Adolf Hitler painting destroyed by big black cock

Adolf Hitler painting destroyed by big black cock
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Only 18+ Read. Incest Friendly people only! I am 18 years old. My sister was 14 when we made our first porno. It didn't go exactly as planned as you'll see once you read the later half of our story. To describe myself, I am 18 years old. I have short brown hair and hazel eyes. I am skinny, pretty athletic, and well, I like playing video games as you'll see. My sister was 14 years old, she had long brown hair which reached to her breasts.

She also has hazel eyes and is pretty skinny like me with pale skin. She has a lot of rich friends, but we were raised in a poor neighborhood, so we didn't have much money. Mom and Dad never gave us any money, they expected us to make it ourselves. Luckily I worked a part time job after school. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I was playing Grand Theft Auto 4 in my room when my sister knocked and entered.

"I'm playing a game, get out." I said to her. But she continued to come into my room and sat on my bed. She watched me do a shooting scene on GTA which I almost failed. "What do you want!?" I said to my annoying rodent of a sister. "I need some money." She said aloud. "No fucking way, go ask Mom and Dad.

I'm saving for College next year." I replied. "They said that it's my fucking fault I spent it all on clothes.

Like what the hell? I need new skirts, make-ups, and stuff in order to survive." "Then get a friggin job." I recommended. Girls are such idiots. "Who's gonna hire me in this economy? And look at my age!" "Sis, you don't even need money for your age. Work on getting your marks up for school instead of failing each class." "Fuck You!" She yelled at me. "Just tell me of any fucking jobs I can do." "Hmm, babysitting, helping old people, lemonade stand, he--" "You're useless." She said angrily.

She got up from my bed and left my room. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Hey, do you know how I can use these?" My sister said to me again. This time she came into my room with a couple of video cameras as she entered my bedroom and held it out to me. "Yes, why?" I asked her as I continued to play my game. My sister didn't say anything. She just sat on my bed and watched me play my video game. "What's wrong with her," I thought.

I paused the game, "What do you want from me now?" I asked. "Can you record something for me?" She asked, this time looking at me when talking. "What you want me to record?" I asked, worried about what's going on. "You know I need some money, and I like you know, touching my.self, just set up the camera and I'll be okay." She said.

Her face was all pink, and her voice wasn't the loud and annoying one, instead, she seemed embarrassed about asking this. "Sure, I'll record but you're not gonna make any money recording yourself like that." I said to her. She was listening and looking at me, I'm guessing surprised that I'd agree to such a thing.

"So how do I make money then?" "Real Porn, you know, sex between two people which targets a specific group so they buy it and you make money." I said to her.

"So what type of porn makes money?" She asked. "Like I'd know. Um, Gang-bangs, um, lesbian, midget, incest, tentacles, I dunno." I laughed. "Incest?" She questioned.

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"Yeah, why?" My sister just stared at me. Wait, what? "What are you thinking?" I asked. "Well, wanna try it?" She asked, her face all red when asking. I just stared at her, and she stared at me. I was so embarrassed. And I guessed she was also. "Next Saturday when our parents are out shopping, um, just think about it." She said to me. She left my bedroom leaving me with two video cameras.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Next Saturday morning came way to early. After our family ate breakfast, my parents went shopping like they do every Saturday morning. I put the cereal back on the counter where I had taken it from and started heading to my room.

But a voice stopped me. "So, wanna do it?" My sister asked as she also put her cereal box back. "I don't know if I can, but I searched online and the amount of money we can make is astonishing." I said to her. But my voice was low when I said this, I was afraid of the consequences. "Here, just come to my room." My sister said as she walked past me towards her room.

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I however went into my bedroom, grabbed the two video cameras and then entered my sisters room holding them. My sister was sitting on her bed, I sat next to her. I didn't know what to say to her so I just started saying random shit. "I emptied the video cameras of all memory, so it can run for 2 or so hours straight." My sister nodded as she looked at me.

I continued, "I looked it up and we can make a lot of money, but we must prove ourselves to be siblings, we need to have some sort of sex, and we must show everything on camera." My sister nodded. "So let's start." She said. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I got my sister to wear a blue nighty-blouse as we were about to start our sex scene.

Basically it would be as though my sister was sleeping on her bed and I'd come in, and well, we'd fall in love and have sex. Course, this was fake sex and not real so we had to act, just like the pornstars. I was wearing boxers and a tight-shirt. I walked beside my sisters wooden cabinet "Here, help me move this." I motioned to my sister. It was a small cabinet with nothing inside, I lifted the cabinet up from one side, my sister with the other.

I walked beside my sisters bed and set it down. My sister slowly set it down as well. I picked up one camera and pressed the record button. Then I placed it on the cabinet. I then moved the cabinet away from the bed so that the whole bed was being filmed with the first camera. I held the second camera and wondered to myself where to place it. I looked at my sister who was staring at me. "Get some hard duck tape from the closet" I said to her.

She nodded and quickly returned a short while later with duck tape. I hit the recording button on the camera, then started to tape the camera onto the right hand bed post. Once the camera was tightly secured, I pressed the zoom in button so it recorded the pillow and a little bit under. (The close up) I then turned my head around and looked at my sister. "Are you sure you want to do this?" I asked her for maybe a millionth time.

She nodded. "Say yes or no." I said to her. "Yes." She said aloud. "Okay, lie on your back on the bed." I motioned to her. She followed my directions and slept on her back on the bed.

Then she looked at me. "Even though we are really siblings, we have to do some acting that we are actually siblings." "I know that porn is all acting and fake." She said.


"Yeah, that's true, but only sometimes. So what's gonna happen is we are gonna act like you're sleeping. I'm gonna come and remove the blanket off your body.

Then we're gonna um, kiss." "What type of kiss?" My sister asked. "Um, we have to um, touch each-other, I have to be on top of you, and we have to make-out. We're just acting, it's fake kisses." My sister just stared at me, not knowing what to say. "Okay." "You've kissed boys before right? Just close your eyes and pretend like you're kissing them again." I said to her.

"I've never kissed." My sister paused as she said this.

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She's always told me she gets kissed by boys everyday, I guess she was just joking. "Okay, fuck, whatevs, we need to make it passionate or nobody will watch us kiss." I said. My sister nodded. "I can edit out everything once we're done.

Just follow my lead. Pretend like you're sleeping." My sister nodded. I went outside her room and closed her bedroom door. Then I took a deep breath and opened the door walking towards her bed.

I was nervous about what I was going to do. I quickly climbed over my sisters stomach, sat on it, then placed my hands on my sisters face to tilt her face upwards. She opened her eyes exactly as planned, and I kissed her on the lips. Both of us closed our eyes once our lips locked. Her lips were really soft and tender, something I didn't expect from my sister. The passion was starting to form between her and myself. I soon began to bring in my tongue into the picture.

I began to moan hoping she'd do it as well. She did. We were french kissing each-other and moaning as we were doing it. I continued to stroke her hair.

She had her hands on around my head forcing our kiss to continue. She began to tongue kiss me passionately as well. I laid my body over my sister, so that we were in the humping position with me on top. She wrapped her legs around my butt as we locked in the final position for passion. The amount of saliva we were exchanging was tremendous.

We kept stroking each other until I got an erection and said, "Stop now." When we finished our kiss scene, we both opened our eyes and stared at each-other.

I couldn't believe I got an erection from kissing my sister, and she must have felt it as she was wearing only a blouse. She smiled at me, and I smiled at her, something which we've never ever done.

When she unwrapped her legs from me, I sat in between her legs and I thought of what we could do next. "Okay now, we need to finish off with some sort of sex.

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I was thinking oral." I said to my sister. My sister nodded. "Um, this is gonna be hard, but I need you to um, you know-." "Suck you off?" My sister said smiling. "Yeah." I said smiling. "So now, we'll kiss again for a couple of seconds, but this time, I'll flip you towards your right side, so you'll be on top of me." We did just that, I leaned over my sisters body and kissed her lips again for a few seconds, this time, she held my body as I turned towards my left and flipping her body so it was on top of me.

We continued to kiss during this process. I then wrapped my legs around my sisters butt, put my hands around her head, and we french kissed for a little while longer. When I stopped kissing her, she opened her eyes and began laughing.

It was funny how we both were on top of each-other as siblings.


She got off of me, and I started to remove the video camera from the bedpost. Once I got the video camera off from the bedpost, I held it with my right hand. I moved my sisters bed pillow behind me, I laid back, and I held the camera with my right hand so it was in POV style.

My sister climbed on top of my legs and sat on them. Then she began to slowly tug down my boxers until my 6 inch uncircumcised cock sprang out. My sister stared at it for a couple of seconds, realizing her brothers cock was right in front of her face. She used her right hand and held my penis, then began to roll my foreskin up and down sending a wave of pleasure on me and making me moan.

She used her left hand to massage my balls which was even more pleasureful. The feelings of a girl giving you a handjob cannot be said. Even though it was from my sister, it felt amazing.

Once my cock was fully erect, she leaned her face over and began to suck the head of my cock. She used her tongue and slid it around the head of my dick sending waves of pleasure in my body. She then began to move downwards, licking my foreskin and giving it a few bites.

The powerful pleasure was too much for me and I felt myself about to cum right away. "Sis, stop!" I said to her. She stopped sucking my penis and moved her head away.

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"Okay um, we'll do an easy facial this time. When I say the words, 'I'm cumming,' you will stop sucking but start stroking until I cum right onto your face.

KEEP stroking until I finish ejaculating on your face. Um, keep your eyes closed until I say to open. And well, keep your mouth open a bit as you should breath from your mouth instead of your nose.

K, continue." My sister again began to suck my saliva flavored cock; starting to deep-throat it.

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She was moaning and so was I. I used my right hand to hold the camera steady and my left hand to stroke my sisters hair. My sister had her eyes open staring into the camera, and was using her hands to roll my foreskin up and down while sucking. The pleasure was too great. I felt my balls start to tense up and a flow of liquid starting to escape. "HOLY SHIT, I'm CUMMING." I said to my sister as I closed my eyes. She quickly pulled her mouth off my dick and placed the head of my cock on her face.

She kept stroking as I felt spurt after spurt of cum shoot out of my dick right onto my little sisters face. "OH FUCK!" I said as she continued to stroke my penis up and down giving me the best orgasm in my life and unleashing all the contents of my cock onto her face. When I felt my orgasmic pleasure stop and my dick start to limp, I opened my eyes to see my sisters face all liquidy white with my sperm all over her face, including on her nose, mouth, and lips.

That was so fucking hot. "Open your eyes if you can." I said to her. My sister opened her eyes and looked at me and I looked at her.


We both smiled at each-other. Just then, she leaned her face over and kissed me on the lips. This made my cum from her face get on mine. She pulled away and smiled, "Double Facial." She said to me. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Here you go, this is your share." I said to my sister. "How much money is in this envelope?" My sister asked. "$1000.00," I replied. "Holy Fuck!" My sister yelled.

"Hey, no swearing you two!" Mom yelled all the way from the living room. I laughed and so did my sister. "Here, wanna drive to the mall together?" I asked "You're gonna drive me. your worst nightmare of a sister to the mall." "So you don't want a ride?" I asked.

"Fuck that, let's go!" My sister and I spent the day at the mall together. She spent a lot of money on clothes, slippers, shoes, make-up, whatever all this shit girls buy.

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What happened after our porn scene was I edited the video. I uploaded it onto a incest porn site, where they realized that we may in fact be real siblings. They allowed the selling of the sex tape on their site as authenticated incest video. So many downloads occurred right away and the website sent $2000.00 to my PayPal account. The website host loved the ending of the porn, "Double Facial." Maybe we will make another porn tape, if you liked this one.?