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Pussy And Ass Licking Lesbian Latinas
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Paradise Valley 2, Homecoming Tall Elk rode warily, with one eye on the sunset, the other on the canyon ahead. They were minutes from home now. The nearby canyon protected Paradise Valley from outsiders arriving from the south and it was a bad time to be approaching the canyon. With most raiding parties riding south, that is the direction of the greatest threat.

Any pursuers would be ambushed there at the narrow valley. He looked around the herd to make sure everyone was present. Now was the time to count, just before sunset.

His eyes wandered around the men near him, then those on the other side of the mixed herd. Bent Turtle rode with his usual humpback style. Sideways Walking Fox, was easy to recognize, as he was the smallest rider in the herd. Three other men rode point, one had the girth of Shadow Wolf, their leader. Most were too far away to identify in the dust and darkness. He mentally counted six more before he came to Camp Robber Jay, riding just ahead of him. Thirteen men, including himself.

Everyone was present. "Aaaaiiiiieeee!" Tall Elk shouted at the sky. Frightened by the sound, one cow tried to duck out of the herd, but Tall Elk waved a blanket in it's face and turned it. "Aaaaeee hup hup hup!" came the correct response from the nearby hills, signifying it was safe to ride into the treacherous canyon. Tall Elk stopped and checked their back trail.

With the darkening shadows it would be easy to miss anything, but he saw nothing. It was funny, he sensed impending danger. Were they being pursued?

He would ask Shadow Wolf to add more guards to the valley. There was happiness and shouting in the camp as they arrived. Tall Elk's eyes wandered over the crowd until he spotted a figure which must be his wife. no, it was Small Fish, who was just as petite, and almost as cute. Their eyes met, he turned embarrassed and he continued searching until he found his wife and daughter gathered with the rest of his family, Winter Maiden and her children.

Tall Elk was responsible for all of them, since his uncle Lame Bull had been killed by the Crows. Little Bull, Sitting Bull, Quick Falcon, and Silent Marmot were children to be proud of. The two boys were aggressive, skillful, and handsome. Tall Elk actually expected Sitting Bull to become a man first. He had the thoughts and demeanor of a chief. Now he only required the courage to go through with the ceremony and he too could display the chest scars of manhood.

The two girls, Falcon and Marmot, would grow into exceptional beauties. They had the features of an Indian princess and would bring much wealth to his family when they wed. "This," he pointed at an Appaloosa horse, "this," he pointed out a chestnut, "and those three," he pointed at three horses tied together by a lead rope. One had four matched white stockings and a blaze on it's forehead, making it easy to identify. All five contained huge bulging packs.

Winter Maiden and her boys pulled the horses aside and began removing the packs of smoked meat. She would ensure that half went to her teepee and half to his. "My goodness, we are rich. Do we own cattle?" Silver Quail asked in excitement. "Ten cattle of your choice. Some are milking, a few are steers. I found the herd and five of us just gathered them all up and drove them off.

A woman owned the ranch, she was alone and unable to pursue us. It was easy. There are 57 cattle all together. Ravenous Wolf wants them so we can raise cattle like the white men, so we won't starve in the winter." "I know," she said brightly with a smile. The smile reminded him of why he had been in a hurry to get home. "I must bathe," he whispered. She nodded eagerly. He slid off his horse and handed the rope to Sitting Bull.

He turned and took two sacks off the horse and handed the heavy load to Silver Quail. "Guard these," he whispered. "It is treasure beyond belief." She struggled back to the teepee, as he hurried down to the river. Even from the noisy camp they could her his whoop of shock as he fell into the cold water. Silver Quail smiled and hurried to the teepee to serve his dinner. Tall Elk liked the darkness. It was the best time to bathe. The fires from the camp sparkled from the water.

A clear sky overhead showed stars so bright that they could actually light his way in the dark. He grabbed handfuls of sand and scrubbed the smoke and sweat from under his arms and across his chest. He looked off across Paradise River, wary of any threat coming from out of the darkness. It was unlikely that an enemy would climb the steep mountains to the south and risk being trapped in the valley. But there were always bears and rabid skunks to deal with.

Tall Elk ducked his head beneath the rapidly running water and came up snorting and shaking the water from his long hair like an old buffalo. He wiped the water from his eyes and took one last look around, before he outlined himself against the lights of the village. He pulled up his loincloth and hurried to the teepee with the rest of his stinking clothes in his hand. He shouted as he entered the teepee, before he dropped his clothes and hugged his beautiful wife.

"How were you?" he asked, holding her at arms length and staring into her eyes to be sure she had been faithful. His heart stopped when he saw something in her eyes he had never seen before, guilt. "We must talk," she said simply. He nodded and released her as his body went numb with shock. He crossed his legs and sat on the edge of their bed. He accepted the bowl of stew silently, while his mind rushed. Had she been unfaithful? If so, who with? There were very few men in their summer camp.

Most had been in the raiding party. Ravenous Wolf. impossible. Ravenous Wolf was over 90. One of the boys then? That wouldn't be too bad. There was an unwritten law in the tribe than any adult could curb any juvenile curiosity when it came to sex, as long as they didn't force themselves on them.

It was usually a parent's job, but anybody could fill in if necessary. "Who?" he finally demanded. "Your daughter," she said, turning away.

"My. but that means." he chuckled and handed her the bowl for a refill. "You and White Fawn?" he asked with a smile. "Yes," she admitted. "That should have been my job, but if you've grown a penis?" he said, raising an eyebrow. "I didn't use a penis, I used my tongue. Will you stop laughing at me?" she stamped her foot.

He stopped with the spoon half raised to his mouth, staring at her foot with a raised eyebrow. He laughed again and resumed eating. "So tell me," he said around a mouthful of food. "I'm dying to find out what happened." "I borrowed Winter Maiden's dog, White Fawn wanted to know if it would lick her, I told her to find out, but the dog stopped. I. finished her." "Why?" "To make her feel good," Silver Quail was exasperated. "No, why do we have the dog?" "Oh, I had a problem," she waved it off.

"Oh, don't tell me it's THAT again," he growled. "Don't worry, it's all fixed. We can still do it. But you have to wash before we do, every time," she said, pointing a finger at his face.

He grabbed the finger and pulled her forward. He nuzzled her ear, then placed her hand on his penis beneath the loincloth. He ate while she massaged his manhood to extreme hardness. When he was done he tossed the dish aside and pulled her forward. "You are the most beautiful women in this camp," he said, sniffing her hair as he rubbed her back.

"I'm glad to know that I'm the only man who has ever been inside you." "What about women?" she asked, looking into his face.

"If they can crawl inside, let them." "I'm serious. You must have heard the rumors," she said, blowing out the stone oil lamp. "I don't have a problem with you seeing women, as long as you don't start gossip. Now let's fuck." She laughed as she stood on her knees and pulled the buckskin dress over her head.

As her creamy breasts sprang into view his hands naturally covered them. They were soft and warm to the touch. The softest skin he had ever felt. He pulled her forward and filled his mouth with her left breast. He sucked half the tit into his mouth, before he released it and concentrated on nursing on the nipple. "Oh yes, I breast fed off Winter Maiden today," she said, brushing her long hair out of her face.

"You lucky dog," he said around her sweet nipple. "It was very nice," Silver Quail admitted as she backed on to his cock. She wagged it in her pussy until it was lubricated, then pushed back until she impaled herself. She squealed loudly as the long cock slid up inside her waiting vagina. She felt her husband shivering and hissing beneath her. When his cock was completely encased in her fleshy womb, she rocked gently forward and back. "I would like to try Maiden's milk some day, since she's technically my wife as well," he said, moving to her right breast.

She looked very beautiful with her slender body arched, her pussy riding forward and back on his fleshy pole. "She could use a man," Silver Quail admitted. "I released her from her grief long ago. Why doesn't she find one?" "It pains her. That feels real good," Silver Quail added as she seemed to melt against Tall Elk's pelvis. "I'm getting hot," she admitted. "Your pussy is very tight today," he groaned as the pleasure began spreading throughout his lower body.

The heat was becoming intolerable. His cock felt monestrous in her tight little birth canal. Her juices were hot and sticky, making wet sounds as she rocked on his penis. Silver Quail rocked gently in silence.

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Tall Elk held her rounded thighs in his hands, kneading the soft skin and tight flesh beneath. Silver quail shook the hair out of her face and reached down to tweak her nipples. The fire intensified, joining that created by Tall Elk's long cock. "Let's change," Tall Elk said softly.

He rolled Silver Quail over on her side. She tucked her knees up under her chin. Tall Elk continued fucking her from the rear. She was even tighter from this angle, with her legs closed. He loved the rounded feel of her back as he slid close and reached around her body to capture her breasts in his hands. He rocked faster as the heat in his loins intensified.

"I love fucking you, wife," he whispered in her ear. "And I you, husband," she turned her head and looked into his sweating face. Not for the first time she wished they had kissing. Her lips wanted to keep busy at a time like this. White men seemed to have the best of everything. She licked her lips and looked straight ahead, laying her head on the furs. She slid her hands up to cup her breasts and played with her nipples. They were radiating heat to all parts of her body.

Silver Quail was proud of her breasts, they were cute and sexy, without being large enough to get in the way of her work. She cupped both breasts and looked down at the firm cones in her hands. She mashed them gently before twisting the nipple brutally with her thumbs and fingers. "Oh ah," she said, feeling her loins clenching around his long smooth cock. "Almost ready?" he asked in her ear. "Yes," she hissed, twisting her nipples brutally. Tall Elk intensified his thrusts. His hips slapped against her sexy little ass.

Her pussy lips were deformed around his thick cock. The juices ran from her pussy and down her thigh. Silver Quail reached behind herself and placed a hand on his thrusting hip. It was hard and moist under her hand. She squeezed it firmly and helped pull his groin firmly into her ass. She was ready, she could feel it. Her pussy was spasming around his cock. Her loins were burning with a liquid heat. She suddenly relaxed and let the orgasm wash over her body. "Oh yes," she whimpered, stiffening beneath his trusts.

His thrusts began matching his panting breath. He wanted to come with her. The slap of flesh against flesh suddenly stopped and she felt him shudder behind her. Hot cum began pumping deep into her loins. She felt it like fire, spreading throughout her pussy and loins, adding to her intense pleasure.

She shuddered and grunted, biting her lips to keep from screaming. In moments they were both finished. Tall Elk relaxed against her back with one arm draped over her body. They laid in silence for several minutes until their panting breaths returned to normal. Tall Elk snuggled his mouth against the back of Silver Quail's neck. "How did you like doing White Fawn?" Tall Elk asked carefully.

"Oh, I liked it. I liked it a lot. She is very young and sweet." Silver Quail was glad it was dark in the teepee, so he couldn't see the guilt on her face. "Now I'm getting hot again," Tall Elk gasped, with a vision of his sweet young wife licking his daughter's pussy. "It fascinates me, I would like to see that. Would you be willing to do it again?" "If you don't mind, and it's obvious that you don't," she accused. "No, I don't," he stopped suddenly and released her body.

"Get her," he suddenly commanded. "What?" she was surprised. "I really want to see you do it. Get her," he said, relaxing on the furs. When she was sure he was serious, she wrapped a white fox fur around her body, checked for people around the camp, then rushed to Winter Maiden's tent. She scratched and waited. "What?" Sitting Bull demanded. "Is White Fawn there?" Silver Quail looked around the camp again. "Yes. Mother?" "Your father misses you. He wants you to come home this time." "I'm coming," she said eagerly.

She was usually excluded from the family upon her father's return. But if they didn't require privacy this time she was happy to be included in the homecoming. Silver Quail found the dog tied behind the teepee.

She had assumed that Winter Maiden had taken her back. She untied the dog and brought it inside.

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She staked it out at the entrance to the teepee, away from the dried meat. "She's coming," she said, dropping the fur and sliding into the bed. "I could see your legs and ass when you ran out in that fur. It was very sexy," he grinned. "And very cold," they paused as White Fawn entered.

"Over here," Tall Elk called.

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White Fawn paused to pet the dog, then made her way around the food baskets. She found both her parents in bed and turned half away, embarrassed. "Undress," Tall Elk whispered. White Fawn looked from her father to her mother, then pulled her buckskin dress over her head.

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She stood naked and shivering, while both parents looked her over appreciatively. Tall Elk finally raised the fur on his bed and motioned for her to join them. She felt her heart skip a beat. She grew excited when her soft slender leg touched her fathers beneath the furs. Her mother's hand snuck beneath the furs and petted her stomach. White Fawn shivered exquisitely and placed a hand over her mothers. "Your mother told me what happened today," he said, looking at her from where he rested his head on his arm.

"Yes?" "Did you like it?" he asked gently. "Oh yes," she admitted. "It was fun when the dog licked me too, but mother was even better." "Was she?" Tall Elk laughed. "Would you like her to do it again?" "Oh yes," White Fawn hissed in excitement. "I really would," she said in a louder voice. "I've been thinking of it constantly.

It was very beautiful. I only wish." "What?" Tall Elk asked in a gentle voice. "I wish I could have licked her too. I've been fantasizing about it since it happened. I have been regretting my hesitation." "Well let's start over, little beauty, do what you feel like doing.

If you object to anything we suggest, tell us. Ok?" "Wonderful," she said, snuggling closer. "Anything?" "Anything," Silver Quail said. White Fawn snuck her hand under the fur and rested it on her father's leg for a moment.

He stiffened, but didn't object. Slowly, she inched her hand closer to his cock and captured it in her small hot hand. They both hissed at first contact. He felt his cock grow an inch when it felt her tiny hand massaging it. He watched her face as she massaged his cock to incredible firmness. He held his breath when she licked her lips and slid beneath the furs. He turned and gave his wife a wide-eyed stare, then moaned as he felt a tongue lick the head of his cock. White Fawn had fantasied about her father's cock since she was three years old and saw it by accident for the first time.

Since then she had seen it 20 or 30 times. There was nothing hidden from anybody in an Indian camp. She had watched as she went out back and peed in the grass. Usually it was small, barely visible.


But if her parents had been making love, it looked like a snake. She loved that snake most of all. Now she had it under her control. She ran her hand up and down on his snake while tasting the head with her small tongue. She tasted her mother's pussy on the tip of his cock and shivered in excitement. She put her open mouth over the end of his cock and slid it down as far as it would go.

Silver Quail was fascinated by what was going on beneath the furs. She reached across and flipped the furs aside so she could see her daughter. She was bobbing up and down on the head of her father's cock. Her eyes went to Silver Quail and she smiled. Tall Elk's face was strained and worried. He had never felt a mouth on his cock, and even though it was his own daughter, he didn't entirely trust her.

But the feeling was like nothing he had ever experienced. He looked at his wife and tried to speak, but nothing came out. His mouth moved like a fish out of water. He reached over and took Silver Quail by the shoulder, then pushed her over behind White Fawn. Silver Quail eagerly crawled across the bed until she knelt behind her daughter.

White Fawn was laying on her side with her ribs against her father's leg. Her sweet little ass looked sexy and inviting as Silver Quail put a hand on her white hip.

White Fawn tensed, but concentrated on her father's cock. Silver Quail leaned down and licked White Fawn's left ass cheek and hip. Silver Quail moaned around her father's cock. Silver Quail rolled her daughter over on her stomach and gently spread her legs.


She looked up to see Tall Elk watching breathlessly. He had not seen White Fawn's pussy for ten years. He was mesmerized by it's tiny, delicate beauty. Silver Quail positioned herself between White Fawn's open thighs and leaned down to kiss her ass cheeks. Silver Quail moaned with her eyes closed, as her face bobbed up and down on Tall Elk's cock. He was briefly concerned that she might bite his cock in her pleasure, but his own pleasure was so great he would not stop her now.

He only waited to see her reaction as the white cum filled her mouth. Had she done this before? Probably so, that's why she had the nerve to do it now. Silver Quail opened her lips and sealed them over White Fawn's little envelope. She licked the entire length of the little pussy, enjoying White Fawn's reaction to her manipulations.

She held her daughter's thighs open and licked diligently. She often stopped to open the pussy lips with her thumbs and flick her tongue over the clit, before releasing it and licking the entire little envelope, on piece at a time.

Juices began flowing. Heat began to radiate off White Fawn's vulnerable pussy. White Fawn went wild under her mother's mouth. Silver Quail slid her thumb inside White Fawn and let her fuck her hand, as she licked her sweet pussy. White Fawn was grunting in time with her thrusts. She worked her pussy against her mother's thumb, while her mother worked to keep up with the thrashing pussy.

Tall Elk felt the fire of release building in his loins. His breath came faster as he alternated between watching his daughter suck his cock, or his wife suck her pussy. Each were equally exciting. The fire built intolerably until he felt it shooting from his balls into his penis.

It began spurting hot cum into his daughter's lips. She drank it greedily. As some tried to escape her lips, she lifted it with her finger and sucked it back into her lips. He came over and over, pumping until the well was dry. She finally released him, but his penis continued pumping, raising and falling as it tried in vein to fill her mouth with more sweet cream.

He fell back to his elbows and concentrated on watching his wife enjoy their daughter's sweet pussy. It was vulgar and weird, something that only white men did, but he wanted to see it again, over and over. In fact, he planned on trying both his wife and his daughter, when he had time to recover. He'd had enough for tonight. "Oh yes, mother," White Fawn groaned with her head on her father's thigh. She grunted as she hunched her pussy back against the thumb and agile tongue. She whimpered and grabbed his thigh in a death grip as her orgasm built and exploded.

She managed to keep her passion controlled, but just barely. She grunted and moaned, until her mother released her and crawled up to lay beside her husband again. Tall Elk patted the furs to his right and White Fawn crawled forward and fell, panting on their bed. With a smile, Tall Elk pulled the furs up around his family as he pulled his pillow furs closer and relaxed. He was almost asleep when noises coming from his wife awoke him shortly after midnight.

"What is it?" he asked in concern. "The dog found my pussy. She's licking me again. It feels good, but it's hard to sleep," Silver Quail admitted. Tall Elk sighed in disgust and went to sleep. Tall Elk traded some dried meat to Runs Like A Deer for a salmon he'd caught in his fish trap that morning. As he positioned the salmon over the fire, Tall Elk called for the bags Silver Quail had taken from his horse.

She brought them out and hunkered down next to him in excitement. Tall Elk looked around and waved Winter Maiden forward, from where she had been cooking in front of her teepee. White Fawn heard the excitement and joined them. Sitting Bull followed White Fawn out and stood nearby, pretending not to watch.

Tall Elk looked from White Fawn to Sitting Bull with a raised eyebrow. Sitting Bull crossed his arms and smiled. Tall Elk chuckled and opened the first bag. He took out a buckskin bag with a tie string on top.

He tossed it to Winter Maiden. She opened it and her eyes grew large. She took a course grain of salt out of the bag and tasted it. "There are 5 bags for us, ten for you," Tall Elk said. There was no need to point out that she baked for them and many other families in the tribe. She deserved more salt. I have bags of your magical baking powder as well," he took out several paper bags and filled her hands with the treasure. White Fawn noticed the sun blinking off something white in the bag.

She reached for it, but Tall Elk slapped her hand away. "That's mine," he said gently, sorry to have hurt her feelings. "It looks beautiful, what is it?" White Fawn asked. "My treasure," he pulled a gunbelt from the bag. A beautiful six shot pistol was tied into the holster by a strap. He removed the strap and pulled the gun from it's holster and held it aloft.

It had a wood handle and a blue barrel. Gold caps sat on nipples near the hammer. A gold ramming rod was built into the front of the pistol for loading. He took out extra cylinders, caps and powder, along with a white powder horn. "I bought three from a man, out of the back of his covered wagon. He also sold me the baking soda and salt. He showed me how to shoot them, and something called the quick draw." "A white man?" Winter Maiden asked.

"Certainly. No Indian sells these items." "Why did he sell to you?" she demanded. "He wanted horses, we had horses. He wanted his life, and we spared his life." "There is one for you," he handed a smaller version with a 3 inch barrel to Winter Maiden, "and one for you," he handed the second to Silver Quail. "I have no need for it, I will give it to the boys for hunting," she handed it to Sitting Bull, who passed it on to his brother.

"There are needles, thread, buttons, and cloth in the other bag," he pointed. He took out two frying pans and handed one to each woman. He handed the only kettle to Silver Quail with an apologetic look.

That accounted for the great weight of the bags. Winter Maiden shrugged and smiled. "Look," Tall Elk said, quickly pulling the pistol from it's holster and aiming it.

He pushed it back into the holster with a smile. Silver Quail simply shrugged, unimpressed. "I will get faster with practice. The white man told me that those who get their gun out the fastest, usually win a gun battle.

He's seen it in many towns where he's been a bartender." "That's nice," Silver Quail said, then her eyes went behind Tall Elk's back.

"Shadow Wolf approaches and he doesn't look happy." "Put salt on that salmon," he whispered, handing her the gunbelt. "I will return soon." "Tall Elk, a word," the chief said, pulling Tall Elk aside.

They walked toward the river. Shadow Wolf seemed to be choosing his words. "Did you know that White Fawn was behind your teepee yesterday having all the young women get licked by a dog?" "Impossible," Tall Elk gasped.

"She said nothing to me." "That's not all.

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Sprinting Colt was there with a fawn, using it to suck boys. I also have reports that your daughter was screaming yesterday during the Buffalo ceremony. Everyone in the village heard her. She was screaming yes, mother, lick me." "Achee," Tall Elk whispered.

"We have no tribal elders, this is my tribe. I moved away from my brother's tribe and started my own village. I am responsible for keeping order here." "It won't happen again," Tall Elk promised. "I know. The majority of the tribe has voted that you leave for a while. a year perhaps. I would recommend joining the Santee for a while. I know our morals are traditional, old fashioned perhaps, but they are our morals.

We cannot adapt the ways of the white men in all things. On the other hand I wish I knew more about them, because I am sure we will make war against them in the future. "Maybe that's the answer," Tall Elk said thoughtfully. "What?" "Maybe I should cut my hair and join the white men for a while. Learn all I can learn about them.

I could pass as a Mexican, and my wife and daughter look white. And I know just the place to start. Remember the woman we stole those cattle from?" "Yes," Shadow Wolf said hesitantly.

"You watched her from the hill for three days. We were about to leave you behind. "Leave her alone in the future, she may hire an Indian ranch hand. I would hate to have to track down the evil Indians and punish them," Tall Elk smiled, slapping a hand on Shadow Wolf's shoulder. "Very well. And good luck, Tall Elk, you are my best warrior." "Then do me a favor," Tall Elk halted in the act of turning away.

"If it's in my power." "Take care of Winter Maiden for me. Her family does not deserve my exile." "I will," Shadow Wolf promised.

"Although she is more than able to care for herself, with those two son's of hers. And just so you know, Camp Robber Jay and his family are being exiled as well.

There is something wrong with his son, Sprinting Colt. Let other's worry about him." "I will tell my family," Tall Elk nodded. "And I do expect to see you in a year," Shadow Wolf called. "The saying 'it's a good day to die,' has another side. 'It's also a good day to live.' Do nothing foolish." "Never fear," Tall Elk waved over his shoulder. He refused to look at Shadow Wolf and reveal his shame.

Tall Elk and his family left in the middle of the night. Tall Elk left behind several bags and baskets which they did not want to carry over a long distance. Winter Maiden would have her pick of the items, and the village could have what was left. All six horses were loaded down with the family's belongings, as well as the family itself. Sitting Bull was the first to find their teepee missing.

He took up the bow and arrows and stood looking toward the canyon. His eyes glistened, but that was the only sign of his inner turmoil.

He would miss White Fawn. "Aaaaiiiiieeee!" Tall Elk shouted at the hills beside the treacherous canyon. "Adios," the Spanish reply came in a sad voice. It was Bent Turtle. He waved for a moment then disappeared. They waved in return. White Fawn cried as they left the canyon, Tall Elk felt like joining her. He had never felt so alone in his entire life.