Mi mujer recibiendo su dosis

Mi mujer recibiendo su dosis
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The warmth of my blankets make it close to imposible for me to leave the comfort of freshly cleaned sheets. I could seriously stay in this state of perfection for whole days before wanting to leave.


"Ahhhhh," Ryan lets out an exaderated moan. He does this every morning before he slumps out of bed. "Lexaaaa, wake up," he says with a grunt before throwing one of his pillows with his head barely lifted from our bed. In reaction I lift my torso from my personal heaven, reach to Ryan's side of bed and pull the sheets from his body. Hot damn he is sexy.

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Ryan is made up of slate gray eyes, a strong jaw, and a body that could make a woman cry. He is all mine.

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"Harsh." "Whatever," I sputter "time to get up either way." I walk to the conjoined bathroom and look in the mirror. I am taller than average hight, but still not big enough to be considerd tall.

I am curvy, pretty much average in the in the chest, and have imposibly blue eyes. "What's for breakfast?" Ryan asks me while leaning down wraping his arms around my waist, and settiling his chin onto the crease of my collar bone.

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"Why dont we hav-" "pancakes?" "Sure," I reply. It doesnt take me long to get dressed and put a smudge of mascara on, my eyelashes are already black and my skin is clear enough for me to forget about coverup. I end up making eggs and toast instead of pancakes due to lack of flour. It was after breakfast that it was time to change into somehing other than sweats and a loose tee. "Come help me," I shouted into the bedroom where Ryan was putting on the average jeans and tee.

His tee latched tightly to his muscles making me swell. "My new perfume was put too high in the cupboard.

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"It can't be that high," Ryan shouted back at me. "Well, it is." Ryan obeyed my command and walked into the bathroom.

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"why do you even need perfume?" "because, I like to smell like-" I paused and squinted at the bottle Ryan passed to me. "Pink sugar" "is that even a thing?" he asked.

"I don't know but it smells good," I said popping open the cap and whirling the scent under his nose. "I still like the way you smell way better," Ryan bent over me. He set his hands on either side of the counter around me forcing me to rather be pressed against the counter or embrased into his chest. I chose the obvious. He had a thick aroma of pine and earth. He's totally ripped and has abs of steel, but I still feel the most comftorble pressed against him.

"hmm?" I looked down to confirm that was I was feeling pressed against my torso was what I thought it to be.

Mmhm. I was right. He was horny, and honestly so was I. "I love you," Ryan whisperes in to my ear. ryans handfrom the bathroomcounter and snugged them aroung my hips.

Ryan leaned closer to me and pressed his lips hard against mine. I think I hear him moan my name as our tongues slide against eachother. He makes me so hot. He hand slides from my hips down to my ass.

'More,' I think to myself. More. Ryan isn't like the other men I've been with. he doesn't treat me like a delicate flower, he's rough, and I love it. His hand grasps my ass making me whine inbetween plesurefull kisses. "To the bed?" he asks me. "Mhhm," I reply with a horny break in my voice. I follow Ryan to the bed. I guess Ryan must have taken his pants of on the way because when he sits down he's in his boxer breifs.

I sit facing him against his lap grinding my ass ontop his throbing dick. At this point I am soaking wet, and want him so bad I could cry. He latched his fingers around the waist of my leggings pulling them off of my body, then off came my shirt. I am even more wet then I thought.


I am litterally dripping with exciment. I part my legs enough so that I can set my eyes on Ryans buldge. I want it. Ryan leans back as if giving me permission to unveil his throbbing cock.

Mmm. It's huge. I cant wait any longer I want him inside of me. I crave him. I wrap my fingers around the base of his shaft. I moan as I press my lips against his dick. Ryan lets out a low moan. "Mmmm," I whine as I think Ryan has finaly tanken my desperation into account.

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He leans forward and grabs my ass. Hard. "Mmmmm," I moan louder and rub my throbbing pussy against his bare dick. Ryan pushes the lace from my underwear to the side exposing my clit to his finger tips. "oh my god," I moan so heavy that Ryan has to support me from falling over. He flips me onto my back effortlessly.

He's standing on the floor now, leaning above me. He rubs his thick hard dick against wet clit. "Ryan, stop teasing," I insist of him to stop. I need him now. "Haha," he laughs. His half smile teases me even more and tugs at my heart. "yes!" I scream as he enters me.


He's moaning almost as much as me at this point. He slowly tugs his erection in and out of me. I know I have a tight pussy, and if we go any faster right now he will undoubtebly cum.

We reprosition so he can place his hands are by my shoulders as he pumps. he brings his knees up onto the bed and I just- "Oh my god baby!" I whine "keep moving yours hips like tha- Oh my god, yes!" now Im the one on the verge of coming. My legs wrap aroung his waist as he pounds me harder. He sets me off again as he twists his hips one last time before he presses his pelvis hard against me.

A wave of pur pleasure washes over me making me howl in passion. Ryan lets his chest fall against mine. We both came and it was amazing.

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"I love you Ryan."