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Big tits exgf titty fuck
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This is a true story of my half sister who lives in New York, USA. My Mum and Dad split up in 1976 when I was six years old. Mum had found another man. She became pregnant with him in the same year, they had a daughter, Becky.

I then had two sisters, but Becky stayed with Mum and her new man. Eventually, in 1986 they moved to the state of New York in America.


We stayed in contact regularly. About once a year, I fly over to the states to see my other family, especially my sister Becky. She is 27 now, dark reddish hair, piercing hazel green eyes, 5'10", 40dd breasts, 130 pounds. She is such a sweet, loving girl. I have fantasized about her many times.

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One night when I was staying there for my summer holiday, I heard her moaning in her room. There was a slight crack in the door where it did not meet the jam properly. I placed my left eye to peep through, there on the bed was Becky, masturbating her shaven pussy! Ever since that night, I have wanted to make love to her, this was how I got to do it.

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It was a few months ago on a Saturday night, Becky had just come back from celebrating her best friends birthday, I cant remember her name. The time was about 2am as Becky stumbled through the door, she was very drunk! She must have had got a taxi home from the night club. She was wearing a small black dress that hugged her beautiful frame. It was very short, the hemline ended at the top of her thighs, barely covering her pussy mound.

Becky's beautiful breasts were hugged by a push-up type bra, her cleavage clearly on view in the low cut front.

She looked absolutely devine. I wanted to tear her dress off there and then! "Hi lover" Becky slurred as she stumbled over the doorstep.

I raced over to catch her as I did not want her to fall on the floor and hurt herself.

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I managed to catch Becky in time but the force of her fall was to much, I lost my balance and fell backwards. I still had Becky in my arms as I thudded to the floor, she was still on top of me. The full weight of her warm, beautiful body was pressed against mine. Becky raised her head, her beautiful green eyes catch my lustful gaze.

For a moment I am lost in her deep emerald pools, she then blew me a kiss then said "I love you". Becky's head then fell to my chest as she passed out.

By now my cock was as hard as a rock as it pressed into her tummy, I was so horny as I felt her gorgeous body on top of mine. I reached down to carress the small of her back, I feel the swell of becky's wonderfull hips in my hands as I softly stroke her there for a while. I then moved further down to stroke her lovely behind, I felt the soft but firm flesh of her wonderful buttocks. Becky's breathing had become slow and laboured, she dont appear to be turned on but instead very much asleep.

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I figured it best to stop and get her to her bed. I gently rolled Becky off me, I shuffled to my hands and knees, I took her left arm then gently but firmly pulled her up into a sitting position, her head flopped to one side loosely, she was now in a deep drunken sleep.

I shifted about to get my balance then pulled Becky up and over my shoulder to give her a fireman carry. I took her to her room and gently place Becky on her bed which was crammed with soft toys. Becky had not even batted an eyelid, she was in the deepest of dreams by now. I pulled the bed covers down from under her body so that I can cover her up but as I do so I noticed that her dress had ridden up and her little black thong had been exposed.

It was barely covering her pussy mound. My god she looked so gorgeous! Lust took over my senses as my hands began to touch her thighs, I softly carressed them, up and down. Still she do not respond as I continued to touch her lustfully but lovingly.

With each stroke my hands traveled further up to her pussy mound. I finally reached the lacey seam of her thong, I slid my fingers under the flimsy material and I felt Becky's soft, downy pubic hair that graced her mound so beautifly. My thumbs began their own carressing as they move around her soft pussy lips, I felt a slight moistness on the inner labia.

My right thumb located Becky's clit and began to circle it, I continued this for a while as I noticed her wetness was flowing more heavily. By now, Becky's pussy was soaking wet however she was still in a heavy sleep, how can this be? Was she pretending to be asleep? I am unsure, she appeared asleep but her pussy was so awake! I stopped my carressing to undress myself, I removed my sports shorts and underwear to release my cock from its prison.

I then peeled off my sweat top. I was then completely naked. I leaned forward to continue my carressing of Becky's body but this time I hooked my fingers under her pretty black thong and pulled it down off her mound. I placed my hands under her soft but firm buttocks and raised them to pull her thong off and slowly down her thighs. I leaned forward to sniff Becky's sweet pussy, oh my god, she smelled devine!

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My cock was as solid as a rock and throbbing like mad. My tongue snaked out to lick her inner labia from anus to clit in one long semi hard slurp. I stopped at her clit to suck at it as if it were candy.

Still there is no response from Becky other than her gushing pussy which was flooding my greedy mouth. My right hand reached down to my cock, I masturbated while I kept my mouth clamped on Becky's pussy. At this time I was so horny and close to blowing my cum on her legs. A wicked thought filled my mind, I wondered if I could actually make love to Becky while she was sleeping.

I released my mouth from her wetness, I slowly pushed her thighs apart and I shifted forward and hooked my thighs under hers. This raised and opened her legs as they rested on top of my thighs. Becky's pussy was now fully accessable and ready to be made love to. I pushed forward slightly, the tip of my cock was touching her wetness, I kept my cock there for a moment, prolonging my impending pleasure.

I leaned forward some more, I placed my hands either side of her shoulders, I then slowly pushed my cock into Becky's hot, wet pussy.

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The heat from her internal pleasure pot burned into my cock, "Oh Becky, I love you" I sighed. I began to build up a rythm as I slowly made love to her sleeping body.

The shear pleasure combined with the thought of making love to my sister while she was sleeping was begining to take its toll on my senses, I was soon about to cum in her pussy. I tried to hold on by slowing down but I could not stop it.

I decided to give one final strong push to make my cum really powerfull.


I hooked my arms under Becky's shoulder blades and pulled her down hard onto my cock. I pushed really hard into her pussy as a huge wave of pleasure washes over me as I filled Becky's pussy with my cum. "Becky, Becky, Becky, Becky" I panted with each pump from my cock.

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I lay down on top of her, my cock still in her pussy. I'm not exhausted but tired and completely satisfied of my naughty but ever so lovely sex session with my drunk, sleeping sister. Should I tell her? I'm not sure, one day maybe. I slowly climb off her, I watched my cock slide out of her pussy, hardly any cum flowed out, I must have pumped it into her so deep that it stayed in.

I pulled her legs closed, took hold of her arms, pulled her up then removed her dress over her head. I unclasp her bra and freed her 40dd breasts, they bounced free infront of me.

"Oh Becky you are so beautiful" I say as I feel my cock harden again while I stare lustfully at her naked body. I layed her back down on the bed, I took my cock in my right hand and masturbated over her breasts, I rubbed my wet, swollen head of my cock on her nipples. I swapped from left breast to right. Again the familiar feeling of pleasure welled up in me. "Yes!

Becky! AAAAAHHH" I moan as I came over her breasts. I smeared it into her flesh as my pleasure sibsided. I leaned forward, whispered into her ear "I love you Becky, sweet dreams" I pulled the cover over her naked body, kiss her on the forehead and leave her room to go to my own "I love you too" she replied, "that was lovely".


To be continued?