Classy babe teasing maledom with her solo

Classy babe teasing maledom with her solo
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Andrea, as you know is the girl of my dreams, mostly wet dreams. Although I am forty years older than her and she thinks of me as her Daddy, we get along great. My problem is that people my age are all slowing down in life.

I always say "I may grow old but I refuse to grow up." So I get along with young people just fine. I live alone in an apartment by the college which has its benefits. Meeting Andrea was only one of them, but it was the best. I came home from work late on a Friday night not knowing that it would be one hell of a night.

I was unlocking the door to my apartment and turned to see two girls coming down the hallway arm in arm, laughing loudly and obviously pretty drunk.

Andrea saw me and ran up to me and hugged me and kissed me on the lips. "Mike, meet my girlfriend Anna" she said pointing to her.

"Hello Anna." I said looking at a pretty blond haired girl about five and a half feet tall with a wonderful body. "Hello Mike." Anna smiled, "Andrea has told me a lot about you." "Oh no, I'm screwed" I laughed.

"You just might be" Andrea laughed. "Can I offer you ladies a drink?" I asked, pointing into my apartment. They both laughed and walked inside. They headed straight for the couch and made themselves at home.

They both kicked off their shoes and sat back looking so good.


I brought out three beers and handed each of them one. "What's going on tonight?" I asked, checking out the two beautiful women seated across from me. "We were just coming home to get naked and fool around with each other." Andrea said looking me in the eye.

"Neither of us has ever been with another woman before and we thought it was time to find out if it's all they say it is." I was amazed, even by Andrea.

She sure knew how to light my fire! I looked at Anna and she smiled. "Well, don't let me stop you." I teased. Immediately, Andrea leaned over and began kissing Anna, who responded by putting her hand on Andrea's breast.

They continued to kiss and grope each other until Andrea pulled Anna's shirt up over her head revealing the two big round breasts that lived under the shirt. Her nipples immediately grew long and hard as did my cock. Not to be left out, Anna pulled the shirt off Andrea, leaving both girls staring at each other topless.

Anna leaned over and took Andrea's nipple in her mouth and sucked on it making a lot of slurping noise and squeezing the other tit with her left hand. Her right hand was busy undoing the tight jeans Andrea always wore. When she got the jeans undone, Andrea lay on her back and raised her legs in the air so Anna could peel the jeans off. Anna looked over at me and threw the jeans at me.

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I raised the crotch of the jeans to my nose and smelled the sweet smell of Andrea. It was like smelling the best perfume and made my dick harder.

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I looked at Andrea and she was smiling, she knew I loved this. Anna peeled the thong off her girlfriend exposing the object of her search. She grinned when she saw the clean shaven pussy in front of her. It didn't take long for her to begin to caress Andrea's clit and rub the mound of her pussy. She finally leaned down and began to lick the sweet opening. I couldn't stand it any longer, and got up and removed all my clothes, leaving me standing there with nothing but a hardon and a smile.

But neither girl paid any attention to me. I was not what they wanted now. Anna licked and sucked on the pussy of her new toy and was really getting into it. Andrea on the other hand was thrashing uncontrollably on the couch and I was afraid Anna would get a neck injury from the wild ride Andrea was on.

She moaned and screamed "Suck my pussy you crazy bitch, lick it all. Eat me, damn it, eat me." I was lying back in the chair, eyes wide open and jacking my swelled cock for all it was worth. I realized that I had better take it easy or I would cum way too early. I wanted to witness all of this show. Andrea began to moan uncontrollably and she had Anna by the hair pulling her face into her crotch so hard I could hear Anna struggling to breath, but she didn't quit.

Anna continued to lick that pussy until Andrea screamed and orgasmed so hard she almost passed out. Anna came up for air as Andrea went limp and laid there breathing like she had just run a mile. Anna looked at me, smiled and went to cleaning up the juices that ran down Andrea's legs. God, life is good. Anna moved alongside Andrea and kissed her lips and said "Well was that all you expected?" Andrea kissed her back and said "Hell yes, and wait till I'm done with you baby!

I think Mike likes this too. Look at that hard cock!" "We'll fix that later" Anna said. "Now it's my turn" she squealed as she peeled off the rest of her clothing. There she stood in front of me with her great ass in my face.

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Andrea saw me looking at that ass and told Anna to model for me what I couldn't have until later. I got my first look at a pretty camel toe pussy with a small landing strip of soft blond hair above it. Farther up were a pair of 36c tits with big long nipples.

She would be any man's fantasy.


I knew now why Andrea picked her. Andrea jumped up and pushed Anna down onto the couch on her back. She dived into her crotch and began to lick her pussy with wild abandon. In a couple minutes she had Anna writhing back and forth and almost crying with pleasure. She stopped once and looked at me and her face was soaked with cum from Anna's crotch.

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She smiled and Anna roughly pulled her face back into her crotch. "Don't you dare leave my pussy you bitch" Anna shouted, "Keep eating till I tell you to stop. I need to cum again and again you little slut." I was seeing the fantasy of a lifetime unfold before my very eyes and I was loving it. Andrea ate pussy like she had been doing it all her life. I knew she was good just by the response Anna was having to it. I thought Anna was going to cry. She started to scream and climaxed over and over until she just laid there shaking.

"Oh, no you don't." Andrea yelled. "I'm not done yet. Get on your hands and knees now, you little whore." Anna rolled over and stuck that wonderful ass in the air. Andrea grabbed her by the ass cheeks and buried her face in it licking from her soaking wet pussy to her pretty little asshole. She would stop and jab her long tongue at the little asshole, then flick it back and forth across the hole. She did this several rimes, then stuck it in the hole and sucked hard.

Anna was losing it. She was crying with pleasure and was begging Andrea. But I didn't know if she was begging her to stop or begging for more. I couldn't tell and didn't care as my cock was hard and ready to explode. Andrea was sucking like a wild woman and juice was running down Anna's legs.

It was more than I could take and I stood up, walked over to them and proceeded to spray Andrea's face, Anna's ass and back with blast after blast of hot cum.

My knees were weak and I almost fell on top of the girls. I stood there stroking my used up dick and watching Andrea lick the cum off Anna's ass and back.

Then she turned to me, smiled and took my cock in her mouth and licked and sucked it clean. Anna had rolled over and gotten up to kiss Andrea and they exchanged my cum between them. They both swallowed it and licked each other clean. I flopped back into the chair and watched two beautiful women kiss and lick each other affectionately after ground shattering sex. After several minutes, I asked "well what do you think?" Anna smiled and said "I may be a lesbian. That was the best sex I have ever had.

I don't know if it will ever be any better." "Bullshit!" Andrea said. "I agree that was the best you ever had, but you just wait till tomorrow morning when Mike and I gang bang you, you little slut. Now let's get in the shower and clean up so we can get some sleep. You're going to need it, baby." Anna slapped her on the ass and got up and ran to the bathroom. Andrea got up, looked at me and said "Come on we need somebody to wash our asses." I got up and followed them.

The shower was long, hot and playful. I never got to wash or handle so much pussy, ass and tits in my life. These two women were sure a handful in more ways than one. I got them clean and I personally dried and checked every inch of both of these awesome bodies. We all went into the bedroom to my king sized bed and flopped down.

It had been a long day and with the alcohol involved we all were tired. Before long we all drifted off to sleep. I was in heaven with two of the sweetest naked ladies I knew sleeping on each side of me. I awoke with the sun shining into the bedroom and a strange feeling. Someone was sucking my dick!

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I looked down and there was Andrea with my dick in her mouth. Anna was still sleeping next to me and looked as beautiful as she had the night before. "You little slut, Andrea" I scolded her. "You can't have any until Anna is awake.

That's not fair, baby" I grabbed her by the hair and pulled her up face to face with me. Then I grabbed her leg and swung it over so she was across my lap. "I think this deserves punishment" I said as I proceeded to spank the sweet ass in front of me.

"But Daddy, I didn't mean it" was Andrea's weak defense. "Didn't mean to suck my dick?" I asked. "Don't lie to Daddy, Baby." As I spanked Andrea's ass, I noticed that Anna was awake and was taking this all in. I knew she approved by the way she was pulling on her nipple and rubbing her pussy. "Looks like you two have done this before." Anna smiled. "Daddy keeps his little girl in line" Andrea cried.

When I finished, Andrea stood up on the bed and looked at her red ass cheeks in the mirror. "I know to behave, but sometimes I like to pay the price" she laughed. She looked at me and gave me that grin. She knew I loved that. Anna got on her knees and started licking Andrea's ass cheeks. "Oh, no you don't" Andrea yelled. "Today we fuck the shit out of you, bitch!" She grabbed Anna and turned her around and sat her down right on my face.

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I grabbed her hips and started to lick that pussy in my face. Andrea got between my legs and started to finish the blowjob from the morning. It didn't take long for my dick to get as hard as it was last night. I was ready. Anna had cum on my face and I was wet from ear to ear. I had to take charge. I told Andrea to get on the bed on her back and I put Anna on top of her in the 69 position. They instinctively started to lick the others pussy. I stood up and watched this beautiful display.

I walked around the bed and looked at Anna's ass. I stepped up and slipped my cock into her pussy. Andrea sucked my balls and licked my cock as it slid in and out of Anna's slit. Then Andrea surprised me and licked my asshole and then stuck her finger up my ass. I know my pace doubled and I fucked Anna for all I was worth.

I knew I had to slow down, so I pulled my dick out of Anna and let Andrea suck it clean. Then I walked around the bed to the other side.

I watched Anna suck on Andrea's clit and she already had a finger up her ass. I walked up and stuck my dick in her face. She responded by swallowing it all the way down her throat. Again and again I fucked her face.

My, this pretty girl could suck dick! Anna pulled her finger from Andrea's asshole and took my cock and started into her ass. I fucked Andrea's ass like a rabbit and Anna stroked my balls as she tried to lick Andrea's pussy.

I pulled my dick from the ass and stuck it in front of Anna. She smiled and licked it clean and deep throated it a few times. I patted her on the head and walked back around to the other side.

Andrea sucked my dick and I face fucked her for a minute. Then she took my cock and stuck it up Anna's ass. It took a little work to get it in, but with Andrea's help I finally sank it into her ass. Andrea licked her pussy, my balls and my asshole. Again she stuck her finger up my ass and that sent me over the edge. The first cum shot was into Anna's asshole. The second was all over her pussy and ass. The third was all over Andrea's face. The next couple went all over the place as I almost passed out.

I stepped back and sat down on the bed and catch my breath. Anna was moaning in pleasure and Andrea was trying to breath with a face full of cum. Andrea cleaned all the cum off of Anna's pussy and then sucked the creampie from Anna's asshole. She had cum all over her. Anna turned to me and took my cock in her mouth and licked it clean. She sat up and kissed me. Then she went to Andrea and cleaned the cum off her face and neck.

I sat there and watched these two happy women clean each other's face and swap my cum back and forth. They both came to me and kissed me and I got to taste my own cum. Damn it was great being with these two. We showered and then they cooked me a breakfast fit for a king. They said I needed it to keep up my strength as they weren't finished with me. After breakfast I asked "Well was it as good as you thought?" These two looked at each other, smiled and Anna said "I think we need more research, you can't trust a judgment like this to one experience.

We need to experiment more." We all agreed on that and I could only smile and think of what was to come. God, Andrea, Daddy loves you.