I will get you addicted to cock

I will get you addicted to cock
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I was sitting in my classroom. I was 16 years old and now was math lesson. The girl in front of me was Sarah, 15 years old. She was turning around to me and said: "Can i suck your cock now, i'm so horny." "Ok" i said. So she stood up and came to my place.

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Slowly she put down my trousers and pants and took my penis in her mouth. Now the teacher got angry. "What are you doing back there?!" Then Cindy stood up and slapped the teacher in the face. "Sarah wants to suck Stephens cock cause she's horny. So shut up with your stupid math lesson. We want sex!" The teacher was dumbfounded and sat down looking at Sarah sucking my cock.

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Now another girl stood up. "Oh Stephen i'm so horny too, let me suck your cock too. You got the biggest cock in class, so you deserve. So other small dicked losers i don't want. I want your HUGE cock in my mouth, NOW!" So the two girls started slowly sucking my cock, moving up and down with their sweet lips and tongues. Then i had to come.

Spermload after spermload landed on the two beautiful 15 year old faces. Then they started licking my sperm and rubbing it on their tshirts.

"I put your sperm on my shirt so the small dick losers can see that we only want big dick semen!" I was in heaven.

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It was nice having the hugest cock in the school. Girls looking at me always horny. Putting down their panties. Wanting babies from me. And SUCKING! So much sucking right in school it was unbelievable. And now another day has passed. Again a beautiful blowjob by two top cuties. Unbelievable. Well it's nice. The two girls walked off now waving me a kiss goodbye. The teacher was still dumbfounded.

I was happy and looked out of the window. Then Cindy came on and touched my dick. "It's so big. It's so wonderful.

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I love your dick. Maybe we can make a baby tomorrow in my bed at home?" Then she showed me her pussy. "Put your sperm in here yes? Right in my tummy. PLEAAAASE!" "OK!" is all i said. So the next day i visited Cindy at her home. Her friend Michelle was there too. "What's Michelle doing here?" i asked.

"Oh Michelle. well i told her on the phone that i wanted a baby from you. And i told here that you got the hugest dick in school so her pussy got all wet and she told me that she also wants a baby in her 15 year old tummy, so she got over here, any problem with that?" she told me.

Well i had no problem with two 15 year old dream girls wanting to get pregnant by me. "In which pussy do you want to shoot your potent semen first. Mine or Michelle's?" I decided for Michelle. She got such perfect tits which i already fondled. Then i motioned by huge dick in front of her pussy and Cindy took it in her hand. She slowly rubbed my dick against Michelle's pussy and then put it deep in.

I motioned in and out and all the time the two girls looked me in the eyes, amazed by my good looks and my huge dick. "It feels so good inside me. I think i'm going to come. Want to shoot your semen now? Just let your sperm flow in my pussy honey. It's going to be a wonderful child i'm sure." So i shooted spermload after spermload right in her fertile young cunt. Cindy pressed my penis and milked out every last drop. "WOW it feels so good to get 15 years old pregnant. Now Cindy do you give me a blowjob now to make my dick happy?" i asked Cindy.

"Of course honey, you deserve it after shooting your wonderful semen." With these first Cindy and shortly after Michelle two started licking, kissing and sucking my dick for HOURS. I was so happy. I was going to have a child was Michelle. If i didn't get her pregnant now i would fill her womb again and again with my semen. And i would get serious blowjobs as a reward. How better could it get. Then Cindys mother opened the door and came in. She was about 35 and had wonderful nice tits.

"Oh what do i see here. A nice big dicked stud is getting my girls pregnant. How wonderful.


Let me thank you with my tits!" With this she moved down to me. The two girls moved their lips from my dick and Cindys mother pressed her tits so wonderful against my again hard dick rubbing, teasing and pleasing it.

I had to come again and load after load sperm landed on Cindy's mothers face and tits. "Oh my gosh, so much sperm. Well you got big balls. No wonder. I'm sure my husband is going to be upset about this.

But you are the new stud here. With this big dick." So another beautiful day had passed for me and my hard huge dick.

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So i went home and took a bath. Cindy came with me.

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We both took a long shower and i enjoyed her wonderful breasts. She massaged my dick and told me: "Big dicked guy like you deserve massages, blowjobs, pregnant girls and blowjobs!" Then we left the shower and fondled with each other in my bed. All the while she massaged my dick and told me horny thoughs in my ear.

"I bet all the beautiful girls in school are dreaming right now that you put your HUGE dick in their pussies. I bet they are all having wet dreams about you making babies in their tummies." I laughed. "Want me to put sperm on your face, take photos and show some around my friends tomorrow?" i asked her.

"SURE! The boys shall see that the HUGE DICK GUY NUMBER 1 deserves to put his sperm on any beautiful face he wants!" So she milked my dick with both of her hands and then i had to come. Really lots of loads of sperm landed on her face and i made photos of it.


Next day would be fun again.