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Vader fucks Dennis in the ass so hard
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Chapter Six Three Months Later Katie groaned as she pulled her black gown on over her pregnant belly. She was only three months, but it was enough to show.

People were constantly talking about her, wondering who the baby's daddy was.

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Good thing was that today she would be rid of all of the rumors. It was graduation, and she would be leaving high school behind. She walked out of the high school bathroom and up to Kyle. He looked so handsome in his cap and gown. He helped her put on her own cap and gown, and then hugged her.

"After today, we are free of all of these people," he whispered in her ear. Suddenly, Stephanie ran up and kissed him. He smiled and placed his hands on the girl's slender hips.

"Congratulations, Beautiful," he said. As Katie walked away, Kyle kissed Stephanie once again. He had stayed with her in part to keep up appearances, but he also found her fun to be around.

Kyle squeezed her ass, making her giggle. "I am glad that we are graduating together," she said. The music started, and the doors opened. As the procession of seniors entered, Kyle stood in his place in line. He went through the ceremony, and held his sister's hand the entire time. She was so beautiful. And now she was all his. (_)(_)(_) Kyle smiled as he hugged his parents and then turned to Katie.

"Are you sure that you won't be pissed about me going to the party with Stephanie?" She smiled. "Go. I just can't be around the rowdy people and alcohol.

I want you to have fun." As his parents walked off, he knelt and rubbed Katie's pregnant belly. He kissed it and smiled. "Daddy loves you," he whispered. Then he stood and hugged his sister. "I love you. I will come see tomorrow. Go get some sleep." As Katie walked off, Stephanie ran and jumped into Kyle's arms. She wrapped her arms around her neck and her legs around his hips. She kissed him hard, shoving her tongue into his mouth. When she stopped, she was breathing heavily.

He could sense how wet she must have been. "Let's go party," she said. (_)(_)(_) Katie yawned as she laid on her bed. She had changed into her small red silk night gown to get comfortable. She didn't care about wearing panties to bed. She just wanted to relax. When someone knocked on her window, she jumped up. She opened it and smiled. Tasha kissed her, and then climbed inside.

"You weren't at graduation," Katie said, hugging her girlfriend tight. "Well, I had some stuff to handle. I am so proud of you, though. I can just go get my diploma from the office." They went and laid down, holding each other close. "How's the baby?" Tasha asked, rubbing Katie's belly. "Growing more every day." "He is special.

Just like his mommy." "What makes you so sure it's a boy?" Tasha smirked. "I just know my boy." Katie giggled. "Your boy?" "Yeah.


I am Mommy #2." She smiled, and then rubbed her own belly. "You hear that, Baby? You have two mommies." "Oh, and I was curious if you told your mom and dad yet?" "About us?" Katie asked. "Yeah." "Not yet. I am afraid of how she will react." Tasha ran her fingers through Katie's hair.

"I love you." They kissed deeply, and Katie opened her mouth for Tasha's tongue. She climbed on top of Katie, grinding against her. Then she slowly pulled off the night gown and slid down, pulling a hard nipple into her mouth. Katie moaned softly, writhing beneath her. Tasha pulled off her own shirt, releasing her bare breasts before sliding down further.

Katie spread her legs, moaning as Tasha slid her tongue into her. The tongue wiggled wildly across her clitoris as two fingers plunged into her. She arched her back, crying out softly as her pussy was fucked hard by Tasha's fingers.

"Oh.God." Tasha licked faster and faster, lapping up the sweet juices that spilled from Katie. Katie gasped as an orgasm rocked her body. She moaned louder as she ground her pussy against Tasha's mouth.

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"Oh.fuck.right there." She came hard, spraying her girlfriend in the face. A gasp escaped her lips as Tasha kept going, licking faster and faster. She came three more times, spilling her juices all over Tasha's mouth. Then Tasha slid up and began kissing her again. Katie slid down, pausing only to kiss her chest as she got on top of Tasha.

She pulled off Tasha's jeans and thong, flinging them across the room. "What a pretty pussy," she said as she gazed at the shaved cunt. Tasha gasped as Katie slid three fingers into her, stretching her wide.

Then Katie began licking like a pro, paying special attention to her clitoris. "Oh.fuck," Tasha cried out, arching her spine.

She bucked her hips wildly. "Lick my pussy," Tasha cried. Katie licked faster, her tongue diving into the wet hole. When Tasha came, it was powerful. She slid up and kissed her, rubbing her pussy gently with one hand as the other fondled a breast.

"I love you so much," Katie whispered, cuddling close to Tasha. Tasha pulled the blanket over them. "I love you too, Babe." (_)(_)(_) Kyle smiled as he walked through the party, holding Stephanie's hand. He led her upstairs after making their way through the crowd of drunken graduates. Once there, they made their way to a room.

Kyle pinned her to the wall and began kissing her the moment the door was shut. He peeled her top off and tore through her bra. She moaned softly as he squeezed her breasts, shoving his tongue into her mouth. Stephanie ran her fingers through his hair, and then unbuttoned his jeans. Suddenly, he stepped back and sighed heavily. "What's wrong?" she asked. Kyle smiled kindly. He knew that his words would hurt her. "I can't do this, Steph. Sit down. I have something to tell you." Stephanie picked up her top and pulled it back on as she sat down.

"I have brain cancer, Stephanie. Please don't tell anyone. I haven't let people know yet. But I probably only have a couple of months to live." She got quiet, taking in what she had just been told. The air felt heavy all around her. Just as she began to cry, he sat down and held her in his arms.

"You love Katie, don't you?" she asked. Kyle nodded. "With all of my heart. She is having my kid." "Are you going to leave soon?" "Our eighteenth birthday is nest week. We will leave after that.

I have enough money saved up out of my grandfather's trust fund to me. I will buy Katie and Tasha a nice place in the mountains." Stephanie sniffled. "I love you, Kyle. I am going to miss you." "Same here, Steph. But I have to do this. I have to spend as much time as possible with Katie." "I will never forget you." He kissed the top of her head. "I hope not. Just know that you are beautiful, and you have a full life ahead of you." Chapter Seven It was quiet as Kyle walked into his house.


"Mom? Dad?" The lack of a reply didn't worry him. They were probably out celebrating. Their only children would be going to college. As far as they knew, he would be attending an out of state college in the fall. At least they had left his college fund open to him. He planned on getting Katie a nice little place with it. As he ascended the stairs, he saw that Katie's door was open.

He poked his head in and smiled. "Hey girls," he said. They propped themselves up on their elbows, revealing that they were topless. Kyle couldn't help but lick his lips at the sight of their perfect naked breasts. "Hey, Kyle," Katie said as Tasha covered herself.

He walked in and sat on the bed. "Katie, we are going to move after next week. We will celebrate our birthday, and then we will put this town behind us." She jumped up, completely naked and began kissing him. "I thought we would never leave. Now we can go some where and get married." Tasha gasped. Suddenly, she had put all of the pieces together. "Kyle is the father?" she asked, sitting up straight. Katie brushed her bangs back as she faced her girlfriend.

"Yes. I know that I should have told you, but how could I?" "I would have listened, Katie. I would have understood." "What? That I was in love with my brother? That I wished with all my heart that we could be normal?" Tasha looked shocked. "I love you, Katie. I didn't think we kept secrets from each other." "I was afraid of how you would react. I love you just as much as I love him.

I'm not sure how that is possible, but it is." "We want you to come with us," Kyle said. She looked at him. In her eyes, he saw the same love for Katie that he saw in his own.

"Why?" she asked. "Because Katie is going to need you. She will be alone." Katie backed away from him. "What do you mean?" she asked, her voice cracking. "I went to the doctor's a while back and found out something." She started crying. He knew how much her heart was breaking because it mimicked his own.

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"I won't be around much longer," he said. As she cuddled close to Tasha, he wanted to cry. He knew that this was hurting her. He hated to see her in so much pain. "I will talk to you in the morning," he said, and left as Tasha comforted her. (_)(_)(_) The door creaked as someone slipped into the room.

Before Kyle had a chance to turn on his bedside lamp, he felt a warm, naked form slide in bed with him. She was warm, but he knew that it wasn't Katie.

As he wrapped an arm around her, he felt her flat abdomen. "She is so torn up," Tasha mumbled as she scooted her ass back against his aching groin. "I know.

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I feel terrible, but I had to tell her. She would have been even more upset when I die." "I will move with you guys. This will give me a chance to be with her.


I honestly love her." Kyle meant to kiss Tasha's cheek, but his lips found her neck. She moaned softly and reached back to stroke his semi hard cock. He jumped slightly, but her hand felt so good touching him. So he turned her over and began kissing her sweet lips as she continued to stroke him.

He kissed her neck, and gently rubbed her wet cunt as she spread her legs for him. Her breath quickened. Kyle climbed between her legs and guided his cock deep into her. She moaned softly as he stretched her hole, sliding himself in inch by inch.

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Tasha raised her hips, allowing him to fuck her deeper. His strength increased with each thrust, driving into her.