SUper HOt Singaporean Chick Inserts Big Dildo into Her Ass

SUper HOt Singaporean Chick Inserts Big Dildo into Her Ass
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Rachel gets to ride, a bike and other things. She woke up and suddenly realized she was not in her own bed and then she remembered last night. Oh last night as she sighed. It had been some time and it felt so good to be with a man again and what a man.

He had been sweet and tender to the point she felt like crying and then he had kissed the tears. There was happiness in her, a feeling she could not explain, but she enjoyed it.

He was not in bed but she could hear him in the other room doing something. She looked under the covers and realized she was, oh my, stark naked and the she smiled and dropped the covers. How long had it been since she had laid naked in a bed, mmmm, to long lady she thought. "Good morning beautiful, did you sleep well?" He was carrying a tray with coffee and toast.

She said and then thought; "good morning you gorgeous sexy man you", it's a good morning but the beautiful part is stretching it a little. She had trouble believing she was beautiful to him. "Here, sit up and take this" as he handed her the tray and fixed pillow for her then got in beside her. He was wearing a pair of boxers and looks so good to her; she would rather eat him than the toast.

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She chuckled to herself with that thought, dirty old lady. I would like to eat that cock of yours butter or no butter. He notices the sly smile that crossed her face and thought to himself, now if I can just keep her smiling like that life will be good. Little did he know what she was really thinking? She has settled back against the pillows and started to put the tray down when he whipped up the sheet and exposed her body.

Nice naked body in my bed he thought, but we have places to go so behave for now. "Hey what are you doing, I don't have anything on." "I know and I just wanted to see that beautiful naked body before it gets all covered up." "Oh David stop it, I know how old I am and what I look like." "Lady you have to stop thinking like that and until you do I am going to strip you naked and spank your ass every time you say things like that." He thought, dam that sounds like fun actually.

"Okay I'll try but only because you probably would really do it" and I wish you would. She smiled and chuckled to herself again. There it is that smile, good she likes the teasing and he reached over took her face between his hands and kisses her very softly on the lips and looked so deep into her eyes that she was sure he could see her soul, well maybe her heart cause is was pumping very fast right now.

They looked into each other's eyes for what seemed forever without a word. They sat and drank the coffee and ate the toast and chatted about small things.

She had made no move to put any clothes on and she was comfortable with it. The sheet had even slipped once and her breasts were exposed, he had only looked and smiled and she had just pulled up the sheet and kept on talking.

He had told her to dress in jeans and a long sleeve shirt and she did but as only Rachel would. The jeans were designer ones costing at least $300 and the shirt was embroidered and probably cost the same. She also wore black high heel calf high black boots. Of course under it all she wore some of the special lingerie she had bought. David had on jeans and canvass duck shirt and a pair of black Wellingtons. They went down in the elevator, necking as it descended, to the parking garage.

As they walked past David's car she commented," we are not going with the top down because it will blow my hair all apart" "I don't think after last night that is a major concern and we are not taking the car." With that he directed her to a motorcycle. David had a large BMW with all the gadgets.

He looked at her and reached down handing her a helmet. "Here is you want you can wear it or not, but if you want to talk to me you have to wear it as it is wired so we can talk as we ride." Not that the BMW makes much noise.

She could not believe it here he was going to take her out on a motorcycle. She had never been on one in her life. She thought, oh god what is this do I do I can't ride his. He saw the look and took her in his arms, "Lady you're riding with me and I will not let anything harm you, okay" She looked up into his face and started to cry and thought, oh dam there I go again with the tears this is all so crazy. He only smiled and kissed the tears," look dear you have to stop with the crying." "But you're so sweet and kind and well I just can't help it, you make me cry." "Okay I'll stop being nice and smack you around, will that help?" He smiled and kissed her forehead.

"Okay, you keep being nice like you are and I'll try to stop the waterworks." She reached out and hugged him so hard he had trouble breathing. Dam this is good he thought, she is one wonderful woman, how could she have such a daughter. With that he thought, what is going on with me, what is this woman doing to me? They got on the bike and he showed her how to get on and what to do. He like the picture of her sitting there on his bike, she fit right in and dam did she look good in that outfit, helmet and all.

They were a pair as they headed out on the open road. At first she clutched at him and held on tight but slowly she relaxed and sat back. It was a new and exhilarating experience for her. The feel of the bike between her legs and then up tight against his back. She wrapped her arms around his chest, in a death grip at first but then relaxed and finally in a loving hug of a hold. Loving hug? Now where did that come from she thought. Let's not get this mixed up with love as this young man is not going to fall for some old woman.

Opps, better be careful or I will get stripped and spanked and with that she smiled that wonderful smile. Although the smile was buried it the helmet, David felt a gentle squeeze by her arms around his chest and smiled to himself. She likes it; good the day is off to a good start. They headed to a beach area on a lake about 2 hours away. The conversation had been varied and good and the general feel of the bodies so close was great.

I was very warm by the time they go to the beach. They had packed bathing suits, towels and a blanket in side cases. She went into the bath house and changed into the new two piece suit she had bought. I was a blue and white one with a blue wrap around cover.

The top tied behind the neck and at the back and did not overly cover her nice breasts. He wore a pair of tan swimming shorts, not sexy at all. He was waiting for her as she came out and he just stared with his mouth open. She was really a very beautiful woman with a very nice figure. She certainly did not look her age. David notice that several men in the area also looked at her as did some of the women.

Rachel always wore great clothes and the swim suit was no different. She looked at him and saw the look and all of a sudden she got younger, she saw other men looking at her with sexual desire in their eyes.

She thought, oh my I must look good, just look at them. With that she straightened up, shoulders back and walked over to David with a definite wiggle in her hips. David saw a change in her stature and walk as she approached and smiled to her.

Dam lady you do look great, I'm going to have to keep an eye on you for sure. She reached out and they took each other's hand and walked to the beach. Heads turned and people thought, what does a young stud like him sees in her? Several of the young girls were thinking they would like to take him away from her. The day was warm the water cool and the company; well it was best of all. They got a picnic lunch form the pavilion and lay on the blanket and ate.

They had gone swimming and there had been much play there. He had pulled her close several time and kissed her very passionately while his hands, under the water, had explored her body completely. She love the feeling his hands as they had slipped inside the bottoms and cupped her butt as they kissed.

She like the way he squeezed her ass and played with all of her. The time he reached around and cupped her breast and then while they were up to their necks he pulled her breasts out of the top and had pinched the nipples which were very hard. As they walked out of the water her hard nipples very visible to everyone. A young woman in a very skimpy bikini walked over and asked "would you like to play some volley ball?" She was only looking at David. "Thank you but no we need to save our energy as we have a very active night ahead" and with that he reached down and patted Rachel's butt and said, "okay dear lets go." She could not believe it and then found herself being moved to the bath house.

The swat on her butt was the nicest love swat she had ever gotten and she strutted all the way to the changing rooms. She kept thinking about the young girl and David's reaction. Did he really care that much and in that way, oh my I am not sure what to do now. As the packed up she told David she did not want the helmet on as she wanted to feel the wind.


He agreed and packed them with the cases; it looked funny but what the hell. On the way back she leaned into him and held him close and dear. She stroked his chest touching him all over and then she slipped a hand inside the shirt and felt his bare skin. She notices the tightening of the muscles in his back and it felt good against her breast and nipples which were hard still.

Her hands played all over his chest and then the outside hand moved down and cupped his crotch and she squeezed. Oh god she is so good and that feels so nice. He could not believe how she was acting and then whoa lady better not do that. The bike swerved around a little. She let go and had both hands on his chest. "Hey you can't do that while I am driving, at least not on the bike, only two wheels and well I don't want us to have an accident." "Okay, only in the car then" and she smiled a very broad smile.

He chuckled to himself and thought, right lady you can play with my cock anywhere else but not when I am on the bike. He just shook his head and smiled. She kissed the back of his neck and hugged him tight. They had stopped for something to eat and it was dark as the returned to the apartment. Upon entering the apartment Rachel ran to the bathroom. David smile and hollered that they would not be going out any more tonight.

Thinking to himself, better put on some other clothes. He went into the bedroom and put on a lounging outfit of maroon pants and top of some satiny material.

She came out of the bath and looked him up and down then said "I have to change into something comfortable too". She had been shopping and had bought a special outfit for just this night. Black satin crotch less panties, she could not believe it when she bought them, and black lace bra. Black lounging gown with a deep cleavage and slit up one side to almost the hip. In the end she left the bra off. Her breasts were not that big and it felt wicked to go without.

The feel of the satin against her breast made her nipples get hard and they occasionally showed through. He was sitting in a lounge chair on the patio when she came out. He got up and looks at her in a way it seemed that no man had looked at her in some time, well not that she noticed anyway. Men had looked but she was not thinking about sex then.

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She feels a sensation run through her that she thought she had forgotten. She feels a moistness and tingly sensation develop in her pussy. He walks over takes her hand and leads her to the other lounge chair. It is a beautiful night, warm and calm. They site for a time drinking wine and a little small talk. She gets up and walks over to him and sits down on the edge of the lounge chair and then bends down and kisses him with a gentle passion.

She is only feeling the passion of the moment and thinking that this young man is the best thing to happen to her in a long time and she is going to enjoy all of him. Her hands rum all over his body and the open the jacket and she kisses his bare chest and bites his nipples and move down to kiss his belly. Her hand move and explore lower and then hold his large erection.

She opens the lounging pants and pulls out his beautiful cock, which she kisses and then takes fully into her mouth.

He is enjoying the feel of her touch and does nothing to stop her. His hands have caresses her back lightly and then he dropped the lounge chair to flat positon. He has pulled her to his side. One leg is bare to the hip and his hand is running up and down it very lightly as she sucks his cock. He can see her bare breast as she bends over his crotch and there is a surge of passion in his body. He wants her is the worst way but he will let her set the pace tonight. His cock tastes so go and his balls feel so nice.

The touch of his hands on her leg and then as they explore her butt and then as they caress her hot wet pussy. She quivers with the sensations that are running through her. He can't help it but the sensations and feelings have made him climax quickly and he shoots a load of hot cum into her mouth.

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He is worried that she will not like it. She felt him tense up and then the hot sticky liquid hit the back of her throat. Oh he tastes so good and she sucked harder as she wanted all he had to give. Oh that was good but now for my turn and he stood up and then reached out and picked her up in his arms. "My turn now and I think I want to find a more comfortable place" and with that he carried her to the bedroom.

He stood her on the floor and kissed her softly as he undressed her. He kissed every part of her, even down to her feet, as the gown fell away.

His hands moved over her body in a very light tickling sort of way. She was ecstatic with all the different sensations running through her body. She felt she could not wait for him to be inside her again. Oh please hurry, please. He is kissing her hot wet pussy as he pulls her panties off and then picks her up and lays her on the bed.

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He stands before her and slowly takes off his clothes. He is slow on purpose as he wants her to enjoy the sight but also the anticipation. She wants his naked body now; oh that big hard cock looks so nice, put that in me now. He lies beside her and caresses and kisses her all over paying particular attention to her nipples and breast and the sweet lips of her pussy. He parts her legs and his lips meet her pussy lips. His tongue wiggles and parts the lips and presses deeper into her.

She moans and pushes his head into her pussy harder. He licks and sucks and the tongue finds the clit which he bits and sucks hard. She moans ever more and then a sob. "Oh please do it now I can't take any more please David" He cannot resist her request and slides on top of her parting her legs wider and slipping his cock between the wet lips. She is ready and his cock slides in easily and goes deep without hesitation. He thrust in and out of her and feels her starting to reach her peak.

Her body tenses and she quivers and moans then screams as she has a major orgasm. His body reacts to hers' and he climaxes just as she is starting to relax from her orgasm, which makes her have another smaller orgasm. He holds her close as he rolls to his side and they lay wrapped in each other arms as the passion and his erection subside.

It was a beautiful weekend but it had to end. There was a very passionate go bye as she left. She returned to the apartment and as she walked in Jenn came up to her and slapped her hard across the face, "you man stealing bitch". She was shocked and could not think. Jenn picked up a couple of suitcases and walked out.


She could not think, she did not know what to say and then she started to cry. There was no one she could talk to. Then it came to her and she called David and told him everything. He hung up and an hour later she was in his arms crying.

He did not know what to do exactly but hold her and let her vent her pain and anger.

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Her hugged him close and he responded by kissing her forehead and then her eyes and the tears. "It is going to be okay and things will work out" The story is not over.