Nasty girl is brought in butthole loony bin for harsh therapy

Nasty girl is brought in butthole loony bin for harsh therapy
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Angela sighed. She could almost taste the smiling policewoman's moist `pussy' as she slowly ran the tip of her moist tongue along the dark-blue `trim' of Carinya's collar lapel -- the sassy prostitute wanted the older uniformed policewoman. Carinya glanced up. The door to her small office within the `Women Police' Division's office opened.


"OH?" she sighed, sitting back in her chair as the `convicted' prostitute entered -- Angela paused in the doorway and waited as the `Officer in Charge' of the `Women Police' Division pushed her paperwork to one side. "HELLO THERE, COPPER!" she murmured, smirking suggestively at the policewoman.

The prostitute had been `BUSTED' once again! "IT'S YOU?" the policewoman whispered -- she'd been expecting the notorious `convicted' prostitute to pay her a surreptitious `visit' at the `Women Police' Division. "I'M UNDER ARREST, SARGE?" Angela confessed -- she'd been `SOLICITING' in Acland Street, St.

Kilda. There was a moment of silence.

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Senior Sergeant Carinya O'GRADY leaned forward -- beneath the crisp polyester-cotton of her policewoman's blouse, she could feel her nipples hardening. It was not the first time that Angela PETTINGILL had been `BUSTED!' "CLOSE THE DOOR, ANGELA!" the policewoman suggested, offering the `convicted' prostitute a seat.

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"I'LL DO ANYTHING, POLICEWOMAN?" Angela sighed -- she closed the door to Carinya's office. Turning to glance back at the seated policewoman, the prostitute paused. She could not afford another `Prostitution' Charge -- Angela PETTINGILL did not want to end up in `Fairlie' Women's Prison for another eighteen months.

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"MMMM, " Carinya whispered, toying with the collar of her uniform blouse as she reassured he prostitute, "I'M SURE WE CAN `CUM' TO SOME SORT OF ARRANGEMENT!" She sat back in her chair again. "I CAN'T GO TO PRISON, SARGE?" Angela pleaded -- the policewoman smiled wickedely at the prostitute. "I WILL DO ANYTHING?" Carinya had long known, the prostitute's fear of `Fairlie' Women's Prison -- like most uniformed policewomen, the `Officer in Charge' of the `Women Police' Division, was sympathetic to the plight of the `Red Light' District's prostitutes.

Slowly, she ran the tip of her finger around the woven `Victoria Police' shoulder patch on her shirtsleeve.


"PLEASE?" Angela pleaded -- she gazed longingly into Carinya's seductive eyes and moved away from the doorway. She could see the `Charge Sheet' on the policewoman's desk -- the `Officer in Charge' of the St.

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Kilda `Women Police' Division could give her a `CAUTION' instead! It was a kinky offer that, the `Officer in Charge' of the `Women Police' Division, could not refuse. The former `MISS VICTORIA POLICE' wanted a piece of the action. "WHAT DO YOU HAVE IN MIND?" the policewoman enquired, running her fingertip along the dark-blue `trim' of her police-shirt's collar lapel -- the prostitute breathed a sigh of relief.

"YOU DELICIOUS BITCH!" Angela licked her moist, sexily-pouting lips -- the policewoman slowly unbuttoned her tight-fitting, uniform blouse as the `convicted' prostitute moved closer. "I WANT `A PIECE OF THE ACTION' TONIGHT?" "MMMM, " Angela whispered -- the prostitute knelt before the policewoman's desk, "POLICEGIRLS ARE SUCH SLUTS!" Beneath her police-shirt, Carinya wore no bra -- the small diamond pendant that she did wear on a silver chain about her neck, seemed to sparkle in the reflected fluorescent light.

"MY `PUSSY' FEELS AS IF IT'S ON FIRE, ANGELA!" She pulled her unbuttoned `Victoria Police' blouse out from where it had been tucked into her policewoman's skirt -- the prostitute could almost taste Senior Sergeant Carinya O'GRADY's fragrant `pussy' as the kinky `GIRL COP' lifted the front of her skirt.

"I'M `RIPE' FOR THE PICKING!" the policewoman told Angela -- the prostitute ran her fingertip along her lip in a rather suggestive manner. Carinya could almost feel the prostitute's tongue violating her `pussy'.

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"I'LL MAKE IT, WORTH YOU WHILE, COPPER!" Moments later, Angela had crawled beneath Carinya's desk and positioned herself between the policewoman's outstretched legs. The policewoman closed her eyes. Angela's fingertips caressed Carinya's trembling thighs as she leaned forward to tease at the policewoman's moist labia. It was quite late. They were now all alone in the `Women Police' Division's nondescript office.

"OH, ANGELA -- YOU BITCH!" the `Officer in Charge' groaned. The prostitute had torn the gusset of Carinya's regulation pantyhose open and peeled the policewoman's panties away from her vagina.

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The former `MISS VICTORIA POLICE' ran her fingers through the prostitute's hair and opened her eyes. She arched her back in exquisite ecstasy! "OH-OH-OH-OH-OH-OH-OH-OH!" groaned Senior Sergeant Carinya O'GRADY as the prostitute pressed her lips to the policewoman's `pussy' -- she was barely able to peak as Angela's tongue slid between her `pussy-lips'.

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"YOU BITCH -- YES!" the policewoman gasped -- the flimsy polyester-cotton of her unbuttoned policewoman's blouse caressed her tingling skin. The pale-blue fabric of the police-shirt contrasting with the prostitute's `leopard-skin' halter-top as Angela `TONGUE-FUCKED' Senior Sergeant Carinya O'GRADY. It was all so `SURREAL!' Carinya uttered a soft, girlish sigh -- she stared at the ceiling of her office.

The prostitute contentedly tongued at her clitoris.

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The policewoman felt so `SLUTTY!' The prostitute would receive an official `CAUTION!'