Zeig mir bilder von nackten frauen

Zeig mir bilder von nackten frauen
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Please rate and comment Prior: Kelsey "No Dad Stop." Prior: Kelsey - "Dad that cannot happen Again" Prior: Kelsey - "Paying The Rent" Prior: Kelsey "Dad, how could you let that man do THAT to me." Prior: Kelsey "Dad this is like really SICK." The next morning at breakfast Kelsey had nothing to say.

"Hey, where are you going what's a matter." I asked as she started to leave. "DAD!! You made me do that disgusting finger thing, you are watching other teens and then you let me walk around with that mess on my shirt. No wonder those women were looking at me." "Come on Kelsey, I'll make it up to you." "Dad, I don't want to." I pulled her close to me.

"You are not wearing the clothes I bought you." "I don't want to wear that, it gives you too many ideas." "I pulled off her shorts and panties." She didn't argue which was a good thing because I was pretty mad already she wasn't wearing the shirt and thong underwear I got for her.

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I set her up a stool and spread her legs apart. I ran my hands along her thighs and then began to rub her between the legs. Come on honey, get nice and wet for Dad. Hmm, that's better. It only took a few minutes and she was good to go. I certainly was ready.

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I pushed my cock insider. "Dad, I don't want this." "Sure you do, you will like it." I started up a nice smooth rhythm.

I leaned forward and kissed her sweetly on the lips. "Your Dad loves you Kelsey." "Why were you looking at those other girls Dad?" I have those needs, it doesn't mean I don't love you." I could feel, I could hear Kelsey beginning to respond. "That's it baby, wrap those legs around your Dad." Damn, was that sweet. I put my hands on her butt and pulled her tight.

She pulled me closer. I could tell she wanted me deeper. I was very nice and slow. She was purring, the little pussy cat was purring for her daddy's cock. "That's it baby, let it go, you know you want it." I ran my hands up her sides pulling her shirt up and off over her head.

I kissed her breasts and then kissed her lips. I kept saying all these sweet things to her. What I really wanted to say is I like fucking teen pussy. I couldn't tell her while I was deep in her cunt I was pretending it was sweet Ali from the clothing store.

Stick my pole in your hole slut. I laughed to myself. I kept my thoughts, thoughts of Ali to myself as we swapped spit. I had massaged her breasts and nipples. She was moaning and groaning like the little cum slut I knew she was.

" "OHHH, Baby, wrap those legs tight around me." I was so fucking deep inside her.

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I picked her up and put her ass on the counter so I could get a different angle. I was hanging on to her sweet thighs. "Hang on Kelsey, Daddy's ready to cum." "In and out, harder and the n slower." "AHHHHHHHH." I shot my load inside her as she was screaming for it.

Gotta say she was pretty hot. A really good fuck. "Dad, I didn't really want that. Really, I didn't." "Sure you did sweetie, you know you liked it." "NO NO NO." She grabbed her clothes and ran away.

HA, I laughed to myself, little fuck pig just doesn't admit she likes fucking her Dad. I went back to my room and jerked-off thinking about screwing Ali just like I did Kelsey.

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LOL Two Days Later: "Hey Kelsey, lets to the store and do some shopping, maybe you would like some new clothes." "Dad, like the things you brought last time?, I think I will pass." "Kelsey, we are going to the store." I replied very firmly.

As we got to the girls section my heart started to pound. Ali WAS working, looking as hot as ever. I made a point of walking by the clerks section. "Hi again, you brought your daughter with?" "Hey Ali, yes this is my daughter Kelsey." "Hey Kelsey, think we have run into each other." "Yea, there was that football game at East, you must know some of the people from my old neighborhood." Replied Kelsey.


I walked away and before I knew it they were yaking away. I was really excited now. My daughter and Ali looked like they were hitting it off. This could get interesting. I trolled through the aisles as I watched them.

I had my cell phone and got plenty of photos of sweet Ali. Even though I am a crude, Vulgar SOB I thought it was nice watching the two girls talking. It was even cuter as I started thinking of them eating pussy. Now that would be hot.

Kelsey came over to me with a smile. She had an armful of clothes to try on. "Dad, I gonna try some of this stuff on in the fitting room." I had this absolute hard-on. I watched Kelsey tight little ass as she walked toward the dressing room. "Dad, what are you doing this is the women's dressing rooms. I am going to try these clothes on." "I pushed her along the corridor of the ladies dressing rooms.

The store was quiet so the doors were open and empty. "Dad, what are you doing?" Kelsey asked plaintively in a low voice. I kept moving her along into the last room.

"Dad. You are not supposed to be here." She pushed against me but I pushed her into the room and locked the door. "Dad this is Crazy!" "We can't do it here." I grabbed her by the neck and put my face next hers.

"Listen closely, pull off your shorts and panties, put your hands up against that wall and lean away from me. Keep quiet." Kelsey mumbled but she was leaning up against the wall.

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I put my mouth next to her ear." "What the fuck you think you are doing, spread those legs." The little bitch was leaning up against the wall, ass jutting out, legs spread pussy looking ripe. We could hear voices, someone else was in another changing room. Kelsey looked back at me pleadingly.


I put my finger to my mouth. I grabbed her pretty ass cheeks and pushed my swollen member inside her. I can't remember ever being this hard. Kelsey let out a slight groan as I rammed deep inside her. I laughed to myself. It was going to be tough for the little slut not to groan with the hard screwing.

As I pounded her I could see she was having a tough time bracing herself as I was thrusting with everything I had. I didn't know how she would hold up but I got to give the little bitch credit, she took it like a trooper and kept quiet.

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When we were done I kissed her. "You were great girl." She was red as a beet and legs were shaking. She sat down on the chair and put her head in her hands. I figured she would take some time to recover and change so I snuck out of the changing room. Ali was checking out customers so I hung around the racks watching her. Damn I can't get enough of watching her. The whole time I was fucking Kelsey I was thinking of her.

I kept thinking of my cock in her pert cute little mouth. I wondered how Kelsey was holding up. That was one hard fuck. To Be Continued.