Constance greedily licks the other teen's cunt. Still dressed in her sexy maid outfit. I slide past the two girls as they both moan their own lusts.

Barely even noticing me. I open the door to outside. I sit with my lovely wife on our back porch. Enjoying the view of our field and the woods beyond. We sip sweet tea and enjoy a quiet moment together. The convention had been a big success. We had even gotten a letter from the town council inviting us back next year.

Things were really looking up. The site was going to be able to support the village. For now anyway. Josephine turns to me with a wicked grin. "I want to fuck in the woods." She says. She hops up and starts to walk off. Only looking back after she pulls her shirt off. I grin and hustle after her. Taking her hand in mine. My Puritan Whore.