Fat big gay fucking porn movie Under a thick mop of near white hair

Fat big gay fucking porn movie Under a thick mop of near white hair
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After the three weeks before we moved to the country (my step mothers father had given her an acre to put a house on) we lived in a two room house that was a temporary house for us until our larger house was built. This is where things started to get really kinky.

I would walk about a half of a mile to catch the school bus and likewise a half mile back. I had a cousin that lived about 500 yards from us on the same plot that my grandfather had. Each day he would say that as soon as he got his chores finished he would come and get me and we would go play. I didn't want to tell him so I said I had chores to do to.

I wondered if his mother was buttfucking him too. But as I found out later she wasn't but he would be able to buttfuck me, which was alright. I would get to the house as quick as I could and go to the kitchen, which had the least number of windows in it, and ask for a cookie or something to start off the conversation. My step mother would say "Have you been good today?" and I would say "I guess so" and she would say well lets go see.

We would go into the closet and leave the door ajar so there would be plenty of light and she would drop my drawers and look at my ass and sometimes she would sniff it and sometimes she would tongue it and always she would finger it. ALWAYS. What I can't figure out is why she didn't reason why my butt wasn't red and raw anymore. But then again after she gave me a good fingering she saw it get red and raw.

One afternoon I came home early when school let out because of a storm that was coming. She Immediately took me to the closet and introduced me to a wax candle.


She got close to my ear and whispered, "This will make you feel good. It's almost the size of a teenage dick.

Do you know what I'm talking about?" I nodded and bent over.

She began to insert the candle, large end first into my ass. It reminded me of the old mans dick. She whispered huskily into my ear" Does that feel good?" and before I could answer I heard her Dad call from the front door. Sis, he said "I need you to help me with some stuff in the barn. Can you do that for me?

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She took the candle out of my butt and whispered to me' If you want to see me get it in the ass sneak around the barn in a couple of minutes. But don't let Daddy catch you. or he'll skin you alive. I got up and pulled my pants up as she went out the door towards the barn with Grandpa. I snuck out of the door and towards the hen house.

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I saw his big ol hand fall down to her ass as they walked. I couldn't imagin what she was talking about but I couldn't pass up the chance to see someone else get in the ass wither. I came around from the chicken house and looked through a knot hole in the barn and alll I could see was a stack of about 5 bags of chicken feed.

But was I ever lucky because about that same time I saw her kneel down in front of him and unzip his fly and pull out the biggest dick I had ever seen in my entire life. It was about 11 inches long and about 4 inches across.

No wonder my grandma had that far away look in her eyes all the time. Just as it came out it began to grow. Her mouth went immediately to its head and began sucking on it. She couldn't get it all in her mouth but she was trying.

She was just about to get him to blow his wad when he reached down and got her under the arm pits and stood her up and showed her the sacks to lay over at the waist. When she laid over them he pulled her dress up over her back and she wasn't wearing any panties.

HA! I thought, I'll remember that. His dick was glistening as he prepared to stick it in her. She was looking around the barn when she spotted my eye looking through the knothole. She smiled and winked at me just as he soused the hole thing in her. She let out a moan, groan and the most contented smile came across her face.

His dick came out of her and was totaly wet and she was too.

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He began to fuck her real good and I could only imagin what she was feeling. All this time I thought he was in her ass but she was being fucked in her pussy.


He made her pay for what she had been doing to me, I thought. The smile on her face was like none I had seen before but would get to see later again and again. Sometimes as she fucked me. All of a sudden he stopped and pulled his massive dick out of her cunt. He said to her"Have you got that husband of yours to fuck you in the ass yer?" "No" she said "I haven't got him to take the hint yer" "Well, I'm going to keep you oopened up back here so when he does finally fuck you there you will be ready for him!" And with that he began to stuff that huge sausage right up her ass.

She had the most bewildered look on her face but then it became a look of satisfaction. Deep and longing satisfaction. He crammed it in her and pulled it back and then back in her and then began to get a real rythm going. I could hear the air leaving her lungs each time he plunged back into her.

and she kept looking at me with that look of sheer satisfaction. Her ass was getting reamed and she was enjoying it immensley. And I was getting off just watching her. Man! was that ever the best thing I had ever seen.

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I realized that I was getting hard and about to blow a nut just watching her get fucked. I could hardly wait until she got hold of my butt again, and I was hoping it would be in about half an hour or so, if grandpa would stop fucking her.

About he time that I was thinking that he stiffened up in her ass an began pouring loads of cun up her ass. I could see it coming out on his dick and spill out on her ass as he shot wads and wads of cun in her hot ass.

He pulled out his dick and took her by the shoulder and forced her mouth over his dick and shot some more come down her throat. Her face had come all over it. "Thank you Daddy" she said as she licked his dick clean. She turned so she could put part of his dick in her mouth and looked right at me and ran her tongue all the way down it and sucked it clean.

Thats all right hon, Now go back in there and finish fingerfucking that little boy you left.

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His ass is probably getting cold by now. I crept back to the house without anyone seeing me and waited for her to come back. Dad wouldn't be home for another 3 hours yet and I couldn't wait for her to come back and fuck ME some more.