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It was Friday, after school, and Paula was back in her favorite hiding place, the closet in her mother's bedroom. Paula was being a peeping-Tom again. She'd caught the signals at the breakfast table, after her father had left for the office.

It was the way her brother Dennis looked at his mother, with that hot hungry look of longing in his eyes. Paula knew that look. Her brother was horny for his mother. And Paula caught the way she looked at him. She visualized the two of them in bed together, and it made her hot. She wanted to watch like she had watched before.

Maybe she could watch again.


So she threw out the bait. "Mom is it all right if I go with Heather to her house after school? I promise to be home at supper time." "Why, yes dear.

That will be all right," her mother replied cheerfully. "Supper is shortly after six, so don't be late." Paula didn't miss the pleased look on her mother's face, the same look that was on the face of her brother. She skipped her last class that afternoon to be home before Dennis got there, and she had to get into the house without her mother knowing she was home.

She managed it easily enough, and in her room she quickly undressed. That was part of it, being naked while watching, Dennis and Mom fuck. It added to the thrill somehow, made her feel like she was part of the action. Quietly she slipped into her mother's bedroom and took up her position in the closet, the door partially open. She didn't have long to wait before she heard the voices of Dennis and Mom downstairs. It gave her the shivers to realize how little time she had allowed herself. Perhaps her brother, in his horny lust for his mother, had skipped his last class too.

She hadn't counted on that.

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Now she was safely hidden in the closet waiting for the show to begin but she had been lucky. It seemed like she'd no sooner got into the closet than she heard Dennis and Mom coming up the stairs, then they were in the bedroom. Their arms were about each other and Paula felt a tingle of excitement when she saw that her brother had his cock out. It was long and hard, angling upward from his open trouser front, pointing at the ceiling.

They embraced just inside the doorway and Paula saw her mother's hand move down and her fingers close around her son's stiff prick, while they exchanged a long hot kiss. Without interrupting their kiss, Dennis eased his mother away from the doorway until he had her pressed up against the wall.

He pushed his hard cock into the front of her thin cotton housedress, wedging it between her thighs. She squirmed playfully and tried to get away from him, but he pressed her to the wall and pinned her there with his body.

His warm hard meat pressed into her dress. Paula could see it moving back and forth between her mother's legs.

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"Dennis, stop. Please stop," she said, laughing merrily. "Let's get onto the bed." He ignored her protests as he pulled up the front of her dress and wedged his cock between the soft warm flesh of her satin-smooth inner thighs.

"Your juices are flowing, Mom," he said, grinning at her. "I can feel your panties getting sticky." His mother couldn't help responding to her son's thick hard prick. She rocked her hips back and forth, working on the huge shaft she held between her legs. "Oh, Mom, you feel so good," her son moaned happily. "You're so much better than the girls from the high school." "I'll bet you've had quite a few of them too, you devil," his mother murmured, her lips pressing against her son's neck.

"That was before I found out how great it feels to make it with my beautiful mother," he told her. "You're sweet," she said. "A real man. And you really know how to use that cock." "You know how to take it." "Aaahhh… that feels good. It's so hard." His hands slipped around to her back.

He lifted his mother's dress up over her ass and gave her firm rounded ass-cheeks a good feel through the thin material of her panties. Then he grasped the globes firmly in both hands and pulled her tight against his groin.

Paula could tell from the expression on her mother's face that she'd forgotten about everything else but the pleasure she was having with her teen-age son. She humped him as hard as she could, pressing her wet cunt onto his cock and digging her fingers into his back.

"Oh, Dennis, sweetheart," she said. "Do it to me.


Give me a good fucking. I want to feel your big hard prick inside me!" "Sure, Mom," he said with a grin. "I'll give you a real good serving of my prick." He pulled his mother's panties down past her thighs and let them drop to her ankles.

She pressed her mouth hotly onto his while she stepped lightly out of the fallen garment and flicked it to one side with her toe. She unzipped his pants and pushed them down, along with his undershorts, past his knees. While she stood with her legs apart, her son bent his knees to get his cock angled so the head of it poked at her moist cunt-lips. When he straightened his legs, his long hard prick slipped right up into her wet pussy.

Paula heard her mother gasp as Dennis drove, it all the way up inside her cunt and pressed her against the wall. She stood on her tiptoes, moving up and down, her hips undulating, making obscene humping movements on her son's cock. Her arms tightened around his neck as she kissed him hotly on the mouth. Their lips finally parted and he planted kisses all over his mother's lovely face, her cheeks, her eyelids, the lobes of her ears. "Oh, Mom," he groaned happily, "I love getting my prick up into you.

All day at school, all I could think of was coming home and getting a piece of your ass!" Paula saw her mother wild with lust, while her son kept shoving his prick into her cunt, his hands caressing the cheeks of her bare ass.

"Sweetheart," she gasped, "I love getting this from you!" "You're going to get a lot more of this from me, Mom," her son panted. "College is three years away. Maybe I won't leave you even then. Maybe I wouldn't want to be away from you and not be able to fuck you like this!" Paula was amazed at the look she saw in her brother's eyes an intense look of lust and adoration for his lovely mother.

His forceful thrusts had her pinned to the wall and Paula wondered how he kept from hurting her, the rough way he fucked her wet pussy with his long hard prick. His cock thrust in and out of her cunt so hard and fast, his mother's body shook with every stroke.

Again and again he pressed her to the wall da he fucked her. She gasped with each thrust of her son's hard cock. "Sweetheart! It's so hard, so big… and so good," she moaned breathlessly. It was pure raw sex and she loved every inch her son was giving her. She had to do whatever her son wanted, there was no way she could get away from him, even if she had wanted to. His hard prick controlled her, driving in and out of her pussy-slit, humping her like a piece of warm meat impaled on his long hard shaft.

"Ooohhh… Mom!" "Sweetheart! I'm enjoying this too much," she panted. "I'm going to cum!" "Go ahead, Mom," her son gasped. "I'm right with you. Gonna shoot my load up into your hot cunt! Then when we're finished, we'll do something else we both like!" In her hiding place, Paula was panting and gasping, her hands very busy. The middle finger of one hand was buried deep in her hot wet little cunt, while the fingers of her other hand teased her clitoris without mercy.

She stifled the urge to cry out and climaxed just as her brother shot his load up into his mother's cunt. From the loud piercing shriek her mother let out, Paula knew she had not been left behind. The intense sensation blurred Paula's vision and made her head spin. She was vaguely aware of her brother and Mom making their way to the bed and flopping onto it together.

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Minutes passed and when her head and her vision cleared, Paula saw Dennis and his mother rolling around on the bed as they undressed each other. When he had his mother naked except for her bra, he quickly unfastened it and clamped his eager mouth onto his back and climbed on top of his naked body. Her writhing ass wriggled and squirmed until she had her son's stiffening cock where she felt it belonged in her hot eager pussy. "Now you're my prisoner," she said, grinning down into his face.

"I have you pinned down to the mattress, just like you had me pinned to the wall. You can't get away." "What if I don't want to get away?" "Of course you want to get away," she said laughing. "What normal, red-blooded American boy wants to lie here and fuck his mother?" "I do!" "I don't believe it," she teased. "You'll have to prove it." In her hiding place in the closet, Paula could hardly contain herself as the naked couple on the bed increased their obscene activity until the lewd scene before her eyes had her so excited she could hardly stand still.

She caught her breath when she heard her mother speak. "Oh God, I want you, darling!" Eve moaned as her son's massively adolescent prick burrowed deeper and deeper into her hot wet cunt. "I love it! I love the feel of my darling son's hard cock fucking me like nothing before in my life! Oh sweetheart, just the thought of my own son fucking me…" It was such a thrilling sight that Paula didn't think she could stand it much longer. It was all so very exciting.

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Suddenly it became even more exciting when she saw her father come into the bedroom! Paula's eyes almost popped out of her head as she saw her father move over to the naked couple on the bed. What would happen now? she wondered.

This was all too much! She wasn't sure now she wanted to watch, yet she couldn't pull her eyes away from the scene before her. "Just as I thought!" said Paula's father.

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The girl was surprised that there was no anger in his voice. To her relief, his face showed no sense of outrage, of betrayal. In fact he looked aroused at the show his wife and his son were putting on before him. "I knew there was something going on between you two, the way you couldn't seem to keep your hands off each other lately." Lying face down on top of her son, Paula's mother didn't see him or hear him come into the room.

Suddenly he was there, beside her, and Paula saw her mother's body stiffen with surprise and fright. "George! Oh darling, I…" "Teaching our son to look after your pussy the way you like to have it taken care of, are you?" said Paula's father. "Looks like he's doing an excellent job of it, the way you're wriggling around on him, with his cock up in you, right to his balls!" "Oh darling," Eve gasped as she strained her neck to look up at him, a look of fear and anxiety on her face, not knowing what her husband might do next.

"Oh sweetheart, what must you think of me?" "I don't really know," said George. "What would any man think when he comes home to find his wife has their teen-age son in bed with her, and she's having the time of her life, taking all the cock he can give her?" "George, please…" "I suppose it would be quite natural for a man to think his wife wasn't getting enough cock!

I didn't realize my sweet adorable little wife wasn't getting all the prick she needed, but that's something we can take care of right now, can't we?" Watching the scene unfold before her, Paula wasn't sure just what her father meant by that, and from the worried look on her mother's face, Paula could tell she wasn't sure what he meant either.

Suddenly Paula's father stripped himself naked in a matter of seconds. The sight of his huge cock, rigidly solid, standing fiercely erect, would convince anybody he could back up what he said. "Please, George…" Paula's mother said meekly. "How long did you think you could keep this from me, sweetheart, when everytime we sat down for a meal, your hand under the table was feeling your son's hard-on through his trousers, and he had his hand up between your legs?

You think I didn't notice when you give him a hug, how you wriggle around and rub up against him? And the times he gives your ass a feel and even grabs your cunt, when you both think I'm not watching?

Even a blind man would know what's going on." "George, I…" "So this afternoon, Paula won't be home until supper time, right? And you two will be alone. I thought this was a good time to come home early and have a look." "Oh, sweetheart…" Paula saw her father open the drawer in the nightstand by the bed, from which he took put a tube, smearing the contents over his huge throbbing cock.

"Oh my God, George! What are you going to do?" George laughed. "Sweetheart, we've been going to bed together for a good long time now, and anytime I reach into that drawer for this tube and smear it all over my cock, you know exactly what I'm going to do!" Even Paula, watching them from the closet, knew what her father was going to do. "Spread your legs wider, Dennis," Paula's father said, "so I can get on my knees behind your mother's lovely rear-end.

I'll fuck her whole while you fuck her cunt." "Mom!" Dennis looked up into his mother's face with alarm. "I won't let him…" "Shhhhhh, darling," the boy's mother said softly.

"It's all right sweetheart, your father won't hurt me. It's a shock to all of us, to be caught this way, but your father loves me and he would never hurt me. In all the years we've been together, he's never caused me any pain or discomfort. We've done it this way a good many times." "That's right, sweetheart," said George.

"My cock's been in your asshole so many times we've long since lost count.

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And since our son is enjoying the feel of his cock up in your cunt, he can just leave it where it is. He won't be in my way at all." Crouching behind his wife, George put his face close to her upraised buttocks, to see his son's thick hard cock shoved deep in his mother's wet grasping cunt.

Her position was such that the cheeks of her ass were spread wide apart, exposing her puckered asshole in the crevice just above the thick desire-hardened prick of her son, buried so deep in her pussy.

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"Ooohhh…" she moaned nervously as she felt the huge solid head of her husband's cock nudge up against her quivering asshole. Her son was holding her tightly in his arms from below, and her husband began to steadily increase his pressure against her puckered opening, his rock-hard prick throbbing with lust.

"Ooohhh!" she moaned again, wondering if she could take her husband's cock in her ass while her son's prick was still in her cunt. She'd heard of such things, of a woman being double-fucked, but she wasn't at all convinced that there was any truth to the stories. It sounded pretty far out. Nervously she tried to lurch away from the pressure, but she was helplessly and completely open to her husband's assault on her asshole.

George shoved his hips forward with all his strength, and suddenly his well-greased cock moved into the elastic-like opening. Feeling the resistance gave way, he drove his hard cock deep into his wife's asshole.

The strong outer muscle of her anus clamped tightly around his throbbing prick, exciting him even more. Shoving forward again, he drove smoothly into her until his groin pressed up tight against her shapely upturned buttocks.

"There it is, sweetheart!" George panted. "All the way in. How is it?" "Ooohh… I feel like you're trying to split me in half!

Oh God, how your two hard cocks are stretching me!" "Oh damn it, Dennis, what a sweet little asshole your mother has," George groaned to his son beneath his mother. "You should try it, if you haven't already!" He drew his hips back, awkwardly trying to pick up the rhythm of his son's hard prick, fucking his mother's wide stretched cunt.

Paula stood frozen in the closet. She was so stunned by everything that she had seen, that she hadn't moved a muscle in the last five minutes.

She strained her eyes toward the bed but she couldn't quite see her mother's face. She had to see her mother's face clearly, had to know how she felt, having two hard cocks inside her body. As though in a trance, she moved from the closet across to the bed, where she could see her mother's face.


It startled her to look into her eyes. They were glazed with lust and unseeing, so involved was she in the plunging cocks in her cunt and her asshole. Her tongue circled hungrily around her parted lips as she savored the pleasure she was feeling.

She was completely transformed, not at all the mother she was accustomed to, and suddenly Paula wanted to share in their pleasure too!

Paula's mother was joyously receiving her son and her husband, willing and ready for the attention they were showering upon her. She loved it, Paula could tell. The two throbbing cocks were thrusting relentlessly between her unbelievably stretched thighs, one slamming thrillingly into her asshole, while at the same time, the other drove heavily into her clasping cunt.

She was being humped and bumped helplessly, like a rag doll, between the sweating bodies pf her husband and her son as they worked together for their climaxes. Paula's mother loved it more than anything she had known! "Ooohhh, God! Fuck me my darlings. My two beautiful men! Yes… fuck me!" she wailed as the two men her men answered her request with thundering willingness.

Their rhythm was as one, each driving deeply into her at the same time, then again withdrawing their long throbbing pricks to plunge back into her greedily receiving cunt and asshole more quickly and lustfully, again and again.

It was wonderful, and she sighed and moaned her pleasurable feelings. Her head was turned to one side, her vision a blur of passion, but though it she saw her naked daughter standing by her, and she wanted her darling girl to share in her pleasures, too.

"Paula darling… come here, ooohhh… quick, baby!" she groaned at the naked girl. The teen-age girl didn't need a second invitation. Quickly she was upon the bed, on her knees and facing her mother, her legs spread wide.

She moved in close until her brother's head was up between her thighs. "Raise up, Mom, as far as you can, so I can squat on my brother's face, get my cunt onto his mouth!" Dennis, pinned beneath his mother and now with Paula straddling his head, was like a wild animal anxious to lap the sexual juices that flowed hotly from his little sister's flowering cunt, and his tongue snaked out along her wet cunt-lips like a hot electric probe, sliding smoothly along the pink quivering valley to the opening of her throbbing cunt.

Paula's mother rested her head on the girl's thigh, her nose almost touching her golden pubic hair, only inches from where her son lapped noisily on his sister's wet cunt, which she rubbed back and forth over his face.

The boy licked around her tight little cunt-hole, drawing all the excitedly seeping pussy fluids hungrily into his mouth. And then, groaning insanely and stretching his tongue out as far as he could, he thrust it into the smoothly steaming walls between his eighteen-year-old sister's wide spread legs. "Ooohhh, yes… do it like that, Dennis! Suck it!" "Do you like what Dennis is doing, dear?" asked Paula's mother breathlessly. "Oh wow! Do I ever!

Oh God, Mom. Does my brother ever know how to eat a girl's pussy!" "Yes, dear. I know!" It was all there, and Paula couldn't have been happier. Her urgent needs were being taken care of by her brother's hot eager tongue eating her pussy. She felt closer now than she ever had to her darling brother, her wonderful father and her sweet adorable mother. They were truly a family now. Paula's mother, trapped among all three of the naked passionate bodies, churned and rolled her hips as best she could, in eager response to the two hard pricks thrusting into her.

Her movements were a trigger that released all the grinding passion the four of them had built up. Dennis moaned loudly as he slammed his cock up into his mother's cunt, and the moment it began spurting it's hot liquid charge, his father fucked hard into his wife's throbbing asshole, his huge cock sending a jet-like stream into her. They were buried deep in her pussy and her asshole, and their hot cum splashed into her at the same time. "Aaahhh!" Paula's mother shrieked with her orgasm and trembled with the flowing pleasures of the two hot charges spurting into her asshole and her greedily contracting cunt.

Paula let out a wail at the same time as her brother's busy tongue drove her over the brink. Suddenly his mouth was busy lapping up the climactic juices flowing from his young sister's cunt.

All four bodies jerked and writhed together on the bed as they plunged into the final throes of their fantastic orgasm. "We made it together!" gasped George Prentiss triumphantly, reaching over his wife, hugging her, kissing her lovingly.

His enthusiastic show of affection sent Eve into a second intense orgasm, one that left her nearly breathless. "Oh Eve darling, that was absolutely the best ass-fuck we've ever had!" "Thank you, darling," said Eve weakly, trying to catch her breath. "We've done some wild things in bed, sweetheart," said George, "but I never dreamed I'd one day fuck you in the ass while our son had his cock in your cunt." "I didn't either," panted Eve.

"You kinda took me by surprise." "Well it was sure a surprise to find out my son was fucking his mother." "George, I…" "Now hold on," said George with a laugh. "Before you start feeling guilty again, I have a confession to make." His hand reached out for Paula and pulled her into his arms.

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"This sweet adorable daughter of ours knows what it's like to have a stiff prick up in her, because I've been fucking her!" "Oh! Paula? You have?" gasped Eve. "Yes, Mom," said Paula. "And while we're being honest about it, Daddy's not the only one.

Dennis bus fucked me too!" Suddenly they saw Dennis wave his arms and claw frantically at his sister's rear-end. "Ummph! Get up, Paula," he gasped. "Whew! I love your cunt, honey, but I've got to breathe too!" "Oh! Sorry, Dennis." They laughed, except Dennis, who was gasping for air. "Now let's forget about who's been fucking who," said Paula's mother as the deflating cocks of her son and her husband slipped out of her totally satisfied body.

"From now on let's make love everywhere in the house, in all the beds, the living room, kitchen." "The shower!" put in Dennis. "And don't forget the backyard," said Paula. "On the lawn, by the pool. In the pool!" "Now that's what I call living," Paula's father said with a laugh.