We are going to take you to foot fetish heaven

We are going to take you to foot fetish heaven
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We always got along well from the beginning; Sabrina, Kasey, and me. Sabrina was my older sister by a year; she has long beautiful blonde hair which fell over her shoulders. She had the piercing green eyes like the rest of our family. Even though we would occasionally get into petite arguments, we had a great relationship. I was still a baby when I learned that mom was pregnant, I was so eager and excited that I would get a new play buddy.

My eagerness slowed down when I learned that the baby was a girl. I was expecting to get a brother who I could fight and teach cool things to do, I already had a sister why do I need another one? When I first saw her, I changed my opinion. I taught her everything I knew, how to kick a soccer ball, how to get out of trouble, how to play games on the computer.

She looked up to me and I loved the attention I got from her. I would get into fights for her at preschool and lots of trouble. I started looking at girls differently when I turned 13; every time I would look at a girl the first thing I go for is her breasts and then her face. If she had a beautiful face but small breasts that was fine with me but I would never go for a girl who has large breasts but an ugly face. I started to look at my sister in a similar fashion too; Kasey had a gorgeous face and hazel eyes unlike the rest of our family.

She just entered her puberty so she had rather small breasts but I was positive within a couple of years she would grow into a stunning girl. She was 11 and I was 13 when our sexual encounters began.

"Hey Sam! What are you doing?" Kasey asked me as she jumped on my bed. "Playing" I answered her not looking up from the screen.

"Come on…you always play that game…I don't know why you like car racing so much! Can we play a different game?" She asked me kicking me from behind. "No…maybe later" "Please?" She begged me and I shook my head "Fine…" She got down from my bed and walked towards the door, she stood there for a minute hoping I would change my mind.

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When I didn't she ran to the gaming system and ejected the game. I was shocked for couple of seconds and then realized what she did. "Hey!" I complained. She laughed and ran.

I got up immediately and chased her. I was much faster than her and I didn't have my socks on so it was easier to run on the wooden floors. She ran into my parent's bedroom and tried to cross the large bed but I caught her leg. She was extremely ticklish and I used that as my advantage to punish her. "Ah hah!" I said victoriously as I pinned her on the bed. She was looking at me with her wide hazel eyes and was laughing uncontrollably as I tickled her. "Stop! Please! Sammmmm!

Please!" She begged me and I finally stopped tickling her. There were tears trickling down her cheek from laughing so hard. She straightened her hair and took large gulps of air. She had dirty-brown hair unlike Sabrina who had golden-brown. "There's your game…" I don't know what came over me but I leaned down and pressed my lips unto hers.

It was my second kiss; my first one was with my neighbor. She didn't kiss me back but just lay still. I suddenly realized what I was doing and leaned back. "What did you do that for?" She asked me surprised "I don't know…" I shrugged suddenly feeling guilty about what I did. "To show my love?" "Oh…but brothers and sisters don't do that…" She argued "Only boyfriends and girlfriends do…" "Was that your first kiss?" I asked her trying to change the topic.

"Yeah…I guess so…what about you?" She asked me "and can you get off me…you are kinda heavy" I grinned and rolled off her and turned sideways so I could face her.

My head was resting on my elbow. She turned towards me and mimicked me. "No…it was my second…I kissed Julia…" I answered "Julia? Eww…why would you kiss her? She is ugly!" She said. Julia was actually one of the cutest girls in my grade. "I don't know…" I shrugged hoping this wouldn't affect our relationship. "Let's do it again." She said quietly and I barely heard her.

"Let's do what again?" I said already knowing the answer. I looked into her creamy hazel eyes as I moved closer to her; I gently stroked her soft hair and pushed her back on to her bed.

She didn't say anything or stopped me but put her hands on my back. I closed my eyes and brushed my lips against hers. They were as soft as a feather and I felt a tingly sensation. I felt her warm breath on me and I wanted her terribly. I pulled her closer to me and pressed my lips onto hers. I kissed her slowly and passionately as I slid my tongue into her mouth.

She opened her mouth a little bit more and recoiled as our tongues met for the first time. "Mmmm" She moaned into my mouth as I explored her mouth with my tongue. She ran her hand over my shoulders and stroked my hair.

I was unconsciously rubbing my erection against her pussy and she was grinding her hips into me. I knew if I kept this up I was going to cum soon and I didn't want to make a mess in my boxers so I rolled off her.

"What's wrong?" She asked disappointed and a little upset "Did I do something wrong?" "No it was amazing but I got to use the bathroom.and this is between us right?" I asked her and she nodded her head. I basically ran to the bathroom to jack off and fumbled with my jeans.

"Shhh fuck yes." I moaned as I stoked my cock. I recently started masturbating after my friend introduced me to porn. I tried to imagine me fucking one those big-titted blonde but Kasey kept coming back to me. I started jacking off harder and faster and shot my load all over my hand and in the toilet. I groaned and cleaned up the mess I made.

After that incident we "practiced" kissing every day after school. Both our parents work late and Sabrina either goes over to her friend's house after school or she has sports so we have a good two hour cushion to experiment. I decided to take it a step ahead and waited till Friday. "Hi Sam!" Kasey greeted me as I walked in her bedroom. She was wearing a skirt and a pink shirt. Her hair was tied back in a pony and she was doing something on the computer but closed it in a hurry. "Hi Kace." I went behind her and put my hand on her shoulder "Whatcha doing?" "Nothing.playing some games." She said but I was sure she was lying.

"Let's practice." My dick jumped to life when she said that and I grinned forgetting about what she was doing on the computer. She pushed me back on her bed and jumped on top of me. We began kissing almost immediately, I loved the shampoo she uses and softly began kissing her neck gently pulling her skin knowing she loves it when I do it.

I placed my hands on waist and moved them under her shirt. She didn't stop and I traveled her over her tight stomach and got close to the base of her petite breasts. She still didn't stop me but I noticed an irregular breathing and she had her eyes closed.

I traced her breasts but never actually touch them. "Sam?" She pleaded me and I couldn't resist any longer and cupped her developing breasts and watched her reaction which was priceless. She arched her back and her mouth formed a perfect O.

"Oh Sam that feels so niceeee." Her nipples were as hard as a rock and I lovingly grazed my finger over them. She shuddered and wrapped her thighs around me and pulled me tightly into her. "Baby.take off your shirt" I whispered in her ear and she immediately took it off as if she were in a trance. I started kissing and sucking her neck while I played with her breasts, cupping and squeezing them, pinching and rolling my nipples between my fingers.

She started panting and her hands were running all over my back. She suddenly rolled on top of me and ripped my shirt of my body. She moaned as she started rubbing her pussy against my erection, pleasure coursed through my body. I ran my hands up her breasts and gently squeezed them as she rocked against my dick. I groaned and looked at her sexy face as moaned. I grabbed her head and kissed her passionately.

I couldn't take it any longer and pulled her skirt down she didn't stop me and even unfastened my jeans and pulled it down. I could feel the heat radiating from her pussy through her panties. I slipped my arm underneath hers and locked them, pulling her down and held on to her tightly. "This is so hot." I moaned "Yeah." She croaked "Want to take off your panties?" I asked her so I lay her on her stomach. She hesitated and shook her. I knew I don't want to push her too much so I gently spread her legs.

I gently started to rub her through her panties and she moaned in response. I gently started to kiss her thighs as I rubbed her pussy in circles watching the pleasure on her face. I gently started licking and biting her and she rocked her hips against my hand. I pulled her panties down and she didn't object me. I ran her tongue up and down between my folds, circling her clit and then rolled it down her entrance as I tried to wriggle it inside.

She was whimpering by now. I gently pushed my index finger into her tight virgin cunt as I licked and sucked on her clit. "Oh god Sam.Don't stop please?" She begged me I lapped away at her pussy and worked her pussy with my finger being careful not to hit her hymen. I started sucking her clit furiously as I pumped my finger in her pussy. I felt her vaginal muscles tighten around my finger.

"Ahhhhh!Ohhhhhhh!" She screamed as her juices gushed around her pussy. She grabbed my hair and shoved it into her pussy as she came over and over again. She finally released me and I was so hard I could drill a hole through a diamond wall with my dick. I pulled my boxers and started jacking off so hard I knew I wasn't going to last. I moved closer to Kasey and exploded all over her stomach. "Ewww.Sam!" She scolded me but I ignored her and continued pumping cum onto her stomach.

"Sorry Kace.want to taste it?" I asked her scooping it up with my finger and brought it up to her mouth. She glanced at me and then took it into her mouth and rolled her tongue all over my finger. I moaned as I could feel my dick starting to harden again.

"How does it taste?" "Weird but good." She scooped some of her stomach and sucked on her own finger. "Sammy?" Sabrina yelled from downstairs.

I suddenly put all my clothes and ran downstairs giving Kasey time to put her clothes on. Sabrina was in the kitchen getting a drink. "Hi Sab.What's up?" I asked her. "Do you have a girlfriend Sam?" She asked me "No.Why?" "Do you want one?" She asked me ignoring my question "What do you mean?" "You know Rachel.the girl who gives you the long hugs?

She thinks you are cute and want to find out if you are interested in her" Rachel was cute brunette with a cute face and a rather breasts. I would love to go out with especially since she was a year older than me but after what happened today there was no way I could do that to Kasey. "No.I don't like her." I told her and she looked surprised but didn't say anything. I glanced at Kasey who was standing at the stairs with a smile on her face. "Oh.alright.tell mom I am staying over Hannah's house today for a Science project." She seemed surprised by my comment and went to her room to take a shower.

I walked over to Kasey and looked at her in the eye. "Sam I love you!" She hugged me tightly and I hugged her back just as tightly. We continued doing this for couple of weeks and she started giving me blowjobs. I talked to her about having sex and we did some research online. We posted a question on yahoo saying that I was a 16 year old and want to have to have sex with my 14 year old girlfriend.

Many of the responses told us not to have sex so early but is we still decided to go with we must use a condom and lubrication. I bought a pack of condoms from my friend's older brother and was glad when he didn't ask me any questions. We finally decided to have sex on Friday when Sabrina goes out with her boyfriend Bob and our parents go to the hotel to have sex (I didn't use to believe that when Sabrina told me but after some strong evidence I had no choice but to believe her).

"You are so beautiful Kasey." I groaned as she bobbed her head up and down my cock. This was the second's blowjob I was getting from her and knew I came now it was going to be hard to get another hard- on. "Stop." I pushed her back on the bed and stared at her young body. In a couple of years she is going to be a gorgeous goddess. "Are you going to lick my pussy? I hope you want to because I want you too before I get messy down there.


I was afraid to ask." I lowered my face down to her perfect virgin pussy and just stared at it for a second. Her light brown pubes were soft as a feather and framed those lips perfectly. Her lips were fully engorged and her pussy was wide open for me. I was afraid to finger her too deeply since she still was cherry, so I just used my tongue.

As I licked her hard and fast, knowing perfectly well she loves it when I do that, she ground her pussy into my face. I nibbled and sucked on her clit until she was moaning and trembling. I knew she was close to coming and was curious what would happen if I put a finger in her tight butthole.

I licked my index finger and slid it in slowly. She gasped and rotated her hips and seemed to like it. I was only in to the middle knuckle and started making the "come here" motion with it. That did it, she immediately began to scream and buck her hips and her cunt went into serious spasms. She was having an orgasm that was 10X as hard as any my fingers had ever given her. She wasn't prepared for the intensity and began to cry as she released. I licked her until she pushed my head away.

"That was awesome Sam!" She gasped I held her in my arms until she calmed down a bit. We began to kiss softly and touch lightly. I was still hard as a rock and she grasped my cock with her hand and stroked me a bit. I knew if she kept at that, I was going to lose my load too quickly, so I got the towel and shoved it under her ass.

I was ready to deflower this beauty. "Are you ready? I am." I told her. She responded by opening her legs wide for me. I knelt between those perfect thighs and readied myself. She looked at me with total trust in her eyes. "Promise me you'll go slowly. I love you." I told her I loved her too and I meant it. I grabbed the box of Trojan condoms and slipped one on my dick.

Even though I didn't have a monster cock I was 5in when hard and the condom fit me. We were both shaking a bit as I got my cock close to her pussy that dripping, virgin pussy. A big glob of pre-cum oozed out of my cock, which I rubbed onto her wetness. She was grinding her hips and I could feel the heat off her pussy radiate onto my dick. I couldn't wait anymore and entered her.

She arched her back in surprise and locked eyes with me. She was expecting pain right away, but didn't feel anything but my cock head in her opening. I hadn't hit her hymen yet but eased myself up against it.

She figured out that this was the moment she had been waiting for. I saw her grit her teeth and steel her for the pain. I could feel the blood pulsing in my cock as I made the final push and tore through her virginity. She let out a yelp and shut her eyes tight. I slowly went balls-deep into her and she responded by squeezing my cock with her cunt muscles.

I withdrew and re-entered her, going slowly to ease her into it. She opened her eyes, which were wet with tears of pain this time. I asked her if she wanted me to stop, but she said no, keep going.

I gently fucked that tight little hole and glanced down between her legs. There was quite a bit of blood oozing from her, but the towel I slipped underneath her was doing its job. I began to suck and lick her tight little breasts that were tipped with hard little pebbles for nipples. She began whimpering and moaning a bit. I increased the speed of my thrusts, but was still going very slowly. I wasn't sure. But I thought I felt her pussy begin to tremble a bit as I slid in and out of her.

I knew I was feeling her pussy grab my cock with every thrust inward. I didn't realize it, but she had grabbed my ass by this time and was pushing me into her. Her nails were digging into me and it hurt. I laughed and told her not to be so rough with me and she laughed back. I knew she was getting into it because by this time there was no question that her little cunt was trembling with a future orgasm.

She began to move her hips and arch her back and started to pant hard, her breaths coming short and quick now. Even at that age, I knew what that meant she was getting close to coming. I kept the same rhythm going and started to kiss and suck her nips again. She started squeezing me with her thighs and her ass started bucking as her first cock-inside-her orgasm ripped through her. Her eyes opened wide, but I saw nothing but whites. Her mouth dropped open in a soundless scream and her cunt felt like a vise-grip on me.

Her scream started in earnest as she nearly ruptured my eardrums. At that moment, I would have been happy to die immediately after I came. Kasey's eyes rolled back into the front and she locked eyes with me again. I could tell she was shocked again by her orgasm's ferocity and intensity. She fell limp after it was over, trembling and shaking and quaking.

She was covered in a fine sheen of sweat that I wanted to bathe in. She smelled incredible, even with the blood between her legs. The smell of fresh sex, sweat and musk from between our legs was the stuff of legends. I was close to my own orgasm and began to thrust again. Kasey was really charged up after losing her cherry and having an incredibly powerful orgasm. I was going to go nice and slow the rest of the way until I came, but she surprised me again.

"Fuck me hard. Pound me Sammmmmmmmmm!!" she exclaimed. I gave her a hard kiss and threw her legs over my shoulders. She let out a surprised "WHOOP" and readied herself. I slammed into her as hard as I could and could tell she was still a bit tender, but could also tell she wanted me to fuck her hard until I came inside her.

She reached under me and started stroking my balls that felt like they were about to burst. I was up on my toes for leverage, just hammering away on her, feeling her use her newfound pussy muscles on me.

She had figured that out really quickly and was using it to her pleasurable advantage. I knew my time was short and told her I was going to come, I cleared my mind and focused on how good her incredibly tight cunt felt. I was absorbed in my own feelings when I felt her start to shake all over again.

As I went into my last few strokes inside her, she grabbed my ass again and screamed, "OH MY GOD I'M GOING TO FUCKING COME AGAIN!!!!" and let loose with a gush of cum that splashed all over the both of us. It was like someone turned on a fountain or something. I couldn't hold back anymore and let loose inside her, scalding her insides with my white-hot sperm. She squeezed me hard with her thighs, cunt and hands, trying to drain every drop out of me. She succeeded. We both collapsed and didn't move for what seemed like forever.

I know that I was drained. After a bit, I got up and grabbed the bloody towel and cleaned her with it. We staggered to the shower and took a nice hot shower and got back into bed. For the rest of the night, we explored each other. I licked her cunt forever it seemed and introduced her to a rim job, which she loved. I fucked her doggy-style and let her get on top. We even did it standing up, with her bent over and her hands and feet on the floor.

I lost count of her orgasms and know I came at least 6 times. We used the whole box of Trojans and even had to use another one.

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I knew I had to get a job if we kept on fucking like we did now. I slept on the same bed and that was the big mistake. I tiptoed to my room in the morning hoping that my parents wouldn't see me. Just as I got close to my room I heard a room unlock behind me and I stood frozen. "Sam? What are you doing?" My dad asked me "Uhh.I.I had to use the bathroom." I stammered.

"You have one in your room." He said suspiciously and glanced at Kasey's door which was wide open. He walked in there to find my sister naked except for a shirt and the bed was noticeably wet. I luckily threw all the condoms away. He didn't say anything but told me to use my own bathroom next time. I then realized that he didn't have his glasses on so I can only hope he didn't notice whey her bed was wet.

"Whew." I sighed. We have to be more careful next time or I could get busted. I took a nice hot shower and then ate my breakfast quietly avoiding my dad. We fucked that whole week but kept it to a minimum so I don't have to use up all my savings.

"Samuel Cruz? Please report to the office" The speaker announced loudly. I was somewhat nervous, the only real bad thing I committed this week was cheating on my math test and spitting in Math teachers coffee cup out of a dare.

I grabbed my books and nervously walked to the office putting on my confident face. I saw my dad waiting in the lobby and he smiled at me. "Hi Sam, you are getting dismissed.have a nice day Mr. Cruz and you too Sam." Mrs. Johnson smiled "What's up dad? Why am I getting dismissed and where are Sabrina and Kace?" I asked him once we got in the car.

He didn't answer immediately but waited until we were on the road. "You are going to Brazil, Sam." He said emphasizing on the word "are". "What!?! Why!?! What about you guys!?! When!?!" I asked an endless supply of questions. "It is kind of on a short notice but I know you will never accept.today as a matter of fact your plane leaves in two hours" He said looking at his watch.

I was beyond pissed and was positive that this was because he found me sleeping with Kasey. I sighed and glared at him for couple of minutes and stared ahead. "Sam." He sighed "I think you know why I am doing this.and besides your uncle in Brazil is a pro-soccer player!

You love soccer and that is the best place for you to learn" When we got home, my mom was waiting for me outside.

She cried and hugged me tightly for a long time and handed me a suitcase and large bag. They already packed all my clothes. I was close to tears and the thought of leaving all my friends, Sabrina and Kasey was unbearable, especially Kasey. I knew I should have been more careful and she will probably get in more trouble than I will.

"Can we talk about this?" I asked him quietly "Nothing to talk.your flight is booked and your uncle will be waiting for you." He said without looking at me. "It's not fair!" I complained "Life's not fair and what are you talking about?

You brought this down on yourself and be glad I didn't tell what you both were doing to your mother!" He said angrily and I stopped talking to him.

The first week in Brazil, I cried and complained about going back home but my uncle had strict orders not to let me call home. I was terribly homesick and the jetlag wore me out completely.

After couple of weeks, I went outside and started playing soccer with couple of kids my age and was humiliated, I was known as one of the best soccer players in my school but compared to Brazilian kids, I was pathetic. The good thing was they didn't rub it hard on me and actually taught me lot of tricks.

My uncle David played for the famous club Flamingo and he taught me everything he knew. I was actually doing better than most kids there but still had room for improvement. My uncle had some connections in the place we live and he sent me to a Soccer/Business school. All they teach there was how to get better at soccer and all the business tactics you need to survive. They didn't teach you all the unnecessary subjects like history and English though you need to know some English to understand what they are saying.

I slowly started speaking Spanish and within couple of months I was a fluent Spanish speaker and by the end of the year I could speak some Portuguese. I started forgetting about everyone back home except Kasey. I missed her too much and I ignored the girls who were into me. Then a thought struck me, what if I go back home and find out that she forgot completely about me and has a great boyfriend.

After that I started dating the Spanish and Brazilian girl who went to the same academy as me. Soon things escalated and I started having sex but every time I would look down at the girl I imagined I was fucking Kasey. Years flew by but I still missed Kasey, then I got an unexpected phone call from home. "Hola!" "Hi this is Larry can I speak to Samuel please?" "This is Sam.Larry who?" I switched from Spanish to English fluently.

"Hi Sam this is Larry.your dad?" He said "Dad! It's has been so long! How are you doing? How are mom and Sabrina and.Kasey?" I asked slowing down at the last word. "They are doing fine! Hey listen I can't talk to you much longer but do you want to come home during summer?" He asked and my heart raced "Really?

Yeah I do!" I said happily. "Great I will email your uncle the tickets" I ended the call and danced. I was so happy that if I got shot in the brain three times I would still be dancing and celebrating.

"Hi Sam…" My dad hugged me tightly and grabbed one of my bags from me and shoved it in the trunk. I towered over him standing 6'1 and 180 pounds of complete muscle. "My my…you got bigger!" He squeezed my biceps which he could grab even with both of his hands and I wasn't even flexing.

I grinned at him and sat in the front next to him. He asked how things were in Brazil and I answered him politely but I couldn't keep my mind of Kasey. I started wondering how she looked and what she would say when she saw me.

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"Sam…can you behave while you are on your visit?" He asked me suddenly when we got home. I gave him a grim nod and promised I would behave.

I took a deep breath and stared at my house which I left 5 years ago. I opened the door and dropped my bags on the floor. Sabrina, Rachel, and my mom were in the kitchen making my favorite dish, Apple Pie! "Ahhhhhh!


Sammyyyyyyyyyyy!" Sabrina ran at me and jumped on top of me hugging me tightly and plating a long kiss on my cheek. Sabrina was hot! I mean she was always beautiful and everything but her golden hair was in a ponytail. She had a white shirt and pink gym shorts which were quiet short. Her breasts grew and they were easily D breasts. She wrapped her thighs around me and didn't let go.

"Alright Sabrina…you can let him go now…" My mom said pulling her back. She relentlessly let go of me and I was immediately attacked by my mom who hugged me so hard I could barely breathe. I hugged her back and was releived when she let go off me. I just happened to glance at the stairs and was immediately glued to the beauty which were travelling down them. Kasey looked absolutely stunning. Imagine the hottest girl you ever seen and now 10x that = Kasey.

She had long silky dirty-brown hair with some curls at the end. Her breasts were about C cup and she had a flat stomach with lovely hips. She looked like an angel and when I looked at her face my heart skipped a beat. She looked like a girl from Playboy magazines with amazing tan and gorgeous body.

I teared my eyes from her and looked at the rest of the room. "Hi Sam." She gave me a brief three second hug before I pulled myself away from her. "Hi Kace." I said and gave her a polite smile. She looked troubled but returned my smile and sat on the couch next to my dad. "Hey Sam? Do you remember Rachel? She goes to the same college as I do now." Sabrina said introducing Rachel to me.

She had jet black hair with pink highlights making her look hot and cute at the same time. She gave me sexy smile and hugged me tightly pressing her breasts against my chest.

While we were breaking our hug she leaned towards my face so her lips grazed over mine. "Of course I remember her." I said grinning at her ignoring the incident which happened couple of seconds ago.

I looked around to notice if anyone saw that and found Kasey looking right back at me. She immediately faced the TV and pretended she didn't see that.

"Where do you think you are going?" Sabrina said when I lifted my bag. I smiled at her and dropped my bag and followed her to the couch and plopped down.

She scooted towards me and sat so close to me that she might as well sit on my lap. I wrapped my around her as she rested her head on my chest. "Hey Sam do you want some apple pie?" Mom asked "Hell Yeah!" She handed me a plate of her delicious apple pie and I sniffed the aroma. "Feed me." Sabrina opened her mouth wipe open. I neatly cut the pie in a piece and just as I was about to put into her mouth, I changed the direction and shoved it into my mouth "Hey!

You bastard!" "Calm down sweetheart.you got your boyfriend Bob doing that." I said and she elbowed me in the ribs. "Shut up I broke up with him.he is too hairy" I broke into a laugh and she started laughing with me. I glanced at Kasey and she just smiled. When she smiled, I think I fell in love with her all over again. "Hey Sabrina I gotta go.I will talk to you tomorrow.bye Kasey and Mr. Cruz and Mrs. Cruz and bye Sam" She said changing her tone when she came to me. Nobody else noticed this so I just ignored it.

My parents quizzed me about everything I did in Brazil over the past five years and I had a hard time answering all their questions. I wanted to see if Kasey would ask anything but she suddenly seemed interested in News. "So how many girlfriends did you have? Are Brazilians girls hotter? Can you speak Spanish now? How about Portuguese?" Sabrina shot her questions at me.

"I can speak Spanish and little bit Portuguese…there are lots of cute Brazilian girls…" I answered "How many girlfriends did you have?" Sabrina asked again and for the first time Kasey turned around to listen to my answers. "Couple…" I answered. I probably had around 15-20 girlfriends over the span of five years. "Come on how many?" She persisted lightly elbowing me in the ribs.

"Alright 8-10." "Oh my god! You are a stud!" She said grinning at me. My parents decided to leave at this point and they went to bed. "I hate how you have that perfect tan…you look like you are Spanish! So damn hot" She said comparing our skin colors.

She stayed for couple of hours and she too decided to leave with Kasey. I was disappointed I didn't get to talk to Kasey but at the same time relieved. I flipped through the channels and tried to find something good to watch. There were late night shows which were quite boring and news. I got a DVD and played it. "Still like car racing movies huh?" Kasey asked from the kitchen. I didn't even see her and whipped my head sideways to find her getting a drink.

"Yeah…sit down" I said and patted the seat next to me. She hesitated for a second but sat down next to me and we watched the movie together for couple of minutes. I noticed that she changed into a nightie which came up to her thighs and I could see the outline of her breasts.

"I thought you play soccer?" She asked me "No I play football…yeah yeah I play soccer why?" I asked her as he looked at my chest. "Nothing you look like you play football…so you like Brazil huh?" She asked me with a little hint of bitterness. "Kasey…" I sighed. How do I explain to her that I loved her more than anything in the world "I love Brazil but I love…love being here…love being at home…every night I stare the ceiling thinking about you…you don't know how hard it was for me.

I love you Kasey and its not brotherly love, mine is greater…I just had to get that out" "Oh Sam…" She threw her arm around me and hugged me tightly.

I held her slender body and buried my "Kasey…" I tried to reason with her "Tell me the truth…how many?" She asked me glaring at me "Probably 16 or 15…" I said but immediately regretted what I said after I noticed the anger in her eyes "But they were short term so I had only like 3 or 4…" "You were fucking Brazilian pussy while I was crying at night for you?" She said bitterly and slapped my hand when I tried to reach for her.

Shit! I knew I should have lied. She suddenly jumped on me with her knees buried to my side and grabbed my head. "Kace wh…mmmm" I moaned as she attacked my mouth. She felt so soft and warm in my hands, I ran my hands through her silky hair which smelled so good. She rammed her tongue into my mouth and pressed herself against me.

Her breasts were crushed between our bodies and she was grinding her pussy against my raging hardon. "I love you so much Kace" "Shut up!" She hissed and jerked my head and caught my mouth, as if she were inflicting a wound. She was trembling and moaning into my mouth. She started punching me in the ribs while kissing me with all her lust.

"Don't you ever touch a fucking girl ever again!" I grabbed her pushed her against the couch and rested between her legs.

She looked at me with lust pouring out of her eyes. I leaned forward and moaned as our lips locked in a passionate kiss. I slowly explored her mouth and stroked her soft hair. "I love you" She said looking into my eyes as if searching for something. "I love you too" I kissed her soft lips once more and slowly started moving my hand up her thighs. She closed her eyes and her breathing became irregular.

Her thighs were so soft, warm and smooth. I pulled her panties down and gently started stroking, rubbing and pleasing my sister. "Please Sam? Please make me cum?" She moaned looking at me desperately. "Hmmm? I don't know sweetheart?" I said suddenly enjoying the power over her. She gave me her sexy pouty face and my heart just melted. She knew exactly how to push my buttons. I started rubbing her soaking pussy while kissing her pink nipples.

She withered beneath me and I could tell she was close to Cumming. "Adammm " I sealed her lips with mine and she moaned into my mouth with pleasure as she came over and over again. She took off her gown and then pulled my shirt aside.

She rubbed my erection through my boxers for couple of seconds before tearing them off my body. The sight of her naked was so horny and hot that I leaked pre-cum. She got on her knees before me and took my cock in her mouth and started sliding it up and down her mouth. "I love when you do that…" I moaned as she swirled her tongue around my cock and pushed into into my slit.

I cupped her large breasts and fondled with them, rubbing and pinching her nipples. She moaned into my mouth and started humming as she took me deeper and deeper. I laced my hand behind her head and guided her deeper. I started to pant and groan as her hot mouth worked my cock, her tongue massaging and swirling around. She took me so deep that I closed my eyes and thought I was going to go into a coma from the pleasure I was receiving.

I exploded in her mouth without a warning but she sucked me dry. "I love you so much!" I pulled her up for a deep kiss and held her in my arm for a long time.

We cuddled on the couch together and fell asleep. I woke up before and realized where we were. I quickly put my clothes back on and carried her back to her room making as little sound as I could and collapsed on my bed "Ohhhh! Shit!" I woke up with a gasp but a pair of hands pushed me back. I finally opened my eyes to find Sabrina sitting on my chest with a huge smile on her face.

I then looked at her body and I could feel my erection starting to rise again. She was dressed in a two piece bikini with blue designs. She must have chose a size too small because her breasts looked like they were going to rip her top piece apart. I could see her pussy shaved into a neat triangle through the soft material and stared at her with horror.

"Where the fuck did you get that bikini? And why did you jump on my chest like that?" I asked her looking into her emerald eyes. "Like it?" She asked pushing her breasts forward into my face. "No I don't like it." I said pushing her breasts back.

I thought I heard a slight moan but I could be wrong. "They make you look like a model and I don't like when guys look at my hot sister like that." "Oh Sammy.what a great brother" She said pulling my cheeks apart "Oh yeah by the way we are going to the beach so get ready" "Now?" I asked looking at my watch. It was 11 and I was pretty sure I didn't sleep for that long.

"Yeah now.I, you, Kace, and couple of my friends.hurry up" She jumped off my chest and walked away swaying her sexy ass side to side. I groaned and looked at my erection. I quickly took a hot shower and went downstairs.

Kasey was on the couch eating her cornflakes and Sabrina was on the phone with someone. "Hi Kace." I kissed her briefly and then took a seat next to her and then realized how hungry I was. "Hey Sam can you put everything in the car?" She said and I nodded my head. I gathered up a cooler and made lunches for the three of us, just some sandwiches and snacks really. I put on my sandals and threw my trunks and a few towels over my shoulder; I would get dressed in one of the changing stalls when we got there.

I gathered up two beach chairs and a large umbrella and stashed them in the trunk of my car. A few minutes later Kasey appeared wearing a white and blue sundress and sandals, she had a tote bag in one hand and a towel in the other. "Gonna change there?" I asked squinting in the sun before putting on my blue reflective sun glasses. "Yeah why? No sense causing an accident" I laughed and got in the driver's seat.

Sabrina and Kasey sat in the back seat leaving me to drive. I luckily remembered the route to the beach and got quickly used to the car after couple of minutes.

The sun was baking hot and by the time we got to the beach parking lot we were all sweating. We got out of the car and reveled in the breeze coming off of the water. Thankfully there were only twenty or so cars there so it wouldn't be too crowded.

They started off without a backwards glance, chattering away excitedly, leaving me to carry everything. The parking lot ended in a strip of dunes and small trees about twenty yards deep offering a measure of privacy to the beachgoers. I had to stack the chairs on the cooler and tuck the umbrella under my arm in order to make my way along the path to the beach itself. Finally breaking into the open I stumbled forward to where the girls had apparently marked out our spot off to one side near a rock outcropping.

Dropping the stuff I took a moment to look around for the first time today. The beach was relatively small, off to the left there was a small snack shack and changing area with showers. In that direction the beach ended at a jagged cliff that rose about a hundred feet in the air. The sand continued straight out for about a hundred yards or so before it was met by the sparkling blue sea.

The beach was actually part of a large bay so the water was incredibly smooth. Boats and jet skies could be seen tearing around out in the bay. A large sandbar sat eighty yards out in the water and being low tide at the moment, was completely exposed with only a tiny strip of blue separating it from the beach proper.

Off to the right a good distance away were a lot of huge boulders and rocks that marked the accepted end of the beach in that direction but behind the rocks was a cove where small boats were at anchor. I set up the chairs and umbrella and laid out the towel I was going to lay on, when they announced they were going to go change. Already eyes were starting to track their movements as they headed off to the changing rooms. I followed when they were about halfway there, out of the corner of my eye watching more than a few male eyes chasing after the girls.

I grinned to myself; I would have done the same in their place. I stepped into an empty stall and quickly changed into my black swim shorts with blue tribal designs that ended just below the knee. I rolled up my clothes into a ball and walked back out into the scorching heat. "How do I look?" Sabrina asked again. She looked like she changed into another bikini. She was wearing a two piece light green bikini set that seemed to fit her like a second skin.

"I don't know what's hotter, you or the sun." She blushed and looked down at herself before looking back at me. Kasey had just emerged, squinting in the light before putting on her sunglasses again and looking over at us smiling.

My jaw was not the only one that dropped. She had on a tiny black bikini top that lifted her large breasts and separated them slightly; creating the most amazing cleavage I had ever seen. Even though I had seen her quite naked lately I could only really appreciate it outside and compared to others.

Her bikini bottom was likewise incredibly small, both leaving very little to the imagination. She just radiated sex and she was well aware of it.

Sabrina was between me and the beach and with a sneaky look down turned to Kasey, frowning. "Might want to hide that Sam." She said as she started walking back to the chairs. I finally became aware of the fact that my dick had started to push against my shorts. I cursed under my breath and calmly placed my rolled up clothes in front of my crotch.

Fortunately most of the beach's attention was focused on Kasey and Sabrina sauntering back over to her chair. When Sabrina got there she threw a grin over her shoulder at us and bent from the waist to pick up the towel lying on her chair then sat down. I fancied I could hear an audible gasp from all the guys watching her. I finally realized that I still had my shirt on and took it off and revealed my fully tanned body packed with muscles.

Both Sabrina and Kasey stared at me for full couple of minutes before looking away in embarrassment. My tan was better than Kasey's and since I had no hair on my chest it looked like sun was being reflected off my chest. "I bet you're not the only one." I grinned and strolled to my own chair drawing an equal amount of stares.

I chuckled again and walked over to my towel and got out a tube of sun block and applied it myself and sat down on my towel. "Could you do me Sam?" Sabrina asked indicating the sunscreen. I looked over at her and managed to keep a straight face as I handed the tube to Kasey. "Kasey will." I said. They both grinned and cast glances at the beachgoers. Sabrina presented her back to Kasey and squeezed a generous amount of sunscreen into her own hand before handing the tube back to Kasey.

Sabrina then started to rub the cream onto her front, going way slower than she normally would have if she wasn't being watched. She was careful to spend time rubbing it into the tops of her breasts and opening her mouth slightly, seductively. Meanwhile Kasey started rubbing the sun block into Sabrina's back, shoulders, and neck.

Next Sabrina moved to her legs which she extended out and leaned forward to rub in the cream down to her ankles giving whoever was watching an almost unobstructed view of her tits. Now finished, it was Kasey's turn; she looked over at me then turned her back to Sabrina. Oriana rubbed her front and legs quickly but thoroughly, not as interested in pleasing the crowd as Sabrina was. Sabrina however, took her time rubbing it into Kasey's back and shoulders almost massaging her.

She leaned over and whispered in Kasey's ear while slowly sneaking a hand around her back and down her side seeking her thigh.

Kasey started breathing harder and it took a second for her to come to her senses, slapping Sabrina's hand away before it could venture further. I watched all of this out of the corner of my eye; my main attention was paid to watching the people watching them. One man, who was maybe twenty something and with his girlfriend, was caught with his eyes riveted to Sabrina, suffered under his girlfriend's furious glare.

The girls drew looks from the other sex as well, most of whom had the 'I'm jealous and if this weren't such a public place I'd fight you' kind of look on their faces.

I was pleased to notice that there were really only seven or eight people who actually watched for any length of time, most were just cursory glances and then went back to watching their kids or just gazing out to sea.

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Kasey and Sabrina weren't the only girls on the beach, they were just the hottest. The girls finished up and sat back in their chairs soaking up the sun and relaxing. I lay on my stomach for now, for umm obvious reasons but after ten minutes or so rolled over onto my back, I had done this for maybe an hour before I heard Sabrina announce she was going to go cool off. I turned my head and watched as she stood up and stretched, another show, then grabbed Kasey's hand and pulled her along behind her.

They ran down to the water and started jumping around, playing like little girls and splashing each other. I sat up and fished water out of the cooler when a figure detached itself from a group of girls my age and strode towards me. I focused on her and wasn't surprised to see why she was the one the group had sent. "Hi! Mind if I sit down next to you?" She asked me giving me a sexy smile. "Yeah sure." "Hi I am Gina." She said extending her hand.

I shook her hand and was surprised when she still held on to it. She suddenly realized she was holding on to me and was staring into my eyes. She suddenly recoiled her hand away and blushed when I laughed.

"So.you came here with your friends huh?" She asked me "Yeah I came here with my friends." I answered not even trying to correct her that they were my sisters.

"How old are you?" She asked me with a little bit more confidence. "I am 21." I lied. I was actually 18. She smiled at me and answered that she was 20. She moved a little bit closer and our soldiers were practically touching.

"Are you doing anything after this? Do you wanna go out and grab some lunc- "Who are you?" Sabrina interrupted suddenly. She seemed angry and I was surprised. If anyone, it should be Kasey who was mad but when I looked over she was smiling at me at me seductively.

"Why the hell are you flirting with my girlfriend?" "I am so sorry I.I I.am so sorry I thought.he was just your friend.I" Gina said nervously standing up. She looked scared and I was about to say that Sabrina wasn't my girlfriend when she gave me a "shut the fuck up or I am going to chop your balls" look.

She came over and sat on top of me with her knees buried to my sides. She gently started rocking back and forth glaring at Gina, who stood there shocked. "So you want him huh? Think you can handle this?" She said as she slowly started rubbing my dick. I was dumbfounded and I couldn't get anything out of my mouth.

I glanced at Kasey who was trying desperately not to laugh. Sabrina grabbed my head and kissed me hard. She broke the kiss and glared back at Gina who was blushing. "What makes you think he wants to sleep with a slut like you huh? You whore! Ugly bitch get the fuck away from here." Gina was near to tears by the time Sabrina was done harassing her and I knew she went over the line.

I pushed Sabrina off me and hushed Gina to a side. "Hey Gina I am so sorry.ignore her it wasn't your fault and besides she is my ex.And is sometime crazy.just ignore her alright?" She nodded her head and bit her lower lip trying to hold back her tears. I guess she was the type of girl who cries when someone calls her "dumb." She walked off towards her group of friends who were watching the whole show like their life depended on it.

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I walked back to Sabrina and Kasey who were laughing their brains. "Hey Sabrina.you didn't have to do that. She was just trying to talk to me and you almost made her cry.you hurt her feelings" I said lying down between both of them "What about Kasey's feeling huh?" She argued back.

"What about her feelings?" I asked staring at her. "Oh come on! You can't fuck her at night and flirt with girls you meet during the day." She said and I was beyond shocked. I glared at Kasey who tried to shut Sabrina up but she realized it was too late. How the fuck could she tell her?

"Sam!" Kasey called after me as I left. I entered the maze of boulders and wound my way through them looking for a quiet place. I turned a corner and headed down a short channel cut through the rock and waded through knee deep water to a bend that I hadn't seen before. I rounded the bend, climbing over another rock and was confronted by a little hollow perfectly suited to me needs. There was crystal clear, ankle deep water in a rough circle under a smooth ledge that ran about halfway around the pool.

The whole area was maybe six or seven feet in diameter and surrounded by solid rock ten feet in the air, I grinned, satisfied that I had found such a paradise where I could sit and be by myself and think. "Are you mad at me?" Kasey asked and I didn't turn to face her. "No…" There is no need to be mad at her, she probably wanted to share her story after I left.

I probably would have done the same thing in Brazil but no one would have understood me. And besides it seemed childish to be mad at her and even more for a silly reason. "I am sorry…I shouldn't have said anything to Sabrina…I just wanted to share my grief when you left and she is the only one who I could trust&hellip." She said sitting down next to me. I smiled and put my arm around her assuringly.

"Hey I understand…I just need a place to think…" I reached out and pulled her to me hugging her tightly, she swung her legs over and sat on my lap wrapping her arms around my neck and hugging me back as she sniffled and tears spilled from her eyes. I shushed gently and stroked her silken hair. "I just want to more than a sister to you…more than just a sex partner…and when I see beautiful girls talking to you I guess I get mad&hellip.no…no…jealous&hellip.I get jealous…I wanted to rip Rachel's throat yesterday when she brushed her lips against you…I know I shouldn't be like that…" "You are more than a sister to me and you should know by now that you are more than a sex partner too…I know I had couple of girlfriends but none have been equal to you…nobody in this beach is competition to you Kace…" Her features softened and she looked at me with a pleading look in her eyes.

She leaned in and kissed me deeply closing her eyes, her tongue hesitantly entered my mouth after a second and she became more forceful pushing her face harder against mine. She broke away for a moment panting, trying to catch her breath before plunging back in again mashing our lips together, totally lost in the moment. My sister's soft lips against mine caused stirrings where there previously were none and she opened her eyes and gazed longingly at me, her brown eyes starting to glaze over.

My cock was pushing against her ass throbbing madly, intent on being noticed. "It's been so long Sam…I missed you so much…" She took my hand and brought it to her chest, slipping it under her bikini top so I could touch her sensitive nipple.

I gripped it lightly between my thumb and forefinger and tweaked it slightly; she moaned softly and pushed her chest out farther against my hand. I pushed back, squishing her soft tit in my hand and massaging it with my fingers. I started kissing her neck and she sighed, tilting her head so it rubbed against my forehead, her hair silky soft.

Meanwhile my other hand slowly traveled down her side and over her thigh barely touching her soft skin. I slipped my hand down the front of her little bikini bottom and found her shaved pussy, cupping it in my hand, feeling the intense heat and moisture seeping out of her. Her breath was coming in short, heavy gasps and her eyes seemed not to be able to focus on anything.

I just barely brushed the bead of her clit with the result of her crying out right into my ear. I ran my fingers over her slit and slowly started to add pressure, pushing against her opening with two fingers. It felt like they were sucked into her and as soon as they were in to the second knuckle her cunt gripped them with a surprising amount of force and more fluids soaked her already sopping wet pussy. I spread those two fingers and turned them, closing them and spreading them again like I was trying to expand her from the inside.

She groaned from deep in her chest and gazed longingly into my eyes; she was sweating and a flush rose from her neck and colored her cheeks. She leaned against me, pushing my back against the smooth stone, I pulled my fingers out of her and she grabbed my hand bringing it up her hard body trailing her juices up her flat stomach. She opened her mouth slowly, looking at me sidelong, watching my expression as she put first one finger then the other in her mouth and sucked and licked them clean of her own juices.

Her tongue wrapped around each in turn seeking every last drop of her fluid. She batted her eyes at me and gently bit the tips of my fingers scraping them against her teeth as she pulled them from her mouth; I smiled as she dragged my hand back down her body and into her pussy once more.

I leaned in and kissed her tasting the juices still in her mouth, I let my tongue wander inside her mouth tasting for more of the same. I pulled back when it seemed I had gotten as much as I could. She grinned and pushed my fingers farther into her volcanic cunt, turning my hand as if it were the key to her pussy. She inhaled sharply and mashed my hand against her soaking wet slit as her inner muscles contracted around my fingers, crushing them in a wet embrace.

Her pussy flooded with girl cum and it flowed past my hand and onto my shorts soaking my crotch. I was astonished to say the least; I had never seen that much liquid come out of her before. I had to drag my fingers out of her; it felt as if her pussy didn't want to let them go, gripping them to the last. She moaned as they broke free, her pussy super sensitive. I realized my other hand was still cupping her tit and I pulled that away too, instead wrapping my arms around my sister's body and hugging her tightly to me, thoroughly satisfied.

"Fuck…I want your cum in me now!" She said removing her panties. I stopped her and motioned her to look around. Everybody were looking at her wondering what we were doing and if started to bounce on my surely they would know that we were having sex. "Fine…let me blow you then…" She didn't wait for me to respond and knelt before me on the sand. She gripped the base of my cock and licked from her hand to the swollen head.

I moaned and arched my back driving my cock an inch or so into her waiting mouth. She wasted no time in taking as much as she could into her hot mouth. She slowly bobbed her head up and down, vacuum sealing her lips around my cock.

My breathing quickened and I closed my eyes, reveling in this pure sensation. She picked up the pace and I knew I wouldn't last much longer; she was a pro after all. "Fuck Kace…" I moaned.

She pulled most of my cock out as I blew my load in her mouth. She popped my cock out of her mouth after I finished and licked it clean then stood up grabbing for her bikini bottom.

I sat back trying to catch my breath and pulled my shorts back up. We walked back to the beach with her arm around my waist. I pulled her closer to me and kissed her forehead lightly. Sabrina saw us and she intercepted us. "I am sorry Sam…I should have never said anything…" Sabrina said and she seemed really upset. I grinned and assured her everything was okay. She seemed somewhat releived. "We should get going…it's getting dark…" Kasey said and we quickly put everything back in the trunk of the car.

We were all clearly exhausted and I bought us a large pizza and some lemonade. The pizza box was ravished before I even opened it so I ordered another medium pizza which we ate slowly enjoying each every single bite. "I am so damn stuffed…and so sleepy…" Sabrina moaned.

Fuck! That means I have to drive! I stopped eating and threw my piece in the trash. If I was going to drive I can't do that when I am all full and sleepy.

Sabrina and Kasey finished the rest of the box and they both sat in the back seat. I started driving home slowly and carefully blasting some music so I wouldn't fall asleep.

When I glanced over at my sisters they were both clinging on to each other and snoring. I laughed and parked the car in the garage. I opened the back door and gently scooped up Kasey. "Tired huh?" Mom asked me and I nodded my head.

I opened the door to Kasey's room and gently laid her down on the bed. She was just so fucking beautiful. She was still in her bikini so I gently pulled it to a side and stared at her pink nipples. I gently leaned down and sucked on them but stopped suddenly. I went back downstairs and scooped up Sabrina.

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Unlike Kasey she was clinging on to me tightly as if I was her pillow or a teddy-bear. My mom laughed when she saw me and shook her head. I grinned and gently laid her down on her bed but she still wouldn't let go of me.

I managed to get out of her grasp and went back downstairs. "Hey sam? You got a minute?" My dad asked me when he saw. "Yeah…" I yawned "You got a scholarship to a Universal Soccer Academy…you uncle sent in all your videos and he spoke with the instructors there…they want to talk to you…" He said.

Universal Soccer Academy is one of the best soccer academy's in the US and they only take selected people. "Really?" "Yeah…it is only couple of hours drive from here and they said they will pay 90%.we just have to pay for the food and other things…what do you think?" Mom spoke up. What do I think? Obviously I want to go there if I will be closer to Kasey. I immediately accepted and we talked through all the details.

I sent an email to the address they gave me and filled in all the forms. By the time I was done, it was 11 and I collapsed on the bed. I woke up to a warm body pressed against me. I opened my eyes to find Kasey cuddling with me, she was completely naked. "Are you awake Sam?" She asked innocently.

"I am now…" I laughed "Good!" She jumped on top of me and ripped all my clothes off in a minute leaving me with my socks on. She was all over me, kissing my face and worming herself all over my body.

I wrapped my arms around her back and pulled her tightly to me holding her upper body still so I could kiss her back. She struggled in my arms, she had way too much pent up energy but I would fix that soon enough. Her hips remained in motion and I flinched every time her glistening cunt came in contact with my rock hard cock. I held her with one arm as my other traveled down her back to her ass which, as I said was still in motion.

I grabbed a cheek and squeezed, she giggled but it did little to slow her down. I traced the crack of her ass with a finger until I came upon the little starburst of her hole; I pushed with that finger and felt it slowly sink into the tightest thing I had ever come across.

That got her attention and she stopped moving immediately and stared into my eyes with the most intense look of lust I had ever seen. "I want you to fuck me hard!" She whispered "I want you to fuck me up the ass…" "Oh I will" I whispered back. I had fucked couple of girls up the ass before but this was the first time I ever did with Kasey. I was wondering how I should do this when she presented me a gel of lube. I smiled and pulled my finger out of her ass ignoring the groan.

I gently applied the gel as she kept rubbing her pussy against my hand. "How do you want it?" "Umm…I don't know…doggy?" She said looking up at me for confirmation and I nodded my head. She rolled off me and got on her hands and knees next to me. "Ready?" I asked her and she nodded when I got in position. And with that I pushed my cock about two inches in without much difficulty; we both gasped as our own separate feelings rushed through our nerves. If I thought it was tight around my finger, to my cock it was like a vice on roids.

I gasped and almost fell on top of her but somehow managed to stay reasonably upright. Her reaction was much more extreme; she cried out, gritting her teeth and forcing herself not to scream as she tried desperately to relax. She kept on muttering something and I couldn't hear her. "What is it?" ""All the way. All the way in!" she groaned. I shrugged and slowly pushed the rest of my cock into her ass, this time she did scream not in pain but pleasure, I hoped.

"Oohh god euuhhhh so f-fucking big uuhhhnn!" She screamed. I noticed that Sabrina was at the doorway. All the screaming must have woken her up, she slowly walked across to my bed and laid down looking at Kasey amused.

Sabrina started laughing, "Ohhh hurts so good!" she said imitating Kasey's voice. Kasey definitely didn't hear that, she was so focused on her own body. I noticed a slight tremble in her arms. I gave her a moment to adjust again before I slowly started to pull out of her, it felt like every muscle she had was trying to keep me inside of her and if wasn't for the gel I probably wouldn't have been able to.

I managed to pull most of the way out before I shoved forwards, this must have been too much for her because her arms gave out and she lay breathless from screaming with her cheek pressed against the floor. She was so fucking tight it was unbelievable, I realized after just a few strokes that I would most likely be done so I stopped and let her recover. Her arms were still shaking so I assume she didn't choose to stay as she was with her butt in the air and her face against the floor.

I looked back at Sabrina, she shook her head sadly and I turned back to Kasey who had by now started trying to push her ass back against me.

I started to pull out again this time however, I leaned forward and with one hand grabbed her left nipple between my fingers and with my right I rubbed my hand down (now up) her stomach to her pussy. She was still wet as I slowly inserted just one finger and described lazy circles inside of her while my thumb gently rubbed her clit.

This had the desired effect of getting her more excited and she started pushing back against me with more enthusiasm.

And now that I had a general slow rhythm for myself I could try and time her climax alongside mine, well that was my hope. "Oh m-more ohh Sam dump it in my ass eeeyyhhh-eaaaahh!" She screamed. Well so much for timing it just right, she came hard, she should have with me teasing just about every serious sensory cluster on her body. Her whole body shook wildly and I felt a flood of liquid stream past my hand, her eyes were clenched shut and a queer smile on her lips telling me that cumming with a dick in her ass was a new feeling.

On my end it was even more intense, her ass spasmed around my cock, clenching as her muscles tightened and twitched. That was it for me, I pushed forward again and buried my dick as far in as it would go and blew my pent up load deep into her insides.

For an eternity and beyond I fired jet after jet of cum into her and with each new onrush of fluid she twitched and arched and writhed under me. Finally spent, I promptly collapsed on my side while she sprawled out on her stomach, barely alive it seemed. My cock clearing her ass at speed brought with it a comical popping/sucking sound along with a small trickle of cum and gel from her very abused backdoor.

"It's so hot in my ass." She mewled softly almost to herself. Kasey got off the bed and sat down next to my head, stroking my face with a tender hand. "Let me make her feel better…" Sabrina said and I was shocked to hear those words so was Kasey. "I feel amazing and I have Sam to make feel better…sorry Sab…I am not Bi…" Kasey said "I know but a woman's touch is different…but alright…go ahead Sam…let me see what you got…" She said as if challenging me.

I gently spread Kasey's legs and buried my face in her fragrant cunt, lapping at her glistening pussy like a dog deprived of water.

I stopped and backed my face away to lick up the little rivulets of clear liquid from her thighs; she sighed contentedly and put her hands on my head gently guiding me back to her pussy. I traced around her clit with my tongue but never touched it as I changed direction and shoved my tongue as far as I could into her and started licking her insides.

She had started to breathe faster and she was pushing my face into her with more and more force, she was close. I snuck a finger between her ass cheeks and pushed against her tight hole while simultaneously sucking on the little nub of her clit. She cried out and tried to collapse but remarkably I managed to hold her up while a flood juices poured out of her into my eager mouth.

Finally I supported her weight enough to gently lower her down into my arms. "When was the last time we fucked Sam?" Kasey asked me and I shrugged it was probably 4 or 5 years ago. I noticed that Sabrina was moaning and when I looked at her hands were buried in her cunt.

She suddenly ran out of the room and I broke into a laugh. "Let's fix it…" And with that she told me to sit in my chair, I did and she grinned, throwing a leg on either side of my chair. "You aim to fix thaoohhhh ohhh my g-god!" was what came out of my mouth as she lowered her blazing cunt onto my cock.

I was amazed at how tight she was I guess all that relative inactivity had some kind of effect on her. Her eyes were closed and she let out a pleased sigh, leaning against me and putting her chin on my shoulder.

She pulled her head back and looked at me. She scrunched up her face in concentration, keeping one eye open to watch my reaction.

Suddenly it felt like my cock was being massaged by waves of wet pressure, the waves being her inner muscles, creating one of the most intense sensations I have ever felt. She asked me what I thought and I found I couldn't respond, I had trouble thinking and the only movement I made was to slump into her, moaning.

After a few minutes of that blissful torture she stopped, she was breathing hard, as if the effort of controlling herself like that was exhausting and she too slumped forward so we were leaning up against each other. "Wow." I finally managed to croak. "How?" "Porn…dildo…research" She panted "I am done…please fuck me!" "I'll show you how to fuck!" I said.

Her eyes widened as I put one arm around her back and another under her ass and lifted. Oh yeah fuck me. Fuck your sister hard!" she commanded breathlessly as I started to push in and out of her.

I hesitated at first and she said grabbing my head between her hands for emphasis, " Fuck me like you mean it!" I shook my head with an amused smile and pulled almost completely out. She looked at me expectantly, letting go and I thought I could feel her pussy tighten in anticipation but I wasn't sure.

"Your wish…" I said before slamming my cock back into her. "Eeyeahhhh!" She screamed tilting her head back and biting her lip seductively, though I don't think she meant to. I pulled out once more and slammed back in with the same result. I did this again and again, she cried out every time and I found a certain pleasurable sensation in her cries.

I wanted to hear more but I realized I could feel myself starting to reach that point already and knew I had but mere moments. I pulled out one final time and slowly pushed all the way back in making sure to feel as much of her tight cunt as I could on the way. She let out a long low moan and that was the final straw, I erupted deep inside of her and though it wasn't nearly as large a load as I had shot into her ass given the recovery time, but it was still substantial.

"Oh there we go." She said quietly. I had been supporting myself on my hands and now my arms started to shake, noticing this Kasey pulled me down on top of her, burying my face in her tits. "I love you Sam." She said wearily. "Love you too sweetheart." I said back to her, my voice muffled by her large breasts. I slowly ran my hands over her smooth thighs and started playing with her pussy.

Her lips parted slightly and she arched her back, leaning back she was practically shoving her tits in my face and I had to stop myself from taking one of her succulent nipples into my mouth. Wait, why did I have to stop myself? I grinned and leaning in I took one of her large tits in each hand, bringing my lips to her left nipple and taking her still rock hard piece of flesh into my mouth.

"Oooohhhh mmmmh w-wait uh uh uh!" she screamed grabbing the back of my head and mashing my face against her giving flesh. My lips and hands on her sensitive breasts. Her whole body shook hard enough to break the lock I had on her and I backed up, watching her writhe in climax. She heaved a huge sigh and collapsed forward facedown on the bed, finally still. We cuddled closer and I stroked her smooth hair as I explained to her about my soccer academy.

She was happy that I would be closer to her but sad that I would live in the dorms. "I love you too. I'm going to miss you so much." She said sniffling.

"Ssshhh. We'll see each other plenty don't you worry." I said soothingly. She sniffed and picked her head up to look at me, bleary eyed. "Promise?" "Promise." I said yawning again and closing my eyes. I felt her head drop back onto my chest and her arm go around me before I finally fell asleep The whole summer we fucked like rabbits and with Sabrina there to cover us our parents didn't find out. I moved to the academy a week before it started. There was a test to see where we would be and I easily aced it.

It was basically how fast you were, your accuracy when you shoot, and your ball handling skills. I was naturally a fast runner and playing soccer with Brazilian kids teaches you all the accuracy you need in your life.

I came home on the weekends and fucked whenever I got a chance. Even though there were a lot of girls at the academy I found none of them interesting or as beautiful as Kasey. After two years spending my life with a ball, my uncle called me. He informed that he talked to one of his friends from England who was a scout for Liverpool. He would come to US to observe me playing soccer and if I impressed him, I could be playing in the main stream.

The scout must have been impressed because a week later I got two plane tickets to London. I knew this was the chance I have been waiting for. I informed Kasey to pack her things and be ready. The next week, we were on a plane to England. Our parents had no clue where we were and we left a note telling them not to look for us.

We stopped all contact with parents for the fear of how they would judge us. Kasey enrolled in one of the Universities where I was and with the money I earned she could easily finish her undergrad there. She was a senior when she decided to go off the pill and I knocked her up. I started playing for one-year contracts which means I earn more money but the risk is high too, my performance has to be solid. We decided to name our daughter Danielle, after my dad Dan.

Kasey got a job at being a English teacher at a prestigious high-school. Our wedding had been right after when Kasey told me she was pregnant and it had been perfect. During a little trip Kasey and I had taken, we stumbled upon this cliff that overlooked the ocean.

It looked like something out of a movie really. It was right off the main road as well so it hadn't been too difficult getting everything we needed up there.

The weather hadn't been perfect but if one word could describe that day it would have to be…dramatic. The priest stood behind and between us, holding his bible low in both hands with a pleasant smile on his face. We had a hand on each others cheek, kissing passionately after the 'you may kiss the bride'. The wind had picked up just then, causing her hair to whip behind her head like a flag, the maids of honor similarly captured.

Not having much in the way of female relatives, Oriana asked Kayla, Maggie, and her other roommate Sophia to stand with her. Our eyes were closed, oblivious to anything and everything.

I looked very striking in my tuxedo, my best man Joe standing behind me. But besides the wind tossing the women's hair about, the background was stunning. A wispy cloud had broken up the sunlight way out behind us and sent it streaming in all directions in clearly distinct rays.

The waters of the ocean were choppy that day and whitecaps were everywhere. Just thinking about that day very nearly brought tears to my eyes every time.

Our honeymoon had also been on the verge of perfection. It was all sex, cruise ships, sex, tropical islands, and more sex. I could barely keep up with her, having to take a week off afterwards to get my strength back I decided that I was spending too much time with soccer and less with Kasey and Danielle so I decided to stop playing soccer. "What? Why?" Kasey asked me surprised.

She was grading her English paper when I told her about this. "Because I am not spending enough time with you…" I said honestly as I massaged her shoulders. She leaned her head back to look at me and I kissed her softly. "Oh Sam…you love soccer…" She got up and placed her hands on my shoulder. I smiled and placed my hands on her hips. At 25, she was so fucking hot that everybody on my team was jealous of me.

I gently pushed her towards the bedroom and gently laid her on the bed. "No I love you…" I whispered in her ear softly. I gently started running my hands over her smooth thighs and lifted her skirt. She was already soaking wet as I rubbed her panties. "Fuck!" I groaned as we heard Danielle crying. Kasey laughed and pushed me off her but I grabbed her and pulled her back.

"One quickie please?" "Come on Sam…she is crying" I groaned and followed her to Danielle's room which was bigger than ours.

I fucking loved my daughter as she is the exact copy of her mother. She was daddy's little girl,had been born at two in the afternoon on a Wednesday. I'd been at work at the time and was nearly arrested twice as I raced to the hospital. She'd given Kasey the most difficulty, but damn if she wasn't the cutest baby I'd ever seen, and delivering her had been one of the greatest things I feel I've ever done.

Kasey had cursed the air blue trying to push her out, very nearly making the hospital staff's ears bleed. Even though she swore she did no such thing, I remember it clear as day. The next month, I didn't sign a contract with any other clubs and said goodbye to my teammates. Kasey quit her job and we sold our house. My bank account was stashed and I bought a house in Florida, couple hour's drive from our parent's house.

It took a little while getting used to but Kasey got a job and I found a job at architecture and earned fairly well for a beginner. Everything was going fairly well when Kasey said suddenly she wants to see our parents. "What?" It was my turn to be surprised. "Yeah Sam…we have to face them someday…please…let's go over there today and if they are still angry towards us there is nothing for us to regret&hellip.please?" She gave me her innocent eyes and I looked away.

"Fine…" I said "And besides Danielle will help us bond…" She said rubbing her head against my chest. We were both naked after an intense session of sex. I kissed her forehead softly and stoked her hair. We finally got in the car and drove to our parents house. It took a good 2 hours to get there and when I parked the car in front of the house.

I sat still looking nervous as hell. I was never this nervous well except when Kasey was giving birth. "I'll be there with you…" She leaned over and kissed me. "No…stay here…" I said and got out of my car. I walked to the porch and knocked on the door. Each passing second was painfully hard for me. It was my mom who opened the door.

She had gray hair and there were wrinkles forming on her face. "Sam?" She said when she looked up at me. "Mom?" I said swallowing the lump from my throat. She smiled with happiness and tears started rolling down her cheeks. I hugged her tightly and motioned Kasey to get out of the car. She got out of the car with Danielle.

"Is that&hellip.?" She trailed off when she saw the baby. My mom completely ignored both Kasey and I, she hugged Dani tightly and made a fuss. "Mom where is dad?" I asked her. She stopped smiling and looked a little nervous. "He is in the backyard but…he is still angry at you…mainly at you" My mom said pointing her index finger at me. I sighed and went into the house. I took a look at my house and realized not a thing has changed. I walked to the backyard and found my dad trying to fix the lawnmower.

"Let me help you with that…" I took the tools out of his hand and quickly fixed it in a couple of minutes. He was studying my face as if he was trying to remember who I was.

I handed the tools back to him and smiled. "Thank you young…Sam?" He asked in the same surprised tone as my mom. "Yeah dad…it's me…" "Get the hell out of my house." He said quietly "You have to understand that I loved her! That is why I left the house with her…knowing that you will never allow it…" I argued. "I don't give a shit…you should have known better…she was your younger sister for god sake…let me guess…she finally realized what she was doing and left you?" He asked me chuckling coldly.

"No dad she didn't leave me and I would never leave her either…but I guess if you really don't want to see us…you don't want to see your granddaughter either…" I said and he looked at me suspiciously.

"Where is she?" He asked. I didn't know whether he was talking about Kasey or Dani…so I told him they were in the kitchen. "What's her name?" He said stroking Dani's hair slowly and he had a huge smile on his face.

When I told her what we name it seemed like his face beamed with pride. He laughed loudly and I grinned at Kasey. We moved closer and just as I was about to put my arm around her, my dad sat between us holding Dani. "How is Sabrina doing?" I asked and my mom sighed "She never came back to visit us after you guys left…it's just us two…" "Let me get her phone number…" I said getting my phone out.

My mom must have memorized her number cause she recited it out for me. I called her and she picked up on the fourth ring. "Hello?" "Hi Sabrina…" "Who is it?" "Your boyfriend…" I said trying to hold back my excitement.

"I don't have a boyfriend…" "Well then I guess I am your ex." "Who the fuck are you?" "Do I really sound so different on the phone Sab?" "Sam? Oh my god where the fuck are you?" "Home.get your ass over here." "I'll be there" She said eagerly and I hung up the phone. Our parents were fussing over Dani so I grabbed a beer from the fridge and relaxed.

I must have dozed off because I suddenly jolted when I heard the door bell. I rose up to get the door. First thing I noticed when I saw Sabrina was she was hotter than ever. She dressed professionally in a skirt and a blazer. Her hair was done neatly, her golden hair in curls. "Hi Sabrina.SLAP ouch.I guess I deserved it." She slapped me so hard that I was sure that there would be her fingerprints stuck to my cheeks for the rest of my life. She then threw herself at me and hugged me tightly.

Tears of happiness were streaming down her face and flooding my shirt. I ran my hands through her hair and kissed her cheek. She smelled so damn, I ran my hands down her back and rested them on her ass before I knew it I had a raging hardon pressed into her crotch.

"Fuck you Sam.You could have at least called me." She said. She then pushed me back and tackled Kasey just like she tackled me. After we all calmed down we started talking. Sabrina finished her college and got a job at Bank of America and she is apparently the manager. I was surprised since she was never any good at math. She asked us why we never called and I told her we lost all the contacts when we got a new phone and the only way to get her number is by contacting our parents which we weren't too eager about.

"Did you find your perfect guy?" I asked her and she shook her head taking a sip from her beer. "Nah.I tried dating but most of them want to get in my pants on the first date.by the way Sam.I am holding a party today.do you guys want to come over? Please Sam?" I looked over at Kasey and she shrugged her shoulders. "Yeah I am in.But what about Dani?" "We can take care of him!" My dad interrupted us.

"Alright let's go then." I eagerly followed her outside and we got into my Mercedes which Sabrina wanted to drive.

I gave her my keys and sat in the back seat alone while Kasey and Sabrina had their usual gossips. Her house was pretty big with 4 bedrooms, a pool and a sauna. I went in and made myself comfortable. The guests started pouring in around 7 in the evening, and I knew some of them but Kasey knew almost no one.


Within an hour there were so many guests, you can't get anywhere without grinding into someone. I was used to these parties since we have these kinds of parties almost every time we win a game. Kasey and I were easily separated in the crowd but I was almost drunk so I could care less. I grabbed another bottle of beer and gulped it down in matter of seconds. This party was similar to the college parties with loud music and lots of beer and I found myself enjoying.

I suddenly felt a pair of hands grab me and pull away from the crowds and up the stairs. "What's up Sabrina?" I asked her. She seemed sober unlike who was so drunk that I could barely walk up the stairs. She didn't respond but just pushed me into her room and closed the door giving me the sexiest smile. I gave her the smile and pushed her on the bed. She grabbed my head and smashed our lips together. I couldn't think clearly but went along, grinding our bodies together.

She ripped my shirt so hard buttons were flying everywhere. I laughed and got rid of my wife beater. She got undresses within a heartbeat. "Umm.I fucking wanted you for so long." She moaned as her roughly rammer her tongue down my throat.

I moaned into my mouth and grabbed her breasts roughly. She moaned and wrapped her legs around me trying to pull my boxers down. I started humping her as my dick slid against her wet slipper cunt.

I started attacking her neck, gently pulling her skin with my teeth. She groaned and grabbed my ass pulling me tighter into her. She pushed me back on my stomach and started jacking me off in her expert hands. I moaned and stroked as she slid my dick into her warm and moist mouth.

"So fucking big.I want you so fucking badly!" She took my swollen head into her welcoming head. Her tongue played across the hot flesh as she took it deeper until the tip reached the entrance of to her throat. At that point she slid her lips back until just the head remained in her and treated it like an ice cream cone until I thought I would go mad.

Sabrina then began to work her mouth back and forth on my shaft, taking me to the back of her mouth with each bob of her head. Her tongue played with me as she continually moved along my skin flute playing a song of carnal pleasure. I didn't know how long I could take her oral ministrations as it had been too long since I had cum when with a popping sound she pulled her mouth totally from me.

She gave my cock a stroke before she then ran her tongue the length of it from the bulbous head down to my hairy ball sac. Sabrina opened her mouth and swallowed one into her mouth where she sucked on it while also teasing it with her wet, little tongue at the same time.

My hand ran through her hair as she pleasured me, now switching her attention to my other ball until it received equal treatment. "Fuck!" I groaned. "Fuck my tits Sam! Fuck my tits!" She moaned lying on her back. I grinned I slid my wet cock between her large breasts and moaned when she pressed them together. She stuck her tongue out so each time my head would rub against her pink tongue I was lost in pleasure.

"Fuck! I am going to blow my load!" I warned her She swallowed half my length while keeping her breasts pressed to the remaining part of my cock when with a moan I began to flood her mouth with my cum. Each spurt of cum shot out into her willing mouth and she greedily swallowed it down. Her hands now grabbed my ass as she took me deeper and I continued discharging every drop of my juice to her. Even when no more came Sam continued to suck lovingly on my prick for another minute.

I pushed her thighs back and stared at her beautiful pussy with golden patch of hair. Placing a hand on each of her solid thighs I brought my lips to her right inner thigh and lightly kissed my way from right above her knee up to where it joined her pelvis. At that close distance I could smell Sabrina's sex scent and it intoxicated me more than the wine had.

As I'd worked up her leg I had left a trail of raised Goosebumps in my wake and now as I paused at the top her hand ran through my hair trying to direct me to her still covered pussy. Instead I breathed lightly, allowing my hot breath to pass over her mound causing her to tremble from anticipation. Then I repeated the process with her left thigh and by the time I reached the top Sabrina was actually squirming around. When I brought my lips to her covered lips and kissed the wet fabric she shuddered and pulled my hair hard.

I was entranced by the beauty of it. The lips were puffy and glistening and they were parted slightly revealing a darker shade inside her. First I gave her lower lips an open mouth kiss, tasting her treat for the first of what I hoped would be many times Her juice was clear yet sticky and I eagerly funneled it to my mouth with my tongue, savoring it for a minute before swallowing it down.

My tongue burrowed deep inside her, probing her sweet honey pot and licking her sugary walls. Sabrina was going crazy from the stimulus she was receiving letting out a series of low, throaty moans and humping her puss against my eager mouth.

Her hand had never released my hair and she still held it tightly. When I began to run my tongue the length of her, from her puckered little brown eye and up along her juicy lips, I would swerve to avoid coming in contact with her hard clit which jutted out prominently from its hood. On occasion I would tease Sabrina by coming very close to her button but just before touching it I would detour. Finally when she had enough of my sweet torture Sabrina literally begged me to give her release.

"Please Sam I can't take it anymore. You have to know what you are doing to me. Please lick me there! I so want to feel your tongue on my clitty.

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Don't be mean, I'm begging you!" That was more than I could take. Hearing Sabrina plead for relief like that caused me to stop what I was doing and instead put my lips around her clit and flick it with the tip of my tongue while sucking it into my mouth. Her legs momentarily closed on my head and I felt her secretions flow from her pink lips toward the mattress. Her eyes met mine and I read joy, pleasure and thanks reflected in them.

My tongue lapped at her escaping nectar before I stood upright in front of her. "Fuck me! Please fuck me Sam!" She begged me. I teased her by gently pushing my head in her tight pussy, she moaned and pushed her hips back to take more of my cock. She groaned when I held her hips in place and leaned down to suck on her pink nipples. "Sam? Please?" She begged but I kept on teasing her. She suddenly slapped me on the face except this was on my other cheek "FUCK ME DAMN IT!" I shoved my dick into her hilt without warning and she let out a tortured moan and wrapped her legs around me like a snake.

It felt so perfect, my dick in her molten pussy. I held her hips as I pulled my dick back until my head was just about to pop out and shoved it back. She groaned and arched her back as her mouth formed a perfect "o".

I loved how her large tits were bouncing as I pounded her pussy without mercy. I slapped her breasts and pulled her pink nipple with my teeth. She shredded beneath me and moaned as her juices flowed around my cock. "Aeeee" She squealed as I flipped her over. She immediately got on her knees and presented her pussy to me.

I slapped her ass hard leaving my handprint on it. She yelped in pain but I didn't stop until her ass was red as a tomato then without warning, I shoved my dick back into her soaking pussy and pulled her hair back. I kept on fucking her like that; one of my hands pulling her hair back while the other fondled her breasts. I was in heaven and knew I was close to an orgasm. "I am going to cum!" I groaned and started rubbing her pussy furiously. She must have been close because she gripped my cock tightly.

I shoved my dick back into her and exploded. "Ahhhhhh!" We both moaned at the same time and I collapsed on top of her. "Don't touch me bastard!" I woke up to scream from the hallway.

I glanced at Sabrina who was sleeping peacefully and kissed her softly on the forehead. I got off the bed and put my clothes back on.

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Kasey was trying to escape a fat man's grip. I walked over there and tapped on his shoulder. The seconds he turned out, I punched him in the face so hard I felt his jaw snap. "You okay sweetheart?" I asked her and she nodded her head. I led her into a bedroom which was covered with naked bodies but then decided the only place which won't have naked bodies all over the floor is Sabrina's "Where were you?" I asked her "I drank too much beer and collapsed at the top of the stairs and woke up when that fat guy fondled with my breasts.where were you?" "Same thing except I woke up when you screamed." I pushed her into Sabrina's bed and pulled the blanket over our bodies.

Sabrina immediately put her head on my chest just like Kasey did and I slept peacefully. The next morning we had to clean the whole house top to bottom. There were pizza slices everywhere in the cereal box, toilet, under the couch. Sabrina and I continued our affair and we reached the peak when I found out she was pregnant. I would visit her every day after work and fuck her until she is unconscious then I would bring her whatever food she wants.

The problem was she would crave for chicken wings and when I would buy her a large box of chicken wings she would eat one and then crave for apple pie. I was completely exhausted; I had to please Sabrina and go home and fuck Kasey. RING RING RING Kasey tried moved away from me to get the phone but I held on to her tightly.

She didn't resist but fell back to sleep throwing her leg over me and pressing her breasts into my face. RING RING RING "What the fuck!?!" I got up to pick up the phone clearly irritated. "Who is it baby?" Kasey asked me so I threw her the phone and rested my head on her breasts. "Really!?!" Kasey screamed and I woke up. There was no way I was going to get any sleep tonight. "What is it?" I asked her.

"Sabrina is a mom." She said happily. I laughed and we both ran outside. I was dressed in my pajamas and Kasey threw some clothes on. She had pants and a shirt. I drove to the hospital as soon as I could and waited outside the door with Kasey and my parents.

"You may see her but one at a time please?" The doctor said and I volunteered to go first after all I am the dad but no one in the family knew so they sent Kasey first then my mom then my dad and I was the last.

I was clearly pissed but was happy as fuck at the same time. "How are you doing Sabby?" I asked her stroking her soft hair. I leaned down and we shared a soft kiss.

"I am doing fine daddy…did you look at Bob?" She said and I laughed there was no fucking way I was going to name my son Bob! She clearly didn't see what was so funny so I rolled my eyes and looked at my son. He was so damn cute, he is definitely going to be a pro soccer player.

"I love you Sabrina…" I kissed her once again and held her hand. She was on the brink of tears. After 10 years… Sabrina, Kasey and I we were already drinking beer and planning on going on a vacation.

I suddenly forgot that I left my phone upstairs so I went upstairs to get my phone when I was coming back downstairs I glanced in Dani's room. What I saw shocked was unbelievable. I quickly went back downstairs and told my sisters to follow me. They followed me quietly upstairs and expressed the same shock as I did. Dani was holding Bobby's dick in her hand and was examining closely. We kept on watching them and I had to suppress my gasp when she decided to put it into her mouth.

"I guess siblings can't be separated huh?" Kasey said ANOTHER PART TO DO THIS????????????