Alluring sweetheart is taming studs dick with wild cowgirl riding

Alluring sweetheart is taming studs dick with wild cowgirl riding
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BOYS CLUB LESSONS, PART 3 (CONCLUSION) The next morning I awoke with the sun in my face and a hard on that demanded attention. But it was just a "piss hard-on".


.until I came back from the bathroom and saw Coach Bill lying in bed still naked, and with a "sleep hard-on" that was tempting to my boyish mouth. I went over and lay down next to Bill and began stroking his hard penis and playing with his balls. He woke up immediately, and just pulled my face down to force my mouth over the head of his shiny cock. I opened my mouth and greedily sucked in his gorgeous manhood, running my tongue up and down the pole, lapping at his balls, and then taking as much of his cock into my mouth as possible.

After a few deep sucks his geyser gushed into my mouth, and I had to lift off and let most of it splatter all over my face. We took a shower together, with my hard-on raging throughout. When Bill dried off my body he paid special attention to my penis and balls, as well as my ass. Then he sucked me off and took all my cum into his mouth, so I didn't need to shower again, leaving the residue of his saliva and my cum to dry there as my cock began to shrivel.

After breakfast, Bill said he had some puttering around his trailer to do, and told me I could go over to George's house for a visit. What he didn't tell me was that George's granddaughter was visiting, and that she was about the same age as I was. When I arrived at George's cabin I saw that he and his granddaughter Karen were out in a row boat, fishing. When they saw me they came back to the dock and let me climb in with them.

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George sat in the stern of the boat, where he had a little outboard motor, and Karen sat in the bow, facing me. I, naturally, was seated in the center, facing Karen.

It didn't take me long to realize that in spite of the male/male sex I had been enjoying, I was far from being gay. As soon as I saw Karen, with her blond hair and her petite, but nicely shaped body, I felt my penis begin to harden under my shorts, which, as instructed by Bill, I had put on without underwear. As Karen sat there, her fishing line in the water, concentrating on her task, I had a chance to get a good look at her budding breasts under a thin t-shirt and into the crotch of her shorts, which gaped enough to let me see that she was not wearing panties either, and had a nice patch of fuzz surrounding her vulva.

When she caught me staring at her, instead of closing her legs, she let them spread open farther, and I got a good glimpse of her young pussy, right up to the slit, which was visible between the thin pubic hairs of her teen pussy. Before long Karen's pole bent and she was working to bring a good sized fish into the boat. I helped as much as I could, which necessitated my leaning around her to help land the fish, my cock bumping into her ass as I did.

I was in heaven as she wriggled her hot little bottom against me and pushed back while we were landing the fish.

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Having succeeded in catching a fish big enough to fry for lunch, George decided it was time to return to the cabin and start getting ready. I followed them up the hill from the dock, gazing longingly at Karen's rear end, which allowed the bottoms of her ass cheeks to show below the short cut of her shorts as she sashayed up the hill. George was amused at my interest in his granddaughter, and he suggested we have a visit while he prepared our lunch.

He brought us each a beer, which was cool and refreshing, but which also added to the intrigue of sitting next to this beautiful fourteen year-old girl.

As we sat there chatting, I noticed that the nipples of her breasts were poking out through the t-shirt she wore, and she noticed that my shorts were bulging bigger and bigger.


Finally, after finishing my first beer and starting on another, I ventured to put my arm around Karen's shoulder and caress her arm, eventually daring to put my hand over her budding breast.

She smiled at me then and put her hand on the bulge in my shorts.

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Things were just getting interesting when George came and sat down on the other side of his granddaughter, and ran his hand up and down her thigh as he bragged about what a good student she was and how they had a very special relationship. I watched as Karen turned and hugged her grandfather and gave him an ungranddaughterly kiss on the mouth. Then George suggested that she might want to give me a kiss as well, so she kissed me softly on the lips, her own lips parting and accepting the tip of my tongue when I let it slip in.

Karen was breathing hard, as was I, when George suggested she relax and let us men give her some pleasure. She lay back on the couch, and both George and I began stroking her thighs and playing with her breasts.

George lifted off her t-shirt, and I was able to see the delicious cones that were tipped by pink aureoles and pouty nipples.

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When George bent to suck on her left nipple I bent to suck on the right one, as Karen wriggled and panted, sighing in pleasure. Her bottom automatically began to squirm as well, and soon both George's and my fingers were reaching inside her shorts to caress her vulva.

Then George knelt down and drew off Karen's shorts and laid them aside, spreading her legs and taking a lick at her youthful pussy. After a few strokes of his tongue he smiled up at me and invited me to have a taste of Karen's pussy. When I looked up between her thighs I saw a sight even more beautiful than the cocks I had been sucking.

Her lips were open and wet, and inside there was another pair of lips that I spread with my fingers to make it possible for my tongue to slide in more deeply. At the top of my licking stroke between the lips of Karen's vagina, I found a little nubbin almost like a penis, which George said was called a clitoris. As I licked over Karen's clitoris with my tongue she began to squirm and to squeal in feminine pleasure, and her orgasm brought even more pussy juice into my mouth than I had licked up before.

While Karen had her orgasm her grandfather was still playing with her breasts and kissing her passionately. When she was finally finished cumming, George had me sit next to her on the couch, and he knelt down and took turns sucking my cock and licking Karen's pussy.

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When I shot my wad into his mouth he transferred my cum to Karen's mouth and she said she liked the taste. After we ate, all of us in the nude, I wanted to fuck Karen, but George said it was too dangerous and she was too young. I settled for letting her suck my cock while I sucked George's cock, and then George showed her how to lick my anus and she let me lick her anus.

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I have never had a more wonderful afternoon, though I have had many other wonderful adventures. That's all for this one though.