Asian doctor sucking some twink cock

Asian doctor sucking some twink cock
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I left a note for my parents to find when they got home from Rochester, I was out at a movie, then heading to the diner. Back at 2am or something like that. Ellie called home explaining her absence the previous night. Her parents didn't care, they never did. We headed back to the hill. Ellie's tank top and shorts were pretty sweat soaked by now, so those were in a bag in the backseat, along with a bag of my clothes, and an old pair of sweatpants and t-shirt for her to wear home.

We rode together naked, heading back up to the hill. Her right hand draped over my body onto my opposite shoulder, her left sliding behind my back while I held her with my right and drove with the other. Her head rested on my shoulder, nose nestled into my neck. Three minutes, far to short of a drive. I went slow, stopping extra long at the three stop signs. We dragged it out to a ten minute stretch. I parked, grabbed the sleeping bag, a pillow this time and my backpack and we again headed up the hill.

Once atop the hill, my hand around her waist pulled her close and we kissed, my cock pressing into her stomach. I pulled away and spread out the sleeping bag. Laying the pack off to the side, I opened it and pulled out some rope. Eagerly she held her hands together behind her back. I tied a length of rope to each of her wrists, but did not bind them together. Then I tied another length to each ankle. Laying her down on her back, I walked over to the pack and grabbed four hooked stakes.

I dug them deep into the ground forming a rectangle around her body.

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Then I tightly tied off each limb, leaving her spread wide and helpless. Stepping back I admired the contrast between the efficiency of my work, and the awe inspiring beauty of her form.

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I laid down on my stomach and kissed her again, grinding my cock against her, teasing her as our tongues rolled around each other. Sucking on her lower lip, I entered her, deeply, slowly, enjoying every wet inch of her pussy that my dick filled. As I slowly thrust in, she let out a long deep sigh.

I held myself in deep and began kissing her some more. I kissed her cheek, paused and let my tongue slip through to her cool skin. I let it slide towards her mouth, running a slow circle around her lips before again plunging into her mouth.

After a few seconds, I repeated starting at the other cheek, all while holding myself still inside her. "Mmph," she groaned. Her forehead wrinkled with pleasure, as my tongue continued exploring her mouth while I started slowly moving in and out. Minute after minute passed of slow steady thrusts, her level of arousal slowly rising.

She begged me to go faster; I refused, keeping up my steady pace, while continuing to kiss her. Over an hour later I felt it first, a slight, prolonged tightening of her pussy. I pulled my tongue out of her mouth, and let her sigh with pleasure as she had one long slow, sensual orgasm.

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When she was done I pulled my hard, wet cock out and continued kissing her softly, gently. Knelt over her chest and untied one hand, allowing her to stroke me slowly. I knew she wouldn't do enough to make me cum because I kept my dick away from her face; far enough away to deprive her of what she wanted. "Would you like to be a good little girl and suck my dick?" She nodded.

"Yes what? "Yes, I want to wrap my lips around your cock and drink your cum," she breathed. I untied her the rest of the way and laid down, pulling her on top of me to kiss her. I ran my hands down her back to her ass and thighs and pulled her closer while I grinded against her repeatedly. Finally, I got to my feet, walked over and sat down on a rock. She immediately dropped o her knees in front of me and leaned in. I grabbed her hair and stopped her.

She looked up at me puzzled. "I want you to do it while standing, bent over," I said. She stood and spread her legs, giving her a lower profile, then slowly bent down towards my dick.

She placed her hands on the rock on either side of me to steady herself. Before she could begin, I reached my hands out and started groping her firm, hanging breasts.

She started off with a slow licking of my head, the sensitive spot underneath, and my tip. Using the flat of her tongue, she made sure she got it good and wet before kissing my dick.


She continued kissing, moving down lower and lower towards my balls. With each kiss her tongue flicked in through her lips to lightly, teasingly touch my dick. She kissed each of my balls before sucking one, then the other into the warm confines of her mouth. I started lightly playing with her nipples. I wanted to drive her crazy while she pleasured me. I heard her moan in between one of her licks, it was working. One of my balls slid slowly out of her mouth while her tongue continued to circle the other one.

Finally that one slid out too and she licked up and off my dick before taking it in her mouth. She went down an inch, circled her tongue three times then slowly pulled up. She went down another inch, three circles, then her lips slid off my cock as I continued to feel her breasts.

Her nipples were hard now and I started to pinch them as she did her work. By the time she worked her way all the way down, I was extremely hard and horny and struggling to hold back a massive load of cum.

I wanted to make her earn it.


She started moving a bit faster, all the way down and all the way up, while I continued to enjoy her boobs thoroughly. When I was about to cum, I pulled her off my dick and guided her to her knees. I stood up and she looked right into my eyes, waiting patiently. "Stick out your tongue," she complied eagerly.


I began to rub my head back and forth on her tongue, allowing her to taste some of my precum. Her big brown eyes continued to stare into mine as I finally let her have her treat, plunging deep into her throat one more time before allowing her to try and draw the cum out of me. I held back as long as possible, wanting to give her all that I could to enjoy.

With her lips, her looks, her touch, it wasn't long at all… I let her do what she enjoyed the most, wrap her lips around just my head and lick it until I cummed all over her tongue.

If I said it took two seconds, I wouldn't be giving her enough credit. As soon as my dick was in her mouth I started to cum, shooting stream after stream at first, then slowly dripping onto her tongue.

She smiled with her mouth around my cock letting it all ooze out. She washed me off with her tongue while pulling off my dick. I held her hands and helped her to her feet. She stared for while, smiling. I leaned in to kiss her, but she stopped me. I looked at her puzzled. She smiled mischievously, and an off-white drop escaped her lips. She was still enjoying the taste of my cum. Finally I saw her swallow and stood up to kiss her.

My cock got pressed in between our bodies, still wet from her spit, swiftly growing softer. By the time our lips parted, I was completely soft again. I pushed her onto her back on the sleeping bag and went down to her glistening pussy. Pressing my nose ard into her clit, making her moan with surprise, I entered her pussy with my tongue and started running circles around the walls. I let her place her hand on the back of my head and hump my face as I fucked her with quick flits of my tongue.

As she got more and more aroused, her grip loosened and her hand fell to the side. On one of the thrusts of my tongue, I held it there, then started to lick my way upwards. "Yes, Yes! Please…yes," she started to get more excited as I grew nearer to her clit. I teased her none as I started licking and sucking right away.

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She spasmed, pushing herself into my face, I licked harder and reached up to play with her nipples. As soon as I touched her breasts she went off, orgasming many times in rapid succession, letting out a small moan each time she did. I gave her clit one last kiss before moving up to lay on my stomach next to her. I reached a hand over and started running it through her hair as I liked to do, stopping every once in a while to run my fingers down her cheek, then going to her hair again.

We stared into each others eyes for a while before her eyelids started to droop. Zipping up the sleeping bag, I curled up on my side behind her. I slipped an arm over her side, letting it rest on her breasts, she let one of hers wander behind her to my cock as we fell asleep.

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