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Tyla Wynn Nasty Slut Loves to Fuck
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Nike A Go Go By Jimmmy D. When I pull over to the dirty, rotten gutter Nike starts rumaging in the back of the jeep, "What are you looking for?" I ask, not turning around, but still taking a peek in the back of the keep. "Nothing she says, grabbing something and spinning back around in her seat.

She's found her black trench coat, she hasn't worn it in ages. She steps out of the jeep and throws it around her shoulds. Its a plain black trench coat that goes down to about her ankles, it looks relatively clean, but only Nike knows what godawful things that jacket has seen.

There are puddles of merky water in the gutters and in potholes on the street, though it hasn't rain in years. This place smells rotten, like some dead animal; like a colony of huge, fat rats gathered under the streets and committed mass suicide just to make this place smell like shit.

My mind lingers on this thought for only a moment then I move on. I follow Nike into Fred's shop. She opens the entrance but pauses for a second, she starts hacking then spits a wad of phlegm on the siewalk, near the feet of a passerby. After this profound moment she disregards it and moves into the shop, I follow her. In Fred's shop the lights are fluorescent but still dim, and considering it's location the place is relatively clean. All along the walls on either side of myself and Nike are glass cases filled with guns and ammuntion, and above these cases, on the walls, are tons of racks holding up huge guns and swords, and other things of this sort.

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I stop at a case, maybe the fifth or sixth along the wall. This is the case I always stop at becuase it's full of antique revolvers, like sixshooters.

These days no one uses a gun unless it has seven magazine slots and five sights, infrared, and night vision; in short no one uses anything but a B.F.G.(B.F.G. meaning Big Fucking Gun). But me, I have class, I like to blast a fuckers head off with a nice sixgun, I'm particularly partial to the .357 magnum.

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Not many people watch films anymore, especially since the earth has gone on menopause, I but like to watch a nice flm every now and again. A while back when Nike, Flem, Frank and myself were looting up some old scraps from some broken down beater we came across a box of films, not film reels though, more like laser discs. Either way they had a bunch of old movies; Dirty Harry, The Pale Rider, The Good The Bad and The Ugly, and other movies in that vein.

I am a huge Clint Eastwood fan, probably the only one anymore, no one is 'light-hearted' enough to watch films when the world is crashing down around our ears, but I really don't care. Everyone has got to die some time.

After imagining myself riding out on the range during sundown I start walking quick, like to catch up with Nike who, despite my pausing, has kept moving on her path. "Slow down Nike, Fred's not going anywhere." I tell Nike, catching up with her, and shortening my strides to match hers.

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"Yea who gives a flying fuck, I don't like Fred too much and I sure as fuck don't like his goddamn sleazy ass store." she tells me, and even though she's not looking at me I can tell she says this through a rotten sneer.

"Who are you calling sleazy?" I say this at a whisper, like only I can hear it, but Nike picks it up, "Yea, why don't you fuck off, instead of having a fuck with me you'll hafta choke your own goddamn chicken." she tells me off. "Well if I don't fuck you then you don't get fucked." I say matter-of-factly.

"I'll just go out to some bar and find some random fucker to get it on with." she taunts me, "It's not like I gotta worry about AIDs or any of that fuckin' shit." "Yea well. Fuck you." I say this last bit at length, not knowing what else to say. Nike gives a mocking laugh, we both know she's won the argument. At the end of this part of the building is a small office, where we'll most likely find Fred.

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That's where he always is. When reach come close to the back door Nike stops and turns to me, "You do the talkin' and do it fast, I don't wanna be around this faggot longer than we hafta be, okay?" she tells me, looking straight into my eyes, I nod. I reach up and knock on the door twice. "Yes, I'm very busy, who is it?" a voice calls through the door, Fred's voice. "It's me, me and Nike that is." I shout back through the door. After a moment, and bit of paper rustling the door flies open and there stands Fred Lowe.

He's probably about 6'1" or 2", he's sort of lanky but has broad sholders. He's got shirt black hair and glasses, today he's got a bit of face stubble and he looks a little worn out. "Good to see you again, my friends." he tells us forcing a, what he would think of as welcoming, smile through his constant grimace. He steps to the side and ushers us into the cramped office, "how have you been?" he asks in a friendly manner, "Good." I say simply, and Nike just nods. He points to the three chairs infront of his desk, which is cluttered with papers and photographs, I take a seat in the one to the far left, and night sets in the one on the far right.

He takes a seat at his desk and continues he's bitter-sweet smile, "What brings you to my neck of the woods?" he asks, looking from Nike to me. I hesitate for a second, but then press on, "The same thing we always come here for." I tell him. "You need rare and expensive parts then." he says putting his right forefinger to his chin.

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"Well you got the 'rare' part right." I say jokingly, though not really wanting to spend any money. "Of course, of course." he says laughing at my feeble joke.

"So what sort of items are you looking for?" just the usual questions. "Well, we're looking for a p38 to 3.75mm adapter for one of our energy generators. And maybe a few guns and some ammuntion." I knock the list off. "Well, it's going to take a while on the p38 to 3.75mill piece, that's rare, and I know we don't have any of those in stock, I'll have to order it, but it'll take anywhere from two days to a week for delivery though.

And on the guns: what you see is what you get." "Okay, well." I pause, I dont want to stay in town for a week, and I know Nike doesn't either, "Well, we'll go ahead and take the guns I guess, but Nike and I will hve to talk about the adapter." I pause, waiting for him to get up and leave us alone, but he doesn't move.

"Can you give us a quick minute." realization hits him and he gives an embarassed laugh, "Of course, of course. I'm so sorry." he hops out from behind his desk and walks toward the door, "If you would be so kind as to open the door when your done." the he leaves the room and closes the door behind him.

Once the door is locked Nike jumps out of her seat and starts walking around his office. She looks around his three filing cabinets, and thumbs through the documents and photos on his desk, "What are you doing?" I ask in a shouted whisper.

"Shutup!" she says this in the same hushed yell, "I'm looking for something we can mke money off of." I give her a puzzled look, "look, idiot, if he's got to order this fuckin' adapter then it's gonna cost us out the ass. And I dont know about you, but I don't wanna pay like that." she opens the draws to his desk and hits paydirt.

She reahces her hand into the drawer and draws it out, holding a golden antique revolver. She smiles and tosses it to me, expecting me to be an expert. "Wow." I say more to myself than to her, "An M1869 .45 Caliber Schofield single action sixshooter, with a nickel finish." I resite this almost involuntarily while I finger the gun and turn it over in my hands, "This is so freaking cool." I'm awestruck, this is such an awesome pistol, "Glad you like it, it's a sale then, we'll take it." she says smiling in a viscious, greedy way.

"Okay," I say, preparing to change subjects, "What about the adapter?" I say this pocketing the pistol. "Fuck." she sys in contemplation, "I guess we'll hafta wait on it, we can't go back without it, we fuckin' need it" she makes up both our minds. "Alright." I say, moving to the door, as to open it.

As I reach for the knock it twists before I can reach it and the door opens again, "Sorry, I couldn't stand the suspence." Fred says. He's laughing when he sits back at his desk, "So what have you decided?" he asks me. "You should know, you were fuckin' eavesdropping." Nike says before I can answer him. I look from Nike to Fred and notice Fred's face is turning red, "Well," he chuckles, "I'm sorry, I can't resist and secret" he continues to laugh, but Nike stares daggers and knives at him.

"Well then, you know that we'll order it then, Fred." I tell him, looking down at my feet; fucking dickwad. "Naturally." he says smugly. "Okay, you get in contact with your people then get back with us, we'll need to know how long we'll have to wait." I explain to Fred. "Of course, of course." Fred pauses for a second, crunching numbers in his head, "Come back tomorrow, I should know when it will arrive by tomorrow." he tells me. "What time?" "Maybe." he looks at the ceiling, "One, no two pm, no one.

Come back tomorrow at around one pm." "Alright, fine, we'll be here." I stand up with Nike and we leave. I notice Nike has bit more speed in her steps now than when we were arriving, she must really hate Fred. Who knew cyborgs could be so prejudice. Nike pushes the door open hard, nearly sending them off their henges, "You really hate Fred huh?" I ask as we jump into the jeep, me driving again. "I just don't like fuckety ass faggots, thats all." she says with a rotten sneer. "So what do you want to do for the rest of the night?" I ask starting the car up.

The engine rumbles and the vehicle starts to rattle. "Let's go to a bar, get something to eat, then get someone to eat." she tells me, a curly grin on her face.


"Someone to eat?" I look at her strangely, "A girl then?" "Yea, I think another hot piece of pussy might liven things up, who knows, we might find antoher big dick to bring back with us." We're driving down 138th again, we're heading to Clyde's, which is on 140th and 67th. It's a friday night and there are always all kinds of people staying around Clyde's a lot of hot girls, and a few good looking guys, nothing special; I'm sure atleast one will peak Nike's interest.

Night falls soon enough and we're sitting outside Clyde's, sitting in the jeep. "Okay, we needta find a nice short brunette, with a nice big ass." she explains to me what kind of girl she is looking for. I nod at every new characteristic and feature she adds, "long hair, red lips, cute small boobs." I agree with everything she says, her and I have similar taste in girls.

I pull the keys out of the ignition, Nike strips off her trench coat, and we step through the doors. The instant we enter the door heads are turning after Nike, whethers it's becuase of the fact that they know who she is, or because she's sexy, I don't know.

I look over at Nike, and she looks gorgeous, particularly in this light. She's checking out the bar, looking from table to table, seat to seat, looking for a prime piece of meat. "No." "Not her." "Too thin." I hear her mumbling to herself, apparently about teh grls who don't meet her standards. "Let's take a seat at the bar, have a drink, you know." I tell her making my way toward the bar, she follows, sort of.

She's zigzagging her way across the floor, looking at every girl she can see before reaching the bar. "Dry beer, J & B." I told the bar tender, he turns and looks to Nike, "The same for her." I say, brushing him away. I turn around and run my eye over the bar, there are a few choice girls I'd like to have, but what does Nike think?

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"Like anything?" I ask her, sipping my beer, not looking at her. She keeps looking around, lingering in a place for no longer than a few seconds, "Kinda, there are a few hotties, but mostly ugly fucking pigs." she doesn't look at me. She picks up her beer and drinks it down in one, two gulps; she's definitly some kind of machine.


"Well, do we have someone that meets your requirements?" I ask her, glaring hard at her breasts. She continues looking around then turns her eye on me, "Yea, I see one." she tells me. "Well who the fuck is it?" I ask, getting a little frustrated, she won't stop dodging my freaking question. "Her." she says pointing into a crowd of four, maybe five girls. There are a few cutey pies, they're all looking pretty young, seventeen or eighteen years old maybe.

"Which?" I still can't tell which girl she's talking about. "The one with the long brown hair, with the glasses." she tells me condescendingly, as if I can't understand what she's saying. I find the girl she's talking about immediatly, and wowey, what a little honey dip. She's got curly, shoulder length blonde hair and a nice round butt.

She's got a cute face and those black-hornrimmed glasses make her look even better. I wonder what sort of diplomatic way Nike will go about getting this girl to come back to a motel with us. Nke get's up and starts wandering over to the gaggle of girls, not stepping off to look at anything else, just walking straight at them, she looks like she has meaning in her face.

Nike snaps at the girl and gets her attention, but I can't hear what they're talking about, the noise in the bar is too much. Nike says something else and the girl's face flushes, she turns bright pink, and she looks even more cute! Nike holds her hands up in front of the girl, like she's talking about a fishing trip, like she caught a huge fish, then Nike points to me.

What the hell are these girls talking about? Nike leaves the girl and comes back to me, she sits down a the bar and orders another beer. "Well? Is she coming with us?" I ask, laying my hand on Nike's thigh. Nike kind of shivers, takes a sip of her beer, then looks me sqaure in the eye "She'll meet us out front in five minutes." she tells me like it's no big deal. "What? How did you hook her?" I'm dumbfounded.

"Nothing, don't worry about it, the point is that she's coming with us, now pay the fucking barkeeper and let's get out front and wait for her." She sips her beer again and lays it down on the bar. I wave to the bartender and he promptly walks over. He draws up the tab and gives me the bill, so I lay down the cash and leave him a nice five dollar tip, "It's your lucky day." I tell him tossing the cash on the bill.

Nike and I stand up and find our way out of the bar, which is a little hard seeng as how the bar is packed to the brim with swingers and sluts looking for dirty one night stands, so I guess Nike and I are one less pair of perverts. Nike and I hop into my jeep and we sit out in front of the bar, waiting for our little girlie. I start the engine up and turn on the heater, it's a little cold out tonight.

After a few moments of sitting in silence with Nike our little girl friend comes out of the dim light of this rusty little bar, but there is someone with her, a man. He's sort of tall (at least taller than I am) and he's got long wavy hair. He has chiseled features and a puss full of straight, white choppers; and he's smiling a lot for some reason. The little girl stands beside our ride for a second and looks at me, "Hello, I'm Gillian." she tells, trying to be polite, "And this is my boyfriend, Devin." I look Devin over once and I look Gillian over twice, then a third time for good measure.

"Hop in." I tell her throwing my eyes on the road ahead of us. The jeep purs away while we drive down these mucky roads, the vibrations climb in my gut and nestle down, then crawl back out again and after that, on comes the next wave. I find a low down motel and I pull into the parking lot, not because it's the only one that's vacant, but becuase it's only fifteen credits a night for one person, so Nike and the other two can sneak in once I've paid. I hop out of the jeep and find my way over to the office where I pay the desk clerk fifteen credits for the night.

He gives me a weary glance and I wink at him, then I leave the office laughing like a jackal. Room twenty-three on the second floor. So I whistle down to Nike and she brings up our two friends, Devin and Gillian, and I can already tell we are in for a hell of a night. The first thing Nike does when we all get into the room, and I close the door, is strip down to her bare ass.

So Gillian and I start to do the same, but Devin stands their looking at me shyly. I take my time when I undress, I slowly losen my shoe laces then toss my boots off to the side, then I slide my shirt and my pants off. Gillian is undressed and staring at me while I get down to my boxers, Nike is standing to the side with her arms crossed and Devin is still standing there fully clothed, all eyes are on me. I pretend not to notice everyone staring at me, waiting for that special moment, and I just pull my boxers off.

I step out of them and toss them across the room. I stand up and look around, and put my fists on my hips, trying to show off my piece a little bit. "You were right." Gillian whispers to Nike, her face going a little red. "Yip, that's why I keep him around." she says jokingly serious. She steps up to me and grabs hold of my flaccid shaft, then she turns to Gillian and Devin and winks at them.

I put my hands behind my back when Nike kneels down infront of me; finally, Nike's going to give me a freaking blow job! She licks up and down the shaft and strokes it a little to get it hard.

She holds my cock up and kisses the head, then she slides into her mouth; though not all the way, only about the first two inches. SAhe doesnt let me fuck her mouth though, she just sucks on it like a popcicle. Nike pops my cock out of her mouth and looks to Gillian, so Gillian joins Nike on her knees. At this point Devin finally starts to undress.

Nike and Gillian take turns licking my cock; Nike holds it to herself, licking it over, then holding it out for Gillian to lick it.

My breathing is getting heavier as they change pace and Nike starts sliding it into her mouth, then Gillian does the very same. I'm moving closer and closer. They keep sliding my piece in and out of eachothers mouths and before too much longer they're taking turns sucking on it.

I especially like Gillian's way of giving head, she's twirling and twisiting her tongue around my cock like a slimey snake. I'm getting nervous when Devin joins Gillian and Nike on their knees infront of me, does he want to suck my dick too? "Whose gonna suck Devin off?" I ask, trying to get him away from me.

"No one, silly." Gillian told me in the splick second she pulled my cock out of her mouth. "That's the deal," Nike starts to tell me, "They came with so that me, Gillian, and Devin will all get fucked by you." "I don't know about that." I'm not gay.

"Look here fucker, you're going to let me, Gillian, and even Devin suck you off, then your gonna fuck all of us up the asses, and that includes Devin." Nike tells me, threateningly.

"I ain't fucking gay, Nike" I tell her, trying to reason. "Gay or straight, there's no real difference anymore, that is a decades old problem." Devin tells me getting closer, pushing Nike and Gillian apart.

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"Whoa, whoa! Hold on!" I start to yell when Nike hands my cock off to Devin. "Oh relax Benny-boy," Nike tries to relax me, "If some guy is sucking your dick youre not gay, its just some faggot sucking you off, that doesnt make you gay." she has a crappy logic. I take a deep breth, preparing myself for the pain when Devin leans in on my crotch.

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Wasting no time he takes my entire length in his mouth and starts in by deepthroating me. When I he push down on my cock no further he sticks his tongue out and starts licking, this is probably for less endowed men though; when he sticks his tongue out he is supposed to be able to lick the dude's balls, but it's pretty much impossble to do with my cock.

NIke gives Devin's ass a nice slap before she stands up. She leans in on my and starts kissing me hard, really hard. She bites my bottom lip and she bites my tongue, she sticks her wet, writhing tongue in my mouth, and I am about to scream with ecstacy. She starts sucking my tongu, which almost sends me over the edge, then I remember there s a dude on my cock, and that brings me back off my cloud. She holds my head close to hers, gripping my hair to keep me in place.

Then she backs off. She crawls back down to where Devin and Gillian are. Gillian and Nike kiss and run their tongues up and down the sides of my cock while Devin handles the head, it's pure pleasure. I put my my hand behind Nike's head, rubbing her neck, and shouldesr gently; I do the same to Gillian. "C'mon, yea, I'm getting there." I tell them between breathless gasps.


Finally Nike grabs hold of my fat shaft and starts jerking me off, this deters Gillian for a second, but then she joins in. There is easily enough room for Gillian and Nike to fit both their hands on my cock all at the same, so that's what they do. The two girls are jerking my off, with four hands total, while Devin keeps sucking away at the head of my cock. "Oh fuck, Oh shit." I mutter, I'm getting closer and closer, shit. "Oh, Fuck!." I cum like a freight train.

My cum spurts up in Devin's face while he holds his mouth open(though none actually gets into his mouth) I'm breathing heavly while the cum still squirts out, leaning back on my arms, "Shit." Devin isn't done yet, he's still jerking my cock slowly, trying to milk it for every drop of cum.

I am being pulled and twisted like pink taffy at this point. I'm disgusted with myself for letting some faggot suck my cock, but at the same time it feels so fucking good.

Almost as good as Nike, though I would never tell her this. I'd never live it down if I told her getting my cock sucked by a guy was almost as good as being sucked by her.