Asian Girl Brings Herself to a Squirting Orgasm Using a Dildo

Asian Girl Brings Herself to a Squirting Orgasm Using a Dildo
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bacdoorentry: whens female gettin up? pantyboi32: not sure bit yet i hope pantyboi32: feeling good here bacdoorentry: wanna get a quick scenerio going?

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pantyboi32: would have to be a quicky, what you have in mind?? i can play as m or f bacdoorentry: us boyz behaving badly pantyboi32: yes set up a scene pantyboi32: anything you wish, no limits here bacdoorentry: your wife took off 4 the wkend. i com over as shes driving dwn street lol pantyboi32: mmm ok pantyboi32: i answer the door, come on in bacdoorentry: with my bag of goodies pantyboi32: i glance at your bag and ask, what you have there???

bacdoorentry: now its your house so kinda take lead pantyboi32: come on in, she is gone pantyboi32: what you have in the bag i ask? bacdoorentry: you kno damn well whats in here, get naked and pour the booze pantyboi32: i tell you i will get drinks and dissapear from the room bacdoorentry: i strip down to my thong frilly panties and unzip bag pantyboi32: when i return i am wearing my wifes panties and crotchless pantyhose carrying a drink for both of us pantyboi32: walking up close to you i hand you your drink pantyboi32: rubbing my hand on your panties.

whos panties i ask???? bacdoorentry: (lets just assume we already got our enemas ok) pantyboi32: not sure, but you open to an idea???

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bacdoorentry: oh i pilfed em from my niebors 16 yr oldx daughter pantyboi32: fuck others messaging me, i am going invisable so its just you and i pantyboi32: they look so hot on you baby pantyboi32: rubbing your ass in her panites bacdoorentry: let me show ya new pics pantyboi32: can i ask kind of a kinky favor, you decide bacdoorentry: go ahead pantyboi32: WOW very nice is that you baby???

bacdoorentry: yyep 3 things in hole pantyboi32: ok my idea, mind if i have had my enema and VERY clean, you have not and a bit dirty today??? pantyboi32: asking you to bend over while i slip your panties to the side pantyboi32: omg baby iwould love that up my ass bacdoorentry: ok on all 4s pantyboi32: yes, slipping your panties to the side pantyboi32: i kneel behind you pantyboi32: next thing you feel is my tongue licking your ass hole like a pussy hun bacdoorentry: flush me JUST ONE OF MY CYBER FRIENDS.

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pantyboi32: i would do you dirty if your ok with that pantyboi32: licking your hole more, trying to get you to relax pantyboi32: i want my tonge up inside you baby bacdoorentry: i like clean but i hold your head up tight aginst my hole pantyboi32: ohh fuck yes pantyboi32: i start to push with my tongue pantyboi32: pushing HARDER pantyboi32: omg baby its going.

my tongue going in your hole pantyboi32: i reach around stroking you in your panties pantyboi32: moaning while i tongue your ass hole pantyboi32: feeling your cock getting hard in the panites pantyboi32: moaning as my tongue goes in deeper bacdoorentry: turn around and ride my cock pantyboi32: gladly baby pantyboi32: slipping my panties to the side too pantyboi32: i push against your hard cock pantyboi32: omg taking you into me pantyboi32: moaing as i slowly take you balls deep pantyboi32: omg feeling you stretch me open baby bacdoorentry: in a min ute im gonna stuff your hole with this plug.

pantyboi32: omg yes love anything in my ass hole pantyboi32: feeling you fuck me as my pantyhose rub agsint your legs pantyboi32: rape my ass baby pantyboi32: use me pantyboi32: your cock feels so HARD in my ass bacdoorentry: i got my new one up my ass now. pantyboi32: how you feeling??? bacdoorentry: good. how bout that? pantyboi32: i like that one pantyboi32: i would fuck your ass so GOOD bacdoorentry: i jack u while i push yhis up ur hole pantyboi32: yes taking it as deep as i can pantyboi32: while i stroke your cock too pantyboi32: i start sucking your cock bacdoorentry: your basically in my lap with your ass in front of me pantyboi32: yes baby pantyboi32: stroking you pantyboi32: fingering your ass hole too pantyboi32: tasting your precum bacdoorentry: im gonna get this spray bottle and put some vodka in it and fill your rectum .it actually gives youu a buzzz pantyboi32: omg have you tried that for real???

bacdoorentry: cause your ass is very sensitive with nerves pantyboi32: i have wanted to try that but nurvous about it bacdoorentry: ive put speed, vodka beer it all works quick too pantyboi32: so HOT does it sting or burn at first baby??

bacdoorentry: with vodka dont use 100proof but lower with alittle water pantyboi32: i like the idea of beer with the bubbles bacdoorentry: did that once, once! burned like a m.f.!

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pantyboi32: burn is good???? pantyboi32: MAKE me take it pantyboi32: hear me whimper and cry bacdoorentry: nooo this is a burn u wont forget pantyboi32: my cock feeling so good here real pantyboi32: i like the sounds of it pantyboi32: love to be tied and forced to take it bacdoorentry: i get onn my stomach leaning over your sfa.


fuck the shit outta my ass pantyboi32: woudl you shit on my cock real??? pantyboi32: ohh i would fuck you so good baby bacdoorentry: now a twist, your wife calls while your bottomed out in my ass.


pantyboi32: balls DEEP in your sexy ass pantyboi32: omg trying to talk normal pantyboi32: cock deep in your ass bacdoorentry: i gotta hear pantyboi32: yes dear pantyboi32: i will call you tonight bacdoorentry: im tryin not to grunt pantyboi32: holding still inside you deep pantyboi32: ya i ahev afriend here from work, we are just watching football pantyboi32: i pull back a little and ram you again pantyboi32: i stuff some of my wifes dirty panties in your mouth to keep you quiet bacdoorentry: lets take it out in your back yard somewhere we might be seen pantyboi32: as i talk to her i look down at my cock so see if your getting me dirty at all and i see???????

bacdoorentry: nothing! pantyboi32: ramming you HARDER, my cock bottoms out inside yu pantyboi32: going to have to finnish soon she will be up soon baby pantyboi32: i fuck you faster and HARDER pantyboi32: raping your sexy ass hole bacdoorentry: we walk to kitchen with you still in me and pour more booze pantyboi32: you close at all real????????????? pantyboi32: yes bacdoorentry: im actually playing with my golfclub toy in ass right now pantyboi32: omg nice bacdoorentry: after i cum the shows pretty much over lol pantyboi32: ya same here pantyboi32: feeling so good here pantyboi32: wish i was tasting your ass hole NOW if you know what i mean lol pantyboi32: my cum so close here baby pantyboi32: ohh yes pantyboi32: i am about to cum here soon bacdoorentry: you take it out and stick it in my mouth pantyboi32: omg yes pantyboi32: gaggin you with my cock baby pantyboi32: you close real????

pantyboi32: fucking your mouth and throat bacdoorentry: pull out and put cum all over my mouth pantyboi32: ohh yes pantyboi32: here it comes baby pantyboi32: holding your hair as i fuck your mouth bacdoorentry: do it! pantyboi32: take me baby pantyboi32: take me slut pantyboi32: cock swells bacdoorentry: mmmmm pantyboi32: finger me QUICK pantyboi32: fucking your mouth bacdoorentry: ya pantyboi32: cumminggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg bacdoorentry: i squezze your sac to get it all pantyboi32: fuck yes pantyboi32: good cum here real pantyboi32: so good pantyboi32: did you cum to obaby???

pantyboi32: tasting little cum here real bacdoorentry: turn around im finishing you up with my dick AND a dildo same time.

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pulling your hair pantyboi32: ohh yes pantyboi32: hurt me pantyboi32: make me YOUR slut baby pantyboi32: damn you made me cum so GOOD here bacdoorentry: im gonna pull out and quickly turn your face to recieve my load pantyboi32: i loved it pantyboi32: yes pantyboi32: tasting my ass on your cock pantyboi32: use me bacdoorentry: wwhheeew we! damn, we're good at this pantyboi32: did you cum hun?

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bacdoorentry: i sit on sofa and guzzle vodka from bottle bacdoorentry: yeah pantyboi32: ty for getting me off baby pantyboi32: talk SOON bacdoorentry: thanks for NOT bein an idiot like most peeps pantyboi32: you make me cum so GOOD pantyboi32: open to anything you wish, i am YOUR slut bacdoorentry: over & out bro pantyboi32: bye baby