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Sex com sex sex stories story
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Sister's Surprise, Chapter 5 Jessica was asleep, beside me on the couch, with her arm draped over my chest, and one leg over one of mine. We were both still naked, the evidence of our lovemaking still gooey smeared against our lower abdomens, its incestuous aroma wafting up to greet my still tired senses. I lost count of the number of times we made love last night.

Her announced pregnancy fueling my desire for her. Waking me from my divine slumber was the soft vibration coming from my purse, which was tossed haphazardly on the end table in last night's passion.

I quickly fished the device out, and opened it. "Hello", I didn't think to check the caller ID on my phone. If I had, I may not have answered it. "Oh, hi Michelle", April's voice came through the speaker. It was chipper. Even while we were living together, I hated how chipper she was every morning.

It was annoying if you weren't a morning person. "Hi April", I said, trying not to wake my sister as she slept on me. Of course, as soon as I mentioned her name, her eyes fluttered open.

"I just wanted to let you know that I did have a great time last night. I know how awkward it was, but I just really wasn't expecting you, I was expecting", she paused, careful not to say my previous name, "him", she conceded. "But now I've had a day to think about it, and I want to meet up with you again, if that's okay?" I didn't know what to say.

I was with Jessica; she was the love of my life. I've felt more passion, romance, and love in the few weeks we've been together than in the three years April and I have been dating and living together. I thought we were through, never to see each other again. And until she called yesterday, I never expected to even hear from her again. But now she wanted to be a part of my life again, and I didn't know if my life had a part for her in it. "Michelle?".

I must have been thinking about it for too long, prompting her to make sure I was still on the phone. "Yeah, I'm here", I said, still trying to buy some time and think about what was going on in my head. "Okay", I conceded. "But not today. Next Friday, for lunch". "That sounds great to me. I'll see you then, Michelle.

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Bye". She hung up the phone. I closed my phone, holding it in my hand, as if afraid to set it down. "Can we talk for a bit", I asked softly to my slowly waking sister, as she held me in her arms. The conversation was a long one, stretching from the early morning rise, well into the afternoon. I confessed to the kiss April gave me at the restaurant last night.

The previous night, that kiss held meaning, like it was some promise of happiness that my heart could not ignore. But last night when I came home, I felt Jessica's jealousy, and then felt her desire to be with me. With that passion, the kiss April and I shared became as meaningless as all the kisses April and Michael shared. Still, there were feelings there, I had to admit. And not just to myself. Jessica had a right to know. April and I had lived together for years, and had been madly in love.

Marriage had been a topic of conversation a few times, but neither of us wanted that right away. While there was passion and romance between us, it was nowhere near the intensity I felt being with Jessica. But it was there. In that long conversation, I let it all out. I let Jessica know all my feeling, my fears, my hopes, my intentions, and my utter devotion to her and to our baby. That point was paramount. At the end of it all, she simply smiled; her look was almost one as if I had just told her everything she needed to hear.

"Its okay, Shelly", her voice was soothing. "As I once told you, I had an adventurous love life while trying to discover my own sexuality. I've been with men, women, and even groups, all while trying to find what it was that I liked. I love you, my dear sister, and I never want you to doubt that. I also know that you love me, and would never do something to hurt me. Which is why I'm telling you, if you find yourself in a position where your body is telling you one thing, but your heart's commitment to me is telling you another, you have my permission, and even my insistence, that you discover your own sexuality.

I will never be able to forgive myself if I found that your devotion to me kept you from enjoying the experiences that all of life has to offer".

Given her reaction when I came home from my date last night, I would have never guessed that these words would come from her mouth.

Last night she seemed worried, even scared that I would leave her. This morning, however, she's actually encouraging me to enjoy myself. "Last night I was scared", she admitted as if reading my mind. Her smile never faltering, she continued, "I had just found out I was pregnant, and the woman I loved was out on a date with her old flame. Of course I was scared. But when you came home, and we made love, I felt your devotion, your love.

You vowed to never leave me, and I heard your words in my heart". She paused, slowly stirring her cup of coffee with a spoon, clinking against the sides of the cup every so often. "But I'm not afraid anymore. I'm not afraid of you finding another to love, of finding out what you like, either with women, or men.

Because I know, in my heart, you love me". I was at a table at a local casual dining restaurant, my legs crossed as I sat in the chair. I wore a black, business-length skirt, sheer stockings, and a pair of low heels that I was still getting used to walking in.

A white blouse along with a dark jacket made me look just like any other business woman on her lunch. Again, April had trouble recognizing me when she came in. I had to practically jump up and down for her to notice me.

I smiled, feeling the confidence growing in my appearance. A week ago, I was so worried that someone on the street would recognize me. Today, it was hard for an ex-lover to find me in a not-so-crowded restaurant. The way we were dressed was actually quite similar, adding to the illusion of two women on a business lunch. The only real difference between us was our hair: She, a brunette, while I had on my blonde wig.

This lunch had an entirely different feel from our dinner date a week ago. This was more like friends hanging out, than old flames trying to rekindle.

It was a much more relaxed atmosphere. We didn't have the tension we did a few nights ago, where we were both apologizing, trying to make things right between us. Now, we were meeting as friends, and we were actually having a pretty good time together. "So, who is she", April asked cautiously. "Or is it a he?" I was taken aback by her question.

"Oh, com'on", she teased, smiling at me. "It's just us girls here. So who's your main squeeze now?" She didn't seem upset by guessing that I may be with someone else, but genuinely wanted to know, just to sate her curiosity.

My heart started beating in my chest. "No one", I lied. I could never let it be known that the love of my life was actually my sister. It was a secret we had both vowed to take to our graves. "Don't you think I know you well enough to know when you're lying", she asked the rhetorical question. A playful smile crossed her lips, a smile I had seen a thousand times when she had a plan. She slowly, intentionally unbuttoned the top button of her blouse, revealing a teasing amount of her C-cup cleavage.

She lowered her hand to her next button, and slowly started pulling it off, "Okay, since there's no one special in your life, how about we have some fun", she said. She opened her shirt, showing me her bra-covered breasts, the white lacy material offering me glimpses of her flesh-toned skin beneath. "I'm going to call my boss, and take the rest of the afternoon off.

Let's go meet back at our apartment, and find out just how girly you are. And if you still need convincing", she pulled a piece of white cloth from her coat pocket, handing it to me. I opened it to find a pair of her panties, the lace pattern on them matching what I was seeing on her chest. "Those are now yours to keep", her smile was a deviant one, filled with playful lust. I had only seen her like this a few times in our life, and only when she was particularly playful.

Jessica's words came flooding back to me, pleading with me to take advantage of the situation. The heart in my chest stopped beating for a moment, a conflict of conscious nearly paralyzing me. As it did in the kitchen when Jessica first saw Michelle, time seemed to slow to nothingness. My heart was wracked with guilt, even though I was given a pass from my lover.

My mind, on the other hand, was responding to the stimuli, as my eyes hungrily peered into her opened blouse, devouring the sight of her breasts. Even my sense of smell was assaulted, as I discovered the panties in my hand had been recently worn while she was highly aroused.

All this was having an obvious effect on my clit, as I could feel myself harden beneath the table, threatening to tent out my skirt if I stood. She licked her lips, dragging her tongue invitingly over her red lipstick, while her eyes peered into me. I saw a fire, something I had not seen since we were still in high school. She wanted me. And I felt the old spark too: I wanted her. Our lips were locked together as she fumbled with the keys to the door.

We were still outside, still exposed. But I didn't care at that moment. The whole world could know that I was Michelle now. April could pull my skirt up, and proudly show my clit to everyone, and I wouldn't have cared.

All my senses were about the fire that we shared. And to be truthful, I loved the idea of not having to hide my desires from the rest of the world, something I could never do with Jessica.

The door opened quickly, as April finally turned the key to let us in. We nearly fell in, tumbling to the floor in a primal passion. We kicked the door closed once inside, slamming it harder than we intended, but unable to control ourselves. She pulled me- or I pulled her- to the couch, where she threw me down. I wanted to get back up, to ravage her body in a way I have never done before. A hand on my forehead kept me in place, as she then walked to the stereo, her hips swaying with seduction.

A slow song came on, adding a musical overtone to the sensual environment. She walked back slowly, each step in time with the music, and each step crossing over the other, causing an exaggerated sway to her hips. She stopped about three feet from me, her feet spread out as far as her skirt would let her.

Her hands roved over her body, down slowly over her chest, until she reached the bottom of her jacket, just below her still swaying hips. With her hands firmly grasping the jacket, and in a quick move in perfect time with the song, her jacket flew open, revealing her white blouse underneath, still unbuttoned about half-way down.

She pulled the jacket from her shoulders, rolling her shoulder in a large, exaggerated circle until the jacket slipped off one, then the other. With a flourish, her arms went straight and stiff, pointed behind her back. The jacket easily slipped down and off, falling to the floor. Her fingers worked slowly, painfully slowly, on the remaining buttons, as her body swayed to the music. "Do you know how much I've thought about being with another girl, Michelle", she asked, every syllable dripping with lust.

"I've had fantasies of a woman's soft touch making me cum. Her delicate fingers touching my most intimate parts, and her tongue lapping at my clit, teasing me to an explosive climax. Her gentle hands gripping my breast, tenderly pinching my nipples". The last buttons of her blouse were undone, but she held her shirt closed tightly around herself, being sure to tease me with every inch of skin she showed me.

My own arousal was clear, as my legs parted as far as the skirt I was wearing allowed. A very unlady-like bulge pushing against the material at my waist. My clit was craving to be touched, either by April's hands, or my own.

"Not so fast", April scolded, noticing my hands about to pull up the hem of my skirt up. She kept swaying her hips, dancing to the music.

"Just sit there like a good little girl, while I get warmed up", she teased. And with that, her hands pulled apart quickly, exposing her white bra to me, her breasts bouncing playfully from the motion. Her shirt flew from her arms, joining the same forgotten pile her jacket was in. Her hands now had more skin to touch, teasing me as she went. I envisioned my hands roving over her body, my fingertip being dragged over her flawless physique.

I could nearly feel every curve of her body on my trembling fingers as I gripped the couch cushion, watching silently as her own hands caressed her skin. "Are you going to be that girl for me Michelle", she asked, but paid no attention to me as her eyes closed. "Are you going to touch me like only a lover will? Are your fingers going to rub against my pussy to make me cum? Is your little tongue going to taste my sweet nectar, flicking against my excited pussy?" Her questions were rhetoric, as we both knew I would.

Her eyes closed, as her hands reached behind her back. I knew in moments her bra would be off, and again, I would be endlessly teased by her erotic display. I saw the bra cups pull away slightly from her chest, but still held in place by the straps that arched over her shoulders, as her hands came back around. She held her bra in each hand, as she turned her back to me, keeping in step with the music. I saw the two straps dangling behind her back, her perfect skin revealing the curve of her back and shoulder blades.

With a shrug and a playful look over her shoulder, the bra came off. She held it arms length away, the lacy white bra dangling from her slender fingers, while her other hand rested on her hip. With the playful look in her eyes as she turn her head to face me, the bra slipped from her fingers, falling to the ground, forgotten.

Even as she turned her head back around, I could still see the playful smile. I had seen April naked a hundred times while we were living together.

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This moment held new arousal for me. This was erotic. She wanted me. What's more, she wanted me as Michelle. Her back still to me, April's hands pawed over her skirt, unzipping the side, and letting it fall to the floor around her ankles.

I was staring at her naked ass, suddenly remembering her wet panties in my pocket. Her hips continued to sway to the music, her legs parted slightly, the hems of her nylons ending about mid-thigh with a two-inch band of lace. I swallowed hard as I saw her moving. She was about to turn around. I was about to be confronted with the beautiful naked body of my ex-girlfriend. And for some reason, I was in a panic, my heart racing with both the notions of cheating on my lover, and the erotic act that was becoming the prelude to sex we both knew it was.

Her body turned further to face me, but stopped in profile. Even then, I marveled at the curves of her body.

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The subtle slope of her pert breasts, ending with a tiny pink nipple. The sensual curves of her hips as they continued to sway slowly to the music, hypnotizing me. She turned, her beauty fully facing me. Her eyes enveloping me with their passion.


Her mouth held open as her tongue dragged over her ruby lips, teasing me. A thin strip of pubic hair was neatly trimmed right above her slit, teasing me again with her sexuality, as her hips kept swaying to the slow music. The aroma of her sex penetrated my senses, and combined with the erotc striptease, was having a very noticeable effect on the front of my skirt. She stood before wearing nohing but a pair of black, lace-trimmed stockings.

The music faded, her body finally coming to a stop inches in front of me. I could see a light layer of perspiration starting to coat her enttire body, both from the little dance, and from the erotic anticipation of sex. Her chest heaved as she slowly caught catch her breath. "Your turn", she said quietly, almost as a whisper as the next song started up. She pulled me to my feet, despite my reluctance.

I didn't know the first thing about an erotic dance other than what April just performed for me. She took ahold of my hips as the music started, pulling and pushing me into a steady rhythm, just as she had done. With my own hips taken by the music, I felt her grip lossen, leaving me alone in the livingroom-turned-dancefloor.

She quickly sat, taking the spot I just left. Her arms extended out behind her, draped over the back of the couch, as she slowly crossed her legs. I was nearly paralysed with fear, with only my hips moving with the sway of the music.

My thoughts turned back to what Jessica said the other morning, about enjoying all that life has to offer. Slowly, with each beat of the song that sourrounded the living room, my confidence grew. And with slow, deliberate motions, I began unbottonning my shirt, right in front of April's hungry gaze teasing her with glimpses of the white bra I wore. Each botton taking longger and longer to undue as I strived to tease her as much as she had done to me.

She licked her ruby lips again, staring intently as more and more of my chest became bared to her. I pulled the rest of my shirt out of my skirt, undoing the last button and holding it closed tightly arround me. I waited for a sudden boom to play during the song I was stripping to, before I pulled it open, letting her see my lace bra, and my 36C chest, only slightly padded by the fleshtoned breast forms that I still wore in public.

Of course, the bra did do a lot of the work, pressing my small breasts together to giclve the illusion of cleavage. And it was doing a spectacular job of that right now judging by the look of pure lust dripping from April's eyes. She licked her lips again, as I continued. Just as April had, I turned away from my audience as I lossened my skirt, letting it fall around my ankels, before I took two steps out of it.

My own panties were nowhere near as sexy as I wished they were, and deffinately not as sexy as April's white thong that was currently balled up in my discarded skirt's pocket. I bent forward at the hips, my shapely ass aimed at April and her lustful leering. My thumbs slid easily into the waistband. I looked down, seeing my rigid clit pulling at the front of white satin panties, as my hands guided them down my smooth legs. My clit, now free of the confining garment, swayed as my hips did, bouncing from one side to the other, as the smacking sound added a crescendo to the music I was dancing to.

My hands reached easily behind my back, ready to release my still growing breasts from the matching white satin bra, my nipples poking the flimsy material. "Stop", April softly said from behind me. I could hear the arousal on her voice, as she stood. I felt her close behind me, her arms wrapping around me, sliding over my body before resting on my breasts, agitating my sensitive nipples.

Even through the satin material, her fingers closed slowly but firmly around my nipples, pinching them. I gasped, the sensation I was experiencing of her fingers tweaking my nipples was one of erotic excitement combined with a delicate pain that only heightened the feeling. And this was all through the bra. At that moment, I wanted her hands caressing me, feeling every inch of my body, to revel as a woman would the first time her lover explores her body with a sexual interest.

Her hands left their playful pinching and tweaking, as they slid down my body. Her hands left a tingling trail of electricity as they slowly slid further down, before finally reaching my clit. The sheer excitement was unbearable as her hands touched, then gently wrapped around my sensitive clit. Her cool touch quickly warmed against my hot skin. "Are you ready to be my lesbian lover" she asked through clenched teeth, the words sliding into my ear.

She gave me a few slow strokes, if only to ensure the answer she wanted to hear. "Yes", I replied, wanting nothing more to be her perfect girlfriend and lover. She stepped back, her grip slowly slipping from my clit. "Turn around", she commanded, and I quickly obeyed. She was as she was before, sitting, with her arms draped over the rear of the couch.

Her breasts were heaving up and down, the motions exaggerated by her position. Only this time, her legs were not crossed. Her knees parted, the scent of her womanhood filling the air and fuelling my desires. "Kiss me, Shelly, like we kissed on our date". So engrossed with my task, as I leaned over the couch to bring my lips to hers, that I didn't even catch that she called me 'Shelly', the nickname that only my sister and lover used.

Our lips touched, and instantly parted for each other, our tongues quickly finding each others. The kiss had all the passion that we had as we came in the door, while adding the excitement of a taboo: girls kissing. In my other life, such a scene would ignite my arousal, flooding my thoughts with what it would have been like.

And in the past few weeks, I've experienced it with my sister first hand, so knew that passion girls could share with each other that men were clueless about. Her hands gently gripped my head, and pulled our lips apart, "there's somewhere else I want you to kiss me, Shelly", she said, as she guided my head into her lap.

Again, I was too enthralled to realize what she called me. I could feel the heat of her pussy radiating, as the aroma assaulted me.

Michael had pleasured her orally before, lapping at the folds of her pussy in an effort to make her cum, with only limited success.


But it was a new experience for Michelle, who was devoted to the task in a way that Michael could never be. With my left hand, I placed my palm against the short, smooth hair of her mound, while my outstretched fingers parted, spreading the lips of her pussy to my gaze, as my eyes locked on to the pink little nub that was her clit.

My head went forward still, as I planted a quick kiss on her sensitive folds, before opening my mouth to have my tongue meet with her aroused clit. There must have a discharge of electricity on that moment, as April nearly screamed through gritted teeth as my tongue merely touched her clit.

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What I did next must have been like she was struck by a lightning bolt, as she gripped my head tightly, almost painfully, as my tongue flicked over her sensitive bud. I was determined to make her cum, and as such, I didn't dare relent. "God yes, Michelle", she yelled, her voice echoing a thousand times over in the small room, undoubtedly alerting the neighbors to her sexual encounter.

But neither her or I cared at the moment. "Eat my cunt. Make me cum", she yelled again. Her whole body seemed to tense, after little more than a few minutes of my tongue's worship of her clit, and I knew she was cumming. I was about to be rewarded for my efforts, to taste her cum on my lips. Her hands gripped my head tighter, holding me in place, as her body stiffened, her precursor to orgasm.

For a moment, I was there with her as she was locked in her own 'forever time'. I could feel the urge to cum cascade from her to me, overwhelming me, my clit hardening to steel as I felt the sensations pouring from April.

She let go of my head, her body still tense, her climax not yet arrived. Her hands reached my back, as I could feel her claws drag across my skin, leaving the mark of lovers in jagged scrapes on my back. Her body shifted as well, her hips pushed forwards as her back arched, and her head threw back.

"I love you Michelle" she whispered in the millisecond before her orgasm crashed over her. Screams mixed with grunts escaped her lips as her body convulsed uncontrollably. For my part, I held my body still, my tongue sticking out to graze against her clit as her hips thrusts wildly. A warm sensation flooded my face, as I realized she just squirted, an act she had never done before in all the years she and Michael had been together.

I remained there, as her body slowly came to rest. With her hand to guide me, I lifted my head from her pussy, feeling her juice drip from my chin to the carpeted floor between her legs. Her chest heaved uncontrollably, her pert nipples painfully erect as the sheen of sweat made the cool air feel even colder.

"I'll get a towel", I offered, about to stand. A firm, but weak grip stopped me. "Don't you dare", she threatened between gasps for air. "You have no idea how long I've fantasized about tasting my cum on the lips of another woman", she explained, and did her best to guide my head closer to hers. I lifted my head, my cum-covered face inches from hers.

The smell of her sex permeated the room, and with each breath causing her breasts to heave, her raw sexuality flared. I saw it clearly as my face was brought close to hers, and her eyes lit up with each inhale. "Closer", she whispered, as her hand gently but forcefully brought my face closer to her own.

She closed her eyes as our faces neared, and our lips touched. She inhaled sharply, undoubtedly enjoying the aroma of her own pussy, mingling with the sharp taste of her juices across my lipstick. We stayed like that for what seemed like forever, while April truly and thoroughly enjoyed the new experience I offered her. In actuality, only a few moments passed before her eyes finally opened, and our lips parted. She wore a broad smile, her own ruby lips glistening with her pussy juice.

Her hand reached down between us, and I felt her soft hand wrap around my clit. "Fuck me, Shelly", the words passed through her clenched lips, while her gaze bore into my eyes.

This was not a request, not an option, nor was it an order. Instead, it was what was going to happen, and neither of us could do anything to stop it. Not like we were going to try. Her body shifted on the couch, while her hand pulled my clit closer to her. Soon, I felt her heat radiating from her pussy, as she slid the head of my clit up and down the length of her wet folds.

I had no breath in me, as she guided me inside of her cunt. I held my breath as she let go, nearly frozen with the head of my clit penetrating her. Our eyes never broke from each other, not even to dare to blink. Her arms stretched out, as her hands took hold of my hips. As she drew me closer to her, she also drew my clit deeper inside. The feeling was exquisite, as the shaft of my clit slid slowly inside of her. April and I have fucked before, from making slow passionate love at home on Valentine's Day, to wildly and awkwardly fucking in our car pulled over on the freeway.

Two things made this experience unlike any other we had shared. First, this was the first time I was Michelle, the person I always knew I was. The second was this was the first time she had ever let me near her without a condom. The sensation of her silky smooth skin rubbing against my shaft, enveloping the whole length, all without the numbing effects of a condom made this an experience unlike any other April and Michael had ever shared before. April had let go of my hips, as my hips took over, and I started stroking in and out of her pussy.

Her legs spread even further apart, only so she could wrap her long legs around me, holding me tightly there. I dared to look down, staring past the cleavage my bra provided, so I could see my clit slipping in and out of her pussy.

With each stroke, my clit glistened with her womanly juices, her lips parting seductively around the shaft of my clit, seemingly stretching her around me. And it was like that, that I started to make love to April, as best as I could as a woman, trying as hard as I could to not give in to the hormonal impulses that I was feeling.

I leaned forward, and kissed my lover. All I wanted was to be what April asked me to be when we started: to be her perfect lesbian lover. But even with every intention I had of being a soft and gentle lover, certain sexual drives kicked in. Within moments, I was getting ready to cum. April had seen this look on my face a hundred times, as I neared my 'forever time', the time between when the urge to cumin is overpowering, where there was nothing in heaven and earth that could stop you, but before you actually achieved climax.

April exploited this, as her wrapped legs locked around me tighter, holding my clit inside her pussy. Her primal grunting became softer, as she struggled to speak between gasping breaths, "cum inside of me, make me pregnant", she huffed as my strokes became lustful thrusts. "Make me a mommy like you did to your sister!" I didn't even hear her words, as my clit froze at the point of deepest penetration, and my cum gushed inside of her welcoming womb.

And I came crashing down from my 'forever time', feeling each thrust of my hips coincide with a burst of semen as I ejaculated into April. Not like I had a choice, as her legs held my body in place, preventing me from pulling out even if I wanted to. And as my final, uncontrollable thrusts deposited more of my seed deep into her pussy, I collapsed on top of her.

Her lips quickly found mine, as a new orgasm of her own coursed through her body, as we began fighting for the same air. Her tongue penetrated my mouth, again and again as she pulled the air from my lungs. My tongue was no different, violating her mouth, as I struggled to breathe myself, while my clit remained rigid and buried inside of her. My head slowly, as if emerging from a fog, started to realize what she had just said in the moments before her orgasm.

She wanted to impregnate her, like I had done to my sister. She knew! I broke our kiss, my lungs no longer able to draw air, my heart stopped in my chest. My eyes wide as I simply started at her, feeling betrayed, but not knowing what to do.

In the past month, April had discovered both of my deepest, darkest secrets. "You know", I asked, trying not to sound like I was confirming it, but failing. April took several deep breaths as her legs unwrapped from around my hips. Still, with the freedom, I remained where I was, my clit held in place by her pussy, as she slowly constricted and contracted.

"After our date last week, I called Jessica, knowing that you two were close.

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I asked for tips on how to get back together with you. We talked for a couple of hours, and while she never said anything, I started to figure things out. When I confronted her, she reluctantly confessed". Her words did little to comfort me, despite her loving tone.

"Listen, Shelly, I'm not going to tell anyone. You are entitled to love, just the same as anyone else. You love your sister, and she loves you." Her muscles released their grip on my clit, and I slipped from her slick folds.

"And I love you". April pulled my face to hers once more, and we shared a kiss. As our lips touched, I was comforted, far more than her words could ever do. I knew that our secret would be safe with her. As her lips were pried from mine, she looked into my eyes once more. She bit her lower lip, as if about to ask an awkward question. As my eyes scanned hers, I saw her lips open to speak. "Jessica and I were talking about a sleepover this weekend.if you're up for it?"