Follada magistral a karly bebe

Follada magistral a karly bebe
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Born to be Bad, Good in Bed Iraq, Present Day What's the saying, Born to be Bad. Well I was bad. Back home I was the meanest "motha fucka" in the neighbourhood, hell in the district. You wouldn't know it by looking at me, 5 foot 8, while gorged on the delicacies of my culture had left me on the heavy side. I had strength though, real strength, earned through hours of labour in the steel mills. A little on the quiet side but isn't that what they say about all the maniacs. I guess my real trouble didn't start until I was fourteen or so, when my whore mother remarried to a local pimp named Chino.

I shit you not, the little arseholes name was Chino. Imagine my father's shame, a decorated officer in the marines, a son and daughter, local politician and his ex wife whoring it out for a guy named Chino.

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He was a proud man my father, strong in the face of adversity, actually come to think of it he was a little quiet too. 8 Years Earlier The divorce was quick, my father had connections, boy did he have connections. I remember my sister coming home one time, she must have been all of 14 and three minutes younger than me. As usual I had started dinner, waiting for my father to bring home fresh salads for the pasta. My father used to say his father had taught him two things, hard work and family first.

Now you have to remember that I was a strapping lad, fed like a bull and working alongside my father's ex marine friends, you can imagine the hormones running through me.

I guess it was lack of social contact with girls my own age that first turned me on to my sister, not in a sleazy perverted way, and god the feelings of shame after my quick fantasies almost took the joy out of things.

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I digress but it's important to understand just how mature my sister seemed. I was almost the shortest in our family, my father stood at 6 foot 7, my mother barely reached 5 foot 3. For some it would seem that my sister had inherited the best of both my father and mother, tall and lean yet with my mother's soft curves and large bust.

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She developed early and at 14 she was already filling a bra for someone four years older. I would come home from the hot furnaces of the mill and just throw myself in our pool and she would run barefoot and lunge herself at me, inadvertently caressing my hardness with her thighs.

This one particular afternoon my mother had come early for her court appointed 2 hours with my sister. At first I couldn't reconcile my mother with the creature that stood at our door, I felt my loins stir, betraying me.


She was wearing those little tight jean shorts, that barely covered her ass, those great perky breasts I had suckled on as a baby were bursting out of the hooters top she had on and the makeup was almost as slutty as anything I had seen in playboy. When her new husband saw that I wouldn't let my mother in he got out of the car and started swearing in some bullshit Spanish accent heading our way. I couldn't see what she saw in that piece of shit and then I felt a hatred for my mother that I never thought possible, to betray our family for this was just too hard for me to think about.

I guess I lost my cool because I slapped my mother as hard as I could and accidently ripped her top in the process, shock at seeing my mother's breasts gave my hard on a full rage attack and I can still remember the strange look on her face as she saw my cock grow hard in my gym shorts. Her face was quickly reddening which I thought was a combination of the slap and the embarrassment of being half naked, boy did I learn I was wrong, she wasn't embarrassed just horny.

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Chino thought it was hilarious and in between Spanish shit talking and laughing like a clown he swiped at my neck. It was a good thing I had all that adrenalin pumping because next thing I know I'm holding my head as blood pumps out of a deep gash, half the door is off its hinges and that fucking Latin pimp is making some snorting sound as if it's all a big joke. My sister was crying, yelling at him words I would have bet my life on she didn't know. I lay there half dazed in a pool of my own blood as my mother watched him grab my sister by the shirt.

Looking towards me he cawed something about I got to see his and he gets to see mine. Up until this point I had only seen the outline of my sisters breasts though I had fantasized about those bad boys many a night I could never bring myself harm my sister in any way much less in a sexual assault.

The first thing I thought was they were bigger than I had imagined, much bigger. I'm not sure why, maybe it was the overstimulated libido but I licked my lips as I looked at my half naked sister, bawling her eyes out. Years later whenever I think about that incident I swear it was the shame of her catching me looking at her in that lecherous way that spurred me into action.

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Imagine if one of your darkest secrets was revealed to a loved one, some part of you that should always be kept private. The blur of the next few moments seem almost surreal. I tried getting up but almost slipped in the pool of blood at my feet, my head comically spurting blood across the halfway mirror as I launched myself towards him with everything I had. I am not known for bragging and I wasn't really into the mma or boxing on TV but when you have that feral rage lurking inside you, your eyes go blood shot from anger and all you can see is the fucker's head smacking into the tilled floor sometimes you get what you wish for.

There were no coherent thoughts as I tried to beat his head into a pulp, just overall shame for my feelings of lust and a deep dread of my sister or mother telling my father. Luckily I heard my father's voice through the red cloud. My vision was still blurry but at least I was able to hear my father's soothing voice.

I let go of what remained and crawled across the tiles retching. I curled up into a ball and stood there while paramedics rushed into the scene and police tried to secure the area.

Making sure that my sister had a blanket and that the police kept the looky loo's out of the house he approached me slowly, as if trying to reach out to a feral animal and I expected the worst. What got through my shock was the fact my father had tears on his cheek's, I had never seen my father cry before.


He picked me up as if I was some dummy doll and carried me into the living room, where the paramedics tried to stitch my head back together. My sister rushed over and I felt a coldness go over me as I saw the tears in her eyes.

I thought this was it, I was undone but she brought me under the blankets while they worked on me into her soft bosom. They were saying something about not being able to give me any sedatives but who could care, I had my sisters breasts pressing into me.

Boy was I messed up, all that carnage and blood and god the pain seemed almost unbearable unless I looked at her angelic face. Hours later the reports were done, paramedics away and some of my father's buddies had come over to make sure we were all ok while my father was at the police station getting a protective order for us.

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They couldn't stop congratulating me, calling me a hero and these were men who sung few praises of those who didn't earn them. One of them, a man who was as close to an uncle as we will ever know placed his hand on my shoulders and looked me in the eyes, I had seen him talking to my sister and got that dreadful fear again. He looked at me and said "If you ever need to talk about today you just let me know, me and you that's as far as it will go". He then told me to go and get some rest, nothing bad was going to happen for the rest of the night.

I stumbled into my room and as I gripped my door for support from the sudden dizziness i recalled the feel of my sisters breasts, my mother's milk makers and the feelings they aroused. Stumbling towards the bed i cried out loud as i fell onto my cock thinking for sure i had broken it by falling so hard on it.

Thankfully the guys downstairs were too loud to hear but my sister peeked her head and smiled shyly than almost jumped on me when i groaned in pain again.

"Omg, Jason are you ok did i hurt you? Dad said to help you with whatever you need while he's gone". Well that sounded like a tempting offer, " All i need" gasp "is for you to get off" gasp "my back little girl" sigh. She stood up and sat next to my large pillow propping it up for me. "Sit here dummy " I did as i was told and tried to awkwardly cover what i felt must be half my manhood left. " I told the guys you were really tired" she said. I felt really bad about what had happened today and what effects it might have on her so I put my pain behind and said " Tell you what if u can find nemo I'll watch it with you".

Nemo was her favourite movie and my dad loved watching it with her, when she was younger she would pretend she was a fish and dad would have to find her under the water. Unfortunately for me my raging hard on wouldn't subside and my sisters clothing made it even worse making a funny L shape in my pants. She was wearing what was left of my mother's hooters shirt and in some parts her flesh was exposed and tight spandex shorts. I almost chocked when I saw her look above underneath my collection of Xbox and DVD's getting a clear view right down the front shirt.

Hoping to get some relief before this got any worse I got some ice and placed it down my shorts. In truth it did have some effect and in many ways it was the right one. The little minx sprang up triumphantly and placed the movie in my Xbox than crawled across me to reach the remotes. I just couldn't help it and almost came just from the scent of her. I thought it was just my imagination but my sister smelled of sex, that fresh smell of soap and cum.

She also smelled of strawberry and I figured she had just gotten out of the shower but masturbation at her age? I groaned some more and she took this to signal I was in some sort of pain. "What's wrong big bro?" she asked than squealed as she got a brilliant idea " Susan's mom is a doctor and she gave us all physicals before we took our camp last term, I can do the same things to you".


I was going to say no but thinking about her moving about in mom's shirt just got the better of me. She made me move forward and then take my shirt off giggling as she poked my stomach.

In return I tickled her and almost creamed at the feel of her sweet soft baby skin. "WOW are those muscles real your arms are the same size as dads". She slapped my arms away and stuck her tongue out forming a perfect O bringing several images into my head which made me groan some more.

I grabbed at my lower stomach and she said "Aha". She got a little sad look on her face. "What's wrong I'll let you prod me some more". "It's all my fault your always sticking up for me" she said.

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Her little chest started heaving as great big tears were gathering in the corners of her pretty little eyes. I reached out to her and brought her into my arms, nuzzling her hair and giving her soft kisses on her eyes as my mother used to do to me. "Don't be so melodramatic, your my sister, I'm your older brother, I'll always be there for you". She slowly smiled, I went to kiss her little nose when she rose up to give me a hug and we accidently locked lips with her arms around my shoulders.

Boy did that not help the situation. We came up for air 15 seconds too late. " I just kissed my first boy" she squealed. She moved down the blankets until her face was in level in with my lower stomach and gave me little kisses saying "Mom used to kiss me when I hurt".

At this point I was in either heaven or hell and I just couldn't decide. Almost unbelievably I blurted "It hurts much lower I fell when I came in and I was really dizzy". She looked at me with a funny look on her face as realisation or what passes for sexual knowledge among 14 year olds must have clicked into place. She slapped my stomach, sticking her tongue out again but this time winking at me.

She pulled my shorts off and drew in a little breath of air, leaning in real close the hot air brushing past my manhood had me curl my toes up in anticipation.

"Is that where it hurts, it looks all angry and red". "Yea baby girl, it's just the worst pain but you shouldn't be doing that" I responded. "I can kiss just like big girls can I'll show you just good you will feel in a second".

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At this point I felt I was in a twisted porno where every line was a sexual entendre. She looked and help my penis and changed positions a few times but then she surprised me by taking the head directly into the little mouth. I never really measured myself but I would say I was about 8 inches the same size as my stereo remote. Having trouble with kissing the head she started licking up and down which brought moans just spilling out of me. " Um what would make me feel better and I mean like lots and lots better is if you could close your eyes" She closed her eyes.

I grabbed a hold of my cock and placed it at her lips than said " All the doctors know how to do this, you just pretend it's a chocolate banana and swirl your tongue around it so all the chocolate melts in your mouth and than a tasty treat comes out". She apparently didn't need any more encouragement.

As great as this attention from her was I couldn't help but look down her top and my hips bucked further into her mouth causing her to grab hold of me. All that saliva had made me slick and she started rubbing me. All the attention was really getting the me, I felt as if my muscles were about to lock in spasm I was so tight. Her hot mouth formed that little O again and there was vacuum suction being applied here. I noticed she was grinding her little pussy on a little knob at the end of my bed really getting into the moment there.

I reached down and shyly started rubbing her firm little bit. It felt more surreal than in the afternoon, as if I would wake from my sisters hot ass any second. If anything she went even faster and I started drawing patterns on her tight pussy and then abandoned all pretences and really went to town with the friction. It looked like a photo finish when I suddenly burst like a volcano spewing my thick gooey and salty goodness as far down her throat as I could manage.

She came up chocking and gasping for air. The hooters shirt had become undone and her breasts were coated with my sperm. Their little nipples making them seems larger than the playboy fakes. I almost reached out to touch them when I heard some car doors slam and the front door opening. I grabbed my sister and told her to pretend like were sleeping.

Jumping up she turned off the light and crawled into bed next to me both spent after our first experience together. Waiting for my father to come up I cuddled with my sister and felt her breasts press into my naked back, I fell asleep thinking of the day I would be able to make her a woman. Than cold awareness of just how wrong it all was set in and the guilt returned. I was still horny, I just figured I could find a better target.

One who should be punished for all our woes.