Latin guy with sexy body jerks off and eats cum

Latin guy with sexy body jerks off and eats cum
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Daughter Debbie incest fantasy tale part 3 Debbie's orgasm seemed to continue on & on, The more my finger probed her arse hole the faster the contractions became, her bucking up & down forced the entire length of my finger inside her , My Daughter was so high on the pleasure sweeping over her she seemed ablivious to the finger in her arse she was riding without any real knowledge of it being inside.


but i was more than aware of what was happening & was relishing every sqeeze & thrust her butt hole made as it rode the finger . Each thrust down was met by me pushing up deeper fucking her anal hole.

Finally her contrations slowed her body relaxed & she collapsed back down on top of me, She lay still for a minute recovering before realising her arse was stuffed full of finger, sensing she was about to question me about her situation i let her know pleased her Daddy was, You are a very clever sexy girl to let me play with your bum sweetie, she never did understand fully my fascination with her arse but exepted it as part of our games.

Now my cock was in need of some urgent attention. Reluctanty i withdrew the fingerDebbie moved into a better position higher up sitting on my chest , Both her hands wrapped round the hard shaft, idle strokes teased the knob head till i had to tell her to slow down & concentrate her effort lower down the shaft. This any better she mumbled leaning forward engulfing half my length down her throat, I could only groan back aarh!

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yes sweetie thats wonderful, She tried to giggle with a mouth full of cock , This made her throat muscles reverberate in a highly efficent convolution causing me delightful sensations along the length of my cock.

I needed a distraction to stop myself cumming so focused my attention on her up turned butt, The little brown anal sphincter caught my eyes, A finger drove its way home, Debbie bucked her hips & cried out in shock, she was still unaccustomed to being invaded this way, That was going to have to change , pumping the finger in & out made her stop sucking me The inner thrusts causing her to cry out in discomfort but she never asked me to stop, each time the finger pulled out her sphincter immediately snapped tight shut & tried to fight off the inward invation , some teasing of the rim & keeping the pressure up made it give way, After several minutes of this treatment Debbies butt hole completely gave up fighting me having been utterly weakened by the constant fingering, Her cry's of discomfort stopped & she went back to sucking me off, Her cunt was still leaking juice so using it for lubrication i tried slipping a second finger inside, All she could manage was the little finger of one hand along side my index finger of the other hand, It would just have to do for now, right then i did my best to convince myself it would be ok to fuck her anally that way she could still keep her virgin cunt intact, I would have to work on stretching her anus into excepting larger objects over our comming sessions first.

Debbie was now taking no real notice of my probing fingers instead she was fully focused on pleasuring my cock , Just like any loving Daughter should do for their daddy, She had my cock wedged way down her throat & was struggling to breath through just her nosebut bless her my little darling just kept me firmly inside sucking as hard as her tiny mouth would allow, finally i had to give in as my balls tightend & that familliar tingling started , my knob end twitched as i ejected load after load of hot cum, it shot straight down her throat filling her belly, coughing & splutting she pulled me free milking the last drops from my still erupting cock with her hands.

when she got up & turned round to face me as always she looked pleased with herself. Debbies Anal training. The rest of the weekend passed quickly so first thing monday morning i phoned Debbie's school to say she would be off sick for a few days.

I was pretty much my own boss so took some time as holiday, "We were going shopping for some special surprise toys today Debbie, she looked puzzled sitting next to me in the car on the short trip into townuntill we pulled up outside the local sex shop Now i'd been to this shop on many occasions over the last few years & had got to know the owner Mike well enough that he borrows me his illegal under the counter underage home movies.

I never did ask were he got them. "Hi got some good new stuff if your interested "No after some toy's this time, "What you got planned he asked , I told him i really can't say then he noticed Debbie sitting in my car, "That your Daughter Debbie He know all about how i was bringing up Debbie on my own. "You can bring her into the shop if you like, "go round the back so no one will see Mike let me out locking the front door behind me, he had the door open round the back when we arrived After Mike locked up again i led Debbie into the shop her eyes lit up when she saw all the porn magazines, films, clothes, & toys.

Seeing Debbie looking through the latex clothes & bondage wear Mike joked to me "I don;t thing we stock them in her size. I just smiled back while picking out a selection of butt plugs plus a vibrating egg with remote control. While paying for them Mike winked at me & whispered look at your daughter.

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she was posing in a miiror holding up to her body a stretchy rubbier playsuit that had breast & crotch cut outs. "Can i have this Daddy she called , Before i could answer Mike called back "its ok you can have it. I asked him was he sure he wanted to give her the costume, "she'll just use it for playing dress up. "Yes its fine lets see the photo's with her wearing it, he laughed, Not knowing how to respond i smiled back as we left the shop.

After lunch Debbies anal training begain in earnest. Having selected the smallest of the two butt plugs i joined Debbie in her roomshe was waiting on the bed completely naked as instructed.

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"Now darling get on your hands & knees & raise your bottom in the air for Daddy thats a good girl, "Now this maybe a bit uncomfortable at first darling so just try an relax, I smeared a large glob of lube on her butthole & using the tip of the toy set about teasing her anal ring open, The plug was only three centimetres thick at its widest part & eight centimetres long but it looked huge next to her tiny bottom.

I kept the pressure up on the plug but her arse was shut tight so using my other hand i reached under & rubbed her slit till her clitoris popped up my finger tip lightly beat it from side to side. The stimulation caused Debbie's body to relaxshe let out a loud gasp as the plug slipped all the way in , Before she had time to complain i picked up the pace on her clit my liitle girl then had no other choice than to give in to the pleasure.

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When she started writhing her cunt about i pumped the full length of the butt plug in & out of her bottom this made her shout out "OH Daddy Daddy, every time the plug was drawn out or inserted, Seeing she was loosening up nicely i left her hanging while i rushed to get the larger butt plug, On my return she was still in position fingering her cunt trying to reach climax, moving her hand away i rubbed her clit back up to fever pitchonce she started to respond i pumped the smaller plug a few times before removing it completey.

Before her arse hole had time to recover i quickly pressed the larger plug into place.

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It only when part way in but then it was near twice the size at five centimetres wide & ten centimeters long. I had no idea if she could take it all but i was going to give it a bloody good try, "Lay your head down on the bed for Daddy sweetie "Now reach back & pull your bum cheeks open wide, With an extra hard push & a squelching sound in it popped.

Debbie let out a scream & tears rolled down her face , "Its ok darling its all over now what a clever brave girl you are. Any pain or discomfort was soon forgot as her orgasm was approaching fast The end of the plug waved about violently as the force of her climax shook her body, My hand on her cunt took her full weight as her legs gave way under her I lifted her by the cunt high into the air so only the tips of her toes touched the bed, she wiggled her hips & ground herself hard against my hand soaking my fingers with little girl juice.

When she finished i took a pair of her tightest fitting panties from the draw I got her to stand up next to the bedshe was still weak & shaking a bit She looked incredibly sexy standing all sweaty & flushed with her cunt shining wet, I gave it quick lick making sure i caught her clitotis it made her wince.

Pulling the panties on secured the plug in placeI told her it was to stay in for the rest of the evening to get her used to it.

I followed her down stairs watching how carefully she walkedi could not resist giving her bottom a playful slap. She went into the living room while i fixed a drink in the kitchen, when i returned she way stretched out on the foor in front of the television, "Here come sit on the sofa next to me sweetie, "I don't think i can Daddy, "go on you'll never know till you try " You remember those films Daddy showed you of women with mens cocks up the bum sweetiewell Daddy thinks you may be big enough to try taking his how about that darling , "But won't it hurt me Daddy, "No sweetie, I lied, "Thats what the butt plugs for now come & sit down, Tentatively she took her seat splaying her legs open wide as the plug pushed up hard.

"You do want to let me fuck your bum hole darling it'll be great fun just like being a big grown up girl, "I do want to be a grown up girl Daddy but i'am a bit scared i don't think your cock will fit its very big, "Tell you what sweetie we will try just putting the tip in first , "Ok Daddy but just the tip, With Debbie's confidence now reassured i set about making sure her arse would be ready for tonights main event, picking her up i placed her down arse first on the coffee table the solid table top was not as forgiving as the sofa making her move about till she'd adjusted to the increased pressure, Laying on the plug base forced her hips back & her cunt mound out in quite an obscene fashion that made my cock instantly hard, but any relief could wait till tonight, I took a couple of photos of her before remembering the other toy i'd bought the remote control vibrating egg It worked by sending a signal from the separate control unit to the the eggs in-built aerial , After stealing the batteries from the tv remove i turned on to power the egg buzzed into life, Switching it off i went back to where Debbie lay pulling the front of her panties out i slipped the egg into place checking it was properly positioned over her cunt.

I retired to the sofa & switched it on Debbie immediately started laughing" It tickles she screamed, soon enough she realized it was not just tickling her " Arrr yes Daddy it feels arrh!


so good, I played with the dial turning the power higher then lowerevery time it reached high speed Debbies knees would flick up towards her belly , she had now forgotten all about the arse plug , "stand up baby & dance for Daddy , Briefly i slowed it allowing her to riseshe tried hard to dance for me but the egg had her moves under my control. The music from the cd play onit was truly the most erotic site i'd ever seen my eight year old daughter dancing plug plugged & vibrated in just panties.


Twisting the dial up made her shake like she was being electrocutedturning it on full she fell to the floor curling up on her side in a ball with her feet & legs kicking like a dog dreaming. With her now oblivious to the world i when over & reaching under her pantie covered arse pulled the tight cloth aside & grabbed the butt plug base, Now or never i thought as i pulled it out only to plunge it straight back in againover & over i repeated it , I was amazed at the treatment her little anus was taking & Debbie was too far gone to care , Seeing her like this why wait for tonight, I dropped my pants in record time & positioned my cock next to the plug, one more deep thust with the plug then on the next stroke out i through it aside & replaced it with my cock , "Oh HeavenThe grip of her preteen arse hole as it tightend round my knob was sheer bliss I savoured it for a second before forgetting all about the deal i struck earlier & drove my cock fully home.

to be continued