Jock Having A Hot Orgasm

Jock Having A Hot Orgasm
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I had just turned 13. For a little more than two years, I had been giving my brother blowjobs. I now did it willingly. There was no use in fighting it. My guess is I had given him around 500 blowjobs. It seemed like every other day I was sucking his dick and swallowing his cum.

The number could be higher because sometimes I would do it more then once in a day. And I had become very good at it. I knew my way around a cock. I guess practice does make perfect. I knew all of the places that were extremely senstive. And I knew how to work my hand in unison with my mouth to make the blowjob amazing. I'll be honest. I had begun to enjoy sucking cock and really enjoyed the taste of cum. But it had been blowjobs only. I guess there was some taboo where my brother would not do anything else.

Imagine that, a child molester with morals. Although not much for morals.

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By this time, my brother had already signed up to go into the Air Force. He was leaving in two weeks. I was happy that I would not wake up with a dick in my face on a regular basis. But I was sad that I would not have a cock squirting cum into my mouth.

That night, I woke up to some voices in my bedroom. When I opened my eyes, my brother had his long dick right in my face. Without missing a beat, I opened my mouth and let him fuck my face as I lay there. It was another way I had regularly sucked his cock.

As he stroked his cock in my mouth I heard him say, "See, I told you he sucked like a pro. He gives better blowjobs than any girl." I was scared when I heard him talking to someone.

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As I glanced up, I could see his friends Brett and John. I tried to pull away, but my brother grabbed the back of my head and shoved his cock close to the back of my throat. He told me, "There are several guys here. You will get them all off. Do you understand?" I just shook my head as much as I could with a dick buried in my mouth.

I did not gag on his cock because that many blowjobs help you lose the gag reflex. It was obvious that my brother had been at a party and was wasted, along with his friends. My brother stroked my mouth a couple of times and then pulled his cock out. He said, "Next." Brett pulled out his cock and put it by my face.

I was turned on at the sight of another cock, I had only seen two hard cocks. My brother's and mine. Brett's was not as long as my brother's, but it was bigger around. Brett put the head in, then started slamming his cock in my mouth. He was fucking my mouth like a teenage boy fucking a teenage pussy. It only took a couple of minutes before I felt his head swell and I knew he was about to cum in my mouth. I couldn't wait to taste someone else's cum.

But Brett had more control than I expected. It seemed he pulled his cock out just in time. I heard him whisper something to my brother as John put his dick in my mouth. John's dick was about the same size as mine. Not very big or long, but not too small either. He was more gentle. He slow-strokeded my mouth. It was a very nice face-fucking. As he was stroking his cock in my mouth I heard Brett come out of the bathroom.

My brother said, "Be careful. It could hurt." I felt the covers pulled off my body and some liquid was poured in my crack. I was on my stomach and was about to roll over when Brett Jumped on top of me with his face behind mine and said, "Don't move and I will be gentle." I was scared.

I had thought about a dick in my ass, but had not ever done it. My brother would only stick his dick in my mouth, not my ass. JOhn was still beside me, stroking his dick in and out of my mouth when I felt Brett guide his dick toward the crack of my lubed up ass. As he put presure on my asshole he said, "Just relax. It will hurt a little at first, but you will start to enjoy it.

The head of his cock pressed open my sphincter muscles. I tried to clench my butt cheeks because I felt like my asshole was burning. He stopped his pushing for a moment and said, "Just give it a second." When I relaxed he started slowly pushing his cock the rest of the way into my ass. After a couple of seconds, i could feel his full weight on me and knew his cock was buried deep in my ass. "See, its not so bad," he said.

And he started stroking my asshole gently. The first cock in my ass. I'll never forget it. The burning subsided quickly and the feeling of a cock in my ass was amazing. It was such a 'full' feeling. When his cock passed certain place in my ass I felt a shot of pleasure every time. I later found out he was massaging my prostate as his cock moved. As I started enjoying it, I would lift my hips to meet his thrusts. This encouraged him to fuck me harder. He really started pounding my ass and it really started to feel good.

I didn't realize it,but sounds started coming out of my mouth around John's dick. Every time he stroked. I felt his cock swell and slam deep in my ass.

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The first load of cum in my ass. It was great. I could feel the warmth of his cum draining in my ass. He only shuddered as he squirted over and over into my ass. When he pulled out. my asshole felt open and airy. I could feel a little of his cum running from my ass toward my balls.

John pulled out of my mouth and moved to fuck my ass. I heard Brett say, "I'll go get the rest of them from the living room." JOhn told me to get on my knees. I willingly obliged. As he moved in behind me, my brother got in front of me so his dick could get sucked. John's dick slid in easily. He was not as big as Brett and my ass was ready.

John slammed me slowly. He would pull almost all the way out slowly, then slam into me. I allowed his strokes to be the pace for my cocksucking.

As he was fucking me, I heard other people come in. Voices were all around saying things like, "Damn, look at him go." "I have never fucked a guy before." "It doesn't matter, your cock will cum the same anyway." My brother could not take the slow pace anymore, so he grabbed the back of my head and started fucking my face.

I knew he was about to cum. Finally, i was going to get to taste some cum. As he started shooting, he kept stroking. Load after load shot in my mouth. I gladly swallowed every drop. This must have set John off because he let out a grunt and I felt that warm feeling inside my ass again. He pulled out and shot his last drop across my back. It seemed almost instantly that someone else was in my ass and another guy laid on his back in front of my face.

He said, "Work your magic. Your brother has told me about the skill you have with a dick." The first thing I noticed was the massive dick this guy had. It almost seemed deformed. My hand barely fit around it and my mouth stretched to accomodate his width. And he was also very long. It may not have been, but I thought it was twice as long as my six inch dick.

I worked that big dick as best I could. It was soon obvious I could only go down so far, so I adjusted how far I stroked my hand in time with my mouth.


The guy in my ass was definitely longer than anyone else. He seemed to not be as wide, but he was definitely hitting way back in my ass. I sucked and was fucked for what seemed like 15 minutes when I heard them say, :"Switch." The guy in my ass moved around to my mouth and the big dicked guy moved in behind me. I was scared to taste my ass on the guys dick, but I did not have much choice as he immediatley put his dick in my mouth.

I was surprised. there was a slight copper type taste, but the taste of mixed cum overpowered it. And He was as long as I expected. He slammed his dick to the back of my throat and there was another inch or two left. The guy behind me started pushing in. i felt that burning feeling again. He said, "Look everybody, the heads in." It was like he was showing off.

He continued his pushing and I felt like I was being ripped in two. He said, "That's it. That is as far as it will go. Too bad, I still have a few inches left." I knew I could not take anymore. He let his cock rest inside me for about a minute. What had turned into a slight pain switched to pleasure as I felt my ass being stretched to the limit. He would flex his cock every few seconds and the feeling was amazing. The guy in my mouth pulled out and said, "Open your mouth." He stroked his cock and started shooting at my mouth.

Most of it made it in my mouth, but some shot close to my eye and I had some on my chin. The guy behind me started to work his dick in and out. When he pulled out it seemed like it took a long time. When he pushed back in it took a while as well. As another guy started fucking my face, the guy behind me said, "Let me show you what I learned in juvenile hall." As he stroked my ass with his cock.

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he reached around my hip and started stroking my cock with his hand. I was amazing. My hard cock getting stroked while my mouth and ass were full of dick. It was about a minute when I felt my the cum boiling up in my dick. My ass must have told the guy behind me something because he said, "Yea, that's it." And he picked up the pace of his fucking and his stroking. My head dropped off the cock in front of me as my head hit the bed.

I felt like a porno whore. (Yes I had seen porn). I screamed, "FUCK MY ASS. FUCK MY ASS. AHHHH. OH. OH. OH. UHHHHHHH." With that my cock let loose a huge spurts of cum. It never seemed to stop. I could feel it hitting the bed and splashing up and some of it hit my legs.

My head was in a daze when I felt cum splashing on the side of my face and back of my head from the guy I had been sucking. The guy fucking my ass pulled out of me and rolled me over on my back. Yes, i had cum a lot. I laid right in a huge puddle of my own cum. He threw my legs back just like I had seen in the porn movies and put his dick right back in my ass. He had amazing control as he fucked me with his giant cock while four other guys took turns cumming in my mouth.

I was amazed how different cum tasted differently. It was like a treat everytime another guy came in my mouth. Some guys cum was thick, others were very watery. Some guys came in buckets, others came a couple of drops. Some was salty, some had almost no taste at all. After the fourth guy came in my mouth.

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The guy in my ass slammed me twice and pulled his cock out just as he shot his load. Even though he was between my legs, a couple of shots hit my face with one right in the eye.


He had let a lot of cum built up because my stomach was covered with streaks of cum. The night continued on for another two hours like this with a lot of the guys having seconds and thirds. That is the advantage of a teenager, they can get it up several times and most of them did. My brother left for the Air force, but several of the guys from that night would meet up with me when their girlfriends would not put out or when they were just horny.

Lose one, gain some.