Rabuda no busao do Recife TI cajueiro seco

Rabuda no busao do Recife TI cajueiro seco
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Desemprego no Brasil ta uma porra

Well I got home and my parents took off back to work. They both run a local business shops in town. My dad who is big almost six foot tall very lanky like a huge walking bean sprout runs a Mexican restaurant the most popular and busiest places in town.

He always leaves early to micromanage everything in his restaurant. My mom is a manager at the local Wal-Mart. She is always taking on way to much work but she loves it. She's a knock out too Asian with classic almond eyes long black hair always in a pony tail and lots of heavy make up. She is beautiful and I want to have her looks. I'm adopted I think I'm just some type of white not sure what but some type of European I think. My dad is far to busy trying to build a franchise and my mom never wanted to lose her figure.

Even when she's not working she is busy in the yard working on her tan and working out. I'm plain as it comes thin lips I still have boy-ish hips and my hair is kept short but always neat.

I take good care to try to live like my mom I even work out with her sometimes even though I don't need it. I'm naturally tone I eat and eat but don't get a single pound added on to my 90lbs body. The more I work out the more I get buff. So I definitely don't try to over do it I already look like a boy no need to grow buffer then the rest of my eighth grade classmates. While I saw my parents walk to the drive way having a conversation about how I'm sick and one of them should stay home.

Meaning my mom should stay home with me. My dad would never stay away from the restaurant for more then his lunch hour. He doesn't even get sick I can't remember a time when he had a cold or influenza. My mom gets sick a lot but pushes threw to make her hours she trying to show the world she can be a mom and work and stay looking like a model.

To her credit she does make it to my school events and my dad always caters them with his specials.


So I do see them a lot but sometimes I wish they stop working so much and just spend time with me. Not that I couldn't take care of myself. I cooked for myself did my own laundry and never got too sick so I didn't have to worry about that.

Well there was that one time we ate at one of my dad's competitors and I got food poisoning for two whole days. Never eating duck in my life again. All I really needed to do was think of something and it will be done. Like say I want a pb&j sandwich I just think of it and the bread gets put in the toaster.

The peanut butter and jelly gets out of the pantry with a butter knife in both jars and in a few minutes I have a pb&j. I don't even have to get up. I figured everyone can do this but apparently I was wrong. The day when my mom came home and found dinner layed out and the dishes being washed by themselves she totally freaked. I was busy playing house with a few of my dolls that can come to life whenever I want. She chalked it up to a short term sign of exhaustion.

I even dove in her mind and made her believe she done it all while I helped. That calmed her down a bit but ever since then she has given me more space and became a but distant. My dad well he never home until late even then he makes time for tickle fights and a bed time book after my bath.

I loved how he always makes time for me. We gotten closer in the passing years while my mom tries to win a fight against time and trys to experiment with the newest body cream and newest trend to stay young.


Of course there conversation ends the same way as they always do. They both agree to disagree and go back to doing whatever they were doing. No big surprise. I didn't need my special trick to know that they both will just up and leave go back to work and then dad will ask if I'm ok after work. I didn't care really I know they love me I checked many times in there mind. I walked up stairs to my room and the tv turned on and flipped to the cartoon channel.

Some old episode of Ed,Edd,and Eddy was on. They were busy being chased by them trailer trash sisters.

I plopped on my bed and saw my favorite Barbie doll turn her head to me. "What's wrong Ronda?" She asked while hopping off the shelf she was on and made her way to me. "Nothing I just…saw a lot today." I said as I helped her onto the bed.

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"Oh what you see?" She asked laying herself on the bed and watching the show. "I saw Grace blow off Bobby Holden. He wasn't that big compared to the other boys and men Grace blew off." I said while trying to push that image of grace sucking on Bobby's manhood out of my head. "I think they call that a blow job not a blow off." Barbie said with a giggle.

"What ever you call it it's gross and sounds disgusting." I said shaking my head as if to somehow erase the image from my mind. "Is that all? You always knew Grace is a bit of a slut who would blow any guys she can just for the hell of it." Barbie said she knows all about sex and about Grace I never asked how she knows about sex but she did.

"Well no I met a strange old man today too." I said making the tv shut off bored at the rerun. "Not some type of perverted old man right with promises of candy and puppies?" Barbie said in a stern voice. "No this man was stranger. He had no hair was old and hunched over with a huge hump on his back. The strangest part was he had long blue flames on his face. Kind of like a beard and bushy eyebrows." I said while trying to picture him but for some reason the image kind of started to disappear from my memory.

"Can you draw him for me?" Barbie asked me. "I think so but it's hard to picture him." I got my notebook out and a few color pencils out.

Using my mind I made the color pencils draw him out to the best I could remember. The drawing came to the paper under a fury of color pencils trying to piece together what I last saw.

The picture was incomplete. I got the basic image of his body and his blue flames on his face but I couldn't remember details of his face. His eyes color nose shape or how old he was. Barbie looked over the picture and said, "Your not done.

Finish it." In a stern voice again. "I can't remember the rest. Its too hard besides what it matter he said he would come see me soon." I said hoping Barbie wasn't too mad at me for not finishing the drawing.

Barbie head did a complete 360 and her face went from her normal content plastic face to a angry scowl. "He's coming to take you away from me. We have to go." Barbie said while making the other dolls in my room get up and look out the window. "What no he didn't say that. He was actually pretty nice except when he was in my head reading my mind." "Did he hurt you?

He's a bad man he is trying to separate us." Barbie said in unison with my other dolls and toys in my room. I was getting scarred they all agreed that moving up two grades was a bad idea and they were right.

Are they right about this man? Is he really out to hurt me and separate me from my only friends? I wasn't going to risk it. Last time I didn't listen to them I got stuck in a class with Grace. I won't make that mistake twice again. I got my phone that I had charging since morning, my big book bag filled it with clothes only my favorite and took Barbie with me.

The rest of my toys will stay behind and protect my family from the bad man. As I was about to head out the door I heard the voice again. "Don't lose control get it together." I shaked my head and grabbed Barbie and left out the door.

I figured if the man is coming to get me he won't hurt my family. I got my bike and took off riding in the direction of my favorite hiding spot.

Its a old abandoned quarry. It used to have salt or something there but it mainly stayed empty and unused besides a few hobos who camp there at night but they usually stay inside the quarry.

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I stayed on the outer rim of it chucking rock and seeing how many skips I can get. I rode my bike past threw town passing my dad's restaurant. I turned into the bad part of town the trailer park. I looked around to make sure I didn't run into them sisters from Ed,Edd,and Eddy. I finally got to the train tracks and rode along with it until I got to the quarry. I got off my bike and let it fall to the soft grass and walked over to the outer rim of the quarry. Sitting down I placed Barbie next to me and looked down to see if any of the hobos are around.

They weren't around not a single one was in there makeshift camp at the middle level of the quarry. "How did you find this place?" Barbie asked she was different while most of my toys and dolls can only come to life if I ask she could walk and talk all by herself it's what made her my favorite and best friend.

"Well I found it after I ran away from one of the parties my mom and dad forced me to go to. I hated parties mostly for the clowns and loud music it was horrible." I explained to Barbie how I found this place. "It was hot and I was bored I just wanted to go home and play with you. Then this nasty clown who smelled like the bottle my dad brings out for company tried to give me a plastic balloon animal.

His face was half make up half dirty. It gave him a patchy look and he got in my face with a goofy smile and laugh." I said trying to fight back tears as the haunting images of the clowns toothless smile came to my head.


"I wanted to get him away from me but he tripped on his feet and fell backwards into the birthday cake. The candles were lite and he came to be on fire. I was feeling sick from his smell so I ran and kept on running.

Until I found myself here then scruffy a hobo who looked old and smelled like the clown came and sat with me." I said remembering scruffy's kind smile and charming laugh. "You lost or trying to get lost?" He asked me and I told him about the clown. He brought me back to the party and shoved me towards the police who was busy talking with my parents.

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My mom was crying and my dad asked where I was I pointed to scruffy but he was gone." I said while looking around for scruffy again. "Ever since then I come around to see scruffy even though I don't ever see him I still hope someday I will." I said as Barbie stood next to me trying to kick a pebble down the pit. "I see well don't worry you don't need scruffy you have me and I'll protect you from the evil man." "Are you sure that's all that happned today?" Barbie said randomly.

"Its just like you're not telling me everything." I sighed "well there was this one tiny incident…" I told her of how I nearly killed Grace and the blue flame took me to a strange place with talking books. Just as a cloud was passing over the sun a noise came from behind us. "Scruffy?" I asked while I picked up Barbie ready for anything. The voice began to speak again but louder this time almost like he was in front of me.

"Relax don't be afraid. Calm down its only me." Barbie fell from my hand and got ten times her size and got even taller then me. She transformed from a cute Barbie to a black haired beautiful dark skinned woman. Her hair stood up in a spiky fashion nails black as coal. Her skin tan and gave her a bronze like look. Her voice wasn't sweet and kind anymore but other worldly. Like how I spoke before when I lost control of myself and nearly killed Grace.

"Calm yourself your not in any danger." The blue flame said as it came glowing out of the woods. "Leave us. I won't have you take Ronda away from me. I'll kill you first." Barbie said in a menacing voice as her nails got longer and sparks began to come from her finger tips. "I'll burn you until your body is unrecognizable." "I won't fight you. Not while your in this state." I tried to step in between them but I felt myself frozen and stuck unable to move anything but my eyes.

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I looked around and didn't see my reflection in a shard of broken glass from a half busted bottle. Instead it was Barbie's reflection staring back at me.

Was I really Barbie or was Barbie really me? I was so confused I didn't know what to do or what I could do. I looked on as Barbie or I flung lighting blots into the blue flame but they just bounced off. "Your using to much power you can't control it calm down relax get a hold of yourself. You wasting to much you'll draw attention to yourself." The blue flame said as it floated closer to me…or is it us?

Suddenly I felt myself floating up and hovering above the blue flame as if I was using my eavesdropping trick. The blue flame came closer and I saw a outline of a man inside the the blue flame.

Not the same old man from before in the study, but a young boy who couldn't be no bit older then me. "Stay away from Ronda or I'll hurt you so bad you'll beg for death." Barbie said in a deep growling voice. "Come here it's fine.

I'll teach you to control yourself." The blue flame said in its peaceful calm voice. With out stretched arms it tried to hug me. Barbie wasn't having it she grabbed the blue flame and threw it to the bottom of the quarry.

I yelled for her to stop but wasn't able to speak. Then Barbie went flying after it claws out ready to tear it apart.

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The blue flame stopped falling and grabbed Barbie and kissed her. Not a peck either but a full blown make out passion filled kiss.

I felt the blue flames soft lips on mine and tried to push back but I couldn't I was helpless. I wasn't saying I didn't like it but I mean come on when I first met it the blue flame threw me off the roof of my school.

Barbie seemed lost for words but then responded to the kiss by kissing it back. Soon we were all just hovering above the quarry making out in a long passionate kiss embracing one another. Our hands tracing each other's spine then I felt light headed.

I woke up again on the soft bed from before. In the same study as before. With the same books asking me to read them from before. I got up but instantly felt strange. I wasn't my normal petite self. I was now taller and had a large black robe on. I tried to find a window a mirror anything so I can see my reflection. I found a bowl full of water I peeked at it and gasped the reflection wasn't me but Barbies.

Not the knock out plastic blond but the psycho lighting bolt shooting kissing Barbie. I was speechless I fell back and landed on my ass. I tried to get up but it was difficult.

Try growing a extra three feet and wearing heels it's hard to even get my balance. I finally got up on my seventh try and heard the blue flame speak from behind me. "Finally your awake I figured I'd have to wait another hundred years until your reborn again." "Reborn? A hundred years? What? Where am I?

Who are you? Wha-…what the hell is going on?" I asked trying to get my composure. "Ronda did you really think you were just a mere mortal who had telekinetic powers?

A mortal who can read minds control fate as easy as you control your thumb? Please Ronda don't insult yourself. In case you haven't noticed your no mere mortal but a witch. A powerful one at that&hellip.also your my wife." "I'm a what now? And I'm your what?!"