Junge Mollige Bekommen Bbc Härteste Gefickt

Junge Mollige Bekommen Bbc Härteste Gefickt
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I was 14 years old and in grade 9. I never really wanted to take music lessons but it was a forgone conclusion in my family. Both my parents were very musical.

My mother was a backup cellist in the cities symphony and my father had taken music lessons his entire childhood. My parents had tried to get me enthused about some instrument any instrument, but to no avail. I had played the violin for a few years (an extremely painful experience for all concerned), the tuba for 2 (see above re pain) and the guitar (somewhat better, but Eric Clapton I was NOT). As a last resort my parents suggested I try the piano. I resisted, but they were adamant so I reluctantly agreed.

They looked around for a teacher in our area and found a few. They called around and the first two only taught on weekends. Mom and Dad wanted it done during the week. The next one they called was Miss Miller. She taught during the week and they said she sounded friendly.

On the next Wednesday I rode my bike over to Miss Miller's house after school. She lived about 2 miles away from us so it was an easy ride. I arrived in a foul mood. I did NOT want to be there. I trudged up to her door and rang the bell. Miss Miller arrived at the door in short order and my world was suddenly much better.

The sky was brighter; the colors were more poignant; EVERYTHING was better. Before me stood the most beautiful woman I had ever laid eyes on. She stood about 5'10". I knew this because I was 6'0" and she was just a bit shorter than me. She had straight, supermodel-type, sheer, brunette hair, a gorgeous face and a body that looked like it might (and probably DID) stop traffic. She was athletic looking with a curvaceous hips and legs and a HUGE chest. I couldn't even guess at her bust size, but suffice it to say her feet probably didn't get wet when it rained.

"Hello, James. I'm Miss Miller. Won't you come in?" I couldn't speak. I merely followed her. The view from behind was another sight to behold. Curves in exactly the right places. We went into her living room where I saw an intimidating full-sized grand piano.

We passed the piano and sat at her couch. "You mother tells me you've tried a few instruments already. Is that true?" I could hardly think, let alone talk. "Yes." "What instruments have you tried?" "Violin, tuba and guitar." "Impressive. Why did you stop playing?" "I don't like playing instruments." "Are you more interested in the piano?" "Not really, but Mom and Dad say I have to play so here I am." I immediately regretted saying that.

"I see. Maybe I should talk with your mother and tell her that you need to find an instrument that you WANT to play. Maybe there's one out there." I had blown it. I wanted to keep coming to lessons if for no other reason than to see Miss Miller. "Now that I think more about it I think I really DO want to try the piano." "Are you sure?" "Yes.

I'm positive." "Great. Then let's get started." We walked over to the piano, sat down and our lesson. She gave me some stuff to practice and I rode home to wait for the next lesson. My lessons went on like this for 4 months. I would take any chance I could to look at Miss Miller. I was pretty sure she didn't know I was looking. I was careful to avert my glaze when she would turn to me.

Then came April 14, 1982. My lesson ended and I got up to leave when Miss Miller stopped me. "Please sit down, James." I did. "You've been coming here for a little over 4 months now and you are not improving much. Are you practicing during the week?" "Yes, ma'am." "I don't think I believe that.

I think you hardly touch the piano until you come here and then when you're here you spend the whole lesson looking at me." Uh oh. She DID see me. I guess I was not as covert as I thought. "I don't mind the looking. Young boys do that. It's the fact that that's ALL you do. As far as I'm concerned this is a waste of your time, a waste of MY time and a waste of your parents' money.

I think I need to talk to your mother." "Please don't, Miss Miller. I'll practice. I promise." "I'll give you one more chance. You take this sheet home and practice it. When you return next Wednesday I'll test you. If I'm pleased with your progress we can continue. If not I call your mother." Miss Miller handed me a piece of sheet music and directed me to the door.

I rode home and immediately went to the piano and practiced. I played for 2 hours every day. I was NOT going to let Miss Miller down. Wednesday came and I rode to my lesson. Miss Miller directed me to the piano and sat down beside me. "Am I going to be pleased?" she asked. "I hope so." I replied as I started to play.

When I finished I looked over at Miss Miller, not sure of what her reaction would be. I looked up at her and saw a tear in her eye. "That was perfect, James. Your temp was exact, your notes were precise. I don't think I could have played that better myself. See what you can do? All you need is a little incentive." I beamed with pride. My lesson went as usual and at the end just before I got up to leave, Miss Miller handed me another piece of sheet music.

"You go home and practice this piece and if you pass the test next week there will be a prize for you." "What kind of prize?" "You'll find out next Wednesday. Off you go." I rode home wondering what she could mean.

I had no idea, but I wanted to find out so I again spent at least 2 hours every day at the piano. Wednesday came and I rode to my lesson. I sat down nervously at the piano and began my test. When I was finished I looked over to see Miss Miller looking back with a big smile on her face. "You've been working hard, haven't you?

I'm impressed. I knew you had talent in you." She wrote a few things down in her lesson pad and then looked up. "I said something about a prize last week, didn't I?" I nodded. "You've been looking at these for months now," she said running her hands around her breasts.


"You like them. I can see that." She kept talking but I have no idea what she said because she had also reached down and was undoing one of the buttons of her blouse. She finished then undid the next one. I was breathless. She pulled the neckline of her blouse apart and I could see her perfect mounds. She still had her bra on, but I could see more than I had ever seen in my life. This was WAY better than the magazines that Paul had got for me. Sure they were naked in the magazines, but this was REAL.

I stared. And stared. And stared. She buttoned her blouse up. I was crestfallen. "Five minutes and then onto the lesson." We did jus that. From then on the lesson went as usual. At the end she handed me a sheet without saying anything. I knew the rules now. I raced home, ran up to my room and jerked off madly. I didn't bother with the magazines; I just pictured Miss Miller's perfection in my head. It only took less than a minute before I shot my load.

I sat there thinking about her for a few minutes and then went down to start practicing. When I was done practicing I was horny again after thinking of Miss Miller's breasts. I ran back up to my room and masturbated again. Wednesday came around and I rode to my lesson, sat at the piano and did my test. Again Miss Miller had a large grin when I was done. She did her scribbling in her book, and undid her buttons. This time she did THREE buttons and I could see more of her breasts.

The five minutes ended and we did the lesson; me with a raging hard on the entire time. The lesson ended, I got my sheet and raced home to masturbate. The next week was the same, but this time she undid ALL her buttons. I could see her all of her boobs. They were more perfect than I thought. My five minutes ended, we did the lesson and I raced home to masturbate.

It went on like this for another couple of months. Miss Miller went so far as to touch her breasts, stroke them and pinch her nipples, but her bra never came off.

I didn't care. I was in heaven. School ended for the year and Mom came to my room one day. "I've been thinking about it and I'm very proud of how well you're doing in your piano lessons. I figured you'd probably want to have the summer off to go out and play so I'm okay if you want to stop your lessons and re-start them in the fall." There was NO WAY I was going to stop. This was better that ANYTHING. "Can I keep my lessons going for the summer, Mom?" "Of course, James. I'm rally pleased that you're enjoying the piano so much." I breathed a sigh of relief.

The summer progressed, the major difference being that since I had no school I could practice more. I was at my lesson on August 18th. I did my weekly test and Miss Miller was smiling like always. "I heard you had a birthday recently." "Yep. I was 15 on the 14th." "I didn't get you a present. I'm sorry." "That's okay; I wouldn't expect you to get me anything." "Here's your prize for this week." She said as she started to unbutton her blouse.

She undid all the buttons and left the blouse hanging from her shoulders.


"Happy birthday." She spoke pushing her chest forward. I sat there looking as usual. "You can touch them if you want." "If I WANT? Are you joking?" "No. Go ahead." She said chuckling. I reached out and touched her breasts. They felt wonderful. I had never touched breasts before and it was better than I ever thought it would be. I ran my hands over the globes, feeling her protruding nipples under my hand. "Five minutes is up," she said as she buttoned her blouse again. "That wasn't five minutes," I replied.

She pointed at the clock and the lesson went on. After the lesson I went extra fast home to jerk off. It was to the point now where my body associated sex with the piano. Just sitting at the piano to practice gave me a hard on now. Everyday I would masturbate when I was done practicing and on Wednesdays I would jerk off before, too. School started in September and a few weeks later I was sitting in my room doing my homework when my mother knocked on my door.

"May I come in, James?" "Sure, Mom" Mom came in and stood beside my desk. "I just got off the phone with Miss Miller. She has some really good news." "Cool. What is it?" "She said there's a recital in San Francisco in mid October that she thinks you're ready to play at." "Cool." "She said if you're okay with it she'll sign you up to play and you can play Mozart's Concerto No. 9." "What? Mozart? I've never played Mozart." "She thinks you're ready.

Oh and she'll be coming too to hear you play." I was excited and scared at the same time. Wednesday came and instead of starting my lesson with my test I started it with questions. "Do you really think I'm ready for this?" "I wouldn't have suggested it if I didn't.

You've made so much progress the last 6 months. I can't believe how much you've improved." "How can I play Mozart? I've never played it before." "You have a month to practice. I know you can do it." "I don't know." "I do. I know for a fact you can do it. You've really been playing the piano for about 6 months and you now play better than someone who's been at it for 6 YEARS.

It'll take lots of hard work, but I know you can make a success of it. Here's a little incentive for you." I smiled. I knew what was coming. Miss Miller unbuttoned her blouse and pulled it open. I stared, but she wasn't done. Her hands went behind her back and undid her bra.


The garment hit the floor, along with my jaw. I was in shock. "Feel free to touch them." I played with her breasts like I did on my birthday, but this time it was skin on skin.

I was in heaven. The five minutes sped by. She put her bra back on and did up her blouse. My lesson was as usual and after receiving Mozart's Concerto No. 9 I raced home to masturbate.

After feeling the magic flesh I was EXTRA horny. I came quickly as always but this time I stayed hard, so I just kept pounding myself. In a few more minutes I came again and STILL stayed erect. I kept beating my meat and this time it took me over 20 minutes before I shot my third load and it went FAR. I had to rest for about 15 minutes before going downstairs to practice. Over the next month or so I practiced extra hard, sometimes as much as 4 hours in one day.

October 15th came, the day before my recital and I felt confident. I knew I could do it. Miss Miller was right. The next morning my parents and I packed into our car and traveled the 5 hours down to 'Frisco.

We arrived mid afternoon, checked into the hotel and went up to our room to rest up a bit. After about 90 minutes Miss Miller arrived and came t our room. "Hi. I'm glad you three made it okay.

The performances start at 8:00 and James is scheduled to be the second one up. Can you come down to my room so we can prepare a bit for your performance, James?" I followed Miss Miller to her room. She was on the same floor as us, about 7 doors down the hall. She prepared me for being in a large auditorium and playing in front of an audience, something I had never done. We concluded and she gave me a kiss on the forehead before we went back to my room.

"I'd like to take everybody out for a pre-recital dinner," Miss Miller said to my parents. It was agreed and we went to a nice restaurant not far away. We had a nice meal and made pleasant small talk, killing time until my performance.

7:15 arrived and we felt it was time to get going. Better to be early and get ready at my own pace. 8:20. It was my turn. The host introduced me and I walked out on the stage in my tux with long tails (Miss Miller's idea). The applause subsided after I sat at the piano and I began to play. I was not the least bit nervous. I belonged here. I played flawlessly and when I was done I received a standing ovation. The host came to the microphone and informed the audience that I had been playing the piano for less than one year.

The audience gave me another ovation; this one lasting for almost 5 minutes. I bowed, waved to the audience and left the stage. My parents were almost jumping out of their shoes when I reached them. My Mom had tears streaming down her face and I'm pretty sure my Dad was crying, too. Miss Miller had a smile on her as big as the state of Texas. They all hugged me. "James, I'm so proud of you. You have become such a good pianist," my mother cried. "James and I need to go back to the hotel and talk about his performance while it's still totally fresh in both our minds," Miss Miller said.

"That's fine. We'll stay and listen to the rest," my father said. Miss Miller drove me back to the hotel in silence. We walked up to her room, still in silence. We arrived; shut the door, Miss Miller spun around and planted her lips firmly on mine. I was too shocked to comprehend the situation and merely stood there.

Miss Miller kissed me deeply while her hands grabbed my ass. Her tongue pushed past my lips and roamed my mouth. I was again stunned but soon figured out the proper response. My tongue became the aggressor, invading her. She moaned. Soon she broke the kiss. "I KNOW this is very wrong, but the way you played out there made me want you more than I've wanted anyone in my life." I was going to reply but her tongue back in my mouth prevented me.

She pushed me down on the bed. "You did well, so you deserve your prize." I could not believe what was happening to me. Miss Miller reached behind her, fiddled with her dress behind her back, wiggled her hips like a slow motion hula dancer and her dress slid off her body. She smiled as she reached behind her to remove her bra. It joined the dress on the floor.

She smiled and looked down at me. "I can see you like what you see," she said looking at my crotch. My hard on was very plain to see. "Part of that is from just playing. Every day that I come home from my lesson I run up to my bedroom to masturbate and when I practice, just being at the piano gets me a boner." "I see your hard on at every lesson we've had ever had.

You got hard the first time you saw me when I opened the door. I find it so wild that you get turned on just by sitting at the piano." "That's 'cuz every time I sit at a piano I think of YOU and the prizes I've got along the way." "You've come so far in the last 7 months. Let's see how far you cum TODAY," she said with a chuckle.

With that she shed you panties and stood before me like statue of perfection. She looked in my eyes but she wasn't smiling. She had a different look; one I'd never seen before. "You've never done anything like this before, have you, James?" I shook my head. "I want to teach you all about making love. If you have any questions just ask me. Okay?" Again I nod.

"Why are you looking at me like that? I've never seen that expression before." "I'm looking at you with lust in my eyes. That means I want you. I want to kiss you, I want you to kiss me and I'll teach you about all the other stuff I want. First we have to get you naked, too." I started to rip off my shirt, but Miss Miller quickly stopped me. "That's part of the fun, James. Let ME do it. You love watching ME take my stuff off slowly. I like the same." She slowly undid the buttons on my tux shirt all the while kissing me, breaking to undo a button, then back to kissing me.

When my shirt was open she kissed her way down my neck and began kissing my chest. I was yet to grow much hair on my chest and she seemed to like licking my bare skin. She licked around my nipples and sucked one onto her mouth. This kind of shocked me. I'd heard of guys sucking girls' nipples but not the other way around. I liked it. "You've got a great chest, James. I like a bare chest. Do you like what I'm doing to your nipples?" "I've never heard of a girl sucking a GUY'S nipples." "Do you like it?" "Yeah.

A lot." Her mouth descended back down to my chest and she sucked my nipples while she undid my belt and pants. "Now the unveiling," she chuckled as she pulled my pants down my legs. Now I lay there clad only in my underwear.

She moved back up and began to pull down my underwear. The garment slid over my twitching cock and when Miss Miller saw it she let out a slow gasp. "Do you like my penis?" "Yes I do.

It's VERY nice and it's not a penis. It's a cock or a dick. When you talk with your doctor it's a penis but when you're with a lady it's a cock." "I love hearing you say those words." "You like me talking about how big your COCK is or how much I want to suck your DICK?" "Oh yeah," I croaked.

She kissed my stomach and made a trail of kisses going lower.

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My cock was still twitching from excitement. Miss Miller licked my ball sac and sucked on my balls. I'd never heard of this, but it was great. Then she licked my shaft up and down, up and down.

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She looked up at me with a wry grin and kissed my cock head. She kissed it all over. Then she opened up and pulled my cock into her warm, wet mouth. She moved her head a few times and then I screamed.

I shot the biggest load I had ever shot and it all went into Miss Miller's mouth. I felt like crying. "I'm sorry, Miss Miller." "James, I LOVE to swallow cum." "But it happened so fast." "That's the way it is when you're young.

Besides it doesn't appear to be much of a problem," she said looking down at my cock. It was still rock hard.

Not twitching anymore, but still hard as a pipe. Miss Miller stroked my cock with her fist. It was very slick from my cum and her mouth.

"I'm going to teach you how to make love to a woman. Some people call it fucking. Whatever it's called it's a wonderful feeling. First off there are many different positions for fucking. The most common is called missionary. That's when I lay on my back and you climb on top of me and fuck me." "I like it when you say 'fuck." "That's my favorite word for it.

Usually a woman likes something called 'foreplay' before fucking but I want you to climb on top of me and fuck the hell out of me." Miss Miller laid down on her back and spread her legs. "See my pussy? See how wet and shiny it is?" "Yeah," "That mean I'm very wet. A woman needs to have a wet pussy before a man can push his cock into her. A woman's pussy gets wetter the more aroused she is. There are a bunch of words people use for a pussy." "I know.

My friends call it a twat." "That's right. It can be a pussy, twat, gash, nookie or MY favorite, a cunt" "Ooooh. I like that one." "Then get between my legs and push your hard dick into my wet cunt." I assumed a kneeling position between her legs and pushed my cock at the entrance to her cunt. "Oh yeah. Slide it into me, James. Fuck that feels good. Slide it all the way in. Oh yes. That's so damn good.

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Now fuck me." I didn't need any instruction on this. I slid my wet dick in and out of Miss Miller's welcoming pussy. I laid down on top of her and began to kiss her while I fucked her. She sucked on my tongue when I pushed it into her mouth. She grabbed my ass and squeezed it as I fucked her.

She slid her hands all over my back and grabbed my hair. "Oh James. Fuck me harder.

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Pound your cock into my cunt. Harder. Harder. YEEEEEEEES!" I was sweating now and it was dripping down on Miss Miller. Her legs would sometimes be flailing in the air, sometimes wrapped around my waist.

Miss Miller began to gasp and pant. "Oh, James. I'm going to cum. Fuck me.

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Fuuuuuck me. Oh God. I'm cumming. Fuuuuuuuuck." I could feel Miss Miller's cunt squeezing my dick as she came and it got me going, too. "Oh, Miss Miller. I'm going to cum, too." "Yes, James. Cum in my cunt. Fill me up with your cum. Do it James. Cum for me." My cock erupted and shot my love see deep in Miss Miller's cunt. We were both panting for all we were worth. I collapsed on Miss Miller. "Thank you, Miss Miller. That was the BEST experience of my life." "I loved it too, James.

I came harder than ever." I rolled off her and my dick popped out of her pussy and landed on the bed. We kissed and stroked each others' body. When we caught our breath Miss Miller spoke. "Remember I told you that most women like to have foreplay before they fuck?" "Yeah," "I'm going to teach you all about foreplay." Over the next hour Miss Miller taught me how to play with a pussy, how to lick a pussy (or eat as she liked to say), how to lick a woman's legs (I never would have even THOUGHT of that one).

She taught me how to really kiss a woman and how to kiss her neck and ears. She told me what most women like to have done with their breasts. She taught me EVERYTHING. I looked at the clock beside the bed. It said 11:45. "Holy shit! I have to be going. My parents are going to be wondering where I am." "You can't go back smelling like me.

We have to have a quick shower." We ran to the shower and washed off. When we were drying Miss Miller looked at my cock. It was rock hard again. "Stop that!" she joked. "You have to go." I got dressed and went back to my room. Mom and Dad were still up. "Where have you been?" Dad asked. "Miss Miller and I were going over my performance in great detail." I felt good because TECHNICALLY this wasn't a lie.

"Okay, son. Get to bed." We woke up the next morning, checked out and drove home. Over the next 3 years Miss Miller kept teaching me. She taught me all she could about the piano, but by the end of those 3 years I was teaching her. She taught me all she could about sex and it was heaven for the whole time. When I graduated high school I got a full ride scholarship to Juilliard.

Even though I was thousands of miles away, Miss Miller and I stayed in contact and I saw her most times I went home. Today I travel the world playing for some of the most prestigious symphonies. Many times Ann accompanies me. To this day I still get a hard on when I sit down at the piano and I still take care of it afterward. When she's there Ann always comes back to my dressing room to congratulate me.