Mature tranny fucks her ass with a dildo

Mature tranny fucks her ass with a dildo
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Justin was your average American male. He stood 5'5" and weighed 135 pounds. We was average in every respect, just a skinny nineteen year old waiting on his freshmen year of college to begin. It was a warm summer might and his girlfriend Stephanie was coming over.


Justin had the house to himself and he wanted to make use of it. Up until this point the young couple hadn't gone any further than some intense make out sessions, but tonight would change that.

Stephanie showed up at about nine that night "Sorry I'm late I had to work over." She said apologetically as she wrapped Justin in a warm embrace. Justin returned the embrace with a passionate kiss as he pulled her into the house.

They made their way quickly to the master suite of the house due to its large bed. Justin quickly shed his shirt revealing his hairless torso, as she did the same. The black bra she was wearing clashed beautifully with her pale white skin. He rubbed his hands sensually over her tight stomache as he continued to kiss her deeply.

His hand traveled further, he grabbed the button on her denim skirt and quickly unclaspped it, and pulled the skirt away revealing her tight black boy shorts. He pulled his mouth away from hers and kissed his way down her body. She lifted her legs from the bed as his nimble fingers pulled her underwear from her waist. Seeing her glistening slit filled him with passion, he kissed it gently at first.

His tongue probed deeper causing her to moan loudly.

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He continued his assault with ever increasing vigor his tongue working at a feverish pace, her warm juices fueling his desire. Her moans increased until she was screaming "Oh god!" as her nails dug into his back.


Justin's member was throbbing in the confines of his briefs. Her moans quickened and her vagina pulsed around Justin's tongue. "I'm coming!" she yelled as she screamed in pleasure.

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Hearing her scream Justin's penis erupted in his briefs filling them with his seed. Both the teens were spent. Stephanie kissed him softly as they both fell asleep. The next morning they got up made out but both had duties to attend to so they parted quickly.

That night Stephanie could not come over so Justin layed awake thinking, about how much pleasure he got just pleasing her. He wondered why he didnt try to get physical satisfaction for himself.

It was then he formulated the hypothesis that he just wanted to give people pleasure. He got on craigslist and searched the personals.

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Somehow he stumbled onto a guy wanting another guy to give him a blowjob. Justin had never thought of himself as gay in any way but seeing an image of this guys penis made him think. So he responded to the add, and they arranged for a meeting at a Justin's house. The next night Justin waited anxiously. He but on his extra tight black briefs and just a pair of basketball shorts and waited. The doorbell rang. Justin answered it and in walked a young man around six foot tall.

He had a muscular build and longer blonde hair. He shut the door and said "I'm Tommy, now on your knees." As the words exited his mouth he pulled off his shirt revealing his tight chest and ripped abs. Justin jumped to his knees in front of him and pulled his pants down revealing that he had no underwear on.

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Justin's eyes came face to face with Tommy's hard six inch penis. Justin licked its length as he cupped his large cum filled balls.

"Suck it bitch" Tommy groaned as he grabbed Justin's head. Justin opened his mouth and readily accepted.

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Justin could feel the veins in the hard member in his mouth. He worked up and down its length enjoying every minute of it. Tommy was unsatisfied and grabbed Justin's aggressively and slammed his dick down Justin's throat repeatedly. Justin quickly got used to it and the harder Tommy shoved the hornier Justin got.

Justin held on to Tommy's taut ass cheeks as the assault continued. Tommy's shoves got faster and faster, until he yelled "Im cumming" He shoved his dick into Justin's throat and erupted stream after stream of cum filled his mouth as his own dick erupted in his briefs.

Justin swallowed the cum, enjoying the flavor. Tommy pulled his dick out and put his clothes on. "Thanks, fag" he said as he left. Justin layed down in the floor in pure ecstacy. He climbed to the couch stuck his hand in his briefs and retrieved some of his own cum, he licked it greedily and got up and went to bed.

Meanwhile outside of the living room window stood Justin's best friend Garrett, he had witnessed the whole thing and his dick was now hard. Formulating a plan he walked away and got in his car and left. The next day Garrett burst into Justin's house.

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"What the hell was that about last night?" he asked angrily. Justin backed away. "What are you talking about?" "The guy you were blowing in the living room." Knowing he was busted, he admitted "I just wanted to try it" Garrett was angry, his best friend was gay he thought, all those times they had changed together he thought he was probably checking him out. Anger filled him. "Get ready to try it again" he said as he pulled his shirt off.

Garrett was 5'10" but built like a football linebacker, he grabbed the tiny Justin and slammed him down. He reached into his shorts and pulled out his hardening eight inch dick. He grabbed Justin's head and forced it down his throat. Justin knowing it was futile to fight, accepted and began sucking on the large dick. Garrett fucked his face similar to how Tommy had but was still unsatisfied.

He grabbed Justin and threw him face first on the floor. He grabbed Justin's waistband and yanked his shorts and underwear off leaving him naked.

Garrett proded at Justin's skinny tight white ass with his large dick. Justin whimpered "No please." "Too late" Garrett replied as he forced his full length into Justin.

Justin screamed in pain but it was replace by pleasure. Garrett thrusted violently causing Justin to moan loud. "Yes Garrett fuck me fuck me!" He yelled as Garrett picked up his pace.

The thrusts continued for ten glorious minutes of pure bliss for Justin. Garrett grabbed Justin plunged his full depth into him and came filling Justin with cum. Garrett pulled out and spanked Justin hard put his clothes on and left in silence.

Justin layed there as Garrett's cum began to leak out of his abused ass and his own cum pulled under his body. to be continued.