Thủ d acirc_m chảy nước girl cum in with cucumber

Thủ d acirc_m chảy nước girl cum in with cucumber
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Hi everyone, it's me again, Jake. If you don't remember me, I'll help remind you. A while back, I told you about the best weekend of my life. It was the weekend after Christmas, and my cousin Lauren invited me over. After a few hours, we had sex and after we both fell asleep. The next day came and we fucked all day, in different parts of the house. That weekend was the best weekend of my life for a really long time.

Well, until that very same summer when I fuck my Aunt Lori. My Aunt Lori was my cousin's Lauren's mom; I never knew she wanted to fuck me. This is the story of how I fucked both my Aunt Lori and Cousin Lauren at the same time. It started all on a Friday; I just off a long shift at work. I worked for a Valet company that was stationed at a hospital. The weather was 90 degrees Fahrenheit and not a cloud in the sky.

I was home alone, everyone was up at the cottage for the weekend. When I came home, I tried to turn on the AC but it broke. I opened all the windows and closed all the blinds. I grab my McDonald's dinner and ran up to my room and got onto Facebook (I'm not fat; I just got home at 8 o'clock and didn't feel like making anything). I looked at all the statuses that were posted while I was at work, commented on a few and look at some hot bikini photos of girls I was too shy to ask out.

After that, I posted my own status, I jokingly posted: "It so hot out, I think I'm going to go skinny dipping when it's real late." I then logged out of Facebook. I was still hot, so I stood up and stripped into nude. I went on to my favorite porno websites to see if anything was new and good, nothing look good enough to watch. I then went on one of the site's Forum, some of the sex stories got me a little hard. I went to take a long hot shower. After I got out and dried myself down, I heard the doorbell ring.

As I walked up the stairs to answer, I wrapped a towel around me. I opened the door and on the other side was my Aunt Lori. My Aunt Lori had short, dirty blonde hair, blue eyes and was tall. She also had B sized tits and had a very slim, athletic body. "Hi Aunt Lori" I said surprised.

"Hi," she said back. "What brings you here?" I asked "The fun," Aunt Lori replied.


I had a confused look on my face as I had no idea what she was talking about. Aunt Lori then had me close my eyes. I opened my eyes and saw my Aunt Lori standing there completely naked. "Holy shit!" I said surprised and shocked. "Like it? Your uncle paid for this body. He had my tits done," Aunt Lori explained.

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I was wondering how she was able to get her body to look that good at that age and after having three kids. I've always found my Aunt Lori to be very sexy, so when I saw her nude for the first time, it was super hard to keep a straight face while trying not to get hard. I wanted to see how far I could get this to go; fucking her would be a dream come true. After talking about Aunt Lori's fantastic tits, she wanted me to show my cock. "Drop your towel," Aunt Lori said.

I did as she said; I drop my towel and let her see my cock. It was still hot outside so she could pretty much she everything. "Wow! Your cock, it's huge. I can't believe how huge it really is. That's the biggest cock I have ever seen," said Aunt Lori. "Bet you get all the chicks to fuck you." "Not really," I replied. "I'm not much of a ladies' man, I mean; I've had sex a couple of times." Aunt Lori and I talked awhile about fucking hot chicks After awhile we went out back to the pool.

I had a huge back yard, with a wooden fence for privacy around the whole yard and behind that are tall bushes for even more privacy. My pool was also quite big; it was under ground and had a diving board in the deep end.

I ran into the pool first, and jumped in. My Aunt Lori then ran for it right when I popped my head back over the surface to watch. As she ran, I couldn't hold my boner any longer and I got super hard. She jumped and stayed under water for about 10 seconds, hoping she didn't see my boner. Aunt Lori then popped up for air. We both swam around awhile; Aunt Lori kept going under the water. Every time she did, I would try to hide my boner.

When she was above water looking away, I would sneak in a few masturbation strokes. "Whew, I love the way this feels, I've never skinny dipped before," Aunt Lori said. "Same here," I said. "I just love the feeling of being so free and that the water just hits my body nude body." "Just like it when it touches your boner?" Aunt Lori asked.

I was shocked and embarrassed; I didn't know what to say. I feared that I creeped her out or that if I say that wrong thing that she would leave. As I was starting to panic on what I should say, Aunt Lori moved toward to me.

When she got to me, she kissed me. We started to make out, she garb my cock and gave it a slow stroke for every kiss. After 15 minutes of making out, Aunt Lori said, "Let's go up to your room, I want you fuck the shit out of me." We got out of the pool, grabbed a towel to place on the bed and ran up to my room.

Aunt Lori placed the towel on my bed and got on top of it on her back. She smiled and said, "Fuck me. Fuck me so hard, I want your hard cock in me." I got on top of Aunt Lori and gave her a big kiss on the lips; I grabbed my hard cock and shoved it in her pussy.

I fucked her at a fast pace. We were both very horny. My Aunt Lori was way hornier. "OHHH!!! OHHH!!! FUCK ME! FUCK ME! YES, YES, YES! I've want you to fuck me since you turned 18 and now I finally get to feel your hard cock inside of me." My Aunt Lori was really screaming at the top of her lunges from the fucking I was giving her. I wanted to change positions, but was way too horny to stop, so I just kept going.

Aunt Lori just kept talking dirty to me about wanting to fuck me for so long. Aunt Lori finally came, it was a huge one. I came a few seconds after, right into Aunt Lori's pussy. Aunt Lori didn't want me to pull out and come, so I stayed in. I looked right into my Aunt Lori's eyes as we were coming. Aunt Lori gave me the biggest smile in the world. By the time we were done fucking, it was 3 in the morning.

Since my bed was two small for the both of us to sleep in, I grab two pillows and a blanket and we camped down on the lower level of the house. We cuddled each other until we fell asleep.

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It was the next day, as I woke up I found my Aunt Lori already awake, she was sucking my cock. It felt fantastic; I could tell she did it a lot. "Wow! That feels great on my cock.


Oh my god, yes. Come on baby give me your best, make me cum all over that sexy face." My Aunt Lori was up for the challenge. As she started sucking faster and faster trying hard to make me cum.

She finally looked right into my eyes and that did it for me. I quickly stood up and stroked my cock and came one big ass load on Aunt Lori's face, she was moaning as I shot my load all over her face, some even went in her mouth. "Oh yeah, Jake! Your cum is good!" Aunt Lori said. Aunt Lori took a shower and left. Two Months later… About two months have passed since I last heard from my Aunt Lori. On one hot, sunny, summer morning, Aunt Lori called.

She wanted me to come over and move some boxes down into the basement. She also announced that she was home alone.

I quickly jumped at the chance and drove right over. When I got to her house, it was about 7 in the morning. We did and said nothing all day, but about what we were going to do with the boxes. We finally got done around 3 in the afternoon. She invited me to her room as she got both of us a glass of water. I laid on her bed and watch the TV station that was already on, it was on Lifetime.

I took off my shirt to cool down and hopefully to turn my Aunt Lori on. Aunt Lori came back and handed me my glass of water. She laid down next to me watching TV.

About half hour later, Aunt Lori took a quick trip to the bathroom connected to her room. When she came back, she was completely nude. she got on her bed on all fours and turned around.

My cock jumped right up and I ripped off my pants and put my hard cock right in her pussy. As I fucked my Aunt Lori from behind, she began to moan louder and louder, she came within 2 minutes. Everything started to go as planned when all of a sudden I heard my cousin say, "Mom?

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Are you ok? What are you do-" Lauren turned the corner and me fucking her mom doggy style. "OH MY GOD!" Lauren screamed when she saw us fucking. Lauren ran and turned back around the corner, Aunt Lori ran after her while nude. As they stood and talked, I tried to hear what they were saying, I could only hear bits and pieces of what my Cousin Lauren was saying. Throughout the many minutes of the conversation I heard Lauren say: "What the fuck mom?!?" "So gross, I'm looking at you naked and to make it worse, you have a wet pussy." "No, I don't want you to see me." I never heard her say anything about her not liking that I was fucking my Aunt.

Few more minutes have passed, when finally Aunt Lori came back in, and a nude Lauren came in right behind. I knew this was going to be great, fucking my hot Aunt and her hot daughter, who was also my cousin, at the same time. When I saw the both of them naked my cock rose back up. Aunt Lori hopped right back onto my cock, while Lauren shoved her pussy right into my face. Aunt Lori wasted no time to start up again, as I was licking the shit out of Lauren's pussy.

"Ohh! Ohh! Ohh yeah!" Moan Lauren and Aunt Lori at the same time. "I'm about to cum!" Said Lauren. "No!" Aunt Lori said loudly. "Come fuck your cousin, I want you watch you cum." Aunt Lori moved at sat right next to my head on the bed, as cousin Lauren put my cock in her pussy. Aunt Lori Looked and Lauren then started to ride me. Lauren started moaning loudly as she continued to fuck me. My Aunt Lori started to masturbate. Cousin Lauren let out a louder moan as she finally came.

"Oh good job, baby." Said Aunt Lori, "I saw my little girl cum, I'm so proud." Aunt Lori gave Lauren a kiss right on the lips. "Thanks mom, That's the fucking I needed. The stress of finals is really getting to me," Lauren responed.

Aunt Lori started to fuck me again, as we still needed to cum.


It didn't take us long to cum, as we did it at the same time. I came in my Aunt Lori's pussy again, I wanted to cum on her face, but I would have to wait.

Aunt Lori, Lauren and I just sat back on Aunt Lori's bed and watched two movies. After the two movies were over, Aunt Lori and Lauren wanted to watch some porn. Aunt Lori took out the lab top and Looked for a good website. We searched a lot of stuff, but finally picked a video. It was a movie about a guy fucking his sexy ass cousin. I noticed that Lauren was really turned on, I started to finger her.

Lauren tired to keep her cool and pretend nothing was happening. An hour later, the movie was over. We went to the kitchen for some dinner. The girls were trying to figure out what to have. I noticed that Lauren was still masturbating, I walked up from behind and kissed her neck.

Her legs opened and I started to fuck her doggie style while we were still standing. "So pizza it is," Aunt Lori said. "I'm going to take a shower while you two order the food and finish having sex." "Ok, stop fucking me so I can order." Lauren said.

"I want you to order while I fuck you," I repsoned. "That's hot," Lauren said in return. I continued to fuck cousin Lauren from behind. Lauren picked up the phone a dialed. "Hello?. Yes, I want to order one large pizza." I started to speed it up a little bit, to try and to get to moan over the phone while ordering, she started to have some trouble.

"I want some wITH, cheese and MUSHROOMS! OH, OH! and some, OH! Umm, Oh! Thats it MMM, MMM, MMM, YES Dilvery!" Lauren hung the phone up and really let loose. "OH, OH, OH! OH YEAH! FUCK, OH MY FUCKING GOD!" Lauren then came and fell to the floor. I did not. "That was so fucking hot," she said. 10 Minutes passed and the pizza was here. Aunt Lori came into the kitchen with her hair straightened and a towel wrapped around her body.

"Wow, I heard Lauren while I when in the shower." "I give her a good fucking," I said proudly. "Mom, this is a nude only zone," said Lauren as she ripped off the towel. We finished dinner. "I want to do one last fuck before I leave," I said. Aunt Lori and Lauren looked at each other and smiled. "Swap my cum." Lauren Started to suck my cock as I stood there. I was Looking at my Aunt Lori, who smiled at me.

Quickly came in Lauren's Mouth, Lauren then turned to her mom and they started kissing. It was such a turn on. After five swaps the both had a little and ate it. I left shortly after, I'll never forget that day. Hopefully, I'll be able to fuck them together again.