Muss aufpassen je eine Nase Job hatte

Muss aufpassen je eine Nase Job hatte
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Chapter 11 The next day was taken up by everyone chipping in to take care of the baby and with errands and helping Dad out, since he needed help every time he needed to get up.

The baby took up a lot of Rita's time, so I jumped in helping with the laundry and dinner too. That night we were all pretty worn out and just sat around watching t.v. When we were getting ready for bed the baby began to fuss and didn't really settle down all night, so I never got a chance to visit Mom.

The next day was a lot like the last, with errands and such. I got a couple of long-full looks from Mom and at one point we managed to sneak put to the garage for a couple of long wet kisses. Before you knew it, it was time for dinner again and the whole evening took on a déjà vu kind of feeling. Dad seemed to get a little better and could sit up for a while.

Once again we all sat around watching t.v. until bedtime. This time the baby seemed to go down nice and I found myself lying in bed waiting for Rita to go to sleep.

About an hour later I was sure she was out and slid out of bed and out of the room and into my Mom's. She was waiting for me as I slid into bed next to her, wrapping her arms around me and greeting me with a ferocious french kiss that soon led to another round of incestual lovemaking and that led to another. I crawled out of her room about two hours later and joined Rita in bed.

The next morning Mom decided to go do some shopping, winking at me, indicating it was time for some new teddies and I had some errands I needed to run. Rita gave me a list of things to get and said she would keep Dad company. I got halfway to the store when I realized I forgot my wallet and turned back to get it. I parked out front and ran in through the garage. The wallet was just where I left it in the kitchen, so I grabbed it and turned to go when I heard something sounding like sobbing coming from the living room.

I quietly peered around the kitchen into the living room and saw Rita sitting next to Dad on the couch.

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She was wiping her eyes with a kleenex and my Dad had an arm around her shoulder. "Thanks for listening Dad," she sobbed. "If it wasn't for you to talk to I don't know what I'd do." "It's o.k," Dad replied. "Anytime you feel like it let me know." "Thanks," replied Rita "I just don't know what I'm going to do about Tom and I." "It will all work out for the best, you take my word for it," Dad said, leaning over and kissing her temple.

I backed out and left and got into my car. Interesting, I thought to myself, she's crying on Dad's shoulder. I wonder how long that's been going on? I put it out of my head and went about my business and made my way back. By then Rita seemed to be back to her old self as I helped her with the baby and dinner. Mom arrived back with a pile of boxes that made my dick lurch in my pants. She put them in her room and joined in with the preparation work. The night went on rather uneventful and we soon found ourselves back in front of the t.v.

until bedtime. Tonight the baby was fussy again and it started a long night for Rita and I, so no visit to Mom. The next morning Mom announced she made plans to go shopping with old friends and would be gone for a while.

After breakfast Rita asked me if I'd go to the mall, it seems the baby had run out of a few different thinks and she needed to stay here and vacuum. The baby was down for his morning nap, so I agreed and went to my room to get dressed. When I came out Rita was already busy vacuuming the living room, but I noticed something that gave me reason to pause.

Dad was lying on the couch as usual, but instead of watching t.v., he was watching Rita vacuum. She had on a v-neck t-shirt and a denim skirt that was about mid thigh in length. Just as I started to watch Dad watch Rita, she bent down to move some magazines out of her way. As she did her skirt rode way up the back of her thighs, coming to rest at the edge of her panties.

Now like I said, Rita has killer legs and if you like full built women with big tits, she's pretty hot. Well it was obvious that Dad did because as Rita bent over Dad's eyebrows flared up and the look on his face as he eyed the inadvertent leg shot was pure lust. I was kind of amused, realizing that the old man isn't quite as dead as he professes. I stood there watch for a bit as Rita worked her way around the room, bending over every once in a while to move something in her path, giving Dad several unintentional leg shots.

At one point she was vacuuming around the coffee table, right in front of Dad and accidentally knocked over the remote. She bent down to retrieve it, giving Dad an eyeful of cleavage of her huge tits. I thought he was going to come right out off the couch as his face dropped while looking down her shirt. The show was over pretty quickly as Rita finished up and made her way into the hall. I gave her a wave as I walked by and made my way out to my car. Once again I realized that I had forgotten something and needed to turn around.

I got back to the house and was looking for the list Rita had made for me when I realized the vacuum wasn't running. I heard voices and wondered if Rita was having another sob session with my Dad. I carefully peered around the corner only to find that Rita was just helping Dad with his pill.

He had a real tough time swallowing pills, so you had to be ready in case he starts to choke. He was sitting up and Rita was kneeling in front of him, water in one hand, the pill in the other.

"O.K. Dad, take a drink first," she instructed. He took the water from her and took a gulp, wetting down his throat. "You ready for the pill?" she asked. "Yup," he replied She gave it to him, watching carefully for any sign of choking. When he downed the pill with no problem she smiled at him and he smiled back.

"No problem," she said. "Nope," he replied 'Thanks for helping sweetie." "Oh, it's my pleasure Dad," she replied. "I'm glad I can help you." "You're the best," he said. "OHHhh!" she moaned "Thanks." With that she leaned forward and gave Dad a quick kiss. Before she could move Dad leaned forward and gave her another kiss, though this one was softer and lingered for moment or two before he slowly pulled back, their lips clinging a bit before parting. Rita had a puzzled look on her face when he kissed her and as he leaned back she stared into his eyes, probably looking for an explanation.

But one wasn't coming. Instead he waited a moment and then started leaning back in towards her again, very, very slowly. Rita watched his face getting closer and I expected her to jump away at any moment. But, to my surprise, she didn't. Instead as his face got closer she started to lean toward him. When their noses were inches apart she tilted her head, parting her lips, lining them up with his, and closed her eyes waiting for his kiss.

Just as their lips were about to meet the baby screamed out, causing them both to jerk back. She quickly got up and ran for the baby as I slowly backed out and ran for my car. Wow, I thought, I'm gonna have to keep an eye on them.

I felt a combination of jealousy and excitement at what I had just seen, and excitement in a perverted way was winning. I quickly finished the errand Rita sent me on and got back to find her still tending to the baby.

Dad was back laying down and you would never know what almost happened. Rita seemed a bit rattled the rest of the day and seemed to go out of her way to avoid Dad.

She said she needed some fresh air and asked me to watch the baby for a bit while she went out. I agreed and took a seat in the living room, watching t.v. with Dad. Mom came home shortly after that and got a gleam in her eye when I told her that Rita had gone out. After she settled in she asked if I could give her a hand with something and I cautiously got up and went to her room.

As I entered I found her standing there, stark naked! "What if he sees you like this?" I asked, amused. "How can he, he can't get off the couch," she replied. "Now come her and give your Mom some lovin." I didn't have to be asked twice as we pealed my shorts and shirt off and quickly embraced, locking our open mouths together in a deep, french kiss. In moments we were on her bed, fucking like animals, muffling our voices so Dad couldn't hear.

It was a quick, but very satisfying session and I joined Dad back in the living room. Rita made her way back to the house in time to make dinner and that led to our usual routine until bedtime.

The baby was out cold and as soon as Rita joined him I snuck into Moms room, where she greeted me in a new teddy that threatened to out do the last. We went at it for half the night, clawing at each other until that last satisfying cum finally sated us for the evening.

The next day Mom needed to run a few errands for her and Dad and said she'd be back in a couple of hours. I found myself real curious to see what would happen if I left Dad and Rita alone for a while, so I told Rita I was going out to hit a bucket of balls and I'd be back in an hour. She looked nice today in a sleeveless blue pull over blouse that really showed off her tits and a white wrap around skirt and it got me wondering what Dad thought.

I made like I was leaving only all I did was back the car out of the driveway and up the street. I quickly got out and ran back to the house. I quietly entered the kitchen and saw the coast was clear so I made my way to the doorway and peered around. Dad was sitting up and Rita must have been in with the baby. She soon emerged and I saw her stop dead in her tracks and look at Dad with a pained face.

She took a deep breath and made her way into the living room. "Dad, can we talk for a minute?" she asked. "Sure," he said, trying to look up at her. "Good, let me get you your pill first," she said and soon disappeared, returning with water and his pill. They went through the routine with Rita kneeling in front of him. When he was done she took the glass from him, putting it on the coffee table and turned back to face him.

"Uhm Dad. I.uh don't know how to start," she struggled. "Just go ahead," he replied. "Well it's about yesterday and what happened and what almost happened," she blurted.

"Oh," he said "It's just that I don't know what that was all about, but I was hoping we could forget all about it and not let it get between us," she said. "UH, yea, sure, I uhm.don't know what I was thinking," he said somewhat embarrassed. "It's o.k. It's already forgotten," she said and smiled "Good," he said. "I can't afford to lose my best gal." "Oh Dad, that would never happen," she gushed.

With that she leaned into him and gave him a quick kiss.

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She turned around to get the water glass behind her and as she did Dad leaned in close to her. As she turned back his face was inches from hers and he quickly leaned in and kissed her, taking her by surprise.

"Uhmmmph!" she mumbled as his lips were suddenly on hers. It was again a soft kiss that lingered about 5-6 seconds, as Rita just froze looking into his eyes with surprise. He pulled away slowly, their lips clinging for a second before parting.

Rita looked into his eyes and then down at his lips as if she were trying to figure out how that just happened. She continued to look up at his eyes and then down at his lips until Dad started slowly leaning toward her once again. She was frozen in place and became fixated on his lips as they closed the gap to hers. She didn't move like yesterday as his nose nearly touched hers and his lips zeroed in on their target, her eyes fixed on them the whole way.

Just as they were a fraction of an inch from touching, Rita suddenly jerked back a bit, as if she were touched by a live wire, causing Dad to jerk back as well. They stared at each other for a moment and then her gaze dropped back down to his lips and he began to slowly close the gap once again.

She still didn't move as he got closer and closer, her eyes never leaving his lips. She watched them as they got to that same point again and Dad paused for a second to see if she was going to jerk away again. When she didn't he continued on until his lips touched hers lightly and then sealed against hers, her eyes fluttering and then closing. It was a light kiss that went on for about 10 seconds, neither of them moving, just seeming to register the feeling of their lips together.

Finally they both moved apart slowly, peeling their lips apart. They remained about ten inches apart, staring at each other until Rita's gaze dropped to his lips once more and Dad started slowly leaning toward her once again. Her eyes never left his lips as they progressed once more towards hers until their noses were nearly touching.

She tilted her head, lining up her lips with his, her eyes closing sleepily, and she leaned in towards him, their lips meeting and sealing again! The kiss started out light again, but they soon moved in, pressing their lips in firmer contact. "uhmmmmm!" Rita groaned softly as they slightly moved their heads up and down. The kiss went on for a good 30 seconds until Rita pulled back, parting their lips slowly.

She opened her eyes looking at him for a moment, looking a bit confused. "I.I.uhm.better go check on the baby," she said softly and got up quickly and left. I decided to bolt at that moment and pretend like I just got back. Rita was real startled to see me get back so soon, obviously concerned that I could have walked in on them. The rest of the day Rita was like a cat on a hot tin roof, her composure totally shot. The rest of the day went uneventful, except for watching Dad watch Rita as she scurried about.

After dinner Rita asked if I could watch the baby as she had a headache and wanted to go to bed early. I agreed and she quickly left the room.

Being on baby duty didn't allow me to sneak into Mom's room and I was somewhat frustrated. I thought that we might have a chance to get together tomorrow during the day. Chapter 12 The next morning I was surprised to see Dad a lot more limber as he managed to get up off the couch using a cane without any one's help and saunter into the kitchen. He wasn't about to go too far, as it took him a good 5 minuets to get there, but it was progress.

Rita came out soon after saying the baby had his first check up and she needed to hurry out. She looked nice in a sleeveless, yellow summer dress, belted at the waist that came down about mid thigh and sandals. I told her I needed to do some things and might have to leave before she got back.

I saw her shoot a nervous eye in my Dad's direction and then mumble something at me like "o.k.". I needed to get my Mom out of the house as well, so I told her about a new shopping center that had just opened a few towns away offering all kinds of give-away to the first shoppers there.

That's all she needed as she was up like a bolt, showered and gone in a half-hour. I puttered around another half-hour or so trying to time when Rita would be back. Just as I saw her car pull around the corner I shouted goodbye to Dad and headed out. I waved at Rita as our cars passed and pulled around the corner to give her enough time to get in the house.

By the time I snuck in to the kitchen Rita had made her way to our room. As I hid I saw her come out of our room and then stop, glaring at the back of Dad's head as he sat in the love seat. She seemed visibly upset as she started to pace in place, constantly looking up at Dad and then down at her feet.

Finally she seemed to make a decision and walked into the living room. She stood by the love seat and stared down at Dad. "Have you had your pill yet Dad?" she asked in a parental tone.

"Uh, no not yet," Dad replied looking up at her. This was the first time I had seen them speak to each other since yesterday. "O.K., I'll get it," she said as she marched to the bathroom.

She returned a moment later with the usual water and pill. This time she didn't kneel down, but merely handed the water down to Dad and waited for him to ask for the pill. I figured she must have decided on no repeat performances of yesterday and was about to turn to leave. Just then Dad nodded at Rita to give him the pill and as she did he dropped it between his feet. He tried to search for it, but to no avail.

"I think it rolled under the seat," she said flatly. "Hang on." She got on her knees and leaned down, fishing for the pill. I could tell from the angle that Dad was getting an eyeful of cleavage, since Rita's sun-dress was kind of low cut and any time that girl leans down there are few dresses that can hold those big tits in place!

"Here," she said, straightening up on her knees and holding the pill out to him. Dad reached out for the pill and instead of taking it he slid his hand into hers, caressing it with his thumb.

Rita looked down at their hands and I could see her breathing increase rapidly. He kept rubbing her hand waiting for her to look up. I saw her eyes slowly look up and fix on his, breathing through pursed lips as if she had just run around the block. Dad tugged on her hand, pulling her slowly to him, as she seemed powerless to stop. He pulled her closer as he leaned in, closing the space between them until their lips met in a soft, firm kiss. "Eeehhhmm!" Rita quickly breathed in as Dad's lips pressed onto hers.

Her eyelids lowered half way as they remained motionless, lips pressed together for a few moments. Dad pulled away, separating their lips slowly and looked at her. Rita seemed dazed and stared into his eyes. Dad leaned forward again as Rita's gaze fell to his lips, breathing heavily.

As Dad got close again Rita tilted her head, closed her eyes and leaned into him, meshing her lips with his in another kiss! They slowly moved their heads in an up and down motion, rubbing their lips together. This kiss lasted about a minute until they parted slowly, only inches separated them. Through half closed eyes Rita and Dad moved in and back several times, capturing each other's lips and then releasing in a series of nibbling type kisses that grew in passion.

The only sound in the room was that of their lips meeting and then parting. The last of these series of kisses left their mouths dangling open, lips glistening, as they paused for a moment, eyes fixed on each other's mouths. Together they leaned forward, covering each others lips in a lustful, open-mouthed kiss! "UHHmmmmm!" Rita breathed out and they pressed their lips firmly together, heads bobbing slowly as their mouths slid across each other's. Dad reached out, placing his hands on her waist and slowly pulled her body to him, her tits flattening against his chest.

Rita's hands reached up and rested on his shoulders as they continued to grind their mouths together. Her hands slowly crept up his neck, fingers fanned out until she cradled his head in them.

At this time the kiss grew in passion, as a sudden urgency seemed to come over them, their heads swiveling more quickly as if they were trying to bring their mouths closer together. "Uhmmmmmmmm!" Rita moaned, jamming her mouth against my Dad's as he slid his hands around her waist, wrapping his arms around her. Rita's hands slowly crept around his head encircling his shoulders with her arms as the kiss continued to build in eagerness, seeming about to reach a crescendo.

"UUHHMMmmmmmmm!!" Rita moaned, wrapping her arms tightly round Dad's neck as a flood of desire burst loose, their heads bobbing loosely as they ravished each other's lips. Rita seemed to loose all control, her breaths coming in short, quick spurts as their kiss continued to reach new heights of desire, mouths fused together, their heads swaying urgently. Their kiss took on a frantic pace as it burst into a mad, unquenchable frenzy, their hands running wild over each other, heads swaying wildly as the room rang out with Rita's lustful moans that were in rhythm to their bobbing heads.

"UHMMmmm! UHMMmmm! UHMMmmm! UHMMmmm! UHMMmmm!" she moaned. It was strange seeing my Dad with his arms around my wife kissing her passionately and my wife, with her arms around my Dad, kissing him madly, her lips exploring every inch of his! They went at it with a ravenous hunger, as if they were love starved, there mouths sliding across one another's, there heads constantly swiveling from side to side, as if they were searching for some way to enter one another's souls through this kiss!

I knew then that I was about to watch them consummate this illicit session when the baby suddenly screamed out in a sharp cry. At first it seemed that they didn't hear him as they persisted to furiously kiss, but as he continued to cry out they quickly calmed down. It was evident that they were still reluctant to break away as they continued to hold on to one another, their mouths surging against one another again and again as they waited for their passion to settle.

Finally they broke apart, breathing in a desperate pace as they stared at each other for a moment. "I'……" Rita panted. "Yea," Dad answered, trying to catch his breath.

As Rita got up I could see the results of this wanton mingling written all over her as her nipples were rock hard and appeared ready to burst out their confinement in her dress. She unsteadily walked to our room to tend to the baby and I turned and left.

I was wracked with feelings of lust at the spectacle I had just witnessed and promised myself that I would keep close tabs on them. If and when they finally fuck, I wanted to be there!

I ran to my car and quickly brought it back to the house where I made a noisy entrance. Dad was sitting back in the loveseat, obviously still trying to catch his breath. "You ok Dad?" I asked. "Uh yea, just had a twitch of pain in my back," he lied. Rita finally came out holding the baby, startled to find me there. "Oh your home!" she blurted. "Yea, need anything?" I asked. "Uh, no. I'm just going to feed him," she said and made her way to the kitchen.

Chapter 13 The rest of the day was uneventful, but then I didn't let them out of my sight. At dinner they were both very quiet, with Mom and I holding the conversation up. We did note how much better Dad was getting about and he confirmed that he felt much better and in fact wouldn't need to spend any more nights on the couch.

Mom and I shot a disappointed glance at each other, realizing it just got a lot tougher to make those rendezvous! We went about cleaning up without much being said and finally settled in at the t.v.A couple of hours later the baby woke, crying for his late feeding. Rita got up to get him and as she returned, Mom offered to feed him. Rita took her up on it and said she'd be right back with a bottle, leaving the baby with her. As Rita prepared the bottle in the kitchen, Dad suddenly got up saying he needed something to drink.

I became suspicious and decided to follow them as soon as Dad made it into the kitchen. Luckily Mom was sitting in the couch with her back to the kitchen so she couldn't see me sneak over to the doorway leading into the kitchen. I peered around the corner, careful not to be seen. Rita was at the stove heating the baby' bottle while Dad was looking in the refrigerator for something to drink.

You could feel the tension in the room. Rita quickly shut off the stove and poured the contents in the pan into the bottle. Dad turned to watch her and as she turned to leave he reached out with his right arm, hooking her waist. Rita didn't seem too startled by this, putting the bottle down as she allowed Dad to turn her until she faced him.

Dad wrapped his hands around her waist as she brought her hands up to his neck, staring into his eyes. They looked at one another for a moment then started moving in close to each other, parting their lips and closing their eyes as their lips covered each other's in a deep, lust-filled, open-mouthed kiss!

They ground their mouths together as their heads swiveled up and down and side to side. The kiss grew in passion as Dad's hands began to run up and down Rita's torso and she slid her arms around his neck.

Their lips fused together, Dads hands ran down to the hem of Rita's dress and lifted it around her hips, exposing her yellow silk panties. His hands slid down her back, grabbing a round cheek in each and started massaging them lustfully.

This caused Rita to moan quietly into his mouth, crushing her lips into his. Finally Rita pulled her lips off his. "We have to stop before we get caught," she whispered. Dad just nodded in agreement as his hands continued to run across her ample ass. They leaned in again for one more quick, open-mouthed kiss and then parted. I ran back to the living room, turned on by what I had just seen, as they came in. Rita handed Mom the bottle, trying not to bring any attention to her rock hard nipples as they threatened to burst through the dress.

The rest of the night went by fairly fast and we soon found ourselves in bed. At about midnight the baby woke and Rita got up to get him a bottle. She had changed into a thin, sleeveless cotton nightie that laced up the front.

She had lost the lacing a while back and never bothered to replace it. The gown really clung to her and without any lacing she displayed a lot of cleavage. I mean with every move, those big puppies jumped up and down and the nipples were looking like they were about to burst through! She fed the baby while I lied there in the dark, dozing off and on.

She finally finished and said while she was up she may as well fix a couple more bottles and leave them in the fridge. She walked out leaving the door open and made her way to the kitchen.

I could hear her in the kitchen when after a little while a shadow left the gust room and went across my doorway into the living room. There was little doubt who it was - Dad! I quickly got out of bed and silently made my way out to the hall, hiding behind the wall that separates the hall from the living room.

I could see him standing by the couch, dressed only in pajama bottoms, waiting for her to come by. I saw Rita shut the light in the kitchen and make her way into the living room, not realizing Dad was in there waiting for her until the last moment. "Oh! You scarred me!" she cried in a hushed voice. "Sorry" Dad whispered. I saw Dad just stare at her for a moment, drinking in the incredible sight of her huge tits pushing against the thin material, the nipples boring their way through!

He reached out and grabbed her hips, pulling her to him. "No we can't! They'll hear us!" she whispered. But even as she protested her hands caressed his naked chest before slithering up to the back of his head and pulling it down towards hers. Their lips met in a fiery, open-mouthed kiss as they clung to one another.

Their arms wound around each other as they kissed hungrily, their heads swaying wildly! Dad's hands crept down to the hem of Rita's gown and pulled it up her back, exposing her large, naked ass.

As the kiss continued, Dad roughly massaged her ass, pulling her lower torso tight against his. "UUUHHHMMMMMMMMM!!!" Rita groaned into his mouth as she started to hump her mound into his groin. Dad had her right up against the arm of the couch and as Rita felt the back of her legs hit the arm, she began to lean back pulling Dad with her. They never lost a beat in their kiss as they slowly draped themselves over the arm of the couch, finally coming to rest on the seat cushion.

Rita's legs were splayed apart, one foot on the floor, the other leg dangling across Dads ass as they dry humped at one another, kissing franticly!


Rita's hands were furiously working at the waistband of Dads pajamas, trying to unsnap them. It occurred to me at this point that she had told me no sex for weeks! So much for that! I thought about going in to visit Mom while they were busy, but just then the baby cried out and I made a mad dash for the bedroom! I heard hushed voices in the living room as I made my way over to the baby and I was soon joined by Rita, looking a bit disheveled.

"Is he o.k.?" she asked. "Yea, must have been a bubble." I replied. I put the baby down and we both made our way to bed. I was trying very hard to get to sleep, but Rita kept tossing and turning making it hard for me to doze off. Suddenly I felt her arm drape across my hip and rest on my stomach. "Tom?" she whispered. "Yea?" I said without turning around to look at her. "Are you asleep?" she asked as her hand snaked down to my crotch. I was shocked, considering the way she had been acting toward me.

It dawned on me then that the little session with Dad in the living room probably left her horny and frustrated. "Kinda." I said as I tried to figure out how I felt about giving her what she obviously was looking for. As they say, men's brains are located in their dicks and mine is no different.

Just thinking of Rita's big tits got me going and I couldn't resist. "Tom." she whispered again as her hand snuck under the waistband of my shorts and grabbed hold of my suddenly growing cock. "Huh?" I groaned turning to face her, pretending to be half asleep. Rita let go of my dick and quickly sat up and shucked off her gown and lied back down next to me, pulling my face into those huge, pillowy tits of hers. I didn't need any more coaxing as I attacked her big tits with a vengeance, sucking at her nipples like a starving man.

"Ohhh Yeessss!!!!" Rita moaned pushing her tits firmly into my face as her hands roamed across my back. "MMMMmmmm!!!" I moaned with my mouth full of tit as I allowed my hand to snake down across Rita's hip and inside her thigh until it found her bush. As I wormed my finger through her wiry nest until I found the crease of her slit, I was astounded as my finger easily knifed its way easily into a searingly hot, wet swamp.

She was far more turned on then I would have ever imagined. I slowly sawed my finger in and out of her steamy twat, quickly adding another finger. "Ooohhhh!!!" Rita groaned as she started humping her crotch back at my hand, grinding her dripping gash onto my fingers. She desperately pulled on my shorts, working them down over my hips and down my legs, freeing my pulsating dick.

She grabbed it and began franticly pulling on it until I thought she might rip it right off! " Tom!!!!!!" she begged. I turned my face away from her tit and shoved my open mouth down on hers, driving my tongue down her throat.

She released her hand from my dick and wrapped her arms around my neck, returning the kiss with wild abandonment, shoving her tongue against mine. We kissed and squirmed against each other like wild animals as I rolled over her and came to rest on top of her, her huge tits squashed under my chest.

I could feel the cum boiling in my balls already and knew this wouldn't be a long session as we continued to ravish one another's mouths. The way Rita continued to jab her crotch against my buried fingers gave me reason to believe she was getting close too. "UUUHHHMMMM!!!!" Rita moaned into my mouth as my fingers drilled deeper and deeper into her steamy swamp.

Her hands went wild across my back pulling me towards her. She grabbed hold of my searing cock, pulling it toward her dripping slit. She pulled at my hand, dislodging my fingers from her drooling pit and pulled my cock toward her twat. I didn't need any more coaxing as I flexed my hips and aligned my dick at the opening of her hot, leaking canal. I ground my mouth roughly against hers and then drove my cock deep into her slobbering tunnel in one thrust.

"UUUUUGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!" Rita groaned into my mouth as my dick drove through her hot, soaked trench like a hot knife through butter! Even though she was quite a bit looser from just having had the baby, I could feel her twat clinging at my root as I began to saw in and out of her pussy.

"OOHHH.OOOHHHH.GOD!!!!" Rita moaned as she broke off our kiss. She arched her back, shoving her twat up at my buried shaft, practically lifting me off the bed. She quickly wrapped her legs around my hips, squeezing them in a death like grip as she thrust her twat up at me in rhythm to my thrusts. We went at it like sex starved animals, writhing and clutching at each other in a mad, savage, dance, driving our groins together as the bed began to groin under our relentless attach at each other!

"OH.OH.OOHHHHHH.TOM.I'M. I'M.OOHHHHH. GONNA.CCCCUUUUUUMMM!!!!!" Rita screamed as her whole body froze beneath me, clutching at me as her sopping twat began to clutch and pull at my engorged shaft! This was enough to pull me over the edge as I felt the cum race up my shaft.

"EEEHHHHHHHUUUUUHHHHH!!!" I moaned, clinging to her for dear life as my seed exploded out of the tip of my dick, drenching Rita's red-hot cunt. We both held rigid as our orgasms washed over us in wave after wave as my dick continued to spurt spoonfuls of cum deep inside Rita's steaming canal. Finally it subsided and we both fell limp and I rolled over to my back, trying to catch my breath. I looked over and saw that Rita had fallen asleep immediately, the intensity of my orgasm still leaving me stunned.

Lying there, totally spent, I heard murmured voices from the guestroom and felt the overwhelming need to take a look. Dad had not fully shut the door when he went back to his room and all I needed to do was push it just a bit to get a full eye view of the room. The window is right near a streetlight, which bathes the room, so seeing what was going on wasn't hard. Dad and mom were laying in bed, Mom with her back to Dad and he was caressing her arm, obviously trying to get her in the mood.

The little tryst with Rita must have gotten him all worked up too. "C'mon Vickie." he groaned "How about it?" he begged as he continued to run his fingers up and down her bare arm. "No, I said, I'm tired and not in the mood." she said harshly. "Ah, give me a break." he said "After all the times that you complain about me not wanting to, here I am and your shutting me out." "Yea, well your timing is impeccable." she groaned sarcastically.

"I'm tired. Leave me alone." "Ah, jeeze, Vickie, I really need it! Please?" he begged. There was no answer from Mom. He stared at her for a moment, looking like he was getting pissed. I knew she was turning him down because of the love we had professed to each other. "Damn it Vickie!" he cursed. He grabbed a hold of the blankets and pulled them off their bodies, exposing Mom fully.

She was wearing one of her silk nighties, dark red with thin straps and fairly short. "What are you doing?" she asked angrily. "Feel this!!" he demanded, taking her hand and pulling it back and onto his obviously hard dick ballooning out from his pajamas. "Stop it!" she cried, ripping her hand from his. "That's it. All you do is complain about the lack of sex in our marriage and the first time I ask you.!!!" he never finished as he grabbed Mom by the hip and turned her fully around so her torso came crashing against his.

"I said stop!" she cried as she put her hands up against his chest, trying to push him away. Dad's head dropped down slightly, opening his mouth as he bit down lightly through Mom's gown onto her right tit, his tongue darting out wetting the material as he tried to locate her nipple. She looked down at what Dad was doing, moving her right hand to his forehead trying to push him away. She succeeded for a moment and Dad pulled his head back but quickly returned again using his tongue tip on Mom's hardening nipple.

"Uuumm!" Mom let out a slight sigh. Dad began to run his tongue over the now firm nipple, her thin nightgown now wet through where he'd been licking at it. "Ohh!" Mom let out a little moan, opened her eyes and raised her hands to Dad's chest and tried to push him away, but Dad stood fast pushing his weight back against her body. "Please John, stop. I told you I'm not in the mood and your forcing yourself on me!" Mom pleaded. Dad just looked at her for a moment and then he leaned forward kissing mom full on the lips.

Quickly, while she was taken by surprise, he took his hands from her sides and pulled down the shoulder straps of her dress, guiding them down her arms. The top of her nightie sliding down over her round, full breasts, exposing the large, hard red nipples which stood out against the creamy skin around them. I felt a pang of jealousy run through me as I watched my Dad about to ravish my Mom, the woman I loved.

He quickly moved his hands back to her arms, pinning her against the mattress and lowering his head, taking her left nipple into his mouth. He started sucking on it, his tongue running over it intensely. "Ohhhh.Noooo.Stop! John.Stop!" Mom begged. Dad paid no attention as he took her dark red nipple between his teeth, chewing on it lightly, then giving it a gentle suck, all the time running the tip of his tongue across it.

"Uummpphh!" Mom moaned as her body shook as the sensation pulsed through her body! Dad took his hands away from her arms and pulled the straps of her gown down further and moved his hand under her right breast, pushing it up towards his waiting mouth. He ran his other hand down the left side of her body and onto the top of her thigh. Mom held her eyes shut tight, her head tilted back against the headboard, as Dad teased her nipple, making her shiver with sexual delight.

He moved his hand to the inside of her thigh, gently guiding it upwards, lifting the front of her silky gown up, his fingers touching the exposed matching red panties. "Mmmm" Mom gasped when she felt Dad touch the front of her panties and pushed her ass back into the mattress, away from the caress of his fingers, trying to resist his touch. Dad moved his hand forward again, this time pressing his forefinger and index finger against my Mom's silk panties.

"Ooh God!" Mom murmured, throwing her head forward, her forehead brushing against Dad's left shoulder as she raised her left leg off the mattress and began to rub the inside of her thigh against Dad's leg. He began to slowly rub on her panties, which was beginning to show signs of wetness bleeding through.

He continued to tease her right nipple with his tongue, swirling the tip back and forth across the hard nib. Mom was quivering, obviously reacting to the pleasure her body was feeling from Dad's eager rubbing on her cunt, sending her crazy sexually. "John.Ohh!.John.don't.I.

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don't.want.w.Ummmm!.Stop!" Mom managed to spit out, the erotic sensations exciting her to the point of not being able to talk. Dad wasn't listening as he continued his two fingers rubbing, pressing her panties harder against her raised pussy mound, his tongue continuing to wash over her tit. "Uummmpphh.Ohhh!" Mom moaned. Dad let go of mom's tit and moved his mouth up her chest and neck in a trail of kisses until he reached her open mouth.

He clamped his parted mouth down over hers in a fierce open-mouthed kiss! Mom didn't resist his kiss and quickly began kissing him back, grinding her mouth up against his. Dad moved his right hand, grabbing hold of her elastic waistband on her panties, holding them up as he hooked his fingers underneath, pulling the elastic away from her body slightly.

"What are you waiting for?" Mom gasped Dad pulled on the elastic waistband hard, a tearing sound filled the room as the elastic stretched, then snapped, followed by the rest of the silk panties ripping down the side. "OOOHHHH!!" Mom gasped, the force of Dad's actions pulling her up off the bed and then letting her fall back.

Dad pulled the panties away and then threw them to the floor. Mom's eyes scrolled down Dad's body to his pajama bottoms where she could see his cock sticking out, fully erect, stretching the material. "Want it now?" Dad asked in bated breath. Mom stared at Dad's long, hard dick as it pushed against the pajamas.

She moved her hands to either side of his body and began to push his bottoms down, his round, bulbous cock-head coming into view.

It was dark purple in color and it pointed up at her as she slowly revealed more of his shaft until it was completely uncovered. Dad pushed the pants down over his ankles and kicked them off. Mom lay there, breathing hard and staring at his engorged dick, seemingly waiting eagerly for his cock. He got up on all fours and pulled her legs apart, parting her thighs, his cock standing up hard between his legs.

He moved forward a little more, lining up his cockhead against Mom's pussy. He pushed the head against the outside lips of her wet pussy, caressing them up and down.

"OOOHHHH!!!!" Mom cried out as her body started to shake in anticipation. She moved her hands onto Dad's ass and dug her fingers into the flesh lightly, pulling him forward, feeling his cock begin to enter her awaiting pussy. Dad slowly pushed his cock-head in, watching Mom's face as she closed her eyes and moved her head to one side, moaning as his cock slid in some more.

"OOOOHHHH!!" Mom groaned, digging her fingernails in harder into Dad's ass. Dad kept pushing in the rest of his swollen cock up to the hilt and I could see Mom's pussy clamp down around it. He was almost all the way in now and stopped, his breathing hard and ragged. He then slowly pulled his dick out a bit, just a couple of inches then quickly slid it back in. "OOHH Yessssss!!" she gasped as he started pumping his cock in and out of her pussy.

She lifted her legs up and threw them over his back, interlocking her feet, her knees pressed into either side of his body. I felt another wave of jealousy hit me as I watched my Mom enjoying the fucking she was getting from Dad. He began to push his hips in and out at a quicker pace, his cock sliding in and out of mom's wet, hot pussy with ease.

He lowered his head and took Mom's left nipple into his mouth and sucked on it. "MMMMMM.OOHH! John!.Yeeesssss!!!!" Mom cried, her body trembling in desire. Dad's cock continued boring into her, causing her ass to be pushed back into the mattress with every thrust of his body. She moved one of her hands off his ass and ran it in between his legs and cupped his cum-sac, squeezing it gently.

Dad seemed to like the feeling of Mom's hand squeezing his balls as he started pumping his cock faster and harder into her pussy. He was stretched out over her, pushing the whole of his long cock inside her, making her moan with pleasure, the bedsprings creaking beneath them as they continued to fuck! Mom's moans got louder and longer and I could tell that her orgasm was rising in her. "Oohhhhh!!!!.Mmmm.Fuck.Ommm!.FUCK ME!" she screamed in a hushed voice as she held her legs tight against his sides, her body rocking back and forth in time with Dad's thrusts.

Her left hand was still holding onto his ass cheek, her fingernails dug in deep as he hammered his meat harder into her, grunting as he did. "OOHHH.Yesssss.Jooohhhnnn!!!!" Mom moaned as she squeezed Dad's swollen balls a little harder. The bed springs squealed in time to Dad's thrusts, mixing with Mom's moans with every thrust of his hips pushing himself deep down in Mom's pussy. Squeak! "Yesssss!" Squeak! "Ohmmmm.Yessss, Yessss.Oohhh.Yes!" Squeak! I could tell Mom's orgasm was building as she pushed back at Dad's thrusts harder and harder.

"YESSSSS.GIVE IT TO MEEEE.YES!.C'mon.John!!" Mom urged. Dad kept grimacing as he pushed his hips forward, his muscular arms pushing down hard into the mattress on either side of Mom. "Yes!.Ughhh.Oh God.Com.Commm.I'm.comingggg!!!!!!!" Mom screamed as she pulled her legs up tight towards her and planted both her hands firmly on Dad's ass, pulling him forwards into her as she began to shake wildly, her orgasm flowing through her.

"Ommmm!.Mmmm.Uuuhhhgghh.Yeeeessss!!!!" she groaned as her pussy began to suck and contrast around his deeply impaling prick, her trembling hips bucked uncontrollably off the bed as therush of her orgasm swept over her.

"Yes.Ohhhh.Ugghhh.Yeessss!!!" she cried out. Dad kept pumping into her a few more strokes before her convulsing gyrations proved too much and he froze in place.

"Ohhhh.gonna cum!" he cried as his dick began to twitch, obviously shooting his hot cum into Mom's wet pussy. "Mmmm&hellip.Godddd!!" Mom moaned out as she threw her head back and closed her eyes tight. Dad kept pumping for a few moments more as his orgasm kept going, his cock throbbing deep inside Mom's snatch!


You could see her squirming pussy squeezing all the cum out of his pole, the cunt muscles clearly not letting go of his shaft as she continued to push her hips up to meet the last of Dad's strokes downwards into her.

Dad finally collapsed on top of Mom's body, his head resting between her round tits, his cock starting to deflate. She dropped her arms down to her side, her breathing hard and ragged and stared up at the ceiling.

"Well, it's been some time since it was that good." she gasped. Guiltily, I crept back to my room and slid into bed beside Rita and dozed off.

Chapter 14 I woke the next morning and looked over at Rita. She was asleep, her huge tits rising and falling on her chest like two massive, breathing mountains. Her legs were splayed out making for a very inviting picture, one I felt an urge to explore. I thought better of it and got up, putting my shorts and shirt on and making my way to the kitchen. Mom was already up, dressed in her short robe, drinking coffee. "Morning darling" she said. "Morning Mom." I replied as I got myself a cup of joe and wandered over to the table, sitting down next to her.

"You won't believe it, but your father practically raped me last night." she said in a hushed tone "I believe it." I said and then proceeded to tell her everything about him and Rita, right up to last night. "Why that son of a bitch! No wonder he came at me like a man possessed! I'll fix him!" she exclaimed. "No Mom don't. I think if we play this right it might get us what we really want." I said. "What's that?" she asked.

"You, me, together." I explained. "Oh! Oh, yea!" she answered, a light coming on in her head. "God Mom, you have no idea how much I need you. Fucking Rita last night only made me all the hornier for you!" I exclaimed. "Oh baby! God do I want you!" she cried.

With that we leaned toward one another, lips parted and smashed our lips together in a hungry, devouring kiss! "Uuuhhhmmmm!" we moaned as our mouths slid franticly across one another's, our arms wrapped around each other. We heard a sound coming from the living room and quickly parted. Rita came in dressed in a long silk gown and greeted us both with a big smile.

Mom and I shot each other a quizzical glance. She came and sat down next to me, chatting with us both and running her hand through the back of my hair.

"Great!" I thought, she must think everything is back on track with us. Dad soon entered the room dressed in a robe he borrowed from me. He got himself a cup of coffee and sat down next to Mom. He started reading the paper, joining in on the conversation every now and then. Mom soon announced she had to get ready for a hair dressing appointment and got up to go shower. Rita got up to get another cup of coffee, letting her arm slither across my shoulder as she made her way to the stove.

I noticed my Dad take note of this as he watched Rita walk across the kitchen. It dawned on me then that I needed to try something. I got up telling Rita I was going to check up on the baby and then get ready to go out and run some errands. "Maybe I'll come with you." she said, shooting a nervous glance Dad's way.

"What about the baby?" I quickly asked, hoping to change her mind. "Uhm, oh yea, I forgot for a moment" she said, disappointed. "I won't be gone too long." I said and made my way out of the kitchen. I glanced back at the kitchen and saw Rita sit back down and made a quick detour into the hall bathroom. Mom was just wiping her mouth from brushing her teeth when I quickly shut the door behind me. "My aren't we getting brave" Mom teased.

"Listen, I have an idea." I said and quickly explained my idea of leaving Rita and Dad alone for a chunk of the day in the hopes of reignighting that spark. She agreed to stay away as long as she could. "But before I do." she never finished. Instead she reached down and undid the belt on her robe, letting it fall open.

Never taking her eyes off of me she shrugged her shoulders, causing it to drop to the floor, exposing that incredibly sexy body to me. My dick lurched in my shorts as I drank in her naked, freckled, full tits and her lush red bush. I quickly tore off my shirt and unsnapped my shorts, letting them fall to my feet, exposing my growing, lurching dick. I seized Mom up into my arms and we quickly locked our mouths together in a searing, lustful kiss!

Our arms wrapped tightly around one another as our mouths ravished each other's. I lifted Mom up onto the counter by her hips and she wrapped her legs around my torso, aligning our groins and in one swift, deft move I impaled her on my raging cock, driving it deep into her seething snatch.

"UUUGGGGHHHH!!!" she groaned into my mouth as my dick quickly made it to the tip of her cervix, embedded all the way into her boiling crevice. All thoughts about being careful quickly left us as we started wildly runting at each other, matching one another thrust for thrust until we both clutched at one another, reveling in a knee weakening orgasm!

We kissed for several more minuets, our mixed juices seeping out around my dick and out Moms twat. I pulled away and quickly got dressed and carefully left the bathroom and made my way to my room. Rita kind of flitted around the room as I got ready, fussing with the baby and just getting in the way. She was obviously trying to show me how happy she was now that we had fucked, but something seemed a bit off about her, like she was trying too hard.

I finished getting dressed and Mom and I actually left at the same time, only Mom really went to her appointment, while I just went around the corner and waited before doubling back. I snuck back in the garage and peeked around the doorframe. Rita was puttering around the kitchen as Dad sat there reading the paper. Finally he got up and walked over to the counter where Rita was busy cleaning. "Can we talk?" Dad asked, standing right behind her. I saw Rita stiffen and stare straight ahead.

"Uh, sure" she said as she turned to face him. "Uhm, last night.I uh.never.uhm.I ." he struggled. "Dad, uhm.lets just put it all behind us. After you and I know.I went back to bed and Tom and I made love and it was I think we might be ok." she explained. "Oh." said Dad, obviously disappointed. "I.I know Dad." she said, looking at him with sympathetic eyes.

He just stared at her, taking in the way the robe bulged out at her chest before curving in at her waist and then going back out around her ample hips. "Rita." he started and then reached up and placed both hands at her neck, caressing her neck and upper chest. "Please Dad, don't" she asked, both of her hands grabbing hold of his in an attempt to pull them off. Dad didn't seem to notice her protests as he continued to caress her neck and slide his fingers down the front of her chest at the base of her neck.

"Dad stop!" she protested. But he didn't take any notice as he seemed to be in almost a trance like state. His fingers continued to slide down her chest, unencumbered by Rita's trembling hands gripping them in an attempt to stop them. "So sexy." he whispered as his fingers slid down, parting the collar of her robe and sliding between the valley of her huge tits. "NO!" Rita cried as Dads fingers continued down the front of her robe, parting it as they went and exposing the sides of her large mounds.

They stopped as they came to the knot in her belt. She struggled with his hands in a loosing battle as he untied the belt and let it fall to her side, exposing all but the tips of her breasts.

He placed his hands on her hips as she struggle to get away, pulling her closer to him. "Rita." he whispered as he leaned in toward her, pressing his lips firmly against hers. "Uhhggghhmmm.' she groaned as she struggled to get loose. Dad pulled her closer to him, crushing her huge globes against his chest as he pressed the kiss even firmer against her lips. He slid his parted lips up and down and across hers, his head bobbing in the same direction.

"Uhmmmm." Rita moaned in a softer voice as she continued to struggle. Dad continued his assault on her lips, now grinding his mouth on hers as his hands began to sweep across her back and down to her ass. "Ehhmmmm." Rita moaned and then suddenly she simply stopped struggling and her eyes drooped down.

While she didn't kiss him back, she wasn't fighting him any more as her head began to wobble in the same direction as his and her hands fell to her side. "mmmmmm." Rita moaned in a tiny voice as her breathing took on a ragged tone and she began to respond to Dad's kiss by pushing her lips against his. "MMMmmmmm." she moaned as her lips parted and Dad shoved his open mouth down onto hers in a searing open-mouthed kiss!

Her hands started to drift upward on his arms as she started to kiss him back with passion, shoving her mouth tightly back against his. I decided at this moment to have some fun and made some noise in the garage and watched as they quickly parted, Rita grabbing for her robe and pulling it back together. I waltzed in proclaiming I had forgot my wallet again and proceeded to go to my room. Rita followed me there and then checked on the baby. She was extremely nervous, no doubt realizing how close she had come to getting caught.

I quickly made as if I got my wallet and turned and left the room, waving at Dad as I made my way out the kitchen and through the garage.

I once again waited just outside and then made my way back into the garage and over to the doorframe. Dad was still sitting at the table, his robe sticking up like a pup tent. He waited a while keeping an eye toward the door until he seemed satisfied I had gone and then he got up. I quickly followed, staying far enough back so he wouldn't see me.

Rita was still in our room, standing over the crib, staring at the baby. Dad walked in, eyeing Rita up and down. She looked at him and then quickly turned and walked over to the bed.

She stood there, her back to him for a moment and then turned around to face him. Never taking her eyes off him she reached up to the tie on her robe, pulled it loose and let the robe fall open, exposing those enormous tits once again. She grabbed the sides of the robe and hesitated for just a moment and then pulled them off her shoulders, letting it fall off her body and land in a puddle at her feet.

It was such a sexy sight that I felt my dick lurch in my pants. Dad drank it all in, eyes roaming over her body as he reached for the belt on his robe and followed suit in shucking it off. Dad stood there, his dick as hard as a rock bobbing slowly out in front of him. Rita's eyes dropped and widened and I heard her let out a small cry as she seemed surprised at the size of his dick.

Dad made his way over to her and stopped just before their bodies touched. "Oh Dad, I've wanted you since that kiss the other day!" she explained to him, her eyes dropping once again to his large cock. "I want you to make love to me until I explode!" Dad reached for her, wrapping one hand on her waist and pulling her to him.

They wrapped their arms around each other, their lips locking together in a sweltering kiss! Dad ran his hands down over her back, his hands cupping her round ass cheeks and pulling her against him. She moaned into his mouth, her hands scratching at his back as his huge cock rubbed against her thick mound. They moved against each other, mouths grinding together, their bodies pressing together as if they were trying to blend into one another.

"Oh Dad!" Rita moaned, breaking the kiss "Your dick is so big and hard." she groaned, rubbing her groin against his shaft. "I want you so bad!" "Rita, I'm going to make love to you all day!" he replied, his cock swelling between their bodies. "I can't wait to get my cock inside your incredible body!" he said, grabbing a handful of ass cheek in each hand and pulling her against his pole.

Dad leaned down and lifted her just enough to take her feet off the ground and leaned forward to descend to the bed. They leaned their heads in and kissed as they slowly sank onto the bed, her soft lips parting to let his tongue into her mouth. Laying her down, he kissed her deeply, slowly snaking his tongue down her hot body. His tongue trailed over her neck and down the slope of her chest. He circled each nipple with his tongue, tugging on each one with his lips as he continued on.

Rita began to cry out from his oral assault on her massive tits, her body twitching with desire as her pussy pumped out her slick love juice. "Oh Dad, I want you sooo baaadddd!!!!" she cried as she shoved her tit at his mouth, pushing more of it inside. Dad went wild at this point, slobbering all over her tits, alternating between sucking on the nipple and washing the whole tit with his tongue.

Rita gyrated on the bed, her hands flying wildly through Dads hair. "OH God Dad!! Fuck me!!" she begged him. "Your dick is so big, I want it all inside me! Fuck me now!!" Dad adjusted himself, moving up so that their groins meshed together, her long legs tapering out beneath. He lifted up so that his cock was poised at the entrance to her sopping twat, her back arched up as she pushed her body to him.

He gripped his thick rod in his hand, rubbing it against her slit, spreading her slick juice. " feel so hard." she cried. "I've got to have you inside me. Please Dad, get inside!!!!" He continued to rub his cock around her, her body screaming in unison with her cries.

Her pussy was clutching at him as her pushed against her, her body pushing back against him. He finally seemed to have enough, as he placed the thick head against her pussy lips. He pushed against her, her screams ringing out as his cock plowed its way into her steaming canal. "AARRRRRRGGGHHHH!!!!!!!!! YOUR SO BIG!!!!!!!!" Rita yelled out. "IT FEELS LIKE YOUR GOINGGGGG TO RIPPP ME IN HALF .UUUUGGGHHHHHH!!!" Even though she had just had a baby, Rita had never had anyone as well hung as Dad and it took her body a moment to adjust.

Dad continued to push forward, her pussy giving way to his thick cock, the wet lips drooling her hot cum all over his dick. "YESSSSSS.PUSH IT IN.FILL ME.I WANT IT ALL!!!!!!!!" Pushing forward as he pulled her back, his cock stretched her open as she screamed. She acted like she had never felt anything like this before, her body trembling in pleasure. "Uuunnnnnggghh.mmmmmmm.yesssssss." she mumbled, her breath coming in gasps. "Fuck me Dad, I need you so bad!!!!!!!" Dad seemed to be spurred on by her words as he slammed forward with his hips, the full length of his cock driving forward into her seeping pussy.

She was completely impaled on his huge size, her body slowly adjusting to his size. Dad looked down at her, her ass squirming beneath him, her pussy adjusting to accommodate his large size. "Oh Dad, your so big, unngggghhh!" she uttered to him, her body spasming around his cock.

"It feels like I've got a telephone pole inside me!!!!" Dad pulled at her hips, rotating his cock as it lies buried inside her hot twat. The juice was seeping out around his cock, her pussy lips tightly wrapped around his shaft. "Uhnnn.yesss.oohhh.unnngh." she groaned as he began to pump her, starting with slow strokes that bottomed out deep inside her womb. "OHH YEA, GIVE IT TO ME!!!! GIVE IT ALL TO ME!!!!!!!" she cried as her legs slid up his thighs and wrapped around his back, gripping him tightly.

They began to push and pull against each other, her pussy grabbing at his cock as it slid in and out. Her slick juice coated his cock, their movements beginning to work with each other. Dad began driving into her with his dick, the thick rod probing deep inside her.

"Your pussy is so hot, Rita!" he called out to her, her pussy lips milking his cock as he began to pump her. "I'm not going to be able to hold back to long!" Her pussy sucked at him as he pumped her hard and long.

They began moving in sync, her slick juice running out over his balls as they slapped wetly against her ass. Their motions took on a frantic pace as they started to slam their groins against one another, moaning out in pleasure.

"Ohhhh.DAD.Yea.That's it.Yea.Ohhhh.Yea.OHHhh!!!!!" Rita groaned out as she raised her ass up off the bed to meet his thrusts over and over and over. They clutched and grabbed at one another, hurling their hips at one another at a frenzied rate, their bodies obviously about to boil over.

"Ohh Christ I'M Gonnnaaa Cuummmm!!!!!" Rita yelled, her hips flailing wildly up at Dad. "OOHHHHH.I.I'M.CCUUUUMMMIIIINNNNGGG!!!" Rita screamed, thrashing violently under Dad. "I'm Cuummmiiing Alll Overrr Youuuu!!!!!!" Dad continued to hammer into her as she threw her head back, her body stiffening as her pussy convulsed around him in climax, the juice pouring out all over his dick. He was slamming into her hard now, her grunts and groans screaming out as his dick sawed in and out of her.

"Unnnngh, Ohhh, Rita, I'm going to explode!!!" Dad moaned. "Cum with me Rita.Cum with me!!!" he yelled, burying the full length of his cock deep inside her "AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHUUUUUUUGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!" They screamed together, climaxing together, his cock dousing her insides with mighty blasts of cum, her pussy dumping loads of slick juice all over his cock. He began to pump her again, his dick spewing load after load deep inside her, as her luscious body trembled beneath him.

As the last spurt shot forward inside her, Dad fell forward, collapsing on top of Rita. They kissed and hugged, languishing in the final tingles of their mutual orgasm as Dad's dick started to deflate and retract from Rita's gooey slit.

"Oh Dad.that was the most incredible love making that I have ever had." she told him, pulling his head toward hers and kissing him deeply. "You were amazing!" Dad kissed her back, holding her tight, their bodies still wrapped around one another.

"You are so sexy, Rita! You drive me crazy!" he told her as they squirmed against one another. They stared into one another's eyes for a while, Rita running her hands through his hair as Dad caressed her up and down. They suddenly stopped, looking deeply at each other, they slowly brought their open mouths together in a deep, soulful kiss!

The kiss went on and on, both of them slowly grinding their mouths together. They must have stayed just like that, kissing deeply for several minuets.

I could see Dad's dick, which was now lying mostly outside Rita's dripping trench, begin to twitch and come back to life. The kiss took on a more urgent pace, as a spark seemed to be lit between them again. Rita began rubbing her legs up and down Dad's ass as their tongues dueled with each other. Her hands slid down to his semi limp cock and she began to rub him, eliciting moans and groans from his mouth, his cock slowly regaining hardness.

"Oh, Dad, I want you again." she whispered to him, kissing him deeply and sliding her legs over his body. "I want you deep inside me again!" She grabbed his growing cock in her hands, rubbing the fat head against her drenched slit. "Unnnggghh, you feel soooo gooood!" she moaned, kissing him deeply again.

"I want you to make love me! I want you in me! MMMMMM" she moaned kissing him again, pushing the head of his cock into her pussy. Semi hard, his cock filled her, Rita groaning as she felt him expanding inside her hot cunt.

His cock grew inside her, pushing its way deeper and deeper. Rita grabbed his ass, pulling herself up and swallowing more of his cock into her canal, both moaning as he sank deeper inside of her. She arched her back and pushed out her chest, the sight of those huge mounds being thrust up at him causing him to groan. "OHH.Yea.John.Ohh.Unnnnnnggg.yes love to me John.please!!!" she urged him, her body beginning to move against him. They started to move together in slow, deliberate thrusts, reveling in the feelings that were coursing through them.

Dad gently thrust his extended cock in and out of Rita's hot box as she raised her ass of the bed to meet each of his thrusts, each of them moaning in rhythm with their jabs. "Ohhhh John.Ohh.its.ssooo.goooooood.I.I.!" she moaned, keeping pace with him as she raised and lowered her ass off the bed.

"Oh have .no idea.what you do to me!!" Dad groaned as he maintained a steady, slow pace, sawing his thick cock in and out of her slobbering twat. "Ohhhhh.Joohhnnnnn!!!" Rita moaned, pulling his face down to hers and locking her mouth onto his. "Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!" They continued to slowly fuck, mouths sliding across each others in a lustful, illicit kiss!

"Ohhh Joohhhhnn.I can feel it.I'm.I'm.gonna.cummm.again!!!!!" she groaned as she drove her groin up at his.

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"Yesssssssss.Yesssssssss.Yessssssss. cummmmming again!!!!!!" she screamed as her legs gripped around his hips tightly and she arched her back up off the bed, her pussy twitching uncontrollably around his dick. Dad reached down for her breasts, his fingers tugging on the erect nipples as she ground herself up onto him. She pressed up into him, her body climaxing as his cock lie buried deep inside her. Squirming on him, her orgasm ripped through her, the hot juice bubbling out of her slick opening, covering his swollen cock.

"Nnnnnggghhhhhh!!!!!!! Ohhhhh God Johhhhnnn!!!! I'm Cuuummminnngg Sooooo Muuccchhhh!!!!!" she mumbled, her body lost in a sea of orgasm. "Oh God Rita!!!!" Dad screamed out, raising his hips to her, slamming into her with his thick cock. He drove up, his cock filling her as their bodies came together. "Oh God.Your pussy is so hot!!!!!!" he screamed at her as she began to tremble again, another orgasm rifling through her.

This set him off, lifting his hips at her, his cock throbbing in her as his cum raced out his body, flying into hers. "Mmmmmmmmppphhhh!!!!!" Dad cried out, the climax pouring out of his cock. "Ohhhhhh Godddd.sooooo.hotttttttttt!!!!!!!" His cock spurted load after load as I could see him twitch over and over inside her. She threw her head back, shoving her body up at him, taking everything that he had to offer. "Yeessssss, Yeesssssssss, Yeessssssssss!!!

Ohhh, Joohhnnnn, fill meeee!! I wantttt alllll youurrrrrrr creaaaammmm!!!!" she cried, her back arched, her ass up off the bed as she clutched to him, her pussy convulsing madly around his cock. They both bucked and ground into each other, their bodies mashing against each other. Slowly their orgasms subsided as they slowly drifted back down on the bed.

As they came down, she leaned up and kissed him a deep, slobbering open-mouthed kiss! He returned her kiss as their tongues caressed each other's, their heads swaying back and forth. Rita broke the kiss and said, "Oh, God John.It's never been this good!!!!!

You made me cum so hard!! Kiss me!!" Their mouths locked on again for another deep, wet kiss as Rita's arms wrapped tightly around his neck and he wrapped his around her waist, pulling her tightly up against him.

They lay there kissing and slowly rubbing their bodies together for as long as I could stand to watch.

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When it looked like they weren't coming up for air, I decided to leave and run my errands. Chapter 15 When I returned about 45 minuets later I decided to park around the corner and sneak in to see if they were done yet.

I decided that the best thing to do was take a peek in through the bedroom window, this way I don't walk in on something. Luckily, the bedroom window has a large bush planted in front of it, blocking it from the street. I snuck around the bush and carefully peered around the corner of the open window. Rita was standing at the dresser mirror combing out her long hair. She had obviously just come out of the shower and had changed into a bright yellow sundress.

The dress was low cut and had thin straps around her shoulders with buttons down the front and a belt around her waist and it really struggled to contain the huge rack Rita possessed.

The rest of the dress fit snugly around her waist and hips down to just above her knees. Dad was still lying on our bed, stark naked with his eyes closed, his dick lying flaccid on his thigh. "C'mon, you better get up. They're likely to be home any time." Rita urged my Dad gently. "Hmmph." Dad replied, not moving a muscle. "C'mon." Rita repeated, making her way over to the side of the bed, looking down at my Dad.

Dad reached up and grabbed her hand, tugging at it gently. "Stop it, you need to get up." she giggled, pulling back on her hand. "C'mere." Dad said in a sultry tone. "Yea, right. Your done for the day." Rita kidded. "Is that right?" Dad asked, teasing. "I'll show you who's done" "AHHHHH!!!!" Rita squealed as Dad pulled her towards him, causing her to tumble over him and land on her back next to him. "Done, huh?" he asked, as he sat up on one arm and reached around her with the other, drawing her close to him.

"Let me go, we don't have time for this" Rita chided. Dad looked down at her for a moment and then dove his head down towards hers, pressing his parted lips against hers in a passionate kiss.

"Uhmmmmm." Rita moaned as Dad ground his mouth down against hers, his hands caressing her hip. Finally Rita put her hands up against his chest and pushed, breaking their kiss.

"Look who's not done." Dad said, looking down at his crotch, his once limp dick having sprung to life and growing rapidly. "OHHHH!!!" Rita exclaimed, looking down at his rapidly expanding member and then back up at him. "Your insatiable!" she said, reaching up and wrapping her arms around his neck. Dad lowered his head, sealing his open mouth against her waiting one in a fiery kiss. The kiss grew in urgency and before to long they were writhing on the bed, kissing wildly and rubbing their bodies together.

Dad managed to loosen the belt to her dress and rapidly unbutton the front. He plunged his hand inside, grabbing a handful of her luscious tit, massaging it beneath the dress. He removed his hand and quickly spread the front of the dress, causing both of her huge tits to come spilling out of the front.

He dove his head down, capturing one large mammary in his mouth and franticly sucking on it, then quickly moving to the other. "OHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!" Rita moaned. "GOD YOU GET ME SO HOT!!!!!!!!!!!" Dad' erection was at full mast by now as he hovered over Rita, sucking at her huge globes like a man parched of thirst. He reached down and grabbed the hem of her dress, pulling it up her legs until her white silk panties were exposed. "OOOhhhhhhhhh, get them off!!!!!!! Hurry!!!!!!!!" Rita groaned, lifting her hips up at him.

Dad was too far gone to be gentle and instead grabbed a corner of the material in each hand and ripped them off her! He then lowered his hip onto hers, allowing them to be cradled between her outstretched legs and began sawing his erect dick up and down her wet slit.

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"UUUHHHHHH!!!!!!" she moaned. "Get.GET INSIDE!!!!!! I CAN"T WAIT!!!!!!!" Dad pulled his hips back, lining up the head of his dick with the entrance to her steamy twat and with one plunge sunk his extended shaft deep inside her soaking canal. "AAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!" Rita moaned as Dad impaled her on his huge pole, sinking it to the hilt of her steaming crevice.

"OOOOOOOOHHHHHH!" Dad moaned in obvious delight of the feeling of his dick buried deep inside her twat. He wasted no time as he quickly began to thrust his dick in and out of her drooling pussy.

"Oh, Yea.Oh it!!!!!!!!" Rita groaned, rapidly wrapping her legs around Dad's hips and shoving her ass up to meet his thrusts, jamming her twat up onto his driving member. They quickly got into a fast paced rhythm, matching each other, thrust for thrust as they franticly fucked all over the bed.

"Ohhhhhh shhiiittttt!!!!!!" Rita exclaimed as she continued to ram her hips up and down at him. "It feels ssoooooo fuuccccckkkiinnngg gggooooooooooooddd!!!" "Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Dad groaned, his hips flying up and down, his dick glistened with pussy juice as it sawed it way in and out of her soaping twat.

The bed banged against the wall as they maintained their furious pace, locking theirs open mouths together, tongues dueling for control. "OOHHHHHHHHH!!!!" Rita cried, breaking the kiss. "OOHHH SSHHHIITTTT I'M GOONNNAAAAA CUUUUNMMM!!!!!!" Suddenly she went rigid, clutching onto Dad for dear life as her pussy convulsed madly around his buried shaft.

"OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHH CHHHHHRRISSSSSSSSTTTT!!!!!!!!!" she wailed as her orgasm over took her and she began to seize and twitch uncontrolably beneath him. This may have been too much for him as he drove his dick in to the hilt and grabbed desperately at her hips.

"OOOOOOOHHHHHH SSSSSHHHIIIIIITTTTTT!!!!! HERE IT COMES!!!!!!!!!!!!" He yelled as his shaft twitched inside of her, dumping his load deep inside her milking pussy. They continued to moan in unison, clutching and grabbing at one another, riding one wave of pleasure after another until it subsided and Dad collapsed on top of her. "Oh God!!" Rita wheezed, trying to catch her breath as she wiggled her hips at his and stroked the back of his head. "You are just too much for me!" I felt like this might be a good time to make an appearance, so I ran back to my car and waited a bit for them to get their act together before making a rather loud return.

I revved the engine as it came to a halt and ten banged the doors several times before making my way into the house. As I walked in Rita was coming out of the room with the baby, having changed out of the summer dress and into a flowered wrap around dress that fit her just as snugly.

She had either forgotten or chose deliberately not to wear a bra because the extended nipples of each tit poked strongly through the thin material of the dress. I could hear the shower going in the bathroom, obviously my father washing the evidence of the day's activity away. The rest of the day went uneventful and we were joined by Mom eventually, who at the first opportunity pulled me aside, pumping me for anything I saw that day.

I filled her in and she seemed to have a mixture of anger and delight at what happened. At supper that night I mentioned how my little vacation was at an end and how I would be heading back to work. Dad joined in, saying how he needed to get back to the site tomorrow as well. I wondered how many times he planed to sneak home for a little afternoon delight and how long this whole mess would continue.

We cleaned up after dinner and then Rita fed the baby and was about to put him to bed when mom asked if she could take him for a walk. Rita said sure and they loaded him in his carriage and off she went. I felt this would be a good time to go down to the basement and dig out the old bike and give her a quick tune up, maybe ride it to work tomorrow.

I told Rita I'd be downstairs if she needed anything and she grunted at me as she finished cleaning up the kitchen. Dad decided not to go on the walk with Mom and had parked himself in the living room with the paper. I took one last glance at Rita, thinking to myself how hot she looked in that wrap-around dress, her tits bouncing up and down as she made her way around the kitchen.

I went down stairs and dug the bike out, but it had about an inch of dust on it. I looked around for a rag to wipe it down with, but had no luck, so I went back upstairs. As I got to the top of the stairs I happened to see Dad walking into the kitchen, so I ducked back around the corner so he wouldn't see me. I figured they might talk about what happened today and give me an idea of where they though the whole thing may go. I looked around the open door and could see Dad just standing there watching Rita put things back in place on the counter.

He walked up behind her and snuggled his hips into hers as he lowered his head and kissed her neck. "Ahhhh." Rita cried out. "Don't, he's right downstairs!" "I know." said Dad as he continued to kiss her neck "Ohh, stop it." she begged, her eyes half closing as the feel of his hot kisses started getting to her.

As if unconsciously, she backed her ass up against his dick and began making slow circular motions against it. "Uhmmm." Dad groaned as he continued to assault her neck with his mouth.

His hands slid up her sides coming to rest on her huge tits. She wiggled back against him, as he cupped her big, soft tits in his hands and ground his cock into her ass. "Ohhhhhh, Goooodddddd." she moaned as he mauled at her tits and then slid both hands inside the dress, rubbing her naked tit flesh and pinching the nipples. He stopped for a moment, grabbing the front of her dress and pulling it apart. Her huge tits fell out of the dress, exposing the hard nipple to the cool air.

He quickly cupped them again, pulling and pushing them in all directions. "Your.your not thinking.of .doing it right here, are you?" she groaned. "Unh-huh." he replied, kissing his way across her shoulder. "But.we could.get caught." she moaned, her ass making bigger circles against his groin. "Uhmm." he moaned, releasing her tits and sliding his hands back down her sides until he reached the seam in the dress. His hands parted the seam across her thighs and then pulled it up over her hips, exposing the sexy black panties she had on.

"Christ John, you set me on fire!!!!" she moaned, jamming her ass back against him. He gathered the dress around her waist, the material caught in place between them, and then grabbed the waistband of her panties.

In no time he worked her panties down over her hips and let them fall to the floor. He stepped back slightly, fumbling with his belt and then finally dropping his shorts to the floor. His cock sprang out hard and ready as he took hold of it and quickly stepped up between her widespread legs.

With the intimacy of a lover, he quickly threaded the swollen head of his cock up into the waiting socket of her womanhood. "Oh, Yes!!!!!!" she sighed as she thrust herself back at him at the same instant he rammed his cock up into her.

Within seconds, they were furiously fucking. It was as if they couldn't get enough of each other as their bodies slapped together obscenely. "Ohh, hurry, hurry, John, before they get back." Rita urged him as she milked his slashing cock with the tight, clinging muscles of her cunt. "Unh-huh. Unh-huh.' he grunted, pistoning his cock into her as fast as he could. Dad kept pounding his cock into her as she thrust her round ass back at him, the sound of their slapping flesh filling the room.

Then suddenly, Dad's cock lurched inside her and he grabbed her, clinging tightly as his cock went off inside her gulping cunt. "Ohhhhhh Yeeessssssss, Ohhhhhhh Yeeessssss!!!!!" she blathered as her body began to shake and shudder through the throes of her own orgasm. "Fill me with your sweet cream!!!!!" As their bodies shook through the orgasmic attack that possessed them, they gripped onto one another, hanging on for dear life. "Ohhhhhh, Fuck!!!!!!" Rita gasped, her body still shaking and quivering through the upheaval of pleasure.

"Shhiiiiiiitttt!!!!!!!" he grunted, his cock continuing to spurt deep into her open wound. They both just stood there, unable to move as their bodies continued to convulse. Then, finally, the last spasm of gratification washed over their bodies and they were able to release their grip on each other.

"Hurry, hurry!" Rita babbled. "Pull it out honey!" Dad had one last lovely view of Rita's beautiful, round ass as he stepped back, jerking his thick, hard cock out of her drooling cunt. "Ohhhhhhhhh!!!!" she protested as she bent down and feverishly pulled her panties back up around her waist and retied the dress around her form.

She turned around to find Dad buckling his pants and smiled at him. "Oh John, what you do to me!!!!" she cried, circling her arms around his neck. "I love you!!" "I love you." Dad responded, wrapping his arms around her and lowering his face to hers as their lips smash together in a deep, soulful, open-mouthed kiss!

The squirmed against each other as they ground their mouths together in an urgency that belied the fact that they had just fucked moments ago. I looked out the window at that moment and saw Mom making her way up the walk. They heard her too, quickly parting and moving in two separate directions. I went back down stairs to finish what I started. The rest of the night we watched t.v. and then went to bed.

Having not thought ahead, I didn't make any plans to try and hook up with Mom for a quick fuck and now lying in bed with my dick as hard as a steel bar, I wished I had. Rita was sound asleep beside me, probably worn out from all the fucking her and dad did today. I gave a quick thought to rolling her over and throwing a fuck into her, but changed my mind.

In some ways I felt like that part of our lives were over now. I slowly drifted off to a fitful sleep and found myself awake a short time later. I focused in on the clock on my night table and saw it read 1:35am. I rolled over and was surprised to find that I was alone in the bed!

I lied there for a moment when I started to pick up some faint noises coming from the living room. It didn't take a genius to figure out who was out there and what they were doing.

I got out of bed and quietly made my way out to the hall. My eyes adjusted to the dark and soon I could make out the forms of my Dad and my wife. Dad was lying on his back on the couch with Rita lying flat on top of him. Her massive tits were crushed into his chest and the rest of her body lie flat against him. She had one leg bent upward while the other was out straight and as I focused I realized that she had Dad's hard dick buried deep inside her cunt. She almost looked like she was swimming as she slid her entire body up and down, sliding her wet crack up and down on his engorged shaft.

Dad had both hands on her round ass, helping to pull and push her on and off his dick. I could hear them moan in unison as they slowly fucked. "Ohhhhhhhhh.Ohhhhhhhhhhhh. Ohhhhhhhhhhh." Rita whispered in rhythm with Dad's dick sliding in and out of her flooded hole. I could see her nipples scrape across his chest as her huge breasts quivered above him. I had seen enough of this already and decided to go back to bed. I struggled to fall back asleep and could still hear their moaning in the next room, which quickly picked up in intensity until they hit a crescendo and I knew they were Cumming.

Soon after I heard Rita tiptoe back into the room and quietly slip back into bed. I eventually drifted back to sleep, tossing and turning all night. Chapter 6 I woke the next morning to the sound of my alarm going off and tried to shake the cobwebs from my mind. It was the first day back to work, so I needed to hustle. I showered and dressed and made my way out to the kitchen to make some coffee. Both my folks soon joined me, with Dad getting ready to go out to the site. When Dad left the room to get something Mom quickly pulled me aside to tell me something was up.

She said Dad had been acting strange all night and in fact she had seen him and Rita on the couch going at it last night. I told her I had seen the same thing and that maybe he had seen one of us watching. She said no, he was acting really queer this morning, real nervous, like when he has a big deal going down.

I didn't have time to dwell on it as I was running a little late. I peered around the corner to make sure I wouldn't get caught and scooped Mom up into my arms.

Our mouths met in a hot open-mouthed kiss, our arms coiled tightly around each other. My dick sprang to life as I could feel Moms heated twat pressing tightly against my growing dick inside my pants. If I had more time I would have layed her right out on the table and fucked the shit out of her, but I had to get going. We broke the kiss and I told Mom to have a nice day. My first day back was hectic, but fun and it actually helped take my mind off of what was going on at home.

About 3:30 my phone rang and Mom was on the other end. "You'd better get home, something has happened with your Father and Rita." she said, sounding upset. "What is it?" I asked. "They left!' she replied. I made an excuse and left, driving home as fast as I could. Mom was there to greet me as I walked in the door.

She didn't seem all that upset, but she had a look of worry on her face. She had a letter Dad and Rita had left for us detailing the whole story. They were in love and decided to leave together with the baby.

They said they would be in touch tonight and talk about how to settle this like adults. I looked at Mom who had the same worried look on her face. "You know hon, I could care less at this point if that bastard wants to run off with her and fuck the shit out of her until she kills him. I'm just concerned about the baby and your rights to be a part of his life." she explained. I must admit I never thought about how the baby would figure into all this, with Mom and I wanting to be together.

Now I was really depressed and it seemed like the clock went by painfully slowly as we waited for their call. We ate dinner silently, the anticipation in the air was nearly unbearable. Finally the phone rang at about 7:30pm. It was Rita and Dad on extensions at some house they were staying at. We all had a long talk and I felt much better after hearing both Dad and Rita insist that I would have all the right to see the baby as much as I wanted.

The rest of the conversation went very awkwardly, as its pretty difficult talking to your wife about her leaving with your own Father. We agreed that the best thing would be a quick divorce for all involved and that we should stay in touch. Mom and I were pretty worn out after all this, with so many details to tend to that we headed off to bed without a thought to any sex.

She did sleep in my bed and we talked and held each other until we both drifted off to sleep. The alarm went off and my first thought was to bang in sick, but Mom talked me out of it. She said I had to get back to a normal routine so that we could both get our lives back together. She announced that since we would be living here that she was quitting her job back home and looking for a nursing job up here.

I began to brighten up at the thought of Mom and I setting up shop together and our new lives here and I was soon on my way to work. I talked to Mom a couple of times on the phone and the last conversation I had she said she had several surprises for me when I got home. Upon my arrival home I found a delicious smell coming from the kitchen stove and Mom all dressed up in a nice sundress waiting for me. She was making one of her specialties for dinner to celebrate. I asked what we were celebrating and she insisted that we go sit in he living room.

When I got there I found a bottle of champagne cooling in a bucket and two glasses waiting for us. "So, what's all this about?" I asked. "Well, I've been a very busy girl today." she started. "First I called an old friend here in town who got her attorney to handle our divorce. He assured me that it will go smoothly and quickly and that you would have as much custody of the baby as you wished.

He did say it was a very unusual case, but then he only knows the half of it. Next I gave my resignation at work and told them I was planning to stay up here. My shift supervisor told me that she knew her counterpart at the hospital here in town and the last she knew they were dying for help.

She made a call and the next thing I know I'm at the hospital being offered a job with as many hours as I wish at nearly twice the pay!" "Man." I started, but was quickly interrupted by Mom. "I'm not done yet! I spoke with your Father and he is arranging to sell the house back home and pick up all the costs of moving my stuff up here. I told them I was staying with you for the time being to help you get through this." she giggled.

"My clothes and personal belongings will be here by the end of the week, so you're stuck with me now!" "I wouldn't call it stuck" I said, smiling brightly. "So I thought that a celebration was in order" she gleamed and reached over to pour us some champagne.

"To us and our new lives together." Mom toasted. "To us." I replied, taking a sip of champagne and then leaning into Mom as our lips met in a wet, deep kiss. "Mmmmmmmmm!" Mom moaned against my mouth and then broke off the kiss.

"C'mon lets eat, we have all night, every night ahead of us." We got up and had dinner and wine, laughing and playing the whole time. After dinner we cleaned up and then settled down on the couch, watching t.v. and killing off the bottle of champagne as we snuggled together. As the evening wound down Mom got up and looked down at me with a devilish look on her face.

"Don't move until I call you, understand?" she said. I shook my head in agreement as my dick tingled in anticipation of what was to come. A half-hour went by and just when I began to wonder what was going on I heard Mom call out for me. As I got to the entrance to the bedroom I was astounded to see the entire room lit up by about 100 candles of all shapes and sizes around the room. As I got over that I turned and once again lost my breath as I took in the sight of my Mom.

She was standing there in a nightie that boggled the imagination. It was more like four small patches of see-through material, each one no bigger than a paper coaster covering each breast, her muff and her ass, all tied together with spaghetti straps. It was her most daring outfit to date and I felt my dick lurch in my pants just looking at her.

"Well are you going to just stand there all night?" she asked, then with a subtle move she slowly spread her legs apart several inches and swept her hand down to her crotch, pushing the thin material aside. She slowly ran her fingers down the wet, glistening rift of pink flesh, rubbing it lightly.

"No way." I replied, and reached down to undo my belt, allowing my pants to fall to the floor. I pulled my shirt off over my head and stepped out of the puddle my pants made at my feet. I then grabbed my underwear and jerked them down over my hips, freeing my stiff dick from confinement, and letting them fall as well.

"Oh Myyyyyyy." Mom gasped as my cock stood jutting out of my crotch, pointing at her as it bobbed up and down with each heartbeat. "Oh my, Oh my, Oh my!" she gushed as she gawked at my rock hard dick throbbing and dancing before her. "Like it?" I asked. "Oh my God, its so big!" she grinned I slowly took a step towards her and my dick slashed back and forth like an angry snake seeking its prey.

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I kept walking until I was right in front of her, the head of my dick pressing into her belly. All at once our passion exploded as we clutched at each other, our open mouths sealing in a deep, urgent kiss, our arms wrapping themselves around each other, our bodies pressed tightly together. My hands roamed all over Mom's hot body, grabbing handfuls of her luscious ass and massaging them roughly.

Mom's hands ran all over my shoulders and back as our mouths hungrily devoured one another's. We kissed and grabbed and clutched and kissed for about ten minuets, ravishing each other's bodies and fanning the flames of desire to the breaking point. Mom finally broke loose and backed away a step, keeping her eyes on me. She raised both hands behind her neck and then suddenly her nightie cascaded off her body like running water, ending in a pile at her feet.

I drank in the sight of her luscious, naked form, highlighted by her two, full, freckled tits and her burning red bush. I watched her as she seductively climbed up on the bed and slowly reclined, spreading her tapered legs and opening her wet gash to me. She extended her arms up to me, inviting me in. "C'mon baby, come give your Mom some lovins." she whispered. My cock at this point was so hard I could have pounded nails with it.

I made my way up on the bed and scooted my way across the mattress until I was between my Mom's outstretched legs. I moved in until my knees were up against her silky thighs and then she reached up and grabbed my aching dick. I stood there and watched as Mom bent my rigid tool down toward her leaking slit and lined it up with the entrance to her waiting motherhood. I closed my eyes in anticipation of what was coming next and then I felt it. The white-hot heat of my mom's vagina encircling the head of my cock as she slowly sucked me down into her.

"Oh my god!!!" she whispered as she felt my cock head slowly penetrate the sacred core of her femininity. As my cock slowly slithered down into the burning hole, I leaned down and kissed her cheek.

The instant my lips touched her skin, she turned her head and our mouths clashed. Sparks flew as our tongues intertwined like copulating snakes. We kissed hungrily as our bodies slowly became one. Deeper and deeper into the clutching, burning throat of her vagina I sent my dick. More and more and finally all of my shaft penetrated the fiery gash between her widespread legs until I was all the way to the hilt inside my Mothers cunt.

"OHHHhhhh, my, stud!' Mom wheezed as she pushed herself up against me. "Fill me up with yourself!!!!" Thrusting the last millimeter of my cock down into her seething pit, I held myself inside of her, languishing in the fiery core of my Mom's steaming twat. As I felt her tight, grasping cunt squeeze and milk my loaded weapon, I could feel the pool of burning cum inside my balls begin to churn.

It had been a long time since the last time Mom and I took our time making love and with all this anticipation and seduction tonight I knew I wasn't going to last long. I rammed my hard dick into Mom's slobbering cunt again and again, trying with all my might to hold off my approaching orgasm, as Mom lifted herself off the bed, matching me stroke for stroke. I soon lost all control. Some twisted, primitive passion now filled my mind.

My only purpose was to bury my seed back into the same fertile womb that once created and nurtured me. "AAAAAAAWWWWFFFFFUUUUUUUCCCCKKK!!" I bellowed as I felt my body convulse as my cock began to buck deep inside my mother's tight, hot, clenching cunt. "YYEEESSSSsssssssssss, Babbbyyyyyyyy, fill me with your sweet cream!!!!!" Mom cried out as her cunt collapsed down around my spewing cock.

I felt as if my whole body was being sucked down through my dick and out into the ring of fire that surrounded it. Again and again my dick fired gusher after gusher of thick, frothy cum into my Mother's sucking cunt.

It felt like I was cumming by the gallon as my cock spewed out more and more thick, potent love syrup into her hungry pussy. Finally, I felt the strength of the blasts begin to wane and my cock stopped vomiting its perverted load into her. Slowly, I drew my hips back and then plunged myself back down into Mom's hot, sucking cunt all the way to the hilt again. I never wanted this feeling to end or to leave my mother's steaming, hot cavern.

"Ohhh, yes, honey, Ohh, baby, Fuck me!!!" Mom blathered, thrusting herself up at me. "Fuck me good, good and hard and deep, sweetheart!! Make me cum again!!!" Slowly at first I began to slide my deflating manhood in and out of her wet, drooling pit. As I did, I felt it begin to harden and strengthen inside her. As it grew in size and strength, I began to fuck her with powerful deep strokes, impaling her all the way to the hilt every time I slammed my cock into her.

"Like this Mom, like this?" I grunted with each savage thrust. "Ohhhh, yeeesss, honey, ohhh yeesss!!!! That's it. that's it.that's the way!!!!!!" Mom panted as I fucked her. Suddenly I felt her hot, smooth thighs lock down around my waist. Then I felt her soft, round heels dig into my bounding ass.

As her heels dug into my ass, urging me on, she dug her long, sharp fingernails into my back, raking and clawing at me. "Ohhhhhhh Godddddd, Yeessssssss.Ohhh, FFFUUUCCKKKK!!!!" she blathered, throwing herself up at me every time I pounded my cock into her pussy.

I began fucking her like a madman, banging her brutally. I could feel my balls slapping up against her ass every time I drove my cock down into her hot, sucking softness. The feeling was incredible, like the first time he ever got laid. "Does,, ungh.feel, ungh.good, ungh.Mom, ungh.?" I grunted. "Ooohhhhh, ugh.Yea, ugh.More, ugh.More, ugh.!!!" she groaned. We writhed and crashed together like battering rams.

The room was filled with the loud, slapping sounds of our love making as it mingled with the unintelligible sounds spewing from our mouths. We were both coated with the residue of my first explosion inside of her as it leaked out between us and was churned into froth.

The thick, rich aroma of sex filled the air as we battled for attainment. "Yesssssss, fuck, yeeeesss, fuck meee, fuck meeee, cummin!!!!!" she blurted out, digging her heels into my ass harder and harder. "Make,, ugh.cum, ugh.cum!!!!" "UNGH.UNGH.UNGH." I grunted, pounding myself down into her hot, sucking hole harder and harder. Then suddenly, the room burst into a brilliant flash of light.

We were both engulfed in the fiery heart of unholy flames. My ass lurched forward, impaling her to her limit as I pinned her to the bed with my twitching cock. "AAAEEEEEEEEEIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!" she screamed out as she began to shake and shudder. "GAAWWWWWWDDDDDDDDDDD!!!" I groaned as my cock began to buck and spurt inside the core of her overheated cunt. My cum spewed out by the gallons, but she took it all.

Her cunt was hungrily swallowing my potent load again and again until there was no more left inside of me. Still it sucked on me, sucking me totally and completely dry. "Ohhh, Fuck!" I muttered, collapsing down on her. I stayed in that position for a while as we caressed and kissed each other, basking in the glow of lovemaking. At last I rolled over to my side and Mom snuggled into my arms and we drifted off to sleep. We woke up once in the wee hours of the morning and began kissing and caressing until our passion overtook us once again and we were soon runting like mad animals, fucking like it would be the very last time.

We screwed for a good half-hour until we came crashing down in another mind-blowing orgasm that left us both week and in need of sleep. And they lived happily ever after………or did they????