Hot and horny twinks in uniform Olly And Dylan suck and fuck

Hot and horny twinks in uniform Olly And Dylan suck and fuck
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REVENGE IS SWEET I was having problems at school. I was being bullied by this guy, Hugh Rooney, who was 15, two years older than me and the son of one of the town's top and richest businessmen.

Like father like son.


Hugh and his gang would abuse me verbally calling me 'cock sucker' and 'faggot' every chance they got but always out of hearing of adults. Everyone was scared of him, or rather what his father could do, and so I was on my own. I put up with it best I could by being a smart ass but the more their putdowns didn't affect me the angrier they got.

Then one day Hugh and his buddies attacked me physically on the way home from school. Okay, most I got was bloody nose but … My dad was furious when he found out what had been going on and he insisted on dragging me over to Hugh's place for a confrontation. Why do dads always think this is the best solution? I should have given my dad more credit. He'd also been on the receiving end of Hugh's dad's bullying tactics in business.

They lived in a wealthy neighborhood in a two-story mansion with swimming pool and tennis courts. When we drove up I couldn't help but be impressed that bullying paid so handsomely. It was the weekend and we expected Hugh and his dad, Mr. Rooney, and his mom, Rachel, and his sister, Emma, to be home.

We knew they had servants so we were surprised when Mr. Rooney himself opened the door. He'd obviously been swimming as he was still wet and wearing a pair of budgie smugglers, those Speedos that show off your body and your dick.

I'd never seen Mr. Rooney except in suits driving in his flashy car so I was surprised by how trim his body is and how big the outline of his flaccid cock looked. He smiled when he saw us. "I know why you're here. Come in." He ushered us through the house and out to the pool area as if we weren't good enough to soil the carpet in his home. "So, you've come to apologize," he smirked. That took the wind out of our sails.

"Not exactly," my dad said. "We came to hear your apology and that your son will be reined in." "Interesting development," Mr.

Rooney smirked. I didn't like that smirk. He had this all planned out. But if it was the smirk I didn't like I sure did like that tanned body. He was as muscular as my dad and I noticed he had a home gym to one side of the pool. "So your faggot son sexually harasses my son at school every day even after he's told to stop and you expect an apology from me," Mr.

Rooney said. "Have you ever propositioned Hugh, son?" my dad asked. "Never," I said truthfully. Not that I wouldn't like to but, with his reputation, I always gave him a wide berth. "Not what my son says," Mr. Rooney said. "I guess if you asked around the school you'd find out who's telling the truth," my dad suggested.

Smart move. But anticipated. "I suppose you might just find one or two people stupid enough to agree with your faggot son's version of events. However, I would point out to you that about half the parents of pupils at that school work in my businesses and probably another third rely on my business activity for their livelihood." He was calm as a snake.

Even my dad did business dealings with Mr. Rooney. I knew this had been a mistake. Mr. Rooney had been baiting dad by calling me a faggot, just like his son. Dad had not risen to the bait much to Mr. Rooney's consternation. He had a platoon of lawyers ready to sue at the touch of a phone pad. Mr. Rooney put his arm around dad's shoulder. "Look, your son is a screaming cock sucking ass licking slut! He takes cock up his butt better than any whore in town." He waited for a reaction.

My dad smiled: "Regardless of what you think my son may be, I want your son to lay off. Or else." "Or else what?" Mr. Rooney laughed. "I'm the one playing from a position of power here and don't you forget it." He was getting angry because my dad was keeping his cool. "Look at the faggot," he said pointing to me. "I've never seen a mouth better made for cock sucking." He reached over and thrust his thumb into my mouth like he was examining an animal.

My dad didn't move. I licked Mr. Rooney's thumb and sucked. He looked shocked but I noticed his cock twitch briefly. "Fucking faggot," he spat as he pulled his thumb out. "What's the matter?" he snapped at my dad.

"Too chicken to help your cock hungry son? Too chicken to come to his defense?" He made clucking noises. "My son can look after himself," my dad said calmly and winked. "Oh, so that's why you're here? Your son can look after himself?" And Mr. Rooney laughed. "No, I'm here as a warning." "So consider me warned, chicken shit!" Mr. Rooney practically yelled at my dad. He was trying hard to provoke but it wasn't working.

"Come here boy," he commanded me. "So what you gonna do," he said to my dad, "If I decide to find out if your precious faggot son really does suck cock?" My dad just smiled, Mr. Rooney pulled his cock out and stuffed his half hard prick in my mouth. "Suck it you little slut cock sucker shit eater! Taste a real man's cock!" he thought that would be enough provocation but my dad didn't move and I surprised Mr. Rooney by swallowing his cock down my throat.

He hardened immediately and was angry with himself. "So, even seeing your son being totally humiliated doesn't rile you?" Mr. Rooney said.

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"What sort of father are you?" Dad's cell phone rang and he took it out and answered it. He spoke softly. Mr. Rooney was more interested in this new feeling in his cock than my dad's reaction now. He grabbed the back of my head and rammed his cock in, grunting the whole time. "Hugh was right, you are a fucking cock sucker!" I knew then that Mr. Rooney knew the real story behind the bullying at school and would never do anything about it.

Or about his little princess, Emma. who was a tyrant in the making in her school. Mr. Rooney's name calling got nastier and filthier the closer he got to coming. At last he blew a huge load down my throat while he held the back of my head.

I felt his cock spasm in my mouth and tasted his cum. I swallowed it all and he pulled his cock out and wiped it across my face.

My dad folded his cell phone and put it away. "Now get the fuck out of here," Mr. Rooney snarled at us. "And if I ever hear a word about what went on here today I'll sue the ass off you until you're so fuckin' poor you'll be living in a cardboard box." He opened the side gate and pushed us out all the while making chicken noises.

When we got back to the car, dad said: "Nice cock?" "Juicy," I said. "Pity it's attached to such a prick." Before he started the car my dad showed me the footage on his mobile phone of me being abused and face raped by a man who was practically frothing at the mouth. When we got home dad edited the best bits and sent them to Mr. Rooney's mobile. Then we waited. It was only a matter of hours before we got a phone call. It was Mr. Rooney's lawyer, another piece of slime according to my dad.

The lawyer was making all sorts of placatory signs, I was listening in on the extension, but my dad cut him off with "I want to talk to the organ grinder not the monkey," and hung up. About an hour later an obviously irate Mr. Rooney was on the phone. He, too, was nice as pie but you could tell he was seething.

He wanted to arrange a meeting to "exchange a few ideas" on how our mutual problem could be solved. Dad suggested our place but Mr. Rooney declined. Dad declined a meeting at Mr. Rooney's place. Eventually, it was planned we meet at their gym the next day, Sunday, during the afternoon when it was closed. Mr. Rooney said he would organize it and dad let him.

Before they hung up dad said: "Make sure that asshole of a son of yours is with you." You could hear Mr. Rooney wanted to answer back but a voice in the background, I recognized the lawyer, stopped him.

"And leave your lackey behind. Just you and your son. Or we walk." Dad hung up. He waited half an hour before he rang Laurie who runs the gym. "Yep, he rang right on schedule, like you said he would," Laurie said.

"What do you want me to do?" The next day we parked away from the gym and sat waiting. We saw Mr. Rooney drive up. He got out of the car with Hugh who was sullen and obviously didn't want to be there. But dad and I were both surprised that nine-year-old Emma was with them. What would she make of all this talk about faggots and cock sucking. "He's brought protection," my dad surmised. "But it won't do him any good." We gave them a five-minute start before we entered the building.

They were talking to Laurie upstairs when we got to the front counter. After initial greetings, Laurie said: "I've put you in the coffee shop, it's more comfortable.

Help yourself to drinks. I'm heading out for a personal training session and won't be back for an hour or two. If you finish before I get back just slam the door shut when you leave, that locks it." He winked at me and dad while Mr. Rooney wasn't watching. We settled into the coffee shop and dad made coffee and gave us kids a soda each. "You want to discuss this in front of Emma," dad asked Mr. Rooney. "It could get a little X-rated." "She's here so it doesn't get too X-rated," Mr.

Rooney snapped. "So let's get this over with!" "Don't say I didn't warn you," dad smiled. "Why is this man warning you daddy?" Emma asked. "Doesn't he know who you are?" "It's all right, princess. Just a little misunderstanding," Mr. Rooney patted her. "Don't pat me, daddy," she screamed. "It musses up my hair." "Maybe it would be a good idea if you went into one of the other rooms to play," Mr.

Rooney suggested. Emma headed off pouting. "We're waiting," my dad said finally. "For what," Mr. Rooney asked. "For an apology from Hugh. And a promise that he won't bully Justin any more or call him a faggot," my dad said calmly. "But you said he was a faggot, daddy," Hugh whined.

"You said he sucked your cock and that proved it. So why should I hafta apologize? And when is he gonna suck my cock?" "In time," Mr. Rooney said softly. "So this is a set-up?" my dad said. "You didn't think for a moment we were going to let you get away with this little charade, did you?" Mr. Rooney said. "But I have the pictures of you," dad said. "And right at this moment I have my IT people digitally changing them so they look like the video has been faked. It will be your word against my money," he sneered.

"Now, if you don't mind, my son would like your faggot down on his knees sucking his cock. Well, boy," Mr. Rooney snarled at me. "And just so there's no misunderstandings this time, hand over your cell phone." Dad passed it over. Mr. Rooney smirked again and made a chicken noise ever so softly. "Well, boy!" he turned to me. "I promised my son the best blow job in the world so get to it." Hugh pulled down his shorts and his cock was already hard. Mr. Rooney pushed me to my knees in front of his son.

"Blow him, boy. And we might let you get out of here without your ass feeling my prick inside." Hugh was fucking my mouth but he was obviously inexperienced and his cock popped out or else speared my cheek. Mr. Rooney started massaging his own cock through his jeans. "So, what you going to do about this?" Mr. Rooney crowed. "Your usual nothing?" Hugh was grunting like his life depended on it but that didn't mask my dad's whistle. As soon as it echoed through the gym Laurie and his mates appeared.

Mr. Rooney was too slow and they had him pinned before he could react. Another brought Emma kicking and screaming into the room. Hugh lost his erection and I spat it out. "What's going on, dad?" Hugh pleaded. "This is not your argument, Laurie," Mr.

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Rooney said. "You'll find my wallet in my back pocket. Help yourself. You really don't want to get involved in this." The last sentence was said as a threat. "Oh, I really think I do," said Laurie. The three captives were hustled into the sling room, at least that's what I call it because sometimes Laurie will install a sling for some of our games. Mr. Rooney, but not without a struggle, was tied to one of the press benches, his arms behind his back. "Pity you brought little Emma with you," my dad said.

"But all the more fun for us." "What do you mean?" Mr. Rooney looked worried for the first time. "I told you to bring Hugh and that was all.

Now you'll reap the consequences." "You can't be serious?" Mr. Rooney was terrified. My dad picked up Emma like a doll and lifted up her dress and pulled her panties down. She struggled and screamed so dad slapped her. He ripped her clothes off till she was naked and held her up so everyone could see her little bald pussy and rosebud tits. Mr. Rooney screamed louder than I have ever heard a human being scream before but Laurie stuffed Emma's panties in his mouth and gagged him with tape.

"Now, Justin," my dad said. "I think you should probably head home. This is going to be pretty heavy. You're too young to be involved." "Fuck, no," I stood up to him. "I want a go at Hugh's ass and … " Hugh made a bolt for the door but Stan, one of the muscle guys who worked out here, grabbed him by the hair and pulled him back inside. "That's my boy!

A real fucking pervert!" My dad clapped me on the head. I love watching my dad in action and it always gets me hard. There were five guys including my dad and Laurie.

Stan, like I said, plus Cagney this butt ugly freak named Cagney who was always high on something but who had an amazing body. And now he had his clothes off, a cock the size of an elephant. I hadn't given him a second look he was so ugly but maybe with a paper bag I could get to love a cock like that. The guys took turns stripping while they held Hugh and Emma.

I noticed Cagney was thumbing Emma's little pussy hole and Hugh was struggling in vain against Ross, this young blond guy who I'd never seen before. Laurie was cutting away Mr. Rooney's clothes because they didn't dare untie him. He was struggling and more than once the knife cut into him leaving little blood flecks on his skin. I went over to lick and kiss them but Mr. Rooney tried to nudge me away. Hugh was so scared by now he pissed and shat himself so Stan took him to the showers to wash him off.

We could hear him screaming was down the hall. Then he stopped. "Okay, Cagney, this is a little better than we hoped," my dad said. "We were going to use you on Hugh but even better you start on Emma. I thought Mr. Rooney's eyes were going to explode as dad held her across a bench and pulled her legs up over her head.

She tried to bite dad but he slapped her really hard and she started whimpering. Cagney got down on his knees and buried his tongue in her little pussy but I wasn't really interested in that so I headed off to the showers. I found Hugh down on his knees sobbing while Stan stuffed his prick in and out of his mouth. "Hi, Justin. You want a go," Stan offered. "Maybe later," I smiled. "When I fuck his ass." "And I thought you were always a bottom," Stan laughed.

"I'll make an exception this time." "Go grab the digital in Laurie's office like a good little fuck slut," Stan said. "I want a memento of this new slut chowing down on my cock." I got some great pics of Hugh being impaled on Stan's cock, plus drool on Hugh's chin and a great shot of Stan's spunk across his eyes. I couldn't help myself and licked it up and swallowed but not before I spat a huge gob of spooge into Hugh's mouth.

Stan held his jaws shut until Hugh was forced to swallow then he puked everywhere. "I guess he needs another shower," Stan said and turned on the spray again. As I walked back to where my dad was I realized Hugh had a nice body, what they call a swimmer's body, and a real nice cock. I'd have to get a piece of that later. Back in the sling room, Cagney had his cock buried in Emma's little twat. There was a bit of blood oozing out of her but he hammered his cock all the way in to his balls.

I saw her little cunt open to accommodate it and thought she was being stretched to breaking point. I didn't feel sorry for her, she was a cunt.

And a cunt to everybody at school. She used to call Miss Pitts our English teacher a slut in front of the whole class and then described the birthmark Miss Pitts had near her cunt because her dad told her. Miss Pitts ran from the room crying and the story got round the school in seconds. Most of us liked Miss Pitts so we felt sorry for her, especially when she transferred to another school.

Cagney picked up pace and began thumping her little hairless cunt.

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Everyone stopped to watch as he pushed his cock all the way in. I saw Emma's eyes sort of glaze over and then she passed out. Mr. Rooney was so angry he was struggling against the rope and it was cutting into his arms. "Fucking nine-year-old cunt is the tightest cunt ever!" Cagney screamed and pushed his cock in so hard we thought it would bust out her belly.

"Ah, man such a sweet cunt. Save me some more for later." I saw my dad staring at her little red pussy as Cagney's spunk dribbled out of her. Dad was stroking with that wild look he gets when he's really turned on. He slipped between Emma's legs and rammed his cock home. Emma didn't feel a thing. He lifted her up and she flopped about like a rag doll. Laurie held her up while dad sank his cock into her little cunt hole. I love watching my dad's cock sliding into cunt or ass.

I sat underneath so some of Cagney's spunk would drool out on to my tongue. My dad's prick was stretching her pussy and then it would snap shut when he pulled his cock all the way out.

Ross put a bottle of smelling salts under her nose and she woke up and started screaming again. My dad put his hand across her mouth and rammed harder. Mr. Rooney was sobbing now and Ross ducked around taking photos of the whole sick games all the while he was jerking his cock. I looked at Mr. Rooney and crossed over to him. His cock was semi hard. Obviously watching his virgin daughter gang fucked was turning him on.

I kneeled and started to lick his balls as he tried to kick me away. But I clamped my mouth over his cock and started sucking. In no time his cock was rock hard and I wanted it in my ass. Ross was watching us, clicking away. I took my mouth off Mr. Rooney's cock and Ross realized what I wanted. "Way to go, dude," Ross said and high fived me with his slimy cum smeared hand. He helped me straddle Mr. Rooney's cock.

Mr. Rooney stared in horror as I plunged down and his cock disappeared into my ass sleeve. It was one thing to use a faggot for a blow job but never fuck one in the ass.

That makes you a faggot too. Ross was clicking away. "Fuckin' hot, dude. That's one heavenly dude hole you got there." I raised and lowered my asshole over Mr. Rooney's cock. He couldn't move so he couldn't help me even if he wanted to which I doubt.

I gripped his cock with my ass pussy muscles each time I slid down his pole. I was going to enjoy this.

"Hey, guys, look at little Justin dude going down on old Mr. Rooney," Ross yelled. My dad glanced over and winked at me.

I know what he's like when he has his cock in under-age near-to-virgin sloppy cunt. They'd flipped her over and Laurie was pummeling his dick into her tiny mouth. He was holding her nose so she had to open her mouth and there was Emma puke everywhere. Just then Stan brought a snivelling Hugh back into the room. He'd obviously been using Hugh's mouth as a slop hole because Hugh kept coughing as if he was trying to spit up a fur ball.

"Holy shit!" he said as he saw my dad buried up to his balls in his little sister's cunt. He flew at my dad but Stan yanked him back by his hair.

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"Maybe he's just jealous you got her pussy before him," Laurie suggested laughing. His cock was choking her. Dad pulled out and left Emma's cunt gaping. Dad prised her pussy lips apart to show Hugh. He tried to look away but Stan held his head firm. "You want a piece of your sister's cunt, boy?" my dad asked.

"Look how juicy it is." "Maybe he doesn't believe it's juicy," Stan said. "Maybe he needs to see for himself." Stan pushed Hugh's face into his sister's sloppy cunthole and told him to lick.

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It took a couple of beatings about the head before he complied and he gagged on Cagney's cum but eventually he was licking and sucking like a pro. He was liking it. A little bit too much because his cock was stiffening.

My dad nudged Laurie and they flipped Emma again so she could see what was about to happen. "Just concentrate on her pussy Hugh. You like pussy?" Hugh nodded his head. "Right, well this pussy is near enough to virgin. That's hot." Hugh shook his head. "Just concentrate on the pussy, boy. Just look at it." Hugh was staring at her swollen pussy and Laurie led him by the prick until he was at his sister's entrance.

Laurie slapped him on the back which pushed him inside. Emma screamed but Hugh knew grade A cunt when it was wrapped round his cock.

He stared at his little sister's horrified face as he sank his cock into her. I wanted to see this. I hopped off Mr. Rooney's cock and gave it a pat telling it I would be back soon. I sat on the floor under Hugh's ass. I licked his balls as he plugged into his sister's hole.

He was grunting again so I guess he liked the double attention his cock and balls were getting. I slid up to his asscrack and began to lick his crack making my way to his asshole. He was so busy plugging his sis it didn't register what I was doing. I licked and spat at his ass crack until it was well lubed then I stood up and put my little pecker next to his asshole. I signalled to Ross and he was ready. I plunged my hard on into Hugh's ass as he banged against my cockhead pulling out of his sis.

He screamed at the pain and collapsed on top of Emma. I rammed my prick all the way in. It felt good. Normally I'm the one who likes to get fucked but on this occasion I was gonna make an exception. His hole was tight and Ross snapped every shot of Hugh's anal rape. When I blew up inside him I held his asshole apart so cum dribbled out and Ross got a really good shot of that. My dad lined up his cock and sank it into Hugh's ass which really woke him up.

My dad is much bigger than me. "Hey, Vic," my dad yelled. "I bet you wish it was your cock in your cute little faggot son's ass, eh?" Dad kept it up as her plugged Hugh's ass. Hugh was gonna be one sloppy fuck hole by the time they'd finished with him. I turned my attention back to Mr. Rooney. I scrambled over him again and sank my asshole over his cock again. I felt him shudder as he gave himself over to the feeling.

I spun round on his cock causing him a little pain but I reached up and closed my mouth over his. I learnt from my daddy to hold his nose so he had to open and when he did I had my tongue inside. "And I warn you not to bite otherwise you might leave here with a piece of your anatomy missing.


We've got nothing to lose." Mr. Rooney understood the warning and I must say he got involved in the kissing in a pretty intense way. But I was missing the floorshow and once I had a mouthful of Mr. Rooney's saliva I turned back to watch. Laurie was in Hugh's ass now and was riding him like he would a slut who's been taking cock for decades. Hugh couldn't get his rhythm to keep fucking his jailbait sis so he just leaned forward to give Laurie more access.

Laurie rode him like a rape fiend. I slammed my asshole down on Mr. Rooney's cock and milked him for all I was worth. I could feel him shuddering and doubled my efforts. Soon I could feel him shooting his cock snot inside me.

Mr. Rooney slumped back and his cock plopped out of me. "Why don't you get young Rooney to clean up the mess?" Laurie slam dunked because he thought he might lose access to Hugh's shithole.

I could see his balls clench as his spunk spewed inside Hugh. I got down on my knees and suctioned my mouth round his asshole. I knew it wouldn't be long and soon Hugh's asshole opened and the slimy spooge slid into my mouth.

I chewed it and when it was ripe I nodded. Laurie and my dad turned him over and clamped their hands round his nose. He opened up and I spat the snow ball into his mouth. He tried to spit it out but it just smeared over his face and Laurie held his lips closed until he had to swallow. He almost puked again but I was squatting over him and lowered my slimy fucked ass over his face.

I squeezed the spooge out and it covered his face and it ran into his open mouth. "You like the look, Mr. Rooney?" I asked. "So what you gonna do about it?" and I made chicken noises. "Maybe your son is a faggot now too. Maybe he'll like cock so much he'll never go back to pussy, except maybe his little sister's.

Maybe I'll just have to fuck his faggot face every day to keep him happy. Or maybe you like the idea your son is a faggot so he can suck daddy cock every day." Laurie and dad carried Hugh over to his dad and pushed their faces together. Mr. Rooney had his face smeared with the gag and slime and then watched as Laurie forced Hugh's mouth over his dad's cock.

He tasted my ass slime and retched. But Laurie held him and pushed his face onto his dad's cock until he gagged. His dad grunted and heaved a small load into his son's gullet. Laurie held up Hugh's face to his dad, neither could look at the other. Three of them untied Mr. Rooney carefully but before he could escape they had tied him face down over the bench, his asshole exposed.

Next they did the same with Hugh and they tied Emma so her small cunt was totally exposed. I knew later my dad would dp her in the ass while Mr. Rooney bred her cunt. That I had to see. But the gym was opening up and Laurie let it be known that there were three sluts awaiting their pleasure in the sling room to his very special customers. I found Cagney showering and dragged him back by the cock to the room. I impaled myself on his cock and watched as guys came in and dumped their loads in assholes and cunts.

I sometimes hopped off Cagney's cock to slurp the jizz out of Hugh and Mr. Rooney's well-fucked holes. None of them could see who was fucking them and there were quite a few people that afternoon that got their revenge on Mooney the best way possible.

And they had a photographic record to keep their memories alive. The best part of the afternoon was watching Ross with his cute blond cock buried in Emma's tight twat. He glanced over his shoulder to watch me impaled on Cagney's ass-stretcher.

He liked that I was watching and as he spewed his cum into her cunt I knew I wanted to taste that spunk straight from the nozzle. And I knew I wanted that cock in my ass.