Angolano gozando gostoso na punheta

Angolano gozando gostoso na punheta
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A Hot Day Chap 6 ~ 11 Revised 4/2019 ~ The publishing rules say that everyone in these stories has to be at least 18 so even though the story is totally fiction, everyone in it is at least a fictitious 18. Enjoy. ~ Chapter 6 Even after getting a few hours sleep I woke the next morning with a feeling of complete exhaustion.

Those two girls of mine had worn me out then leaving me to sleep; they continued their loving well into the morning hours. I know this because as tired as I was I kept waking up to the moans and gyrations of my wife and daughter.

Taking a deep breath I sighed remembering the loving times we had had last night. I smelled coffee stretched and went the bathroom to do the usual. Just wearing boxers I headed off to the kitchen. As I got closer I also smelled bacon.

Ahhh, Saturdays, I loved Saturdays.

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I walked up behind my wife and cuddled her from behind. She had on a small silk robe and I slid my hands under the robe and cupped her breasts. "Good morning did I tell you last night just how incredible you are?" I said. "Yes you did and some other lovely things as well." she said holding her hands over mine and pulling them tight to her flat tummy.

"Now sit down breakfast is ready." And she served up some eggs and bacon with coffee. "Where's Amy?" "Well as you may have noticed we were both up early," she snickered. "So we both had an early breakfast then she went out for an early run before it gets too hot.

She was going to run by Janis's place and invite her over for lunch." "I hope those two can share a dorm room. It would work out great for them." "Well I could make some calls to some old alumni that do the allocation of rooms and organise it. Leave it with me." "Oh you're sweet." And kissing me she added "Mmm, and tasty." "Now because I got very little sleep last night I'm going to have to have a nap today before going to work tonight." "That's OK I have that project to finish off then fax it to the company before Monday so I'll be very quiet in the study." "OK." she said.

"I have some shopping to do but I won't be too long." She gave me a kiss and grabbing her car keys she left. Chapter 7 It was still early in the day and it hadn't had a chance to warm up yet so I headed to the study to finish the computer coding that needed work done on it. I was just finishing up and faxing the finished job off when there was a knock at the door.

"Daddy, are you decent?" *giggling* Amy's voice called out. The door opened and Amy and Janis entered. "Cheeky buggers" I said to them and they smiled at me. "So I guess Amy told you how she caught me hard at work yesterday Janis?" "Well, hard defiantly." Amy said. Both of them put their hands over their mouths trying to stifle more laughter and not succeeding.

I couldn't hold back either and laughed along with them. It's about lunch time. I assume Mums back and gone off to bed. "Do you two want some late lunch?" "No we ate something at Janis's house." said Amy. "We're going to catch some sun in the back yard until we get too warm." "Take some sunscreen with you," I said.

I got a bit of lunch and decided as I was tired from my efforts last night I would again take a nap in my daughter's room. I opened the window to catch any breeze and lay back on the bed in my boxers. I heard my daughter and Janis talking and realised they were in the back yard close to the open window.

I hadn't meant to eavesdrop but I lay there interested in what the conversation was about. Amy was saying. "You know how I told you about seeing my Dad wanking off yesterday; well I know you can keep a secret, being best friends an all so my Dad and Mum and me we had a talk and we have decided that we can all be open with our feelings toward each other and not feel embarrassed or anything as long as we keep it a secret." "So if I wanted to show affection to Dad or Mum or Mum to me that would be ok as long as it stays in-house so to speak." Janis.

"Oh my God, wow, that's so cool but wait what do you mean by affection? You're not going to; you know do it with your Dad are you?" The look on Amy's face told Janis that something had already happened. "OMG you did; didn't you." "No. Well not really." It did get awfully close though." she said. "We cuddled up to get warm after I got caught in that storm after leaving your place and I felt his hard-on grow behind me as we lay under the blanket." "Wow" Janis exclaimed. "You know how in high school all of us girls talked about sex and how far we had gone with a boy." "Yeah and how big or little their cocks were." Janis snickered.

"Well I didn't have a ruler with me but my Dad's is bigger than any I've seen or heard of in school by about a hands span, so I would guess 8 inches." Hearing this I had to admit she was pretty accurate in her estimation.

Which got me thinking, just how much cock had Amy seen? The girls went on to say, and I was surprised to hear just how many of their class were still technically virgins, and that most had used a vibrator to lose their cherry when they discovered the pleasures of masturbation on reaching puberty and only a few had gone all the way with a boy.

Most would give a boy a Blow Job than risk getting pregnant. "I know said Janis it's a good thing I like the taste of cum so much." "Mmm me too said Amy yum." "Ha Ha" Janis chortled. Most guys she said were still so immature it was laughable and some girls had turned to their BFF's to hang with and some to sleep with but nearly all of them had experimented with some G on G at some time. It was generally thought of as that the best way to learn how to kiss was with a girl.

My head was filling with images and my cock with blood hearing all of this there was no way I was going to sleep when Janis said. "Will you put some oil on my back Amy and then I'll do you." "Promises, promises," Amy tittered. I got up and sat on the side of the bed and now I could see them through the open window lying on their towels in the back lawn both topless.

Amy looked up and saw me sitting there and gave me a wave. Janis was facing away from the window and didn't know I was watching. "Turn over and I'll do your front as well while I've got all this oil on my hands." Janis rolled over and lay on her back. Amy said "I love your body it's so soft in all the right places" and slapped some oil on Janis's cute little breasts.

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Janis laid back and enjoying Amy's attention to her front. Amy, smirking and looking directly at me, started massaging the oil into Janis' breasts and then slowly worked her way down her tummy to the waistband of her bikini, and occasionally slipping a finger below the waist band of Janis' bikini to rub her mound. Still smiling at me she slid her hand down and cupped her pussy. "You're so wet," Amy said deviously, "what's got you all hot, and don't say it's the weather." "It's all this talk about your Dad.

You know I've been crushing on him for years." "Do you like that? Do you like my fingers on your clit and in your pussy?" "Oh yes.yes, just a bit more I'm nearly there, tell me again how big your Dad's cock is." Janis moaned.

"Keep going with your fingers don't stop.please don't stop." Janis pleaded. "Daddy is huge, really big," Amy said, giving me another sly wink. Janis cried out, "I'm coming.I'm coming, oh my God . Aaaaaah." Janis brought her hips off the ground and jerked convulsively in rhythm with Amy's thrusting fingers.

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Amy looked at me and licked her wet fingers and gave me a wink. I blew her a kiss and mouthed. "Thank you." Chapter 8 The girls stayed outside until mid afternoon until the weather got too hot and they went straight to Amy's room and soon I could hear the shower running and more giggles and laughter. My wife was soon up and getting a snack from the kitchen and joined me in the family room. "I have a gym appointment this afternoon with Jill.

Can I tell her that the girls will be sharing a dorm?" "Yes it's all organised. Not long now and she will be off to Uni. I'll miss her." I said. "Well the easy answer to that is to buy her that little car she has been hinting at and she can come home on the weekends if she likes. It's only an hour and a half drive." Well yes I've been thinking about that and she is a good driver. I've been looking around and think I've found the right vehicle for her. I'll give the dealer a ring and see how soon I can get the car." "Oh darling she'll just love it," Felicity said enthusiastically, and then with somewhat less enthusiasm added, "and the opportunity to bring all her laundry home for me to wash." "Well I'm off to the Gym.

I'll be back by 5." And she raced out the door. I had some chores to do around the house so I was kept busy the rest of the afternoon. I went down the hall to ask the girl's if they would like Pizza for dinner as Janis was sleeping over. I knocked on the door waited then heard. "Come in." said in unison. Both girls were dressed in just towels as if they hadn't bothered getting dressed following their shower. "What about Pizza?" "Yes please." again said in unison.

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*giggling* "Your Mum and Jill are at the Gym but will be back soon. I'll time the pizza's arrival so we will all be able to sit down together." Chapter 9 I heard this story from my wife after her workout at the Gym. She and Jill had a torrid session on the treadmill and the stationary bikes then did some cardio and had showers. It was in the showers that Jill started crying and told the story of how their home had a bad infestation of white ants and had to be completely fumigated and that they had to vacate the house while it was enveloped in a plastic sheet and the pests removed.

Felicity tried to console her and they had got into a hug. It didn't bother them that they were both naked, and they were after all best friends after all and had often showered together at the Gym.

Somehow this time was a little different as Jill was so upset Felicity stroked her friends back running her hands from her shoulders to the two top her crack of her bottom. The sounds of crying turned to that of sighing. Felicity held her tighter and kissed her again lingering after the kiss with just their lips touching gently in the way that only girls can kiss each other my wife held her best friend and told her that she just had to stay with us until the job was finished and they could move back into their house.

I had ordered the Pizzas and had just got the delivery when my wife came in from the garage with Jill in tow. My wife relayed the story of the fumigating while we opened the boxes and got some sodas for the girls and some wine for us.

I called the girls and they surprised us by coming out still in the towels they had on before and they said they had just shaved their legs and had put on moisturiser and were all still sticky. So we all sat down and over Pizza it was worked out that the pest guys were due to start tomorrow afternoon so Janis and Jill would move in that morning and move into Amy's room and she could share our bed for the time that they were here.

After dinner Jill had to go home and pack enough cloths for the period that she and Janis would be staying and Felicity had to go off to work that night. I had put some movies on and both girls sat watching them from the couch. Their mums had kissed them both and told them not to stay up till all hours talking as they did on a sleepover. "No mum we're both tired from too much sun today." Amy said. "Well I'm going to help Jill pack some stuff and I'll head off from there to work.

See you all tomorrow." I went off and had a shower and put on a pair of shorts and a 'T' as Janis was here. When I got back the second movie was just starting a scary one and both girls had moved off the couch down to the floor lying on their tummies in front of the TV and had a bowl of popcorn sitting between then.

I settled down on the couch behind them watching their legs bending at the knee and moving about as they got more animated and into the movie. I was enjoying the sight of so much freshly shaved teenage leg being flashed in front of me when I noticed that neither of them had panties on and that as they moved the towels were moving and inching up their respective bums so as a result my pants were making a serious tent in the groin region.

I reached down and moved my hard-on down my pants leg so it wasn't so obvious in case they looked back. "Do you want some pop corn Dad?" asked Amy "Here I'll get it for you Ted." Jill said, hopped up with the bowl in her hands and took a step and lost her towel. Having both hands around the bowel she didn't know what to do and froze there. I stood and picked up the towel as casually as I could and wrapped it around the stunned girl tucking the fold neatly into her chest.

I leant down to her ear and whispered. "Thank you" and kissed her cheek. She slowly returned to her position besides Amy and both started giggling and slapping each other playfully.

The movie meanwhile had progressed to the scariest scene and the music had increased in volume attracting the girl's attention when, bang.

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The lights and power went out. The screams of the girls seemed to follow on from the movie adding to the confusion. Both made their way to me on the couch and hugged onto my arms. "I'll have to check the fuse box on the back porch girls wait here," I said. "No were coming too." Amy said tremulously. There was not even enough light from the stars out to see by as we made our way to the back sliding door.

"Oh no. I've lost my towel" said Amy, "and it's too dark to see where it was dropped it." "Well Just wait inside with Janis and I'll be back in a jiffy.


I found the power box and flipped the Mains switch and nothing happened. I checked the fuse and it looked good. Returning to the house I told the girls that the problem was down at the power company and there was nothing I could do. I could just make out the girls as my eyes became adjusted to the lack of light.

They stood facing each other in the middle of the room and I could see the full length of Amy's body from the side a real feast for the eyes. It was so cute they way they clung to each other. "I'll have to get some candles out of the storeroom. Will you two be alright here?" "Yes Dad but don't be long," Amy said "I won't. We might as well make an early night of it as there will be no more TV tonight I think.

I'll put some candles in your room and leave one our here in the kitchen." When I returned with the candles both of them had made their way to the kitchen where I lit a candle and handed it to them. They both had their arms around each other, Amy still in the blanket and Janis with the towel that was not covering much at all. "Dad we don't want to stay in my room, can we stay with you until the lights come back on?" "Well just till the power is back on then.

Now take that candle and scoot. I'll be there when I've locked up." Chapter 10 When I got to my room Amy was in bed and threw back the covers for me to get in. I got out of my shorts leaving me with my boxers and a T shirt. Amy had put on a T shirt but had no knickers on. "Where's Janis?" I asked "She went to borrow some PJ's from my room. She is a little embarrassed about the towel incident tonight." I could see a flickering of candle light coming in the door and noted Janis only wore a long T shirt that was not quiet long enough to conceal that she wasn't wearing panties either.

She got into bed on my other side and as if there was an unspoken word they both cuddled up to me at the same time Amy to my right and Janis to my left. I'd left the candle burning on the night stand. Amy lay on her side and put her hand on my stomach and her right leg over mine. I could feel the length of her near naked body cuddled at my side and my erection was instantly lifting the sheet and poking through my boxers.

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Hoping it would go unnoticed by the dim light I kept still. "Thanks for this Dad" Amy said, and kissed my cheek. Janis was a little hesitant to do the same but seeing Amy she got the courage and put her hand over my daughters and kissed my other cheek. I told them both to be very quiet and go to sleep. Knowing there wasn't much chance of that but wanting to be seen to do the right thing.

As we all lay there in the dark with only the candle to see by I felt Janis move first and put a hand out to Amy. She reached across my body to touch Amy and I heard her whisper to Amy in a mock shocked voice that she was in bed with her father. Both of them giggled when Janis started to tickle Amy and Amy reached across me to tickle her back.

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The result of this wriggling was to remove all of the coverings on us and to reveal my raging boner. The tickling went on to the stage where I was the prime target of both girls attention and with both pairs of hands on me I had no chance at all. At times during our struggles a hand would squeeze my boner and I would get to feel a smooth pussy mound.

All the wriggling about left me lying facing Janis with her legs spread and my cock pressing into her side, both of us panting from our efforts. The giggling subsided until there was an uncomfortable silence.

Then Amy cuddled up to both of us and started raining kisses on both of us. In the excitement that followed and we were all kissing each other. Amy then reached between us and grabbed my rod and started working it. I felt my rod being played with by Janis as well and it got even harder and I knew it was dripping Precum. Janis looked toward Amy as if to get permission and Amy nodded her head and whispered.

"Isn't this what you always hoped would happen?" I took a chance and stroked Janis's body, cupping her breasts and rubbing her tummy occasionally dipping a hand under her T. Amy's joined and reaching round me went the whole way and stroked Janis' pussy produced moans and had her lifting her hips off the bed.

The smell of sex was strong in the air and Janis's hand wrapped around my cock and stroking it and squeezing it. Amy stooped fingering Janis and moved slowly down the bed kissing and caressing her body and then pulling her legs apart she began licking her pussy. I moved to position myself behind Amy and started licking her muff hearing her groan into Janis's muff and Janis to grown in turn.

We continued like this until both girls had a serious seismic orgasm that went on till finally becoming multi orgasms for both of them. Janis curled up beside me with her head on my shoulder and slept. Amy lay with her head on my stomach and my cock in her mouth and nursed like that until I came in her mouth. She held my softening cock in her mouth until she too fell asleep. In the early hours of the morning I was awakened by the sound of the Movie we had been watching looping through the credits.

I moved slowly off the bed and went around turning of the TV and lights.


When I returned to the room both girls were kissing and cuddling and whispering. I Stood beside the bed and told them that the power was back on and that they should go back to Amy's room till I woke them for breakfast. After much complaining I pulled them both to their feet, gave them a kiss on the lips and a smack on their bums and told them to scoot. I was worn out from the nights athletics and went back to sleep. Chapter 11 Felicity woke me when she got home telling me that the coffee was made and to get the girls up and outside that it was a wonderful morning.

I hate it when everything goes so well for her at work that she comes home so chipper. I'm not a morning person. *********