Cute face ebony and brunette lesbians

Cute face ebony and brunette lesbians
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"SHUT THE FUCK UP!" I hear my mom's boyfriend yell from the other room. A crash, and sheik and then my mom is crying again, but it's quieter now. I don't get out of bed. I remember when the one and only time I got out of bed to help mom. I was stripped and spanked so hard for it and my mom just watched saying "You shouldn't have come out baby, you shouldn't have come out.

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So I dont come out anymore. I hide under my covers and I wait for morning. More movement. More shuffling. "WHERE DID ALL THE BEER GO?" He drank it all.

Mom tries to remind him. He thinks she drank it. More loud crashing. A door slams and a car engine roars peeling out of the drive way. Good he's gone.

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It's quiet apart from the TV. Some sort of late night news. I think it must be mom watching it until I hear something thrown at the TV and it sputters for a moment. He's still here. It's mommy who is gone. Muttering and steps down the hall. I turn my back to the door and huddle under the covers. I hear a creak and both light and shadow frame the wall. Pressure on my bed, he is laying down next to me, his hand is suddenly on my waist and I feel my stomach dip.

I try to pretend I'm asleep. Wet lips are sloppy on my neck, my jaw and the bottom of my ear. The heat of his hands creep up to my buddy chest and I can't help but whimper as he tightens his calloused fingers around my nipple.

He knows. He knows now I'm awake and that I'm pretending.

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He feels my body tremble under his touch but doesn't say a word. Just twists and squeezes harder, groping and pulling and twisting my body.


Two hands are some how on every in of my body and as his rough finger tips slide between my legs I tighten my whole body. With every bit of strength I have I close myself off to him. Instead of forcing me further he pulls back and I breath out and relax slightly.


Until his belt starts to unsnap from behind me. I bunch up and hug my my body close. I feel something hard and hot press into my back as he pulls up my nightgown. His breath smells like stale beer and cigarettes and I hold my breath but it's hard because my heart is beating faster and my breathing is more rapid. The hot rubbery thing behind me is nudging at my panties and I feel him trying to slide them down over my plump body.

Try as I might the elastic pulls back and rest right under my butt checks leaving my exposed. He's at my nipples again but this time he's pressing me down and licking them, nibbling at them and his sticky hot spit stays on me. He's kissing me down, down down, past where my panties should be and I gasp as he licks the slit between my legs. It feels scary and weird and I gasp and whiny a little as he grazes his teeth across the lips.

I start to pull away and his arms pin me down. He's on me and he's heavy and the hot hard thing is getting sticky and I feel sticky from all his slobber and I cry out for my mom and his hand is hard on my face. Tears are in my eyes but it's all happening fast now and my body doesn't feel fast it feels like a scary dream where I move too slow. My legs are open, something pressing against me, his beer breath is on my face and his dog tags feel cold on my hard nipples as he moves me, pushing me with something hard.

The slit between my legs feels like it's stretching open, and it's starting to hurt. Then all of a sudden the pain feels like fire, my insides are being burned and ripped and as I try to scream his tongue in my mouth like a slug and it's choking down my scream all the while his body pushes into mine and my wails muffled by him rock with his movements. I can never quite catch breath, and pain is just as bad coming out as it was going in.

Harder. Harder.

Harder. Each time is worst than the last, my nipples swell with his prodding and pulling and my feel like he's digging into my tummy with whatever is between his legs. His gasps are short too but sometimes he groans, and whispers things I don't understand into my ear. He asks if I like it while shoving his mouth over mine to stop my screams.

When he pulls out of me I feel empty, like he took all my inside out with him and all I'm left with is a searing aching pain all over my body. Hot sticky goo shoots onto my belly and spatters up my chest. My body is wet with both of our sweat and he lifts himself off me with what sounds like a lot of effort. He's sitting on the edge of my bed and for a moment everything is silent and still. Gravel shifts in the drive way and headlights pierce the darkness.

He looks over at me, smooths my hair and stumbles into the living room. I hear mom telling him the beer is in the fridge and that she's going to bed. She stops seeing the door open, the door that's always closed at night and pauses in my door way. Almost going in, but then she slowly shuts it and I hear her go into her own. _________________________________________________________END________________________________________________________ **Because this story was deemed too short, It's a 2 for 1** 2 months later

It had been happening in "secret" since the beginning, but I felt like mom knew so the only secret was that we didn't say it out loud.

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Until the really bad fight. They always fought. He'd beat her, she'd apologize and everyone would go to bed. It was a toss up whose bed he would end up in. I never fought. I saw what happened when Mom fought. She'd always lose. The fridge door slammed as I walked through the front door, he was angry again because the beer was low, it was always low and he was always angry.

My mom yelled that there was still a bottle left and he stormed into the living room before I could escape into the bedroom. He was holding a glass bottle up but it was bigger than his beer bottles. "IS THIS WHAT YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT? THIS BITCH BEER?"
"It's wine! Everyone drinks it. Just drink that and as soon as I'm out of the shower I'll go get more." He stormed forward with the wine bottle like it was some sort of weapon and my mom flinched back.

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But then he caught sight of me and grabbed my arm. My eyes felt wide and my heart beat fast. All of a sudden I didn't want mommy to know the secret, I wanted to pretend. I looked over at her and she was looking at him. "Stop. Let her go. I was by bad about the beer. I'll go get it. I swear."

"Why bother? We've got bitch beer, and a bitch right here to drink it."

His fist circled my small arm and yanked me over to the couch. Mom crumpled on the floor and kept asking him to stop.

He did not. He uncorked the bottle and thrust the fruity juice in my face. "Drink it. Now."
I took a drink and spit it out, it tasted bad, like rotten berries. I forced the bottle into my mouth and made me swallow it. I spit most of it up and he slapped me across the face. I stumble and feel onto the arm of the couch. "Fine. You wont drink it like a big girl, I have you drink it like the bitch you are." 

"Stop, stop!" My mom screeched and he pulled down my pants and panties and spanked me hard across the ass.

I cried out, but nobody could hear me over my mom, who finally moved and grabbed his arm to stop me. It was the only time my mom ever tried. He hit her hard and she fell to the ground with a thud and didn't make another sound. I cried and he pressed me further into the arm of the couch, doubling me over and pressing my face into the cushion.

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The cold lip of the bottle pressed against my butt cheeks and I cried harder. The force of the bottle pushed further and further inside of me and I heard the wine gulp as it began to empty out inside of me. He was wasted. He'd never done anything like this before and I felt shame wash over me as he started to pull the bottle in and out of my butthole like he did in bed with my slit.

After several minutes I began to grow dizzy and sick, and when he lifted me up I felt like I was both heavy and floating in his arms. My body began to rock and I felt the pressure of him inside of me, I was still rubbed raw and it hurt from last time, but I felt far away. Every time he bit and licked my reactions felt slow and when he sat himself on the couch he put me on my knees between his legs and my head rocked like I was a rag doll.

He pushed my head forward and what he usually forced between my legs he now slid inside my mouth. My mind whirls, it tasted salty and gross by his hands stayed firmly planted in my hair dragging me back and fourth as if he was having sex with my mouth. My world blurred and then there was more wine in my mouth and then the his hard penis again. "Look at your bitch. Like mom like daughter." I heard him say from far away.

I just kept sucking.

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trying to breath while my tongue lapped up his cock. I heard my mom sob, and cry "Baby no." I tried to turn my head by his fingers were in my hair and he pressed into my farther. Foot steps, running. But they were running away, and then the door slammed and I was left all alone. His body started to pulse in my mouth and twitch and he let out a low growl of a groan before the sticky stuff he usually spurting onto my body splashed into my mouth.

Hot, sticky, and hard to swallow he pulled out of me and clamped my jaw shut until it was all gone.


He patted my head like I was a puppy and let me collapse dizzily onto the floor as the room spun around me.