Mature ffm strapon blowjob fuck

Mature ffm strapon blowjob fuck
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The Morning Carrie could feel the coolness caused by the extreme moistness between her legs as she walked down the sidewalk. Since she only wore garter belts and hose and never wore panties, the breeze swirled up under her skirt and caused little tingles on her naked lips.

She had awakened this morning in a totally horny state. Her dreams all night long had consisted of one sexual encounter after another, from a high school remembrance in the back seat of a car to imaginary encounters with well hung heroes.

She had enjoyed having every part of her body sucked, fondled and probed by what seemed like dozens of men but waking up in an empty bed had not satisfied her. Her dreams had also made it so late when she woke that she hadn't even been able to satisfy herself with some of her assorted toys that she keeps handy for such occasions. All she had time for was a cool shower before running off to an early morning appointment.

The appointment had gone well even though Carrie had been distracted by the many men that had been running around in the office. In her state, it was difficult to keep her mind off of her dreams and the men had not helped the situation. Several of them seemed to look very much like men she had enjoyed during the night.

"Doug has only been gone two days," she thought to herself. "What will I be like by the end of the week?" She could now feel the tiny droplets as they slowly trickled part way down the inside of her naked thighs. Carrie paid the parking lot attendant and slid behind the wheel of her car. She couldn't help it that the attendant had gotten a good glimpse of her garter belt and maybe more when she got in. He didn't have to hold the door for her!

As she pulled out of the lot, her mind was streaming with wanton thoughts and desires. She couldn't remember being in this bad of shape in a long time. She pulled her skirt up and began softly rubbing that very sensitive spot between her legs.

It felt good just to play with it and tease it with the tips of her fingers as she drove. She certainly didn't care at this point, if the passing cars, vans or buses could see what she was doing. In fact, she hoped that they did see her. She gathered her skirt up around her waist and looked down at the clean-shaven mound between her legs. "You make me feel so good," Carrie said aloud and went back to teasing herself with her fingers.

As she slowed for a stoplight ahead, she noticed an adult bookstore just beside her car.

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Without even thinking, Carrie turned into the parking lot beside the store. She had not remembered seeing this store before and appreciated that it had a side entrance from the parking lot. The few times she had stopped at such places, it had bothered her a little to use the front entrance.

She had felt that someone driving down the street might recognize her. Without hesitation, she got out and went in the side door.

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Inside it was rather dark and Carrie found herself in a long hallway leading to a somewhat better lit store area. The hallway was lined with doors leading to what she guessed were the small "peep show" booths that were in all of these establishments. She could smell the musty odor and knew that many of the rooms were probably occupied by men that were jerking their cocks up and down in their hands and shooting their loads of cum onto the walls and floor while they watched the short dirty movies.

"What a waste of all that good stuff," she thought as she walked into the area with the racks of books, magazines and sex toys. An older woman was behind the cash register and only glanced up briefly. The three men standing around the magazines watched her closely as she went to the area that stored the toys. The racks and walls were lined with every imaginable sex device from whips and chains to assorted size dildos and vibrators.

Blow-up, life sized dolls of both men and women were openly displayed. Carrie was fascinated by a male model that had at least a ten-inch long dong attached to it, complete with balls. She found some vibrating ben-wa balls and then saw a dildo that was supposed cast from a mold of one of the big male porno stars.

She had seen him in some movies before but decided that if the advertising were true, the movies didn't do him justice. She ran the tip of her finger down the surface and was surprised at the life like texture.

It was at least fourteen inches in length and she could barely reach around it with both of her hands. "Even though my hands are small, that's a monster," she thought and picked up one of the boxed ones. She selected another dildo that was big and black and a cock shaped vibrator that was rimmed at the base with dozens of little fingers. One of the men that she had seen as she entered the store had walked up behind her and began pressing against her ass.

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Carrie could feel his hard cock through her clothes as it pushed against her. "I could help you take those things home, lady," he said in a low voice.


His hand came around under her arm and he softly rubbed her left breast. Carrie knew that her nipples were already erect and hard and they must have been as obvious to him as his swollen cock was to her.

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"Hey! Leave the other customers alone," came the sharp voice of the woman behind the counter. The man backed away and turned to pretend to look at some of the items on another rack.

Carrie decided she had probably picked up enough and took the things to the cashier.

"Need some batteries, hon?" asked the woman. "The best you've got," Carrie replied looking her right in the eye. The woman got the proper size batteries out from under the counter and rang up the sale. Carrie tore open the bag as soon as she got in the car and put batteries into the vibrating ben-wa ball's case. Even she was somewhat surprised at the ease with which the balls slipped into her hungry cunt but her upper thighs were wet and she could feel herself pinch the slick surface as they slid into her.

She lay the battery case in the seat and turned it on to top speed. The quivering balls sent a spasm through her as they began to hum and she could feel her grip on them tighten and relax and then tighten again. It felt fantastic! The man who had pressed his cock against her was standing beside her car door watching her. Carrie pulled her skirt up to her waist again and showed him her naked cunt. She ran her fingers down into her gapping slit, pulled them out and began rubbing her clit.

She wanted him to watch her masturbate but knew that he was not going to get to do anything else. He would just have to go back inside and jack-off in one of the small rooms. She felt a streak of mean satisfaction as she watched him, his eyes riveted on her pulsing cunt.

Carrie backed into the street, leaving the man standing in the parking lot with a huge bulge in his pants. As she drove away, she had a slight twinge of remorse. "If it was as big as it felt, maybe I should have let him shoot it off in me," she thought.

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"No. Let him go jack off instead." Carrie sped down the street and wiggled in her seat as the vibrations tingled inside her. She again didn't care that she was exposed from the waist down and hoped that the truck drivers appreciated her trim well-tanned legs and her shaved pussy.

At the next light, she took the huge replica cock out of its box and ran her hands slowly up and down its incredibly natural feeling length. It felt unlike any of the dozens of other sex toys that she already owned and she was eager to feel it slide into her open sex hole though she was more than a little concerned about its mammoth size. She had had some big cocks before but she could not recall any that were close to this size.

She stroked it as though she were jacking it off and longed for a gush of white cum to squirt out of the end. She looked up to see a man in a local delivery truck staring at her actions or at her bareness.

Carrie spread her legs and laid the giant dildo between them, thrusting it up against herself. A horn from an impatient motorist behind them broke up the brief voyeur/exhibitionist session and Carrie drove off feeling the dildo press against her swollen clit. Carrie tucked the cord on the ben-wa ball battery case into the top of her garter belt after pulling into her driveway and gathered up her other new-found toys before going into the house, the purring still strong inside her wet hole.

After laying her package down she stripped off her skirt and blouse and walked around in only her garter belt, hose and heels. At this point in time, she cared little that the drapes were open throughout the house.

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"Most of the neighbors should be used to it by now," she thought. After arranging a few things that she had earlier put off doing, Carrie retrieved her new "life-like" toy from the package and examined it closely.

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After licking the suction cup on the base, she pressed it firmly in the middle of the smooth ceramic tile of the sitting room floor. A few hard pulls confirmed that it was indeed well attached. After removing the ben-wa balls and spreading a slippery sex lubricant over the head of her new toy, Carrie poured some of the slippery concoction in her hand and wiped it over her eager cunt and rubbed it onto her clit.

She retrieved one of her favorite electric vibrators from the bedroom and plugged it into the electrical socket close by. Then she straddled the bulging head of the porno star's erect member and began to lower herself onto its mammoth size. Carrie could not help rubbing her erect clit as she spread open her hungry cunt.

The head of the huge artificial erection began to part her open canal as she slowly lowered herself onto its beckoning shape.


The head of the enormous dildo soon disappeared into her gaping tunnel and, ever so slowly, she eased herself down until she felt the soft, yet firm end of the tool bump against the very end of her.

Carrie had never felt so filled in her life.

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The organ reached every tiny spot of her horny cunt, making it tingle and throb. Though she tried, she soon realized that she was incapable of consuming its entire length and started contenting herself, so to speak, with slowly sliding up and down on a mere twelve inches of the enormous dildo. It was so close in feeling to a real one, that Carrie had little problem imagining a huge cock was thrusting up into her. "Oh God, that's good, masturbating my whore cunt," she said aloud.

That she was in plain view of anyone coming to her door or even slow traffic on the street in front her house pleased her sense of indecency. Slowly, she masturbated herself on the huge phallus, feeling it go in and out. Her slippery cum soon coated its surface and gathered around the lifelike veins that ran over its length.

Turning on the electric vibrator, she pressed it to her clit. The sensation sent a gasp from Carrie's lips. Spasms of contractions pulsed through her cunt and griped the dildo so strongly that they would forcible stop her up and down motion. She adjusted the vibrator to a slow, teasing speed and ceased her thrusting motion on the dildo. She maneuvered the head of the vibrator around and over her swollen clit and relaxed into a feeling of total sex. Her mind filled only with thoughts of self-satisfaction, she recalled some of her most brazen and hottest sex acts.

She had ridden for miles through the city, naked, in the back seat of her car while Doug drove and while Jerome, a black guy she had picked up at a porno theater, sucked her tits and fingered her wet cunt.

When they arrived home, she had spent all night fucking both of them and spreading open so they could watch her masturbate. She recalled frequent fucks on top a desk in a friend's office and the many hours she had spent laying naked in beds of various motels around town, sometimes with men she had only just met.

She loved to have a cock inside her hot cunt and it really didn't matter much whose cock it was. She also loved to show off her enjoyment of them by openly displaying herself. Every man she had ever fucked had enjoyed her spreading open, playing with herself while he rested or as a prelude to his ramming his tool into her.

She knew they enjoyed it and that only made her more eager to do it, not just for them but for herself too. Her orgasm was very intense and she fell forward, resting her upper body on a chair in front of her. She could feel her contractions as they gripped the dildo still within her cunt and she appreciated the fact that this tool would not shrink and go away. It would be there whenever she needed it, which might be in only a few minutes.

After catching her breath, she rose off the dildo and turned off the vibrator that was still purring on the floor. Carrie stood naked at the window and watched as the mailman stopped his small vehicle in front of the house and deposited mail in the box.

Though he looked for some time in her direction, she could not tell whether he saw her or not and, after a few moments, he drove off to the next house. Carrie went out to the pool and, still naked, spread out on one of the lounges in the sun.


Her legs were open and relaxed as she thought of the day and began running her fingers over her shaved cunt. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the feeling of this very slow and sensual tease. It was not yet noon and Carrie had all the rest of the day to enjoy herself.