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Goiano fudendo macho peludo motel Hot gay fuck
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Chapter 4 Workout in the garage As Kathy began to slowly raise her jogging shirt Myron was stroking his cock. Watching the show in front of him was bringing his cock back to full length and hardness. When her shirt came up over her gorgeous tits Myron was hard as stone. Kathy was so focused on his huge dark cock she didn't notice him step closer.

Myron reached out and touched her left breast and ran his thumb over her erect nipple. She let out a moan and stepped back. "Myron we have went far enough this time, this is not the place or time." Kathy said. Myron sighed and said, "Kathy you know you want this" as he shook his cock at her.

"Get on your knees and at least kiss my cock. It's hard for you." He said. Kathy didn't hesitate as she went to her knees on the cool concrete floor of his garage. She took his cock in her left hand and cupped his heavy ball sack in her right hand.

She began to pump him up and down slowly. Taking the head of his massive cock in her mouth circling it with her tongue, she said, "Mmm. Damn that's nice." To her he tasted really salty and musky from the sweat.

But none the less she loved the taste and feel of it. Her pussy was absolutely smoldering. Her juices had already soaked her panties and were threatening to soak through her jogging shorts.

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As Kathy stroked Myron's cock and licked all around the head, Myron gently massaged her breast. Kathy's knees were sore already from the hard floor so she stopped, gave his cock one more lick and kissed the huge head. "I have to be getting home Myron." Kathy said, as she stood up. As she moved her jogging shirt back in to place covering those beautiful tits, Myron let out a groan of disappointment.

He stepped over to the shelf and grabbed the ankle support and turned to Kathy and said, "When will you be returning this?" Kathy said, "I don't know. As soon as we can be alone for a few hours." She smiled. "Ok." Myron said. "I'll show you out then." Kathy went home for a hot shower. As she came into the house she heard the TV in the family room on.

Brock was on the couch watching Cartoons. She thought it was funny that at his age, he still enjoyed them. "Hi honey." She said. "Oh, Hi Mom." Brock said. "How was your run this morning?" Brock asked. "Oh it was fine. I met the neighbor boy this morning while out running." Kathy said. "Yeah I met him earlier too. He seems pretty nice I guess." Brock said.

"Yes he did seem like a nice young man." Kathy said. "Nice and hard," she thought. "Well I'm going to take a shower now Brock.

I'll see you in a little while." Kathy said as she turned and headed to the Master Bath.

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Brock went back to watching his cartoons. Kathy went to her bathroom and started the shower, stripped off her clothes and got in. Myron was in his room looking out the window trying to see in Kathy's bathroom. In the daylight he couldn't see in as well. The glare off the window wouldn't allow him to see. So he went to his bathroom for his own shower. Just as he got his clothes off and was reaching for the shower knob, Jasmine was at the door.

She started to knock, then heard the shower start up. Myron hadn't shut the door all the way so she peeked in and saw him naked, stepping into the shower. His back was to her and she liked the look of his muscular ass. She waited till he closed the shower door and stuck her head in the bathroom and said, "Hey Myron, what are you doing?" A little surprised, Myron said, "What does it look like, I'm taking a shower." "What were you doing in your bedroom earlier making a lot of moaning noises?" Myron asked, as he turned around to face his sister.

At first she looked at Myron, not knowing what to say. Then she glanced at his cock, she was stunned enough she didn't answer him right away. She just stood there staring. "Well?" He said. When she came back from her day dream she realized she'd been caught staring and got all embarrassed. "Uh, what?" She asked as she looked away.

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"I said, what were you doing in your room earlier?" Now Jasmine was really embarrassed, knowing he had heard her masturbating in her room. "Come in here, Myron said. Jasmine slowly entered Myron's bathroom with her head down. "Well?" He kept pushing her, wondering what she could say. They both knew what she was doing, but had never talked about it before.

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"You know what I was doing, don't you ever do it?" She asked. "Sure I do," Myron said. As he reached for the baby oil from the shower caddy. "You want to watch?" He asked. Jasmine looked down at his semi hard cock and said, "Sure why not?" Myron opened the bottle of baby oil and poured it over his stiffening member.

Jasmine leaned against the bathroom counter amazed as she watched it grow. She felt her pussy begin to tingle and had the urge to touch it, but fought it off. The glass on the shower door was steaming up now and making it hard to see clearly. So she stepped over to the shower and opened the door. Now she had a clear view of her brother's truly amazing cock. As Myron was stroking it, he looked at his sister and said, "Jas, please take your clothes off and show me how you play with your kitty?" Well by now Jasmine was getting worked up watching him long stroke that big cock that she felt in the crack of her ass at breakfast.

She said without thinking, "Ok." As Myron watched her take her clothes off he felt his balls began to get that feeling he was ready to shoot. He immediately took his hand off his cock, not wanting to cum just yet.

Jasmine stripped completely naked right in front of him. She had a tight little body on her with nice C cup sized tits. Her areolas were as large as a fifty cent piece and her nipples were puffy.

Her mound was shaved clean and looked smooth and soft. From three or four feet away Myron could see she was wet. Jasmine sat up on his bathroom counter, leaned back against his mirror and spread her legs wide. Myron started to stroke his long meat again. Jasmine watched with curiosity as she began to finger her sopping wet pussy.

"Just like that huh? Myron said. "Oh yeah she said as she took her wet finger and began circling her clit." Jasmine took her right hand and began pinching her right nipple. Then switching to her left one after the right one was hard. The puffiness had gone out of her nipples and they were both hard.

She began to moan and gyrate her hips as she was transfixed on his huge cock. Myron couldn't believe they were masturbating together.

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His balls began to tingle again and he said, "Come here Jas quick." Jasmine thought we was about to cum so she jumped off the counter and stepped up to the open shower door, wanting a closer look. She had never seen anything like this before and wanted a close up look. With her two fingers now plunging in and out of her over heated kitty, she stood right in front of Myron and his massive tool.

Myron was so turned on after the workout in the garage earlier and now the sight of his sister standing naked in front of him with two fingers jamming in and out of her snatch that his first blast of cum hit her right on her belly button. The second and larger rope of white hot cum hit right on the tits as he aimed a little higher. The third rope flew out and landed on her face. Jasmine stood there not knowing what to think or do, she began to rub it into her tits.


As she did, she stuck her tongue out for a taste. "Mmm kinda warm, sticky and salty, she thought." "Wow, you sure made a mess all over me" she said.

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Myron looked at his cum all over his sister and said, "Climb in her and let me clean you up." She stepped into the shower with him and he closed the door. He took his shower gel and squirted it all over her, working up a nice lather. Washing her tight little body was making him hard again. Jasmine took the soap and began to wash his stiffening member. In a moment it was rock hard again. Jasmine's hands felt so good on his cock, Myron wanted to fuck her right then and there.

But he thought better of it. The last thing he wanted to do was get his sister pregnant. Chapter 5 Kathy meets Judy Forest After her shower Kathy decided to go out and start planning her new landscaping in the front of the house. As she went out the front door and started looking around, Judy Foster from across the street was in her yard doing some gardening in her flower beds. Judy saw Kathy come out and had been watching her out of the corner of her eye as she pruned her roses and pulled weeds out of her flowers.

Judy saw Kathy look her way and turned towards her and waved. Kathy waved back and walked towards her. Judy got up and walked towards her. They met at the curb on Judy's side of the street.

Hello my name is Judy, she said as she took off her gardening glove. Kathy stuck her hand out and said, "Hello, I'm Kathy. They chit chatted a few moments and Judy asked Kathy if she would like to come in side so she could wash her hands and talk some more. Kathy agreed and so Judy led the way into her house. Kathy said as he entered Judy's home, "My you have a beautiful home." "Oh thank you," said Judy as she led the way to the kitchen.

She washed her hands and admired Kathy's body as Kathy was looking around. Kathy turned and saw Judy looking at her and what would have been an awkward moment for the two was stopped short by Randy coming around the corner into the kitchen wearing just a towel. Not seeing Kathy yet he said, "Mom I took a shower and thought you would have come in&hellip." he trailed off as he saw Kathy standing there with a shocked look on her face.

"Oh" he said. "I didn't know we had company." Thinking fast he said, " I thought you would have come in and got cleaned up before now, so we could go get something to eat." "Oh Randy, this is Kathy, our new neighbor." "Hello neighbor.

Randy said as he just now realized he was only wearing a towel, as he had just gotten out of the shower.


He looked down at his towel and his mother, Judy scolded him, saying, " Jeffrey Randall, get upstairs and put some clothes on." "Sorry mom, nice to meet you Kathy." He said as he stepped up to her and shook her hand. Taking his first close up look at her. She looked just as hot up close as she had from across the street. He turned and headed back up stairs to get dressed. As he went up the stairs he purposely let his towel fall off. Judy was looking at Kathy and had her back to him. Kathy was looking right at him and saw a glimpse of his cock, and a good look at his balls as he reached the first landing and turned the corner.

"Silly boys these days, think they can run around the house half naked all the time." Judy said. "Yeah, Kathy said with a giggle." She was thinking that it was funny that her boy didn't do that. They resumed there chat for a few minutes, getting to know each other better. Judy told her that her husband had left her and Randy about two years ago and she had gotten a fat settlement from him in the divorce.

With making some good investments in Real Estate they were set financially. Kathy told her that her husband Ray, was a wonderful man, but was a workaholic. When she mentioned he was out of town often on business Judy's interest perked up a little. Kathy decided it was time to head for home and they said their good bye's. As Kathy walked back across the street and into the house, forgetting about the future landscaping, she thought to herself that that had been interesting to say the least.

She was sure Randy was going to say, "I thought you would come in and join me in the shower." before he saw Kathy standing there. She was also sure that the towel slipping off was on purpose, and she noticed he wasn't a bit shy being in the same room with his mother and a stranger in just his towel. "Hmm, I wonder?" Kathy thought to herself. Surely the neighbor lady wasn't doing her son? Things were sure getting interesting at Donovan's Manor she thought. Chapter 6 Saying Good Night It was Sunday night and after dinner and a little TV, Ray said good night to Brock, looked at Kathy and winked.

Then he headed up stairs to start his weekly ritual. He got out his suit case and sat it on the chest at the end of the bed. First he laid out his pajamas for the night. Kathy came in the bedroom and said, "You getting packed?" "Yeah I'm afraid so. Ray said. Kathy went into the bathroom and started a bath. She went into the closet and got her robe and her night gown. As she went back through the bedroom she asked Ray if he would like to join her in the bath. He said, "Sure sweat heart, I'd love to." Kathy went into the bathroom and took her clothes off and slipped her robe on.

She came back into the bedroom and asked Ray if he would keep and eye on the bath water while she went and said goodnight to Brock.


He said, Sure honey." He didn't look at her so Kathy said, "RAY"! Ray looked at her a little surprised that she had raised her voice. "Don't let the bath water run over please." Kathy said.

"Ok honey, Gee, relax will you?" "I got this" he said. Kathy left their room and headed to the living room to say good night to Brock. But Brock wasn't in the living room any more. The TV was off and all the lights were off except one. So she went to the stairs and could see a light on up there. As Kathy climbed the stairs the belt on her robe came untied. As she reached Brock's bedroom door she noticed it and started to re-tie it.

Then she stopped herself and decided to play with Brock a little bit instead.

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She closed her robe and just left the belt crisscrossed. Thinking that would be enough to hold it closed until she was beside his bed. His door was closed but not locked. So she tapped lightly and turned the knob. As she came into the room the light that was on was dim, but she could see Brock laying there on his bed. She thought he was just in his boxers but as she got closer to his bed, she saw he was naked. He had his eyes closed and was slowly stroking his cock.

Kathy was shocked but she couldn't decide right then what shocked here more, her shy son masturbating, or the size of his cock. "Has it really been that been that long since I've seen his penis?" She thought. "How could it be that big, surely I would have remembered that?" "He's so shy, so quiet, I can't believe he's lying here playing with his cock for Pete's sake." While all this was playing through her mind, the belt on her robe had come completely untied.

Her robe gaped open when she came to a sudden stop a couple feet from the side of his bed. Brock opened his eyes and saw his mother standing there with here robe open, naked underneath. He could see most of her tits except the nipples. He could see all of her clean shaven pussy. He closed his eyes and kept on stroking his cock. He thought he was dreaming, but couldn't risk being wrong.

He knew had his mother been standing there that she would have said something. So he figured he was just dreaming. Her standing there with her pussy in plain sight three feet from the side of his bed was a great fantasy.

He was enjoying his fantasy when he thought he heard something. He opened his eyes real fast and took a quick look, and again she was standing there.

Kathy was standing 3 feet or less from her son as he lay on his bed with his eyes closed pulling on his big dick. She had only looked at his face when she first walked up by Brock's bed.

Once she saw his dick in his hand, she never took her eyes off it. So when Brock opened his eyes the second time he saw his mother standing there practically nude while he was jacking off his big hard meat.

Kathy was starting to get turned on by all of this and began unconsciously rubbing her pussy. Brock began to open his eyes again as he thought he heard something again, but this time he opened them real slow and then only partially. He could see his mother standing there rubbing her pussy, intently watching him stroke his cock. She was making him hotter and hotter as he sped up, pumping his long shaft faster and faster.

Kathy realized she was playing with her pussy and thought that he hadn't noticed her. Brock kept up the faster pace stroking his nine inch cock, the increased speed made his balls bounce off his ass crack and it felt really good.

He kept his eyes just cracked open enough to see her through his eye lashes. Kathy thought his eyes were still closed as she continued to rub her clit. She dipped a finger in her wet hole and spread the juices on her clit. Brock was getting turned on by watching her and felt his balls getting that familiar tingling.

Just then Kathy couldn't resist the sight of her son's big thick cock and heavy cum filled balls bouncing up and down, she stepped right up to his bed and bent over taking the engorged head right into her mouth. Brock saw her coming closer and couldn't believe it when he felt her mouth on his cock head. That was it, he shot his first jet of cum right into her mouth.

Kathy, a little stunned by his cum hitting the back of her throat started to pull back. Brock felt it and put his hand on the back of her head and held it there while three more ropes of cum came blasting out. Kathy realizing what was happening sank her mouth down on her son's cock till it hit the back of her throat. Swallowing his entire load, she started sucking real hard as she withdrew her head. Brock let go of the back of her head as she came up the length of his shaft.

Her mouth came off the head of his cock with an audible popping sound, as she gulped in a breath. Both of them were stunned at what had just happened. They stared at each other a second, as Kathy stood up and said, "I came in to say good night." Brock still stunned, just sat there in disbelief with his mouth hanging open.

Kathy leaned over and kissed him on the mouth. Sticking her tongue in and quickly swirling it around. Then pulling back she said, "Good night." She turned around and walked out of his room, closing the door behind her.