Casais em swing ao vivo

Casais em swing ao vivo
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It was about 2:00AM when I felt a tug on my arm. I slowly start to wake up when I realize it is Svetlana.


She is sitting on the edge of the couch and leaning over me saying; " Rob Are you awake? " I am slowly stirring and looking at her from the moonlight coming through the livingroom window.

She has on a silky black button up shirt that just stops at the top of her matching pajama pants.

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(She can make anything look sexy.) I look up at her and say; " What's the matter? Is everything allright? " She says; " yes everything is all right, in a way, I guess. It's just that I can't sleep. I have had something on my mind for a long time and I just can't sleep at night anymore thinking of it. " so I ask her; " What's bothering you that has you staying up late at night? " She takes my right hand and holds it against the side of her face as she is saying; " Well you know how much I loved my husband and that he was the only man I have ever made love with up to this day.

it's just that ever since he died I have not gone on any dates, or even thought about it, let alone being intimate with someone else, till now. " The " till now " had me waking up real quick! I was hoping this was leading to where I thought it might be going. Svetlana says; " Oh Rob, We have been very good friends for a long time and I have come to realize that when we are not together that I am missing you, and needing you more and more, so that's why I am out here now.

I just need to know if you feel about me like I feel about you." I started to talk and just stopped, looking into her eyes,sparkling from the moon light, and the worried look on her face as to what I would tell her. I sit up, take her hand in mine, and lean in torwards her. She responds and leans in to me, we meet and start to kiss.

We kiss very softly at first, our lips just lightly touching each other, and pulling away just enough that I could run my tongue on the outside of her lips, and then her tongue running across mine too.

We keep kissing each other with more intensity. Our tongues dancing in each other's mouth now, and our bodies pulled tight together I have my arms wrapped around her, holding the back of her head and using my other arm to hold her close. I can feel her nipples poking against my bare chest through her shirt, and her tits firming up from the massaging of our bodies together.

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Svetlana moves her hand down off my back, and puts it right on the top of my swollen hard cock. I moan for a moment, feeling her hand moving up and down my shaft wrapped within my pajamas.

she moves her hands around and finds the opening to my pajamas. She puts her hand inside,wraps her fingers around my ridgid membrane, and starts moving up and down again, letting go to rub across the top of my now well precummed lube head.

She breaks the kiss, looks at me and says; " I think we need to go to your room. " I just nod my head and we head back to my bedroom. Svetlana goes to the bathroom, turns on the light and leaves the door open to dimmly illuminate the room. She comes back to edge of the bed where I am standing, wraps her arms around me and we start kissing again. This time my hands are all over her, rubbing her sides moving my hands in front of her, feeling those beautiful B-cup titties and her pointy little nipples, then moving back down, grabbing her firm ass, and pulling her tight against me, letting her feel my hard ridgid throbbing head against her tummy and the top of her clit.

She's moans everytime I pull her into me, and can feel the heat from the outside of her pussy as it rubs against my balls. She pulls away and looks at me, as she slowly unbuttons her shirt letting it fall to the ground.

letting me see for the first time her firm tits, and her hard nipples sticking straight out. She unties her pajama bottoms and they fall to the ground, stepping out of them as they hit the floor. She is now completely naked, and I almost cum just looking at her sweet body. She walks over to me, unties my pajamas, and pulls them over my swollen cock, letting them fall to the ground.

I step out of my pants and look at her. She moves closer to me takes me by the hand and leads me to the bed. I get in first, laying on my back, with my leaking cock sticking straight out. She gets in and straddles me, sitting on my knees. she leans down grabs my meat with her hands and puts it right in her mouth. (MAN! was she good!) she took my root right down to base, rolling her tongue over the top and then along the sides and then down her throat again.

I was getting so close to cumming and I think she picked up on that. She let go of my cock and moved up on top of me. She put the entrance of her pussy against my cock head rubbing up and down making it quite wet from her own love juices.

She put her hands on my chest and lowered her hips down pushing my cock slowly into her very tight wet pussy.

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She finally has my dick buried to the root in her little love hole and starts moving slowly at first, letting her pussy stretch out to accomidate the meat that was now packed in it. She's moving faster and faster, lubing my dick all up with her love juice,her tight walls rubbing the head of my dick as she moves up and down further almost coming out and pushing it back in to the root.

All of a sudden her body twitches and I feel a hot blast of fluid as she screams as she has a massive orgasm. Her pussy grips my dick hard like a vice as she comes. I pulled my dick out of her still pulsing pussy, roll her off the top of me, and move between her legs. She spreads her legs wide, begging me to stick my cock back in her.

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I grab her legs under her knees, pull them up to her sides, aim my cock to her entrance and slam it right into her waiting love hole. I keep stroking my cock deeper and deeper, faster and faster till I couldn't hold it anymore.

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I slam hard one more time as my cock thickens and lengthens, pushing into her cervix, as I let loose, pushing stream after stream of hot cum right into her fertile pussy. her cervix still pulsing from her orgasm pulling my baby batter right into her womb. She feels the heat of my cum filling her tummy and sends her over the edge again, screaming " YES!

ROB! Fill me up thats feels so good YES!

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". (MAN! Was my dick wet!) We just laid there together with my cock still in her.

My dick finally deflated and fell out. We laid side by side the rest of the night holding each other. This was the start of a loving relationship. (Tell me what you think, The next day will be good in the next chapter. let me know if you want more thanx. )